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  1. Welfare. “The Next Welfare Reform: Food Stamps.” By Jason I. Riley. [Republicans need to start a national conversation about a program that grew nearly 69% between 2008 and 2013.]   3-25-15
  2. Welfare. “A Half-Baked GOP Plan for Food Stamps.” By Thomas J. Vilsack.  3-28-15
  3. Welfare. LTE. “The States Can Better Do The Job of Fighting Hunger.” 4-2-15
  4. Welfare. “Who Needs an Obama Phone?” [Only one in 20 users needs the federal cellphone subsidy.]   7-11-15
  5. Welfare. LTE. “A Time Limit for Food Stamps Is Necessary.”  5-9-16
  6. Welfare. LTE.  “FDR Understood the Downside of Welfare.”  5-31-16
  7. Welfare. LTE.  “Guaranteed Income Is a Guaranteed Problem.”  6-11-16
  8. Welfare. “About That ‘Gutting the Safety Net.”  [Runaway disability payments invite fraud and punish work.]  5-30-17
  9. Welfare. “How Millionaires Collect Food Stamps.” By Kristina Rasmussen. 1-16-18
  10. Welfare. “What Pocahontas’s Heirs Need Isn’t a New Reservation.” By Naomi Schaefer Riley. [A new law recognizes six Virginia Tribes, but that’s hardly a path to success.”] 2-17-18
  11. Welfare. “Food Stamps Shouldn’t Pay for Junk.” By Moby. [SNAP is vital to the poor but too often bad for their health.] 4-10-18
  12. Welfare. “Working on Food Stamps.” [A House GOP reform would help the able-bodied get off the dole.] 4-12-18
  13. Welfare. “A Chance for Sugar Welfare Reform.” [A bipartisan coalition could reduce the worst farm subsidy.] 5-16-18
  14. Welfare. “Get Ready to Hate Sports.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [How the welfare state leads to legalized betting on the national pastime.] 5-19-18
  15. Welfare. “A Food Fight Worth Having.” [The White House can force a farm-bill debate on work and food stamps.] 7-9-18
  16. Welfare. “The Cure for Poverty.” (Bookshelf by Edward Glaeser.) “Give People Money.” By Annie Lowrey. “The War on Normal People.” By Andrew Yang. [A guaranteed income does nothing to address the misery of joblessness, nor the associated plagues of divorce, opioid abuse and suicide.] 7-10-18
  17. Welfare.  “The Food Stamp Farce.”  [State evasions show the need for new work requirements.]  8-23-18
  18. Welfare.  “Government Can’t Rescue the Poor.” By Phil Gramm an John F. Early.  [Federal programs have reduced material poverty at the cost of promoting idleness and dependency.]  10-11-18
  19. Welfare.  “Brother, Can You Spare Three Billion Dimes?”  by Michael Moritz.  [A San Francisco ballot measure to throw money at the homeless with no plan.]  10-29-18
  20. Welfare.  “’Means Tested’ Welfare Means Nothing in Practice.”  By Robert Doar.  [Medicaid and SNAP rolls have swelled as standards loosen and go unenforced.]  12-12-18
  21. Welfare. ‘Food Stamps in Good Times.” [The jobless rate is 3.65%. When better to renew work requirements?” 12-5-19
  22. Welfare.  “Democrats’ Stealth Plan to Enact Universal Basic Income.”  By Robert Doar and Matt Weidinger.  [The Covid stimulus would give checks to parents,with no strings attached.  UBI for everyone is next.]   3-3-21
  23. Welfare.  “How a Company Can Help a City.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Don Katz and Audible committed to Newark in 2007 and they haven’t looked back.]   3-22-21
  24. Welfare.  “Universal Basic Income Hype.”   3-23-21
  25. Welfare.  “The Democratic Food-Stamp Boom.”  [The Average family of four will get more than they spend on food.]   8-18-21
  26. Welfare.  “Hooked on Federal Checks.”  [I’ll take the $948 the IRS put in my bank account – but I feel bad about it.]  (…child tax credits…)   8-19-21
  27. Welfare.  “Tech Billionaires Ignore the Philanthropy of Things..”  by Howard Husock.  [Donors can do more by investing in amenities that are available to all, not nebulous social causes.]  9-18-21
  28. Welfare.  “The Government Family Plan.”  [Federal paid leave takes over private benefits and subsidizes the affluent.]   9-21-21
  29. Welfare.  “The New government Basic Income.”  [The child credit has become a trillion-dollar entitlement for the middle class.]  9-23-21
  30. Welfare.  “The Child Allowance Welfare Trap.”  [A new study shows the huge new credit will shrink incentive to work.]   10-8-21
  31. Welfare. “How Welfare Left Americans Poorer.”  [A Census Bureau report shows the high cost of transfer payments.]   9-14-22
  32. Welfare.  “Is Work for Welfare ‘Wacko?’”  [Biden trashes a modest GOP reform he’s voted for in the past.]   4-21-23
  33. Welfare.  “Make Welfare Reform Part of the Debt-Ceiling Deal.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The Clinton-era law added work requirements, but politicians since have chipped away at them.]   5-24-23
  34. Welfare.  “Fixing the Food-Stamp Work Loopholes.”  [New evidence shows how states let recipients skirt even part-time work.]   5-25-23
  35. Welfare.  “Work Requirements Still Work.”  By Stephen Moore.  [Joe Biden strongly favored welfare reform in the 1980s and ‘90s.]   5-30-23
  36. Welfare.  “Lost Lessons of the 1996 Welfare Reform.”  (The Weekend Interview with Robert Doar by Kate Bachelder Odell.]  [The left fought to stop work requirements and failed.  Now they want us to forget the law’s success.]   6-3-23
  37. Welfare.  “Don’t Give Away the Farm bill.”  By Leslie Ford.  [Lawmakers have a chance to undo Biden’s massive and improper increase in food-stamp benefits.]   6-8-23
  38. Welfare.  “End Biden’s Food-Stamp Expansion.”  By  Jonathan Ingram and Hayden Dubois.  [It has increased grocery prices and inflation, while providing an incentive to stay out of the workforce.]   9-7-23
  39. Welfare.  “Cities Use Covid Funds to Run Guaranteed-Income Experiments.”  By Leslie ford.  [There is already plenty of evidence that government handouts are harmful to poor families.]   12-2-23
  40. Welfare.  “The Welfare State Robs Peter to Pay Peter.”  By Judge Glock.  [Some 20% of benefits cycles back to the government through taxes on recipients.]   1-16-24



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