Corporate inversions

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  1. Corporate Inversions “Why Corporate Inversions Are All the Rage” by Walter Galvin 7-28-14  […inversion…when two companies merge to gain a tax savings..’  WSJ 1-28-16  ]
  2. Corporate Inversions. Jack Lew’s Strange Definition of ‘Economic Patriotism’ LTE by John Engler 7-22-14
  3. Corporate Inversions. Tax inversions Must Be Stopped Now, by Edward D. Kleinbard 7-22-14
  4. Corporate Inversions “Inverted Thinking on Corporate Taxes” by Michael Graetz 7-17-2014
  5. Corporate Inversions, leaving USA , cf. Obama’s Corporate Exodus 6-17-14
  6. Inversion. “Can Jack Lew Add?” [Corporate tax revenue is rising nicely despite inversions.] 9-24-14
  7. Corporate Inversions. “How Obama Killed a Drug Merger.” By Homan W. Jenkins. [If U.S. companies can’t be buyers to escape high corporate taxes, they’ll be sellers.] 10-18-14
  8. Congress. “A Better Congress.” [An especially useful early statement would be to oppose corporate welfare.] 1-6-15
  9. Corporate Inversions. “Ending Welfare for Telecom Giants.” By Kelly Ayotte [The FCC’s spectrum auction brought in nearly $45 billion. Why were some big bidders using taxpayer dollars?] 2-5-15
  10. Corporate inversions. “Corporate Giveaways Are Not a Good Deal for North Carolina.” By Mitch Kokai. [The state lured Chiquita Brands headquarters to Charlotte with $20 million. After a buyout last fall, the new owners plan to move.] 3-14-15
  11. Corporate Inversions. “Behind the Foreign Shopping Spree for U.S. Companies.” By Joe Kennedy. [With inversions under siege, now American firms are eager to be bought – to avoid onerous corporate taxes.] 7-1-15
  12. Corporate Inversion. “Obama’s Inversion Failure.” [U.S. corporate headquarters are still moving overseas.] 9-26-15
  13. Corporate Inversions. “Treasury’s Latest Inversion Failure.” [A second dubious rewrite of corporate tax law has the same result.] 12-22-15
  14. Corporate Inversion. “The Obama Uncertainty Principle.” By Bill Archer. [Firms are fleeing the absurd U.S. tax code as the White House bypasses Congress.] 1-28-16 […inversion…when two companies merge to gain a tax savings..’]
  15. Corporate Inversion. LTE. “Only the Big Boys Pay Less Tax and Can Flee.” 2-3-16
  16. Corporate Inversion. “The Trump-Obama Corporate Tax Reform Fail.” By Mihir A. Desai. [They both want a minimum tax on the foreign earnings of U.S. companies. That’s no ‘inversion’ cure.] 3-7-16
  17. Corporate inversions. Taxes. “Treasury Is Wrong About Our Merger and Growth.” [The broken U.S. tax system puts American companies like Pfizer at a competi8tive disadvantage.] 4-7-16
  18. Corporate inversions. “Jack Lew’s Political Economy.” [Plizer’s CEO nails the reason for slow growth and small wage gains.] 4-7-16
  19. Corporate Inversions. “Why Foreign Buyers Are Snapping Up U.S. Companies.” By James Carter and Ernest Christian. [The high corporate tax rate drives inversions and makes American firms attractive for takeover from afar.]   5-16-16
  20. Corporate Inversion. “Treasury’s Inversion Scythe.”  [An Obama-Lew tax raid is now punishing firms that stay in the U.S.] 6-22-16
  21. Corporate inversion. LTE. “’First Do No Harm’ Should Apply to Treasury Rules.” 9-9-16 (See, here, Regulation, 8-30-16, “Regulation Even a Regulator Doesn’t Like.”)
  22. Corporate Inversion. “A Marriage Made in Washington?”  [Bayer buys Monsanto for 457 billion  after the Fed’s commodity bust.]  9-15-16



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