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  1. CIA. “Spooks of the Senate.” [The report on CIA interrogations is a collection of partisan second-guessing.] 12-10-14
  2. CIA Interrogations Saved Lives. By George Tenet, Porter J. Goss, Michael V. Hayden, John E. McLaughlin, Albert M. Calland, and Stephen Kappes. 12-10-14
  3. CIA. “I Am Not Sorry the CIA Waterboarded.” By Bret Stephens.   12-16-14
  4. CIA. “The CIA Interrogations Followed the Law.” By Michael B. Mukasey. [Some of those now criticizing the program as illegal seem oddly uninterested in the laws they themselves helped write. 12-17-14
  5. CIA. “John Brennan’s Politicized Intelligence.” [“…Iran…”] 4-9-15
  6. CIA. “The CIA Needs an Iran ‘Team B.” by Michael R. Mukasey [John Brennan has put the spy agency in an impossible position regarding analysis of Iran’s nuclear program.] 4-15-15
  7. CIA. “The Central Inclusiveness Agency.” By Gabirel Schoenfeld. [CIA Director John Brennan says America’s top spies are not diverse enough, and he’s doing something about it.] [“…at a time when … is it really a good idea to ask the CIA to concentrate on achieving a 30% minority quota in the agency’s leadership ranks?…”] 7-3-15
  8. CIA. LTE. “De Sousa Should Have Worked for the IRS.” 5-5-16
  9. CIA. “The CIA Keeps Putin’s Secrets.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Western governments stayed silent on the U.K. polonium murder of a Putin critic.] 1-4-17
  10. CIA. “Gina Haspel Followed Faulty Advice in Good Faith.” By Robert F. Turner. [It would be unfair to deny her CIA confirmation because the Justice Department erred.] 3-22-18
  11. CIA. “Gina Haspel’s CIA Crucible.” [She supervised legal interrogations of jihadists after 9/11] 5-5-18
  12. CIA. “Haspel’s CIA Is Backed by Obama’s Prosecutor.” By Debra Burlingame. [In a 2009 case, Preet Bharara attested to the value of the enhanced-interrogation program.] 5-7-18
  13. CIA. “What’s at Stake in the Attack on Haspel.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey. [The responsibility belongs to the president and Congress, not agents.] 5-8-18
  14. CIA. “At the CIA, Immorality Is Part of the Job.” By Fay Vincent. [Spying is a dirty yet necessary business, not best examined in open hearings.] 5-17-18
  15. CIA. “Why the CIA Needs Its Own Horowitz Report.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [No need to speculate: The intelligence agencies saw Trump as a de facto agent of the Kremlin.] 6-30-18
  16. CIA.  “The CIA Politicizes Intelligence on Chinea.”  By John Ratcliffe and Cliff Sims.  [A whistleblower says that analysts who favored the Covid lab-leak theory were paid o change positions.]   9-19-23



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CIA.  4-14-17

Battle intensifies between CIA, WIKILEAKS…


CIA 7-18-18





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