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  1. President. “Our Disconnected Commander in Chief.” By Karl Rove. 9-4-14
  2. President’s Public Enemies. By Daniel Henninger. [Forget ISIS and Putin;… Republicans] 9-4-14
  3. Presidential power “Senate 9, President 0” [recess appointment abuse] 6-27-14
  4. President. “Restoring American Exceptionalism.” By Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney. [President Obama has dangerously surrendered the nation’s global leadership, but it can be ours again – if we choose his successor wisely.] 8-29-15
  5. President. “Undoing the Unilateral Presidency.” By Lanhee J. Chen. [Obama’s executive orders can be reversed easily, but he has imposed his policies in many other hard-to-stop ways.] 9-1-15
  6. President. LTE. “American Exceptionalism and the Scars of the Past.” 9-5-15
  7. President. “Farewell to Nancy Reagan, a Friend and Patriot.” By Peggy Noonan. [She was both steely and mystical – and there would have been no him without her.] 3-12-16
  8. President. “Hail to the Chief (of Staff)” by Wm.  McGurn.  [Advice to President-elect Trump from chiefs of staff to Reagan, Clinton, Obama and both Bushes.]  11-12-16
  9. President. “Trump’s Dueling White House Heads.”  [Priebus and Bannon will be ‘equal partners.’  This will be interesting.]  11-14-16
  10. President. “A President is Always Conflicted.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [If Donald Trump weren’t in business, his every act would still be criticized.]  12-7-16
  11. President. “A Presidential Getaway Is No Vacation.”  By Tevi Troy.  [Trump deserves time to unwind, but he should remember that he’s never really off the clock.]  12-23-16
  12. President. “Make Inaugurals Dignified Again.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Advice for the new president on his first day – and for media covering it.]  1-7-17
  13. President. (Bookshelf:  by Robert Merry)   “Headhunting for the Oval.” “Fit for the Presidency?” By Seymour Morris, Jr.  [Lincoln was elected with 40% of the popular vote, but became one of our best presidents.  Could we have foreseen how he would perform?  1-19-17
  14. President. “The Wax Presidency Wanes as a Human Comes to the White House.”  By Crispin Sartwell.  [To intellectuals, Trump is all too human – and that’s distracting them from important policy debates.]  1-30-17
  15. President. “Did George Washington Take ‘Emoluments’? by Eugene Kontorovich. [He asked a British official to help find renters for his land.] 4-14-17
  16. Presidency. “The ‘Hundred Days’ Humbug.”  By Charles Kesler.  [Blame FDR for this arbitrary standard, whose meaning has changed since 1933.]  4-26-17
  17. President. “The 25th Amendment?  Forget It.  [Impeachment would be a picnic by comparison with Trump opponents’ latest brainstorm.]  5-19-17
  18. President. “The Devil of a Job.”  (Bookshelf by Robert W. Merry.)  [The Impossible Presidency by Jeremi Suri. ]  [An office that was once manageable is now beset by too many problems, too many demands and too many meetings.]  9-18-17
  19. President. “Begging Your Pardon, Mr. President.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.  [How Trump can shut down the special counsel probe and leave the Russia investigations to Congress.]  10-30-17
  20. President. “The Perfect Candidate for Therapist in Chief.” By Joseph Epstein. [At a time when actual qualifications no longer seem to matter, President Oprah is entirely plausible.] 1-19-18
  21. Presidents. “Should Presidents Be ‘Good’ People?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Hillary Clinton and James Comey want you to know they’re better than Trump.] 5-5-18
  22. Presidency.  “Back to the Impeachment Future.”  By Kenneth W. Starr.  [The expiration in 19999 of the independent counsel law was supposed to avoid situations like this.]  5-16-19
  23. President. “Why We Need Someone Like Ike.” By Robert D. Kaplan. [War is likelier in a world without inhibition, and the cyber era has elevated undisciplined leaders.] 7-18-19
  24. Presidency. “The Century of the Postheroic Presidency.” By Peggy Noonan. [Bill Clinton started the trend. By 2016 voters had given up on high standards in the White House.] 12-28-19
  25. President. “Congress Declares War, But Only the President Can Make It.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey. [The effort to tie Trump’s hands in Iran would be unconstitutional if it weren’t meaningless.] 1-16-20
  26. Presidents. “Jackson and Wilson Had Nothing on Trump in an Epidemic.” By Allen C. Guelzo. [Past presidents, including George Washington, responded to plagues by leaving town and waiting.] 4-27-20
  27.  President.  “The Day the President Was Shot.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [The attempt on Reagan’s life spurred major reforms and might have averted a Soviet invasion of Poland.]   3-29-21
  28. Presidents.  “All the President’s Yes-Men.  By Tevi Troy.  [JFK remade his decision-making process after the Bay of Pigs debacle.  Biden could learn something.]  8-23-21
  29. Presidents.  “When Presidents Lose Their Temper.”  By Tevi Troy.  [Biden isn’t the first to low his stack in the white House, for good or ill.]   7-12-23
  30. Presidents.  “Carter, Biden and American Malaise.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [A combination of domestic morass and bumbling leadership ties two presidents together across the decades.]   7-15-23
  31. President. “Biden, Trump and Cognitive Testing.”  [A President in office until age 86, or 82? There’s no test for this except the voters.]   9-19-23
  32. President.  “Duty, Urgency and Immunity.”  By Dave Yost.  [The Supreme Court needs to set a standard that respects the presidency as well as the rule of law.]   3-21-24
  33. President.  “The President, I’m Against It.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Trump could seek a legacy as the leader who constrained the executive branch.]   4-8-24
  34. Presidents.   “On Presidential Immunity (Trump Included).”  [The Supreme Court must consider the Presidents, not merely the fate of one former President.]   4-25-24


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