Opinion Headlines

  1. Obama – “A Constitutional Tutorial for Obama” [on unheralded power to rewrite laws] 6-24-14
  2. Obama ”Warning: President Under Pressure.” 6-28-14
  3. Obama “The Collapsing Obama Doctrine” LTE: “We Slid Down this Slope before the Cheney’s 6-23-14
  4. Obama “The Fundraiser in Chief” by Karl Rove 7-10-14
  5. Obama disregard for Constitution “The Standing to Sue Obama” 6-16-14
  6. Obama Doctrine. “Democrats on the Obama Doctrine.” […world is a mess.] 8-11-14
  7. Obama Power abuse. “The Trouble Isn’t Liberals. It’s Progressives” [Not everyone on the left…] 7-1-14
  8. Obama to World: Drop Dead by Daniel Henninger […fundraising is a frantic effort to protect…] 7-24-14
  9. Obama. “A Presidency of Missed Opportunities.” By Robert Zoelick   8-11-14
  10. Obama. Labor law. “Obama’s Make-Work Order.” [… the President rewrites…] 8-9-14
  11. Obama. “A World of Trouble for Obama.” By Wm. Galston 9-3-14
  12. Obama. “Talkin’ Obama Blues” by Daniel Henninger. [Why the long downhill slide…] 8-7-14]
  13. Obama. ISIS. LTE. “What Will Pres. Obama Do About the ISIS Thugs?” 8-28-14
  14. Obama: “The High Price of Obama Fatigue” by Daniel Henninger 6-19-14
  15. Obama’s Corporate Exodus 6-17-14
  16. Obama’s Curious Rage by Bret Stephens. [[…is enraged. At Israel. What a guy.]] 9-2-14
  17. Obama’s disasters: The Pace of Obama’s Disasters, opinion Bret Stephens 6-17-14
  18. Obama. Lawsuit “So Sue Him,” [Forget impeachment, The House lawsuit is the real threat…]7-31-14
  19. Obama. Lawsuit “The Case for Suing the President” opinion piece / lawyer / professor    7-31-14
  20. Obama. “The Unwisdom of Barack Obama.” By Peggy Noonan. [Is he weak? Arrogant? Ambivalent? Don’t overthink the president.] 9-20-14
  21. Obama. “What Obama Knows.” By Bret Stephens. 9-23-14
  22. Obama on Faulty Intelligence. [The President blames the spooks for his own policy failure on ISIS.] 9-30-14
  23. Obama. “The Obama-Military Divide.” By Seth Cropsey. [What should senior officers do if experience tells them that the president’s plan to defeat ISIS is unworkable without U.S. combat troops?] 9-30-14
  24. Obama Needs to Call Bush. By Bret Strephens. [“…to start salvaging his failing presidency.”] 9-30-14
  25. Obama’s Limitless Government. By Daniel Henninger. 10-2-2014
  26. Obama. “The Education of a Wartime President.” By Alan M. Dershowitz. [The Obama administration admits that its rule on civilian casualties is unworkable in fighting ISIS. Fighting Hamas is no different.] 10-3-14
  27. Obama. LTE. “Discourtesy and the Inconvenience of Presidential Travel.”  10-6-14
  28. Obama. “Is ‘Worthy Fights’ Worthy?” by Peggy Noonan. [Unlike his Pentagon predecessor, Leon Panetta hasn’t written a serious memoir.] 10-11-14
  29. Obama. “Obama’s Gitmo Gambit.” [Every jihadist in ISIS will interpret this news as a loss of U.S. will.] 10-11-14
  30. Obama.  Foreign Affairs.  Obama Survival Manual, Intl. Edition. By Bret Stephens [If you think 2014 has been a year of unraveling and disorder, just wait till next year.] 10-14-14
  31. Obama. “How Obama Can Salvage his Last Two Years.” By Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty. [The president faces complex crises, including Ebola and Islamic State. They require clear U. S. Leadership.] 10-21-14
  32. Obama. “A Message to Obama.” [How to salvage his last two years after another midterm rebuke.] 11-5-14
  33. Obama. “A Message Sent to a Grudging President.” By Peggy Noonan. [After a thumpin’, Obama doubles down on hostility, antagonism and distance.] 11-8-14
  34. Obama vs. the Internet. [The President pressures the FCC to exert political control over the Web.] 11-11-14
  35. Obama. “The President Defies the Voters.” By Karl Rove. [Threatening an amnesty if the House won’t hurry up and pass immigration reform could boomerang.] 11-13-14
  36. Obama. “The Loneliest President Since Nixon.” By Peggy Noonan. [Facing adversity, Obama has no idea how to respond. 11-15-2014
  37. Obama’s Latest Economics Lesson. [He says the Keystone XL pipeline will merely transport ‘their oil.’ 11-15-2014
  38. Obama Against the Obvious. By Bret Stephens. [With Russian tanks and troops swarming into Ukraine, the president finally sees the light.] 11-18-14
  39. Obama. “A Mystifying Obama Cimate Slap at a U.S. Ally.” [In Brisbane, the president went out of his way to undermine Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Why?] 11-18-14
  40. Obama’s Ferguson Opportunity. [Whatever the grand jury’s decision, he must defend the rule of law.] 11-19-14
  41. Obama: The Hangover. By Daniel Henninger. […Democrats…control–freak dives into health care, medical practice, finance, energy, education and now immigration.] 11-20-14
  42. Obama. “I, Barack.” [The immigration order is an abuse of power that fails as a policy reform.] 11-21-14
  43. Obama. “The Next Prez and the Obama Way.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Prosecutorial discretion? OK, how about not enforcing the 73,954 pages of tax code]  11-21-14
  44. Obama. “The Nihilist in the White House.” By Peggy Noonan. [This administration doesn’t build, it divides and tears down. Vindication is assumed.] 11-22-14
  45. Obama. LTE. “An Impossible Scenario All Too Real.” [Obama unexplainable foreign relations actions.] 11-26-2014
  46. Obama’s ‘Horrible Bosses 3’ Audition. By Kimberley A. Strassel. [The president’s playbook when things go wrong: Deny knowledge, blame hapless subordinates.] 11-28-14
  47. Obama. “President Congeniality.” 1-7-15
  48. Obama. “The Gaslight Presidency.” […If Mr. Obama won’t make any concession to political reality…] 1-21-15
  49. Obama. “Obama’s American Sniper.” By Daniel Henninger. [Re: State of the Union speech 2015] 1-22-15
  50. Obama. “What Was Obama Thinking?” by Karl Rove. [Perhaps he wants to bait Repulicans into debating his agenda, with less time for theirs.]   1-22-15
  51. Obama. “Obama and the Refusal to Call a Cat a Cat.” By Loure Mandville. [For the French, it is almost surreal to see how the White House avoids using the phrase ‘radical Islam.’] 1-26-15
  52. Obama. “Obama Unchained.” [The budget promises a revenue increase of 11% for the political class.] 2-3-15
  53. Obama. “President BuzzFeed” by Bret Stephens. [‘You do you’ is the ultimate slogan for the ultimate self-referential presidency.] 2-17-15
  54. Obama. “Another Obama Collision With the Constitution.” By Michael B. Mukasey et.al.   [His proposed authorization for use of military force might do lasting damage to the separation of powers.] 2-20-15
  55. Obama. “My Bluntness Overshadowed My Message.” By Rudolph Giuliani. [Whether you agreed with me or not, I hope this can be the basis of a real conversation about national leadership.] 2-23-15
  56. Obama. “Obama’s Oil-by-Rail Boom.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [“…if there’s one boom Mr. Obama can claim authorship of, it’s the oil-by-rail boom.”] 2-25-15
  57. Obama. “The Keystone Copout.” [Nothing Obama says to justify his pipeline veto is true.] 3-7-15
  58. Obama. “Loretta Lynch’s Obama Problem.” [Nominations are one way the GOP can fight his executive excesses.] 3-23-15
  59. Obama. “The Orwellian Obama Presidency.” By Bret Stephens. [“…There is an upside-down quality to this president’s world view…”] 3-24-15
  60. Obama. “The Incredible Obama Doctrine.” By Daniel Henninger. [Speak softly and claim to carry a big stick, which you have no intention of ever using.] 4-9-15
  61. Obama. “President of Pique.” [Obama assails U.S. critics but gives the Ayatollah a pass.] 4-13-15
  62. Obama. “The Messes Obama Will Leave Behind.” By Karl Rove. [The list of unsolved problems is long and growing – and that‘s not counting foreign policy.] 4-30-15
  63. Obama. “Obama’s Trade Backfire.” [He turns his politics of contempt on Democrats, who abandon him.] 5-13-15
  64. Obama. “The Poverty Preening of Professor Obama.” By William McGurn. [The president once again suggests the moral inferiority of those who disagree with him.] 5-19-15
  65. Obama. “The Least Transparent Administration.” [How Team Obama stymies freedom of information requests.] 6-3-15
  66. Obama. “Dictatorships and Obama Standards.” By Dana Rohrabacher. [If the president must lead from behind, could he at least get behind someone who wants to win the war against Islamic extremism?] 6-18-15
  67. Obama. “Now it is the Time to Unite, Mr. President.” By Karl Rove. [When Obama speaks in Charleston on Friday, he should follow the lead of Gov. Nikki Haley.] 6-25-15
  68. Obama. “Obama’s Cyber Meltdown.” [The Chinese attack on federal personnel files keeps getting worse.] 6-24-15
  69. Obama. “Obama’s Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Decree.” By Paul H. Robinson. [Using presidential clemency to override existing policy on criminal sentences sets a dangerous precedent.] 7-15-15
  70. Obama. “Obama’s Message for Africa.” [A tragic history is no excuse for a failed future.] 7-28-15
  71. Obama. “Obama’s Racial Blind Spot.” By Ruth R. Wisse. [The nuclear deal with Iran’s fanatical anti-Jewish regime will fuel racism on a global scale.] 7-31-15
  72. Obama. “All the President’s Certitudes.” By Bret Stephens. 8-11-15
  73. Obama. “How Obama Transformed America.” By Phill Grahm. [His progressive legacy won’t last because he passed vague laws and abused his executive power to impose policies that are unpopular.] 8-24-15
  74. Obama. “The Off-Grid Administration.” [The many ways Obama officials have ducked public accountability.] 9-1-15
  75. Obama. “Congress Can Sue Obama.” 9-10-15
  76. Obama. “The Rewards of the Obama Doctrine.” By Garry Kasparov. [Offering a helping hand to America’s enemies in Iran, Russia and Cuba will ruin lives and many more will die.] 9-10-15
  77. Obama. “An Unteachable President.” By Bret Stephens. [For Obama, it isn’t the man in the arena who counts. It’s the speaker on the stage.] 9-29-15
  78. Obama. “President ‘Mumbo-Jumbo.’” By Bret Stephens. [Obama’s preferred method for dealing with disagreement is denigration.] 10-6-15
  79. Obama. “Missing Jimmy Carter.” By William McGurn. [Unlike Obama, Carter was at least willing to learn from his mistakes while in office.] 10-6-15
  80. Obama. “Obama Manufactures a Crisis.” By Karl Rove. [The president pledges to veto a defense bill unless Congress lifts spending caps.] 10-8-15
  81. Obama. “The Real Obama Doctrine.” By Niall Ferguson. [Henry Kissinger long ago recognized the problem: a talented vote-getter, surrounded by lawyers, who is overly risk-averse.] 10-10-12
  82. Obama. “Obama’s Afghan Reversal.” [Perhaps he learned something from his Iraq withdrawal.] 10-16-15
  83. Obama. “Obama Takes the Military Hostage.” [He’ll veto a bipartisan defense bill to coerce more domestic spending.] 10-20-15
  84. Obama. LTE. “Obama’s Lobbying of the FBI Flouts the Law.” 10-20-15 [Re: Hillary email investigation]
  85. Obama. “Obama Vetoes His Own Military.” By John McCain and Mac Thornberry. [A dubious distinction: The first president ever to stop a defense authorization bill as leverage to further his domestic spending agenda.] 10-23-15
  86. Obama. “Obama’s Tragic Let ‘em Out Fantasy.” By Heather MacDonald. [The president leads the charge to cut the prison population, but mass incarceration isn’t the problem. Rising crime is.] 10-24-15
  87. Obama. “Obama’s Gitmo Workaround.” [He’s preparing to shut the base down by executive order.] 11-6-15
  88. Obama. “The Separation of Obama’s Power.” [An appeals court blocks his unilateral immigration diktat.] 11-11-15
  89. Obama. “President Guantanamo” [Obama may move to shut the prison down in violation of the law.] 11-18-15
  90. Obama. “Obama’s Refugee Veto Threat.” [The President asks Democrats to shield him one more time.] 11-19-15
  91. Obama. “Uncertain Leadership in Perilous Times.” By Peggy Noonan. [Paris is different, but the president can’t seem to change.] 11-21-15
  92. Obama. “Obama’s Appalachian Tragedy.” By Paul H. Tice. [The president’s anti-coal policies have devastated West Virginia. Since 2009, 332 mines have closed.] 12-1-15
  93. Obama. “America at Obama’s End.” By Daniel Henninger. [“…Mr. Obama spent seven years softening up Mr. Trump’s audiences for him…”] 12-3-15
  94. Obama. LTE. “Obama Isn’t Cause of Government’s Bad Rep.” 12-3-15
  95. Obama. “Obama’s Illegal Guantanamo Power Play.” By David B. Rivkin Jr., and Lee A. Casey. [The president plans to close the facility and ship detainees to U.S. soil, despite a ban by Congress.] 12-3-15
  96. Obama. “Cheer Up, Obama’s Legacy Can B e Erased.” By Phil Gramm and Michael Solon. [The White House rammed through an agenda that could be quickly undone by a Republican president.] 12-21-15
  97. Obama. “Obama the Unilateral Climate Warrior.” By Benny Peiser. [The U.S. keeps soldiering on, but the toothless Paris deal will let EU nations end harmful carbon policies.] 12-22-15
  98. Obama. “Mele Kalik-Baracka.” By Karl Rove. [President Obama jets to a Hawaiian holiday, while the world unravels.] 12-24-15
  99. Obama. LTE. “Erasing Obama’s Legacy Seems Highly Improbable.” 1-4-16
  100. Obama. “Obama’s Empty Chair.” By William McGurn.   [The State of the Union and the president’s taste for the grand but futile gesture.] 1-12-16
  101. Obama. “The Obama Legacy Project.” [The U.S. is more divided in more ways than it’s been since the 1960s.] 1-13-16
  102. Obama. “Obama’s Legacy: Trump and Bernie.” By Daniel Henninger. [How could Obama’s policies not have produced the Donald and Bernie Sanders?] 1-14-16
  103. Obama. “Obama’s Terror Sangfroid.” [The threat isn’t ‘existential,’ unless you’re at Starbucks.] 1-15-16
  104. Obama. “The Terrorists Freed by Obama.” By Stephen F. Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn. [The president has mislead the American people about the detainees released from Guantanamo: Dozens are jihadists ready to kill.] 1-16-16
  105. Obama. “Obama at the Mosque.” [“…Beyond his good words, Mr. Obama could best promote American tolerance of Muslims by doing more to destroy Islamic State more quickly…”] 2-5-16
  106. Obama. “Barack Obama Checks Out.” By Bret Stephens. [A journalist takes a deep dive into the president’s shallow mind. Crises to follow.]   3-15-16
  107. Obama. “The Obama Referendum.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Instead of repairing the engine of American growth, he chose redistribution.] 3-16-16
  108. Obama. “The All-Spock-No-Kirk President.” By William A. Galston. [Obama talks foreign policy – revealing that hi misunderstands the office he occupies.] 3-16-16
  109. Obama. “Obama’s Overtime Chimera.” [The Administration mandates a raise that few will receive.] 5-19-16
  110. Obama. “How Obama Gets Away With It.” By Richard Benedetto. [It is amazing that the president’s dismal record is largely absent from the 2016 campaign – until you consider his PR machine.] 5-20-16
  111. Obama. “Obama’s Hiroshima Genie.” [A ‘moral revolution’ won’t stop the spread of nuclear weapons.] 5-28-16
  112. Obama. LTE. “President Obama’s Great Teflon Media Shield.” 5-28-16
  113. Obama. “President Canute and Orlando.”  By Bret Stephens.  [Barack Obama discovers too late that he cannot order the tide of war to recede.]  6-14-16
  114. Obama. “Obama and ‘Radical Islam.”  [The President gives Donald Trump his best talking point.]  6-15-16
  115. Obama.  ISIS. “Brennan’s ISIS Warning.”  [The CIA chief gives the Senate the bad news that Obama won’t.]  6-17-16
  116. Obama. “Obama’s Age of Discord.”  [He has achieved most of his progressive agenda.  So why is America so unhappy?”]  7-26-16
  117. Obama. “Obama’s Latest Libyan War.”  [The U.S. conducts air strikes against Islamic State in Africa.]  8-2-16
  118. Obama. “Obama’s Nuclear Farewell.”  [He is preparing to repudiate decades of U.S. deterrence policy.]  8-5-16
  119. Obama. “The President’s Non-Ransom to Iran.”  [Obama chooses to believe in a world that doesn’t exist.]   8-5-16
  120. Obama. “The $400 Million: Legal but Not Right.”  By Michael B. Mukasey.  [Obama’s money drop to Iran raises questions:  Why cash, and why in an unmarked plane?  The explanation isn’t pretty.]  8-5-16
  121. Obama. “Obama Betrayed Cuba’s Dissidents.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [Civil liberties have deteriorated since the U.S. said that it would normalize ties.]  8-15-16
  122. Obama. “Obama’s R-Word for Iran.”  [A spokesman calls it ‘leverage’ for prisoners, aka ransom for hostages.]  8-19-16
  123. Obama. “Another Obama Parting Gift.” [His final fiscal year federal budget deficit will increase by 35%.] 8-27-16
  124. Obama. “Where Obama’s Asia ‘Rebalance’ Went Wrong.” By Michael Auslin. [The president may be remembered for presiding over a dramatic worsening in U.S. ties with China.] 9-1-16
  125. Obama. “Obama’s Last Lecture.”  [One more sermon at the U.N., one more ceasefire collapse in Syria.]  9-21-16
  126. Obama. “Judging President Obama on His Own Terms.”  By Lawrence B. Lindsey.  [The administration consistently failed to meet its projections for GDP growth.]  10-4-16
  127. Obama. “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, Seven Years Later.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Europe got the kind of transnational American president it wanted.  What it didn’t get was peace and security.”  10-7-16
  128. Obama. LTE.  “It’s Easy to Defend Obama’s Economic Record.”  10-10-15 [by Jason Furman, chairman, Council of Economic Advisers, Washington]  10-10-15
  129. Obama. “Obama’s Tide of War.”  [As he leaves office, the U.S. is engaged in five hot conflicts.] 10-19-16
  130. Obama. “Obama’s Blacklist is Barred.  [A federal court throws out an illegal disclosure demand on business.]  10-28-16
  131. Obama. “Obama’s Electric Car Money grab.”  11-2-16
  132. Obama. “Obama Knocks Comey.”  [The President again lobbies out loud in the Clinton investigation.]  11-3-16
  133. Obama. “Obama’s Midnight Express.”  By Kimberley A Strassel.  [The goal is to issue more rules than the new administration could ever repeal.] 12-23-16
  134. Obama. “Obama’s Fitting Finish.”  By Bret Stephens.  [In the list of low points in U.S. foreign policy, the betrayal of Israel ranks high.]  12-27-16
  135. Obama. “’If I had Run Again.”  12-28-16
  136. Obama. “A Preview of Obama’s Post -Presidency.”  By Karl Rove.  [He’s Grumbling about Fox News and talk radio while feigning that he isn’t partisan.]  12-29-16
  137. Obama. “Obama’s Political Monuments.”  [He stretches the Antiquities Act as a gift to Harry Reid.]  12-30-16
  138. Obama. “Obama Can’t Redefine Sex.”  [A federal judge slaps down another executive overreach.]  “Obama’s Self-Serving Cybersecurity Spin.”  By Jeffrey A. Eisenach.   [There’s real cause for alarm, but it isn’t the recent malware.]  1-4-17
  139. Obama. “The Obama Legacy.”  [A Presidency of great promise ends in rancor and disappointment.]  1-10-17
  140. Obama. “How Can We Miss a President Who Won’t Go Away.?”  By Richard Benedetto.  [Obama plans to say in Washington.  The capital city’s namesake took a different approach.]  1-12-17
  141. Obama. “Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free Administration’ Is a Myth.”  By John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky.  [Even a prominent Trump adviser accepts the false premise that there has been no ‘ethical shadiness.’]  1-17-17
  142. Obama. “Politically Correct Clemency.”  [Obama springs gender celebrity Chelsea Manning from prison.]  1-18-17
  143. Obama. “Alexander Hamilton Wouldn’t Approve of a Terrorist’s Clemency.”  [Lin-Manuel Miranda’s shameful performance for a man who helped murder my father.]  1-21-17 [Obama commuted the prison sentence of Oscar Lopez  Rivera  1-17-17.]
  144. Obama. “Obama’s Refugee Legacy.”  [It took all of 10 days for the great moralist to criticize his successor.]  1-31-17
  145. Obama. “Obama should Make Saving Chicago His Pet Project.” By Gary MacDougal. [No one is better equipped to help Mayor Emanuel calm violence and polish up the ‘Jewel of the Midwest.’] 3-30-17
  146. Obama. “What Devin Nunes Knows.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Team Obama was spying broadly on the incoming administration.] 3-31-17
  147. Obama. “The Price of Obama’s Mendacity.” By Bret Stephens. [The consequences of his administration’s lies about Syria are becoming clear.] 4-11-17
  148. Obama. “Obama’s Debt Interest Bomb.” [Rising interest payments are already showing up in the federal fisc.] 4-11-17
  149. Obama. Barack Obama, Capitalist.”  [Let the man make a buck, as long as he pays the top marginal rate.]  5-2-17
  150. Obama. “Obama’s Last Laugh.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Schadenfreude for Democrats is seeing the Republican Party humiliate itself.]  7-20-17
  151. Obama. “Obama’s Pass for Hezbollah”  [Charges that he killed a probe of the terror group to get his Iran deal.]  12-21-17
  152. Obama. “Obama’s ‘Red Line’ Debacle From the Inside.”   By James Taranto. [Ex-aide Ben Rhodes’s memoir reveals the White House team as indecisive, irresponsible and self-absorbed, but he portrays it all as a success.] 6-9-18
  153. Obama.  “The Obama Center Can Afford More Than $1 Rent.”  [It’s a political ‘institute,’ not a presidential library.  So taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for anything]  8-11-18
  154. Obama. “Obama’s Incredible Movie Makeover.” By Mike Turner. [The former president has produced a film about a factory closing – without mentioning his own role in forcing its closure.] 9-14-19
  155. Obama.  “Obama’s Prophet Motive Led to the ‘Promised Land’ and Trump.”  By Gerard Baker.]  [The former president fails even to see how his disdain for ‘bitter clingers’ fed voters’ resentment.]   11-24-20
  156. Obama.  “Obama, Hamas and ‘Complicity.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [The former president seeks to shift the blame for the attack on Israel.  He ought to look in the mirror.]   11-7-23


Issue Headlines

11-28-14 Drudgereport.com headlines

OBAMA UNLEASHED: MONTH OF DEFIANT FURY… ‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’: Uses First Person Singular 91 Times in Speech…

Financial Times Headline of 12-1-14:  “After Ferguson, Missouri Burning”

Hopes Obama presidency would herald ‘post-racial’ era are in ashes.


Obama.   Drudgereport.com 11-14-15:                                                                                                             >>>

Obama under fire for saying ISIS ‘contained’ just hours before Paris attack…

Obama.   Drudgereport.com 11-15-15   >>>

GOODWIN: Time for Obama to make a choice: Lead or resign…

Obama. Vs. Terrorists. [Wall Street Journal, 11-25-15, p. A18, “Turkey’s Warning Shot.” quote. “At his Tuesday press conference (11-24-15)…Mr. Obama also said his visit to Paris later this month for a global-warming summit would be “a powerful rebuke to the terrorists.” We can only imagine what Mr. Putin makes of that.”]

Obama.   Drudgereport.com                    12-14-15                                                                                          >>>>

MAG: President Releases Dangerous Jihadists, Then Misleads…


Obama. “State of the Union” Drudgereport.com         1-12-16                                                         >>>>>

White House Hosting Live ‘Pre-Show’ State of Union– with actor…

MONTAGE: 140 Unfulfilled Promises From Past Addresses…

TAVIS SMILEY: On Every Economic Issue Blacks Have Lost Ground…

Mayor: Some Detroit school conditions ‘break your heart’…

REV. GRAHAM: ‘Our Nation Broken Morally, Spiritually’…


Obama. Drudgereport.com   8-18-16              >>>

Louisiana paper to Obama: Cut vacation short…

Golfs with Larry David instead…

Coffins float down street…

‘It Turns Your Heart Upside Down’…

Volunteer ‘Cajun Navy’ To The Rescue…


Obama. Drudgereport.com 9-9-16

18 Times Obama Trashed America in Asia…



Obama. Drudgereport.com 10-13-16          >>>>

LIMBAUGH: First Lady A Hypocrite…
Invites Rappers To White House Who Demean Women…

Obama. Drudgereport.com 3-9-17

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Malik Obama shares photo of brother Barack’s ‘certificate of birth’… Kenya?


Campaign Consideration


Talking Points

Opinion:  Lou Dobbs   Jul. 28, 2015:   http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/lou-dobbs-tonight/index.html#/v/4382474944001

“A few thoughts now on our President, abroad, and his musings on life after the presidency. A man trying to come to terms with the constitutional reality that, well, he can have only two terms.

Well first, I’m a little disturbed that our President found it necessary to say three times that he can’t run again. That’s a fellow struggling with a frustrating reality, it seems to me. Then I’m a little taken aback by his claim that he’s a pretty good President. I know, I should be grateful that his claim isn’t more grandiose than just a “pretty good.” But Mr. Obama hasn’t been “pretty good.” He’s been, in fact, the opposite. The opposite of almost everything he said he would do, the opposite of the image he projected as a candidate. Mr. Obama put down Mr. Bush as a unilateralist. Yet Mr. Obama has only proven himself to be a greater unilateralist than Bush expanding executive power, taking the presidency from the imperial to the authoritarian and going it alone on illegal immigration, trade and ruling by fiat. President Obama vowed to regain respect on the world stage, yet his administration is a laughing stock around the world being played for a fool by Iran, Russia and China, and of course Mexico and the rest of the hemisphere. In his 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama presented himself as the great uniter, but he’s the great divider.   During his tenure, race relations have profoundly worsened with nearly 6 in 10 Americans now saying race relations are bad. He promised his administration would be the “most open and transparent in history.” It has been the least such, defying Congress and the news media, and denying access to government records at an unprecedented rate and level. But his most frightening statement today, his claim that he could win a third term, is much closer to the truth than anything else he said today. Mr. Obama and the national liberal media are allies and 40% of the electorate follows Obama blindly…all of whom seem to care little about the direction in which he is leading us all. The Constitution is all that stands between the President and a third term, and frankly, I’ve never been more afraid that our Constitution is in peril.”



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Obama. “The Loneliest President Since Nixon.” By Peggy Noonan. [Facing adversity, Obama has no idea how to resond. 11-15-2014

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by VICTOR DAVIS HANSON November 24, 2015 4:00 AM