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  1. Minimum Wage LTE “Minimum-Wage Hike Has Losers, Many of them poor” 7-14-2014
  2. minimum wage issue – SEIU “A Union Ruse to Organize Mom-and-Pop Stores” 6-25-14
  3. Minimum Wage. “Who Really Gets the Minimum Wage.” By David Neumark   7-7-14
  4. Minimum Wage. “A Better Poverty Fighter Than Raising the Min. Wage.” By Michael Saltsman 8-12-14
  5. Minimum wage. “Do Higher Minimum Wages Create More Jobs? By Liya Palagashvili 8-21-14
  6. Minimum wage, Maximum Politics. By Andy Puzder. [A mandated 40% increase in labor costs will put people out of work. But, hey, anything to help get out the vote.] 10-6-14
  7. Minimum Wage. LTE. “ Minimum Wage and the Net Benefit.” 10-15-14
  8. Minimum Wage and the Maximum Benefit to Society. LTE. 10-16-14
  9. Minimum Wage Backfire. [McDonald’s moves to automate orders to reduce worker costs.] 10-22-14
  10. Minimum Wage Hikes and the Reduction of Starter Jobs. LTE. 10-30-14
  11. Minimum Wage. “A Nonprofit Restaurant Falls to the Minimum Wage.” By Michael Saltsman. [Michigan’s jump to $8.15 an hour ended Tastes of Life – and the help it offered to those in need.]   1-5-15
  12. Minimum wage. LTE. “Suspect Retail Motive On Minimum Wage.” 1-7-15
  13. Minimum wage.  “Wal-Mart’s Capitalist Payday.” [The giant retailer raises its minimum wage at a fortuitous time.] 2-20-15
  14. Minimum wage. “The Minimum-Wage Stealth Tax on the Poor.” [When a fast-food business is forced to raise pay, it also raises prices. Guess who gets hit worst by the increase.] 2-23-15
  15. Minimum wage. LTE. “Wal-Mart, the Market Combine in Minimum Wage Hike.” 2-28-15
  16. Minimum wage. LTE. “Hidden and Regressive Cost of a Minimum-Wage Rise.” 3-9-15
  17. Minimum wage. “The Unappetizing Effect of Minimum-Wage Hikes.” By Michael Saltsman. [In San Francisco and Oakland, restaurants are already shutting down.]   3-25-15
  18. Minimum wage. “Tim Robbins, Capitalist Tool.” [An Oscar-winning actor’s fight against the minimum wage.] 3-27-15
  19. Minimum wage. “A Raise at McDonald’s.” [But Big Labor and the NLRB are still targeting the company.] 4-2-15
  20. Minimum wage. LTE. “Locals Should Set Minimum Wages.” 4-15-15
  21. Minimum Wage. “A Minimum-Wage Bungle in New York.” By Steve Caldeira. [Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants restaurant franchisers to pay $15.00 an hour, but it’s small businesses that will be hit.] 8-8-15
  22. Minimum Wage. “Another Minimum Wage Backfire. [Wendy’s explains what mandated wage hikes to to jobs at burger joints.] 8-11-15
  23. Minimum Wage. LTE “Grinding the Faces of the Poor While Raising Wages.” 8-18-15
  24. Minimum-Wage. “More Minimum-Wage Backfires.” [Wal-Mart earnings dip, while unions win wage-law exemptions.] 8-26-15
  25. Minimum Wage. “A Post-Labor Day, Minimum-Wage Hangover.” By Andy Puzder. [The evidence is already coming in: Mandatory increases in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle have cost thousands of jobs.] “Another Syria Failure.” 9-8-15
  26. Minimum wage. “Joe Biden and the $15 Question.” By Michael Saltsman. 9-12-15
  27. Minimum Wage. “The Wages of Ben Carson.” [The ‘non-politician’ gives a political answer on labor costs.] 9-21-15
  28. Minimum Wage. LTE. “$15 Wage Helps Unions, Not Unskilled Workers.” 9-24-15
  29. Minimum Wage. “Acting Up Against the Minimum Wage.” [Los Angeles actors sue their labor union to preserve small theaters.] 10-20-15
  30. Minimum Wage. “The Evidence is Piling Up That Higher Minimum Wages Kill Jobs.” By David Neumark. [President Obama says there is ‘no solid evidence.’ Yes there is – lots of it.] 12-16-15
  31. Minimum Wage. LTE. “Minimum Wages and the Total U.S. Economy.” 12-28-15
  32. Minimum Wage. “Wages With Minimal Wiggle Room.” By Andy Puzder. [The per-employee profit at Apple is $407,000. For big retailers, it’s $6,300.00. No wonder Wal-Mart feels the pinch of its pay increase.] 12-28-15
  33. Minimum Wage. LTE. “Minimum Wage Inflationary ‘Ripple Effect.’ 1-2-16
  34. Minimum Wage. LTE. “Why Not Set a Minimum Wage of $50.00 for All?” 1-7-16
  35. Minimum Wage. LTE. “There’s No Free Lunch With Minimum Wages.” 2-12-16
  36. Minimum Wage. LTE. “The Consequences of California’s $15 Wage.” 4-5-16
  37. Minimum Wage. “The Union Minimum Wage Windfall.” [California’s $15 hourly rate will put money in labor’s pockets, no collective bargaining required.] 5-20-16
  38. Minimum Wage. “The Fight for $15 Will Hit North Philly Hard.”  By Mark J. Perry and Michael Saltsman.  [Not far from Democrats’ soiree, teen unemployment is at 42%.  What if the minimum wage doubles.?]  7-27-16
  39. Minimum wage. “Seattle’s Minimum-Wage Education.”  [When a wage floor goes up, hours worked and employment go down.]  8-15-16
  40. Minimum wage. LTE.  “Teens Deserve a $15 Minimum Wage – Or Not.”  8-17-16
  41. Minimum wage. LTE. “How Can a Restaurant Pay a Pot Washer $15.00.” 8-22-16
  42. Minimum wage.  “Don’t Raise the Minimum Wage:  Trump Has a better Plan.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [Use the tax code to help working families afford child care.  That’s a way to boost incomes without the unemployment side effect.]  9-15-16
  43. Minimum Wage. “The ‘Yes” Vote That Says No to Low-Wage Workers.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [State ballot initiatives hiking minimum wages hurt the very employees they’re designed to help.]  11-4-16
  44. Minimum Wage. “The ‘Fight for $15.00:  Coming to a City Hall Near You.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [The Trump administration should show local officials the research proving that minimum wages cost jobs.]  1-3-17
  45. Minimum wage. “Minimum Wage Reality Check.” [The mayor of Baltimore of all places, vetoes a $15 an hour mandate.] 3-30-17
  46. Minimum Wage. “The Minimum Wage Should Be Called the Robot Employment Act.” By Andy Puzder. [Mandating $15 an hour doesn’t help poor youth. It helps Flippy, the new burger-grilling machine.] 4-4-17
  47. Minimum Wage.  Unions. “Honey, I Shrunk the Union.” By Richard Berman. [The ‘Fight for $15’ has failed as a source of new dues-payers.] 4-12-17
  48. Minimum Wage. “The Minimum Wage Eats Restaurants.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [A San Francisco ex-owner says:  ‘There’s only so much you can charge for tamales.’]  5-10-17
  49. Minimum Wage. LTE.  “What Happened to Training On the Job by employers?”  6-17-17
  50. Minimum Wage. “Seattle Aims at McDonald’s, Hits Workers.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. […SEIU signed off on the ‘fight for $15.00” as part of a convoluted scheme to bring unionization to McDonald’s…]  7-1-17
  51. Minimum Wage. “The $15 Minimum Wage Crowd Tries a Bait and Switch.”  By David Neumark.  [A study of Seattle used boosters’ favorite approach  – yet still showed negative effects for workers.]  9-26-17
  52. Minimum Wage. “San Francisco’s Problem Isn’t Robots; It’s the $15 Wage Floor.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [The city fears automation will replace workers – but its own policies make low-value jobs illegal.]  11-25-17
  53. Minimum Wage. “Do What Works to Promote Work.” By David Neumark. [The earned –income tax credit beats the minimum wage.] 4-12-18
  54. Minimum Wage.  “Does the constitution Mandate Minimum Wage Hikes?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [A misguided court ruling ignores the history of labor laws intended to keep blacks from working.]  8-1-18
  55. Minimum Wage.  “A Better Minimum Wage.”  By Terri Sewell and Jim Kessler.  [It makes no sense to insist that workers in Midtown Manhattan and Selma, Ala., be paid the same.]  8-8-18
  56. Minimum Wage.  “Seattle’s Fake Free Lunch.”  [The latest research shows the losers from a $15 minimum wage.]  11-1-18
  57. Minimum Wage.  “A $15 Minimum Wage Goes National.” by Michael Saltsman.  [Nancy Pelosi wants to boost the wage floor far higher than the historical average.  11-23-18
  58. Minimum Wage.  “Hidden Costs in the ‘Fight for $15.00’.”  [When Politicians Set Wages.]  4-8-19
  59. Minimum Wage.  “How Many Jobs Would the $15 Minimum Kill?”  by Michael Saltsman.  [The Congressional Budget Office puts the toll at 1.3 million to 3.7 million.]  7-9-19
  60. Minimum Wage. “Big Labor’s Minimum – Wage Remorse.” 9-11-19
  61. Minimum Wage. “Seattle’s Wage Mandate Kills Restaurants.” By Simone Barron. [The legal minimum wage is going to $16.39 an hour, while my pay drops to zero.] 12-13-19
  62. Minimum Wage. “Small Business and the Fight for $15.00.” [A new study shows how a rising minimum wage hurts little companies.] 12-16-19
  63. Minimum Wage. “Tom Steyer’s $22 Minimum Wage,” [The billionaire takes an old conservative economic joke seriously.] 2-13-20
  64. Minimum Wage. “Don’t Credit the Minimum Wage for Growing Pay Checks.” By Lawrence Lindsey. [Even among low-income workers, state and local increases account for only a small share of recent gains.] 3-16-20
  65. Minimum Wage.   “Yellen vs. Yellen on the Minimum Wage.”  [Biden’s Treasury nominee adapts and extends her views.]   1-20-21
  66. Minimum Wage.  “Biden Destroys Restaurants to Save Then.”  By Michael Saltsman.  [Abolishing the tipped minimum wage would wipe out the benefit of his Covid grants.]   1-20-21
  67. Minimum Wage.  “Biden Tests the Adage ‘The Customer Is Always Right.’”  By Betsy LeRoy.   [Re: restaurants vs. minimum wage]  2-6-21
  68. Minimum Wage.  “Reality Check for a $15 Minimum Wage. ” [How many jobs for the young and unskilled do Democrats want to lose?]   2-9-21
  69. Minimum Wage.  “The Human Cost of a Minimum Wage.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Workers have more to fear from well-meaning pols than from capitalism.]   2-16-21
  70. Minimum Wage.  “The Minimum Wage’s Racially Discriminatory Roots.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [If the filibuster is a ‘Jim Crow relic,’ so is a policy designed to curtail the abundance of black labor.]   2-17-21
  71. Minimum Wage.  “Plan B for a $15.00 Minimum Wage.”  [It’s not a mandate – it’s a tax.  At least that’s Bernie Sanders pitch.]   3-1-21
  72. Minimum Wage.  “Raising he Minimum Wage Definitely Costs Jobs.”  By David Neumark.  [ A survey of the economics research shows the likelihood of a substantial reduction in employment.]   3-19-21



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Date: March 20, 2015


12-21-15. FRBSF  Economic Letter.    Minimum wage. The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment

“…In general, the evidence suggests that it is appropriate to weigh the cost of potential job losses from a higher minimum wage against the benefits of wage increases for other workers…” 

December 28, 2015    Minimum wage. FRBSF Economic Letter,   2015-38 |

Reducing Poverty via Minimum Wages, Alternatives, David Neumark

Minimum wage. $15.00 minimum. Seattle Restaurants Closing Their Doors Ahead Of Minimum Wage Increase Date: March 20, 2015:

Minimmum Wage. 5-13-16

Wendy’s to Employ Self-Service Kiosks at 6,000 Locations

by mishgea

In direct response to higher wage prices and the firming of commodity prices, Wendy’s is going to install self-service ordering kiosks at 6,000 locations. McDonald’s is expected to follow at a slower pace.


Minimum Wage. Wall Street Journal 12-31-2016 p A3

“Pay Floors Set to Rise in 20 States.” Subhead: “Wave of higher minimums in 2017 will test whether raises help or harm workers.”

Chart included: “Earning More at the Bottom.  A record 20 states and the District of Columbia will raise their minimum wages at the start of 2017.

Columns in the graph show: States with Minimum-wage increases, current level of wages and what the increase will be in 2017. In addition, a column is included that shows “How Many People Will Be Affected.”


Minimum Wage. 12-16-17

Politics & GovernmentShared from the Milpitas, CA Patch

CA Minimum Wage Increase Could Mean Loss Of 400K Jobs: Study

The Employment Policies Institute said a $15 minimum wage would adversely affect the state.

By Hoa Quách, Patch Staff | Dec 16, 2017 1:33 pm ET | Updated Dec 16, 2017 3:19 pm ET



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5-8-16 Minimum Wage: Seniority and Skills Not Worth Anything; Unhappiness Spreads With Minimum Wage Hikes

by mishgea


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