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  1. Middle Class. “Senate Democrats vs. the Middle Class” by Phil Gramm” 8-18-14
  2. Middle Class. Income. LTE. “Count All of the Income and Benefits.”   8-28-14
  3. Middle Class. “Elon Musk Scores Again.” […Thus do liberals help the rich get richer.] 9-29-14
  4. Middle Class. LTE. “Rich Will Defend Their Interests in of From Government.”   9-29-14
  5. Middle Class. LTE. “We Need a Real Recovery That Includes the Rest of Us.” 10-1-2014
  6. Middle Class. “Singing About Fighting Poverty, Slightly Off-Key.” [Concerts to help the poor are fine, but too bad no on e sounds a note about freedom. That’s the path to prosperity.] by William Easterly. 10-3-14
  7. Middle Class. “The President of Inequality.” [Policies promoting equality over growth have damaged both.] 10-3-14
  8. Middle Class. “Creating More Homeowners Without Building a Crisis.” [Wealth Building Home Loans are fixed-rate, 15 year loans that build equity much faster than a 30-year mortgage.] 10-3-14
  9. Middle Class. “More Jobs, Flat Incomes.” [Faster employment growth but also 97,000 fewer workers.]   10-4-14
  10. Middle Class. “Income Inequality and Rising Health-Care Costs.” By Mark J. Warshawsky, et. al. [A worker who today makes $30,000 has had to forsake a 26% salary increase since 1999 as employer costs rise.]  10-6-14
  11. Middle Class. “About that CEO/Employee Pay Gap. “ by Mark J. Perry et.al. [The average chief executive makes $178,400 – about five times the average worker, not the 331-to-1 commonly cited.] 10-13-14
  12. Middle Class. “Obama Soaks the Rich, Drowns the Middle Class.” By Joh Kyl et. al. [The ripple effect of the president’s tax hikes is swamping take-home pay.] 10-29-14
  13. Middle Class: ObamaCare. “Another ObamaCare Deception.” By Tevi Troy. [As Jonathan Gruber knows, the health-care law is a tax machine. The ‘Cadillac’ levy will hit the middle class.] 11-17-14
  14. Middle Class. “More Redistribution, Less Income.” [Obama has spread the wealth, but the poor and middle class haven’t benefited.] 11-24-14
  15. Middle-Class Families Are Squeezed. LTE. 12-16-14
  16. Middle Class. “Obama’s Middle-Class Blind Spot.” By W. Bradford Wilcox. [His proposed tax credits reward two-earner families. Tough luck for the millions with a stay-at-home parent.] 1-22-15
  17. Taxes. “Obama’s Middle-Class Blind Spot.” By W. Bradford Wilcox. [His proposed tax credits reward two-earner families. Tough luck for the millions with a stay-at-home parent.] 1-22-15
  18. Education. “Now He’s After Middle-Class Savers.” [Mr. Obama prepares to wipe out popular vehicles for funding education.] 1-22-15
  19. Middle Class. LTE. “Obama’s Assault on the Self-Sufficient Middle Class.” 1-26-15
  20. Middle Class. “Obama’s 529 Surrender.” [But the middle-class should realize they’re where the money is.]   1-28-15
  21. Middle Class. “Obama’s Peter Pan Economics.” By Daniel Henninger. 1-29-15
  22. Middle-Class. “ ‘Middle-Class Economics.’ “ [Obama’s new tax proposals flunk his own distrubtio0n test.] 1-30-15
  23. Middle Class. LTE. “He Is No Friend of the Middle Class.” [Re: “Obama’s Peter Pan Economics.”] 2-5-15
  24. Middle-Class.   “The Middle-Class Comeback Is Under Way.” By Ruchir Sharma. [In 2013, the consumer item with the fastest sales growth was private jets. Last year: used cars and trucks.] 2-13-15
  25. Middle Class. “A Grocery Clerk and Proud of It.” By Jeffrey Shaffer. 2-21-15
  26. Middle Class. “The Global Flight from the Family.” By Nicholas Eberstadt. [Its not only in the West or prosperous nations – the decline in marriage and drop in birth rates is rampant, with potentially dire fallout.] [The percentage of single women in their early 40s was higher in Lebanon (22%) in 2007 than in Italy in 2010 (18%).] 2-21-15
  27. Middle Class. “Obama vs. Savers.”   [The White House moves to take away choices for middle-class investors.] 2-26-15
  28. Middle Class. LTE “The Middle Class and Capital Gains.” 3-3-15
  29.  Middle Class. “The Mumbo-Jumbo of ‘Middle Class Economics.” By Alan Reynolds. [The statistics used to claim that average incomes have stagnated since 1980 also show stagnation since 1968.] 3-3-15
  30. Middle Class. LTE “Capital Gains and the Middle Class.” 3-10-15
  31. Middle Class. “The Ingredients for Getting the Middle Class Back on Track.” By Jason Furman. [Steps to make up for decades of subpar gains include boosting productivity and putting more people to work.] 3-11-15
  32. Middle Class. LTE. “Big Government’s Role in Damaging the Middle Class.” 3-17-15
  33. Middle Class. Boy Scouts. “The Boy Scout Policies You Don’t Hear About.” [The ‘two deep leadership’ rule means no boy is ever alone with an adult during scouting activities.] 6-5-15
  34. Middle class: LTE “The Middle Class As an Endangered Species.” 10-3-15
  35. Middle Class. “Connecticut’s Hedge-Fund Bribe.”  [First soak the rich.  Then subsidize the richest.  Meet the progressive state business model.]  6-2-16
  36. Middle Class. “Shining a Light on ‘Back Row’ America.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Chris Arnade’s photos reveal an America that is battered but standing, atomized but holding on.]  12-31-16
  37. Middle Class. “What’s Become of the American Dream?” by Peggy Noonan. [Part of the problem is definitional. It isn’t just about houses, cars and material prosperity.] 4-8-17
  38. Middleclass. “The Casualties of Class Warfare.” (Bookshelf by Michael Greve) “The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution,” by Ganesh Sitaraman. [Evidence from around the world strongly suggests that liberal constitutions don’t are well in countries with oligarchic social structures.] 4-13-17
  39. Middle Class.  “Social Distancing Was a Problem Before Covid.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Marriage and childbirth rates, declining for years, reached new lows during the pandemic.]  11-27-21
  40. Middle Class.  “American’s Are Living Longer and Prospering.”  By Richard B. McKenzie.  [Longer life spans are an underappreciated cause of the increase in the concentration of wealth.]   6-28-23




Issue Headlines

WSJ. 12-2-2014 Print edition:

Headline: Basic Costs Squeeze Families

Subhead: — Surging Price Tags for Health Care, Other Essentials Leave Less for Spending Elsewhere


Middle Class. “Middle Class Squeeze” Wall Street Journal “Review Section” C1, Saturday, 9-26-15 [Over the past few decades, the Western world has increasingly become a society of ‘have lesses,’ if no yet of ‘have nots.’ If we want to disprove the dire forecasts of Karl Marx, we had better do some creative thinking about how to make the middle class more prosperous and secure.]

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