1. Japan. “Japan’s VAT Blunder.” [A consumption-tax increase hits growth as coronavirus looms.] 2-18-20
  2. Medicine. “Why Does the U.S. Have So Few Confirmed Coronavirus Cases.” By Luciana Borio and Scott Gottlieb. [How officials can prepare for a disease that’s likely more widespread than CDC numbers show.] 2-21-20
  3. China. “Banished in Beijing.” [China expels three WSJ reporters to deflect from its coronavirus woes.] 2-20-20
  4. Medicine. “How Not to Panic Over the Wuhan Virus (or Russia).” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Governments ae starting to use the word pandemic so publics can be ready to protect themselves.] 2-22-20
  5. Economy. “A Market Pandemic.” [Investors get the coronavirus jitters, but please hold the panic.] 2-25-20
  6. Elections. “Trump Versus the Virus.” By Daniel Henninger. [The virus exposes the political weakness of both the president and Bernie Sanders. 2-27-20
  7. Fed. “The Fed Can’t Wait to Respond to the Coronavirus.” By Kevin Warsh. [The pandemic is a threat to the global economy. U.S. central bankers should lead a global response.] 2-27-20
  8. Medicine. “How a Boy’s Blood Stopped an Outbreak.” By Arturo Casadevall. [A school physician’s approach to measles in 1934 has lessons for the coronavirus.] 2-28-20
  9. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Isn’t Partisan.” [Maybe we should quarantine Capital Hill until the crisis passes.] 2-28-20
  10. Coronavirus. “Fear Itself Is the Biggest Coronavirus Danger.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Trump is vilified for singing from the same hymnal as Democrats in New York and California.] 2-29-20
  11. Coronavirus. “The Virus and the Economy.” [U.S. growth will take a hit but Trump has a leadership opportunity.] 2-29-20
  12. Coronavirus. “Trump Isn’t Easing Coronavirus Forebodings.” by Peggy Noonan. [If it hits America hard, a lot will change – the national mood, cultural habits, the economy.] 2-29-20
  13. Coronavirus. “Private Medicine to the Rescue.” [The feds are calling on academic labs and big pharma for help.] 3-2-20
  14. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus and the Tragedy of Iran.” By Robert D. Kaplan. [The Islamic Republic has missed out on global prosperity and is now in its decadent, late-Soviet stage.] 3-2-20
  15. Coronavirus. “Capital Is Part of the Coronavirus Cure.” By Adena Friedman. [And markets have historically been quick to recover from pandemic threats.] 3-3-20
  16. Coronavirus. “A Corona-Sanders Panic Ebbs.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.” [The epidemiology of a new virus collides with the economics of cable news.] 3-4-20
  17. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus ‘Stimulus.” [The markets aren’t impressed by the Fed or a payroll-yax cut.] 3-4-20
  18. Coronavirus. “Covid-19 May Have You Working At Home.” By Luciana Borio and Scott Gottlieb. [Preventing the virus’s spread will likely require ‘social distancing’ tactics like caceling events.] 3-4-20
  19. Coronavirus. “The Case for a Big Coronavirus Stimulus.” By Jason Furman. [Congress should send you $1,000 – and another $500 for each of your children – as soon as possible.] 3-6-20
  20. Coronavirus.   “Fear and Hope Week.” [The jobs report shows the economy was strong before the virus shock.] 3-7-20
  21. Coronavirus. “A Chinese Mystery and Covid-19’s Economic Puzzle.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Has Beijing ‘contained’ the virus? If so, was the cost worth the benefit, and would it be for the U.S.?] 3-7-20
  22. Coronavirus. “’Network Effects’ Multiply a Viral Threat.” By Niall Ferguson. [This isn’t merely a bad flu season. Covid-19 is spreading far faster than most Americans realize.] 3-10-20
  23. Coronavirus. “Trump and the Pandemic.” By Walter Russell Mead. [The virus can’t be bluffed or bullied and will soon become his greatest adversary.] 3-10-20
  24. Coronavirus. “How to Ease the Coronavirus Panic.” By John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke. [Neither interest-rate cuts nor fiscal stimulus will do the trick. Instead, the Fed needs to inject liquidity.] 3-10-20
  25. Coronavirus. “Private Wealth to the Rescue.” [Philanthropy and business are taking on yhe coronavirus.] 3-11-20
  26. Coronavirus. “Covid-19 Makes Oil Markets Sweat.” By Daniel Yergin. [Russia’s push for lower prices gets a boost from demand shock. Can U.S. shale producers survive?] 3-11-20
  27. Coronavirus. “Why a Pandemic Is Always Political.” By Jason L. Riley. [The posturing on both sides distracts from what could be a productive debate about health.] 3-11-20
  28. Coronavirus. “The Best Stimulus Is Coronavirus Testing Kits.” By Alan S. Blinder. [Until we know the extent of the epidemic, people will avoid going out and spending money.] 3-11-20
  29. Coronavirus. “The Virus and Leadership.” [Trump’s main opponent isn’t Joe Biden. It’s the coronavirus.] 3-12-20
  30. Coronavirus. “Pain and Suffering for Profit.” [Where’s there’s a coronavirus patient, there’s a trial lawyer.] 3-12-20
  31. Coronavirus. “Virus Relief, Good and Bad.” [The Goal is to relieve hardship, not expand the welfare state.] 3-12-20
  32. Coronavirus. “Dodd-Frank Worsens Covid’s Risk.” By Hal Scott. [The Fed, FDIC and Treasury need the same powers they wielded against the 2008 crisis.] 3-12-20
  33. Coronavirus. “Congress Can Take the Edge off Covid-19.” By Michael R. Strain and Scott Gottlieb. [Give cash assistance to low-income Americans so they don’t feel compelled to go to work sick.] 3-12-20
  34. Coronavirus. “Paid sick Leave Is a Failed Cure.” By Aaron Yelowitz and Michael Saltsman. [Washington state already has a mandate. Contrary to Sen. Murray, it hasn’t helped arrest coronavirus. 3-12-20
  35. Coronavirus. “It May Not Be the Virus That Kills Me.” By Mark C. Taylor. [Many lives depend on the medical supply chain, which Covid-10 will severely test.] 3-13-20
  36. Coronavirus. “America’s Self-Shutdown.” [The public has made ‘social distancing’ de facto national policy.] 3-13-20
  37. Coronavirus. “Europe’s Coronavirus Fate Is Already Sealed.” By Joseph C Sternberg. [One reason Britain and Italy are struggling. Their medical systems are too dependent on government.] 3-13-20
  38. Coronavirus. “Include ‘Natural Killer’ Cells in the Covid-19 Arsenal.” By Robert J. Hariri. [They’re part of the innate immune system, which quickly attacks pathogens.] 3-14-20
  39. Coronavirus. ”Trump’s Virus Emergency.” [The White House rolls out a new private-public testing regime.] 3-14-20
  40. Coronavirus. “’Don’t Panic’ Is a Rotten Response.” By Peggy Noonan. [A grave crisis calls for reason and realism, not ‘an abundance of caution.’] 3-14-20
  41. Coronavirus. “Covid-19 Can’t Spread if You Stay Home.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Unfortunately, a recession is part of the cure for an epidemic of communicable disease.] 3-14-20
  42. Coronavirus. “Crisis Means a New Business Era.” By Andy Kessler. [Cheap energy, remote work, and a shift from China will shape the long-term economy.] 3-16-20
  43. Coronavirus. “It’s Dangerous to Test Only the Sick.” By Neeraj Sood. [Random sampling is essential to learn the truth about the virus spread and deadliness.]   3-16-20
  44. Coronavirus. “Virus Relief but New Business Burdens.” [The House bill imposes paid leave mandates that may never go away.] 3-16-20
  45. Coronavirus. “Let the Fed Administer an Antiviral Shot.” By Kevin Warsh. [An emergency lending program would keep a liquidity crisis from turning into a solvency crisis.] 3-16-20
  46. Coronavirus. “’Social Distancing’ in the City That Never Sleeps.” by Tunku Varadarajan. [My 20-year-old son has his own ideas, the fit ‘old guys’ aren’t at the gym and hoarding in Aisle 6.] 3-16-20
  47. Coronavirus. “China’s Coronavirus Opportunity.” By Walter Russell Mead. [If the West turns inward, Beijing will continue to exploit the pandemic’s chaos.] 3-17-20
  48. Coronavirus. “America’s Intensive-Care Dividend.” [The U.S. has more ICU beds as it braces for coronavirus cases.] 3-17-20
  49. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Will Permanently Change How We Work.” By Matt Burr and Becca Endicott. [Organizations will benefit tremendously from losing the limitations that come with traditional offices.] 3-17-20
  50. Coronavirus. “Questioning the Clampdown.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Will people lose faith when they find out they are expected to get the virus anyway?] 3-18-20
  51. Coronavirus. “The Dog Days of a Pandemic Spring.” By Danny Heltman. [The season of new beginnings is off to a melancholy start.] 3-18-20
  52. Coronavirus. “The Fiscal Stimulus Panic.” [$1,000 checks won’t help the economy, but a new Fed backstop will.] 3-18-20
  53. Coronavirus. “A Tax-Delay Boost.” [Hard to believe, but the IRS delivers good news on filing returns.] 3-18-20
  54. Coronavirus. “Britain’s Better Stimulus.” [Britain’s Chanceller fires a supply-side response to Covid-19.] 3-18-20
  55. Coronavirus. “American Hospitals Can Avoid Italy’s Fate.” By Luciana Borio and Scott Gottlieb. [Deploy telemedicine to determine who needs emergency care, waive licensing rules and more.] 3-18-20
  56. Coronavirus. “How to Treat the Financial Symptoms of Covid-19.” by John H. Cockrane. [Federal spending is needed but not enough. Making loans is better than writing checks. Avoid coercion.] 3-18-20
  57. Coronavirus. “Yes, Flatten the Curve.” By Daniel Henninger. [While medicine fights the coronavirus, much else looks like the madness of crowds.]  3-19-20
  58. Coronavirus. “Stay-at-Home Moms Are Ready for Covid-19.” By Masada Siegal. [I’m already used to telecommuting while tending to the needs of my 4-year-old son.] 3-19-20
  59. Coronavirus. “Trump’s Tariffs Leave the U.S. Short on Vital Medical Supplies.” By Rob’t B. Zoellick. [From gloves to respirators, protectionism is raising costs for the providers fighting the coronavirus.] (Mr. Zoellick is a former World Bank President, U.S. trade representative, deputy secretary of state under Pres. George W. Bush, and Goldman Sachs executive.) 3-19-20
  60. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Vindicates Capitalism.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Drug companies will save lives, even as Bernie Sanders is denouncing them.] 3-20-20
  61. Coronavirus. “Rethinking the Virus Shutdown,” [No society can safeguard public health for long at the expense of its economic health.] 3-20-20
  62. Coronavirus. “De Blasio Scares, Cuomo Soothes.” [The Governor overrules the mayor’s needless shelter-at-home panic.] 3-20-20
  63. Coronavirus. “The Emergency 401(k) Button.” [A withdrawal exception could help Americans weather the pandemic.] 3-20-20
  64. Coronavirus. “Make America the Medicine Chest of the World.” [Take a page from FDR’s ‘arsenal of democracy’ and mobilize industry to fight Covid-19.] 3-20-20
  65. Coronavirus. “A Constitutional Guide to Emergency Powers.” By David B Rivkin Jr. and Charles Stimson. [Federal leadership is crucial, but there are measures only states have the authority to take.] 3-20-20
  66. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Imperative: Do No Harm.” By Ron Johnson. [Washington needs to keep focused on specific goals and tailor its interventions to achieve them.] 3-21-20
  67. Coronavirus. “China’s Coronavirus Diplomacy.” By Alexandra Bocchi. [Rome praises Beijing’s ‘solidarity’ in sending ventilators, face masks, doctors and nurses.] 3-21-20
  68. Coronavirus. “Confessions of an Urban Prepper.” By Caroline Aiken Koster. [I’m a New York City lawyer, but coronavirus has brought out the Kentucky survivalist in me.] 3-21-20
  69. Coronavirus. “’Mommy, I Like Coronavirus.” By Erica Komisar. [Busy professionals have an opportunity to reflect on what’s really important.] 3-21-20
  70. Coronavirus. “Leaderless on the Economy.” [Markets aren’t getting a clear picture of what Treasury wants and why.] 3-21-20
  71. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus and Public Order.” 3-21-20
  72. Coronavirus. “We Need Time to Absorb This.” By Peggy Noonan. [Everyone is thinking through the reality of the coronavirus pandemic and how to rise to the occasion.] 3-21-20
  73. Coronavirus. “The History of Pfizer and Penicillin, and Lessons for Coronavirus.” By Safi Bahcall. [A ‘scientist general’ to coordinate private and public efforts can lead the medical response.] 3-21-20
  74. Coronavirus. “What Victory Looks Like in the Coronavirus War.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [We can try to stop time until a vaccine is ready, but the result might be identical to defeat.] 3-21-20
  75. Coronavirus. “The Extreme State Lockdowns.” [The California and New York orders to stay at home are unsustainable.] 3-21-20
  76. Coronavirus. “Celebrities Skype Away Coronavirus Blues.” By Peter Funt. [TV journalists report the latest news from their home offices.] 3-23-20
  77. Coronavirus. “A Washington Liquidity Infusion.” [The Senate virus bill may help the economy stave off depression.] 3-23-20
  78. Coronavirus. “Elizabeth Warren’s Ranting Resumes.” [The fight against the coronavirus is ‘favoring’ no one.] 3-23-20
  79. Coronavirus. “The Great Toilet Paper Scare.” [Those empty supermarket shelves should soon start to disappear.] 3-23-20
  80. Coronavirus. “How Long Will the Lockdowns Go on?” by Scott Gottlieb. [Soon the U.S. will be able to do 75,000 tests a day. That will make changes in strategy possible.] 3-23-20
  81. Coronavirus. “These Drugs Are Helping Our Covid-19 Patients.” By Jeff Colyer and Daniel Hinthorn. [Evidence is preliminary, but the pandemic doesn’t give us the luxury of time.] 3-23-20
  82. Coronavirus. “Worst Coronavirus Idea: A Ban on Share Buybacks.” By Donald L. Luskin and Chris Hynes. [They are a source of cash for ordinary investors. Ask Warren Buffet.] 3-23-20
  83. Coronavirus. “Loneliness Is a Health Hazard, Too.” By David Kopp. [Reach out to friends, family and neighbors, especially to the elderly and those who live alone,] 3-23-20
  84. Coronavirus. “Cracker Jack Economics.” By Andy Kessler. [A prize inside every package won’t spur recovery from the coronavirus shock.] 3-23-20
  85. Coronavirus. “Will Coronavirus Kill Populism?” by Walter Russell Mead. [Trump’s 2016 shook the world. His re-election would be more consequential.] 3-24-20
  86. Coronavirus. “Business Makes War on Covid-19.” by Wm. McGurn. [U.S. manufacturers turn their might from making cars to making ventilators.] 3-24-20
  87. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Threatens America’s Nonprofits.” By Angela Williams. [A pandemic makes it difficult to provide vital services and raise money.] 3-24-20
  88. Coronavirus. “The Pelosi-Schumer Contagion.” [Democratic leaders kill a rescue bill under pressure from the left.] 3-24-20
  89. Coronavirus. “California’s Pot Dispensation.”  [“…There’s nothing like an “essential” business that may make people sicker.”] 3-24-20
  90. Coronavirus. “Workers of the World Need Employers.” [“…Democrat(s)…declaring that they want to help ‘workers’ and ‘families’ cope with the coronavirus fallout…”] 3-24-20
  91. Coronavirus. “Risk, Uncertainty and Coronavirus.” By Allison Schrager. [We don’t have enough data to know whether drastic lockdowns are worth the economic damage.] 3-24-20
  92. Coronavirus. “What to Do When You’re Sheltering in Place.” By Lance Morrow. [Set a routine and stick to it. Keep your body, clothes and home clean. Occupy your mind and have faith.] 3-24-20
  93. Coronavirus. “China Is a Bad Coronavirus Role Model.” By John P. Walters. [The Communists’ coverup helped create this mess. We’ll need the free world’s innovation to get out of it.] 3-24-20
  94. Coronavirus. “The Happy Few Are the Cured.” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Now let’s get on with saving the economy while protecting the vulnerable. ] 3-25-20
  95. Coronavirus. “Expose First Responders to the Coronavirus.”  By Michael Segal. [Young workers who have to quarantine could volunteer to build immunity.] 3-25-20
  96. Coronavirus. “From Shutdown to Phase Two.” [The shift will have to be a transition, and will have to be explained.] 3-25-20
  97. Coronavirus. “Where Is Joe Biden’s Leadership?” 3-25-20
  98. Coronavirus. “Parks and Virus Recreation.” 3-25-20
  99. Coronavirus. “Is Covid-19 as Deadly as They Say?” By Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya. [Current estimates about the coronavirus fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude.] 3-25-20
  100. Coronavirus. “Minorities Bear the Lockdown’s Economic Brunt.” By Jason L. Riley. [They disproportionately work in industries, and for employers, that have been ordered closed.] 3-25-20
  101. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus Brings Back Scarlet Fever Memories.” By Angela Rocco DeCarlo. 3-25-20
  102. Coronavirus. “Flatten the Coronavirus Curve at a Lower Cost.” By John H. Cochrane. [A total shutdown could cost the economy $1 trillion a month. We need more tailored measures.]  3-25-20
  103. Coronavirus. “The High Price of Coronavirus Relief.” [The Fed gets money to save the economy, but Pelosi’s price is steep.]   3-26-20
  104. Coronavirus. “An Olympic Disappointment.” 3-26-20
  105. Coronavirus. “Big Government Contagion.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Appropriators threw hundreds of billions of dollars at the virus – and everything else.] 3-27-20
  106. Coronavirus. “A Coronavirus Great Awakening.” By Robert Nicholson. [Sometimes the most important ingredient for spiritual renewal is a cataclysmic event.] 3-27-20
  107. Coronavirus. “Less Stimulus, More Overdraft Production.” By Tom Giovanetti. [Government backed credit lines would get aid where it’s needed.] 3-27-20
  108. Coronavirus. “Working After the Coronavirus.” [Congress gives workers more to stay at home than some employers pay.] 3-27-20
  109. Coronavirus. “DeSantis Dissent on Lockdowns.” 3-27-20
  110. Coronavirus. “Virtual Doctors Are Here to Stay.” By Peter L. Steinberg. [Coronavirus is speeding adoption of telemedicine. And why not drive through flu swabs?] 3-27-20
  111. Coronavirus. “We Need to Know Who’s Immune.” By Bill Cassidy and Christopher Mores. 3-27-20
  112. Coronavirus. “Rationing Care Is a Surrender to Death.” By Allen C. Guelzo. [Limiting treatment for the old or chronically ill my also civil rights law. There are better ways.] 3-27-20
  113. Coronavirus. “What Do We Want From Our Experts, Anyway?” 3-27-20
  114. Coronavirus. ”How Epidemics Change Civilizations.” (The Weekend Interview with Frank M. Snowden by Jason Willick.) [Measures developed for the plagues of the 14th century are helping authorities fight the Coronavirus.]  3-28-20
  115. Coronavirus. “The Restaurant at the Edge of he Pandemic.” By Tunku Varadarajan. [Like many small-business owners, the Afghan owners of this Washington joint are staring into an abyss.] 3-28-20
  116. Coronavirus. “A Week of Pain and Progress.” [Infections are rising, but markets are calmer and medical aid is surging. ] 3-28-20
  117. Coronavirus. “Worst-Case Coronavirus Science.” 3-28-20
  118. Coronavirus. “My Corona (or Is It Schmutz?)” by Peggy Noonan. [I went in for a Covid-19 test March 17. I’m feeling much better but still awaiting my results.] 3-28-20
  119. Coronavirus. “Old age Is a Bummer for the Baby Boomers.” by Michael Medved. [My generation, dominant for so long, gets a taste of its mortality with the help of the coronavirus.] 3-28-20
  120. Coronavirus. “Yes, We Need Cost-Benefit Analysis.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [A guru punts in the last paragraph but what he says is still worth listening to.] 3-28-20
  121. Coronavirus. “Innovate From Your Couch.” By Andy Kessler. [Downtime has enabled scads of breakthroughs in tech. Now you can join in the next round.] 3-30-20
  122. Coronavirus. Education. “The Virus Makes Homeschoolers of Us All.” By Matthew Hennessey. [Education has long been resistant to change, but it can’t dodge the pandemic.] 3-30-20
  123. Coronavirus. “The Real Cure for Coronavirus.” [Private research and innovation offer promising new leads.] 3-30-20
  124. Coronavirus. “The Road back to Normal: More, Better Testing.” By Brett Gottlieb and Lauren Silvis. [Rapid diagnosis, targeted surveillance and boosting lab supplies will help beat back the coronavirus.] 3-30-20
  125. Coronavirus. “More Promising Data on a Coronavirus Treatment.” By Jeff Colyer. [Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin continue to show results for patients.] 3-30-20
  126. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Debt Threat.”  By Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff. [Developing nations, too, will soon face a health emergency and its economic consequences.] 3-30-20
  127. Coronavirus. “Harvard’s China Virus.” By Wm. McGurn. [Covid-19 isn’t the only ‘stigma’ that has been imposed on Asian-Americans.] 3-31-20
  128. Coronavirus. “U.S. Leadership Will Survive Coronavirus.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Put away the plague carts and wailing for now. Comebacks are America’s specialty.] 3-31-20
  129. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Models of Uncertainty.” [The range of outcomes is large and the worst case far from likely.] 3-31-20
  130. Coronavirus. “An FDA Breakthrough on Treatment.” [The agency finally approves anti-malarial drugs for Covid-19.] 3-31-20
  131. Coronavirus. “Pelosi Casts the First Virus Stone.” [The Speaker compares Trump to Nero and blames him for deaths.] 3-31-20
  132. Coronavirus. “How to Get America Working Again.” By Robert S. Kaplan and Mickey D. Levy. [Any sustainable strategy against the coronavirus has to balance public health and economics] 3-31-20
  133. Coronavirus. “Save Capitalism From the Cares Act.” By Amit Seru and Luigi Zingales. [The stimulus is the largest step toward a centrally planned economy that America has ever taken.] 3-31-20
  134. Coronavirus. “Federalism And the Lockdown.” [Trump can’t order the country back to normalcy by April 30 or any day. That’s for states to decide.] 3-31-20
  135. Coronavirus. “Should You Get Covid-19?” by Homan W. Jenkins. [Washington could be clearer on whether we are managing the virus or defeating it.] 4-1-20
  136. Coronavirus. “We All Need OCD Now.” By Elias Aboujaoude. [My patient knows all about hand washing and social distancing.] 4-1-20
  137. Coronavirus. Progressives. “Pelosi Pitches a Blue-State Bailout.” [She wants to use virus relief to aid progressive state governments.] 4-1-20
  138. Coronavirus. “Lost at Sea in a Pandemic.” By Orlando Ashford. [Country after country has turned back our cruise ships, stranding thousands of passengers and crew.] 4-1-20
  139. Coronavirus. “Operation Covid Airlift Would Be Medevac in Reverse.” By Mitchell Blutt and Kevin G. Volpp. [If you’re unable to move ventilators to the patients who need them, move the patients to the ventilators.] 4-1-20
  140. Coronavirus. Medicine. “Florida’s Pioneering Medical Reforms.” By Sal Nuzzo and Vittorio Nastasi. [Other states should repeal rules they’ve temporarily relaxed to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.] 4-1-20
  141. Coronavirus. “The Next Coronavirus War.” By Daniel Henninger. [For Trump, Phase 4 is about infrastructure. For Pelosi, it’s about a great battle for power.] 4-2-20
  142. Coronavirus. “A Coronavirus Medal of Freedom.” By Chris Jacobs. [China suppresses Li Wenliang. Trump should honor him.]  4-2-20
  143. Coronavirus. “Got Antibodies?” [Tests that show immunity are crucial to beating Covid-19.] 4-2-20
  144. Coronavirus. “The Sunny Days Before the Virus.” [Last month small businesses were hiring and giving out raises.] 4-2-20
  145. Coronavirus. “Welcome to Uncle Sam Airways.” [The $50 Billion in aid for airlines coms with a real long-term danger.] 4-2-20
  146. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Lessons From the Asteroid That Didn’t Hit Earth.” By Benny Peiser and Andrew Montford. [Scary projections based on faulty data can put policy makers under pressure to adopt draconian measures.” 4-2-20
  147. Coronavirus. “Pols Face a Coronavirus Test.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Who’s leading and who’s seeking political advantage? Here are the answers.] 4-3-20
  148. Coronavirus. “Berkeley Schools Leave Every Child Behind.” By Steven Davidoff Soloman. [My daughter is being denied an education in the name of ‘equity.’]   4-3-20
  149. Coronavirus. “Testing Is Our Way Out.” By Paul Romer and Rajiv Shah. [Returning to normal is too dangerous. Lockdowns are unsustainable. Let’s save lives without a depression.] 4-3-20
  150. Coronavirus. “Delhi Isn’t Buying Beijing’s Coronavirus Hero Act.” By Sadanand Dhume. [Anti-Chinese sentiment is sweeping the country amid fears that Covid-19 will soon do the same.] 4-3-20
  151. Coronavirus. “From Iraq to new York: Thank Those Who Keep on Truckin’” By James Williams. [I learned in he Army why supply chains are so vital. There are lessons for the current crisis.] 4-3-20
  152. Coronavirus. “Give Hospital workers Hazard Pay.” By Sally Satel. [Extra money would be a tangible show of gratitude and would enable them to care better for everyone.] 4-3-20
  153. Coronavirus. ”A Coronavirus Bull Market in Groceries.” (The weekend Interview with John Catsimatidis by Tunku Varadarajan. [The owner of Manhattan’s largest supermarket chain on panic buying, mask-clad cashiers, and how the pandemic will permanently change his business.] 4-4-20
  154. Coronavirus. “Social Distancing Comes Naturally in South Dakota.” By Faith Bottum. [The pace of life on the prairie is always slow and steady, so few are panicking about the coronavirus.] 4-4-20
  155. Coronavirus. “Rage Against the ‘Bioethicists’ and the Dying of the Light.” By Lee Siegal. [Who are we so eager to have ‘socially responsible’ conversations about how to let Covid patients die?”]   4-4-20
  156. Coronavirus. “The Shutdown Crash Arrives.,” [The government anti-virus strategy is putting millions out of work.] 4-4-20
  157. Coronavirus. “The Navy Captain and the Coronavirus.” [A sad episode raises questions of judgment and chain of command.] 4-4-20
  158. Coronavirus. “Britain Falls Out of Love With China.” 4-4-20
  159. Coronavirus. “New York Is he Epicenter of the World.” By Peggy Noonan. [The hidden gift in this pandemic is that we learn how to prepare for the worse one still to come.] 4-4-20
  160. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order.” By Henry A. Kissinger. [The U.S. must protect its citizens from disease while starting the urgent work of planning for a new epoch.] 4-4-20
  161. Coronavirus. “Was Dr. Strangelove an Epidemiologist?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [A doctor on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis has special permission to tell the truth.] 4-4-20
  162. Coronavirus. “Christian Relief Comes to Central Park.” By Nicole Ault. [New York welcomes Samaritan’s Purse – though the major and others are suspicious.] 4-6-20
  163. Coronavirus. “World Health Disinformation.” [WHO’s bows to Beijing have harmed the global coronavirus response.] 4-6-20
  164. Coronavirus. “Big Bet on Treatments for Coronavirus.” By Scott Gottlieb. [Antivirals and antibody therapies are showing promise. The FDA needs to step up the pace.] 4-6-20
  165. Coronavirus. “The Economy Will Survive the Coronavirus.” By Vernon L. Smith. [Don’t despair. Even amid the doom and gloom there are many things to be glad about.] 4-6-20
  166. Coronavirus. “After the Cares Act, Hospitals and Businesses Need Sustained Support.” By Glenn Hubbard. [It isn’t too late for Congress to help keep more workers on payroll and shore up state health-care capacity.] 4-6-20
  167. Coronavirus. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court On Hold.” 4-6-20
  168. Coronavirus. “How We Get Our Lives Back.” By Wm. McGurn. [Partial reopening of the economy wouldn’t be perfect. But it’d be a huge step forward.]  4-7-20
  169. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Threat South of the Border.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Latin America isn’t ready for Covid-19. Infected migrants could flee to the U.S. ] 4-7-20
  170. Coronavirus. “New York’s Kings of Clean.” By Tunku Varandarajan. [Garbagemen are finally getting the respect they deserve.] 4-7-20
  171. Coronavirus. “Congress’s Small-Business Ventilator.” [Trying to pass out $350 billion in days or weeks is harder than it sounds.] 4-7-20
  172. Coronavirus. “Yanks for Boris Johnson. [Americans are praying for the British PM as he battles ovis-19.] 4-7-20
  173. Coronavirus. Education. “The Teacher’s Union Ate My Homework.” [School districts fear lawsuits if hey grade remote assignments.]   4-7-20
  174. Coronavirus. “Joseph I’s Coronavirus Solution.” By A. Wess Mitchell and Charles Ingrao. [Before modern medicine, the Hapsburg monarchy kept epidemics at bay for more than 150 years.]   4-7-20
  175. Coronavirus. Fed. “The Fed’s new Mission To Save the Economy.” By Gary Cohn and Glenn Hutchins. [The central bank’s lending programs will need top-shelf staff and rigorous disclosure.] 4-7-20
  176. Coronavirus. “Trump Is Not the Virus.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Democrats might win if they recognize their role in he distrust-of-government epidemic.] 4-8-20
  177. Coronavirus. “The Art of Coronavirus Modeling. [The Murray model now shows less dire forecasts for much of the U.S.] 4-8-20
  178. Coronavirus. “Prohibition Makes a Comeback.” 4-8-20
  179. Coronavirus. ”Wisconsin’s Election Confusion.” [Decisions to alter voting nee to follow the law, even in a pandemic.] 4-8-20
  180. Coronavirus. “The World Is Watching How America Handles covid-19.” By Robert B. Zoellick. [The Trump administration has failed to convey an impression of strong international leadership.] (Mr. Zoellick is a former World Bank President, U.S. trade representative, deputy secretary of state under Pres. George W. Bush, and Goldman Sachs executive.) 4-8-20
  181. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Caught Us Napping.” By Daniel Henninger. [The surgeon general was right: This is our Pearl Harbor.] 4-9-20
  182. Coronavirus. “Clinton and Bush Prepared for Pandemics.” By Karl Rove. [Their legacy includes the National Strategic Stockpiled and other important tools.]  4-9-20
  183. Coronavirus. “Trump’s Waste Briefings.” [The sessions have become a boring show of President vs. the press.]  4-9-20
  184. Coronavirus. “Austria Will Start to Reopen Next Week.” By Barbara Kolm. [Smaller stores return April 14, larg4er ones May 1. Restaurants and hotels will wait until mid-May.] 4-9-20
  185. Coronavirus. “Lost in Beijing: The Story of the WHO.” By Lanhee J. Chen. [China broke the World Health Organization. The U.S. has to fix it or leave and start its own group.] 4-9-20
  186. Coronavirus. “Keep Coronavirus in Human Perspective.” By Myron Magnet. [Death tolls don’t capture the scale of the suffering. 4-10-20
  187. Coronavirus. “All The President’s Ratings.” [The Commander in Chief responds to our editorial.] 4-10-20
  188. Coronavirus. “Paycheck Protection Rejection.” [Democrats block a $250 billion refill of needed business loans.] 4-10-20
  189. Coronavirus. “Insurers Can’t Cover Everything.” By Spike Lipkin. [But they’re uniquely suited to help distribute relief funds for businesses affected by coronavirus.] 4-10-20
  190. Coronavirus. “Lockdowns Won’t Stop the Spread.” By Joseph A. Ladapo. [Stopping Covid-19 and protecting the economy are one and the same, but it’s too late to do either.] 4-10-20
  191. Coronavirus. “A Coronavirus Reckoning for the left.” By Joseph C. Sternberg. [Progressives world-wide disdain workers and deride Sweden’s moderate liberals for resisting a lock-down.] 4-10-20
  192. Coronavirus. “They Developed Their Coronavirus Vaccine in Salk’s Shadow.” By Salena Zito. [Two Pitt scientists have come up with a possible inoculation that you’d apply like a Band-Aid.] 4-11-20
  193. Coronavirus. “Politicizing Coronavirus Science.” 4-11-20
  194. Coronavirus. “A Holy Week Amid a National Tribulation.” By Peggy Noonan. [‘Hardship generally makes people stronger,’ a social psychologist observes. What will we learn?] 4-11-20
  195. Coronavirus. “Your Coronavirus Crib Sheet.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [How we got here, where we’re going, and the lockdown Catch-22 we need to confront.] 4-11-20
  196. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Shatters Complacency.” By Andy Kessler. [The pandemic has awakened us from climate nightmares and socialist dreams.] 4-13-20
  197. Coronavirus. “It’s Still America, Virus or Not.” [Draconian orders will undermine support for social distancing.] 4-13-20
  198. Coronavirus. “3M Isn’t a Coronavirus Villain.” [If the U.S. blocks medical exports, so will other countries.] 4-13-20
  199. Coronavirus. “The Employer Will Test You Now.” By Scott Gottlieb and Lauren Silvis. [Reopening the economy will depend on companies diagnosing coronavirus cases in the workplace.] 4-13-20
  200. Coronavirus. “We Need Politicians in a Pandemic.” By George Gilder. [The conceit that everyone must bow to ‘science” is not only undemocratic but dangerous in its own right.] 4-13-20
  201. Coronavirus.   “China Still Misleads the World.” By Walter Russell Mead. [A truthful account of the virus’s progress there would help us know what to expect.] 4-13-20
  202. Coronavirus. “Bernie Sanders and Covid Capitalism.” By Wm. McGurn. [His perverse morality sees only greed as business takes on the coronavirus.] 4-14-20
  203. Coronavirus. “Targeting Tony Fauci.” 4-14-20
  204. Coronavirus. “The Young Will Reopen America.” By Bill Cassidy. [Widespread, frequent antibody testing will help them know when they can hug grandma again.] 4-14-20
  205. Coronavirus. “How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic.” By Rahm Emanuel. [Many federal agencies are responsible for containing Covid-19 – which means none are accountable.] 4-14-200
  206. Coronavirus. “Sweden Is a Viral Punching Bag.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [How the progressive utopia became an easy target for the no-tradeoffs crowd.] 4-15-20
  207. Coronavirus. Economy. “More ‘Stimulus’ Would Crush the Recovery.” By Phil Gramm and Michael Solon. [Federal borrowing this year is set to pass 20% of GDP. That will raise costs across the private economy.] 4-15-20
  208. Coronavirus. “ We Have a Covid Test – Let Us Use It.” By Jack W. Lipton and Caryl E. Sortwell. [Suspend regulations that prevent research labs from conducting diagnostic checks.] 4-16-20
  209. Coronavirus. “A Reckoning for the WHO.” [trump’s funding pause may finally get the U.N. agency’s attention.] 4-16-20
  210. Coronavirus. “Presidential Power Is Limited but Vast.” By David B Rivkin Jr. an Lee A. Casey. [Trump can’t fully reopen the economy on his own authority. But he can go a long way in that direction.] 4-16-20
  211. Coronavirus. “Why We Say ‘No hanks” to a Cares Act Loan.” By Petr Goettler and Robert Levy. [Taking government money would undermine the principles that underlie Cato’s mission.]   4-16-20
  212. Coronavirus. “Leave No American Behind.” By Michael R. Pompeo [The State Department has found ways to bring more than 62,000 U.S. citizens home from overseas.] 4-16-20
  213. Coronavirus. “Moving the Shutdown Goal Posts.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Liberals try to set Trump up to take the blame for any further coronavirus deaths. 4-17-20
  214. Coronavirus. “No More Paycheck Protection.” [The loan fund has run dry, and Democrats are blocking a refill.] 4-17-20
  215. Coronavirus. “Vitamin D and Covid Disparities.” by Vatsal Thakkar. [Supplements may promote immunity, especially in people with darker skin.] 4-17-20
  216. Coronavirus. “Trump Rewrites the Book on Emergencies.” By Christopher Demuth. [For the first time in U.S. history, an administration is responding to a crisis with deregulation and decentralization.] 4-18-20
  217. Coronavirus. “Michigan’s Draconian Lockdown Provokes a Backlash.” By John J. Miller. [Gov. Whitmer’s stay at-home order restricts lawn mowing, touchpad carwashes and boating.] 4-18-20
  218. Coronavirus. “Trump’s Recovery Guidelines.” [More testing is needed, but the direction toward reopening is right.] 4-18-20
  219. Coronavirus. “Hold Firm on PPP, Mr. Trump.” [More aid to states will make governors less likely to reopen soon.] 4-18-20
  220. Coronavirus. “New Data Suggest the Coronavirus Isn’t as Deadly as We Thought.” By Andrew Bogan. [A study finds 50 to 85 times as many infections as known cases – meaning a far lower fatality rate.] 4-18-20
  221. Coronavirus. “Needed: A Little Give and a Lot of Integrity.” By Peggy Noonan. [In this pandemic, some local officials have been too officious, and federal ones too deceptive.] 4-18-20
  222. Coronavirus. “Sending Hospitals into Bankruptcy.” [The lockdowns are doing great unintended harm to medical providers.] 4-20-20
  223. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Cops.” 4-20-20
  224. Coronavirus. “Keep Workers Healthy on the Job.” By Scott Gottlieb and Stephen Ostroff. [Employers can stagger breaks, deep-clean surfaces, limit meetings and offer on-site testing.] 4-20-20
  225. Coronavirus. “Suspend the Payroll Tax.” By Steve Forbes an Arthur Laffer. 4-20-20
  226. Coronavirus. “War-Gaming The Next Pandemic.” By Frank Keating. [What I learned from the Dark Winter simulation and the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing.] 4-20-20
  227. Coronavirus. “The Lockdown Rebellion.” By Wm. McGurn. [Ordinary Americans protesting to reopen the economy face only contempt from elites.] 4-21-20
  228. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Hits he Global South.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Only economic growth can lift incomes and generate resilience after the pandemic.] 4-21-20
  229. Coronavirus. “PPP Loan Terms Amount to Legalized Fraud.” By Pete Vegas. [Healthy companies can easily exploit aid meant for those that had to shut down.] 4-21-20
  230. Coronavirus. “’Elective’ Surgery Saves Lives.” By Bob Kerry. [Temporary bans prevent treatment for cancer, heart disease, cataracts and other serious ailments.] 4-21-20
  231. Coronavirus. “Seven Fateful Coronavirus Decisions.” By Robert O’Brien. [President Trump acted with dispatch, to keep Americans safe, even when it was unpopular.] 4-21-20
  232. Coronavirus. “Americans Need Forbearance, not More Stimulus.” By Peter J. Wallison. [Congress and the Fed should make it possible to pay off obligations later, at a special interest rate.] 4-21-20
  233. Coronavirus. “Stocking Shelves in Covid-19 America.” By Daniel Lee. [Retail and grocery workers persevere, wondering which is worse: disease or economic devastation?] 4-21-20
  234. Coronavirus. “China’s Coronavirus Culpability.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Beijing’s priority was regime survival but pandemics are mainly natural disasters.] 4-22-20
  235. Coronavirus. “Our Restaurants Can’t Reopen Until August.” By Kurt Hoffman. [Employees refuse to return to work as long as they’re getting an extra $600 per week.] 4-22-20
  236. Coronavirus. “Trump’s Immigration Distraction.” [There’s no economic or health case for blocking all immigrants.] 4-22-20
  237. Coronavirus. “The Shutdown Bill Grows.” [Congress rolls out $484 billion more for small business and hospitals] 4-22-20
  238. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus and the Laboratories in Wuhan.” By Tom Cotton. [Their researchers travel to caves across China, where they capture live bats to study viruses.] 4-22-20
  239. Coronavirus. “What Won’t Cure Corona: Lawsuits.” By Evan G. Greenberg. [Businesses need protection from litigation threats, an insurers can’t pick up the tab for the pandemic.] 4-22-20
  240. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Opportunism on Both Sides of the Aisle.” By Jason L. Riley. [Trump is using the crisis to restrict immigration, while Bill de Blasio is using it to empty the jails.] 4-22-20
  241. Coronavirus. “How We’ll Live With Coronavirus.” By Daniel Henninger. [Millions of years of human behavior are going to overwhelm the state lockdowns.] 4-23-20
  242. Coronavirus. “Bail Out he States?” [Any more federal aid should come with very strict conditions.] 4-23-20
  243. Coronavirus. “Paying Americans Not to Work.” [Four GOP Senators were right about the harm from rich UI benefits.] 4-23-20
  244. Coronavirus. “A Covid Vaccine: Faster, Please.” By Henry J. Miller. {Developing an inoculation is a slow and uncertain process. There are ways to make it more efficient.] 4-23-20
  245. Coronavirus. “PPP Loan Forgiveness Needs Limits.” By Ron Johnson [The program wasn’t meant to provide free money to companies that aren’t affected by coronavirus.] 4-23-20
  246. Coronavirus. “Congress’s Coronavirus Mess.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [A pandemic doesn’t excuse lawmakers from performing their most basic duties.] 4-24-20
  247. Coronavirus. “Stopping a Lawsuit Epidemic.” [Trial lawyers are massing to loot medical providers and employers in response to Covid-19] 4-24-20
  248. Coronavirus. “Big Oil to the Rescue.” [Look whose product ae crucial for fighting off the coronavirus.] 4-24-20
  249. Coronavirus. “Maybe the Experts Were Right About Covid-19 the First Time.” By Joseph c. Sternberg. [They originally wanted herd immunity, realizing lockdowns would incur the disasters we’re seeing.] 4-24-20
  250. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus Could Imperil Putin’s Presidency.” By Leon Aron. [Russia entered he crisis with a stagnant economy, and its oil-price war with the Saudis isn‘t helping.] 4-24-20
  251. Coronavirus. “The Bearer of Good Coronavirus News.” (The Weekend Interview with John Ioannidis by Allysia Finley.) [A leading scientist finds himself under attack for questioning the prevailing wisdom about lockdowns.] 4-25-20
  252. Coronavirus. “Piling on Georgia’s Governor.” [Trump joins the press corps and Democrats in bashing Brian Kemp.] 4-25-20
  253. Coronavirus. “What Comes After the Covid Storm?” by Peggy Noonan. [We’ll eventually get to a safe harbor, but we’ll find we’re a changed country.] 4-25-20
  254. Coronavirus. “The Lockdowns Were the Black Swan.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [How and why we went from ‘flatten the curve’ to choosing between our economy and the virus.] 4-25-20
  255. Coronavirus. “Going to School on the Coronavirus.” by Tunku Varadarajan. [A Stanford medical student asked for a course on the subject. She got it in days.] 4-27-20
  256. Coronavirus. “America Needs to Win the Vaccine Race.” By Scott Gotlieb. [Other countries might not be quick to share. Time to speed up trials and ramp up manufacturing scale.] 4-27-20
  257. Coronavirus. “Do Lockdowns Save Many Lives? In Most Places, the Data Say No.” by T.J. Rodgers. [The speed with which officials shuttered the economy appears not to be a factor in Covid deaths.] 4-27-20
  258. Coronavirus. “Don’t Reward States for Bad Decisions.” By Rick Scott. [There’s good reason Florida doesn’t need a bailout, while Illinois and New York do.] 4-28-20
  259. Coronavirus. “Ultraviolet Light Takes Political Heat.” By Josh Disbrow. [Trump’s musings prompt social media censorship of information about an experimental treatment.] 4-28-20
  260. Coronavirus. “How Louisiana Reopened After Hurricane Katrina.” By Emiy Chamlee-Wright. [Lesson for the pandemic: Once government occupies civil society, it will t4en to overstay its welcome.]4-28-20
  261. Coronavirus. “The Cares Act Blame Gam Begins.” By Bob McGahn. [Politicians, who wrote the law, are heaping scorn on banks and businesses for following it.] 4-28-20
  262. Coronavirus. “You Must Wear a Mask – Or You May Not.” By Randy Maniloff. [Some states suspend anti-Klan laws to combat coronavirus.] 4-29-20
  263. Coronavirus. “The Coming GOP Spending Split.” [Trump risks dividing his party in the Senate with another $1 trillion Bill.] 4-29-20
  264. Coronavirus. “Hawaii Penalizes the Helpers.” 4-29-20
  265. Coronavirus. “Germany’s RO Virus Experiment.” 4-29-20
  266. Coronavirus. “Borrower Beware: Cares Loans Carry a Steep cost.” By Paul S. Atkins. [They invite investigations, reputation costs, and maybe erven social and environmental measures.] 4-29-20
  267. Coronavirus. “That Trump Lysol Moment.” By Daniel Henninger. [The dispute between ‘proven’ therapies and taking risks for people at death’s door.] 4-30-20
  268. Coronavirus. “Trump’s Beef Stakes.” [He uses he defense production Act to prevent a food shortage.] 4-30-20
  269. Coronavirus. “The Looming Civil-Liberties Battle.” By Joseph A. Ladapo. [The stage is set for a post-shutdown showdown between personal from and public health.] 4-30-20
  270. Coronavirus. “Unmasking the Vice President.” By Matthew Hennessey. [You may disapprove of the barefaced. But this is America.] 5-1-20
  271. Coronavirus.   “De Blasio’s ‘Message’ to Jews.” By Jeff Ballabon and Mark Goldfeder. [Other demographic groups get only sympathy when hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic.] 5-1-20
  272. Coronavirus. “Limit Governors’ Emergency Powers.” By Dan McConchie. [Residents an business owners want lockdown relief, but few legislatures have any way to intervene.] 5-1-20
  273. Coronavirus. “What Would You Risk for a Faster Cure?” (The Weekend Interview with Michael Milken by Mene Ukueberuwa.) [The billionaire former financier is boosting Covid treatments. No one knows which will work, but saving lives and the economy will require a mighty gamble.] 5-2-20
  274. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Forces Teachers to learn a Different Tune.” [An elementary school music teacher fries to navigate digital platforms while playing the ukulele.] 5-2-20
  275. Coronavirus. California. “The Road to Surfdom.” By Allysia Finley. 5-2-20
  276. Coronavirus. “Drug Innovation to the Rescue.” [Profits from much-maligned Sovaldi helped Gilead’s research.] 5-2-20
  277. Coronavirus. “The Iron Lady and the Coronavirus Age.” By Peggy Noonan. [Like Thatcher, we’ll need to achieve much out of the ordinary. Love of country is the place to start.] 5-2-20
  278. Coronavirus. “Remdesivir Affirms the American Way.” By John F. Cogan and George P. Shultz. [Gilead Sciences failed for years to prove its efficacy, but patent law an markets helped it to persevere.] 5-2-20
  279. Coronavirus. “Government Punts to Business.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Spontaneous deregulation is happening as politicians turn to the public to fix he lockdown mess.] 5-2-20
  280. Coronavirus. “How A.I. Is Attacking the Virus.” By Andy Kessler. [Infection models will improve exponentially as public databases amass more variables.] 5-4-20
  281. Coronavirus. “The Rent Collector’s Dilemma.” By Bert Stratton. [The butcher, barber an bartender are all struggling. So am I.] 5-4-20
  282. Coronavirus. “Grading the State Virus Response.” [Rating governors on how they’ve handled lockdowns an reopening.] 5-4-20
  283. Coronavirus. “The Cruel Covid ‘New Normal.’” By Scott Gottlieb. [The virus continues o spread. What’s needed now: rapid antigen tests like the one for flu or strep.]  5-4-20
  284. Coronavirus. “Deregulate for the Coronavirus Recovery.” By Adam J. White. [The office of information and Regulatory Affairs should think hard about which rules to enforce.] 5-4-20
  285. Coronavirus. “Pelosi’s Coronavirus Power Grab.” By Bradley Byrne. [Representatives can’t do our jobs when we’re stuck at home. So the speaker is writing the laws herself.’] 5-4-20
  286. Coronavirus. “Weighing Sweden’s Coronavirus Model.” [The left rushes to condemn an experiment that’s far from over.] 5-5-20
  287. Coronavirus. “Personal Responsibility and Covid-19.” By Robert L. Woodson Sr. [The race-grievance industry denounces the surgeon general for his message to black America.] 5-5-20
  288. Coronavirus. “Why You Can’t Find Rubbing alcohol.” [The U.S. now has vast surpluses of a sanitizing liquid that consumers aren’t allowed to buy.] 5-5-20
  289. Coronavirus. “Lockdowns and Double Standards.” [London’s and Double Standards.” [London’s shelter-in-place guru is the latest to break his own rules.] 5-6-20
  290. Coronavirus. “California’s Lockdown Liberation.” [Gavin Newsom accedes to growing local pressure to reopen.]   5-6-20
  291. Coronavirus. “The Covid Recovery Comes Down to Engineering.”  by Guru Madhaven. [Don’t believe it? Look at the logistics required for the broadband everyone teleworking enjoys.] 5-6-20
  292. Coronavirus. “A Covid-Era Wedding, Small but Not Intimate.” By Lou Weiss. 5-6-20
  293. Coronavirus. “Stay Shut Down or We’ll Sue.” [A plague of lawsuits hangs over the recovery without new protection.] 5-7-20
  294. Coronavirus. “The Wuhan Lab Theory.” [If China Covered up, as Trump and Pompeo say, release the evidence.] 5-7-20
  295. Coronavirus. “The Conference Call to Cure Covid-19.” By Safi Bahcall.” [Research leaders inside pharmaceutical companies are cooperating, but they need a figurehead.] 5-7-20
  296. Coronavirus. “Cuomo to Coronavirus Volunteers: Pay Up.” By Steve Malanga. 5-8-20
  297. Coronavirus. “Portland’s Summer Fridays.” 5-8-20  [To take Fridays off.]
  298. Coronavirus. “Containing China Will Be Complicated.” By Eldridge Colby and A. Wess Mitchell. [Expect Beijing to grow more assertive as the West rethinks its economic attachments after Covid.] 5-8-20
  299. Coronavirus. “The Coronavirus and Project Fear 3.0.” by Joseph C. Sternberg. [We’ve seen these scare tactics before, in both the campaigns against Brexit and against Trump.] 5-8-20
  300. Coronavirus. “A Better Alternative to State Bankruptcy or Default.” By John S. Baker Jr. and Robert T. Miller. [Bond contracts that waive sovereign immunity can provide cash and some much-needed discipline.] 5-8-20
  301. Coronavirus. “The Bean Counter’s Guide to Social Distancing and Personal Freedom.” By Terry Wanzek. [As lockdowns are lifted, officials should leave people alone to make safe choices about how to act.] 5-9-20
  302. Coronavirus. “The Economic Lockdown Catastrophe.” [The worst jobs report in history shows why the economy must reopen.] 5-9-20
  303. Coronavirus. “The WHO and Taiwan.” [How the U.N. agency can begin to repair its tattered reputation.] 5-9-20
  304. Coronavirus. “Americans Need Hope as Well as Safety.” By Peggy Noonan. [The economic crash has deadly consequences of its own. The bias now should be toward a return to life.] 5-9-20
  305. Coronavirus. “Antibody Knowledge Can Be Power.” By Scott Gottlieb. [Reliable tests are replacing questionable ones from China. The results can help Americans judge risk.] 5-11-20
  306. Coronavirus. “Remember the a la Mode.” By Wm. McGurn. [A Texas mom is treated like a criminal for reopening her salon in the lockdown.” 5-12-20
  307. Coronavirus. “Since Work Is Rare, It’s Time to Share.” By Katharine Abraham and Susan N. Houseman. [Laid-off employees can return part-time and receive benefits.] 5-12-20
  308. Coronavirus   “Caesar, God and the Lockdowns.” [A federal court ruling on religious liberty is a lesson to governors.] 5-12-20
  309. Coronavirus. “Amazon’s Pandemic Success Story.” By Sean Higgins. [Progressives and their union allies trash the company, but it keeps delivering and hiring.] 5-12-20
  310. Coronavirus. “The Wayward Hunt for Stimulus Fraud.” By Ankush Khardori. [The Justice Department is set to punish good-faith loan-application errors but overlook a Coronavirus wave of scams.] 5-12-20
  311. Coronavirus. “Medical Lockdown Will Cause a Disease Surge.” By Jeff LeBenger and Mike Meyer. [Patients who are sick with conditions other than Covid aren’t seeking screening and treatment.] 5-12-20
  312. Coronavirus. “If You Were Born in 1960, You Pay Extra for Covid-19.” By Andrew Biggs. [A quirk in how Social Security is calculated will cost 60-year-olds thousands a year.] 5-12-20
  313. Coronavirus. “Elon Musk Is Our New ACLU.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The most sweeping restrictions on liberty ever seen deserve to be legally scrutinized.] 5-13-20
  314. Coronavirus. “Elon Musk Isn’t Taking It Anymore.” 5-13-20
  315. Coronavirus. “In Lockdown, Pot and Booze Are Bad News.” By Erica Komisar. [Pennsylvania closed liquor stores. Other states should consider similar moves.] 5-13-20
  316. Coronavirus. “Shutdowns Sow Seeds of Starvation.” By Bret Schundler. 5-13-20
  317. Coronavirus. “After Covid, Government Will Have to Shrink.” By Steven Harper. [Leftists see an opportunity in the crisis, but today’s big spending will limit their options tomorrow.]   5-13-20
  318. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus Demands a Privacy Law.” By Christine Wilson. [Silicon Valley’s role in contact tracing social distancing enforcement has Americans worried.] 5-14-20
  319. Coronavirus. “A Covid Drug to Help Fight the Storm.” By Peggy Wehmeyer. [A treatment for multiple sclerosis could also be used to suppress a deadly reaction in patients.] 5-14-20
  320. Coronavirus. “Germany’s New Coronavirus Thinking.´ [Berlin tolerates more Covid-19 spread for the sake of reopening.] 5-15-20
  321. Coronavirus. “The NYSE Will Reopen the Trading Floor.” By Stacey Cunningham. [I hear every day from companies eager to return. We’ll do so this month, slowly and carefully.]   5-15-20
  322. Coronavirus. “On Coronavirus Debt, Heed the Wisdom of Scarlett O’Hara.” By Alan S. Blinder. [‘I won’t think about that now. I’ll think about that tomorrow.’ The crisis is today’s urgent priority.] 5-15-20
  323. Coronavirus. “The Lockdown Skeptic They Couldn’t Silence.” (The Weekend Interview with Aaron Ginn by Allysia Finley). [Targeted for censorship in March, he’s becoming an influential voice in cities, states and Washington.] 5-16-20
  324. Coronavirus. “How WHO Lost Its Way.” [The U.N. agency was more effective when its mandate was limited.] 5-16-20
  325. Coronavirus. “Scenes From the Class Struggle in Lockdown.” By Peggy Noonan. [Those who are anxious to open up the economy have led harder lives than those holding out for safety.] 5-16-20
  326. Coronavirus. “Cut Through the Fog of Covid War.” By Scott Gottlieb. [The CDC needs to streamline and publish clinical data to help doctors on the front lines.] 5-18-20
  327. Coronavirus. “Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine.” [The biotech firm says its Phase I trial shows promising results.] 5-19-20
  328. Coronavirus. “Chinese Lockdown Redux.” [Shutdowns haven’t eliminated the virus, as new breakouts strike.] 5-19-20
  329. Coronavirus. “Let Children Go to Summer School.” By Robert C. Hamilton. [Reopening classrooms brings risks. But they can be mitigated, and isolation costs kids far more dearly.] 5-19-20
  330. Coronavirus.  “Why Does Reopening Polarize Us?” By Dan Crenshaw. [The divide over lockdowns reflects deeper differences in attitudes about risk, liberty and morality.] 5-19-20
  331. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus and Policy Chaos.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Western rights and freedoms now prove a strength in adapting to the pandemic.] 5-20-20
  332. Coronavirus. “It’s Deadly to Fear the Emergency Room. “ by Yves Duroseau. [‘Shelter in place doesn’t apply if you’re having a heart attack.] 5-20-20
  333. Coronavirus. “The Covid-19 Deregulation.” [Trump looks to make waivers permanent to help the recovery.] 5-20-20
  334. Coronavirus. “A Political Assault on Antibody Tests.” By Manish Butte and Andrew Bogan. [If positive test doesn’t indicate immunity, how in the world did patients ever recover from infection.?] 5-20-20
  335. Coronavirus. “Prepare Nursing Homes for the Net Covid Wave.” By Betsy McCaughey. [The most effective way to save lives would be to improve infection control in assisted-living facilities.] 5-20-20
  336. Coronavirus. “Speakeasies And Social Distancing.” By Paul H. Robinson. [Prohibition’s lesson: When laws are too heavy-handed, it can promote disrespect for the law in general.] 5-20-20
  337. Coronavirus. “Elon Musk’s ‘Final Straw.’” By Daniel Henninger. [Pelosi offers not a bailout but a bail-in, a nationalization of blue-state spending.] 5-21-20
  338. Coronavirus. “The Evidence on Kids and Covid.” [Rare serious cases bear watching, but overall risk appears to be low.] 5-21-20
  339. Coronavirus. “The First Amendment Faithful.” [“…hard to see how …the Mall of America can be allowed to reopen while churches must keep their doors closed…”]   5-21-20
  340. Coronavirus. “Lawsuits Needn’t Block Recovery.” By J. Michael Luttig and David B. Rivkin Jr. [Congress has the power to limit Covid liability while regulators develop rules to control contagion.] 5-21-20
  341. Coronavirus. “Freedom and Sweden’s Constitution.” By Lars jonung and Steve H. Hanke. [The country’s laissez-faire response to the Covid pandemic had deep roots in both culture and law.] 5-21-20
  342. Coronavirus. “How to Keep Workers Off the Job.” [More evidence that the $600 jobless benefit will slow the recovery.] 5-22-20
  343. Coronavirus. “The Crucial Reopening Question.” By Joseph A. Ladapo. [Organizations need a plan for how to react when a customer or employee tests positive for Covid-19.] 5-22-20
  344. Coronavirus. “Three Economic Comorbidities for Covid-19.” By Joseph C. Sternberg. [How much devastation is self-inflicted, not caused directly by the virus? Voters are right to wonder.] 5-22-20
  345. Coronavirus. “Coronavirus and the Chernobyl Analogy.” (The Weekend Interview with Edward Luttwak by Adam O’Neal.) [He wrote the book on regime change, and he sees parallels between China’s pandemic response and the Soviet Union’s late years.] 5-23-20
  346. Coronavirus. “The Blue State Lockdown Blues.” [The slow reopening in liberal states will hurt the national recovery.] 5-26-20
  347. Coronavirus. “After We Defeat the Virus.” [Another spending blowout will burn the recovery for years.] 5-27-20
  348. Coronavirus. “After the Covid Apolcalypse.” By Daniel Henninger. [Lesson 1.: The u.S. is willing to shut down for three months, but that’s about it.] 5-28-20
  349. Coronavirus. “When Covid ‘Science’ Is a Smokescreen.” By Todd Myers. [Like many politicians, Washington’s Jay Inslee trusts the numbers only when they serve his ends.] 5-28-20
  350. Coronavirus. “Buildings Beef Up Security in the Coronavirus Age.” By Jeffrey C. Friedman. [You’ll need to reveal more about your health than you used to if you want to get past the front desk.] 5-28-20
  351. Coronavirus. “The Covid Political Earthquake.” By Josh Holmes. [Subsidies will soon end. Americans will then feel the economic pain and revolt.] 5-29-20
  352. Coronavirus. “A False Dilemma Fuels the Lockdown Wars.” By John Delaney. [Both sides are dug in on extreme positions, but the facts say it’s time to reopen, carefully.] 5-29-20
  353. Coronavirus. “The Challenge of Contact Tracing in America.” By Peggy Noonan. [We’re a nation of rebels bitterly divided. Making this work will require sensitivity and tact.] 5-30-20
  354. Coronavirus. “The Overlooked Disparity: Coronavirus Kills Mostly Men.” By Daniel Akst. [In the U.S., 54% of those killed by the virus are male. For younger patients the disparity is greater.] 5-30-20
  355. Coronavirus. “Lockdowns vs. the Vulnerable.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [A strategy that ignores trade-offs and the dimension of time badly served Covid victims.] 5-30-20
  356. Coronavirus. “A Fast Covid Vaccine, Without Cutting Corners.” By Luciana Borio and Scott Gottlieb. [Rigorous testing will ensure that Americans can trust the shot they take will be safe and effective.] 6-1-20
  357. Coronavirus. “How to Fix the Paycheck Protection Program.” By Ron Johnson. [Companies are getting aid they don’t need, or failing to get aid they do. There’s still a chance for reform.] 6-1-20
  358. Coronavirus. “The Protest That Ended Social Distancing.” By Michael Tracey. [Newark’s mayor spoke at a rally that was peaceful but flouted Covid rules.] 6-2-20
  359. Coronavirus. “The Lancet’s Politicized Science on Antimalarial Drugs.” By Allysia Finley. [A new study suggests a treatment Trump touted is harmful. Let’s take a closer look at the data.] 6-2-20
  360. Coronavirus. “Nursing Homes, Covid and Medicaid.” By Stephen A. Moses and Brian C. Blasé. [How a program for the poor pushes Americans into assisted living and harms the quality of care.] 6-2-20
  361. Coronavirus.  “Will lawyers Act With Honor After Covid?”  by Joel Webber.  [My profession should support safe-harbor rules, not capitalize on uncertainty.]  6-3-20
  362. Coronavirus. “The Measure of New York’s Covid Devastation.”  By Robert Rosenkranz.  [Raw numbers don’t tell the whole story.  A new study looks at ‘excess deaths.’]  6-3-20
  363. Coronavirus.  “Politicians Serve Orwellian Tennis Rules.”  By Dave Seminara.  [The few open courts have patronizing regulation in place with little real relation to public health.]  6-3-20
  364. Coronavirus.  “The Lancet, HCL, and Trump.”  [A widely promoted study may be based on questionable data.]  6-4-20
  365. Coronavirus.  “My Benevolent Incarceration in a New Jersey Senior Home.”  By Jackson Tohy.  [Extreme precautions are justified, but aren’t we at greater risk from the staff than the other residents?]   6-6-20
  366. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus Good News.”  [Science and medical trial and error are saving more patients.]  6-8-20
  367. Coronavirus.  “How Businesses Can Keep Employees Safe From Coronavirus.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Lauren Silvis. [Companies can deploy routine testing and tools like pooling samples to detect outbreaks.]    6-8-20
  368. Coronavirus.  “Doctors for Lockdown Discrimination.”  [“…public-health progressives are offering a rationalization…”]  6-8-20
  369. Coronavirus.  “Covid Made Me Give Up Cash.”  By Allan Ripp.  [I’ve always had a wad of bills in my pocket – but now I’m careful.]    6-9-20
  370. Coronavirus.  “The Shutdown Budget.”  [The federal deficit for the fiscal year reaches $1.9 trillion.]   6-9-20
  371. Coronavirus.  “The Unequal American City.”  By Michael J. Petrilli.  [The hollowing out of the middle class is largely a metropolitan phenomenon, but no one fix will help all.]   6-9-20
  372. Coronavirus.  “When Wisconsin’s Lockdown Ended.”  [A study finds ‘no evidence’ that it led to Covid-19 outbreaks.]  6-11-20
  373. Coronavirus.  “The Second Wave Covid Scare.”  [The numbers are better than the headlines, and reopening is necessary.]   6-12-20
  374. Coronavirus.  “The Covid Age Penalty.”  [New patient data offers a guide to opening while protecting seniors.]   6-13-20
  375. Coronavirus.  “Get Ready for the Second Coronavirus Wave.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Americans need to be prepared, and leaders need to restore their credibility.]   6-13-20
  376. Coronavirus.  “Wind, Fire and the Coronavirus.” [PG&E turns to diesel for backup power after greens shunned gas.]  6-15-20
  377. Coronavirus.  “Lockdowns Hit Minority Businesses.”  6-15-20
  378. Coronavirus.  “New Rules for Covid Summer:  Be Flexible and Vigilant.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Yuval Levin.  [The public is divided.  Authorities need to build confidence without wearing out goodwill.]  6-15-20
  379. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus and the Climate.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The pandemic shows the limits of what countries will endure to reduce emissions.]  6-16-20
  380. Coronavirus.  “The Data Are In:  It’s Time for Major Reopening.”  By David R. Henderson and Jonathan Lipow.  [Four new analyses of actual results show how the initial projections overestimated the value of lockdowns.]  6-16-20
  381. Coronavirus.  “There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave.”  By Mike Pence.  [With testing, treatments and vaccine trials ramping up, we are far better off than the media report.]   6-17-20
  382. Coronavirus.  “What Covid Models Get Wrong.”  [Focus on the burden on hospitals, not on the oft-mistaken forecasts.]  6-18-20
  383. Coronavirus.  “Reopen the Economy, More Open Than Ever.”  By Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  [For Western democracies to flourish, they must first reject statism as the model for post-Covid governance.]   6-18-20
  384. Coronavirus.  “All Hail the Return of TV sports.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [European soccer and Saturday’s Belmont Stakes are welcome distractions from Covid gloom.]   6-18-20
  385. Coronavirus.  “Ned Lamont Says the Unspeakable”  [The Democrat opposes extending the $600 federal jobless benefit.]   6-19-20
  386. Coronavirus.  “Lockdown States and the Jobless.”  [Job gains are much greater in states that have reopened faster.]   6-22-20
  387. Coronavirus.  “Rules for Clinical Trials in a Pandemic.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [A study out of Britain shows how to learn more, faster about promising Covid-19 treatments.]   6-22-20
  388. Coronavirus.  “Covid Was a Punch in the Mouth.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [New Zealand and the U.S. are opposites, but neither had a plan for the pandemic.]   6-24-20
  389. Coronavirus.  “News From the Non-Lockdown States.”   6-24-20
  390. Coronavirus.  “Coping With Covid-19.”  [Flare-ups are inevitable but new lockdowns aren’t the answer.]  6-25-20
  391. Coronavirus.  “A Wolf in Emergency Clothing.”  By Allen C. Guelzo.  [Pennsylvania’s governor is among many who have used nearly unchecked power to enforce maximal lockdowns.]   6-26-20
  392. Coronavirus.  “Cuomo’s Covid Chutzpah.”  [Texas and Florida have a long way to go to match New York’s virus record.]  6-27-20
  393. Coronavirus.  “Covid Comparisons, Europe and U.S.”  [The America-is-a-failure reporting has a heavy dose of partisanship.]  6-29-20
  394. Coronavirus.  “The GOP’s Lampoon Vacation.”  [A tax credit for getting away from it all – or merely to the Hamptons.]  6-30-20
  395. Coronavirus.  “Capitalism After the Coronavirus.”  By Al Gore and David Blood.  [The pandemic provides an opportunity to build a resilient, healthy, fair and zero-carbon economy.]  6-30-20
  396. Coronavirus.  “Angela Merkel’s Viral Moment.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Donald Trump’s odds would be better now if he’d leveled with voters about Covid.]   7-1–20
  397. Coronavirus.  “Will Unions Let Schools Reopen?”  by Daniel DiSalvo.  [Emboldened by successful strikes in 2018 and 2019, they may attempt to hold the economy hostage.]  6-30-20
  398. Coronavirus.  “A Corona Commission for New York.”  By Bill Hammond.  [Civil -society groups should join to draw lessons from the city’s and sate’s failings.]   7-1–20
  399. Coronavirus.  “Why Cornell Will Reopen in the Fall.”  By Michael L. Kotlikoff and Martha E. Pollack.  [Students will return to Ithaca in any case.  On campus, we can track and isolate Covid cases.]   7-1–20
  400. Coronavirus.  “An Old Vaccine May Help Against Covid.”  By Robert C. Gallo and Daniel J. Arbess.  [A tablet for polio boosts innate immunity, which fights other viruses.]   7-1–20
  401. Coronavirus.  “The Coronavirus Credibility Gap.”  By Joseph A. Ladapo.  [Politicians and experts sow distrust with double standards on protests and dissembling about masks.]   7-2-20
  402. Coronavirus.  “Waiting for Diners to Show Up Again.”  By Bob Greene.  [Stay at home for weeks on end, the Miramor remains my friend.]   7-3-20
  403. Coronavirus.  “The Wages of Reopening.”  [A strong June jobs report shows gains from ending the lockdowns.]   7-3-20
  404. Coronavirus.  “A True Economic Stimulus Plan.”  By Casey B. Mulligan and Stephen Moore.  [Don’t extend benefits for unemployment.  Suspend the payroll tax to spur work and growth.]   7-3-20
  405. Coronavirus.  “Herd Immunity May Be Closer Than You Think.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Antibody tests could significantly underestimate the number of novel coronavirus infections.]   7-7-20
  406. Coronavirus.  “How Japan Beat Coronavirus Without Lockdowns.”  By Yasutoshi Nishimura.  [A focus on contact tracing and ‘cluster busting’ has allowed us to avoid harmful economic restrictions.]   7-8-20
  407. Coronavirus.  “Schools Can Open Safely This Fall.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [Staggered schedules and other precautions would help reduce children’s low- but real risk from Covid.]   7-13-20
  408. Coronavirus.  “The Case for Reopening Schools.”  [The harm from lost instruction outweighs the Covid-19 risks.]   7-14-20
  409. Coronavirus.  “Why I’ll Be On Campus This Fall.”  By John Hasnas.  [I’m high risk for Covid-19, but I’m obligated to give my Georgetown students the education they pay for.]   7-14-20
  410. Coronavirus.  “Americans and the Virus.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A nation searches for the happy medium between lockdown and letting it rip.]   7-15-20
  411. Coronavirus.  “California’s Second Shutdown.”  [Gov. Newsom succumbs to pressure and locks the economy again.]   7-15-20
  412. Coronavirus.  “Trump’s Virus Non-Message.”  [“…The problem is that the White House seems to have given up on projecting any consistent virus message…]   7-16-20
  413. Coronavirus.  “The Politics of Hydroxychloroquine.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Trump touted it, so Biden denounces it.  The FDA has suspended a permit for its use.  Let doctors decide.]  7-16-20
  414. Coronavirus.  “The Covid Fiscal Crisis Is About Debt and Taxes.“  by Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The only thing worse than how we’d pay for pandemic relief is what will happen when, inevitably, we don’t.]   7-16-20
  415. Coronavirus.  “The Economy Won’t Get Healthier While America Get Sicker.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Consumers won’t venture out if they feel unsafe.  To avert a double-dip recession, crush the virus.]   7-17-20
  416. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus Gives cover To Hard Calls.”  By Matthew Hennessey.  [Some see opportunity in the global health crisis.  But the window to act won’t be open for long.]  7-18-20
  417. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus Has Me Counting U.S. Counties.”  By Robert D. Hershey Jr.  [I’m trying to visit them all. Where else can you go during a pandemic?]   7-20-20
  418. Coronavirus.  “Behind the HHS-CDC Disagreement.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [An interagency feud over key data demonstrates the inadequacy of U.S. efforts to prepare for a pandemic.]   7-20-20
  419. Coronavirus.  “Blue States Deserve Money From Washington.”  By Richard Ravitch.   7-20-20
  420. Coronavirus.  “Covid’s Harrowing Complications.”  By Henry I. Miller.  [The disease is less deadly than initially feared, but it an be far worse than a cold.]   7-21-20
  421. Coronavirus.  “’Main Street’ Program Is Too Stingy to Banks and Borrowers.”  By Glenn Hubbard and Hal Scott.  [Designed to save midsize businesses, it will work only with greater backing and more generous terms.]   7-21-20
  422. Coronavirus.  “The Raid on Remdesivir.”  [The drug is saving Covid patients.  Politicians want to confiscate it.]   7-22-20
  423. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus May Give Trump an Edge.”  By Ted Ball.  [His voters are more enthusiastic than Biden’s, and may be less fearful of going to the polls.]   7-22-20
  424. Coronavirus.  “New York Is No ‘Donor State.’”  By Matthew Schoenfeld.  [Cuomo’s claim that the Empire State ‘gives’ more than it ‘gets’ is based on distorted measures.]   7-22-20
  425. Coronavirus.  “A Vaccine Progress Report.”  [Private innovation and public money are betting on multiple candidates.]   7-23-20
  426. Coronavirus.  “The Mnuchin Follies.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [With his help, Pelosi keeps outmaneuvering Republican senators on coronavirus bills.]   7-24-20
  427. Coronavirus.  “A Phase-Four Flop.”  [The latest proposals have everything but a growth agenda.]   7-24-20
  428. Coronavirus.  “Covid S.O.S. in Hidalgo.”  [A warning about the need to surge help to coronavirus hot spots.]   7-24-20
  429. Coronavirus.  “No More Blank Checks From Congress for Coronavirus.” By Ron Johnson.  [Lawmakers are rushing to spend more money without oversight on $2.9 trillion already passed.]   7-24-20
  430. Coronavirus.   “You’re More Likely to Catch Covid at Home Than in Jail.”  By Sean Kennedy.  [Early release policies have had no effect on transmission behind bars.  But they have contributed to a crime wave.]   7-25-20
  431. Coronavirus.  “What Else Cuomo Crushed.”  [“…But he didn’t have to crush his state’s economy at the same time…]   7-25-20
  432. Coronavirus.  “Americans Are Waking up to the First Covid Wave.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Dealing with the virus and having an economy aren’t incompatible, but the U.S. needs a U.S. approach.]   7-25-20
  433. Coronavirus.  “Covid Shows the Need for a Diagnostic Stockpile.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [Congress can meet the current surge in demand for testing and be ready for the next pandemic.]   7-27-20
  434. Coronavirus.  “The World’s Covid Resurgence.”  [Countries halted as models see a virus case revival.]  7-29-20
  435. Coronavirus.  “Senators Get a Meaty Education.”  [A CEO instructs critics on production and safety in a pandemic.]   7-29-20
  436. Coronavirus.  “How to Hold Beijing Accountable for the Coronavirus.”  By Jamie Metzl.  [Why did China cover up the epidemic?  The most plausible explanation involves a Wuhan lab.]  7-29-20
  437. Coronavirus.  “The Virus May Strike Teachers Unions.”  By David R. Henderson. [What happens when they refuse to do their jobs and it turns out home-schoolers are better at it anyway?]   7-30-20
  438. Coronavirus.  “Pandemic Education Scholarships.”  [The Senate GOP bill includes cash for private schools that reopen.]   7-30-20
  439. Coronavirus.  “The Bureau of Pandemic Investigation.” [The White House idea of virus relief includes a new FBI building.]   7-30-20
  440. Coronavirus.  “The Lockdown’s Destruction.”  [Incredibly, some in the media want to repeat the second-quarter debacle.]     7-31-20
  441. Coronavirus. ”Trump Alone Can Deliver Tax Relief.”  By Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen.  [Suspend collection of the payroll levy using the same authority that extended the filing deadline to July.]   8-3-20
  442. Coronavirus.  “Want Schools to Open?  Get Serious About Outbreaks.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Michael B. Strain.  [The spring decision to open inessential businesses came at the expense of all classrooms.]   8-3-20
  443. Coronavirus.  “The pandemic is a Dress Rehearsal.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The world is entering a transformative era.  Prepare for more chaos and instability.]   8-4-20
  444. Coronavirus.  “School-Opening Extortion.”  [Teachers unions are using Covid-19 as a political weapon.]   8-4-20
  445. Coronavirus.  “Fear and Loathing in Covid America.”  By Joseph A. Ladapo.  [Public panic and media scorn are shutting down important debates about how to tackle the virus.]   8-4-20
  446. Coronavirus.  “Covid-19 Hastens the Work-at-Home Revolution.”  By Erica Komisar.   8-4-20
  447. Coronavirus.  “The Hidden Danger of Masks.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Dr. Birx noted in April that they can promote a false sense of security.  Protests bear that out.]   8-5-20
  448. Coronavirus.  “Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Choice.”  [Another Pelosi-Mnuchin blowout isn’t needed and will divide the GOP.]    8-6-20
  449. Coronavirus.  “The Swedish Economic Model.”  [Stockholm strikes a different balance between virus and GDP.]  8-6-20
  450. Coronavirus.  “School Closures Damage the Youngest Children.”  By Christine K. VanDeVelde.  [Kids learn to function as people by playing together between ages 2 and 5.  They can’t  play on Zoom.]   8-8-20
  451. Coronavirus.  “Don’t Let Covid and the Flu Team Up to Pound America.”  By Scott Gottlieb.   [A priority should be developing antiviral drugs that can be given early to prevent severe illness.]   8-10-20
  452. Coronavirus.  “Untangling the Media Myths of Covid-19.”  By Gerard Baker.  [They’re countless.  States reporters shamed have done the best, and the U.S. is average among its peers.]   8-11-20
  453. Coronavirus.  “The Putin Vaccine Gambit.”  Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Hooray if Russia has actually made progress on Covid, but don’t bet on it.]   8-12-20
  454. Coronavirus.  “How to Beat china and Help the world’s Poor.”  By Hernando de Soto.  [A plan to unleash the power of ownership by formalizing capital in the informal economy.]   8-12-20
  455. Coronavirus.  “Lockdowns and School Shutdowns May Make Youngsters Sicker.”  By Allysia finley.  [Evidence is ample that stress an inactivity weaken immunity against Covid and other diseases.]    8-12-20
  456. Coronavirus.  “’Covid Powers’ Wreck My Neighborhood.”  By Julia Vitullo-Martin.  [New York City has commandeered three hotels and moved in hundreds of addicts.]   8-13-20
  457. Coronavirus.  “Individual Choice Is a Bad Fit for Covid Safety.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Consider the externalities:  We each choose whether to isolate or wear a mask, but all society bears the costs.]   8-13-20
  458. Coronavirus.  “The Treatment That Could Crush Covid.”  By Kevin Kimberlin.  [Early trials show signaling cells eliminate the virus, calm the immune e response and repair tissue damage.]   8-14-20
  459. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus Lockdowns Usher in the New Roaring ‘20s.”  by Allysia Finley.  [An underground social economy is growing to escape state prohibitions.]   8-15-20
  460. Coronavirus.  “Prepare for Tendentious Covid ‘Lessons.’  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Ignore those pitching progressive politics in favor of those still open to learning from the virus.]  8-15-20
  461. Coronavirus.  “Lifting Lockdowns Won’t Fully Restore the Economy.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Michael R. Strain.  [[Americans are reasonably worried about getting sick.  Controlling the virus is key to avoiding a recession.]   8-17-20
  462. Coronavirus.  “Lockdown Becomes an Australian Nightmare.”  By James Morrow.  [Our Covid response, once the envy of the world, now threatens to ruin the economy.]   8-18-20
  463. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus, Contracts and the Constitution.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and J. Michael Luttig.  [Plaintiff lawyers respond to government lockdowns by seeking to bankrupt the insurance industry.]   8-18-20
  464. Coronavirus.  “The White House Prepared for a Pandemic.”   By Joel M. Zinberg and Tomas J. Philipson.  [A September 2019 report laid the groundwork for Operation Warp Speed.]   8-19-20
  465. Coronavirus.  Why would States Limit Hospital-Bed Supply?  By Jaimie Cavanaugh and Daryl James.  [‘Certificate of need’ laws proved deadly when the Covid pandemic struck.]   8-20-20
  466. Coronavirus.  “The Obama-Biden Virus Response.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [If H1N1 had proved as deadly as Covid-19, it could have killed nearly two million.]   8-21-20
  467. Coronavirus.  “Covid Summer Drew This Tourist Off the Beaten path.”  By Faith Bottum.  [Where can you go to be alone without feeling lonely?  Try the geographic center of the country.]   8-22-20
  468. Coronavirus.  “Counting the Cost of Britain’s Lockdown.”  [The trade-offs get harder in a socialized medical system.]   8-22-20
  469. Coronavirus.  “Betting on Better Drug Trials to Beat Covid-19.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [Studies are competing for too few patients.  It’s time to direct resources toward the most promising therapies.]   8-24-20
  470. Coronavirus.  “Georgia’s Pandemic Progress.”  [“…it recognized early that shutting down an economy is unnecessary and destructive.]    8-25-20
  471. Coronavirus.  “Notable & Quotable:  Enough.”  By Karol Markowicz, writing in the New York Post on Aug. 24:  “We can’t live like this anymore.  The constant new rules, the continued dance around reopening.  New York City is failing.  Our governor and mayor are keeping us in a state of disarray…”   8-25-20
  472. Coronavirus.  “It’s Time to Open New York’s Offices.”  By Jeff T. Blau.  [The city can’t recover until the people who work here come back.]   8-26-20
  473. Coronavirus. “Kansas Democrats Covid Chart Masks the Truth.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The state’s health secretary fudged the data to make the governor’s mask mandate look successful.]   8-27-20
  474. Coronavirus.  “A Coronavirus Lesson About the Modern State.”   By Joseph C. Sternberg  [A technocratic ‘fix’ for cancelled A-level exams turned a health crisis into a social disaster.]   8-28-20
  475. Coronavirus.  “Cuomo Gets a Nursing Home Inspection.”  [A Justice Department probe will examine New York’s Covid-19 deaths.]   8-29-20
  476. Coronavirus.  “Sweden Shouldn’t Be America’s Pandemic Model.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [The Swedes aren’t close to reaching herd immunity.  We need to continue to contain the virus spread.]   8-31-20
  477. Coronavirus. “Plagues Are Back.  Will Wars Follow?”  by Vance Serchuk. [By now we should be used to re-emerging threats we thought we’d consigned to history.]   9-1-20
  478. Coronavirus.  “The Democratic State Budget Scare.”  [Tax revenue is coming in much better than expected in most places.]   9-1-20
  479. Coronavirus.  “The Failed Experiment of Covid Lockdowns.”  By Donald L. Luskin.  [New data suggest that social distancing and reopening haven’t determined the spread.]   9-2-20
  480. Coronavirus.  “A Virus Progress Report.”  [It’s no time to be complacent, but the summer surge has eased.]   9-2-20
  481. Coronavirus.  “The Remdesivir Patent Isn’t State Property.”  By Sally C. Pipes.  [Attorneys general want to seize Gilead’s right to its drug, but government did little to help create it.]   9-2-20
  482. Coronavirus.  “I’d Rather Be Learning.”  By Hannah Stoll.  [Boston’s gyms are open.  So why can’t I go back to school?]   9-3-20
  483. Coronavirus.  “Madame Speaker Gets a Haircut.” [And she also wants an apology from the shop.]   9-3-20
  484. Coronavirus.  “To Combat Covid, Don’t Turn the Clock Back.”  By Dinah Miller.  [A return to standard time would mean an hour less for outdoor social activity.]   9-4-20
  485. Coronavirus.  “Trump’s Housing Seizure.”  [The CDC decides it can abrogate rental contracts nationwide.]   9-4-20
  486. Coronavirus.  “The Case Against Covid Tests for the Young and Healthy.”  By Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff.  [Hunting for asymptomatic cases encourages pointless shutdowns.  Protect the vulnerable instead.]   9-4-20
  487. Coronavirus.  “Welcome to Washington, Dr. Atlas.”  (The Weekend interview with Scott W. Atlas by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [Trump’s new Covid adviser makes the case for reopening and says it’s a ‘preposterous lie’ that he advocates ‘herd immunity.’]   9-5-20
  488. Coronavirus.  “Too Much Distance Ruins Travel.”  By Danny Heitman.  [Getting to know people is the whole point of visiting unfamiliar places.]   9-5-20
  489. Coronavirus.  “Dad, Please Get a Covid Shot.”  By Marc Siegel.  [You too, Sen. Harris.  This isn’t the swine flu; it’s a genuine deadly pandemic.]   9-8-20
  490. Coronavirus.  “Government vs. Private Covid Layoffs.”  [The data show that public workers have been hurt the least.]   9-9-20
  491. Coronavirus.  “The Sturgis Statistical Misfire..”  [Blaming a South Dakota Rally but giving protesters a Covid Pass.]   9-10-20
  492. Coronavirus.  “Notre Dame Is Playing Football.  See You at Touchdown Jesus.”  By Jack Swarbrick.  [The university’s decision to move forward with the fall season is rooted in care for athletes and safety.]   9-12-20
  493. Coronavirus.  “Democrats Filibuster Covid Relief.”  [They block money for small business, schools and jobless benefits.]   9-11-20
  494. Coronavirus.  “How ‘Emergency Use’ Can Help Roll Out a Covid Vaccine.”   By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.   [The FDA can approve a promising candidate for those most at risk while continuing to collect data.]   9-14-20
  495. Coronavirus.  “Pandemic Unemployment Will Soon Bring Tax Hikes.”  By Mark Duggan and Andrew C. Johnston.  [Levies will rise as workers return, hindering the recovery.  Two reforms would ease the problem.]   9-14-20
  496. Coronavirus.  “It Takes a Superspreader to Know a Superspreader.” By Gerard Baker. [Whether Sturgis, BLM, or voting by mail, the media chooses narrative over facts every time.]    9-15-20
  497. Coronavirus.  “Will Congress Ever Break the Covid Relief Standoff?”  by Alan S. Blinder.  [Senate Republicans resist passing a new bill, even through it’s needed and politically expedient.]( (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004.)  9-15-20
  498. Coronavirus.  “Liberating Pennsylvania From Lockdown.”  [A judge says Gov. Wolf’s orders violate the U.S. Constitution.]   9-16-20
  499. Coronavirus.  ‘Our Company Gets Back to Work.”  By Alex Conant and Terry Sullivan.  [Zoom conferences are no substitute for in-person meetings.]   9-17-20
  500. Coronavirus.  “How to Live With Covid  Not for It.”  By Joseph A. Ladapo.  [If reason finally prevails over panic, policy makers will reopen schools and focus on the vulnerable.]   9-17-20
  501. Coronavirus.  “Covid Puts the ‘I’ in the High Holy Days.”  By Jonathan Sachs.  [Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur aren’t the same without communal prayer.]   9-18-20
  502. Coronavirus.  “Playing ‘Would You Rather’ in the Covid Age.”  By Allan Ripp.  [Risk infection, or forgo seeing our grandchildren?   9-18-20
  503. Coronavirus.  “Europe’s Covid Lockdown Lessons.”  [The virus is returning but leaders decide they can’t shut down again.]   9-18-20
  504. Coronavirus.  “The Hospital Lobbyists Behind Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal.”  By Bill Hammond.  [The governor has a tight political alliance with the powerful nonprofit repping New York’s health systems.]   9-19-20
  505. Coronavirus.  “A Little Debate on Plasma Is healthy for Science.”  By Arturo Casadevail and Nigel Paneth.  [The FDA says it’s likely effective, while NIH urges caution.  The answer:  Get more data from trials.]   9-23-20
  506. Coronavirus.  “Good Vaccine Progress, Bad Politics.”  [A fourth candidate enters Phase 3, never mind the carpers.]   9-24-20
  507. Coronavirus.  “No Need to Sweat Covid Vaccination Rates.”  By Tomas J. Philipson.  [As long as seniors and essential workers are immunized, deaths will drop and life can resume.]   9-24-20
  508. Coronavirus.  “The College Covid Scare.”  [Cases spike on campus but with very few hospitalizations.]   9-25-20
  509. Coronavirus.  “Andrew Cuomo, Vaccine Czar.”   9-28-20
  510. Coronavirus.  “Congress’s Covid Income Redistribution.”  [State income figures show a blue-state Cares Act bonanza.]   9-29-20
  511. Coronavirus.  “Pelosi Tries to Settle for $2.2 Trillion.”  [This is not a deal that President Trump should consider taking.]     9-30-20
  512. Coronavirus.  “Your Covid Crib Sheet, Updated.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Mysteries remain but one thing is known:  We will be living with the virus indefinitely.]   9-30-20
  513. Coronavirus.  “Leave No Country Behind in the Post-Covid Recovery.”  By Robert B.  Zoelick.  [The pandemic may deepen global poverty and stifle trade and investment.]   10-1-20
  514. Coronavirus.  “Beat Covid Without a Vaccine.]  by Laurrence Kotlikoff and Michael Mina.  [Home testing and ‘digital passports’ could stop outbreaks.]   10-2-20
  515. Coronavirus.  “The Coronavirus College Scam.”  By Stephen Moore.  [My son’s university invited him ack to campus for remote classes at $70,000 a year.  He got a job instead.]   10-2-20
  516. Coronavirus.  “New Stat Augurs Well for Covid Recovery.”  By Mark Skousen.  [Gross output measures business confidence better than GDP.  It’s fallen less than in past recessions.]   10-3-20
  517. Coronavirus.  “Trump’s Positive Covid Test.”  [His infection isn’t karma, and he can set an example of optimism as he recovers.]   10-3-20
  518. Coronavirus.  “Coronavirus Delivers an October Surprise.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [After a disastrous debate and a shocking twist, the vice-presidential debate takes on huge importance.]   10-3-20
  519. Coronavirus.  “No Surprise When Someone Gets Covid.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The disease is endemic.  And even 74 year-olds can have mild cases that aren’t debilitating.]   10-3-20
  520. Coronavirus.  “An End to Michigan’s Endless Emergency.”  [Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has her powers pared by the state’s high court.]   10-5-20
  521. Coronavirus.  “The Trump Coronavirus Spread.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Yuval Levin.  [It might have been avoided if White House officials had worn masks and relied on more-sensitive tests.]   10-5-20
  522. Coronavirus.  “White House Medical Confusion.”  [Mixed messages like those on Saturday hurt the President.]   10-5-20
  523. Coronavirus.  “Trump Can Champion Coronavirus Awareness.”  By Bob Brody.  [He can help himself and the country by turning his diagnosis into a call for following virus protocol.]   10-5-20
  524. Coronavirus.  Trump Takes Zinc.  Maybe You Should Too.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Research suggest the mineral bolsters the immune system against Covid and other diseases.]   10-6-20
  525. Coronavirus.  “Outside Walter Reed, a Misinformation Epidemic..”  by Gerard Baker.  [The White House feeds a hostile media’s suspicion, and they can’t resist gorging themselves.]   10-6-20
  526. Coronavirus.  “Job One for the Veep:  Explain Covid.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Mike Pence gets a second chance to level about a disease we will be living with.]   10-7-20
  527. Coronavirus.  “Pelosi’s Taxpayer Ransom Demand.”  [Trump walked after the Speaker insisted on no less than $2 trillion.]   10-7-20
  528. Coronavirus.  “Trump, Covid and Reason.”  [A new statement by scientists explains how to live with the virus.]  10-7-20
  529. Coronavirus.  “FDR, Coronavirus and The Politics of Bravado.”  By Lance Morrow.  [“…Bravado and defiant panache have their uses in the conduct of leadership…”]   10-9-20
  530. Coronavirus.  “The Trump Treatment for Covid Is Coming Soon.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [Antibody drugs like the one the president took may be a bridge to a vaccine.]   10-9-20
  531. Coronavirus.  “The Captain of Operation Warp Speed.”  (The Weekend Interview with Moncel Slaoui.)  [How a public-private partnership is overcoming technical and bureaucratic obstacles to find a way of inoculating against Covid.]   10-10-20
  532. Coronavirus.  “A Jewish Revolt Against Lockdowns.”  [Haredim take to the streets and courst against Gov. Cuomo.]   10-10-20
  533. Coronavirus.  “Why Politician Despise Us – Continued.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, jr.  [Among the fibs at the vice presidential debate, the worst is a bipartisan myth about the virus’s spread.]   10-10-20
  534. Coronavirus.  “Regeneron’s Coronavirus October Surprise.”  By Marc Siegel.  [Trump told me in July that he was more hopeful about therapeutics than about a vaccine.  He was prescient.]   10-14-20
  535. Coronavirus.  “The Teachers Union’s Tiny New Enemy.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [The behemoth national Education Association seeks to squash popular pandemic microschools.]   10-15-20
  536. Coronavirus.  “Andrew Cuomo Takes a ‘Hatchet.’”  [In a recorded call, he explains why he favors broad lockdowns.]  10-16-20
  537. Coronavirus.  “The West Gets Real About Covid.”   By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [And why a Portuguese scholar says the reality principle is liberalism’s last nemesis.]  10-17-20
  538. Coronavirus.  “Where Do I Go to Get My Covid Antibody Cocktail?”  by Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [Researchers are making quick progress, but we need infusion sites and new models for payment.   10-19-20
  539. Coronavirus.  “End te School Shutdown.”  By David R. Henderson and Ryan Sullivan.  [In-person classes turn out not to cause spikes in cases or fatality.  But keeping kids home has a high cost.  10-21-20
  540. Coronavirus.  “Prisoners Don’t Need Covid Stimulus Checks.”  By Chandra Bozelko.  [An unwise judicial order will infuse tax money into inmate black markets.]  10-21-20
  541. Coronavirus.  “Red and Blue States of Recovery.”  [Joe Biden’s ‘K-shaped’ economy is made in the lockdown states.]   10-23-20
  542. Coronavirus.  “Beijing’s Covid Recovery Isn’t So Enviable.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [China touts GDP growth but faces a hard call:  rest on a fragile economy or try for a difficult transition?]   10-23-20
  543. Coronavirus.  “Epidemiologists Stray From the Covid Herd.”  (The Weekend Interview with Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya by Tunku Varadarajan. [The Great Barrington Declaration co-authors on the costs of lockdown, the science of immunity, and the politicization of the Coronavirus pandemic.]   10-24-20
  544. Coronavirus.  “Democrats Want Medicatid for the Wealthy.”  By Chris Jacobs. [The Covid relief law prevents states from disenrolling those earning six figures.]   10-26-20
  545. Coronavirus.  “Winter is Coming:  Time for a Mask Mandate.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [A requirement to cover your face in public could be more of a cultural norm than a political statement.]   10-26-20
  546. Coronavirus.  “50 First Dates With Covid and Biden.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [To deploy a vaccine we will need accurate data and Washington’s eye on the ball.]   10-28-20
  547. Coronavirus.  “Coping with the Covid Winter.”  [Death rates have fallen sharply amid better care and treatments.]   10-28-20
  548. Coronavirus.  “Dodd-Frank Undermines the Fight Against Covid.”  By John Berlau and Seth Carter.  [The ‘conflict minerals’ provision blocks resources vital for everything from ventilators to vaccines.]   10-28-2
  549. Coronavirus.  “Europe’s Covid Lockdowns Return.”  [The virus shows that it can’t be banished by government edict.]   10-29-20
  550. Coronavirus.  “Masks Are a Distraction From the pandemic Reality.”  By Joseph a. Ladapo.  [Viruses inevitably spread, and authorities have oversold face coverings as a preventive measure.]  10-29-20
  551. Coronavirus.  “The Post-Lockdown Comeback.”  [No new stimulus, no problem, as the U.S. economy grows 33.1%.]   10-30-20
  552. Coronavirus.  “The Other Media Blackout.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How can Americans use good sense about an epidemic about which they are fed false information?]   10-31-20
  553. Coronavirus.  “How Congress Can Get Kids Back to Class.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [Schools don’t appear to be a major source of spread, and the government can pass out N95s to teachers.]   11-2-20
  554. Coronavirus.  “Europe’s Covid Hospital Lesson.”  [National health care has led to funding caps and too few ICU beds.]   11-3-20
  555. Coronavirus.    “Britain Locks Down, Again.]  [The new U.K. shutdown is a political blunder by Boris Johnson.]   11-4-20
  556. Coronavirus.  “To Cope With Covid, the World’s Poor Need Debt Relief.”  By DaviD Malpass.  [This economic crisis is even harder than usual for the worst-off.  Concessions from creditors can ease recovery.]   11-5-20
  557. Coronavirus.  “The Fog of Worship With Facemasks.”  By Mike Kerrigan.  11-5-20
  558. Coronavirus.  “The Jobs Keep Coming.”   11-7-20
  559. Coronavirus.  “The States Are Laboratories for Covid Control.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [President-elect Biden can look to the Massachusetts testing regime, Maryland’s strike teams and more.]   11-9-20
  560. Coronavirus.  “Of Policy and Pandemics.”  (Bookshelf by Adam J. White.)  “American Contagions.”  By John Fabian Witt.   [During disease outbreaks, constitutional governments afford themselves vast powers.  The problem?  Giving those powers back.]  11-10-20
  561. Coronavirus.  “The Covid Vaccine Cavalry.”  [Pfizer brings good news but watch out for Biden’s virus team.]   11-10-20
  562. Coronavirus.  “How Vaccines Prove Their Safety.”  By Kevin N. Sheth and Serena Spudich.  [Rare complications will arise, but the public can be confident researchers will get to the bottom of them.]   11-10-20
  563. Coronavirus.  “It’s Biden’s Virus Now.”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A new administration means new realism about a pathogen we’ll be living with.]   11-11-20
  564. Coronavirus.  “Case for Mask Mandate Rests on Bad Data.”   By Phillip W. Magness.  [A top scientific journal lowballs the percentage of Americans who are already covering their faces.]   11-12-20
  565. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Lockdown Lobby.”  [His Covid advisers seem to have learned nothing from the spring recession.]   11-13-20
  566. Coronavirus.  “Covid and the Church in Delaware.”   11-13-20
  567. Coronavirus.  “We Don’t Need Government Mandates for Covid Vaccination.”  [This isn’t smallpox and doesn’t require draconian measures that infringe on basic civil liberties.]   11-13-20
  568. Coronavirus.  “New York’s Kids Aren’t All Right.”  [The teachers union and the mayor prepare to shut down schools again.]  11-14-20
  569. Coronavirus.  “It’s Now Up to Governors to Slow the Spread.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [States should coordinate their efforts and close bars and nightclubs – or risk expensive lockdowns later.]   11-16-20
  570. Coronavirus.  “Trump, Biden and Covid Vaccines.”  [Will Joe’s advisers scuttle more rapid FDA approvals.?]   11-17-20
  571. Coronavirus. “Two Existing Technologies Could Fight Covid Now.”  By Salmaan Keshavjee and Tom Nicholson.  [Germicidal lighting and a tuberculosis vaccine should be a part of the pandemic response.]   11-17-20
  572. Coronavirus.  “A Vaccine Is Already Helping.  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Young adults see an end in sight to the sacrifices they’re making for the old.]   11-18-20
  573. Coronavirus.  “Lockdowns Have a Bright Side for Teens.”  By Erica Komisar.  [They’re talking more to parents and getting more sleep, reducing levels of depression.]   11-18-20
  574. Coronavirus.  “Gretchen Whitmer Strikes Again.”  [Restaurants sue over Michigan’s rule by emergency edict.]  11-19-20
  575. Coronavirus.  “A Global Covid Vaccine Heist.”  [India and south Africa want the WTO to vitiate private U.S. patents.]   11-20-20
  576. Coronavirus.  “Teachers Should Get The Covid Vaccine First.”  By Aaron Strong and Jonathan Welburn.  [Immunity would overcome resistance to reopening schools, which is vital.   11-20-20
  577. Coronavirus.  “Some Masks Will Protect You Better Than Others.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [Surgical outperforms cloth, and an N95 is far superior to a bandanna.]   11-23-20
  578. Coronavirus.  “A Heap of Thanksgiving Hypocrisy.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [What all those pols caught violating their own Covid-19 rules really tells us.)   11-24-20
  579. Coronavirus.   “The Political Class’s Hypocrisy Long Predates Covid-19.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Cuomo’s thanksgiving troubles remind me of an encounter years ago at Reagan national Airport.]   11-25-20
  580. Coronavirus.  “Hospitals prepare for the New Covid Wave.”  By Mark Jarrett and Bruce Farber.  [Applying the lessons we learned in spring should make the disease more manageable this time.]   11-24-20
  581. Coronavirus.   “The Dow Hits 30,000.”  [Another sign of economic resilience amid the pandemic.]   11-25-20
  582. Coronavirus.   “Too Much Caution Is Killing Covid Patients.”  By Joseph a. Ladapo.  [Doctors should follow the evidence for promising therapies.  Instead, they demand certainty.]   11-25-20
  583. Coronavirus.   “Lost Your Job?  You Shouldn’t Have to Lose Your Home.”  By Arthur B. Laffer and Alan M. Dershowitz.  [An insurance product could have saved billions of dollars in pandemic-related foreclosures.]   11-25-20
  584. Coronavirus.  “Fireworks Over Religious Liberty.”  [The Supreme Court says Cuomo’s orders violate the First Amendment.]   11-27-20
  585. Coronavirus.  “A Speedy Recovery Depends on More Aid.  Will Trump Deliver?”  by Alan S. Blinder.  [The economy can’t wait until January for more help for states, businesses and the unemployed.]   11-27-20
  586. Coronavirus. “The Constitution Will Survive Covid-19.”  By David b. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A Casey.  [The pandemic may justify extraordinary measures, but judges won’t accept the most draconian ones.]   11-28-20
  587. Coronavirus.  “When the Experts Fail, Everyone Else Pays the Price.”  By David Mamet.  [What happens when the most respected authorities get it wrong and ruin lives and economies?  Not much.]   11-28-20
  588. Coronavirus.  “Covid Was Hiding Among Colds and Flus.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Too much focus on Washington and magic fixes has impeded grassroots adaptation.]   11-28-20
  589. Coronavirus.  “Deploying Big Data to Determine How Well Vaccines Work.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [As the initial rollout starts, it’s time to start planning a registry to monitor health outcomes.]   11-30-20
  590. Coronavirus.  “We Decide How Much Covid.”  By Holman W. Jenkins Jr.  [The U.S.  promoted the illusion of control instead of the wisdom of risk management.]   12-2-20
  591. Coronavirus.  “A Covid Vaccine Peace Prize.”   By Daniel Henninger.  [The pharmaceutical scientists who created these vaccines deserve the world’s gratitude.]   12-3-20
  592. Coronavirus.  “The White House Favors a Bridge to Recovery.” By Tyler Goodspeed.  [Federal relief so far has exceeded expectations, and a new round could sustain growth until vaccines arrive.]  12-3-20
  593. Coronavirus.  “McConnell’s Spending Line.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Can he hold it?  The answer will set the course of Biden’s presidency.]   12-4-20
  594. Coronavirus.  “Unemployment Bonus Proves Its Harm.”  By Casey B. Mulligan and Stephen Moore.  [Job openings declined sharply in August, after the $600.00 weekly payments stopped.]   12-4-20
  595. Coronavirus.  “The FDA’s Political Inoculation.”  [Thy the U.K. has approved a vaccine faster than the U.S.]   12-4-20
  596. Coronavirus.  “Oregon’s Segregated Covid Relief Fund Is Blatantly Unconstitutional.”  By James Huffman.  [Maria Garcia applied for aid and was denied simply because she doesn’t ‘identify as Black.’]   12-5-20
  597. Coronavirus.  “Pennsylvania Vetoes Help for Business.”  [The legislation offered liability protections for good-faith actors.]   12-5-20
  598. Coronavirus.    “Payrolls Take a Covid Break.”  [Job growth slowed but much of the recovery remains strong.]   12-5-20
  599. Coronavirus.    “Mask Wars Revisited.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Use of face coverings increased steadily and impressively right into the current national outbreak.]   12-5-20
  600. Coronavirus.   “First Cuomo, Now Newsom”  [The Supreme Court extends its scrutiny over pandemic orders.]   12-7-20
  601. Coronavirus.    “Who’ll Get the Covid Vaccine First?”  by Scott Gottlieb.  [The best option may be to inoculate those over 65 with a focus on low-income communities.]   12-7-20
  602. Coronavirus.  “Paying for More Covid Relief.”  [Republicans should insist on using the $429 billion in Fed funds.]   12-8-20
  603. Coronavirus.  “Covid and The New Age of Censorship.”  By Alex Berenson.  [It doesn’t promote public health when media and tech companies stifle scientific debate.]   12-8-20
  604. Coronavirus.  “Americans Need Help While Awaiting a Vaccine.”  By Charlie Baker.   12-8-20
  605. Coronavirus.  “No More Bishop Nice Guy.”  By Matthew Hennessey.  [Religious leaders have been too deferential to unreasonable Covid restrictions.]  12-9-20
  606. Coronavirus.  “The Best Herd Immunity Money Can Buy.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Paying people to get the Covid-19 shot may be the way to overcome skepticism about the vaccine.]  12-9-20
  607. Coronavirus.  “The Economy Needs a Little More PPP.”  By Glenn Hubbard and Michael R. Strain.  [The next version of the Paycheck Protection Program should focus on helping smaller firms.]  12-9-20
  608. Coronavirus.  “The New Covid Resistance.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [A population of deplorables is rising among people who aren’t in MAGA hats.]   12-10-20
  609. Coronavirus.  “George W. Bush and the Covid Vaccine.”  By Karl Rove.  [Credit 2020’s speedy development in part to a series of laws he signed in 2002-06.]   12-10-20
  610. Coronavirus.  “Schumer’s Unemployment Flip-Flop.”  [His current Covid relief demands contradict his own bill from July.]   12-10-20
  611. Coronavirus.  “Italians Will Be Frozen in Place This Christmas.”  [Think US. lockdowns are bad?  Imagine being confined to your town.]   12-10-20
  612. Coronavirus.  “A Shot (instead of Two) at Saving Lives.”   By Michael Segal.  [Waiting on the Covid booster would allow more people to be vaccinated sooner.]   12-11-20
  613. Coronavirus.  “The Restaurant Lockdown Massacre.”  [New shutdown orders punish minorities and low-income workers.]  12-12-20
  614. Coronavirus.  “On the One Hand, There’s a Pandemic.”  By Bridget Basis.  [On the other, I’m all thumbs because I can use only one of them.]   12-14-20
  615. Coronavirus.  “Antibodies As Covid Insurance.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [A stockpile of medications from Regeneron and Eli Lilly to prepare in case vaccines aren’t enough.]   12-15-20
  616. Coronavirus.  “Vaccines vs. Lockdowns.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Science triumphed but shouldn’t we have cut corners and moved faster??]    12-16-20
  617. Coronavirus.  “Covid Vaccine Shakedown At the WTO.”   By James Pooley.  [Mercantile interests are behind India’s and South Africa’s high-minded talk about helping the poor.]   12-17-20
  618. Coronavirus.  “Hijacking the Fed to Bail Out States.”  [Democrats are blocking Covid relief to keep 13(3) pandemic lending alive.]   12-18-20
  619. Coronavirus.  “How to End Lockdowns Next Month.”  By Jay Bhattacharya and Sunetra Gupta.  [Target vaccines to the most vulnerable, and don’t give them to people who have already been infected.]   12-18-20
  620. Coronavirus.  “Covid Political Relief.”  [Another spending blowout, but at least it has limits on the Fed.]   12-21-20
  621. Coronavirus.  “Why Are Covid Antibody Drugs Sitting on Shelves.?”  [By Scott Gottlieb an Mark McClellan.  [Strapped hospitals are struggling to set up infusion sites.  But states and the feds can help.]  12-21-20
  622. Coronavirus.  “Online Class and False ADHD Diagnoses.”  By Erica Komisar.  [Children under 10 can’t be expected to stare at a computer for hours.]   12-21-20
  623. Coronavirus.  “A Pandemic of Misinformation.”  By Scott W. Atlas.  [The media’s politicization of Covid has proved deadly and puts Americans’ freedoms a risk.]   12-22-20
  624. Coronavirus.  “How the Woke Stole Christmas.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Cotton Mather deplored ‘masking’ but otherwise sounds a lot like 2020’s Coronavirus commissars.]   12-22-20
  625. Coronavirus.  “The State Covid Windfall.”  [They plead poverty but their revenue and federal aid show otherwise.]  12-23-20
  626. Coronavirus.  “A Sincere Government Apology.”  [“…More difficulties no doubt will occur during vaccine distribution…]   12-23-20
  627. Coronavirus.  “Covid Has Killed the Apology.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [John Hopkins should create a metric for politicians who break their own virus rules.]   12-24-20
  628. Coronavirus.  “who Made the Vaccine Possible?  Not WHO.”  By Graham T. Allison.  [Pharmaceutical companies and Trump’s Operation Warp Speed deserve the vast bulk of the credit.]   12-24-20
  629. Coronavirus.  “A Look Back at the Pandemic Year.”  By Peggy Noonan. [All our lives changed in 2020, and it’s only beginning to become clear how and how much.]   12-26-20
  630. Coronavirus.  “Covid Is Beginning Its Last Stand.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [January will be tough, but with sensible precautions the virus will become a manageable risk by spring.]   12-28-20
  631. Coronavirus.  “Cuomo Should Take a Knee in Buffalo.”  By Dave Seminara.  [The Bills host their first home playoff game in a quarter-century, but fans will likely be kept out.]   12-28-20
  632. Coronavirus.  “Honesty Is the Best Policy in Selling Vaccines.”  By Robert M. Kaplan and Dominick L. Frosch.  [Paternalism is the wrong approach.  Patients need full information about the risks and benefits.]   12-29-20
  633. Coronavirus.  “The Slow Growth of Covid Realism.”  By Holman W. Jenkins.  [Can we now admit that herd immunity and vaccines will work in tandem?].   12-30-20
  634. Coronavirus.  “China Jails a Covid Reporter.”  [‘Why can’t I show the truth?’ Zhang Zhan dared to ask.]   12-30-20
  635. Coronavirus.  “$2,000 Checks for the Affluent.”  [Schumer and Trump want to write checks to the non-needy.]   12-31-20
  636. Coronavirus.  LTE.  “Everybody Wants Credit for the Covid Vaccine.”   12-31-20
  637. Coronavirus.  “building Bridges to Help the Economy Through Covid”  by Alan S. Blinder.  [The Covid relief bill is a down payment on what Joe Biden can do to help avoid a recession.]   12-31-20
  638. Coronavirus.  “A Buffalo Bills Miracle.”  [“…Mr. Cuomo has kept Bill fans out of the stadium all season…”]   1-2-21
  639. Coronavirus.  “The Year in Covid ‘Messaging.’”   By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [It’s ludicrously late in the day to fault Dr. Fauci for spinning the public.]   1-2-21
  640. Coronavirus.  “Pharmacies Can Get shots in Arms.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [To speed up vaccine distribution, let national chains like CVS and Walgreens take a role.]   1-4-21
  641. Coronavirus.  “Lockdowns Starve Mom and Pop.”  By Andy Puzder.  [Paying customers are the bet stimulus for any small business.]   1-5-21
  642. Coronavirus.  “A Light Regulatory Touch to Keep Covid Drugs Current.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [New variants of the virus will call for adaptations of treatments, which shouldn’t need full studies.]  1-11-21
  643. Coronavirus.  “Maximize the Vaccine.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [As herd immunity comes nearer, inoculate where it will do the most good.]   1-13-21
  644. Coronavirus.  Vaccination by Age Is the Way to Go.”  By Fred E. Peterson.  [The fight over who gets the shot first is slowing the rollout.  Date of birth is the best proxy for level of risk.]  1-13-21
  645. Coronavirus.  “An Anti-Bureaucracy Vaccine, Please.”  [Delivering shots by age will help the most vulnerable faster.]   1-13-21
  646. Coronavirus.  “What WHO Won’t Learn From China.”  By human W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Beijing likes the story that Covid began elsewhere but at least could tell us about the virus in China Today.]   1-16-21
  647. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Stimulus Hits all the Right Notes.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [His American Rescue Plan builds on what worked in the Cares Act and corrects what didn’t.]  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004.)   1-20-21
  648. Coronavirus.  “Regeneron’s Antibody Miracle for Covid-19.”  By David Asan.  [Within two days of receiving treatment, my wife and I had no more symptoms.]   1-22-21   (“…fortifying supplies of the antibody serums, as well as deregulating their distribution and setting up infusion centers in hospitals, should be a top national priority…”)
  649. Coronavirus.  “The Covid-19 Origin Investigation.”  [Beijing spreads conspiracies while impeding WHO experts.]   1-23-21
  650. Coronavirus.  “Trump’s worst Virus Failure.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [He could have broken the norm that says don’t deliver unwelcome news or treat voters like grown-ups.]   1-23-21
  651. Coronavirus.  “State Lessons in Vaccine Rollouts.”   [Federalism is again proving its value in getting shots in arms.]   1-25-21
  652. Coronavirus.  “Send Out the Search Party for New Covid Strains.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Caitlin Rivers.  [Variants of the virus can be stopped if uncovered early – but that will require more genetic sequencing.]   1-25-21
  653. Coronavirus.  “Closing Time for Bars and Restaurants.”  By Robert St. John.  [Few industries have been harder hit by Covid.  We need relief.]   1-26-21
  654. Coronavirus.  “Workers Producing the Vaccine Need Vaccination.”   By Robert Kramer.  [If my company’s employees get sick, there will be fewer shots for everyone.]   1-26-21
  655. Coronavirus.  “The Two-Track Jobs Recovery.”  [graph: “States with the most and least job losses as a share of total employment from Dec. 2019 – Dec. 2020.”]   1-28-21
  656. Coronavirus.  “Italy’s Question Is Ours, Too:  Who Will Spend the Covid Cash?”  [A government fall amid stimulus fights.  Expect Rome’s political disease to spread elsewhere.]   1-29-21
  657. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Covid Spending Choice.”  [Will he negotiate with the GOP or pass a bill with only Democrats?]   2-1-21
  658. Coronavirus.  “Another Promising Vaccine, This One From Johnson & Johnson.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [But new variants pose an undetermined threat.  The flu-vaccine system can be a model for regulators.]   2-1-21
  659. Coronavirus.  “Catholic Schools Are Beating Covid.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Will Joe Biden speak up for those he credits with making him the man he is today?}   2-2-21
  660. Coronavirus.  “Why Operation Warp Speed Worked.”  By Arthur Herman.  [The vaccine program followed the model of U.S. mobilization in World War II.]   2-2-21
  661. Coronavirus.  “Can Biden Broker a Covid Compromise?” by Wm. Galston.   [The best shot at a bipartisan bill is focusing on relief, not structural change.]   2-3-21
  662. Coronavirus.  “Where’s Biden on Opening Schools?”  [So far he’s buckling to the unions that won’t return to classrooms.]   2-3-21
  663. Coronavirus.  “Congressional Democrats’ Plan to Bail Out China.”  By French Hill.  [IMF ‘special drawing rights’ with no strings are the wrong way to help developing countries.]   2-3-21
  664. Coronavirus.  “The Tragedy of the Schools.”  By David Henninger.  [Many parents are losing faith in the public system and are pulling out.]    2-4-21
  665. Coronavirus.  “From Covid Relief to Big Government.”  By Karl Rove.  [Biden wants to dole out checks and create new programs, not find a compromise.]   2-4-21
  666. Coronavirus.  “The Short March Back to Inflation.”  By Michael D. Bordo and Mickey D. Levy.  [Like today, policy makers of the 1960s had bigger worries than prices.  Then a spike rushed the economy.]   2-4-21
  667. Coronavirus.  “How to Ration Vaccines.”  [Basing eligibility on age is the scientific and least political, method.]  2-5-21
  668. Coronavirus.  “The ‘Universal Vaccination’ Chimera.”  By Joseph A Ladapo.  [Tools for stopping variants are limited and, like masks and distancing, vaccines are not a panacea.]  2-5-212-6-21
  669. Coronavirus.  “What to Do When There’s a Covid-19 Vaccine Glut.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [Supply is ramping up, but many Americans are reluctant to get the shot and need to be persuaded.]  2-8-21
  670. Democrats.  “Biden Goes Party Line on $1.9 Trillion.”  [Democrats define bipartisanship as Pelosi agreeing with Schumer.]   2-8-21
  671. Coronavirus.  “Successes and Setbacks in Covid Vaccination.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [Setting policy at the state level seems to work better than letting cities jockey.]   2-10-21
  672. Coronavirus.  “As Covid Evolves, Treatments May Prove as Important as Vaccines.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The FDA has approved only a few therapeutic drugs.  Many studies suggest promising options.]  2-12-21
  673. Coronavirus.  “The Cuomo Covid Coverup.”  [His adviser admits to covering up New York’s nursing home deaths.]   2-13-21
  674. Coronavirus.  “Covid Catches Andrew Cuomo.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Like Trump, Cuomo has tried to impose himself on Covid.  It may not end well.]   2-18-21
  675. Coronavirus.  LTE.  “L.A. Teachers Union Is Disingenuous on Covid.”   2-18-21
  676. Coronavirus.  ”My Mother Got Covid in a New York Nursing Home.”  By Kieran E. Morris.  [The truth is coming out about Cuomo’s disastrous policy.  Families like mine demand accountability.]   2-18-21
  677. Coronavirus.  “The Risks of Skimping on Covid Relief.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Some economists warn about too much spending, but too little could hurt the economy more.]   2-18-21  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004.)
  678. Coronavirus. “Follow the Science, Not the Teachers Union.”  By Chris Christie.  [Biden’s CDC changes its tune for obvious political reasons.]   2-19-21
  679. Coronavirus.  “We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April.”  By Marty Makary  [Covod cases Have dropped 77% in six weeks.  Experts should level with the public about the good news.]   2-19-21
  680. Coronavirus.  “Canada’s Covid Vaccine Failure.”  By Michael Taube.   2-20-21
  681. Coronavirus.  “The Non-Covid Spending Blowout.”  [Most of the $1.9 Trillion House bill has little to do with the virus.  Here’s a breakdown.]   2-22-21
  682. Coronavirus.  “Two Tales of the Virus.”   2-22-21
  683. Coronavirus.  “WHO Said What About Wuhan?”  by Scott Gottlieb.   2-22-21
  684. Coronavirus.  “Connecticut’s Covid Vaccine Lesson.”  [Gov Lamont makes a smart decision to base eligibility on age.]   2-24-21
  685. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Stimulus Bill Is a $1.9 Trillion Clunker.”  By Mitt Romney.  [Senate Republicans are eager to get aid where it’s needed, reopen schools and encourage work.]  2-24-21
  686. Coronavirus.  “Prayer and Science Led Me to the Vaccine.”  By T.D. Jakes.  [Like others in the black community, I was hesitant.  Then I did my research.]   2-26-21
  687. Coronavirus.  “Biden and Allies Stoke Vaccine Fears.”  By Joel Zinberg.  [Seeking to undermine Trump, Democrats, media and scientists made false and alarming claims.]   2-26-21
  688. Coronavirus.  “The CIA Can Help Spot the Next Pandemic.”  [Intel agencies and public health officials need to work together against security risks like covid.]   3-1-21
  689. Coronavirus.  “Joe Biden’s Trump-Like Fabrication of Covid.”  By Gerard Baker.  [He is staking his legacy on the lie that the pandemic was out of control until the day of his inauguration.]  3-2-21
  690. Coronavirus.  “Operation Warp Speed’s Triumph.”  [Trump’s vaccine bet was government’s best pandemic decision.]  3-3-21
  691. Coronavirus.  “The Perpetual Covid Crisis.”  [The Lockdown lobby persists despite the vaccine rollout.]   3-5-21
  692. Coronavirus.  “Let Business Give the Jab in Latin America.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Prohibiting the sale of vaccines will prolong the pandemic and harm the poor.]  3-8-21
  693. Coronavirus.  “The Covid Welfare State.”  [The $1.9 trillion Democratic bill provides a guaranteed income unlinked to work.]   3-8-21
  694. Coronavirus.  “The Road to Reopening Won’t Be a Straight Line.”   By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.. [As more people get vaccinated, the Covid threat will change.  It won’t go away completely.]   3-8-21
  695. Coronavirus.  “Japan Can Lift the covid Cloud From the (Delayed) 2020 Olympics.”  By Jonathan Kolatch.  [Participants will be subject to strict controls – most of which vaccination has rendered unnecessary.]   3-9-21
  696. Coronavirus.  “Lab Theory a Dark Cloud on China.”  By Holman W. Jenkin, Jr.  [The WHO’s inability to divorce itself from Beijing’s propaganda doesn’t help.]   3-10-21
  697. Coronavirus.  “A Year of Living With Covid.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [In the next pandemic, public-health experts can’t be the only ones telling us what to do.  3-11-21
  698. Coronavirus.  “Covid Prescription:  Get the Vaccine, Wait a Month, Return to Normal.”  By Marty Makary.  [The CDC claims to be ‘following the science,’ but its advice suggests it’s still paralyzed by fear.   3-11-21
  699. Coronavirus.  “Lessons of the Long Covid Year.”   [Lockdowns made the pandemic suffering far worse than necessary.]  3-12-21
  700. Coronavirus.  “The Lockdowns Weren’t Worth It.”  By Philippe Lemoine.  [There’s a reason no government has done a cost-benefit analysis:  The policy would surely fail.]    3-12-21
  701. Coronavirus.  “How Israel Became the World Vaccine Leader.”  (The Weekend Interview with Nachman Ash by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [The country made a deal with Pfizer: enough shots for everyone in exchange for data on the results.]   3-13-21
  702. Coronavirus.  “Come Back to Florida for Spring Break.”  By Dave Seminara.  [It’s an opportunity for college students not only to have fun but to learn about freedom.]   3-15-21
  703. Coronavirus.  “How to Make Spring the Last Lost Semester.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Caitlin Rivers.  [With Covid precautions and eventual vaccines for children, classrooms can reopen in time for the fall.] 3-15-21
  704. Coronavirus.  “America Doesn’t Need More Stimulus.”  By Alexander William Salter.  [The spending package is the wrong tool to fix what’s still broken from Covid:  the supply side.]   3-15-21
  705. Coronavirus.  “The Pub the Pandemic Couldn’t Kill.”  By Matthew Hennessey.  [McKeon’s survived the lockdowns and restrictions.  Many of New York’s Irish bars weren’t so lucky.   3-16-21
  706. Coronavirus.  “Bigger Is Better When It Comes to Vaccine Production.”  By Eric Budish and Christopher Snyder.  [Churning out more doses may be expensive,  but speeding up inoculations would be worth trillions.]  3-18-21
  707. Coronavirus.  “Capitalism Is What Will Defeat Covid.”  (The Weekend Interview with Alex Gorsky by Allysia Finley.)  [The vaccine revolution didn’t happen on its own.  It’s a product of decades of planning and investment.]   3-20-21
  708. Coronavirus. “Europe’s Gang That Couldn’t Shot Straight.”  [A string of vaccine bungles threatens health and the global economy.]  3-20-21
  709. Coronavirus.  LTE.   “Were the Lockdowns Worth the Heavy  Costs?”   3-22-21
  710. Coronavirus.  “Where’s the Science Behind CDC’s 6-Foort Social-Distance Decree?”  by Scott Gottlieb.  [The new limit for schools is 3 feet.  But the public is in the dark about the basis of these recommendations.]   3-22-21
  711. Coronavirus.  “The Dubious Origins of Long Covid.”  By Jeremy Devine.  [Echoes of chronic fatigue in the    effort to blame the coronavirus for a host of questionable symptoms.]    3-23-21
  712. Coronavirus.  “After Covid, Services Are Where the Trade Action Is.”  By James Bacchus.  [The pandemic showcased the digital economy, where the U.S. has enormous comparative advantages.]   3-23-21
  713. Coronavirus.  “Herd Immunity Is Near, Despite Fauci’s Denial.”  By Marty Makary.  [His estimate that it’ll take a 70% to 85% vaccination rate ignores those who have already been infected.]   3-25-21
  714. Coronavirus.  “Pennsylvania Lawmakers Aim to Keep Tom Wolf at Bay.”  By Jennifer Stefano.  3-27-21
  715. Coronavirus.  “Europe’s Covid Bill is Coming Due.”  By Dominic Green.  [EU leaders made unforced errors with the lockdowns and vaccine debacles.  Their parties may pay.]   3-27-21
  716. Coronavirus.  “Watch Out for a Vaccine Patent Heist.”  [The left wants Biden to force drug companies to give away their IP.]   3-29-21
  717. Coronavirus.  “Covid Lessons From Bush’s Effort Against AIDS.”  [Pressured to break drug patents in 2004, he came up with a better plan, an example for Biden.]   3-29-21
  718. Coronavirus.  “Snowbirds Fly South for the Vaccine.”  By Craig Offman.  [Canada’s ineptitude prompts a migration of seniors to Florida.]  3-31-21
  719. Coronavirus.  “The Wuhan Whitewash.”  [A WHO report on Covid’s origin echoes Chinese propaganda.]  3-31-21
  720. Coronavirus.  “The Science Behind ‘Long Covid’ and the Desire to Wish It Away.”  By Yochai Re’em. [We’ve been burned before by attributing unexplained physical symptoms to psychological issues.   3-31-21
  721. Coronavirus.  “Corporate Covid ‘Windfall’ Are a Myth.”  By Donald L. Luskin.  [Some big companies rose to the occasion during the pandemic and did well.  But there were losers too.]   4-1-21
  722. Coronavirus.  “An Auschwitz Survivor Dies in a New York Nursing Home.”  By Faith Bottum.  [At 94, Felicia Friedman succumbed to Covid-19 and bureaucratic bungling.]   4-1-21
  723. Coronavirus.  “U.K. Vaccination Puts U.S. to Shame.”  By Marty Makary.  [American authorities rejected advice to delay the second dose.  Britain shows that approach’s wisdom.]   4-2-21
  724. Coronavirus.  “The Vaccine Jobs Boom Arrives.” [The best stimulus has turned out to be the shots in the arm.]   4-3-21
  725. Coronavirus.   “Dr. Fauci, Tear Off These Masks.”  By Nicole Saphler.  [If the epidemic continues on its current course, it will be safe to uncover your face by Memorial Day.]   4-3-21
  726. Coronavirus.  “Fourth Wave Targets the Young and Restless.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Evolution is not always the enemy.  It will help turn the virus into something we can live with.]   4-3-21
  727. Coronavirus.  “Covid Arsenal Needs Pills as Well as Shots.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan.  [A drug that could prevent severe symptoms could help those who can’t or won’t get vaccinated.]   4-5-21
  728. Coronavirus.  “Vaccine Passports Prolong Lockdowns.”  By Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya.  [What looks like an easing of restrictions is actually a coercive scheme.]   4-7-21
  729. Coronavirus.  “Stop Taking Shots at Those Who Fear Them.”  By Robert M. Kaplan.  [Americans who worry about needles and side effects need comfort, not insults.]   4-9-21
  730. Coronavirus.  “YouTube’s Assault on Covid Accountability.”   4-9-21
  731. Coronavirus.  “No Reopening Please, We’re British.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  4-9-21
  732. Coronavirus.  “Covid Provides a Rare Chance to Transform Public Education.”  By Bobby Jindal and Joe Ricketts.  [In post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana built a system that serves the needs of students, not adults.]  4-10-21
  733. Coronavirus.  “Free Exercise of Religion Court.”  [The justices slap down another California pandemic order.]  4-12-21
  734. Coronavirus.  “The Case For Vaccine ‘Passports.’”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [Digital proof would allow Americans to visit family in the hospital, not keep folks out of restaurants.]  4-12-21
  735. Coronavirus.  “The J&J Covid Vaccine Pause.”  [The issue is how best to address public anxiety over rare blood clots.]   4-14-21
  736. Coronavirus.  “Masks for Children, Muzzles for News.”  By Jay Bhattacharya.  [In the guise of combating ‘misinformation,’ YouTube again censors scientific debate over Covid-19.]   4-14-21
  737. Coronavirus.  “Cruise Ships in the DCD Dock.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The entire industry is shut down in the U.S., while Europe and Asia are sailing again.]   4-16-21
  738. Coronavirus.  “Drug Safety Is FDA’s Job, Not CDC’s.”  by Scott Gottlieb.  [Clear lines of authority would make it easier to resolve the Johnson & Johnson complications.]   4-19-21
  739. Coronavirus.  “An American Epidemic of ‘Covid Mania.’”  By Joseph A. Ladapo.  [The problem isn’t only the overreacton to the virus but the diminution of every other problem. 4-20-21
  740. Coronavirus.  “Covid Relief Makes Help Impossible to Find.”  By Jillian Day Melchior.  [Congress’s unemployment benefit makes it more remunerative not to work.  Employers are struggling.]   4-24-21
  741. Coronavirus.  “Sen. Coons vs. the Vaccine Thieves.”  [A Democrat rebuts the claims of those who want to steal U.S. IP.]   4-24-21
  742. Coronavirus.  “Time to End Outdoor Mask Edicts.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [The CDC is moving too slowly in updating its advice to comport with the scientific evidence.]  4-26-21
  743. Coronavirus.  “Take Off Your Mask and Go Outside.”  By Daniel Halperin and Monica Gandhi.  [The CDC’s guidance is too restrictive.  If it isn’t crowded, it’s safe to show your face.]   4-29-21
  744. Coronavirus.  “India’s Covid Crisis Could Reach You Too.”  By Sadanand Dhume.  [As the coronavirus rages inside its borders, new variants threaten to spread around the world.]   4-30-21
  745. Coronavirus.  “Want to Go Back to the Office?  Don’t Wait on CDC.”  By Scott Gottlieb and Caitlin Rivers.  [Businesses should band together and formulate flexible guidance suitable to their own industries.]   5-3-21
  746. Coronavirus.  “A Pandemic Of Experts.”  (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.)  “The Premonition:  A Pandemic Story.”  By Michael Lewis.  [A band of experts saw that Covid-19 was more dangerous than U.S. leaders acknowledged.  Would their advice have made a difference?]   5-4-21
  747. Coronavirus.  “Youth Pay a High Price for Covid Protection.”  By Charles I. Hooper and David R Henderson.  [Leaders’ greatest failure was not focusing on the elderly, who had lower costs and far greater benefits.]   5-4-21
  748. Coronavirus.  “The Centers for Politics and Unions.”  [Randi Weingarten gets the CDC to change its school opening guidance.]   5-5-21
  749. Coronavirus.  “Teachers Unons’ Covid Cop-Outs Are a Winning Issue for GOP.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Republicans should campaign hard in 2022 on Democratic obeisance to the AFT and NEA.]   5-5-21
  750. Coronavirus.  “American Health Depends on Exporting Covid Vaccines.”  By Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Joseph S. Nye.  [Supply exceeds demand at home, and viral variants could eventually defeat the inoculations.]   5-5-21
  751. Coronavirus.  “’Stakeholder Capitalism’ Caused the Oxford Vaccine Debacle.”  By Matthew Lesh. [University scientists insisted nobody profit; now AstraZeneca can’t meet its commitment.]  5-6-21
  752. Coronavirus.  [Another Judge Evicts the CDC.”  [Health Bureaucrats can’t lawfully ban evictions, but do politicians care?]  5-7-21
  753. Coronavirus.  “End Mask Mandates to Spur Vaccination.”  By Marc Siegel.   5-7-21
  754. Coronavirus.  “Patent Busting Won’t Help Vaccinate the World Faster.”  By Luciana Borio and Scott Gottlieb.  [The solution is to ease restrictions on exporting shot and build more production capacity.]   5-10-21
  755. Coronavirus.  “Randi Weingarten Sees the Light.”  [The teachers union chief finally says schools can open – next fall.]   5-15-21
  756. Coronavirus.  “Elizabeth Warren Tells the Truth.”  [She admits the vaccine patent waiver is about stealing all pharma I.P.]   5-17-21
  757. Coronavirus.  “Moderation on Masks Might Make More Get a Shot.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [Many unvaccinated Americans Aren’t ‘antivaxxers,’ but need incentive and information.]   5-17-21
  758. Coronavirus.  “U.S. Can Stop the Pandemic and Counter China.”  By Ben Sasse.  [Vaccine diplomacy would save lives, bolster national security, and help everyone but the Communist Party.]   5-18-21
  759. Coronavirus.  “Face Masks and the First Amendment.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and James Taranto.  [They’re become a form of political expression.  That makes mandates constitutionally suspect.]   5-19-21
  760. Coronavirus.  “Biden Gets a Real Vaccine Job.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Instead of coasting along on Operation Warp Speed, he needs to vaccinate the world for global security.]   5-22-21
  761. Coronavirus.  “Beat Tomorrow’s Pandemic Today.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [This is a good time to start building up capacity to fight the next novel pathogen.]   5-24-21
  762. Coronavirus.  “The Virus Lab Theory’s New Credibility.”  [The evidence catches up to Fauci and other Wuhan leak deniers.]   5-27-21
  763. Coronavirus.  “The Americans Who Can’t Get Vaccines.”  By Michael George DeSombre and Scott Brown.  [The U.S. has enough shots to go around.  But what if you live in another country?]  5-28-21
  764. Coronavirus.  “How to Save the Olympics.”  [It’s Tokyo’s decision, but Washington can do more to help.]   5-28-21
  765. Coronavirus.  “Wuhan Lab Theory Is a Media Warning.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The news business is headed for trouble if it won’t control its biases as other professions do.]  5-29-21
  766. Coronavirus.  “Joe Biden’s Covid ‘Science.’”  By Wm. McGurn.  [His desire to do the opposite of Trump on everything is one cause of his mistakes.]    6-1-21
  767. Coronavirus.  “Stopping Racial Bias in Covid Relief.”   [“The Biden Administration’s effort to distribute federal benefits by race is already running into legal trouble…”]   6-1-21
  768. Coronavirus.  “Vaccine Slowdown Isn’t Cause for Alarm.”  By Joel Zinberg.  [ The vulnerable elderly got the shots first.  Of course demand has been declining.]  6-2-21
  769. Coronavirus.  “Anthony Fauci and the Wuhan Lab.”  [Emails add to the mystery over U.S. funds for risky research.]   6-4-21
  770. Coronavirus.  “The World Needs Answers on Covid’s Origin.”  By David Asher.  [China wants the issue to go away.  The U.S. should use all of its tools to keep the pressure on Beijing.]   6-4-21
  771. Coronavirus. “Fauci Email Bolsters the Lab-Leak Theory.”  [A top scientist said the virus couldn’t have evolved naturally – then reversed his position weeks later.]   6-5-21
  772. Coronavirus.  “The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak.”  By Steven Quay and Richard Muller.  [The Covid-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural Coronavirus.]   6-7-21
  773. Coronavirus.  “America’s Covid Groupthink Functioned Like China’s Repression.]   by Gerard Baker.  [Marching in ideological lockstep is less forgivable in a society where one has a choice in the matter.]   6-8-21
  774. Coronavirus.  “The Power of Natural Immunity.”  By Marty Makary.  [Studies show it’s durable an widespread.  If you’ve had Covid, you can get by with one shot of vaccine.]    6-9-21
  775. Coronavirus.  “Two Cheers for Biden’s Vaccine Donation.”  [Turns out he doesn’t have to break patents to distribute shots.]   6-11-21
  776. Coronavirus.  “The Pandemic’s Toll on Teen Mental Health.”  By Monica Gandhi and Jeanne Noble.  [The CDC tried to spark a panic about Covid hospitalizations while ignoring the real crisis.]   6-11-21
  777. Coronavirus.  “A Scientist Who Said No to Covid Groupthink.”  (The Weekend Interview with Filippa Lentzos by Adam O’Neal.)  [Many experts aggressively denied a lab leak was possible and only now admit it.  It took courage to make the case a year ago.]   6-12-21
  778. Coronavirus.  “Understanding China’s Covid Propaganda.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Beijing wants questions unresolved so it can sell its people on the foreign-origin possibility.]   6-12-21
  779. Coronavirus.  “WHO’s on First – Again?”  [The G-7 statement on Covid’s origin is feckless multilateralism.]   6-14-21
  780. Coronavirus.  “Beijing Protests a Lab Leak Too Much.”  By Perry Link.  [Strong evidence the virus escaped: the Communist Party’s vicious attacks on anyone who speaks out.]   6-14-21
  781. Coronavirus.  “College Students Aren’t Guinea Pigs.”  By Aaron Kheriaty and Gerard V. Bradley.  [University Covid vaccine mandates are a violation of medical ethics.]  6-15-21
  782. Coronavirus.  “Covid Didn’t Start the Mental-Health Crisis.”  By Erica Komisar.  [The devaluing of parental care leaves society – and its children – unprepared to deal with stressful events.]  6-17-21
  783. Coronavirus.  “Why Shutdowns and Masks Suit the Elite.”  (The Weekend Interview with O. Carter Snead by Baron Swaim.)  [Covid restrictions seem less onerous from the standpoint of ‘’expressive individualism,’ which defines the self in terms of ‘its will and not its body.’]   6-19-21
  784. Coronavirus.  “Maskless Among the Lemmings.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Forty-nine out of 50 Trader Joe’s shoppers cover their faces, even when not required to.]   6-21-21
  785. Coronavirus.  “Dr. Fauci and the Mask Disaster.”  [What we really needed was intelligent advice on when and how transmission occurs.]  6-23-21
  786. Coronavirus.  “Are Covid Vaccines Riskier Than Advertised?”   by Joseph A. Ladapo and Harvey A Risch.  [There are concerning trends on blood clots and low platelets, not that the authorities will tell you.]  6-23-21
  787. Coronavirus.  “The CDC’s Eternal Emergency.”   6-25-21
  788. Coronavirus.  “India’s Covid Curve Could Raise the World’s.”  by Sadanand Dhume.  [As the country picks up speed in its race to herd immunity, stumbling may mean a dangerous variant.]  6-25-21
  789. Coronavirus.  “A Covid Commission Americans Can Trust.”   By Martin Rulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya.  [The country has lost faith in experts, but a thorough review free from conflicts of interest could help.]   6-28-21
  790. Coronavirus.  “Sophistry At Duke In Defense of Masks.”  By Tom Nicholson.  [A baseless conclusion about Covid in schools flows from an elementary error of logic.]   7-9-21
  791. Coronavirus.  “It’s 98 Degree Out.  Why Is My Child Wearing a Mask?”  by Ashely E. McGuire.  [She’s 9, and she came home looking ill after three hours of tennis.  This has no scientific justification.]   7-10-21
  792. Coronavirus.  “Vaccine Polarization Is Partisanship at Its Dumbest.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Last fall Kamala Harris said she wouldn’t trust a shot that was authorized before the election.]   7-13-21
  793. Coronavirus.  “Realism About Vaccine Hesitancy.”  By Holman W. Jenkins.  [Hyperbolic Fox anchors at least recognize the law of diminishing returns.  7-14-21
  794. Coronavirus.  “Stealing From Drug Makers Is No Way to Vaccinate the World.”  By Tomas J. Philipson and Joel Zinberg.  [Wealthy governments should pick up the tab for shots in poor countries, which benefit everyone.]   7-15-21Coronavirus.  “A Covid Vaccine Crossroads.”  [You can oppose state mandates but still favor mass vaccination.]  7-16-21
  795. Coronavirus.  “Reassuring Data on the Delta Variant.”  By Leslie Bienen and Monica Gandhi.  [There’s no sign of a surge in hospitalization or severe illness, and the vaccines remain extremely effective.]   7-16-21
  796. Coronavirus.  “Progressives Punish ‘Honorary Whites’ but Aren’t Helping Blacks.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The bizarre antiwhite racism of the president’s pandemic programs is just part of the show.]  7-17-21
  797. Coronavirus.  “We’ll Always Have Covid.”  [The Delta variant spooks markets, but the vaccines work even if the virus won’t go away.]   7-20-21
  798. Coronavirus.  “Facebook Is Biden’s Vaccine Scapegoat.”  [Democrats attack tech firms to deflect from Covid setbacks.  7-20-21
  799. Coronavirus. “The Flimsy Evidence Behind the CDC’s Push to Vaccinate Children.”  By Marty Makary.  [The agency overcounts Covid hospitalizations and deaths and won’t consider if one shot is sufficient.]   7-20-21
  800. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Canadian Covid Blockade.”  [The U.S. again delays reopening the border to our northern friends.]  7-23-21
  801. Coronavirus.  “Anthony Fauci, Rand Paul and Wuhan.”  [Americans who dismissed the lab-leak theory have a conflict of interest.]   7-26-21
  802. Coronavirus.  “Covid Mania Returns Australia to Its Roots as a Nation of Prisoners.” By James Morrow.  [Citizens in Sydney may leave their homes only for “essential” purposes and not go more than six miles.]   7-26-21
  803. Coronavirus.  “Who Wants to Mask Up for Delta?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A new variant invites a rethink of our bumpy road to Covid being a low-risk nuisance.]   7-28-21
  804. Coronavirus.  “To Mandate or Not to Mandate Vaccines.”  [The FDA should move faster on final approval to reassure the public.]   7-28-21
  805. Coronavirus.  “Covid Is the 21st Century’s Sputnik.”  By Michael Milken.  “The space race spawned Darpa.  The Pandemic proved we need an agency for health innovation.]   7-28-21
  806. Coronavirus.  “Why Not Use Unspent Covid Cash?”  7-28-21
  807. Coronavirus.  “Covid Will Increase Life Expectancy.”  By David Colander.  [Last week’s bad news reflects a failure to understand statistics.]  7-29-21
  808. Coronavirus.  “The Cost of the School Shutdowns.”  [A new McKinsey study documents the severe student learning loss.]   7-29-21
  809. Coronavirus.  “Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug?”   [Ivermectin is a promising Covid treatment and prophylaxis, but the agency is denigrating it.]   7-29-21
  810. Coronavirus.  “The CDC’s Delta Variant Panic.”  [The agency spreads needless worry about vaccinations.]   7-31-21
  811. Coronavirus.  “Maybe With Delta the CDC Will Learn to Count.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [In Britain, they know 92% of the public has antibodies;  here we panic in the dark.]  7-31-21
  812. Coronavirus.  “The Rental Evictions Fiasco.”  [Democrats want an emergency measure to last forever.]   8-2-21
  813. Coronavirus. “Masks Are a Covid Distraction.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The CDC should scrap its confusing guidance and make vaccination the only priority.]  8-3-21
  814. Coronavirus.  “Capitalist Solution to a Globalist Pandemic.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [International bodies have made Covid worse, while Big Pharma saved the day.”  8-3-21
  815. Coronavirus.  “The Coming Eviction Crisis.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [States, localities, the Biden administration and congress all deserve some blame.]  8-4-21
  816. Coronavirus.  “The Eviction Ban Has to End Sometime.”  [Tenants and landlords have to work it out, and better now than later.]   8-4-21
  817. Coronavirus.  “Your Vaccine Papers, Please.”   [New Yok’s mayor will punish you until you get the Covid-19 shot.]   8-4-21
  818. Coronavirus.  “A False Narrative About ‘Misinformation.”  By Robert M. Kaplan.  [The evidence suggests it has little effect on vaccine acceptance.]  8-4-21
  819. Coronavirus.  “If Biden Is Serious About Covid, He’ll Protect the Border.”  “The government releases migrants, untested, to live in tight spaces alongside scores of strangers.]   8-4-21
  820. Coronavirus.  “President Biden’s Lawless Eviction Ban.”  [Where‘s the uproar about the erosion of democratic norms.?]   8-5-21
  821. Coronavirus.  “Eradication of Covid Is a Dangerous and Expensive Fantasy.”  By Jay Bhattacharya and Donald J. Boudreaux.  [It seemed to work in New Zealand and Australia, but now ruinous, oppressive lockdowns are back.]   8-5-21
  822. Coronavirus.  “Could the Covid Vaccine (and Others) Prevent Alzheimer’s?”  by Allysia Finley.  [There’s growing evidence that inoculation confers significant protective benefits.]   8-6-21
  823. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Eviction Ban goes Back to Court.”  [The plaintiffs have fun quoting the White House against itself.]   8-7-21
  824. Coronavirus.  “Why I’m suing Over My Employer’s Vaccine Mandate.” By Todd Zywicki.  [I have natural immunity, so there’ no justification for a coercive violation of my bodily autonomy.]   8-7-21
  825. Coronavirus.  “Does the U.S. Want the Lab-Leak Truth?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, jr.  [It’s hard to see political upside from anything but intelligence agency shoulder-shrugging.]  8-7-21
  826. Coronavirus.  “The Case Against Masks for Children.”  By Marty Makary and H. Cody Meissner.  [It’s abusive to force kids who struggle with them to sacrifice for the sake of unvaccinated adults.]   8-9-21
  827. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s ‘Gamesmanship’ on Evictions.”   8-10-21
  828. Coronavirus.  “Government Failure Gave the World Covid.”  By Casey B. Mulligan and Tomas J. Philipson.  [And markets provided the remedy.  Economists don’t always appreciate how often that happens.]   8-10-21
  829. Coronavirus.  “Florida Calls a Truce in the Mask Wars.”  By Wm.. Mattox.  [An existing school-choice program lets parents decide what’s best for their kids.]   8-11-21
  830. Coronavirus.  “Covid and a Tale of Two Summer Festivals.”  By Bob Greene.  [In Wisconsin, burgers are back.  Butterflies will have to wait.]  8-13-21
  831. Coronavirus.  “Bring on the Covid Vaccine Boosters.”  [The mask wars are a political distraction.  More shots are needed.]  8-13-21
  832. Coronavirus.  “The Vulnerable Pay the Price for Covid Eviction Moratoriums.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [The government set out to help small businesses but left landlords at the mercy of abusive tenants.]   8-14-21
  833. Coronavirus.  “Covid Anxiety and Fear of the Base.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Americans need to be more tactful and understanding when it comes to measures like masks and vaccines.]   8-14-21
  834. Coronavirus.  “The World Needs to Know What Happened at the Wuhan Lab.”  By Rob’t Redfield and Marc Siegel.  [Was the coronavirus manipulated to infect humans?  If so, that will inform our response.]   8-16-21
  835. Coronavirus.  “Follow Your Nose to Herd Immunity.”  By Michael Segal.  [The biology behind ‘breakthrough’ cases and the confusing CDC mask guidance.]   8-17-21
  836. Coronavirus.  “Three Cheers for Vaccine Boosters.”  [Biden is right to ignore criticism from the WHO on a third mRNA shot.]  8-19-21
  837. Coronavirus.  “Unemployment Benefits Forever?”  [Treasury suggests how states can continue the incentives not to work.]  8-21-21
  838. Coronavirus.  “Delta’s Gift Is Hybrid Immunity.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [One senator at a time, a new variant is bracing up our vaccinated immune systems against new Covid.]  8-21-21
  839. Coronavirus.  “A Better Way to Encourage Vaccination.”  By Richard Manger.  [Lecturing and moral superiority aren’t working.  Healthcare workers should try humility and respect.]   8-23-21
  840. Coronavirus.  “Let the Spooks Speak on Covid.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The spy agencies can tell us a lot even if they can’t nail down the virus’s origins.]   8-25-21
  841. Coronavirus.  “Let Lawyers Hun for Covid’s Origin.”  By Mike Pompeo and David B. Rivkin Jr.  [The report from the intelligence community is equivocal, but spies don’t have subpoena power.]   8-27-21
  842. Coronavirus.  “Justice Kavanaugh Replies to Mr. Biden.”  [A 6-3 Supreme Court tosses the President’s lawless eviction ban.]   8-29-21
  843. Coronavirus.  “The Covid Origin Muddle.”  [The intel community’s firmest judgment is that China covered up.]   8-29-21
  844. Coronavirus.  “Masks Turn Democrats in Favor of School Choice.”  By Corey A. DeAngelis.  [A poll finds 82% favor private alternatives when public districts don’t mandate face coverings.]   9-1-21
  845. Coronavirus.  “The Covid Booster Debate.”  [The case is string for a third shot, never mind the political motives.]   9-4-21
  846. Coronavirus.  “Colleges Violate their Promises to Vaccinated Students.”  By Leslie Bienen.  [Students who got the shots to help others are ordered to wear masks outside and stay out of restaurants.]   9-4-21
  847. Coronavirus.  “Is Moderna the Tortoise in the Vaccine Race?”  by Marc Siegel.  [It seems to be more effective than Pfizer, perhaps because of the later second shot.]   9-7-21
  848. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Vaccine Command.”  [Thou shalt be inoculated or risk losing your job.]   9-11-21
  849. Coronavirus.  “With Biden’s Vaccine Plan, Politics Is Fully in Charge.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [Lumping 75 million unvaccinated Americans into one category is wedge partisanship, not science.]  9-11-21
  850. Coronavirus.  “Covid Confusion at the CDC.”  By Marty Makary.  [Decisions on boosters relied on data from Israel.  Why isn’t the U.S. producing this research?”  9-14-21
  851. Coronavirus.  “Let the Courts Speak on Covid.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr  [The Biden Vaccine mandates can bring out basic truths about the pandemic.]   9-15-21
  852. Coronavirus.  “Tested and Found Wanting.”  (Bookshelf by alex Tabarrok.)  “Uncontrolled Spread.”  By Scott Gottlieb.  [A former Food and Dru Administration commissioner surveys what went wrong with America’s response to the Covid pandemic.]   9-15-21
  853. Coronavirus.  “The Case for Boosters Is Strong.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Severe Covid infections that aren’t defeated quickly can lead to long-lasting complications.]   9-15-21
  854. Coronavirus.  “Vaccine Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread.”  By Joseph A. Ladapo.  [Coercion won’t work because those without symptoms can still pass on infection.]  9-17-21
  855. Coronavirus.  “How Renters Made Out in the Pandemic.”  [A new Biden report shows the eviction ban wasn’t needed.]   9-21-21
  856. Coronavirus.  “It Took Years to Reach Warp Speed.”  By Eric D. Hargan and Robert Kadlee.  [The effort that yielded Covid vaccines in record time was born in the wake of the 2001 anthrax attack.  ]  9-25-21
  857. Coronavirus.  “Rochell Walensky’s Finest Hour.”  [ The CDC chief made the right call on Covid booster shots.]   9-25-21
  858. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Lawless Vaccine Mandate.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Robert Alt.  [OSHA’s job is to promote safe workplaces, not to dictate medical decisions to employees.]   9-29-21
  859. Coronavirus.  “Judges Prevent a Covid Insurance Raid.”  By Randy Maniloff.  [Business-interruption policies clearly don’t cover losses from lockdown restrictions.]   9-30-21
  860. Coronavirus.  “Covid will Soon Be Endemic, Thank Goodness.”  By Monica Gandhi.  [Widespread immunity, vaccinated and natural, will bring control and a full return to normal.]   10-1-21
  861. Coronavirus.  “There May Soon Be a Covid Pill.”  [Big Pharma comes to the pandemic rescue one more time.]   10-2-21
  862. Coronavirus.  “Unlearned AIDS Lessons for Covid.”  By John Tierney.  [In the 1980s, Fauci and Redfield sowed fear about a heterosexual epidemic that never happened.]  10-4-21
  863. Coronavirus.  “Science Closes In on Covid’s Origins.”  By Richard Muller and Steven Quay.  [Four studies – including two from WHO – provide powerful evidence favoring the lab-leak theory.]   10-6-21
  864. Coronavirus.  “FDA Can Save Thousands of Lives today.”  By Marty Makary.  [‘Compassionate use’ of molnupiravir would dramatically reduce Covid-19’s toll.]   10-8-21
  865. Coronavirus.  “At Sea in the Age of Covid Anxiety.”  By Katrina Gullever.  [Cruise lines require masks and PCR tests, though al passengers are vaccinated.  It’s even worse on shore.]  10-11-21Coronavirus.  “Who Slowed Merck’s Covid Remedy?”  by Allysia Finley.  [A ‘whistleblower,’ not Trump officials, delayed funding for molnupiravir.]  10-11-21
  866. Coronavirus.  “Vaccine Mandate Madness.”  [Biden’s needless order is hurting workers and feeding polarization.]  10-13-21
  867. Coronavirus.  “Beijing Looks Set to Repeat Tokyo’s Olympic Mistakes..”  by Jonathan Kolatch  [A relaxed approach would be in China’s interest but goes against the grain for the Communist Party.]   10-14-21
  868. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Vaccine Double-Cross.”  [Officials thank Moderna for saving lives by making it a scapegoat.]   10-15-21
  869. Coronavirus.  “Where Are the Wuhan Subpoenas?  [US. funding for risky Chinese virus research deserves investigation.]   10-28-21
  870. Coronavirus.  “Covid-19 Boosters Aren’t for Everyone.”  By Michael Segal.  [If you’re healthy and young, a third shot gives no benefit, so it isn’t worth even the small risk.]   11-4-21
  871. Coronavirus.  “Vaccine Mandate Overkill.”  [OSHA’s 490-page rule is unnecessary and needlessly divisive.]   11-5-21
  872. Coronavirus.  “Forced Covid Vaccination For Kids Is Unlawful.”  By Jenin Younes.  [Statutes confer a clear right to refuse the shots before full FDA approval.]  11-10-21
  873. Coronavirus.  “Should You Vaccinate Your 5-Year-old.?”  By Nicole Saphier and Marty Makary.  [Be reassured that whatever you do, the risk is extremely low.]   11-9-21
  874. Coronavirus.  “An Illegal Vaccine Mandate.”  [An appellate court blocks OSHA in a withering rebuke.]  11-15-21
  875. Coronavirus.  [Ganging Up on Moderna.”  [The feds want to take underserved credit for a Covid Vaccine patent.]  11-17-21
  876. Coronavirus.  “America Slowly Learns o Live With Covid.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Shots are an achievement but not a miracle, and other realities with which we’re coming to terms.]   11-20-21
  877. Coronavirus.  “Left Betrays Working Class on Covid Mandates.”  By Ted Rall.  [Some unions are even siding with management against employees who resist vaccination.]   11-22-21
  878. Coronavirus.  “Yes, You Should Get a Covid Booster.”  By Marc Siegel.  [Vaccine effectiveness is waning.  A third shot restores it with few side effects.]   11-23-21
  879. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Covid Death Milestone.”  [More Americans have died of the virus in 20121 than in all of 2020.]   11-26-21
  880. Coronavirus.  “The Omicron Variant Panic.”  [Markets fall, but the biggest danger is more government lockdowns.]  11-27-21
  881. Coronavirus.  “Is This a ‘Normal’ Covid Winter?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Today’s surge would be worse if individuals and states hadn’t ignored Biden restrictions on boosters.]   11-27-21
  882. Constitution.  “The Letter And the Spirit.”  (Bookshelf by Raymond Kethledge.)  “The Original Meaning of the 14th Amendment.”   By Randy E. Barnett and Evan D. Bernick.  [Does the wording of the 14th Amendment lend itself to claims that judges must ‘find rights that are not specified in the Constitution?]  11-30-21
  883. Coronavirus.  “The Omicron Non-Emergency.”  [Vaccine mandates are hurting hospitals, as a judge blocks Biden’s.]  11-30-21
  884. Coronavirus.   “Where Did That IMF Covid Cash Go?”  by DJ Nordquist and Dan Katz.  [Iran got $5 billion, but the world’s poor countries aren’t benefitting from ‘special drawing rights.’]  11-30-21
  885. Coronavirus.  “Decoding the Omicron Panic.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Covid overkill is bad for everybody except the politicians.]  12-1-21
  886. Coronavirus.  “Omicron Reinfects Government.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Covid strategy needs a midcourse correction.  It got Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.]   12-2-21
  887. Coronavirus.  “A Vaccine Mandate Puts Patients at Risk.”  By Seema Verma.  [Washington’s threat to withhold Medicare and Medicaid funding is likely to do more harm than good.]  12-2-21
  888. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Covid Quagmire.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [He can’t keep his promise to ‘beat’ the virus.  Can he escape it before it’s too late?]   12-3-21
  889. Coronavirus.  “Covid-19 and the Right to Travel.”  By Eugene Kontorovich.  [Bans and quarantines are constitutionally suspect when applied against U.S. citizens.]  12-3-21
  890. Coronavirus.  “Madrid, the City That Wouldn’t Lock Down.”  By Adam O’Neal.  [Isabel Diaz Ayuso called for freedom, kept the regional economy going, and won big at the polls.]  12-3-21
  891. Coronavirus.  “The Vast Promise of mRNA Technology.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The covid vaccine platform offers real hope for treating many other diseases, including cancer.  How an immigrant from Hungary played a prominent scientific role.]  12-4-21
  892. Coronavirus.  “What Spreads Faster Than Covid?  Vaccination.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Our last pointless ideological fight may be over whether the vaccinated are spreaders.]   12-4-21
  893. Coronavirus.  “Omicron:  Keep Calm and Carry On.”  By Marc Siegel.  [‘Mutation’ sounds scary, but mutations can make a pathogen less dangerous.]  12-7-21
  894. “Coronavirus.  “Remote Learning Fails the Test.”  [New research finds student scores fell more sharply where virtual learning was prevalent.]  12-7-21
  895. Coronavirus.  “Biden Finds a Culprit for America’s Crime Wave:  Covid-19.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The White House calls the virus a ‘root cause’ in an effort to shift blame from perpetrators and policies.]  12-7-21
  896. Coronavirus.   “About All Those Pandemic Billionaires.”  [Thomas Piketty shows how government stoked wealth inequality.]   12-9-21
  897. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Wipeout.”  [The Administration ignored the law.  It is getting crushed in court.]  12-10-21
  898. Coronavirus.  “Omicron Meets Our Policy Mess.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Americans are having to adapt instinctively because they are led and informed badly.]   12-15-21
  899. Coronavirus.  “How Covid Changed the American Workforce.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [Companies are racing to automate, as older workers and parents work less or quit.]  12-15-21
  900. Coronavirus.  “Educators Inspired Amid Covid.”  [The $1 million STOP Award goes to a museum that became a school.]   12-15-21
  901. Coronavirus.  “Pfizer’s Latest Covid Breakthrough.”  [The company’s antiviral pill is the best therapeutic news so far.]  12-15-21
  902. Coronavirus.  “Back to the Office in 2022.”  By Andy Kessler.  [We crave contact with co-workers, but we’ve lost our tolerance for life’s inconveniences.]   12-20-21
  903. Coronavirus.  “The Fickle ‘Science’ of Lockdowns.”  By Phillip W. Magness and Peter C. Earle.  [Experts foresaw before Covid that the strategy would fail.  The authorities embraced it anyway.]  12-20-21
  904. Coronavirus.  “The Supreme Court’s Covid Vaccine Test.”  [Justices have to decide if they want to let OSHA rewrite the law.]   12-21-21
  905. Coronavirus.  “NFL vs. Covid Magical Thinking.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Football is showing society how to live with the reality of asymptomatic spread.]  11-22-21
  906. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Omicron Reality Check.”  [The President hits a calmer note and rejects lockdowns.]  12-22-21
  907. Coronavirus.  “How Fauci and Collins Shut Down Debate.”  [They worked with the media to trash the Great Barrington Declaration.]  12-22-21
  908. Coronavirus.  “The Dangerous Push to Give Boosters to Teens.”  By Marty Makary.  [FDA and CDC experts said the plan was ill-advised, so the agencies cut them out of the decision process.]  12-22-21
  909. Coronavirus.  “Big Parma Success, Government Failure.”  [The U.S. ordered too few courses of the new and promising Covid pills.]  12-24-21
  910. Coronavirus.  “Florida’s Plague Is the Media’s Cold.”  By Karl Markowicz.  12-24-21
  911. Coronavirus.  “Biden on Covid:  ‘No Federal Solution.’”  [If this is what he thinks, then rescind OSHA’s vaccine mandate.]   12-28-21
  912. Coronavirus.  “Coercion Made the Pandemic Worse.”  By David R. Henderson and Charles L. Hooper.  [Freedom is the central component of the best problem-solving system ever devised.]  12-28-21
  913. Coronavirus.  “South Africa Sets a Covid Example.”  By Marc Siegal.  [The now-lifted U.S. travel ban sent an unfortunate message.]   12-29-21
  914. Coronavirus.  “The Great Pandemic Migration.”  [Census data reveal huge shifts out of the most locked-down states.]  12-29-21
  915. Coronavirus.  “Is Fluvoximine the Covid Drug We’re Been Waiting For?”  By Allysia Finley.  [A 10-day treatment costs only $4 and appears to greatly reduce symptoms, hospitalization and death.]   12-29-21
  916. Coronavirus.  “The CDC Sees a Great Light.”  [The shorter isolation period balances public health and the economy.]  12-30-21
  917. Coronavirus.  “The T-Cell Covid Cavalry.”  [Two studies suggest this line of defense reduces Omicron’s severity.]  12-31-21
  918. Coronavirus.  “Gov. Hochul Will tell You If You’re ‘Essential.’”  By Eugene Konorovich.  [If it’s safe enough for a bartender to return to work after fived days, it’s safe enough for anybody.]  12-31-21
  919. Coronavirus. “Pandemic Isolation Sows a Gardening Boom.”  By George Ball.  [Cut off from society, Americans found a green new world in the backyard.]   1-4-22
  920. Coronavirus.  “Covid Should Revive School Vouchers as a Liberal Cause.”  By Mark Brilliant and Steven Davidoff  Solomon.  [A 1970 proposal would base grants on income, equalizing opportunity for the rich and poor.]  1-4-22
  921. Coronavirus.  “I Got Covid on a Cruise.  I’d Take Another.”  By Dave Seminars.  [It’s a delightful way to travel, and you can still get sick at home.]  1-5-22
  922. Coronavirus.  “Supreme Stakes on Vaccine Mandates.”  [The Court’s ruling will echo far beyond the current pandemic.]   1-7-22
  923. Coronavirus.  “Remote Instruction Is Bad for Mom and Dad.”  By Corey A. DeAngelis and Christos A. Makridis.  [When schools forced kids to stay home, parents reported an uptick in mental-health issues.]   1-7-22
  924. Coronavirus.  “The Endless Loop of Covid-19.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The current moment is much like 20 months ago.  It is no governmental triumph that this is so.]  1-8-22
  925. Coronavirus.  “New York’s Race-Based Preferential Covid Treatments.”  By John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira.  [New guidelines say whites may not be eligible for antibodies and antivirals, while nonwhites are.]  1-8-22
  926. Coronavirus.  “Omicron Makes Biden’s Mandates Obsolete.”  By Lue Montagnier and Jed Rubenfeld.  [There is no evidence so far that vaccines are reducing infections from the fast-spreading variant.]  1-10-22
  927. Coronavirus.  “Slow the Spread?  Speeding It May Be Safer.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy and Apoorva Ramaswamy.  [Tamping down an Omicron may increase the risk of an ‘antigenic shift’ to a far deadlier supervariant.]   1-11-22
  928. Coronavirus.  “A Deceptive Covid Study Unmasked.”  By Jay Bhattacharya and Tom Nicholson.  [Duke researchers look at transmission in schools and end up reinforcing their prior assumptions.]  1-12-22
  929. Coronavirus.  “Omicron Has Killed Certitude.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [People no longer care what government or ‘science’ tells them about Covid-19.]   1-13-22
  930. Coronavirus.  “Conservatives for Abusive Lawsuits.”  By Sherman Joyce.  [Lawmakers shouldn’t make it easier for employees to sue over vaccine mandates.]  1-13-22
  931. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Operation Snail Speed.”  [Less than 1% of $1.9 trillion in Covid relief cash went for therapies.]  1-13-22
  932. Coronavirus.  “A Split Decision on Vaccine Mandates.”  [At least the Court struck down OSHA’s overreach on private employers.]   1-14-22
  933. Coronavirus.  “Political Scandals Are the Exit From Covid Coercion.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Quietly ending lockdowns as voters get to scream at a scapegoat is far easier than saying they were a waste.]  1-14-22
  934. Coronavirus.  “Universities Breach Their Contracts.”  By Max Schanzenbach and Nadav Shoked.  [Students have legal recourse against unreasonable Covid restrictions.]   1-14-22
  935. Coronavirus.  “Florida Is Living With Covid – and Freedom.”  (The Weekend Interview with Joseph A Ladapo.)  [The State’s surgeon general on his advice against tests for the asymptomatic, his opposition to vaccination mandates, and life in Los Angeles under lockdown.]  1-15-22
  936. Coronavirus.  “Herd Immunity Is Over – Long Live Superimmunity.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The Omicron wave will leave most people with potent and durable protection against Covid.]   1-18-22
  937. Coronavirus.  “An Economic Evaluation of Covid Lockdowns.”  By Tomas J. Philipson.  [The costs of prevention efforts have outweighed those from the direct effects of the virus itself.]  1-20-22
  938. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Pointless Vaccine Mandate.”  1-22-22
  939. Coronavirus. “Exercise Is Good for You, Even if You Have a Mild Case of Covid.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The seven- to 10-day rest recommendation appears to be as arbitrary as the 6-foot social distancing one.]  1-24-22
  940. Coronavirus.  “Treasury Bullies Arizona on Masks.”  [The Grand Canyon State is fighting back against funding blackmail.]  1-25-22
  941. Coronavirus.  “Omicron Is Spreading.  Resistance Is Futile.”  By Daniel Halperin. [The good news is that the variant’s mildness makes preventing infection much less of a priority.]  1-25-22
  942. Coronavirus.  “The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity.”  By Marty Makary.  [Vaccines were wasted on those who didn’t need them, and people who posed no risk lost jobs.]    1-27-22
  943. Coronavirus.  “Another Covid Relief Bill?”   2-1-22
  944. Coronavirus.  “Operation Warp Speed Slowly Gets Its Due.”  By Alysia Finley.  [The programs premature abandonment left the country unprepared for the Delta and Omicron waves.]  2-1-22
  945. Coronavirus.  “Covid Overreach Brings America Toward a Libertarian Moment.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Trillion-dollar spending, onerous regulations and even censorship haven’t ended the pandemic.]   2-1-22
  946. Coronavirus.  “Spotify and Rogan, the Real Adults.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The company meets the aging rockers halfway, but it’s not good enough for them.”   2-2-22
  947. Coronavirus.  “Covid and the ‘Hygiene Hypothesis.’”  By Eran Bendavid. [Measures like masking and social distancing may be doing long-term damage to our immune systems.]  2-2-22
  948. Coronavirus.  “End the Covid Panic Now.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Biden should declare the pandemic is over, so Americans can return to normal lives.]  2-3-22
  949. Coronavirus.  “Revolt of the Canadian Truckers.  “By Michael Taube.  [A convoy protesting Covid restrictions has galvanized the country and drawn millions in donations.]  2-3-22
  950. Coronavirus.  “The High Cost of ‘Free’ Covid Testing.”  By Cameron Kaplan.  [Insurance has to pay for it with no limits.  What could go wrong?]  2-4-22
  951. Coronavirus.  “Covid Patients Suffer as Bureaucrats Try to Practice Medicine.”  By Joel Zinberg.  [As Omicron spread, HHS took control of monoclonal antibodies and imposed had decisions nationwide.]   2-8-22
  952. Coronavirus. “Canada’s Trucker Protest.”  [Their message is that it’s time for the pandemic emergency orders to end.]  2-9-22
  953. Coronavirus.  “Time to End the Covid Emergency.”  By Harvey Risch.  [Between Omicron’s rise, layered immunity, and therapies, it’s safe to treat the virus like the flu.]  2-10-22
  954. Coronavirus.  “The New Ked on the Covid-Vaccine Block.”  By Marc Siegel.  [Novavax, up for FDA authorization, will be a good booster option.]   2-15-22
  955. Coronavirus.  “In the Anglosphere, Freedom Isn’t Quite Dead.”  By Marion Smith.  [The acceptance of Covid restrictions was difficult to watch.  But even Canadians are fighting back now.]   2-17-22
  956. Coronavirus.  “Catholic Schools’ Good Covid Year.”  [Staying open during the pandemic paid off in growing enrollment.]   2-18-22
  957. Coronavirus.  “The School Shutdowns and Lost Literacy.”   2-25-22
  958. Coronavirus.  “The Perpetual Covid ‘Emergency.’”  By Allysia Finley.  [Too many governors won’t give up their new power despite the ebbing health threat.]   3-1-22
  959. Coronavirus.  “Biden’s Half-Baked Covid Treatment Plan.”  By Henry I. Miller.  [‘Test to Treat’ ignores the significant risk of drug interactions.]   3-4-22
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  961. Coronavirus.  “I Covered My Face, and I’m Ashamed.”  By Rebecca Sugar.  [Compliance is the reason we still have mask mandates.]   3-15-22
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White House projects 100K to 240K US deaths from virus


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