Culture War

  1. Culture Wars.  “Geneva Conventions for the Culture War. “ by Orrin G. Hatch.  [Americans need to fight over social issues, but we should find a way to do so with respect and civility.]  7-28-18
  2. Culture Wars.  “There’s Too Much Virtue in Politics.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Our self-image is now so bound up in ideology that any disagreement feels like a personal attack.]  8-1-18
  3. Culture Wars.  “This Political Fight Will Go Many More Rounds.”  By Bobby Jindal.  [Even if Trump retired quietly to Mar-a-Lago, a return to civility would be highly unlikely.]  8-2-18
  4. Culture War.  “Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing.”  [A vicious mob targeted the ICE office and even a food cart.  The police followed orders to do nothing.]  8-4-18
  5. Culture War.  LTE.  “Portland’s Anarchy Deserves Federal Response.”  8-11-18
  6. Culture War.  “Shall We Have Civil war or Second Thoughts?”  by Lance Morrow.  [Some of my relatives joined the Kl Klux Klan in the 1920s.  But they soon thought better of it.]  8-18-18
  7. Culture Wars.  “The ‘Crisis of Democracy’ Is Overhyped.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Ask the professional hand-wringers:  Would you rather be in Iran? Venezuela?  China?]  8-28-18
  8. Culture Wars.  “The Trump War Is A Boomer Battle.”  By Lance Morrow.  [The president’s supporters and detractors alike use politics to re-enact old narratives of rebellion.]  8-28-18
  9. Culture War.  “A Visit to Islamic England.”  By Andy Ngo.  [Muslims headed to Friday prayer while non-Muslims went the other way.  No one made eye contact.]  (“…other tourists might remember London for…  I’ll remember it for its failed multiculturalism.  Or, perhaps, this is what successful multiculturalism looks like.”) 8-30-18
  10. Culture War.  “John McCain and the Dying Art of Political Compromise.”  By James A. Baker III.  [He had strong views, but his willingness to reach across the aisle has become all too rare.]  8-30-18
  11. Culture Wars.  “Ten things They Didn’t Tell You at Freshman Orientation.”  By David Gelernter.  [Learn how to be a good American, challenge your teachers, study a language, and tackle hard subjects.]  9-4-18
  12. Culture War.  “Playing the Civility Card.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The upending of basic decency and norms began long before Donald Trump.]  9-11-18
  13. Culture War.  “Serena Williams’s Time Out.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Unsportsmanlike conduct has become routine in sports, life and in our politics.]  9-13-18
  14. Culture War.  “America Has Too Much Law.”  By F.H. Buckley.  [Democracy can also die in brightly lit courtrooms.]  10-10-18
  15. Culture War.  LTE.  “Let’s Learn from the Kavanaugh Imbroglio.”  10-10-18
  16. Culture War.  “’You Cannot Be Civil’.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agree on the current state of the Democratic Party.]  10-11-18
  17. Culture War.  “A Leftist Mob ‘Polices” Portland.”  By Andy Ngo.  [The real cops hold back for fear of changing ‘the demeanor of the crowd for the worse.’]  10-12-18
  18. Culture War.  “The Scourge of ‘Diversity.”  (The Weekend Interview with Heather MacDonald by Jillian Kay Melchior) [A onetime liberal now believes identity politics threatens higher education and civilization itself.]  10-13-18
  19. Culture War.  “Voices of Reason – and Unreason.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Susan Collins put on a clinic in thoroughness and justice.  Democrats need to stand up to the screamers.]  10-13-18
  20. Culture War.  “Is ‘First, Kill All the Lawyers’ the Democrats’ New Credo?”  by George Melloan.  [Their cries that the Supreme Court has been ‘corrupted’ evoke the rhetoric of totalitarians.]  10-13-18
  21. Culture War.  “A Universally Bad Idea.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Silicon Valley titans push the Marxist-Leninist nonsense of a guaranteed income.]  10-22-18
  22. Culture War.  “After the Mail Bombs.”  10-27-18
  23. Culture War.  “Defuse America’s Explosive Politics.” by Peggy Noonan.  [Politicians in both parties need to clean up their own side of the street.]  10-27-18
  24. Culture War.  “The Roots of Political Polarization.”  By Bobby Jindal.  [Our politics seem to be degenerating because we no longer understand each other’s priorities.]  11-2-18
  25. Culture War.  “Trump Is Right About Nationalism.”  By Marco Rubio  [It’s not just about interests or even values.  Americans cherish our country’s shared history and character.]  11-14-18
  26. Culture War.  “Trump’s Chaos Theory.” By Lance Morrow.  [His combative style may force a truce between the country’s ‘two nations.’  But not any time soon.]  11-16-18
  27. Culture War.  “Monopoly for Millennials.”  [The new board game for hipster socialists living off capitalist parents.]  11-24-18
  28. Culture War.  “Stopping the Socialist Resurgence.” By Karl Rove.  [Republicans need to fight the wild ideas of the Democratic Party’s left wing.] 11-29-18
  29. Culture Clash.  ‘America Is Addicted to Outrage.  Is There a Cure?]  by Lance Morrow.  [ A healthy society reserves anger for special occasions.  Today taking offense has become a reflex.]  12-1-18
  30. Culture Clash.  “A Show of Class.”  [The Bush funeral was a moment of shared respect America needed.]  12-6-18
  31. Culture War.  “The National Gallery of Identity Politics.”  By Roger Kimball.  [Forget Monet or Hopper.  The art museum’s new director wants to tackle ‘gender equality,’ ‘social justice’ and ‘diversity.’]  12-19-18
  32. Culture War.  “The False Stereotype of Two Americas.”  By Elizabeth Currid- Halkett.  [Statistically speaking, big cities and rural places have a lot more in common than we commonly believe.]  12-27-18
  33. Culture War.  LTE.  “’Divided America’ Myth Strokes Elite Egos.”  1-2-19
  34. Culture Wars.  “Baby, There’s a Chilling Effect Outside.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Political Correctness could destroy the arts an entertainment.  Only the left can defeat it.]  1-5-19
  35. Culture War.  “Gridlock Is the New Normal.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [We can now stop anything we don’t want, but can’t enable anything we need.]  1-17-19
  36. Culture.  “Where’s the Mercy in ‘Social Justice?’”  by James Panero.  [The arbitrariness and voyeurism reveal the spirit of vengeance that animates these rituals of accusation.]  1-24-19
  37. Culture War.  Liberals.  “America Is Torn Between Trump’s Fibs and Progressives’ Fantasies.”  By Lance Morrow.  [The president is a master of little lies, but the left rejects the big truths that sustain politics and culture.]  2-16-19
  38. Culture War.  “Jussie Smollett and the Hazards of Moral Sentimentality.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Narratives about ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia,’ stoked by news and social media, stir self-affirming rage.]  3-2-19
  39. Culture Wars.  “Why Washington Is the Problem.”  (Bookshelf by Edward Glaeser)  “The Third Pillar.”  By Raghuram Rajan.  [National politics has become hogtied by culture wars.  A high priest of economics has a modest proposal:  Strengthen local communities.]  3-7-19
  40. Culture Clash.  “Let’s Agree to Disagree.”  (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.)  “Love Your Enemies.”  By Arthur C. Brooks.  [Anger isn’t ruining our politics.  Contempt – that dismissive attitude we hold against those who don’t share our views – is the bigger danger.]  3-12-19
  41. Culture War.  “The Two Americas Have Grown Much Fiercer.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The U.S. was divided 46 years ago.  But no one saw it as a fight to the death.]  3-30-19
  42. Culture War.  ‘The Right and the Moral High Ground.”  By Shelby Steele.  [Today minorities suffer from underdevelopment, not racism.  And here, at last, is conservatism’s great opportunity.]  4-1-19
  43. Culture War.  “Google’s Advisory Board Crash and Burn.”  [A lesson in tolerance from the moralists in Mountain View.]  4-6-19
  44. Culture War.  “The Cultural Revolution comes to North America.”  By Anastasia Lin.  [‘Call-out’ mobs aim not to persuade or debate, but to humiliate the target and intimidate others.]  4-8-19
  45. Culture.  “The Church of Resentment.”  [Some people hate the rich more than they love Paris’s cathedral.]  4-19-19
  46. Culture.  “Even George Washington May B Erased From Our Past.”  By Fergus M. Bordwich.  [A mural in San Francisco, which dates from 1936, is assailed because it ‘traumatizes students.’]  4-27-19
  47. Culture War.  “The Missing Order in American Politics.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [I grow wistful as I watch the congressional chaos while reading Kissinger’s forthcoming oral history.]  5-11-19
  48. Culture War.  “Reclaiming History From Howard Zinn.”  (The Weekend Interview with Wilfred McClay by Naomi Schaefer Riley.)  [The left’s portrait of America’s past has triumphed thanks to the abdication of serious historians.  This historian offers an antidote.]  5-18-19
  49. Culture War.  “America’s Millennial Baby Bust.”  [Profound cultural shifts can’t be overcome by pro-natalist subsidies.]  5-29-19
  50. Culture Wars.  “Disney’s Culture War.”  [Bob Iger doesn’t help his company with boycott threats.]  5-31-19
  51. Culture War.  “Must Freedom Destroy Itself?”  (The Weekend Interview with Patrick J. Deneen by William McGurn.)  [A Notre Dame professor attributes America’s current discontent to the liberalism of the Founders.  He sells their virtue short.]  6-8-19
  52. Culture War.  “You Have the Right to Bare Arms, but Why Ink them?”  by Lane Morrow.  [I shaved my youthful beard and threw away my ugly tie.  What would I have done with a tattoo?] 6-8-19
  53. Culture War.  “The Turnabout on Religious Freedom.”  (The Weekend Interview with David Skeel” by Barton Swaim.)  [Liberals used to favor broad claims of liberty.  The Obama=era culture wars helped change that.  6-22-19
  54. Culture War. “America Needs to Rediscover Tact.” By Peggy Noonan. [In our politics, minimizing fellow citizens’ pain has given way to rubbing opponents’ noses in defeat.] 7-20-19
  55. Culture Wars. “American Decline? We’ve Been Here Before.” By James Dobbins. [The U.S. was in rough shape in the late ‘60s. Prudent statecraft brought it back.] 8-6-19
  56. Culture War. “Defying the Boomer Bashers.” (Bookshelf by Daniel Akst.) “Stop Mugging Grandma.” By Jennie Bristow. [Attacks on baby boomers by the younger generation imply that some earlier cohort did things better. History suggests otherwise.] 8-13-19
  57. Culture War. “The Secular Busybodies Lose Again.” [Regarding the Lehigh County, Pa., seal] 8-19-19
  58. Culture War. “Trump Isn’t the One Dividing Us by Race.” By heather Mac Donald. [He hardly mentions it, while his adversaries are obsessed with ‘whiteness’ and ‘white privilege.’] 8-19-19
  59. Culture War. “The Airbnb Hotel Next Door.” By Masada Siegel. [Short-term rentals, a boon for travelers and landlords, make life hard for homeowners.] 9-3-19
  60. Culture War. “Can a State Rewrite a Movie Script?” by Jeremy Tedesco. [Minnesota tried to compel Christian filmmakers to celebrate gay marriage.] 9-3-19
  61. Culture War. “The Google Syndrome.” By Daniel Henninger. [The company should become a generic term for today’s acute political mania.] 9-5-19
  62. Culture War. “Beijing, Brexit and Pushing It Too Far.” By Peggy Noonan. [Everyone making decisions grew up in the past 60 years and thinks wealth and stability are normal.] 9-7-19
  63. Culture Wars. “The Goal Was Good Habits.” (Bookshelf by Leslie Lenkowsky.) “Who Killed civil Society?” by Howard A. Husock. [People need what the government doesn’t provide: help in developing the personal traits that will reduce dependency and foster success.] 9-10-19
  64. Culture War. “Electricity Doesn’t Light Up the Soul.” By Richard Fernandez. [Secular humanism was full of promise. Now it’s having an existential crisis.] 10-2-19
  65. Culture War. “Norm Violations Are Now the Norm.” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [President Trump impeaches himself second, Washington’s extant political culture first.] 10-5-19
  66. Culture War. “What I Saw at Drag Queen Story Hour.” By Charlotte Allen. [Children stared, squirmed or toddled off, but their parents were enthralled with Venus Valhalla.] 10-10-19
  67. Culture War. “Millennials Are Coming to America’s Small Towns.” By Liz Turner. [We moved beyond the suburbs so that we can breathe free, park without worry and enjoy a parade.] 10-12-19
  68. Culture War. “Social-Justice Warriors Won’t Listen, but You Should.” By Peter Boghossin and James Lindsay. [To counter extreme views, it’s necessary for you to understand them – and that they’re sincerely held.] 10-12-19
  69. Culture War. “Bonfire of the Philanthropists.” [BlackRock’s liberal CEO faces political furies he hoped to keep at bay.] 10-25-19
  70. Culture War. “America’s Inner-City Cartels.” By Robert L. Woodson. [As activists smear and hinder police, will the nation surrender to the forces of lawlessness?] 11-19-19
  71. Culture War. “An Autocracy Of Feelings Overwhelms America.” By Lance Morrow. [A democracy needs as much thought as it an get. Ours isn’t getting much.] 11-22-19
  72. Culture War. Does America Still Have A common Creed?” (The Weekend Interview with David M. Kennedy by Jason Willick.) [The U.S. has an unmatched capacity for absorbing newcomers. Yet a historian worries the country no longer agrees on a shared identity or purpose.] 11-30-19
  73. Culture War. “The 2010s Have Been Amazing.” By Johan Norberg. [Health, wealth and the environment are all better than ever.] 12-17-19
  74. Culture War. “The ‘1619 Project’ Gets Schooled.” By Elliot Kaufman. [The New York Times tries to rewrite U.S. history, but its falsehoods are exposed by surprising sources.] 12-14-19
  75. Culture Clash. “The Vaping-Marijuana Nexus.” [Another unintended consequence of celebrating pot use.] 12-26-19
  76. Culture War. “How Legal Weed Shops Feed the Vaping Crisis.” By Kevin Sabet. 1-21-20
  77. Culture Clash. “Let the Games Begin – and Politics Pause.” By Stanley Fish. [Athletes can express their views everywhere except on the field and rostrum.] 1-25-20
  78. Culture War. “No Foothold On a Future.” (Bookshelf by Naomi Schaefer Riley.) “Abandoned” by Anne Kim. “’Opportunity deserts’ appear in both urban and rural areas – places where young people can’t find a good education or earn a decent living.] 2-11-20
  79. Culture War. “Thank God, American Churches Are Dying. “ by Ericka Andersen. [As thousands close across the U.S., lively new congregations are taking their place.] 2-21-20
  80. Culture War. “America’s House Divided Cannot Stand.” By Charles Lipson. [Voters tend to see their political opponents as enemies, which is dangerous for democracy.] 2-24-20
  81. Culture War. “No Asylum for Sanctuary States.”   [The Second Circuit says the feds can withhold funds for defying the law.] 2-27-20
  82. Culture War. “This is No Time to Go Wobbly on Capitalism.” By Nikki Haley. [As Democrats embrace outright socialism, some CEOs and Republicans call for unwise compromises.] 2-27-20
  83. Culture Shock. “Thins Could Be Worse.” (Bookshelf by Daniel Shuchman.) “Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage.” By Dan Crenshaw. [We ae teaching the young to be easily offended and perpetually outraged. A former SEAL sees a different path.] 4-9-20
  84. Culture War.  “Cancel Culture Journalism.”  [Two liberal editors fall for violations against progressive orthodoxy.]    6-9-20
  85. Culture War.  “Anti-Semitism and the Intellectuals.”  By Cynthia Ozick.  [The book burners were inspired by the bookish.  Who else would know which books to burn?]  6-15-20
  86. Culture War.  “The Coming Urban Exodus.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Progressive failure is making daily life too chaotic and stressful in many U.S. cities.] (“…In just three months it has become clear that modern urban progressivism is politically incompetent and intellectually incoherent…”)  6-18-20
  87. Culture War.  “A Wheelbarrow Full of Outrage.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  t[he devaluation of moral currency has reached the hyperinflation stage.  No one can buy social peace.]   6-19-20
  88. Culture War.  “Bob Dylan, a Genius Among Us.”  by Peggy Noonan.  [Amid America’s cultural upheaval, some things remain constant.]  6-20-20
  89. Culture War.  “A War of Meaningless Words.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Terms like ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘defund the police’ often mask shifting purposes.]   6-22-20
  90. Culture War.  “America Doesn’t Need a New Revolution.”  By Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  [Can the country confront its current problems with its traditional con-do spirit?  We have barely four months to figure out how.]  6-27-20
  91. Culture War.  “You Say You Want a Revolution?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [The benchmark for revolt remains the Declaration signed on July 4, 1776.]  7-2-20
  92. Culture War.  “A Mob’s Monumental Failure to Understand.”  By Melik Kaylan.  [To topple statues is to reject the good along with the bad.]   7-7-20
  93. Culture War.  “defend America’s History – and Retake Its Institutions.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The country hasn’t passed from great to evil in 20 years.  But elites have failed and betrayed us.]   7-7-20
  94. Culture War.  “Princeton Sets a Bad Example.”  By Haher Iskander.  [I personally benefitted from his ideals.  It’s reductive to judge him solely as a racist.]  7-8-20
  95. Culture War.  “We Might Get Fooled Again.”  By Mike Gonzalez.  [The policy mistakes of the 1960s and ‘70s laid the foundation for the identity politics of today.]   7-10-20
  96. Culture War.  “Native American Sovereignty Is No Liberal Triumph.”  By M. Todd Henderson.  [The tribes that will benefit from last week’s Supreme Court ruling are anything but progressive.]   7-13-20
  97. Culture War.  “Foie Gras Farms Duck Destruction.”  By Megan Keller.   7-18-20
  98. Culture War.  “Higher Ed and the Fragmentation of America.”  By Orrin Hatch.  [With everyone’s liberty threatened by cancel culture, it’s time to restore freedom to academia.]   7-28-20
  99. Culture War.  “The Captive Mind and America’s Resegregation.”  By Andrew A. Michta.  [Idol smashing and cancel culture are part of a broad ideological project to dominate society.]   8-1-20
  100. Culture War.  “An Actual Playing Field Shouldn’t Be a Political One.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Too many athletes today are trying to sore the wrong kind of points.]   8-1-20
  101. Culture War.  “The Physics of a Political Crack-Up.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Democracy, like a suspension bridge, needs weight to give it stability.  We’ve lost it.]   8-3-20
  102. Culture War.  “Dawn of the Woke.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Joe McCarthy was a B-movie monster.  Today’s cancel culture is more like a zombie apocalypse.]   8-3-20
  103. Culture War.  “The Elites Fiddle While America Burns.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The Great 2020 Meltdown has exposed the rottenness of our political and corporate establishments.]   8-4-20
  104. Culture War.  “When Your Favorite Companies Go Woke.”  By Dave Seminara.  [I like La Colombe, Disney and Airbnb.  I get the feeling they don’t like me.]   8-6-20
  105. Culture War.  “Hating Humanity Won’t Get You Canceled.”  By Walter E. Block.  [‘Some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along,’ the scientist wrote.]    8-6-20
  106. Culture War.  “Antitrust Can’t Bust a Monopoly of Ideas.”   By Vivek Ramaswamy.  [Consumer protection tools won’t be effective against the larger threat to American democracy.]   8-6-20
  107. Culture War. “Mayhem Continues, Narrative Crumbles.”  [Looters rampage in Chicago and arson returns in Portland.]    8-11-20
  108. Culture War.  “Law Alone Can’t Protect Free Speech.”  By Greg Luklanolff and Adam Goldstein.  [If today’s cultural trends continue, judges will eventually curtail First Amendment rights.]   8-13-20
  109. Culture War.  “The Dangerous Consequences of Putting Race First.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Yale shows us how it plays out in practice.  More discrimination divides us and feeds resentments.]   8-18-20
  110. Culture War.  “One Step Ahead of the Woke Mob.”  (The Weekend Interview with Lionel Shriver by Daniel Akst. )  [Amid successive global hysterias, says the London-based novelist and exercise fanatic, ‘satire can’t keep up.’]   8-29-20
  111. Culture War.  “Benjamin Franklin, ‘Person of Concern.”  [D.C. also proposes to cancel Washington and Jefferson.]    9-2-20
  112. Culture War. “The Sun Never Sets on the Woke Empire.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [Adele is the latest to be canceled, as American progressives impose their culture on Britain.]   9-3-20
  113. Culture War.  “God, Parents and the  ‘1619’ Project.’”  By Latasha Fields.  [Religious Americans should reject the idea that slavery is what defines the nation.]   9-11-20
  114. Culture War.  “What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common.”  By Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  [ Adherents of both pursue ideological purity, refuse to engage in debate and demand submission.]   9-11-20
  115. Culture War.  “The Systemic Racism’ Dodge.”  By Harvey C. Mansfield.   [It’s meant to invoke guilt but absolves everyone, white and black, of responsibility.]   9-19-20
  116. Culture War.  “The truth About Critical Race Theory.”  By Christopher F. Rufo.  [Trump is right.  Training sessions for government employees amounted to political indoctrination.]   10-5-20
  117. Culture War.  “Where Have the Honest Liberals Gone?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [‘Critical race theory’ is a dangerous folly, but these days only conservatives are willing to criticize it.]   10-7-20
  118. Culture War.  “The Tyranny of the ‘Tolerant.’” By joseph Epstein.  [They’ll tear you down if you use the wrong word, have a flawed past fail to salute the fashionable woke flag.]   10-10-20
  119. Culture War.  LTE.  “Is the Cure for Racism Really More Racism?”   10-13-20
  120. Culture War.  “The American Experiment Is on Life Support.”  By Andrew a Michta.  [New-Marxists on the street and in institutions want to erase their opponents and deconstruct the country.]   10-27-20
  121. Culture War.  “The Amazing, Horrifying Age of Exaggeration.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Hyperbole was more fun in Mencken’s age.  Today it’s become ugly and fanatical, a weapon in a holy war.]   10-28-20
  122. Culture War.  “Does the ACLU Want to Ban My book?”  by Abigail Shrier.  [Target stopped selling it in response to two Twitter complaints.  A professor even wants to burn it.]   11-16-20
  123. Culture War.  “In Defense of Unpopular Clients – and Liberty.”  By Michel Paradis and Wells Dixon.  [Attacks on Trump’s lawyers echo those against us for representing Guantanamo detainees.  Both are wrong.]   11-19-20
  124. Culture War.  “The Inauthenticity Behind Black Lives Matter.”  By Shelby Steele.  [Insisting on the prevalence of ‘systemic racism’ is a way of defending a victim-focused racial identity.]   11-23-20
  125. Culture War.  “The Woke Nasdaq.”    [“…One upon a time the Nasdaq was an outlet for capital for sprightly entrepreneurs.  Its identity diktats suggest it is now about enforcing the political fashions of the day on private owners an management.”]   12-2-20  ((cf. #127 here))
  126. Culture War.  “Nasdaq vs. Warren Buffett.”   [The famous investor on what he looks for in a corporate director.]   12-3-20
  127. Culture War.  “A Nasdaq Chief’s Diversity Stunt.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Americans tire of seeing institutions misused for personal aggrandizement.]   12-9-20  ((cf. #125 here))
  128. Culture War.  “Nasdaq and Groupthink.’”  [The stock exchange now wants to be your diversity consultant.]   12-10-20
  129. Culture War.  “Netflix’s True-Crime Character Assassination.”  [The streaming service wants to create a ‘cultural moment’ in documentaries that all seem to tilt left – especially against cops.]   12-12-20
  130. Culture War.  “The Bipartisan Moral Rot of America’s Institutions.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Media discover the Hunter Biden story, and the GOP falls in line with Trump’s futile election challenge.]   12-15-20
  131. Culture War.  “Soviet Politics, American Style.”  By David Satter.  [A propagandistic press, the crushing of academic freedom and the shattering of family loyalties.]   12-23-20
  132. Culture War.  “The Woke See No Evil – and Nothing but Evil.”  By Chilton Williamson Jr.  [Behind the paradox lies a superstition about history that may explain their viciousness and violence.]   12-26-20
  133. Culture War.  “Revolution Consumes New York’s Elite Dalton School.”  By Scott C. Johnson.  [Teachers of $54,000 Zoom classes demand a lowering of standards and hiring of a dozen diversity staffers.]   12-30-20
  134. Culture War.  “The Tyranny of Diversity.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Its monomaniacal pursuit undermines other values – true equality among them.]   12-31-20
  135. Culture War.  “Latin Politics Arrive in the U.S.”  by Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Why ‘participatory democracy’ seems always to degenerate into mob violence.]   1-11-21
  136. Culture War.  “Politics Has No Place for Violence.”  By Steve Scalise.  [The man who shot me in 2017 and the Capitol Hill rioters all were radicalized by extreme rhetoric.]   1-13-21
  137. Culture War.  “Harvard Accuses Elise Stefanik.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A dean declares a congresswoman unfit to serve as an adviser at her alma mater.]   1-19-21
  138. Culture War.  “It Took a Strong America to Survive 2020.” By Walter Russell Mead.  [But formidable global challenges await Joe Biden as he moves into the White House.]    1-19-21
  139. Culture War.  “Blacklists Are the Rage in Publishing.”  By Thomas Spence.  [Why the house I run will bring out Josh Hawley’s new book.]   1-19-21
  140. Culture War.  “Look Who’s Still Rioting.’   [“…Prosecutors are rightly throwing the book at those on the right who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.  The same should apply to those on the left who wreaked havoc Wednesday…”]   1-22-21
  141. Culture War.  “Cancelling Dianne Feinstein.”  [In San Francisco the Senator now ranks with Confederate generals.]   1-29-21
  142. Culture War.  “Speech and Sedition in 2021.”  [The progressive press decides that dissenters should be suppressed.]   1-30-21
  143. Culture War.  “In Our Hyperpartisan World, Everything’s an Inkblot.”  By Gerald Baker.  [Beware simple-minded interpretations of complex events like last week’s GameStop disruption.]   2-2-21
  144. Culture War.  “What Threatens ‘Our Democracy’?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [The left means their democracy, and you’re not included unless you share their beliefs.]  2-11-21
  145. Culture War.  “How Equality Lost to ‘Equity.’”  (The Weekend Interview with Shelby Steele by Tunku Varadarajan.  [Civil-rights advocates abandon the old ideal for the new term, which ‘has no meaning’ and promises no progress but makes it easy to impute bigotry.]   2-13-21
  146. Culture War.  “Star Wars:  The Blacklist Strikes Back.”  By Matthew Hennessey.”   2-13-21
  147. Culture War.  “Show Me he U-Hauls.”  By Blake Hurst.  [ In my small Missouri town, we’re awaiting an exodus from the beleaguered cities.]   2-17-21
  148. Culture War.  “Emmanuel Macron and the Woke.”  [The French president challenges American campus leftism.]   2-18-21
  149. Culture War.  “Seeing Red and Feeling Blue:  America’s Rotten National Mood.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Injury can bring a country together.  But this is a compound fracture to the national psyche.]   2-20-21
  150. Culture War. “’Just Asking’ for Censorship.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Democrats expand their effort to shut down speech by targeting newsrooms.]   2-26-21
  151. Culture War.  “The Censorship Party.”  [House Democrats use a hearing to target conservative media.]   2-26-21
  152. Culture War.  “The Culture Wars Are Coming to the SEC.”   [Biden’s top securities regulator signals he’ll wade into social policy.]   3-4-21
  153. Culture War.  “’Equity’ Is a Mandate to Discriminate.”  By Charles Lipson.  [The new buzzword tries to hide the aim of throwing out the American principle of equally under the law.]  3-5-21
  154. Culture War.  “Competing Loyalties.”  (Bookshelf by Leslie Lenikowsky.)  “Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremes.”  By Steven B. Smith.  [Today both nationalism and cosmopolitanism are testing the very definition of allegiance to one’s country.]  3-9-21
  155. Culture War.  “Eliminate the Bar Exam for Lawyers.”  By Clifford Winston.  [The disadvantaged pay the price for an elitist legal system.]   3-16-21
  156. Culture War.  “Why Read The Bible.”  (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.)  “A most peculiar Book” by Kristin Swenson.  [In the age of ‘historical-critical’ scholarship, the Bible has become boring and irrelevant to many in the West.  Is there a remedy?]   3-17-21
  157. Culture War.  “Amazon Won’t Let You Read My Book.”  By Ryan T. Anderson.  [An enterprising state attorney general might want to look into why it was withdrawn from sale now.] (“…When Harry Became Sally” addresses the scientific, medical, political and philosophical issues at the heart of our national debate on transgender issues…”)  3-17-21
  158. Culture War.  “Western Culture Elites Are Giving Away Lenin’s Rope.”  By Gerard Baker.  [How can a nation prevail in an ideological struggle when its leaders believe its values are evil?]   3-23-21
  159. Culture War.  “The Christian Baker Who Said ‘No.’”  by Wm. McGurn.  [Jack Phillips is again in court for refusing to bake a cake with a message he objects to.]   3-23-21
  160. Culture War.  “Corporate America’s ‘Big Lie.’  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [ID requirements are no more racist at the ballot box than they are on a Delta flight.]  4-2-21
  161. Culture War.  “Woke and Weak CEOs.”  [They’re denouncing Georgia’s election law, but have they read it?]   4-2-21
  162. Culture War.  “The Biden Baseball League.”  [The sports league sides with Democrats on Georgia’s voting law.”   4-3-21
  163. Culture War.  “What I’d Give for a Shave That Isn’t Woke.”  By Dave Seminara.  [From my closet to my bathroom, my house is full of leftist brands.]  4-5-21
  164. Culture War.  “Asian-Americans Feel the Hate.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [In the woke narrative, it’s all about Trump, Covid-19 and white supremacy.]   4-6-21
  165. Culture War.  “The C-Suit Converts to the New Political Religion.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Today’s CEOs are like Thomas Cranmer, the 16th-cnetury archbishop with his finger to the wind.]   4-6-21
  166. Culture War.  “Rob Manfred’s All-Star Error.”  By Fay Vincent.  [The commissioner politicized baseball over a law he likely hadn’t examined.]  4-7-21
  167. Culture War.  “CEOs vs. Shareholders.”  [Corporate execs are assisting an agenda that will hurt their business.]   4-7-21
  168. Culture War.  “Yes, Boycott Baseball.”  By Daniel Henninger.  Liberals the past year have become addicted to wokeness.  It’s time for an intervention.]    4-8-21
  169. Culture War.  “CEOs Selective Virtue Signaling.”  By Karl Rove.  [If executives oppose restrictive voting laws, why are they singling out Georgia?]   4-8-21
  170. Culture War.  “Marin’s Discriminatory ‘Universal Income.’”  By Devon Westhill.   [“…beneficiaries must be ‘mothers of color.”  That term is undefined, but it’s clear that fathers and white mothers are ineligible to participate.  A similar race-based scheme has been announced in Oakland, Calif.]   4-8-21  (Mr. Westhill is president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity.)
  171. Culture War.  “The Rod Sox Speak Up for Racial Engineering in Boston Schools.”  By Ira Stoll.  [More politics from the major leagues, as the team weighs in to support a ‘ZIP Code Quota’ scheme.]   4-9-21
  172. Culture War.  “The Report That Shook Britain’s Race Lobby.”  (The Weekend Interview with Tony Sewell by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [A government commission finds the U.K. is no longer ‘deliberately rigged’ against minorities.  Cue the outrage and racial attacks on its chairman.]  4-10-21
  173. Culture War.  “Baseball Says Cuba ‘Si,’  Georgia ‘No.’ “ by Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [The league talks up its ‘values’ in the U.S. but loves doing business with Castro.]  4-12-21
  174. Culture War.  “When CEOs Zoom for Democrats.” By Daniel Henninger.  [Some 100 of them did a Davos by laptop to vilify Republicans and validate their status.]   4-15-21
  175. Culture War.  “Down With Big Business, Again.”  [Corporate CEOs can’t be counted on to defend free markets.]   4-15-21
  176. Culture War.  “Censorship Competition Heats Up.”  By Roger Kimball.  [Can upstart outdo mighty Amazon in suppressing ideas that may cause discomfort?]   4-15-21
  177. Culture War.  “The Ambassador of Blame America First.”  [We’ve come a long way from Pat Moynihan and Jeane Kirkpatrick.]  (“…Ms. Thomas-Greenfield seems to believe her job is to bring critical race theory to the world, with a special focus on criticizing her own country.”)   4-16-21
  178. Culture War.  “CEOs Lead America’s New Great Awakening.”  By Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.  [Their political activism on behalf of voting rights will help bring about a spiritual revival.]  4-16-21
  179. Culture War.  “The Chauvin Verdict.”  [The jury and justice worked better than the political critics claimed.]   4-21-21
  180. Culture War.  “Even in Cricket, No Rest From the Woke.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [The venerable term ‘batsman’ has been banished from an ESPN website.]   4-21-21
  181. Culture War.  “The Maxine Watters Problem.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [When officials desert norms of public or personal behavior, expect violence.]  4-22-21
  182. Culture War.  “Anticop Movement Wants Road Anarchy Too.”  By Heather MacDonald.  [The death of Daunte Wright bolsters demands to get police officers out of traffic-law enforcement.]   4-23-21
  183. Culture War.  “Jack and the Bean Counters:  A Woke Children’s Story.”  By Meghan Cox Gordon.  [University researchers use artificial intelligence to reduce characters to the color of their fictional skin. ]  4-24-21
  184. Culture War.  “No Thanks for the Feedback.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Circular logic works its mischief, from phony election claims to ‘systemic racism.’”   4-26-21
  185. Culture War.  “Give Bill Maher an Oscar.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Unlike Hollywood’s woke, at least its Communists could make good movies.]   4-27-21
  186. Culture War.  “’Woke‘  Corporations Use the Chinese Model.”  By Crispin Sartwell.  [They make a profit and suppress dissent at the same time.]   4-27-21
  187. Culture War.  “Portland is Mugged by Reality.”  [Mayor Ted Wheeler has an epiphany about riots and destruction.]   4-27-21
  188. Culture War.  “America Voted for a Rest, Not a Revolution.”  By Gerard Baer.  [Elected as Not Trump, Biden aspires to be the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.]   4-27-21
  189. Culture War.  “Joe Biden’s Art of the Non-Deal.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Negotiating, the left concluded, merely impedes achieving their policy goals.]   4-29-21
  190. Culture War.  “Samuel Alito’s Culture-War Warning.”  [The Justices punt on California’s sanctions against Texas.]   4-30-21
  191. Culture War.  “The Man They Couldn’t Cancel.”  (The weekend interview with Jordan Peterson by Barton Swaim.”  [Mobs have targeted him, but he hasn’t lost his university job and his publishers have struck by him.  What’s his secret?]  5-1–21
  192. Culture War.  “Biden’s $6 Trillion Plan for Permanent Culture War.”  By Joseph c. Sternberg.  [Perpetual public largess corrupts politics, focusing it on who’s a good enough citizen to deserve the dole.]   5-7-21
  193. Culture War.  “The Courage of the Apolitical CEO.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A small software firm shows leadership when many exes (whatever their PR says) act from fear.)   5-8-21
  194. Culture War.  “The New Scientific Method:  Identity Politics.”  By Lawrence Krauss.  [The National Academy of Sciences fights bias by explicitly introducing more of it.]   5-10-21
  195. Culture War.  “to Be Young and Pessimistic in America.”  (The Weekend Interview with Jean M. Twenge.)  [Generation Z is lonelier than millennials and more reluctant to embrace the responsibilities and joys of adulthood.  Life online seems to be a reason.]   5-15-21
  196. Culture War.  “Can Freedom Survive the Narratives?”  by Lance Morrow.  [We live in the age of supercharged story lines, most of which are demagogic nonsense.]   5-17-21
  197. Culture War.  “The Price of Woke Corporate Politics.”  [A new ad campaign targets Nike, Coca-Cola and American Airlines.]    5-20-21
  198. Culture War.  “Racism at Chicago’s City Hall.”  [Mayor Lightfoot will no longer do interviews with white reporters.]   5-21-21
  199. Culture War.  “It’s ‘Open Season’ in Minneapolis.”  By Heather Mac Donald.  [Homicides have more than doubled in a year.  Three children have been shot in the past month.] 5-25-21
  200. Culture War.  “Correcting 1619’s Falsehoods About the American Founding.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [A new book published by Robert Woodson’s ‘1776 Unites’ debunks the project’s dubious claims.]   5-26-21
  201. Culture War.  “The Pandemic of Anti-Semitism.”  By Donna Brazile.  [Jew-hatred is wrong whether it comes from neo-nazis or left-wing activists.]   5-28-21
  202. Culture War.  “Defund the Police?  No, Fund Them Better.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [We ask officers to do a vital, delicate job on four to six months’ training.  That’s not nearly enough.]  5-29-21
  203. Culture War.  “Banning Critical Race Theory.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Teaching ‘systemic racism’ was imposed on students, until politics pushed back.]   6-3-21
  204. Culture War.  “What Drives Conspiracism.”  By Peggy Noonan.  “The dominant culture has gone mad.  Of course lonely people on the internet believe crazy things.]   6-5-21
  205. Culture War.  “The Follies of Censorship.”  (Bookshelf by Jonathan Rose.)  “Dangerous Ideas.”  By Eric Berkowitz.  [Terms like Blasphemy, subversion and hate speech are impossible to define.  No wonder attempts at censorship are inconsistent and often absurd.]   6-8-21Culture War.  “The Deadly Results of Defunding the Police.”  By Robert L  Woodson Sr.  [Makji Buckly, 19, m colleague’s grandson, became a casualty on Memorial Day.]   6-10-21
  206. Culture War.  “America’s Old Believers Need to Move Past Donald Trump.”  By Lance Morrow.  [He wasn’t up to the task of preserving civic sanity, and freedom of speech and thought from elites.]  6-18-21
  207. Culture War.  “Bill Maher Diagnoses Liberal ‘Progressophobia.’”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Young people are unable to see that ‘your dorm in 2021 is better than the South before the Civil War.’]   6-19-21
  208. Culture War.  “Let Him Bake Cake.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Some of the worst acts of intolerance are being done in the name of tolerance.]   6-22-21  (“…the dynamic he describes so well applies to all the fronts in the culture war…”)
  209. Culture War.  “Critical Rae Theory Is the Opposite of Education.”   By Gerard Baker.  [It’s more of a religion. Its practitioners reject the idea of evaluating the merits of competing ideas.]  6-22-21
  210. Culture War.  “Clarence Thomas vs. the Fictional Progressive Narrative.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [His writings from the bench frequently bust popular left-wing myths about race and justice.]  6-23-21
  211. Culture War.  “Can This Man Put Wokeism Out of Business?”  (The Weekend Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [Corporate America ‘makes money critiquing itself.’  The rest of us pay the price in diminished freedom.”   6-26-21
  212. Culture War.  “Has the Military gone “Woke’?”   6-26-21
  213. Culture War.  “Battle Over Critical Race Theory.”  By Christopher F. Rufo.  [Advocates and media circle the wagons and try to conceal the truth about a pernicious ideology.]   6-28-21
  214. Culture War.  “The New Racial Discrimination.”  [The White House ‘equity’ policies are losing in court.]  6-30-21
  215. Culture War.  “An Advocacy Group Spins Diversity as Evidence of ‘Segregation.”  [The press eats up a misleading study issued by the Othering and Belonging Institute.]   6-30-21
  216. Culture War.  “Who Owns the Fourth of July?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [Last year the woke idea of patriotism was to pull down many U.S. Monuments.]   7-1-21
  217. Culture War.  “Don’t Ban Critical Race Instruction.”  By Donna Brazile.  [Patriotism requires that we face up to our past, including slavery and racism.]   7-2-21  (Ms. Brazile is a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.)
  218. Culture War.  “The Local School Board Is Unaccountable, So I’m running for a Seat.”  By Rya Shapiro.  [Jefferson and Mason were banished in December from buildings that stayed shuttered until April.] 7-3-21
  219. Culture War.  “Nixon Warned About American Decline.”  By Tom Switzer.  [Half a century ago, he foretold the loss of U.S. pre-eminence.]  7-7-21
  220. Culture War.  “The Culture War Must Go On.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [The woke are angry, humorless, and – worst of all – vindictive.  Surrender is not an option.]   7-7-21
  221. Culture War.  “Welcome to the Equity War.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Republicans are running on culture, while Democrats press economics.]   7-8-21
  222. Culture War.  “The Teachers Unions Go Woke.”  [The NEA and AFT get behind progressive political indoctrination.]   7-8-21
  223. Culture War.  “The Culture War Is a Leftist Offensive.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Democrats have become more extreme on social issues, and they aren’t prepared for the backlash.]   7-10-21
  224. Culture War.  “A PTA Purge of Asians.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [America’s top public high school shows us what discrimination looks like today.]   7-13-21
  225. Culture War.  “Critical Race Theory Is a Hustle..”  by Jason L. Riley.  [It may resemble a serious academic discipline, but it’s really just a fancy argument for racial preferences.]  7-14-21
  226. Culture War.  “Why the Lawyers Cartel Is Pushing for Woke Law Schools.”  By John O. McGinnis.  [The ABA’s proposed accrediting standards would impose uniformity and call it ‘diversity.’]   7-16-21
  227. Culture War.  “The Woke Threat to Philanthropy.”  (The Weekend Interview with Elise Westhoff.  [Lawmakers and ideologues are growing increasingly insistent in their demands on the nonprofit world.]   7-17-21
  228. Culture War.  “Progressives Punish ‘Honorary Whites’ but Aren’t Helping Blacks.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The bizarre antiwhite racism of the president’s pandemic programs is just part of the show.]  7-17-21
  229. Culture War.  “Progressives Punish ‘Honorary Whites’ but Aren’t Helping Blacks.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The bizarre antiwhite racism of the president’s pandemic programs is just part of the show.]  7-17-21
  230. Culture War.  “The Hedgehogs of Critical Race Theory.”  By Lance Morrow.  [They start with important truths – slavery was wicked  – and get carried away into monomania. ]   7-20-21
  231. Culture War.  “A Deeper Look at Critical Race theory.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [The neo-Marxist movement rejects equal opportunity, merit and objectivity.]   7-21-21
  232. Culture War.  “How Science Lost the Public’s Trust.”  (The Weekend Interview with Matt Ridley.)  [From climate to Covid, politics and hubris have disconnected scientific institutions from the philosophy and method that ought to guide them.]   7-24-21
  233. Culture War.  “The Revolt of the Unwoke.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Three progressive San Francisco school board members are targeted for a recall.]  7-27-21
  234. Culture War.  LTE.  “Kneeling Olympians Should Protest on Their Own Time.”  7-31-21
  235. Culture War.  “’Kicking Jim Jordan’ Isn’t Healthy – Even at the Gym.”  By Lance Morrow.  [A lurid fantasy of political violence at a fancy exercise class for nice people:  This is the way we live now.]  8-5-21
  236. Culture War.  “A Pediatric Association Stifles Debate on Gender Dysphoria.”  By Abigail Shrier.  [Doctors who question the orthodoxy won’t be allowed to set up a booth at its annual conference.]  8-10-21
  237. Culture War.  “Should Military Officers Be chosen by Race?”  by Harry Jackson.  [An admiral’s revealing remark about naval promotion.]  8-20-21
  238. Culture War.  “State Bans on Critical Race theory Won’t Work.”  By Tony Woodlief.  [Massive bureaucracies will evade them.  The better solution is to break up huge school districts.]   8-21-21
  239. Culture War.  “America Looks More Like Europe all the Time.”  By Josef Joffe.   8-23-21
  240. Culture War.  “She-lection Gives New Meaning to Suffer-age.”  By Rondi Adamson.  [I wish Justin Trudeau would go take a giant leap for ‘people-kind.’]  8-24-21
  241. Culture War.  “Police Vindicate the ‘Thin Blue Line’ Patch Every Day.”  By Heather Mac Donald.  [A symbol is banned for making people feel unsafe.  But police aren’t the real danger to urban dwellers.]  8-24-21
  242. Culture War.  “Anarchy in Portland.”   8-27-21
  243. Culture War.  “A Retreat on Racial Preferences.”  [Justice declines to appeal a ruling against a biased farm policy.]  9-1-21
  244. Culture War.  “A Woke City Wakes Up.”  [San Francisco’s school board provokes a likely recall election.]   9-3-21
  245. Culture War.  “The Real Structural Racism.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Is it OK that black eighth graders aren’t proficient in math and reading?]  9-7-21
  246. Culture War.  “Identity Politics Goes Global.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Multi-ethnic states from South Africa to Central Asia are starting to come apart.]   9-7-21
  247. Culture War.  “America Has Lost the Thread.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [It feels like we no longer live in the  country that came together after 9/11.  How do we get that back?]   9-18-21
  248. Culture War.  “’Banned Books Week’ Isn’t Actually Interested in Banned books.”  By Thomas Spence.  [If it were, conservative writers like Abigail Shrier and Ryan T. Anderson would be on the list.]  9-18-21
  249. Culture War.  “Free Speech Has Consequences, but Should Firing Be One?”  by Ted Rall.  [Wide-ranging discussions are essential to preserving democracy, and they have to be open to all views.]   10-1-21
  250. Culture War.  “A Dad Takes On the School Board.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Harry Jackson learns that educators don’t care what parent have to say.]   10-12-21
  251. Culture War.  “Partisan Science in America.”  By Gary Saul Morson.  [Scientists corrode public trust when they pretend to have authority on social and political matters.]   10-12-21
  252. Culture War.  “The Patriot Act Wasn’t Meant to Target Parents.”  By F. James Sensenbrenner.  [The Biden administration is abusing federal laws and agencies as instruments of political repression.]   10-13-21
  253. Culture War.  “Today’s School Board Fights Recall the 1970’s Busing Battles.”   By Jason L. Riley.  [The left is again trying to impose racially divisive educational policies in a top-down fashion.]   10-13-21
  254. Culture War.  “Cancel Culture’s Mental-Health Toll.”  By Erica Komisar.  [My patient’s daughter had a panic attack after being bullied for a tasteless joke.]  10-14-21
  255. Culture War.  “Which American Way?”  (WSJ “Notable & Quotable) [Many people remain attached to tradition, but the woke have a host of advantages.]   10-15-21
  256. Culture War.  “An Urban Organizer Wants ‘Race off the Table.’”  (The Weekend Interview with Robert L. Woodson Sr. by Jason Willick.)  [‘America is thirsty to reward grace and virtue,’ the Woodson Center’s retiring president says.  ‘There’s going to be a revival soon.’”  10-16-21
  257. Culture War.  “Dave Chappelle May Help Tame Wokeness.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [There are other signs, too, that our revolution may be moving past its Terror and Toward its Thermidor.]   10-16-21
  258. Culture War.  “Indocency (sp.) on Display at the Art Institute of Chicago.”  By Faith Bottum.  [The museum fired all its volunteer greeters because most were white women with above average means.]  10-16-21
  259. Culture War.  “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Elvis.”  By Lane Morrow.  [Wokeness is the latest, and most delusional, entry in America’s tradition of religious ‘great awakenings.’]   10-18-21
  260. Culture War.  “The Left’s New Religion.  (Bookshelf by Tunku Varadarajan.)  “Woke Racism.”  By John McWhorter. [For the woke, writes John McWhorter, ‘pious, unempirical virtue signaling about race is a form of moral enlightenment and political activism.’]   10-19-21
  261. Culture War.  “Thomas Jefferson, Still Standing.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [It is progress that New York City won’t put out his statue for trash collection.]   10-21-21
  262. Culture War.  “How ‘Diversity’ Turned Tyrannical.”  By Lawrence Krauss.  [What began as an effort to hire more minorities has turned into a demand for ideological engagement.]   10-21-21
  263. Culture War.  “Will the Sun Ever Set on Anti-Semitism?”  by Elliot Kaufman.  [An organization behind the Green New Deal pulls out of a rally because it included Jewish groups.]   10-23-21
  264. Culture War.  “The Obsolete Science behind Row v. Wade.”  By Grazie Pozo Christie.  [My youngest patients are unborn babies, and today’s ultrasounds show they are fully alive and human.]   10-29-21
  265. Culture War.  “Abolishing Minneapolis P.D.“     [“…We’ll see on Tuesday whether the city’s voters are ready to play criminal roulette.”]   10-30-21
  266. Culture War.  “The Texas Abortion Case That Isn’t.”  [The Supreme Court isn’t hearing a challenge to Roe v. Wade.]  11-1-21
  267. Culture War.  “A Simple First Step for Youngkin to Stop Leftist Tyranny.”  By R.R. Reno.  [Prohibit ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ statements at public universities and other institutions.]  11-8-21
  268. Culture War.  “Why the Woke Can’t Take a Joke.”  By Kyle Mann.  [The anti-Chappelle revolt at Netflix shows leftism’s weakness.]   11-10-21
  269. Culture War.  “McDonald’s CEO Apologizes for Telling a Simple Truth.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [America can’t solve its crime and education problems if people can’t discuss them honestly.]  11-10-21
  270. Culture War.  “Virginia’s ‘Phone’ Culture War.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [It’s getting ridiculous when Winsome Sears is called a face of white supremacy.]  11-9-21
  271. Culture War.  “Black Lives Matter Vs. Eric Adams.”  [Anti-police activists test the Mayor-elect’s resolve to reduce crime.]  11-13-21
  272. Culture War.  “Millennials, Put Away Childish Political Things.”  By Mary Ebertadt.  [The woke claim to own you simply by virtue of your youth. You are overdue for upward moral mobility.]  11-13-21
  273. Culture War.  “Democrats Need to Face Down the Woke.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Identity politics has become dangerous to their cause.  Even the socialists at Jacobin magazine see it.]   11-14-21
  274. Culture War.  “Biden Policy Disrespects Both Science And Religion.”  By Jerry C. Davis.  [The Administration seeks to force our Christian college to let men live in women’s dormitories.].   11-17-21
  275. Culture War.  “’Woke’ Is a Bad Word for a Real Threat to American Democracy.”  By Garry Kasparov.  [In authoritarian regimes, vengeance and coercion stand in place of justice and reason.  I’ve seen it before.]  11-18-21
  276. Culture War.  “The Impossible Insurrection of Jan. 6.”  By Barton Swim.  [The right couldn’t stage a coup because liberals dominate nearly every institution of American politics and culture.  Yet liberals refuse to see it.]   11-20-21
  277. Culture War.  “Kyle Rittenhouse Is Not Guilty.”  [The jury decides on the facts, even as politicians distort the truth.”   11-20-21
  278. Culture War.  “Don’t Let Ideologues Steal Thanksgiving.”  By Melanie Kirkpatrick.  [For the left, it’s become an occasion to air grievances ranging from ‘colonialism’ to ‘carbon footprints.’]  11-24-21
  279. Culture War.  “Justice, Not Revenge, for Ahmaud Arbery and Kyle Rittenhouse.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The purpose of a trial is to assess the facts in each case, not to settle scores between identity groups.]  11-24-21
  280. Culture War.  “The Spiritual War for America.”  (The Weekend Interview with Norman Podhoretz by Barton Swaim.)  [The left wants to win, he says, but ‘I’m not sure anymore what our side wants.’  That’s a big part of what drew him to Trump.]   12-11-21
  281. Culture War.  “Wokeness Infiltrates the Salvation Army.”  By Kenny Xu.  12-17-21
  282. Culture War.  “Refunding the San Francisco Police.”  [Mayor London Breed undergoes a law-and-order conversion.]   12-17-21
  283. Culture War.  “’Latinx’ Isn’t Popular With Latinos.”  By Charlotte Allen.  [On behalf al all Hispanic Americans, I say ‘no mas’ to this politically correct linguistic monstrosity.]   12-20-21
  284. Culture war.  “The Woke Target Metaphors, Leaving No Scone Unturned.”  By Lance Morrow.  [A University of California ‘inclusive language guide’ seeks to avoid ‘baggage,’ but not literally.]   12-28-21
  285. Culture War.  “Protests Don’t Belong At Their Targets’ Homes.”  By Michael Taube.    1-5-22
  286. Culture War.  “New York’s Race-Based Preferential Covid Treatments.”  By John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira.  [New guidelines say whites may not be eligible for antibodies and antivirals, while nonwhites are.]  1-8-22
  287. Culture War.  “Paranoia Is a Rational Response to a World Gone Mad.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [When society is unhinged, you’d be crazy not to think the killers and carjackers are coming for you.]   1-10-22
  288. Culture War.  “An Ugly Game of Race Preferences.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [‘I mean there has been an anti Asian feel underlying some of this, hate to say it lol.’]  1-11-22
  289. Culture War.  “Cancel Culture Targets Charity.”  By Jeremy D. Tedesco.  [Left-wing political activists want to destroy America’s long tradition of private philanthropy.]   1-19–22
  290. Culture War.  “What Does a Library’s ‘Diversity Auditor’ Do?”  by Faith Bottum.  [Bard College says it aims at ‘decanonizing the stacks’ but that doesn’t mean removing books.]   1-20-22
  291. Culture War.  “Younkin Trades ‘Equity’ for Opportunity.’”   1-24-22
  292. Culture War.  “Politics Are Already Leading Us Into the Metaverse.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Both left and right love fantasy role-playing.  But there are good reasons to prefer the real world.]   1-25-22
  293. Culture War.  “America’s Mindlessness Epidemic.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Political protest and personal behavior today always hover at the edge of madness.]  1-27-22
  294. Culture War.  “We’re All Woopi Goldberg Now.”  By Rebecca Sugar.  [Who sounds off in ignorance?  These days, who doesn’t?]  2-3-22
  295. Culture War.  “When Asked for Your ‘Pronouns,’ Don’t Answer.”  By Colin Wright.  [A seemingly innocuous question masks a demand for conformity with a regressive set of ideas.]  2-5-22
  296. Economy.  “Wealth Is Knowledge.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Economist George Gilder explains how capitalism is the most charitable system.]  2-7-22
  297. Culture War.  “How Dare You Say Such Things.”  (Bookshelf by Jonathan Marks.)  “Free Speech:  A History From Socrates to Social Media.”  By Jacob Mchangama.  [There are always reasons to try to shut some people up.  The danger is not merely censorship but self-censorship.]  2-10-22
  298. Culture War.  “The Intolerant Shouldn’t Be Judges.”  By Phillip Hamburger.  [Law school deans, faculty and students who stifle opposing views are unfit ever to sit on the bench.]   2-10-22
  299. Culture War.  “Blame Your Progressive District Attorney on Andrew Jackson.”  By John Steele Gordon.  [The Democratic Party’s founder politicized many lead prosecutorial offices by putting them to a vote.]  2-12-22
  300. Culture War.  “Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine.”  By Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi.  [After watching 100 hours of leaked video, we now fully grasp the danger of this ideology in schools.]  2-12-22
  301. Culture War.  “As a Girl, I Found My Hero in Joe Montana.”  By Joanna Cohen.  [It’s a mistake to oversimplify who one can identify with.]  2-11-22
  302. Culture War.  “’Bail Reform’ Is Killing New Yorkers.”  By Wm. J. Bratton and Rafael A. Mangual.  [Albany lawmakers refuse to reconsider legal changes that are putting dangerous criminals on the streets.]  2-17-22
  303. Culture War.  “’Reimagining Capitalism.’”  [The Hewlett Foundation proves again that Schumpeter was right.]   2-24-22
  304. Culture War.  “Asian-Americans Fight Back Against School Discrimination.”  By Jason L.  Riley.  [From Harvard to a Virginia high school, courts take up racial preferences’ harm to this minority population.]  3-2-22
  305. Culture War.  “Does the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Say That?”  [The reaction to Florida’s law on parents and schools is overwrought.]   3-12-22
  306. Culture War.  “Yale Law Students for Censorship.”  [Maybe those who shout down speakers shouldn’t get judicial clerkships.]  3-21-22
  307. Culture War.  “How Seattle Stepped Back From the leftist Abyss.” By John Carlson.  (After a mob occupied the Capitol Hill area in 2020, voters rejected the city’s progressive leadership.]   3-26-22
  308. Culture War.  “Disney Decides to Go for Woke.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Is opposition to parents’ rights really the hill for a children’s entertainment company to die on?]   4-5-22
  309. Culture War.  “Teach ‘1619’ and ‘1776’ U.S. History.”  By David Bernstein.  [The answer to ideological education isn’t to ban the ideology but to make room for alternative views.]  4-11-22
  310. Culture War.  “California’s Non-Equal Protection.”  [Why a judge tossed the state’s boardroom diversity mandate.]  4-13-22
  311. Culture War.  “Why I Sued Comcast for Discrimination.”  By Christopher Moses.  [My wife and I were shut out of the RISE small-business program solely due to my race and sex.]  4-18-22
  312. Culture War.  “Keep Politics Out of the Doctor’s Office.”  By Stanley Goldfarb. [Woke ideology and policies have become quite literally a hazard to your health.]   4-19-22
  313. Culture War.  “BLM’s Antipolice Racket Is Coming Undone.” By Jason L. Riley.  [The organization has squandered its moral authority by acting like a hustler on the make.]   4-20-22
  314. Culture War.  “Revolt in Disney’s Florida Kingdom.”  [Its alienating push into Florida politics is a warning for other CEOs.]   4-22-22
  315. Culture War.  “Hollywood Hates Silicon Valley.”  By Andy Kesler.  [Popular TV series portray entrepreneurs as misogynistic and immoral cult leaders.]   4-25-22
  316. Culture War,  “A G-Man’s Straight Talk on McGirt.”  [What happens to a white thief who steals a Native American’s car?  ‘well…yeah, nothing.’]   4-25-22
  317. Culture War.  “Persona Non Grata at a Holocaust Memorial.”  By Elliott Abrams an Eric Cohen.  [New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage bans Gov. Ron DeSantis to promote ‘its message of inclusivity.’]   5-6-22
  318. Culture War.  “S&P Hits U.S. States With Politicized Credit  Scores.”  By Mario Oaks.  [The ratings agency seeks to penalize fossil-fuel producers.  Its ‘ESG’ push is unlikely to end there.]   5-9-22
  319. Culture War.  “Gigi Sohn and the Police.”  [Democratic Senators are at risk if they vote for the FCC nominee.]   5-10-22
  320. Culture War.  “How Disagreement Became ‘Disinformation.’”  By Bartn Swaim.  [America’s enlightened influencers mistake their interpretations of the facts for the facts themselves.]   5-14-22
  321. Culture War .  “Trans Sports Give Utah Republicans a ticket to Override.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [GOP Gov. Spencer Cox’s veto allowed everyone to claim the high ground on a controversial issue.]   5-14-22
  322. Culture War.  “Another Miss for Politicized Science.”  [The Lancel decides it has expertise in American law.]   5-14-22
  323. Culture War.  “Schoolyard Bullies Come for Daniel Boone.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Chicago plans to change the name of my elementary school.]   5-17-22
  324. Culture War.  “The Pronoun Police Come for Middle Schoolers.”  By Rick Esenberg and Luke Berg.  5-24-22
  325. Culture War.  “Republicans Can Stop ESG Political Bias.”  By Mike Pence.  [The progressive left is using it to advance goals it could never hope to achieve at the ballot box.]   5-27-22
  326. Culture War.  “Why ‘Do Something’ Won’t Work.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The U.S. system is mired in sludge after decades of trying to solve problems.]   6-2-22
  327. Culture War.  “Jan. 6 and an Unhealthy Nostalgia for Watergate.”  (The Weekend Interview with Michael Barone by Tunku Varadarajan.) [Nixon’s scandal was a historical watershed and had a baleful influence on politics and journalism that still bedevils us today.]   6-11-22
  328. Culture War.  “The Evidence of the Jan. 6 Committee.”  [It’s a reminder of the violence and how Trump betrayed his supporters.]   6-11-22
  329. Culture War.  “The Boiling Over of America.”  by Peggy Noonan.  [Even California voters are fed up with progressives.  And the Supreme Court faces a mounting crisis.]  6-11-22
  330. Culture War.  “’Native Land Acknowledgments’ Are the Latest Woke Ritual.”  by Eugene Kontorovich.  [You may soon be ordered to confess you live or work on terriotory stolen from indigenous peoples.]  6-11-22
  331. Culture War.  “LIV From the U.S. Open.”  by Daniel Henninger.  [A new Saudi golf league has the sport talking about scandal, dishonor and murder.]   6-16-22
  332. Culture War.  “The Attacks on Crisis-Pregnancy Centers.”  By Nicole Ault .[Whether or violent or legal, they amount to a repudiation of the ‘pro-choice’ creed.]  6-21-22
  333. Culture War.  “Could This Be an Antebellum Age?”  by Lance Morrow.  [Political manners seem to be growing subservient to the threat of violence.  It feels like the 1850s.]   6-24-22
  334. Culture War.  “Cancel Culture Goes to Washington.” By Allen C. Guelzo.  [George Washington University must change its name says an article in, yes, the Washington Post.]   7-2-22
  335. Culture War.  “ESG Feeds Inflation, Hurts Growth. “  by David R. Henderson and Marc Joffe.  [When companies divert their attention to social goals, they produce less, driving prices higher.]   7-6-22
  336. Culture War.  “The Many Reasons ESG Is a Loser.”  By Andy Kessler.  [You’ll pay far higher xpenses for a fund withsimilar stocks but worse performance.]   7-11-22
  337. Culture War.  “The Pursuit of ‘Social Justice’ Is Getting People Killed.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Chaos follow wherever far-left attitudes on crime and punishment are allowed to take hold.]  7-13-22
  338. Culture War.  “Release the Pat Cipollone Transcript.”  [The Jan. 6 inquiry is sitting on testimony by Trump’s top lawyer.]  7-15-22
  339. Culture War.  “Ruy Teixeira Gets Political Asylum.”  [A lefty scholar leaves a progressive think thank for a conservative one.]   7-16-22
  340. Culture War.  “Biden’s ESG Tax on Your Retirement Fund.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy and Ale Acosta.  [A Labor Department rule would push fiduciaries to favor climate policies over the interests of investors.]   7-20-22
  341. Culture War.  “Preventing the Next Jan. 6 riot.  [At last there’s a serious proposal to reform the Electoral Count Act.]   7-22-22
  342. Culture War.  “Biden and Trump Are Both Bums.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [May the 7-22-22 committee hearings ensure there’s no 2020 rematch in 2024.]   7-22-22
  343. Culture War. Jan. 6th  “The President Who Stood Still.”  [Even as the riot raged, Trump wouldn’t tell his supporters to stop.]   7-23-22
  344. Culture War.  “The ‘Great Resignation’ Started Long Ago.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The pandemic briefly halted, then accelerated, a trend that was already under way by 2000.]  7-23-22
  345. Culture War. Jan. 6th.  “Trashing Clarence Thomas.”  [“…But Mr. Schiff’s attempt to use a spouse to smear the reputation of a Supreme Court Justice will cause many to discount the entire effort.”]   7-25-22
  346. Culture War.  “Public Life is Crazy, but American’s Aren’t.”  by Lance Morrow.  [Politics and media are co-producers of the immense 21st-century moral circus.]   7-28-22
  347. Culture War.  “Religion Is Dying?  Don’t Believe It.’  By Byron R. Johnson and Jeff Levin.  [Many of the ‘Noes’ belong to minority faiths.  The problem is how to count them.]   7-29-22
  348. Culture Wars.  “What if They Gave a War and Everybody Was Woke?”  by Jimmy Byrn. [The military’s embrace of faddish politics may make activist happy, but it’s driving away recruits.]   7-30-22
  349. Culture War.  “The Case for Optimism.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [From rampant crime to closed schools, America’s culture is trying to right itself.]   8-4-22
  350. Culture War.  “Make Freedom of Speech Liberal Again.”  (The Weekend Interview with Nadine Strassen by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [A former ALU president urges the left – and all of us – to re-embrace the First Amendment.]   8-6-22
  351. Culture War.  “Woke Medical Organizations Are Hazardous to Your Health.”  By Heather MacDonald.  [If physicians are trained to combat ‘systemic racism,’ their ability to treat disease will suffer.]  8-6-22
  352. Culture War.  “Freud Explains Cancel Culture.” By Andrew Hartz.  [The superego is the woke part of the psyche.  It’s moralistic, but it isn’t necessarily moral.]   8-8-22
  353. Culture War.  “Florida vs. California on Free Speech.”  [A new index has them both near the bottom – and Wisconsin on top.]   8-9-22
  354. Culture War.  “How Your Retirement Account Got Politicized.”  (The Weekend Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy by James Taranto.  [BlackRock and other giant firms use your money to advance ideas you may not agree with, even if you own index funds.  An alternative has arrived on the market.]   8-12-22
  355. Culture War.  “America’s Political Story Lines Need a Reboot.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Our partisan narratives have become so detached from reality that they bode ill for the nation’s future.]   8-15-22
  356. Culture War.  “The ESG Backlash Arrives.”  [State AGs seek answers from BlackRock, and a new firm offers choices.]   8-16-22
  357. Culture War.  “Arizona Defends Retirees Against ESG.”  By Mark Brnovich.  [Fund managers have a legal and social duty to focus on financial returns, not climate of other issues.]   8-16-22
  358. Culture War.  “Minneapolis Discriminates by Race.”  [The new teachers contact favors some groups in layoffs.]   8-18-22
  359. Culture War.  “The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Dubious Transgender Science.”  By Julia Mason and Leor Sapir.  [As other countries turn away from hormones and surgery, the AAP won’t even allow a debate.]   8-18-22
  360. Culture war.  “The Case for an American Revolution in Morals.”  (The Weekend Interview with James Hankins by Barton Swain.  [The nation’s political and intellectual leaders go from one failure to another.  A historian of the Italian Renaissance blames a lack of virtue.]   8-20-22
  361. Culture War.  “Children Are Priceless.”  8-20-22
  362. Culture War.  “Can the U.S. Become Exceptional Again?”  by Richard Vedder.  [It would take a renewed respect for work, law, fiscal responsibility, enterprise and education.]  8-20-22
  363. Culture War.  “Liz Cheney and Her Unhappy Choice Among Liars.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Trump’s lies aren’t the establishment’s lies and yet find traction with millions of voters.]   8-20-22
  364. Culture War.  “Transgender Patients vs. Religious Doctors.”   8-26-22
  365. Culture War.  “Do Laws Against Workplace Harassment Violate Free Speech?”  by Eugene Kontorovich.  [There’s little difference between the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Florida’s Stop WOKE Act.]   8-26-22
  366. Culture War.  “Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Really a Bailout for Woke Higher Ed.”  By Allysia Finley.  [It will perpetuate the racket of selling degrees that aren’t accompanied by marketable skills.]   8-29-22
  367. Culture War. “Campus Wokeness Harms America Globally.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Promoting liberal values world-wide was long central to higher education’s mission.]   8-30-22
  368. Culture War.  “Break Up the ESG Investing Giants.”  By Dan Merenoff.  [BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street effectively control each other – and their market competitors.]   9-1-22
  369. Culture War.  “ESG Can’t Square With Fiduciary Duty.”  By Jed Rubenfeld and Wm. F. Barr.  [State attorneys general issue a strong warning to investment managers and retirement fund trustees.]    9-7-22
  370. Culture War.  “Shareholders Stand Up For Profit At Chevron.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy.  [Under pressure from asset managers, the company embraced policies that are harmful to investors.]   9-8-22
  371. Culture War.  “ESG Does Neither Much Good nor Very Well.”  By Terrence R. Keeley.  [There’s little evidence that the benefits to mankind make up for lower returns on your investment.]   9-13-22
  372. Culture War.  “From Civil Rights to ‘Diversity.’”  By Ward Connerly.  [‘Race has no place in American life or law,’ JFK said.  It’s time to recover that ideal.]   9-14-22
  373. Culture War.  “The Countercultural Queen.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Her quiet personal virtues challenge our era’s self-promotion and virtue signaling.]   9-15-22
  374. Culture War.  “A Socially Conscious but Politically Incorrect Company.”  By Megan Keller.  [Black Rifle Coffee seeks to help veterans, but finance and law firms deemed it a ‘reputational risk.’]   9-16-22
  375. Culture War.  “From Migrant Busing to Climate Change, Fake Virtue Abounds.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The layers of hypocrisy are thick enough to shield you from the wind as you play golf on Martha’s Vineyard.]   9-20-22
  376. Culture War.  “Counterfeit Catholicism, Left and Right.:  by Andrea Piccioti-Bayer.  [The faithful need a framework that rejects secularism and sectarianism alike.]   9-23-22
  377. Culture War.  “Every Tomboy Is Tagged ‘Transgender.’”  By Colin Wright.  [The terminological change behind the rush to ‘treat’ sex-role nonconformity with surgery or hormones.]   9-23-22
  378. Culture War.  “ESG Threat Goes Beyond Black Rock.” By Paul H. Tice.  [Activists want to codify their agenda in financial regulations.  That’s where the fight should be.]   9-28-22
  379. Culture War.  “ESG and the ‘Long-Run Interests’ Dodge.”  By Vivak Ramaswamy.  [Don’t believe it when companies spin social activism as having benefits to shareholders.]   9-30-22
  380. Culture War.  “’Implicit Bias’ Training Cost Me My Nursing Job.”  By Laura L. Morgan.  [States are forcing medical professionals to make false confessions of racism.  I refused to go along.]  10-1-22
  381. Culture War.  “AOC Tries to Bully Yeshiva University.”  By Tai Fortgang.  [She and five colleagues don’t approve of its religious views.]  10-3-22
  382. Culture War.  “The Faith And its Keepers.”  (Bookshelf by D.G. Hart.)  “Christianity’s American Fate.” By David A. Hollinger.  [In the 1990s liberal intellectuals complained that evangelicals were moralistic on political questions.  Now the complaint is reversed.]   10-5-22
  383. Culture War.  “A Cold War Program Gets Hijacked.”  By Neetu Arnold.  [National Resource Centers were meant to further U.S. interests, not to spread woke propaganda.]   10-10-22
  384. Culture War.  “Girls as…Not Necessarily Woke.”  By Brue Gilley.  [A fundraising letter from my daughter’s Catholic school limits her options.]   10-11-22
  385. Culture War.  “Western Democracy Is Revolting Against Itself.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The paradox of liberalism:  We’re free to air our faults, so we end up talking about them and nothing else.]  10-11-22
  386. Culture War.  “Even Science Grants Bow to ‘Equity and Inclusion.’”  By Lawrence Krauss.  [Forget the Higgs boson and neutrinos.  The Energy Department wants to know your diversity plan.]   10-13-22
  387. Culture War.  “Leaked Audio Exposes the Racial Underbelly of L.A. Politics.”  By Will Swaim.  [The public is shocked to hear the ugly truth about how power operates in a one-party town.]  10-15-22
  388. Culture War.  “America Needs a New Civil Rights Act.”  By Philip Hamburger.  [The 1964 law targeted racial discrimination.  Today’s problem is the suppression of dissent.]   10-17-22
  389. Culture War.  “Why ESG Funds Fail, and How They Could Succeed.”  By Terence Keeley.  [A strategy of divesting from ‘dirty’ companies generates poor returns and little positive change.]  10-18-22
  390. Culture War.  “L.A.’s Scandal of the Ascendant.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The boisterous slurs of secretly recorded City Council members tell you who’s on top now.]   10-19-22
  391. Culture Wars.  “The Deadly ‘De-Growth’ Craze.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Stagnant societies eventually slide into oppression, chaos, anarchy and ruin.]   10-31-22
  392. Culture War.  “The Secret Meaning of Equity.”  By Wm. Gurn.  [Within academia, all understand it as a way to favor some races at the expense of others.]   11-1-22
  393. Culture War.  “Racial Discrimination Forever?”  [Harvard’s lawyer can’t say when racial bias in admissions will end.]   11-1-22
  394. Culture War.  “America’s Discord Looks Like a Job for the Superego.”  By Lance Morrow.  [It’s hard to run a sane civilization in an atmosphere of political hysteria and hallucination.]   11-15-22
  395. Culture War.  “The New Discrimination Demands a New Law.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy and Jed Rubenfeld.  [Expand the Civil Rights Act to protect employees from begin fired for their political beliefs.]  11-16-22
  396. Culture War.  “It’s Always Happening Here.”  (Bookshelf by D.G. Hart. )  “Fascism comes o America.”  By Bruce Kuklick.  [Fear of communism has all but vanished in American culture since the Soviet Unon fell.  But fear of fascism has only grown since 1945.]   11-21-22
  397. Culture War.  “Biden Puts Your 401(k) to ESG Work.”  [A new rule offers legal protection for progressive investments.]  11-25-22
  398. Culture War.  “Disparity Doesn’t Necessarily Imply Racism.”  By Roland Fryer.  [Today it’s more often the result of skills gaps than discrimination.  That’s something every black student needs to know.]   11-26-22
  399. Culture War.  “Americans Are Losing Trust in the Military.”  [The rise of woke politics has undermined public confidence in the brass.]   12-1-22
  400. Culture War.  “Free Speech for All – Except the Little Guy.”  By Christopher Mills.  [The ACLU favors liberty for Big Tech and censorship for small business.]   12-5-22
  401. Culture War.  “A Christian Artist and a Gay Wedding.”  [Remember Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker?  Meet Lorie Smith.]   12-5-22
  402. Culture War.  “Why the ‘Smart’ Party Never Learns.”  By Barton Swaim.  [If your views by definition are enlightened and progressive, why should you bother understanding those of the other side?]   12-10-22
  403. Culture War.  “A Small Texas City Gets a Drag-Queen Parade for Christmas.”   By Kevin E. Stuart.  [When townspeople they objected, municipal staffers short-circuited the democratic process.]   12-10-22
  404. Culture War.  “They Want to Shut You Up.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The Trump Twitter kerfuffle is the tip of an expanding antispeech iceberg.]  12-15-22
  405. Culture War.  “Traditional Marriage Gets Some Respect.”  By Daniel Frost.  [Congress, Biden and the Supreme Court have all rejected the analogy to racial discrimination.]   12-16-22
  406. Culture War.  “No, Biden Isn’t Forcing Your Retirement Money Into ESG Funds.”  By Max M. Schanzenbach and Robert H. Sitkoff.  [Media narratives are based on radical proposals.  But the final rules always prioritize risk and return.]  12-23-22
  407. Culture War.  “The Last of the Hollywood Squares.”  (The Weekend Interview  with Pat Boone by Matthew Hennessey.”  [The America that made the wholesome alternative to Elvis a superstar is rapidly fading from memory.]   12-24-22
  408. Culture War.  “Believe Your Eyes, Not the Statistics.”  (Bookshelf by Charles W. Calomiris).   “The Myth of American Inequality.”  By Phil Gramm, Robert Ekelund and John Early.   [Official government measures greatly exaggerate income inequality by ignoring taxation and noncash sources of income.]   12-27-22
  409. Culture War.  “The Blue State Exodus Continues.”  [The latest census data show California losing and Florida gaining.]   12-28-22
  410. Culture War.  “The ‘National Crisis’ of Gen. Z.”  (The weekend interview with Jonathan Haidt.)  [Warped by social media and a victimhood culture, today’s young people will imperil American culture and capitalism, the social psychologist warns.]   12-31-22
  411. Culture War.  “America’s True Divide:  Pluralists vs. Zealots.”  By Ben Sasse.  [Stop making politics about partisan identities and tribalism and get back to persuasion and policy.]   1-3-23
  412. Culture War.  “New Year’s Can Be Humbling.  Resolve to Keep It That Way.”  By Gerard Baker.  [A call for skepticism in the face of absolutism and self-awareness in the face of self-righteousness.]   1-3-23
  413. Culture War.  “The Quest to Re-Educate Jordan Peterson.”  For speaking his mind, the psychologist could lose his license.]   1-5-23
  414. Culture War.  “Entrepreneurship Will Lift Minorities Up.”  By Bernie Marcus.  [Big government is a far heavier burden to those who start out without privileges and advantages.]   1-10-23
  415. Culture War.  “The Curse of ‘Denial.’”  By Crispin Sartwell.  [What in the world is an ‘economy denier’?  No more than a limp and pointless insult.]  1-12-23
  416. Culture War.  “The Coming Gas Stove Culture War.”  [Don’t believe this week’s denials.  They really are coming for your kitchen.]   1-14-23
  417. Culture War.  “The New Structural Racism.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [In Northern Virginia, affirmative action has hardened into a war on high achievers.]   1-17-23
  418. Culture War.  “A Solution Is in Sight for the ESG Controversy.”   By Vivek Ramaswamy.  [It’s fine for investors to support social objectives, but only with disclosure and affirmative consent.]   1-17-23
  419. Culture War.  “How the Gas Stove in Your Kitchen Became a Symbol of Freedom.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The left framed its latest crusade as a ‘right-wing culture war.’  We’ve seen this pattern many times.]   1-17-23
  420. Culture War.  “The Sundance Film Festival Loyalty Oath.”  By Gary Geipel.  [When you watch a movie, the Safety 1-19-23& Belonging Tea will be watching you.]   1-19-23
  421. Culture War.  “When Pay Transparency Is Opaque.”  [New state laws to promote pay ‘equity’ don’t work as planned.]   1-19-23
  422. Culture War.  “Ivan Provorov Went to a Hockey Game, and a Culture War Broke Out.”  By Tal Fortgang.  [The flyers defenseman’s detractors push liberation at the expense of American pluralism and tolerance.]   1-21-23
  423. Culture War.  “Annoy the Woke Left, Celebrate Australia Day.”  By Tom Switzer.  [As in America, children Down Under are being taught that their country is shameful and racist.]   1-26-23
  424. Culture War.  “Vietnam War Veterans Deserve an Apology.]  by Jerry C. Davis.  [Many didn’t receive a hero’s welcome when they came home.]   1-27-23
  425. Culture War.  “Democrats Deepen the Swamp.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Joe Biden says its’ all good in Washington.  True, if you believe in the tooth fairy.]   2-2-23
  426. Culture War.  “Charlie Baker Can Save Women’s Sports.”   By Riley Gaines.  [The NCAA’s new president can keep what happened to me from happening again.]   2-7-23
  427. Culture War.  “How ‘Diversity’ Policing Fails Science.”  By John D. Sailer.  [An open-records request reveals that Texas Tech faculty penalize candidates for heterodox opinions.]   2-7-23
  428. Culture War.  “Nobody in Miami Says ‘Latinx.’”  By Joseph Contreras.  [When I first saw the word, I thought it must be a typo.]   2-9-23
  429. Culture War.  ”America Longs for Authenticity.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Reflections on Nikki Haley’s announcement, Super Bowl ads and Will Smith’s humiliation.]  2-18-23
  430. Culture War.  “’The 1619 Project’ Vindicates Capitalism.”  By David R. Henderson and Philip W. Magness.  [Its examples of racism all consist in actions by governments.]   2-21-23
  431. Culture  War.  “Woke Roald Dahl will Put Kids to Sleep.”  By Meghan Cox Gurdon.  [‘Sensitivity readers’ are determined to make reading dull.]   2-22-23
  432. Culture War.  “’Defund the Police’ Led to Lower Standards.”  By Jason Johnson.  [Recruitment difficulties have reduced the quality of officers, increasing the risk of abusive conduct.]  2-23-23
  433. Culture War.  “Jimmy Carter’s ‘Malaise’ Speech Aged Well.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [He aptly described the demoralization that preceded today’s hatred and polarization.]  2-25-23
  434. Culture War.  “Vanguard’s CEO Bucks the ESG Orthodoxy.”  By Terrence Keeley.  [Tim Buckley pulls out of the Net Zero Managers initiative and affirms his fiduciary duty to clients.]   2-27-23
  435. Culture War.  “Republicans Ought to Be All for ESG.”  By Chuck Schumer.  [It’s up to asset managers whether to consider such factors or not.  That’s the free market at work.]   3-1-23
  436. Culture War.  “Americans Try Sobriety.” By Daniel Henninger.  [People are pushing back against the political and cultural status quo.]   3-2-23
  437. Culture War.   “How the NIH Pushes DEI On Scientists.”  By John Sailer.  [The Institutes are spending $241 million to push ideological litmus test for faculty hiring.]  3-2-23
  438. Culture War.  “A Teacher’s Union Smears Asians as Communists.”  By Wai Wah Chin.  [A ‘strong association’ kills a history curriculum bill in the Virginia Senate.]   3-3-23
  439. Culture War.  “Employees Terrorize Their Bosses Into Going Woke.”  By Dave Seminara.  [A new study confirms that power-seeking employees play an ’outsized’ role in politicizing businesses.]   3-7-23
  440. Culture War. “’Defund the Police’ Is Over, Now What?  By Wm. A. Galston. [The Chicago Mayor’s race and Biden’s veto show Democrats are trying a new strategy.]   3-8-23
  441. Culture War. “’Tar,’ a Breath of Fresh Air, Deserves the Oscar for Best Picture.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The film’s dramatization of campus cancel culture gives the subject the treatment it deserves.]   3-8-23
  442. Culture War.  “Covid Worsened America’s Rage Virus, for Which There’s No Vaccine.”  By Daniel Lee.  [Critics of the pandemic response were silenced, permanently damaging trust in institutions.]  3-11-23
  443. Culture War.  “If You Want ‘Inclusion,’ I’ve Got a List.”   By Timothy Dolan.  [The unborn, the devout, police and immigrants are all ‘marginalized’ too.]   3-13-23
  444. Culture Wars.  “Did ESG Help Sink SVB?”  by Kimberley A. Strassel.  [One entrepreneur says the bank was offering ‘basically subprime business loans.’]   3-17-23
  445. Culture Wars.  “Who Owens the University?”  by Richard Vedder.  [As state-run schools push extreme ideologies, some lawmakers and governors have begun to puh back.]   3-17-23
  446. Culture Wars. “The Tyranny of the DEI Bureaucracy.”   [Diversity, equity and inclusion offices become weapons to intimidate.]  3-18-23
  447. Culture War.  “Generation Z Yearns for Stability.”  By Suzy Welch.  [The cure to professional malaise and existential dread?  Focus on making life meaningful, not safe.]  3-23-23
  448. Culture War.  “Diversity and Free Speech Can Coexist at Stanford.”   By Tirien Steinbach.  [ We have to stop blaming, start listening, and ask ourselves:  Is the juice worth the squeeze?]  3-24-23
  449. Culture War.  “Georgia’s Affable Culture Warrior.”  (The Weekend Interview with Brian Kemp by James Taranto.)  [The governor who defied Trump to reopen during Covid was also ahead of DeSantis in combatting woke corporations.]   3-25-23
  450. Culture War.  “You Can’t Cancel Me, I Quit.”   By Mary Eberstadt.  [I was supposed to speak at Furman University.  I decided to beg off rather than indulge an angry mob.]   3-27-23
  451. Culture War.  “Some Crazy Ideas Are Deadly Serious.”  By J. Budziszewski.  [Saying men can get pregnant is ridiculous.  Pumping kids full of hormones is wicked.]   3-28-23
  452. Culture War.  “Employers Need to Put the Squeeze on Woke Intolerance.”   By Gerard Baker.  [Young people like the Stanford students who heckled Kyle Duncan should be unemployable.]   3-28-23
  453. Culture War.  “The Cop City Booby Traps.”  [Opponents of a Georgia police-training facility resort to violence.]   3-31-23
  454. Culture War.  “DEI at Law Schools could Bring Down America.” (The  Weekend Interview  with Ilya Shapiro by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [The threat to ‘dismantle existing structures’ is an idle one in English class.  Here it targets individual rights and equal treatment under the Constitution.]   4-1-23
  455. Culture War.  “The Other Stanford DEI Scandal.”  By Betsy DeVos.  [An employee’s false rape accusation sends the campus’s Title IX enforcers into overdrive.]   4-3-23
  456. Culture War.  “Trump Indictment Keeps New York Safe for Accountants.”  By Gerard Baker.  [‘No one is above the law,’  True enough, but this has become a cliched refuge of political scoundrels.]   4-4-23
  457. Culture War.  “North Carolina’s Democratic Defector.”  [Tricia Cotham joins the GOP, giving lawmakers a shot at school choice.]   4-6-23
  458. Culture War.  “Who’s Undemocratic in Tennessee?”  [The lawmakers with the bullhorn? Or those who voted to expel them?]   4-8-23
  459. Culture War.  “Biden’s OMB Plans to Divide America Into More Racial Groups.”  By John F. Early.  [It proposes adding two new categories to use as bases for allotting benefits and ‘enforcement.’]   4-8-23
  460. Culture War.  “A Biologist Explains Why Sex Is Binary.”  By Colin Wright.  [In an effort to confuse the issue, gender ideologues cite rare ambiguous ‘intersex’ cases.]  4-10-23
  461. Culture War.  “The World Is Ending, but It’s Been Ending Many Times Before.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Maybe our tendency to see catastrophe is a product of how easy we have it in this age of abundance.]   4-11-23
  462. Culture War.  “Philly, Fraud and ‘Equity’ Gone Wrong.”  [The feds steer billions to ‘disadvantaged’ firms, and one analysis says fraud is ‘pervasive.’]   4-12-23
  463. Culture War.  “I Helped Make Corporations Woke, and I Regret It.  By Gregory T. Angelo.  [The politicization of everything is too high price for the gay=-rights advances of the 2010.]   4-13-23
  464. Culture War.  “’Air’ Is a Cautionary Tale About ESG.”  By Donald J. Boudreaux and David R. Henderson.  [Michael Jordan’s lesson for investors:  Avoid uncertainty.]   4-14-23
  465. Culture War.  “My Bid to Make JPMorgan Less Woke.”  By David Bahnsen.  [The bank resisted my shareholder resolution but accepted some proposed by the left.]   4-17-23
  466. Culture War.  “Will New York Put Men in Women’s Prisons?”  by Lauren Adams Bone and Jennifer C. Braceras.  [Lawmakers consider mandating transfers for male inmates who ‘identify’ as female.]   4-18-23
  467. Culture War.  “Gas Stoves Triumph Over Berkeley.”  [A federal appeals panel overrules the city’s ban on natural gas hookups.]   4-18-23
  468. Culture War.  “If Western Civilization Dies, Put it down as a Suicide.”  By Gerard Baker.  [We are in the grip of an ideology that disowns our genius, denounces our success, disdains merit.]   4-18-23
  469. Culture War.  “Have a Cold Bud Light, Not a Woke One.”  By Anson Frericks.   [Anheuser-Busch blundered badly by indulging ESG.]   4-21-23
  470. Culture War.  “Leave the American People’ alone.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [A smarmy plea for unity rings especially false at a time when the country is so deeply divided.]   4-22-23
  471. Culture War.  “The ‘Hurtful’ Idea of Scientific Merit.”  By Jerry A. Coyne and Anna I. Krylov.   [Ideology now dominates research in the U.S. more pervasively than it did at the Soviet Union’s height.]   4-28-23
  472. Culture War.  “The Blue State Exodus Accelerates.”  [New IRS data for 2021 shows voters fleeing the likes of Illinois and New York for low-tax climes.]  4-29-23
  473. Culture War.  “DEI Brings Kafka to My Law School.”  By Scott Gerber.  [Ohio Northern University is trying to banish me for lack of ‘collegiality’ but won’t say what I’ve done.]   5-10-23
  474. Culture War.  “Why Are We Stricter With Tattoos Than Transgender Treatment?”  by John Sciortino.  [Every state limits. And many prohibit outright, the permanent marking of children’s bodies.]   5-15-23
  475. Culture War.  “Free Daniel Penny.”  By Wm McGurn.  [How many wish that he had been in heir subway car during a moment of danger?]  5-16-23
  476. Culture War.  “The ESG Proxy Vote Ranking.”  [Is your asset manager voting based on return or political agendas?]   ((with box listing 40 most active voting asset managers))      5-16-23
  477. Culture War.  “A Historic Breach of Fiduciary Duty.”  By Marlo Oaks and Todd Russ.  [Institutional investors like us are the last line of defense against proxies pushing political agendas.]      5-16-23
  478. Culture War.  “Escape From New York, Etc.”  [Big progressive cities suffer another year of declining population.]   5-22-23
  479. Culture War.  “The Target of Runaway Theft.”   [The CEO says thievery will cost the giant retailer $500 million.]   5-22-23
  480. Culture War.  “These Aren’t Tommy Lasorda’s Dodgers.”  By Matthew Hennessey.  [Why would the team honor a group that mocks Catholics?]   5-24-23
  481. Culture War. “ESG Defenders Pose as ‘Free Market’ Disciples.”  By Steve Marshall.  [Activists and bureaucrats seek to deny capital to companies and whole industries via blacklists.]   5-24-23
  482. Culture War.  Critical Race Theory. (Notable and Quotable) from the Spring issue of City Journal. [“…more than 80% of [Americans] who claimed to have heard of CRT either did not know that color-blindness is not aligned to CRT or were wrong and thought that it was…”]  5-24-23
  483. Culture War.  “Henry Kissinger’s Warning at Age 100.”  [The statesman worries about fadig American leadership and belief.]   5-27-23
  484. Culture War.  “A Scientist’s Sexuality Shouldn’t Matter.”  By Lawrence Krauss.  [If you earn a doctorae, a federal agency wants to know if you’re gay, trans, ‘queer’ or ‘genderqueer.’]   5-30-23
  485. Culture War.  “The bigotry that Proudly speaks Its Name.”  by Gerard Baker.  [From Dodger Stadium to Washington, indulging anti-Catholic sentiment is an elite pastime.]   5-30-23
  486. Culture War.  “Targeting Toyota for Its EV Heresy.”  [Public pensions and proxy advisers try to punish the company.]   6-5-23
  487. Culture War.  “How Ideology Corrupts Science on ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’”  By Leor Sapir and Colin Wright.  [Academic publishing giant Springer yields to political pressure and decides to retract an article.]   6-10-23
  488. Culture War.  “SPLC Puts Moms on Its ‘Hate Map.’”  By tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich.  [The outfit likens us to the KKK for asking questions about what our kids are taught.]   6-12-23
  489. Culture War.  “L.A. Dodgers Whiff on ‘Sisters.’”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [As with Bud Light and Target, the response to the backlash only made matters worse.]   6-13-23
  490. Culture War.  “Cancel Culture Comes for Philly’s Weirdest Museum.”  By Stanley Goldfarb. [The Mutter calls itself ‘disturbingly informative.’  Its woke leaders appear anxious to sanitize it.]   6-15-23
  491. Culture War.  “The Talented Mr. Obama.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The ex-president should lead a discussion about race.  He’s damaging it.]  6-22-23
  492. Culture War.  “The Empty Signaling of the Oscars’ DEI Rules.”  By Kyle Smith.  [Conservatives howl, but it turns out the requirements can be met by hiring interns and marketers.]   6-22-23
  493. Culture War.  “The Endocrine Society’s Dangerous Transgender Politicization.”  By Roy Eappen and Ian Kingsbury.  [Members we spoke with take exception to the group’s guidelines on ‘gender-affirming car.’]   6-29-23
  494. Culture War  “Christians Err if They Give Up on America.”  By D.G. Hart.  [Some believers turn away from patriotism and the freedom that lets their faith thrive.]   6-30-23
  495. Culture War.  “Same-Sex Marriage Doesn’t Trump the Right to Dissent.”  By Nicole Ault.  [The Supreme Court rules against Colorado’s use of antidiscrimination laws to compel speech.]   7-1-23
  496. Culture War.  “Is Your Company’s DEI Program Lawful?”  by Michael Toth.  [The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action has implications beyond the ivory tower.]   7-3-23
  497. Culture War.  “Identity Politics Could Kill America’s Scientific Edge.”  By Sadanand Dhume.  [Researchers in communist China are less hamstrung by ideology than their counterparts in the U.S.]  7-7-23
  498. Culture War.  “American Wokeness Invades Britain’s Schools.”  (The Weekend Interview with Katharine Birbalsingh by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [The principal of a ‘free school’ – the equivalent of a charter – says identity politics makes it hard to educate minority youths.]  7-8-23
  499. Culture War.  “Affirmative Acton Meets Real Life.”  By Ted Rall.  [I’m a man of the left, but I never cared for the unfairness of racial preferences.]   7-14-23
  500. Culture War.  “A Warning to the C-Suite on Race.”  [State Attorney’s General call out Fortune 100 hiring practices.]   7-14-23
  501. Culture War.  “Bidenomics and the Boom in Dei and ESG Jobs.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Young grads ae finding employment helping companies not run afoul of progressive orthodoxies.]   7-17-23
  502. Culture War.  “Gender Ideology Isn’t Kids’ Stuff.”  By Erica Komisar.  [Psychologically and emotionally, most aren’t ready for it.] 7-18-23
  503. Culture War.  “Affirmative Action Bred Hypocrisy and Victimhood.”  By Bobby Jindal.  [The court’s decision gives conservatives an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to merit.]   7-18-23
  504. Culture War.  “ESG Is Blowin’ in the Wind.”  By Andy Kessler.  [The ‘60’s produced some catchy songs,.  Today all we get is grievance culture.]   7-24-23
  505. Culture War.  “Business Is Caught in a Diversity Trap.”  [Democratic AGs defend ‘aspirational’ hiring goals.  Republican AGs suggest they’re illegal.]   7-24-23
  506. Culture War.  “Wokeness Hobbles Disney as It Faces the Streaming Challenge.”  By Allysia Finley.  [When revenue is declining anyway, it doesn’t help to alienate half your audience with political posturing.]   7-24-23
  507. Culture War.  “BlackRock’s False Voting ‘Choice.’”  [Asset managers are giving investors proxy vote options? Well, no.]   7-25-23
  508. Culture Wars.  “Racial Preferences in Contracting Face Legal Peril.”  By Judge Glock.  [San Franciso lawmakers declared themselves guilty of discrimination so they could discriminate more.]   7-26-23
  509. Culture War.  “Next Up, Race Preferences in Contracting.”  8-2-23
  510. Culture War.  “A Primer on What a Fiduciary Shouldn’t Do.”  By Terence Keeley.  [A House panel looking into ESG wants asset-management firms to be transparent with clients.]   8-2-23
  511. Culture War.  “Why Woke Works for Ben & Jerry’s.”  by Anson Frericks.  [Politics is central to its mission but a distraction from Anheuser Busch’s, Disney’s and BlackRock’s.]   8-9-23
  512. Culture War.  “No Catholics Need Adopt.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [A Massachusetts couple is denied a foster child because of religious views.]   8-15-23
  513. Culture War.  “A Sanitized ‘French Connection’ vs. the Hip-Hop Gutter.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Censors scrub a 50-year old film to remove a racial slur that kids hear every day in popular music.]   8-16-23
  514. Culture War.  “Parents Win in North Carolina.”  [The Legislature overrides the Governor’s veto on three transgender bills.]   8-18-23
  515. Culture War.  “Save the Confederate Memorial at Arlington.”  By Jim Webb.   [A commission will tear down this monument to nation al healing by year’s end if we don’t act.]    8-19-23
  516. Culture War.  “ESG Busters Need a New Playbook.:  by Paul H. Tice.  [The key to defeating the global ‘sustainability’ campaign lies in following these guiding principles.]   8-24-23
  517. Culture War.  “America Is Often a Nation Divided.”  By Karl Rove.  [U.S. politics is ugly and broken, true enough.  But the good news is that it was worse in the past, and it will get better again.]   8-26-23
  518. Culture War.  “’How to Serve White Victims.’”  By Heather MacDonald.  [Oakland, Calif., is plagued by crime – and by a district attorney determined to divide people by race.  8-31-23
  519. Culture War.  “’We Do Not Co-Parent With the Government.’”  (The Weekend Interview with Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich by Tunku Varadarajan.  [The ‘joyful warriors’ of Moms for Liberty discuss Covid shutdowns, teachers unions, transgenderism and the SPLC’s smear.]   9-2-23
  520. Culture War.  “American Institutions Went From Trust to Bust.”  By Gerard Baker. [Leaders betrayed and disdained the people, and partisanship and social media didn’t help.]   9-9-23
  521. Culture War.  “A Culture-War Skirmish in a Suburban Indianapolis Library.”  [‘The Fault in our Stars’ isn’t sexually explicit, so why did the staff move it to the adult section?]   9-9-23
  522. Culture War.  “America in the Age of ‘Retcon.’”  By Lance Morrow.  [Rewriting the past to suit the fashions of the present is harmless in fiction, but a danger in real life.]   9-21-23
  523. Culture War.  “The Senator’s Shorts and America’s Decline.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [We want to be respected but no longer think we need to be respectable.]   9-23-23
  524. Culture War.  “Why Is Anxiety Rising?”  by Andy Kessler.  [Fears of extinction, Covid, socializing and a seco Trump term are all at play.]   9-25-23
  525. Culture War.  “Where Have The Good Men Gone?”  (Bookshelf by Michael Luca.)  “The Two-Parent Privilege.” By Melissa S Kearney.  [Children fare better when they grow up with both parents – no surprise.  But sometimes mothers have no choice but to go it alone.]   9-25-23
  526. Culture War.  “Political Lawfare May Get ‘Hobbesian.’”  [D.C.s AG threatens state sovereignty at the bidding of the left.]   9-26-23
  527. Culture War.  “The New Moral Order Is Already Crumbling.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Globalism, Climate-change alarmism and cultural self-annihilation have all come under serious challenge.]   9-26-23
  528. Culture War.  “On Marriage, an Economist Bravely States the Obvious.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Melissa Kearney worried about being pigeonholed as she wrote ‘The Two-Paren Privilege.’]   9-27-23
  529. Culture War.  “What Jordan Peterson Can Teach Church Leaders.”  By Aaron M Renn.  [Popular online gurus offer young men a vision of masculinity that is both aspirational and realistic.]  ]   9-30-23
  530. Culture War.  “PAWS for a Cause?  Maybe Not.“  by Michael Taube.  [A children’s cartoon debuts a ‘nonbinary’ character but avoids being inappropriate.]   10-2–23
  531. Culture War.  “The GameStop Stock Craze Hits the Cinema.”  By Cliffor S. Asness.  [The lesson of ‘Dumb Money’ is that a wise crowd can easily turn into a stupid, dangerous mob.]   10-3-23
  532. Culture War.  “’No Guardrails’ Foretold Today’s Breakdown 30 Years Ago.”   By Matthew Hennessey.  [Daniel Henninger’s 1993 editorial noted an erosion of norms.  Things have gotten much worse.]   10-4-23
  533. Culture War.  “The Culture War Is Coming for Your Car.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [As the green left’s hostility to the automobile grows, voters notice their own values are at stake.]   10-6-23
  534. Culture War.  “The Trouble With ‘Social Justice.’”  (The Weekend Interview with Thomas Sowell by Jason L. Riley.)  [The eminent economist faults intellectuals who expect equal outcomes and treat individuals as if they were mere ‘chess pieces.’]   10-7-23
  535. Culture War.  “Shut Up, They Said.”  (Bookshelf by Meghan Cox Gurdon.)  “The Canceling of the American Mind.”  By Greg Luklanoff and Kikki Schlott.  [Express opinions at variance with the rigid orthodoxy of the righteous elite and you will be said to be inflicting ‘harm.’  You will be canceled.]   10-9-23
  536. Culture War.  “The Enemies of Freedom Are Deadlier Than Ever.”  by Gerard Baker.  [Western liberal ideas aren’t guaranteed to prevail, and comforting myths breed complacency.]   10-24-23
  537. Culture War.  “Shut Up, the TED Talk People Explained.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The company invited a lecture by Coleman Hughes and then buried it after employees complained.]  10-25-23
  538. Culture War.  “Do Catholics Need Questions?  No, Answers.”  By Raymond de Souza.  [A crisis of confidence and clarity comes into view at Pope Francis’ ‘synod on synodality.’]   11-3-23
  539. Culture War.  “On Anti-Semitism, Labour Is a Cautionary Tale for Democrats.”  [Party discipline isn’t enough.  If you don’t repudiate crazy ideas, you end up following them.]  11-3-23
  540. Culture War.  “The FCC’s New Racial Broadband Rule.”  11-11-23
  541. Culture War.  “Hawley Aims at Wokeness and Misses.”   By Bradley A. Smith.  [The corporate speech to which he objects has nothing to do with Citizens United.]   11-13-23
  542. Culture War.  “Proxy Advisers and Double Standards.”   [A new study shows Glass Lewis and ISS make material errors in their recommendations.]  [“…they promote the progressive agenda against corporate America.”]   11-16-23
  543. Culture War.  “The Shock of Facing American Anti-Semitism.”  By Joel Engel.  [Jews thought America was a safe haven, but Hamas’s Oct. 7 atrocities revealed hatred here at home.]   11-16-23
  544. Culture War.  “Major Mea Culpa From MLB.”  [The All-Star Game will be in Atlanta in 2025.  How  about an apology.]   11-20-23
  545. Culture War.  “Inside Ohio State’s DEI Factory.”  By John Sailer.  [I obtained 800 pages of ‘Diversity Faculty Recruitment Reports.’  Here’s what I found.]   11-21-23
  546. Culture War.  “Delaware Is Trying Hard to Drive Away Corporations.”  By Wm. P. Barr and Jonathan Berry.  [A flirtation with ESG is jeopardizing its status as a preferred destination for corporate headquarters.]   11-25-23
  547. Culture War.  “We Should All Give Thanks for Taylor Swift.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [She brings joy, jobs and happy feet everywhere she goes  She’s the best thing happening in America.”   11-25-23
  548. Culture War.  “The New Antisemitism Is the Oldest Kind.”  By Lance Morrow.  [This isn’t the midcentury ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ variety.  It’s the return of pure hatred of the Jews.]   12-4-23
  549. Culture War.  “Wisconsin’s Act 10 Is in Jeopardy.”  [“…the left is counting on the result of a single Supreme Court election to overturn huge swathes of public policy passed by the political branches…”]   12-5-23
  550. Culture War.  “DEI Drives Campus Antisemitism.”   By Heather mac Donald.  [Gerrymandering jews into an ‘oppressed’ class won’t save universities from a malevolent ideology.]   12-7-23
  551. Culture War.  “No Menorahs, Please.”   12-11-23
  552. Culture War.  “Why Doesn’t Gen Z Want to Be all  It Can Be?”  by Mike Gallagher and Kevin Wallsten.  [Young Americans are skeptical of the military.  That’s a reason to worry about national security.]   12-14-23
  553. Culture War.  “Most ‘Transgender’ Kids Turn Out to Be Gay.” By Roy Eappen.  [Subjecting them to medical interventions is the modern-day version of ‘conversion therapy.’]   12-15-23
  554. Culture War.  “Minnesota’s Xenophobic Restrictions on Speech.”  By Bradley A. Smith and Eric Wang.  [It’s ban on political speech by ‘foreign influenced’ companies defies U.S. Supreme Court precedent.]   12-18-23
  555. Culture War.  “The Young Woke Will Outgrow It.”  By Michael Segal.  [‘Intersectionality’ has thrived on campus, but it won’t survive now that it’s being exposed to sunlight.]  12-19-23
  556. Culture War.  “Winners of the Year:  Putin, Musk, the U.S. Economy.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Along with Taylor Swift and the Supreme Court.  Loser: China, Bob Iger and of course Harvard.]   12-19-23
  557. Culture War.  “Why Harvard Can’t Fire Claudine Gay.”  By Jason Riley.  [To admit she has performed poorly is to raise basic questions about the entire ‘diversity’ enterprise.]  12-20-23
  558. Culture War.  “Discriminatory ‘Diversity.”  “Notable and Quotable” by Judge James Ho.  [“…favoring one race necessarily means disfavoring those of another race…”]   12-20-23
  559. Culture War.  “America Feels Like a Codependent Household.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Things aren’t normal.  We don’t trust one another, and the country doesn’t quite recognize itself.]   12-26-23
  560. Culture War.  “How Parents Beat the Left in Wisconsin.”  By C.J. Szafir.  [A lawsuit failed after the public rose to defend vouchers.]   12-27-23
  561. Culture War.  “The DEI Rollback of 2023.”  “States start to limit programs that sow racial and political division.]   12-27-23
  562. Culture War.  “Tort Law vs. the Anti-Israel Protesters.”  [If DAs won’t prosecute, victims can sue for false imprisonment.]   12-29-23
  563. Culture War.  “How ‘Antiracism’ Becomes Antisemitism.”  By Barton Swaim. [Demonizing people in racial terms because they’re successful turns out to have consequences.]   12-30-23
  564. Culture War.  “Making Discrimination OK Again.”  By Wm McGurn.  [The losers in a 2020 California referendum are back again with a sneaker version.]   1-2-24
  565. Culture War.  “The Military’s Phantom ‘Extremists.’”   1-2-24
  566. Culture War.  “How We Squeezed Harvard.”  By Christopher F. Rufo.  [Conservatives can prevail in the culture wars by understanding how power works – and using it.]   1-4-24
  567. Culture War.  “Trial Lawyers Are Wrecking the Bankruptcy System.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lawrence A. Friedman.  [Defendants and plaintiffs alike suffer from the abuse.  The only beneficiaries are the plaintiffs’ attorneys.]   1-5-24
  568. Culture War.  “A New American Tries to Buck Up His Countrymen.”  By Gerard Baker.  [I humbly suggest that the self-loathing left and the pessimistic right have both managed to get it wrong.]   1-9-24
  569. Culture War.  “Reports of DEI’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.”  By Hal R. Arkes.  [So long as the implicit-association test is in circulation, the myth of a mostly racist U.S. will live.]   1-11-24
  570. Culture War.  “The New Segregation on Campus.”  [UCLA’s med school divides students by race to teach ‘antiracism.’]   1-12-24
  571. Culture War.  “Is There a Constitutional Right to Vagrancy.?”  [The Supreme Court will consider if cities can enforce public order.]   1-13-24
  572. Culture War.  “Federal Contracting Is the Next DEI Target.”  By Michael Toth.   [Companies are required to meet strict hiring ‘goals’ that would be illegal anywhere else.]   1-16-24
  573. Culture War.  “The Gaza Protest at the Cancer Ward.”  1-17-24
  574. Culture War.  “The Combat Antisemitism, Understand Its Variety.”  By Gary Saul Morson.  [It isn’t always a matter of simple hatred.  Sometimes it springs from ideology or is a product of ignorance.]   1-17-24
  575. Culture War.  “A Century After Lenin’s Death, His Evil Legacy Lives On.”  By David Sattor.  [Believing that the class struggle justified any means, he glorified murder as a moral obligation.]   1-20-24
  576. Culture War.  “Pop Goes the DEI Bubble.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Claudine Gay’s resignation proved we are moving away from this harmful ideology.]   1-22-24
  577. Culture War.  “Davos Turns Gently to the Right.”   By Walter Russell Mead.  [Global elites begin to grasp that statism doesn’t work and the world needs America.]   1-23-24
  578. Culture War.  “The Sneaky Road Back to Race Preferences.”   By Wm. McGurn.  [Will a Virginia high school’s anti-Asian policies evade the Supreme Court.?]   1-23-24
  579. Culture War.  “DEI Is Worth Saving From Its Excesses.”  By Richard Fryer.   [Companies should root out discrimination and hostile training sessions and focus on optimizing talent.]   1-23-24
  580. Culture War.  “Oxfam’s Love Affair With ‘Inequality.’”  By Johan Norberg and Gonzalo Schwarz.  [Its zero-sum view obscures the ways in which life for the poor has improved in the past 20 years.]  1-24-24
  581. Culture War.  “If Police Won’t Back Up ‘Mr. Brooklyn,’ Maybe a Lawyer Will.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [How to hold anti-Israel protesters accountable for breaking the law by disrupting traffic.]   1-24-24
  582. Culture War.  “Canada vs. Jordan Peterson.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.   [A system that relies on cultural repression to advance its agenda sees him as a danger.]   1-29-24
  583. Culture War.  “Lay Down Your Weaponization.”  By Andy Kessler.  ‘The escalatory term is applied to the border, mental health, culture wars, even children.]   1-29-24
  584. Culture War.  “How ‘Our Democracy’ Became Undemocratic.”  By Barton Swaim.  [The word used to signify elections and self-rule.  Now it means whatever progressives want.]   1-29-24
  585. Culture War.  “Oregon Rethinks Drug Decriminalization.”   [Democrats seek to reinstate penalties as overdose deaths soar.]   1-30-24
  586. Culture Wars.  “Cancel Culture Dominates Children’s Literature.”  By Jonah Winter.  [Publishers and authors live in fear that self-interested ‘activists’ will deem their work ‘problematic.’]    2-6-24Culture War.  “Toby Keith’s American Life.  [The country music star captured the spirit of post-9/11 ‘U.S. of a.’]   2-7-24
  587. Culture War.  “A Progressive California Epiphany.”  [Democrats now want to repeal their graduated income tax on electricity.]   2-7-24
  588. Culture War.  “The Over-The -top Epidemic.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [From Congress o protest to golf, we have become engulfed on personal excess.]   2-15-24
  589. Culture War.  “An ESG Asset Manager Exodus.”  2-16-24
  590. Culture War.  “NCAA Cheats Female Athletes – Again.”  By Wm. Bock III.   [It’s transgender policy is reminiscent of its resistance to Title IX half a century ago.]   2-21-24
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PUBLISHED: 17:00 EDT, 15 August 2020 | UPDATED: 09:47 EDT, 16 August 2020

Are We in A Revolution and Don’t Even Know It?

By Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)

August 16, 2021

Institutions are being absorbed not just by the woke apparat, but by an array of ideologies that seeks to destroy them.

The collective madness that ensued from the pandemic, the quarantine, the self-induced recession, the George Floyd killing and subsequent months of exempted riots, the election year, and the resurgence of variants of the Chinese-engineered coronavirus, all ignited the fuse of formerly inert socialist dynamite. And the ensuing explosion of revolutionary fervor in just a few months has made America almost unrecognizable.

“Workers of the world unite!” was the old Marxist internationalist war cry. The perceived enemies of coerced socialism were nationalism—and the idea of singular countries defined by borders containing unique citizens legally distinct from mere migratory residents, and sharing ties and traditions that transcended race and class. All that is now problematic.

If it is true that two million illegal aliens will cross the southern border with impunity in the current fiscal year, then the Biden agenda is apparently to help erode the idea of citizenship and anybody defined as an American. Under the socialist ethos, the indigent in Yucatan and the impoverished migrant from Nigeria have as much right to enter and live in the United States as U.S. citizens. And their respective rights under the living Constitution are now nearly identical.

In just seven months, our southern border has vanished. Apparently, it was an artificial construct that obstructed the migrations of the global community. We are back to a natural, pre-civilizational and Rousseauian idea of freeing migrating tribes from the chains of civilization. And what better way to start than dispensing with unique borders, citizenship, and the idea of a nation state?

Socialism aligns foreign policy with the interests of the global oppressed

rather than the citizens of a particular nation. In reductionist terms, what

do lifting sanctions on Iran and appeasing its theocracy, reaching out to Hamas and snubbing Israel, and allowing the Taliban to overrun Afghanistan have in common? Just as the United States is trying to rebrand itself as a sort of new, non-Western nation, so it clumsily seeks to recalibrate its foreign policy to cease support for the overdog, the American client, and the more Westernized. We are to believe that an empowered Persian Shiite crescent offers equity to the silenced of the Middle East. The Taliban, perhaps regrettably, better represents indigenous Afghan culture than does the Westernized bourgeois elite in Kabul. Hezbollah and Hamas are the more authentic Middle Easterners than the Western Zionist interlopers of Israel. In other words, our foreign policy is in a revolutionary flux.

Liberals try to yank capitalism to the left; but true revolutionaries seek to dismantle the very tenets upon which it is based. No wonder that a recent poll showed most Democrats had a more favorable view (59 percent) of socialism than of capitalism (49 percent).

So, the Right shouts “They are socialists!” And the Left fires back “smears and lies!” while quietly the Biden Administration has already begun systematically to warp the rules of free-market capitalism. In other words, we are apparently all to be socialists now.

By continuing to suspend rental payments to landlords who have no redress to the courts for violations of their contractual leases, the government essentially has redefined private property as we know it. Who really owns an apartment or a room in a house if the occupant has not paid rent since last spring? Is the de facto owner the renter in physical control of the unit, or the increasingly impotent title holder who must still pay the insurance, taxes, and upkeep?

Do we still recognize the principle that those who owe money must pay it back? Biden is talking about vastly expanding any prior idea of student loan debt cancellations by massive new amnesties. As capitalism transitions into socialism, what about the parents who saved to pay their children’s tuition, the students who worked part-time and took only the units they could pay for, or the working-class youths who decided loans were too risky and preferred instead at 18 to go straight to work?

Are they hapless Kulaks? And what do we name the indebted students and the loan-sharking universities who finagled a collective $1.7 trillion in student debt? Revolutionaries? Who pays for what others have incurred?

Supply and demand under capitalism adjudicate wages and thus the rate of unemployment. But have we ever seen an expanding economy seeking to meet pent-up consumer demands for goods and services without the labor to meet that need? The workers are everywhere and nowhere, but the government has deliberately persuaded millions not to return officially to work, given rising unemployment compensation is more remunerative than the wages of working. Have we now finally embraced the old Marxist canard, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”?

Inflation and the devaluation of the currency are now seemingly a good thing; printing dollars erodes the savings of the thrifty and money spreads to those who allegedly need and deserve it.

Note we owe nearly $30 trillion in national debt. Yet as the Biden Administration runs a $2 trillion annual deficit, it pushes an “infrastructure” bill that will mean additionally somewhere between $2 to $4 trillion of more printed cash. Ronald Reagan talked of “starving the beast”—cutting taxes to deprive the voracious bureaucratic state of its fiscal food.

Now instead we are “gorging the beast”: exponentially expanding government with so much debt that higher taxes are inevitable. And with the red ink comes redistribution in the socialist sense of borrowing more to give to the deserving, and taking more from the undeserving—to borrow even more for the more deserving still.

Socialism does not believe in the construct of “merit,” given it is predicated on free will that trends supposedly towards selfishness, and results in an absence of “equity”: that is why colleges have dropped standardized tests for applicants, and are jettisoning traditional ideas of “exclusionary” honors programs.

Remember, under socialism, in T-ball style, we all win—or lose. Our shared purposes are not to help meet and surpass purportedly artificially constructed standards of excellence to ensure greater prosperity, security, and comfort, but to demolish such ossified constructs, and rebrand the formerly failed as the now successful.

The revolution has already redefined crime as a construct in the eye of the bourgeois beholder. Our woke elite told us to cool it for 120 days of last summer’s riots, looting and arson, since in the words of the “1619 Project” architect and former New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, “Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence.” Torch a federal courthouse, a church, or police precinct and why worry over mere “brick and mortar”? Take over a few city blocks and, presto, we have a “summer of love.”

“Defund the police” became a socialist slogan supposedly to remind us that “crime” is what the rich call going into Walgreens to grab something they never fret about needing. COVID-19 is not the real reason why prisoners are freed from jails and prison to commit new crimes at an alarming rate. Indeed, those people didn’t really commit crimes so much as reflect society’s bad karma of arbitrarily labeling what they did as “crimes” in the first place, which in truth were often simply cries from the heart.

Two years ago, it would have been considered absurd that youth would ride bikes into drug stores and steal with impunity as security guards watched, or thieves could enter into Neiman-Marcus department stores and skip out with thousands of dollars of rich people’s favorites. Over $2 billion in “stuff” was destroyed in 2020. And almost none of the violence was ever properly investigated, the perpetrators arrested, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced, or incarcerated.

In such revolutionary times, no one knows any more what is and is not a crime. Illegally storming the border when positive for COVID-19? Destroying a public statue of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson? Looting a corporate chain store? Knocking out an Asian-American septuagenarian? Or turning over the tables of Jewish-Americans as they eat? Taking over municipal blocks and declaring the confiscation an autonomous zone? Not crimes. “Illegal parading” inside the U.S. Capitol building? Crime.

Twenty years ago, on the eve of 9/11, there were earlier heated debates over cash reparations. The acrimony has now again resurfaced after the rioting that followed the death of George Floyd.

Yet the Left this time around did not envision reparations as just monetary gifting for the distant descendants of the enslaved and the generations who grew up under Jim Crow. Rather, it is already recalibrating the Great Society doctrine of “proportional representation” quotas, achieved through “disparate impact,” into new reparatory and disproportionate quotas and allotments.

We are jettisoning the old idea under our Lebanese-like system of racial spoils that each group deserved representation in hiring and admission commensurate to its percentages of the population—trumping many traditional meritocratic criteria of examination scores, grades, or prior work experience.

No more. If one examines current fall 2021 entering classes at many of our elite universities, many minority groups will enroll with numbers disproportionate to their current demographic percentages but proportionate to the idea of reparatory “overrepresentation.”

The same holds true of the racial make-up of new television shows and commercials, pilot training programs, and corporate board room representation. Again, the idea is that blacks, for example, should be represented in percentages exceeding 12 percent in any coveted honors or awards—to make up for past underrepresentation, given prior mere proportionality offers no reparatory justice.

In a strange way, for all the furor over reparation payments, the issue already is beginning to be settled quietly by our major institutions. Note class consideration will have no role in such disproportionate and compensatory action.

Another revolutionary crackpot idea was ending nuclear power and fossil fuels and replacing them with wind and solar generation that would power our homes and our new envisioned national fleet of electric cars. No one quite believed the revolutionary Left would be so suicidal as to spike the energy costs of the middle class, make the United States dependent again on imported oil from the autocratic Middle East and Russia, and strangle the oil and gas industry that had enriched America.

But without much debate, Joe Biden has cancelled the huge ANWR oil and gas project in Alaska. He shut down the Keystone Pipeline and destroyed Alberta’s export of oil to the United States. He nixed all new fossil fuel leases on federal lands. He discouraged frackers from using their full inventory of rigs. As gasoline heads to $5 a gallon, Joe Biden, in the months before the next midterm elections, asks OPEC to send us its hated carbon fuel to help our addicted, but suddenly furious, commuter-voters.

Here is a final reminder of why the revolution has already turned society upside down. The canniest elements of the aristocracy always cut deals with the revolution and indeed often remain the nomenklatura. What unites Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and the Silicon Valley billionaire crowd are the exemptions they purchased from revolutionary justice.

In the old days they would have gotten dachas on the Black Sea coast and three dial phones on their desks. These days they keep their billions if they give a hundred million dollars in “civility” bounties here to Van Jones (ex-truther and expert on why white people are supposedly responsible for mass shootings) or there seed $500 million to key voting precincts to help ensure the good people defeat the bad.

In 1961, Cubans were not quite aware that they were experiencing a Marxist takeover. Nor were Russians fully cognizant in 1917 of the plans that the Bolsheviks had for them over the next few decades. It is hard to see during anarchy, chaos, and collapsing institutions that leftists still have an agenda for what will emerge on the other side.

In other words, we are in the midst of a revolutionary epoch and probably most don’t even know it.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and a Member of the Board of Advisors for both the Independent Institute as well as its quarterly journal, The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy.



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