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  1. Student Loan Debts Need Astute Planning 6-24-14
  2. Student Loan: “ Escaping the Student- Debt Trap” 6-14-14
  3. Student Loans. “Obama’s Student Loan Blowout.” 9-10-14
  4. Student Loan.   “The Democrats Student-Loan Weapon.” By Andrew Kelly et al., [Wooing youn voters with a $58 bilion plan that gives money primarily to college graduates who don’t need it.] 9-18-14
  5. Student Loans Worse than Expected. [The Congressiona Budget Office reports a $20 billion cost increase.] 9-20-14
  6. Student-Loan Debt: A Federal Toxic Asset. By Joel Best and Eric Best. [Only about 56% of borrowers are making payments. At the peak of the mortgage crisis, 10% fell behind on payments.]   10-2-2014
  7. Student Loans. “Welcome to Ginger and Pickles University.” By Joshua P. Hochschild. [Obama wants to make student-loan defaults easier. Maybe he should consult with Beatrix Potter first.] 3-12-15

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