Crime / Gun Control

Opinion Headlines

  1. Crime. “Explaining Away the New Crime Wave.” By Heather MacDonald. [Activists continue to deny the importance of proactive community policing, even as shootings increase.] 6-15-15
  2. Crime. LTE. “As Police Are Slammed, More Violent Predators Emerge.” 6-19-15Defense. “Rubio and the National-Security Republicans.” By Dorothy Rabinowitz. [GOP candidates clearly recognize the growing threat to the nation, in marked contrast with Hillary Clinton.] 6-19-15
  3. Crime. “Terror in Chattanooga.” [Another warning that surveillance is essential to public safety.] 7-18-15
  4. Crime. “Obama’s Prison Breakout.” [States are already leading a bipartisan reform effort.] 7-18-15
  5. Crime. “America’s Legal Order Begins to Fray.” By Heather Mac Donald. [Amid the escalation of violent crime are signs of a breakdown of basic respect for law enforcement.]   9-14-15
  6. Crime. “Big Data and Mass Shootings.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [This month Hitachi launched a test of its crime-prediction software in several American cities.] 10-10-12
  7. Crime. LTE. “Mass Shootings and Mental-Health-Care Law.” 10-17-15
  8. Crime/gun control. “The Progressive Gun-Control Charade.” By Nicholas Johnson. [After tragedy, politicians glibly call for unworkable reforms – then blame the ‘gun lobby’ when they fail.] 10-26-15
  9. Crime. LTE. “Sentence Structure for Drugs Needs an Editor.” 10-29-15
  10. Crime. LTE “Mass Killings, Gun Laws and the Constitution. 11-2-15
  11. Crime. “The Next Mad Gunman.” [GOP leaders should move on a bipartisan mental-health reform.] 11-30-15
  12. Crime. “The Injustice of the Plea-Bargain System.” By Lucian E. Dervan. 12-4-15
  13. Crime. LTE. “There‘s No Protection Against Mad Gunmen.” 12-4-15
  14. Crime / gun control. “The Liberal Theology of Gun Control.” By William McGurn. [Guns are what you talk about to avoid having to talk about Islamist terrorism.] 12-8-15
  15. Crime. “Law and Order Returns.” By Daniel Henninger. [In unsettled times, Hillary Clinton could be the Hubert Humphrey of 2016.] 12-10-15
  16. Crime. LTE. “Justice, Efficiency and Not So Pretty Pleas.” 12-16-15   (See 12-4-15, this subject, here.)
  17. Crime. “The People vs. Marin Shkreli.” [The ex-pharma CEO is charged with being a garden-variety fraudster.] 12-19-15
  18. Crime. “Trying to Hide the Rise of Violent Crime.” By Heather Mac Donald. [Progressives and their media allies have launched a campaign to deny the ‘Ferguson effect’ – but it’s real, and it’s increasingly deadly for inner cities.] 12-26-15
  19. Crime/gun control. “The Billionaire Gun-Control Loophole.” [Democrats discover the joys of political spending by the rich.] 1-6-16
  20. Crime/gun control. “A Glittery gun-Control Distraction.” By Nicholas Johnson. [Obama tightens rules for gun dealers – which will do little other than allow him to duck the real questions.] 1-6-16
  21. Crime. LTE. “Congress Must Change Gun Dealer Law, Not AG Lynch.” 1-14-16
  22. Crime. “Chuck Grassley’s Guilty Politics.” [The GOP Senator and The White House oppose mens rea reform.] 1-26-16
  23. Crime. LTE. “Journal Is Wrong on the Criminal Intent Bill.” 2-1-16 [Re: Chuck Grassley’s Guilty Politics, 1-26-16]
  24. Crime. LTE. “Feds Criminalize Things That Aren’t Crimes.” 2-5-16
  25. Crime. Banks. “Warren’s Criminal Complaint.” [She wants bankers to go to jail even if they didn’t intend to break the law.] 2-6-16
  26. Crime. “Taking the Profit Out of Police Work.” By Brad Gates.   [“…Three decades ago I helped create our civil-asset forfeiture system; now it is time to end it.”] 2-11-16
  27. Crime. “Welcome to the legal Minefield Laid by Obama and the Feds. “ by Jim Sensenbrenner. [How many criminal laws are there? Nobody knows. But you’re likely breaking one.] 2-17-16
  28. Crime. “The IPhone Fight is Already Over.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Law enforcement will take this round but lose the larger battle over access to encrypted data.] 2-20-16
  29. Crime. “Tim Cook’s Bad Apple. “ by L. Gordon Crovitz. [Refusing to cooperate with the FBI is about protecting the brand, not iPhone users.] 2-22-16
  30. Crime. LTE. “Too Many Criminal Laws Are Too Arbitrary.” 2-22-16
  31. Crime. “The Myth of Mass Incarceration.” By Barry Latzer. [Violent crime, not drugs, has driven imprisonment. And drug offenses usually are for dealing, not using.] 2-23-16
  32. Crime. “Apple is Right on Encryption.” [The FBI doesn’t want merely one phone, and its warrant is legally suspect.] 3-2-16
  33. Crime. LTE. “Mass Incarceration and American Drug Laws.”   3-2-16
  34. Crime. LTE. “General Prison Population Hasn’t Increased That Much.”  3-10-16
  35. Crime/guns. “Gun-shop Owners Run Into a Regulatory Silencer.” By Adam O’Neal. [A sign in a store window saying you sell handguns? Not allowed in California.] 3-26-16
  36. Crime / Gun control. LTE. “Overstretched Police and Foolishly Wasted Resources.] 4-5-16
  37. Crime. “In Defense of Bill Clinton.” [No Democrat will speak up for his record in reducing crime.] 4-9-16
  38. Cirme. “Encryption Without Tears.” By Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein. 4-28-16 (Sen. Burr (R. N.C.) is the chairman, and Sen. Feinstein (D. Calif.) the vice chairman, of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.)
  39. Crime. LTE. “Encryption and Lack of Trust in Big Brother.” 5-5-16
  40. Crime. “Notable & Quotable: The 2016 Homicide Surge.” From the FBI transcript of a press briefing by the bureau’s director, James Comey, May 11. [“…I resist the term Ferguson effect…] 5-14-16
  41. Crime. “The Nationwide Crime Wave Is Building.” By Heather MacDonald. [As the homicide rate keeps rising in many cities, even some who dismissed the ‘Ferguson effect’ admit the phenomenon is real.] 5-24-16
  42. Gun Control. “Trump vs. Clinton on Gun Rights.” [A fifth liberal Justice could kill the individual right to bear arms.] 5-25-16
  43. Crime. “To End Mass Incarceration, Think Local.”  By Tom Dart (sheriff of Cook County, Ill.)  [More than 90% of U.S. prisoners are being held in county jails or are serving sentences in state prisons.]  5-31-16
  44. Crime. LTE.  “Crime is Rising, Police Effectiveness Declines.”  6-1-16
  45. Gun Control. LTE.  “Hillary, Donald and the Second Amendment.”  6-2-16
  46. Gun control. “An Assault Rifle Education.”  [Hillary’s ban wouldn’t work any better than her husband’s did.]  6-16-16
  47. Crime. “A Parent’s Nightmare – Increasingly Unlikely.”  By Lenore Skenazy. [“…statistic…saddest of all…In the cases of 31% of kidnapped children, no one reported them missing…”]  6-21-16
  48. Crime. “Supreme RICO Rollback.”  [Sotomayor’s recusal saves the day on a plaintiff’s bar gambit.]  6-22-16
  49. Crime. LTE.  “Let the Police Do Their Job Without Imposing Ideology.”  6-28-16
  50. Crime. “How Rogue Regimes Have Weaponized Interpol.”  By Herta Daubler-Gmelin.  [Iran, Russia, Venezuela and other authoritarian governments abuse the agency to target critics.]  6-29-16
  51. Crime. “Reining in Prosecutorial Misconduct.”  By John Hollway.  [Criminalizing financial conduct, not disclosing evidence – the rulebreakers need new and clearer rules.]  7-5-16
  52. Crime. LTE.  “Interpol Is No Stooge for Authoritarian Goons.”  7-6-16
  53. Gun Control. “Gun Control Won’t Fix Chicago.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Sixty-four people were shot over the holiday weekend.  But the left only talks about ‘assault rifles.’]  7-6-16
  54. Crime. “After Dallas, Leadership.”  [The demonization of law enforcement will lead to more violence.]  7-9-16
  55. Crime. “Healing After Dallas, Without Obama.”  7-12-16
  56. Crime. LTE.  “Interpol risks Hijacking for Political Ends.”  7-13-16
  57. Crime. “Time to End the Demonizing of Police.”  By Heather MacDonald.  [Two years of corrosive rhetoric about racist cops, based on falsehoods – with disastrous effects.]  7-13-16
  58. Crime. “Another Police Ambush.”  [The thin blue line between order and chaos I attacked again.]  7-18-16
  59. Crime. LTE.  “Race is Still the Most ‘Volatile Flash Point.”  7-20-16  (See #57, here)
  60. Crime. “Law and Order:  1968 and Today.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Trump makes no secret of using the Nixon playbook.  But how do the crime rate and national mood back then compare with 2016’s?]  7-20-16
  61. Crime. “Why Koch Industries ‘Banned the Box’.”  By Mark V. Holden.  [Rejecting job applicants with criminal records is bad for America and those in need of a second chance.]  8-18-16
  62. Gun control. “The Unknown Olympic Champion.”  [Kim Rhode has won medals in six games.  Cue the non-coverage.]  8-19-16
  63. Crime. “Rejecting Voodoo Science in the Courtroom.”  By Alex Kozinski.  [The U.S. has relied on flawed forensic-evidence techniques for decades, falsely convicting many.]  9-20-16
  64. Crime. “California’s Bad Example for Criminal-Justice Reformers.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Prop. 47, which kept petty criminals out of jail, stands as a warning about unintended consequences.]  10-8-16Crime. “From Corporate Pay to Private Prisons – Lessons from the Nobelists.”  By David R. Henderson.  [What’s the best way to reward managers?  Are contract jails a good idea? Professors at Harvard and MIT win for their insights.]  10-11-16
  65. Crime. LTE.  “No Fixed Link Between Crime, Prison Rates.”  10-19-16
  66. Crime. “Trump Can End the War on Cops.”  By Heather Mac Donald.  [Stop treating police as racist and pushing lower hiring standards as a way to achieve ‘diversity.’]  12-17-16
  67. Crime. “Murder and Policing in Chicago.”  [As cops retreat under political pressure, homicides rise 57%.] 1-3-17
  68. Crime. “It Isn’t Offensive to Give Offenders a Second Chance.”  By Chandra Bozelko.  [The media attack Trump for associating with felons.  Would they prefer if he stigmatized them?]  1-9-17
  69. Crime. “The Real Crime Problem Doesn’t Make Much News.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The media play up shootings by police.  Last year in Chicago, they were less than 1% of the total.]  1-11-17
  70. Crime. “An NFL Legend, Trump and America’s Gangs.” (A weekend interview with Jim Brown by Allysia Finley.)  [The football great stopped by Trump Tower to enlist the new president in making inner cities great again – or at least better.] 1-21-17
  71. Crime. “The Comey Reprieve.”  [Trump keeps the FBI director on the job.  Good luck. ]  1-25-17
  72. Crime. “In Chicago, ‘the Feds’ Are Part of the Problem.”  By Heather Mac Donald.  [Trump doesn’t need to send troops or officers but can help by pulling back the Justice Department.]  1-26-17
  73. Crime. “The Secrets of New York City’s Policing Success.” (Weekend interview with James O’Neill)  By Wm. McGurn.  [The big Apple’s new top cop on how to protect citizens from both street crime and terrorism.]  1-28-17
  74. Crime. Illinois. “Remembering a Detective and His Hope for Chicago’s Streets.” By Bob Greene. [‘What happened to our concept of the value of human life?’ Joe D said. ‘I see people killing for fun.’] 2-4-17
  75. Crime. “My Mind Made Me Do It.” (Bookshelf by Jonathan Rosen) The Brain Defense by Kevin Davis. [Where once lawyers pointed to a broken home, many now point to a ‘broken brain,’ whether caused by childhood abuse or a cyst.] 3-6-17
  76. Crime. “Trump Should Be Appalled by Police Asset Forteiture.” By Lee McGrath and Nick Sibilia. [Cops can seize cash, cars and real estate without its owner ever being charged or convicted of a crime.] 3-6-17
  77. Crime. “Politically Correct Juries.” [Justice Kennedy’s new racial standard to overturn verdicts.] 3-10-17
  78. Crime. FBI. “6-1/2 More Years.” […[James Comey] should step down…] 3-10-17
  79. Crime. “Crime and Immigration.” [The U.S. needs to deport criminals, not create a new bureaucracy.] 3-13-17
  80. Gun Control. “Don’t Mess With New York’s Gun Laws.” By James P. O’Neill and Cyrus R. Vance. Jr. [We don’t need – or want – people bringing firearms from other states to Central Park or Times Square.] 3-24-17
  81. Crime. Police. “Mississippi’s Forfeiture Reforms.” [A right-left coalition moves to hold police more accountable.] 3-25-17
  82. Crime. “Mandatory Minimums Don’t Deserve Your Ire.”  By Heather Mac Donald. [Jeff Sessions’s policy won’t lock up harmless stoners, but it will help dismantle drug-trafficking networks.]  5-26-17
  83. Crime. “How to Give Capital Punishment a Reprieve.”  By John  Steele Gordon.  [Execution must be made speedy after a high burden of proof is met.  No more 25-year appeals.]  5-30-17
  84. Crime. “Cops and Urban Youth find Common Ground.”  (The Weekend Interview with Jay Paris by Melanie Kirkpatrick]  [The Youth and Police Initiative has helped reduce big-city crime.  Its founder sees potential against terrorism.]  6-3-17
  85. Crime. “Their Finest Hour.”  [Two officers save many lives, and the politicians respond will too.]  [Re: Wash. D.C. liberal gunman out to kill Republicans on baseball diamond] 6-15-17
  86. Crime. “We Need Guns Before the Cops Arrive.”  By Daniel Lee.  [Members of Congress were lucky the Capitol Police were on hand.]  6-19-17
  87. Crime. “Hitting the Books Behind Bars.”  By Jim Farrin.  [Team Trump should commit to providing inmates an education.]  6-22-17
  88. Crime. “D.C. Shooter a Case for ‘Pre-Crime.’?” By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Big Tech firms already may know enough to provide a list of future suspects.]  6-24-17
  89. Gun-Control. “Congressman, Defend Thyself.”  By Thomas Massie.  [Many lawmakers have gun permits, but we can’t use them in D.C.]  6-26-17
  90. Gun Control. “The Answer to the Virginia Shooting Isn’t Looser Gun Laws.”  By Don Beyer.  [One idea is to force states to accept one another’s concealed-carry permits.  What could go wrong?]  6-29-17
  91. Crime. “Prosecutors and Political Corruption.”  [The Second Circuit tosses another major Preet Bharara case.]  7-17-17
  92. Crime. “Women and Minorities Bear Arms.”  By John R. Lott Jr.  7-20-17
  93. Crime. “The Other Sessions Issue.”  [Giving law enforcement a license — and incentive – to steal.]  7-21-17
  94. Crime. “Cops and Robbers, All Rolled Into One.”  By Tony Lima.  [Law-enforcement agencies seize billions a year without filing charges.  Even burglars take less.]  7-25-17
  95. Crime. “Striking the Right Balance on Asset Seizures.”  By George J. Terwilliger III.  [Forfeiture is a vital tool, and safeguards will prevent abuse.]  7-27-17
  96. Crime. “How to Save Lives With DNA Testing.”  By Mark Helprin. [Most states don’t record genetic information of those who commit serious misdemeanors.]  8-2-17
  97. Crime. “Maryland’s Bail Reform Is a Warning for Would-be Moralizers.”  By Walter Olson.  [Rather than release more defendants pending triall, judges have erred on the side of locking them up.]  9-23-17
  98. Crime. “Addiction Shouldn’t Excuse Criminal Acts.”  By Stephen J. Morse and Sally Satel.  [A state court takes up a case that could set a dangerous precedent.]  10-2-17
  99. Crime. “’An Act of Pure Evil’.”  [Amid the Las Vegas horror, don’t forget Steve Scalise’s recovery.]  10-3-17
  100. Gun Control. “Gun Control After Las Vegas.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Anyone who disagrees with the liberals’ absolutist default position is deplorable.]  10-5-17
  101. Gun control. “The Gun Control Mirage.”  [More gun laws won’t stop mass shootings by determined killers.]  10-5-17
  102. Guns. LTE.  “Do Something, Anything, About Gun Violence.” (9 letters to the editor) 10-6-17
  103. Crime. “The Culture of Death – and of Disdain.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Why do Americans own so many guns? Because they don’t trust the protected elites to protect them.]  10-7-17
  104. Gun Control. “How Dare the GOP Pray for Texas?  By Wm. McGurn.  [It is now deplorable to offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ for the First Baptist church families.]  11-7-17
  105. Gun Control. “A Plumber With a Rifle.”  [A neighbor saves lives in Texas with a legal gun and some quick action.]  11-7-17
  106. Crime. “The Sexual-Harassment Racket Is Over.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [For a quarter century we had been stuck in He Said Said/She Said.  Now Predators are on notice.]  11-25-17
  107. Crime. “A ‘School Shooting’ With a Pellet Gun.” By Daniel Lee. [Stretching statistics obscures the real issues in the debate.] 1-26-18
  108. Gun Control. “Better Background Gun Checks.” [One way to help keep guns from the ill and dangerous.] 2-21-18
  109. Gun Control. “Real Solutions for Curtailing Gun Violence.” By John Carlson. [Toughen penalties for theft of firearms, and seriously enforce illegal-possession and straw-purchase laws.] 2-21-18
  110. Crime. “Stopping School Shootings and Mass Murder.” LTE. 2-22-18
  111. Gun Control. “The GOP’s Gun Temptation. “ by Kimberley A. Strassel. [In Parkland’s wake, Trump and Rubio flirt with feel-good but ineffective solutions.] 2-23-18
  112. Gun Control. “Parkland’s Enforcement Failures.” [The public-safety bureaucracies failed on multiple levels.] 2-24-18
  113. Gun Control. “Our Childish Gun Debate.” By Wm. McGurn. [When Marco Rubio is likened to shooter Nikolas Cruz, we’re not being serious.] 2-27-18
  114. Crime. “Keep Schools Safe by Listening to the ‘Buzz.’ By Robert L. Woodson Sr. [‘Youth advisers could help prevent the next mass shooting.] 2-28-18
  115. Gun control. “A Moment for Movement on Guns.” By Peggy Noonan. [Donald Trump is making sense – jumbling categories as a ‘right-winger’ who favors tighter restrictions.] 3-3-18
  116. Gun Control. “I Have OCS. Don’t I Have Gun Rights.” By Peter Mandel. [‘The mentally ill’ is a much broader category than people often realize.] 3-5-18
  117. Gun Control. “John Paul Stevens for the NRA.” [The former Justice wants to repeal the Second Amendment.] 3-28-18
  118. Gun Control. “The Best Way to Learn Gun Safety Is With Real Guns.” By Daniel Lee. 3-31-18
  119. Crime. “From Parkland to Waffle House.” By Daniel Henninger. [Society ‘dropped the ball’ on Nikolas Cruz and Travis Reinking. A hero picked it up.] 4-26-18
  120. Gun Control. “The NRA Versus the Constitution.” By Eric Tirschwell. [Its top priority, ‘concealed carry reciprocity’ would violate states’ rights and cannot pass legal muster.] 5-21-18
  121. Crime.  “The Pope Makes a Fatal Error.”  By Joseph M. Bessette.  [He says the death penalty is ‘inadmissible,’ though not intrinsically evil.  He doesn’t note it saves lives.]  8-8-18
  122. Crime.  “Consequences for Unethical Prosecutors.”  By John Grisham.  [They can’t be sued.  New York lawmakers try a new approach to a vexing problem.]  8-13-18
  123. Crime. “Reform the Prisons Without Going Soft on Crime.” By Tom Cotton. [Proposals to give judges more discretion and cut mandatory minimums endanger public safety.] 8-16-18
  124. Crime.  “What Punishment Is Cruel and Unusual for a Crime Committed at 17?”  [The courts in Mississippi failed to address whether Joey Chandler exhibited ‘irretrievable depravity.’]  9-22-18
  125. Gun Control. “A Republican Governor Shoots Himself in the Foot.” By Geoffrey Norman. [After signing a restrictive gun law, Phil Scott’s popularity in liberal Vermont plummeted.] 9-29-18
  126. Crime.  “Amalek Comes to Pittsburgh.” By Lou Weiss.  [Eleven Jews were murdered Saturday in their synagogue.  I knew five of them.]  10-29-18
  127. Crime.  “The Oldest Hatred.”  [All good Americans stand in solidarity against anti-Semitism.]  10-29-18
  128. Crime.  “A Jailbreak for Bipartisanship.”  11-16-18 (“…on fixing some of the harder edges of the criminal-justice system…”)  11-16-18
  129. Crime.  “Will the Senate Surrender on Criminal Justice?”  by Jason I. Riley.  [Republicans like the reform bill less each time they see it.  They should hold off on a vote this year.]  12-5-18
  130. Crime.  “Criminal Justice Advances.”  [The Senate will take up a bill that Learns from GOP state experience.]  12-17-18
  131. Economy.  “How Arlington Lured Amazon With Low Costs.”  By Mene Ukueberuwa.  [The D.C. suburb spent the decade since the financial crisis making itself into a haven for private industry.]  12-15-18
  132. Crime.  “Lessons of a Crime Bill.”  [Trump is succeeding when Obama failed, and many deserve credit.]  12-21-18
  133. Crime.  “The Right to Bear Nunchucks.”  [A rare victory for the Second Amendment in New York.]  12-24-18
  134. Crime.  “Beware the Next Step on Criminal-Justice reform.”  By Barry Latzer.  [‘Mass incarceration’ is a myth.  Leniency could return crime to the levels of the 1960s and ‘70s.]  12-24-18
  135. Crime.  “The Idea That Made America’s Cities Safer.”  (The Weekend Interview with George L. Kelling by William McGurn.)  [Thirty years ago, crime was out of control.  Then came ‘broken windows’ policing.  Are politicians forgetting its lessons?] 12-29-18
  136. Crime.  “A Parkland Father’s Quest for Accountability.”  (The Weekend Interview with Andrew Pollack by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [‘I blame the murderer for 50% of what happened,’ he says.  ‘There were so many people didn’t care, who didn’t do their job.’]  1-12-19
  137. Gun Rights.  “Gun Rights Return to the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices agree to hear a challenge to New York City’s limits.]  1-23-19
  138. Crime.  “Leave Opioid Lawsuits to State Attorney’s General.”  By George Lepsen and Perry Zinn Rowthorn.  [Local governments are making a mistake when they join forces with private plaintiff lawyers.]  3-4-19
  139. Crime.  “Solitary Confinement Helps Control Prison Gangs.”  By David C. Pyrooz and Meghan M. Mitchell. [Reforms demand its abolition, but there are precious few effective alternatives.]  3-12-19
  140. Crime.  “Smollett Gets a Pass in Chicago.”  [State prosecutors drop all charges against the ‘Empire’ actor.]  3-27-19
  141. Crime.  “Let States Jam Prison Cellphones.”  By Sherri A. Lydon.  [A narrow reading of a 1934 federal law allows inmates to commit more crimes.]  4-4-19
  142. Crime.  “When a Prisoner Is Executed.”  [Another Muslim death row inmate in Alabama pleads for an imam.]  4-12-19
  143. Gun Control.  “Heroism at the Synagogue.”  [The best defense against a killer with a gun is a defender with a gun.]  4-30-19
  144. Crime.  “The Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition.”  By Ted Rall.  [Debate safety and civil liberties before it becomes ubiquitous.]  5-16-19
  145. Crime.  “The Face-Recognition Panic.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [We don’t need bans.  The give-and -take of democracy will protect us from abuse.]  5-22-19
  146. Crime. “Have No Fear of Facial Recognition.” By Andy Kessler. [If it is bound by good legal protections, the technology is a boon, not a tool for tyranny.]   8-5-19
  147. Crime. “The Killers in Our Midst.” [Nearly all mass shooters have been young men alienated from society.] 8-5-19
  148. Crime. “Mental Illness and Mass Murder.” By E. Fuller Torrey. [The FBI found 70% of shooters had ‘stressors’ or ‘concerning behaviors’ before the attack.] 8-5-19
  149. Crime. “A yellow Light for Red-Flag Laws.” By Alan M. Dershowitz. [Be wary of denying individual rights based on predictions.] 8-7-19
  150. Crime. “Flagging Future Killers.” [Some useful steps to identify and deter dangerous individuals.] 8-7-19
  151. Crime. “The Deep Dangers of Life Online.” By Daniel Henninger. [The El Paso and Dayton killers reflect a modern epidemic of self-obsession.] 8-8-19
  152. Crime. “Rep. Castro Targets His Constituents.” By Steve Scalise. [Don’t respond to murder with insane partisanship.] (“Rep. Joaquin Castro … tweeted a list of his San Antonio constituents who’ve contributed the maximum legal among to President Trump’s re-election campaign…”) 8-8-19
  153. Crime. “Crime and Non-Punishment in NYC.” [A case study in the cost of abandoning ‘broken-windows’ policing.] 8-9-19
  154. Crime. “The Jeffrey Epstein Debacle.” [“…This kind of fiasco is why so many Americans mistrust government.] 8-12-19
  155. Crime. “Will The ABA Reject Due Process?” by KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr. [Activists push a resolution that would redefine sexual consent and convict innocent men of assault.] 8-12-19
  156. Crime. “Guns and the Do-Something Fallacy.” By Wm. McGurn. [An honest debate on mass shootings starts by admitting limits to federal solutions.] 8-13-19
  157. Crime. “Violent Young Men, Here and Abroad.” By Reuel Marc Gerecht. [In understanding its mass-shooting problem, America can learn a few things from recent Mideastern history.] 8-14-19
  158. Crime. “Accountability for Epstein’s Death.” [Bill Barr deserves credit for cleaning house at the Bureau of Prisons.] 8-20-19
  159. Crime. “What ‘Red Flags’ Really Look Like.” [He consorted with a jihadist, flew one-way to Turkey, and later bought an ‘AK-47-type rifle.’] 8-23-19
  160. Crime. “Red-Flag Laws Could Stop Suicides.” By Brian Barnett. [Let mental-health professionals petition for the temporary removal of guns from their patients.] 9-24-18
  161. Gun Control. “Mexico’s Soaring Murder Rate Proves Gun Control Is Deadly.” [It’s laws are among the world’s least permissive. And most criminals don’t get weapons from the US.] 10-22-19
  162. Crime. “Most Pleas Bargains Are Unconstitutional.” By Alan M. Dershowitz. [Harsh punishments for defendants who exercise their right to trial violate the Sixth Amendment.] 11-6-19
  163. Crime. “America’s Inner-City Cartels.” By Robert L. Woodson. [As activists smear and hinder police, will the nation surrender to the forces of lawlessness?] 11-19-19
  164. Crime / Gun Control. “Guns, Liberals and the Court.” [The justices have a chance to shore up their eroding Heller precedent.] 12-2-19
  165. Crime / Gun Control. “Of Gun Rights and a cup of Coffee.” [Never trust a politician in New York on the Second Amendment.] 12-3-19
  166. Crime / Gun Control. “Second Amendment ‘Sanctuaries.’ [Virginia counties say they might not enforce new gun-control laws.] 12-30-19
  167. Crime. “Your DNA Could Catch a Criminal.” By Andy Kessler. [Genetic databases are solving murders and rapes. Privacy scolds should pipe down.] 1-13-20
  168. Crime.   Liberals. “A Bailout for Criminals.” [New York’s reform is freeing violent offenders who will harm again.] 1-13-20
  169. Crime. Liberals. “Philadelphia’s Top Prosecutor Pursues ‘Social,’ Not Actual, Justice.” By Jennifer Stefano. [Larry Krasner said he wouldn’t prosecute certain offenses and the bad guys got the message.] 1-11-20
  170. Crime. “’The Wire’ Is Finished, but Baltimore Still Bleeds.” [The murder rate in America’s deadliest city is twice that of increasingly violent Mexico.] 2-8-20
  171. Crime / Gun Control. “Virginia’s Gun-Control Defeat.” [Democrats abandon a ban on some rifles and magazines.] 2-19-20
  172. Crime. “The ‘No Bail’ Fiasco in New York.” [Crime is breaking out again amid a get-out-of-jail-free law.] 3-7-20
  173. Crime / Gun Control.  “The Gun Sales of June.”  [When citizens conclude cops won’t protect the, they buy firearms.]   7-3-20
  174. Crime.  “Good Cops Tame the Inner Warrior.”  By Karl Mariantes.  [Today’s officers are prone to see enemies in the public.  Warlike speech and symbols are part of the problem.]   7-17-20
  175. Crime.  “Police Reform Wasn’t the Only Big change in Camden.” By Paul G. Vallas. [Activists tout the New Jersey city’s reconstituted force but no its successful ‘renaissance’ schools.]   7-18-20
  176. Crime.   “You’re More Likely to Catch Covid at Home Than in Jail.”  By Sean Kennedy.  [Early release policies have had no effect on transmission behind bars.  But they have contributed to a crime wave.]   7-25-20
  177. Crime / Gun Control.  “Gunning for the NRA.”  [Her death-penalty remedy gives the political game away.]   8-7-20
  178. Gun control.  “Our ‘Orphan’ Constitutional Right.”  […second amendment…]  9-4-20
  179. Crime / Guns.  “Confessions of a New Gun Owner.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Even in suburbia, people are losing confidence the police will keep them safe.]   9-15-20
  180. Crime.  “Homicide Stats show ‘Minneapolis Effect.’”   By Paul Cassell.  [In cities across the U.S. the shooting started when antipolice protests led officers to pull back.]   9-17-20
  181. Crime.  “Gumshoes With Gumption.”  (Bookshelf by Philip Delves Broughton.)  “The Modern Detective.”  By Tyler Maroney.  [As players in global commerce, political battles and international litigation, private investigators have become indispensable.]  11-5-20
  182. Crime.  “Seattle’s New Theory of Crime.”  [A proposal would justify misdemeanors committed under ‘duress.’]  11-14-20
  183. Crime.  “The Trouble With Facial Recognition Doesn’t Justify a Ban.”  By Brian E. finch.  [It’s helped find thousands of dangerous criminals.  Reasonable limits can prevent abuse and error.]   12-16-20
  184. Crime.  “Three Generations on the Beat.”  (The Weekend Interview with John McAuliffe by Tunku Varadarajan. [Recently retired after 38 years in the NYPD, he says the force is ‘demoralized.’  He’s no fan of Mayor de Blasio, and Black Lives Matter makes him see red.]   12-26-20
  185. Crime.  “The Promise and Peril of Facial Recognition.”  By Floyd Abrams and Lee Wolosky.  [Agencies are using the technology to identify the Capitol riots.]  1-14-21
  186. Crime.  “Taking Stock of a Most Violent Year.”  By Heather Mc Donald.  [Some blamed the mayhem on the pandemic, but persistent cop-bashing emboldened criminals.]   1-25-21
  187. Crime.  “Joe Biden’s Rule-of-Law Problem.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Without official pushback, we will tip toward the mob style in American politics.]   1-28-21
  188. Crime.  “Support the Police, Oppose Misconduct.”  By Dave Yost.  [Officers must be held accountable when they violate the law.]   2-16-21  (Mr. Yost, a Republican, is Ohio’s attorney general.]   2-16-21
  189. Crime.  “Beware New Laws Against ‘Domestic Terror.”  By Thomas J. Baker.  [It’s an old problem, but targeting groups for what they advocate is a needless and discredited solution.]   3-11-21
  190. Crime / Gun Control.  “More Gun Control, More Gun Sales.”  [More women and minorities are buying firearms.]  3-15-21
  191. Crime.  “A Police Officer’s Sacrifice.”  [As cops are demonized, Eric Talley reminds us of the risks they take.]  3-24-21
  192. Crime.  “A Soft-on-Crime Backlash.”  [Philadelphia Democrats decline to endorse a progressive prosecutor.]   4-7-21
  193. Gun Control.  “Gun Rights Return to the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices might finally stop lower courts from hollowing out Heller.]    4-27-21
  194. Crime.  “Shrinking Blue States Have ‘Defund the Police’ to Blame.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The limp progressive response to rising crime and disorder has benefited Texas and Florida.]    5-19-21
  195. Crime.  “Law and Order: It’s Back.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [New York’s mayoral race is forcing the Democrats to talk about crime – again.]  5-19-21
  196. Crime.  “Scammers and Fraudsters From Sea to Shining Sea.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [The warranty on my car has expired, the caller tells me for the 200th time.  Who are these people?]   5-24-21
  197. Crime.  “It’s ‘Open Season’ in Minneapolis.”  By Heather Mac Donald.  [Homicides have more than doubled in a year.  Three children have been shot in the past month.] 5-25-21
  198. Crime.  “NYPD Can’t Fight Crime on Its Own.”  By Ray McGuire.  [Officers need support form social workers, counselors, teachers and the community.]   6-1-21
  199. Crime.  “The Left’s Decriminalization Push Stops Short of Labor Law.”  By Walter Olson.  [One law professor says violations to employers should carry ‘the real threat of imprisonment.’]   6-2-21
  200. Crime.  “Will Crime Keep Rising?  Not Necessarily.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Thee are reasons to think the spike will be temporary, though policies like ‘bail reform’ augur ill.]  6-16-21
  201. Crime/Gun Control.  “The School That Wasn’t There.”  By John R. Lott Jr.  [I drove 950 miles to give a commencement address.  It was an elaborate hoax by a gun-control organization.]   6-30-21
  202. Crime.  “Social Breakdown Starts With Skipping a Stop Sign.”  By Warren Kozak.  [Even with fewer cars on the road in 2020, traffic fatalities were up.  Blame receding law enforcement.]   7-26-21
  203. Crime.  “Crime Is No Longer a Family Business in Chicago.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [The Syndicate was brutal, but it wasn’t random and ubiquitous like violence in the 21st century.]   7-31-21
  204. Crime.  “Why National Police Reform Failed.”   9-28-21
  205. Crime.  “New York’s Finest (And Roughest).”  (Bookshelf by Terry Golway.)  “Rogues Gallery.”  By John Oiler.  [Law enforcement in Gotham has long oscillated between aggressive tactics and progressive reforms.]   9-29-21
  206. Crime.  “The 2020 Murder Spike.”  [With police under political attack, mayhem surged in U.S. cities.]  9-29-21
  207. Crime.  “Crime is Up and Democrats Are Scrambling.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [It’s getting harder to convince people that the police are a bigger problem than the criminals.]   10-6-21
  208. Crime.  “San Francisco Has Become a Shoplifter’s Paradise.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Walgreens has closed 22 stores in the city, where thefts under $950 are effectively decriminalized.]   10-20-21
  209. Crime.  “Abolishing Minneapolis P.D.“     [“…We’ll see on Tuesday whether the city’s voters are ready to play criminal roulette.”]   10-30-21
  210. Crime / Gun Control. “The Second Amendment Is for Everybody.”  11-3-21
  211. Crime / Gun Control.  When is a Constitutional Right Not a Right?”  by Stephen Halbrook.  [When you need official approval to exercise it. That’s what New York’s pistol-permit law does.]   11-3-21
  212. Crime.  “An Opioid Lawsuit Smackdown.”  “The Oklahoma Supreme Court shreds abuse of the ‘public nuisance’ tort.]  11-11-21
  213. Crime.  “Democrats Turn a Blind Eye to Connecticut’s Juvenile Crime Wave.”  By Bob Stefanowski.  “The State desperately needs a special session of the legislature to address it, but Gov. Lamont refuses.]  11-20-21
  214. Crime.  “The Waukesha Rampage.”  [The suspected assailant was free on a mere $1,000 bond.]   11-23-21
  215. Crime.  “The Ahmaud Arbery Verdict.”  [A Georgia jury rejects a citizen’s arrest defense in the 2020 killing.]   11-26-21
  216. Crime.  “Biden Finds a Culprit for America’s Crime Wave:  Covid-19.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The White House calls the virus a ‘root cause’ in an effort to shift blame from perpetrators and policies.]  12-7-21
  217. Crime.  “Yes, the Crime Wave Is as Bad as You Think.”  By Rafael a. Mangual.  [Progressives gaslight the public by claiming things used to be worse.]   12-9-21
  218. Crime.  “Prison Reform Should Be a Bipartisan Issue.”  By Marc M. Howard.  [America’s correctional institutions are filthy, violent, overcrowded and lack all privacy.]   12-14-21
  219. Crime.  “Blame Voters for the Crime Wave.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Just maybe, voters are starting to regret the consequences of electing progressives.]  12-16-21
  220. Crime.  “Smash and Grab?  Don’t Come to Arizona.”  By Mark Brnovich.  [Unlike soft-on-crime California, we take retail theft seriously.]  12-16-21
  221. Crime.  “A Larry Krasner Christmas.”  [No one is safe in Philly these days, including a U.S. Congresswoman.]  12-23-21
  222. Crime.  “After Violence, the Precious Work Begins.”  By Bob Greene.  [What do surgeons think when a wounded child is wheeled in?]   12-27-21
  223. Crime.  “Will the Crime Wave Soon Crest?”  by Barry Latzer.  [There’s already a backlash against anti police policies, and demographic trends are encouraging.]  1-3-22
  224. Crime.  “A Sanctuary City for Criminals.”  By Charles Fain Lehman..  [Manhattan’s new district attorney undercuts Mayor Adams’s initiative to make New York safe again.]   1-7-22
  225. Crime.  “The Cops Who Didn’t Come Home.”  By Christopher Wray.  [Seventy-three officers were killed feloniously while on duty last year, a 20-year high.]  1-13-22
  226. Crime.  “America’s Ever-Expanding Criminal Code.”  [The number of federal crimes has increased 36% since the 1990s.]  1-22-22
  227. Crime.  “Alvin Bragg’s Threat to Democracy.”  By Peter Reinharz.  [Leftist prosecutors defy legislatures and take the law into their own hands.]   1-25-22
  228. Crime.  LTE.  “When Our Leaders Refuse to Execute the Law.”    1-31-22
  229. Crime.  “Eric Adams Seems Serious About Crime.  Is Biden?”  by Heather Mac Donald.  [The president meets the new mayor in New York as the city buries its second police officer in a week.]  2-3-22
  230. Crime: “Joe Biden Is in a Bind on Crime.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [The president may have no choice but to disappoint his party’s progressive wing.]   2-16-22
  231. Crime.  “See Chicago Carjacking in Your Chevrolet.”  By Bob Green.  [The city’s auto show has a booth that is a sign of the times.]   2-16-22
  232. Crime.  “America’s Shoplifting Epidemic.”  [Retail theft seems to have been normalized in many U.S. cities.]  4-9-22
  233. Crime.  “A Crime Scene Where the Victims Wore Masks.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The image in Brooklyn last week was emblematic of the failure of American Government oat all levels.]   4-19-22
  234. Crime.  “BLM’s Antipolice Racket Is Coming Undone.” By Jason L. Riley.  [The organization has squandered its moral authority by acting like a hustler on the make.]   4-20-22
  235. Crime.  “A G-Man’s Straight Talk on McGirt.”  [What happens to a white thief who steals a Native American’s car?  ‘well…yeah, nothing.’]   4-25-22
  236. Crime.  “Can Prosecutors Refuse to Enforce the Law?”  by Zachary Price.  [It’s complicated, and the answer varies from state to state.]   4-29-22
  237. Crime.  “Shoplifting as Usual in Seattle.”  [Progressives oppose an effort to prosecute the most prolific thieves.]   5-6-22
  238. Crime.  “The Massacre in Buffalo.”  [Another deranged young shooter kills 10 in an act of ‘pure evil.’]   5-16-22
  239. Crime.  “Massacre fata Arrives a Day Late.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Buffalo shooter and his ilk give themselves away if we look hard enough.]   5-18-22
  240. Crime.  “The Massacre Blame Game.”   {The despicable rush to blame a deranged killer on Republicans.]  5-18-22
  241. Crime.  “Buffalo Deserved More Attention Before the Mass Shooting.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [After decades of decline, the upstate New York city is routinely neglected by state and federal leaders.]   5-18-22
  242. Crime.  “No Vacation From Tragedy in Texas.”  By B0b Greene.  [The end of the school year was days away at Robb Elementary.”   5-26-22
  243. Crime.  “Young Men, Guns and Guardrails.”  [Stopping mass shooters will be harder than passing a law.]   5-26-22
  244. Crime.  “Innocence, Violence and the Mystery of Evil.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Salvador Ramos, the Uvalde school shooter, was a troubled soul.  But we are a disturbed society.]   5-26-22
  245. Crime.  “Mental-Health Reform Is a Bipartisan Issue.”  By Stephen Eide.  [Policy can reduce the risk of another mass shotting like Uvalde.  Nothing can eliminate it entirely.]   5-27-22
  246. Crime.  “When Police Make a ‘Wrong Decision.’”  [Uvalde officers are under scrutiny for delay in storming the school.]   5-28-22
  247. Crime.  “Let Not Our Hearts Grow Numb.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Democrats should stop their manipulations.  Republicans should get serious on guns.]  5-28-22
  248. Crime.  “Red Flag Laws Are as God as the Data.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [School shooters only hide their intentions from those who aren’t looking.]   5-28-22
  249. Crime.  “The Criminal Streets of San Francisco.”  [Voters can send a message by recalling D.A. Chesa Boudin.]   6-1-22
  250. Crime.  “Perception Diverges From Reality on Mass School Shootings.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Gun-control advocates want you to think that tragedies like Uvalde are more common than they are.]   6-1-22
  251. Crime.  “The Uvalde Police Scandal.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Students inside were calling 911 and begging for help.  The officers stayed outside for almost an hour.]   6-4-22
  252. Crime.  “Chesa Boudin’s Lawless City.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Recalling San Francisco’s district attorney would do a lot to restore order.]   6-6-22
  253. Crime.  “Cannabis and the Violent Crime Surge.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Heavy use among youths is leading to more addiction and antisocial behavior.]   6-7-22
  254. Crime.  “Chesa Boudin Loses San Francisco.” By Daniel Henninger.  [Voters in the city want out of the suicide pat that is doctrinaire progressivism.]   6-9-22
  255. Crime.  “Crime and Punishment in California.”  [Voters on the Left Coast send a loud message to progressives.]  6-9-22
  256. Gun Control.  “A Sensible Senate Gun Deal.”  [The bill focuses on denying guns to those who pose a serious risk.]   6-23-22
  257. Crime.  “Chicago Loses a Business Citadel.”  [Ken Griffin has had enough of he high-crime Windy City.]   6-24-22
  258. Gun Control.  “Democrats Lose ‘Gun Control.’”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [This week’s Senate compromise reflects a recognition of legal and political reality.]   6-24-22
  259. Gun Control.  “Vindicating the Second Amendment.”  [The Justices recognize a right to carry guns in public for self-defense.]   6-24-22
  260. Gun Control.  “You Won Your Case.  You’re Fired.”  [Kirkland & Ellis tells Paul Clement to dump his gun-rights clients.]   6-24-22
  261. Gun Control.  “More Legal Guns Reduced Crime in Brazil.”  By John R. Lott Jr.  [Homicide fell 34% after Bolsonaro made firearms permits easier and cheaper.]   6-27-22
  262. Crime.  “How to Get Cops Out of the Mental-Health Business.”  By Thomas S. Dee and James Pyne. [In Denver, a program to reduce police involvement in nonviolent 911 calls also reduced minor crime.]   7-9-22
  263. Crime.  “Why Crime Is Scarier Now.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Today’s perpetrators are crazy, and you never know when they’ll strike.  How can you take precautions?]   7-9-22
  264. Crime.  “The 2022 referendum on Crime.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [district-attorney primaries show that voters are fed up with left-wing prosecutors.]   7-15-22
  265. Crime.  “The Uvalde Videos and the Future of Policing.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Two law-enforcement vets discuss the difficulties of mass-shooting responses and recruiting new cops.]  7-16-22
  266. Crime.  “Arizona Moves to Hold Cops Unaccountable.”   By Alexa L. Gervasi and Anya Bidwell.  [The law against video recording promotes abuse and violates the First Amendment.]   7-18-22
  267. Crime.  “Who Wants to Be a Seattle Cop?”  [Where police have been vilified, recruiting is proving to be a hard sell.]   7-20-22
  268. Crime.  “Elisjsha  Dicken Stops a Mass Shooting.”  [Permit-less carry took effect July 1 in Indiana.  Did it save the day.]   7-20-22
  269. Crime.  “In Marilyn Mosby’s Baltimore, Repeat Criminals Go Free to Kill.”  By Sean Kennedy.  [A majority of the city’s murders since 2015 were committed by suspects who should have been in prison.]   7-23-22
  270. Crime.  “Lee Zeldin’s Assailant Goes Free.”  [“…New York voters can add this to their mental crime blotter as they to the polls in November.]   7-23-22
  271. Crime.  “Why I Support Reform Prosecutors.”  By George Soros.  [Justice or safety?  It’s a false choice.  They reinforce each other.]   8-1-22
  272. Crime.  “DeSantis Ousts a Progressive Prosecutor.”  [He’s right that pledging to decline categories of cases is an abuse.]   8-5-22
  273. Gun Control.  “Gun Sales and Political Harassment.]   [A House subpoena to Smith & Wesson lacks a legislative purpose.]  8-17-22
  274. Crime.  “Biden Misidentifies the Crime Culprit.”  [President Biden does political damage control amid urban disorder.]  9-1-22
  275. Crime.  “McDonald’s and the Crisis of Chicago.”  [A CEO issues a frank warning about crime and the city’s decline.]   9-16-22
  276. Gun Control.  “Firing Back at Jim Crow.  [A new study shows how guns helped blacks against lynch mobs.]  9-17-22
  277. Crime.  “Looted in La La Land.”  [Mayoral candidate Karen Bass gets criminal education.]  9-19-22  (Los Angeles.)
  278. Crime.  “Drunk on Theft in Oregon.”  [State data show a spike in shoplifting at liquor stores.]   9-20-22
  279. Crime.  “Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Will Drive Crime Higher.”  By Wm. J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn.  [No one is in federal prison for simple possession, but illegal drug use fuels antisocial behavior.]   10-8-22
  280. Crime.  “The D.C. Bus Fare Is a Polite Suggestion.”  [A third of riders don’t pay after Washington decriminalized evasion.]   10-10-22
  281. Crime.  “Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Won’t Release a Single Inmate.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Incarceration rates are driven by violent crime, not dug crime.  Democrats don’t like that story.]   10-12-22
  282. Crime.  “Rising Crime Rates Are a Policy Choice.”  By Wm.  P. Barr.  [Progressives can’t solve the problem because they won’t abandon the practices that cause it.]   10-27-22
  283. Crime.  “Impeaching Larry Krasner.”  [Crime has surged under Philly’s progressive district attorney, who won’t change policies.]  10-28-22
  284. Crime.  “It’s Possible To Reduce Incarceration And Crime.”  By Barry Latzer.  [Reduce recidivism by requiring GPS ankle bracelets for convicts on probation and parole.]   10-28-22
  285. Crime.  “The Assault on Paul Pelosi.”  10-29-22
  286. Crime.  “Crime Could Elect a Republican in New York.”  By Peggy Noonan. [Democrats are committed to an extreme ideology, so their politicians are deduced to doubletalk.]   10-29-22
  287. Crime.  “Illinois’s No-Bail Experiment.”   12-13-22
  288. Crime.  “How a Nonprofit Bail Fund Frees Violent Criminals.”  By Jillian Day Melchior.  [Seattle’s Northwest Community Bail fund says it considers ‘gender status’ but not a criminal record.]   12-31-22
  289. Crime.  “The Economic and Human Costs of Protecting Criminals.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Treating copes like suspects and lawbreakers as victims is a bad deal for taxpayers and especially for the poor.]  1-11-23
  290. Crime.  “D.C. Council Seems t Want More Crime.”  By Tom Rogan.  [Congress should repeal the capital’s recent ‘reform’ law.]  1-20-23
  291. Crime.  “The Death of Tyre Nichols.”  [The police who bet the young man are being held accountable.]   1-30-23
  292. Crime.  “Tyre Nichols’s Death Raises Hard Questions About Race and Policing.”  By Gerard Baker.  [The Memphis officers almost certainly would have behaved differently had Nichols been white.]   1-31-23
  293. Crime.  “Could We Have prevented Nichols’s Murder?”  by Wm. A. Galston.  [The policemen who beat him had their body cameras on, and it made no difference.]   2-1-23
  294. Crime.  “Memphis’s Problems Are Only Going to Get Worse.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Tyre Nichols’s death is a tragedy, but the data show that crime soars when police pull back.]   2-1-23
  295. Crime.  “A Legal Shakedown Exposed.”  2-17-23
  296. Crime.  “It Doesn’t Make Sense to Blame Crime on Poverty.”  By Jason L. Riley,  [New York homicide rate dropped sharply after 1990 even as the poor share of population rose slightly.]  3-1-23
  297. Crime.  “Overruling the District of Crazy II”  [“…Republicans…will have done a great service by making the nation’s capital safer for residents and visitors.“]   3-3-23
  298. Crime.  “Jeffrey Epstein Forever.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Until the whole truth about the pedophile and his friends comes out, the injustices may never end.]   3-18-23
  299. Crime.  “Crime and Consequences in Seattle.”  [The new city Attorney gets results by pursuing repeat offenders.]   3-22-23
  300. Crime.  “The Heroes of Nashville.”  [The cops who raced toward danger knew the lessons of Uvalde.]   3-30-23
  301. Crime.  “Chicago Gets What It Voted For.”  [Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson blames businesses for crime.]   4-8-23
  302. Crime.  “Charging the Subway Samaritan.”  [Daniel Penny faces a manslaughter charge for a fatal chokehold.]   5-13-23
  303. Crime /  Gun Control.  “Gun Owners vs. Gun Nuts.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [To get leverage over mass-shooters, start with stigmatizing infantile attitudes toward firearms.]   5-13-23
  304. Crime.  “Progressive Crime and Punishment.”  5-16-23
  305. Crime.  LTE.  “Blaming Everybody but the Criminals for Crime.”  5-19-23
  306. Crime.  “The Target of Runaway Theft.”   [The CEO says thievery will cost the giant retailer $500 million.]   5-22-23
  307. Crime.  “God, Moses and the Rule of Law. “  by Joe Lieberman.   5-25-23
  308. Crime. “Keeping Minneapolis Safe Is About to Get Much Harder.”  By Jason Johnson.  [A federal consent decree will make policing more difficult and expensive without reducing crime.]   7-1-23
  309. Crime / Gun Control.  “Bruen Transforms the Gun Debate.”  By Andy Kessler.  [The case established a constitutional right to carry pistols in public for self-defense.]   7-3-23
  310. Crime.  “The Post-Pandemic Murder Wave Is Cresting.”  By Barry Latzer.  [Violent crime in general declined in 2021 and 2021 as a social epidemic ravaged young black men.]   8-15-23
  311. Crime.  “Retailers ‘Shrink’ From Plain Talk.”  [The industry euphemism for theft disguises the rising cost of crime].  8-24-23
  312. Crime.  “I Left My iPad in San Francisco.”  By Rick Reiff.  [Only a few hours into our visit, my wife and I experienced a smash-and-grab.]   9-21-23
  313. Crime.  “The Retail Theft Rampage Gets Worse.”  9-28-23  [“…Rack up more victories for progressive prosecutors….”]   9-28-23
  314. Crime.  “Finally, There’s a Humane Method of Execution.”  by Stuart A. Creque.  [Alabama petitions to take Kenneth Eugene Smith’s life using painless and quick nitrogen anoxia.]  9-30-23
  315. Crime.  “Not Your Father’s Shoplifters.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [Criminals get bolder as American cities abandon broken-windows policing.]   10-10-23
  316. Crime.  “Can Police Simply Take Your Car?”  by Rob Johnson and Wesley Hottot.  [Due process principles require the Supreme Court to impose limits on the practice of civil forfeiture.]  10-30-23
  317. Crime.  “How to Handle Domestic Abusers and Guns.”  By Kerry Slone.  [It’s unjust to deny constitutional rights without a trial.]   11-7-23
  318. Crime.  “Tech Can Keep Ex-Offenders Out of Jail.”  By Barry Latzer.  [Electronic monitoring is intrusive but it’s good at giving constant reminders to choose the right path.]   11-20-23
  319. Crime.  “A Labor Strike Over Shoplifting.”  [Seattle area Macy’s workers say thieves jeopardize their safety.]   11-28-23
  320. Crime.  “The Biggest Root Cause of Crime Is Fatherlessness.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Children are likelier to finish high school and stay out of trouble if they’re brought up by two parents.]   12-13-23
  321. Crime.  “Seattle’s Murder Boom.”   [“…The crime surge follows the City Council’s votes to cut police funding…”]   12-21-23
  322. Crime.  “No, the Criminal-Justice System Isn’t racist.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Another academic paper finds scant support for the theory that bias causes incarceration disparities.]   1-3-24
  323. Crime.  “Chaos Straight Outta Compton.”  [A case study in the reason there are ‘food deserts’ in U.S. cities.]   1-5-24
  324. Crime:  “Crime Takes a Dip in New York.”  [But progressives want to curb the police stops that made it possible.]   1-6-24
  325. Crime.  “The Death Penalty Makes a Comeback.’  By Craig S. Lerner.  [Federal prosecutors seek the ultimate punishment for the Buffalo shooter.]   1-22-24
  326. Crime.  “Why In-N-Out Burger Is Out of Oakland.”  [Cut police to pay public-worker pensions?  [Result: surging crime.] 1-25-24
  327. Crime.  “How Cities Can Get Rid of Violence.”  By Robert L. Woodson Sr.  [Crime waves can activate community ‘antibodies,’ local leaders and groups that tackle local problems.]   2-9-24
  328. Crime.  “Georgia Rethinks Easy Bail.”  [The state reverses policies that put suspects back on the street.]   2-13-24
  329. Gun Control.  “’Bump Stocks’ at the Supreme Court.”  [Whether to treat them as machine guns is for Congress, not the ATF.]   2-28-24
  330. Crime.  “California Finds a New Way o Be Soft on Crime.”   By Heather MacDonald.  ‘The Legislature creates a new ‘systemic racism’ defense that risks turning many felons free.]   3-5-24
  331. Crime.  “Crime and Punishment, Not in That Order.”  By Michael Taube.  ‘Canada considers legislation to allow house arrest for prospective offenses.]   3-13-24
  332. Crime.  “An Illuminating Exchange on Crime, at Berkeley of All Places.”  By Barry Latzer.  [The mob didn’t disrupt our panels, which mostly engaged in reasoned, respectful debate.]   3-16-24
  333. Crime.  “Beating the Squatter Epidemic.”  [States are fighting back to restore people’s rights to their own property.]   3-28-24
  334. Crime.  “A Tough Sentence for Bankman-Fried.”  [The former crypto king pays a high price for his financial manipulations.]   3-29-24
  335. Crime.   “Brandon Johnson Is No Father Flanagan.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [The Chicago mayor seems to believe ‘there is no such thing as a bad boy,’ but his reform ideas are hopeless.]   4-18-24
  336. Crime.  “The Media Say Crime Is Going Down, Don’t Believe it.”  By John R. Lott Jr.  [The decline in reported crimes is a function of less reporting, not less crime.]  4-25-24
  337. Crime.  “Crime and Progressive Lack of Punishment.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The failure to impose penalties on bad behavior, on campus and elsewhere, produces much more of it.]   5-6-24


Issue Headlines

Crime. 8-3-15:

NYPD fights to avoid return to 1970s…
City cracks down — on toy guns…
Big city police chiefs meet to discuss crime surge…
Crime / gun control. 12-4-15
Gun Violence Declining — Except in Gun-Free Zones… 
Firearm Sales Set Another Monthly Record… 
NRA: CA Already Has President’s ‘Control Wish List’…

Obama. 7-18-16                                         >>>

White House won’t be lit in blue…
Earnest can’t say why WH won’t be lit in blue to honor cops

Crime. 11-1-16                                >>>

Chicago Soars Past 600 Homicides After Bloody October…

Crime. 11-1-16

Chicago Soars Past 600 Homicides After Bloody October…

Crime. 5-1-17

Baltimore Mayor: Murder Is Out Of Control…

Asks FBI To Help City…

Chicago nearing 200 homicides this year… 

Top cop’s car broken into…

Crime. 9-14-17

Manhattan to Stop Prosecuting Subway-Fare Evaders…

Education 2-27-18

Crime / Schools: 2-27-18:  STUDY: Schools safer today than in 1990s….

Switzerland has high rate of gun ownership — and no mass shootings…3-25-18


8-7-20  Released from jail at height of pandemic, rape suspect kills accuser…



Amazon moves employees out of downtown Seattle office due to crime (

Amazon is telling employees they can work at an alternative location due to recent crime around its downtown Seattle office at 300 Pine St.

6-11-22  “The Wall Street Journal.”   “Rural America Reels From Spike in Violent Crime.”  p. A1.  “Murder rates didn’t soar only in cities during the pandemic, small-town sheriffs and prosecutors are overwhelmed with cases..”

8-22-23  Nordstrom Rack and Macy’s stores are ransacked by groups of thieves who made off with thousands of dollars worth of designer purses in California | Daily Mail Online



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