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  1. Environment. “A Chipotle Education.” [The all-natural evangelists get an E. coli reality check.] 12-23-15
  2. Environment. “How Markets Can Restore Louisiana’s Marshes.” By Quin Hillyer. [Tradabel wetlands credits can make restoration into good business – as a recent $20 million project shows.] 12-26-15
  3. Environment. California. “Go Live Elsewhere, We’re Cutting Carbon Here.” By Allysia Finley. [The Newhall Ranch project near Los Angeles is green but not green enough for the antidevelopment crowd.] 12-28-15
  4. Environment. “Chipotle Means ‘Natural’.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [The best outcome would be if food hucksters no longer found the word useful.] 12-30-15
  5. Environment. “The March of Genetic Food Progress.” By Julie Kelly. [‘Farmaceuticals’ and other GM products are slwly being approved, despite political scare campaigns.] 12-30-15
  6. Environment. LTE “GMO: We Want to Know What’s in the Food.” 1-5-16
  7. Environment. “We May Starve, but at Least We’ll Be GMO-Free.” By Nyasha Mudukuti . [Unlike the Europeans we copied, Zimbabwe can’t afford such an unscientific ideological luxury.] 3-11-16
  8. Environment. LTE. “Vermont GMO Law Is an Unhealthy Precedent.” 3-14-16
  9. Environment. “Anti-GMO Students Bruise a Superbanana.” By Julie Kelly. [“…They sound like they’re trying to save an organic garden in Berkeley…”] 3-15-16
  10. Environment. LTE. “Can the Pope Persuade Zimbasbwe on GMOs?” 3-16-16
  11. Environment. “Mitch Daniels on Anti-GMO Cruelty.” 3-19-16
  12. Environment. LTE. “Greenpeace Bullies Its Way In the Green Environment.”  3-30-16
  13. Environment. “The Auto Emissions Crackup.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [One more example of what an analyst calls ‘sophisticated state failure.’ 4-27-16
  14. Environment. “Can I Get That With Extra GMO?”  By Jason Lusk. [A Vermont labeling law will burden industry and encourage baseless fears about scientific progress.] 4-27-16
  15. Environment. LTE. “OK for Companies to kill Thousands of Eagles.” 5-23-16
  16. Environment. “The Case Against Greenpeace.”  [A lumber company says activists impersonated its employees.]  6-18-16
  17. Environment. The GMO Labeling Farce.”  [The organic food lobby wants to raise the cost of your groceries.]  7-14-16
  18. Environment. LTE.  “How Biomass Can Provide Carbon Benefits.”  7-15-16
  19. Environment. LTE.  “Anti-GMO Push Threatens Higher Food Cost.”  7-20-16
  20. Environment. “Trump’s Environmental Reset.  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Republicans look to liberate U.S. energy from destructive green regulations.]  11-25-16
  21. Environment. “The Winds of Green War.”  [Turbines in North Carolina threaten a crucial military radar.]  1-23-17
  22. Environment. “You’d Look good in Designer Genes.”  By Henry I. Miller.  [“…Genetic engineering is a refinement of less-predictable techniques that have been used for centuries…”]  2-1-17
  23. Environment. “Dakota Access Dumping Ground.” [A pipeline can proceed but the protesters left a dirty mess.] 2-8-17
  24. Environment. “Dieselgate is a Political Disaster.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Typical of Western leadership was a policy of huge cost and zero benefit.] 2-15-17
  25. Environment. LTE. “Ungreen Consequences of Some Green Projects.” 4-22-17
  26. Environment. “Cleaning Up the Superfund Mess.”  [Obama put climate gestures above toxic waste remedies.]  6-13-17
  27. Environment. “City Pledges for ‘100% Renewable Energy’ Are 99% Misleading.”  [The power grid is built on fossil fuels, and there’s no way to designate certain electrons as guilt free.]  8-5-17
  28. Environment. “An Environment of Destruction.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior. [Criminal tactics have become a regular feature of pipeline protests over the past year.]  8-11-2017
  29. Environment. “Fourth Wave Environmentalism Fully Embraces Business.” By Fred Krupp. 3-21-18
  30. Environment. “The New Science of Smog.” [Other things pollute the air more than gasoline exhaust does.] By Adam Winkler. 4-9-18
  31. Environment.  “Wolves Attack Wisconsin With Washington’s Help.”  By Cori Petersen.  [Why do Republicans want to update the endangered Species Act?  Here’s a predatory case study.]  7-28-18
  32. Environment.  “Environmentalists Need to Get Real.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The problem isn’t climate-change denial.  It’s doubt that activists have the answers.]  9-4-18
  33. Environment.  “Colorado’s Fracking Fright.”  [Proposition 112 would prohibit almost all new oil and gas production.]  Economy.  “The New New Normal?”  [“…Economic sentiment began to shift on Election Day in 2016, and economic policy shifted dramatically toward growth over the last 20 months.  Coincidence?”]  9-21-18
  34. Environment.  “The Feds Bungle Frog Hospitality.”  By Jonathan Wood.  [“…the dusty gopher frog is the star of a case that will be heard Monday, Weyerhaeuser v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.]  10-1-18
  35. Environment.  “Washington’s Carbon Tax:  Take Two.”  [A referendum shows the main goal isn’t reducing CO2 emissions.]  10-22-18
  36. Environment.  “Endangered Species Habitat Check.”  11-28-18
  37. Environment.  “A fund That Will Never run Dry.”  [Some Republicans want to put another federal program on autopilot.]  7-10-19
  38. Environment. “Environmental Extremists Favor Mosquitoes Over Mankind.” By Richard Tren. [Genetically altered insects could save millions from malaria but are anathema to ‘agroecologists.’] 7-30-19
  39. Environment. “Endangered Species Overreach.”   [A new rule won’t put more fish and wildlife at risk.] 8-19-19
  40. Environment. “Fire and Fury in the Amazon.” [The reality is that rich countries are better at protecting the planet.] 8-27-19c
  41. Environment. “How to Save the Amazon.” By Leandro Narloch. [Natives can’t be expected to care about ecology when they’re living in poverty.] 8-27-19
  42. Environment. “NOAA’s Plan to Save the Whales Has Maine Loberstermen Boiling.” By Paul LePage [The giant mammals have moved on to Canada, but the feds are targeting a local industry anyway.] 9-7-19
  43. Environment. “No Nukes is Bad News for Climate.” By Robert Hargraves. [Most Democrats have proved themselves to be unserious about the environment.] 9-13-19
  44. Environment. “A Hostile Climate for Children.” [Environmentalists double down on Malthusianism, which is inhumane and won’t even reduce carbon.] 10-11-19
  45. Environment. “Getting close to ‘Shovel Ready.” [Environmental impact statements shouldn’t take 13 years and more than 16,000 pages.] 1-14-20
  46. Environment. “A Heated Oxford Education.” [Protesting students get a personal lesson about fossil fuels.] 2-3-20
  47. Environment. “Plastic Bags Help the Environment.” By John Tierney. [Banning them provides no benefit other than to let activists lord their preferences over others.] 2-19-20
  48. Environment. “The Lorax on the Appalachian Trail.” [The Supreme Court sizes up a 2,200-mile barrier to development.] 2-24-20
  49. Environment. “Africa’s Locust Plague Shows the Danger of Green Colonialism.” By Richard Tren. [Massive swarms devour crops, while European environmentalists seek to ban insecticides.] 2-24-20
  50. Environment.  “Trump’s New Chant:  Build the Road.”  [Fixing environmental reviews will pay real dividends for years.]   7-17-20
  51. Environment.  “Trump Helps the Environment by Enraging Environmentalists.”  By Richard A. Epstein.  [His plan to reform NEPA would speed replacement of old, dirty projects with cleaner new ones.]   7-31-20
  52. Environment.  “If You Want Clean Power, Go Fission.”  By Robert Hargraves.  [Nuclear accidents happen, but the risk of harm is minimal.]  1-27-22
  53. Environment.  “How Green Extremists Enrich Oil companies.”   By Mario Loyola.  [Net-Zero goals will remain unrealistic absent permit reform.]   12-9-22
  54. Environmentalists.  “A Smoke Signal on Forest Management.”  [fighting fires includes overturning the 2015 Cottonwood ruling.]   6-9-23
  55. Environment.  “Biden’s Fishy Plan to Breach the Snake River Dams.”  By Faith Bottum.  [It would make electricity far costlier and harm local residents, and the salmon would see little benefit.]   6-17-23
  56. Environment.  “Of EVs and Heat Waves.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [To help, grind your Tesla into small particles and inject it into the atmosphere.]   7-19-23
  57. Environment.  “China’s Flag Is Red. Not Green.”  By Thomas J. Duesterberg.  [The West has been too willing to believe Beijing’s claim that it cares about the environment.]   4-8-24


Issue Headlines

  • California. Drought. Marijuana. Published: March 18, 2015



Marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivation has proliferated in northwestern California since at least the mid-1990s. The environmental impacts associated with marijuana cultivation appear substantial, yet have been difficult to quantify, in part because cultivation is clandestine and often occurs on private property. To evaluate the impacts of water diversions at a watershed scale, we interpreted high-resolution aerial imagery to estimate the number of marijuana plants being cultivated in four watersheds in northwestern California, USA. Low-altitude aircraft flights and search warrants executed with law enforcement at cultivation sites in the region helped to validate assumptions used in aerial imagery interpretation. We estimated the water demand of marijuana irrigation and the potential effects water diversions could have on stream flow in the study watersheds. Our results indicate that water demand for marijuana cultivation has the potential to divert substantial portions of streamflow in the study watersheds, with an estimated flow reduction of up to 23% of the annual seven-day low flow in the least impacted of the study watersheds. Estimates from the other study watersheds indicate that water demand for marijuana cultivation exceeds streamflow during the low-flow period. In the most impacted study watersheds, diminished streamflow is likely to have lethal or sub-lethal effects on state-and federally-listed salmon and steelhead trout and to cause further decline of sensitive amphibian species.


Environment. Drudgereport.com   8-17-16:

*Tied to Malaysia Embezzlement Scandal…
*Guests at Environment Gala Flown in on Helicopter…
*Each Served Whole Fish — After Watching Film on Overfishing!


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