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  1. Christie. “What Would Christie Do?” [New Jersey’s Governor will need a reform agenda to win in 2016.] 1-27-15
  2. Christie. “Christie’s Vaccine Stumble.” [The Governor panders amid an outbreak of preventable disease.] 2-3-15
  3. Chris Christie. “What’s the Big Idea, Christie?” by Kimberley A. Strassel. 2-6-15
  4. Chris Christie’s Oil Windfall. [The real scandal in the Exxon settlement isn’t the $225 million payday.] 3-12-15
  5. Chris Christie. LTE. “Gov. Christie Touches the Third Rail.” 4-25-15
  6. Chris Christie. “My Plan to Raise Growth and Incomes.” By Chris Christie. [We must target the tax code, because today it’s targeting us. Use three income-tax rates, with the top one 28%.] 5-12-15
  7. Chris Christie. “Christie’s Tax Advance.” [His rate cut proposal is superior to Marco Rubio’s child credit.] 5-16-15
  8. Chris Christie. “Christie Bounds In.” [ The New Jersey Governor thinks he’ll win on the debate stage.] 7-1-15
  9. Chris Christie. “Can Chris Christie Compete?” by Daniel Henninger. 7-9-15
  10. Chris Christie. Republicans. “The Christie vs. Paul Debate.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. 8-10-15
  11. Chris Christie. LTE. “Gov. Christie, Unions and Serious Educational Reform.” 8-11-15
  12. Chris Christie. “Chris Christie’s Second Wind.” By Wm. McGurn. [Long before the ISIS strike on Paris, he was making the hard arguments on terror.] 12-1-15
  13. Chris Christie. “Chris Christie Makes His Charge.” Weekend Interview with Chris Christie by Joseph Rago. [The New Jersey governor on why senators make lousy presidents and how hid focus on New Hampshire is paying off.] 1-9-16
  14. Chris Christie. “Chris Christie’s Insurance Heist.”  [The Governor wants to grab a company’s ‘excess’ profits.]  5-13-17
  15. Chris Christie. “After Chris Christie, How Far Left Can New Jersey Go?”  by Allysia Finley.  [Democratic candidates for governor push higher taxes, legal pot and even a new publicly owned bank.]  6-3-17
  16. Chris Christie. “Christie’s Insurance Shakedown.”  [The governor ramps up his cash raid on a state health nonprofit.]  6-28-17
  17. Chris Christie. “My Administration Made New Jersey Better – and It Wasn’t Easy.”  By Chris Christie.  [We cut taxes, held down spending, reformed pensions – and vetoed Democrats’ bad ideas.]  11-16-17
  18. Coronavirus.  “I Should Have Worn a Mask.”  By Chris Christie.  10-22-20


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Chris Christie. 8-3-15: Chris Christie ‘mercilessly booed’ at NJ horse track…


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