Economy II (From 10-1-21)

  1. Economy.  “Even Walmart Deserves a Trial.”  By Michael L. Krauss.  [A judge wants to hold pharmacies liable for opioid prescriptions they were obligated to fill.]   10-2-21
  2. Economy.  “The Woke Left’s Primitive Economics.”   [Zero-sum thinking was adaptive in a world of tribal conflict, but isn’t in a modern society.]   10-6-21
  3. Economy.  “Dangers of a Digital Dollar.”  By Alexander William Salter.  [If widely used, it would give the central bank unprecedented power over the financial system.]   10-6-21
  4. Economy II.  “As Central Banks Taper, Investors Should Take Cover.”  By Dimitris Valatsas.  [Previously, the European Central Bank and the Fed offset each other’s impact.  No such Luck this time.]   10-7-21
  5. Economy II.  “Where Did All the Workers Go?”  [Bidenomics has led to a labor shortage that is hurting the economy.]   10-9-21
  6. Economy II.  “The Inflation Tax Rises.”  10-14-21
  7. Economy  II.  We Need a New Approach to Regulating Crypto.”  By Brian Armstrong.  [Clear rules would benefit the public, and Coinbase doesn’t seek to be the industry’s gatekeeper.]   10-15-21
  8. Economy II.  “Come to Miami for Sunshine, Low Taxes – and normal Life.”  By Karol Markowicz.  [Move Silicon Valley to Florida, an investor said.  ‘How can I help?’ asked Mayor Francis X. Suarez.]  10-16-21
  9. Economy II.  “Big Labor and the Supply Shortage.”  [Unions show their power amid inflation and demand for workers.]   10-18-21
  10. Economy II.  “’Build Back Beer’ would Sink the Labor Market.”  By Casey B. Mulligan and Vance Ginn.  [The plan would tax those who produce and subsidize those who don’t – a poor recipe for growth.]   10-19-21
  11. Economy II.  “The GameStop Sandal That Wasn’t.”  [An SEC staff report finds no evidence of market manipulation.]   10-20-21Economy II.  “Crypto Is Shedding Its Tether.”  By Andy Kessler.  [John Law issued bank notes willy-nilly.  Are stablecoin issuers doing the same?]   10-25-21
  12. Economy II.  “Tesla Hits $1 Trillion.”  [Why does the electric-car maker still need taxpayer subsidies?]   10-26-21
  13. Economy II.  “Democrats’ Tax Plan Would Sink Real Estate.”  By Dan Palmer and David Williams.  [We’ve seen it before.  The 1986 reform led to the savings-and-loan crisis and the 1990-91 recession.]   10-26-21
  14. Economy II.  “Fed Tapering Won’ Beat Inflation.”  By Alexander William Salter.  [Supply issues are mostly to blame for rising prices.  Deregulation is a crucial part of the remedy.]   10-29-21
  15. Economy II.  “Let Former Opioid Users Keep On Trucking.”  By Corey S. Davis and Sarah E. Wakeman.  [Ill-conceived federal rules contribute to supply-chain woes.]   11-1-21
  16. Economy II.  “Government Motors Is Back.”  [GM is thrilled by the taxpayer subsidies for its electric vehicles.]   11-1-21
  17. Economy II.  “The U.S. and EU Shake Up Global Trade.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The G-20 was another yawner, but big news unfolded alongside the summit in Rome.]  11-2-21
  18. Economy II.  “A Biden Trade Win in Europe.”  11-2-21
  19. Economy II.  “Worker Shortage Could Bring Back Stagflation.”  By Ron Johnson.  [We can’t achieve strong economic growth without substantial expansion of the labor force.]   11-2-21
  20. Economy II.  “Get Ready For Dow One Million.”  By James Glassman.  [The industrial Average closed at 825.86 on Nov. 2, 1971.  At this rate it’ll hit 1,573,865 in 50 years.]   11-3-21
  21. Economy II.  “Behind the October Jobs Bump.”  [More people work when the feds stop paying them not to work.]  11-8-21
  22. Economy II.  “America Needs a Safety Net, Not a Hammock.  By Ben Carson.  [Congressional Democrats want to decouple welfare from work, undermining the American work ethic.]   11-6-21
  23. Economy II.  “Ron Wyden’s Plan to Gut Capital Markets.”  By Hal Scott and Joh Gulliver.  [His ‘billionaire’s tax’ would encourage private investment at the expense of the middle class.]  11-8-21
  24. Economy II.  “The GE Empire Breaks Up.”  [The company that was once worth $600 billion will split itself in three.]  11-10-21
  25. Economy II.  “Inflation and Building Back Worse.”  [Joe Manchin has ample reason to kill spending that is harming workers.]  11-11-21
  26. Economy II.  “Rent Control Backfires Again in St. Paul.”  [Voters put on a 3% cap.  You’ll never guess what developers did next.]   11-11-21
  27. Economy II.  “Rivian, the Government Unicorn.”  [The EV truck maker is worth $20.5 billion.  It has sold 156 vehicles.]   11-13-21
  28. Economy II.  “The Inflation Revenue Dividend.”  [State and local governments have never had so much dough.]  11-14-21
  29. Economy II.  “Opioids, Guns and ‘Public Nuisance’ Lawsuits.”  By Jonathan Turley.  [Why the Oklahoma Supreme Court was right to reject the state’s claim against a lawful product.]  11-15-21
  30. Economy II.  “Milton Friedman Laughs Last.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The monetarist ‘isn’t running the show anymore,’ Biden said.  Would that he were.]   11-16-21
  31. Economy II.  “A Housing Gift for Beverly Hills.”  [Just what the economy doesn’t need:  subsidies for $1 million mortgages.]   11-17-21
  32. Economy II.  “John Deere, Inflation Bellwether.”   11-19-21
  33. Economy. II “How Did Activision Pass the ESG Test?”  by Allysia Finley.  [Asset managers seem willing to include any company paying lip service to progressive priorities.]  11-26-21
  34. Economy II.  “The Housing Gang Is Getting Back Together for Another Bust.”  By Peter J. Wallison.  [Fan and Fred will buy mortgages up to $1 million, repeating the mistakes that led to the 2008 crash.]   11-26-21
  35. Economy II.  “Stupid Inflation Tricks.”  [Democrats keep coming up with new culprits to blame for rising prices.]  11-29-21
  36. Economy II.  “Global Free Trade Is in Crisis.”  By Walter Russell mead.  Western Leaders have failed to deal with economic dislocation and China’s cheating.]  11-30-21
  37. Economy II.  “Biden Joins the Lumber Tariff Wars.”  [How not to fight inflation: raise home building costs.]  11-30-21
  38. Economy II.  “Build Back Better vs. Small Business.”  [Wage mandates for green subsidies will squeeze nonunion shops.  12-4-21
  39. Economy.  “Inflation Isn’t ‘Transitory’ on My Farm.”  By Blake Hurst.  [My shipment of flowerpots is floating in the Pacific, and my fertilizer costs could triple this year.]   12-9-21
  40. Economy II.  “Joe Manchin’s Inflation Vindication.”  [Prices rise 6.8% in a year, ample reason to shelve the BBB blowout.]   12-11-21
  41. Economy II.  “Old Wisdom for Today’s Markets.”  By Andy Kessler.  [My advice is to figure out in which direction the consensus is wrong.]  12-13-21
  42. Economy II.  “The Stagflation Is Coming.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike solon.  [Biden’s approach to the economy is already causing prices to rise.  It will soon stifle growth as well.]  12-14-21
  43. Economy II.  “Biden Seems Set on Making ‘Transitory’ Inflation Last.’  By Gerard Baker.  [He wants to fee demand while hoping workers get squeezed to avoid a 1970s-style wage-price spiral.]  12-14-21
  44. Economy.  “The Treasury Has a Bond Bargain For You.”  By Burton G. Malkiel.  [I-bonds, currently paying 7,12%, are a great hedge against inflation.]  12-16-21
  45. Economy.  “COLA Doesn’t Bring Much Refreshment.”  By Bill Lane.  [Automatic wage hikes can’t keep up with inflation.  They can only fuel it further.]   12-17-21
  46. Economy. “An Insider Explains the Supply-Chain Crisis.”  (The Weekend Interview with Phil Levy by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [Consumers flush with cash and pandemic restrictions combined to drive demand for goods through the roof.  He doesn’t see a return to normal until at least 2023.]   12-18-21
  47. Economy.  “High Inflation Needs a Policy Solution.”  By Mickey D. Levy.  [It will persist until politicians stop stimulating the economy and the Fed starts raising rates.]   12-20-21
  48. Economy.  “As Inflation Rises, Antitrust ‘Reformers’ Target Lower Prices.”  By Noah Joshua Phillips and Joshua B. Wright.  [Biden wants to start enforcing a moribund law that took money out of consumers’ pockets.]  12-21-21
  49. Economy.  “Every CEO Should Follow Mark Zuckerberg’s Stock-Trading Example.”  By M. Todd Henderson.  [How to sell shares and avoid benefiting from insider information?  In equal sums every day.]   12-28-21
  50. Economy.  “I Got a Lot Right in 2021, but Not on Biden.”  By Karl Rove.  [As for 2022, the GOP will retake Congress, and Covid will fade in political significance.]   12-30-21
  51. Economy.  “When It comes to Inflation, I’m Still on Team Transitory.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Fed Chairman Powell may have retired the term, but bottlenecks and shortages should be over soon.]  12-30-21
  52. Economy II.  “Joe Biden’s Inflationary Trade Policy.”  By William N. Walker and Stanton D. Anderson.  [The White House claims tits policies are ‘worker-centric,’ but only a handful of workers benefit.]  1-5-22
  53. Economy.  “Inflation and the “Experience Economy.’”  By B. Joseph Pine II. [Government statistics don’t account for how much consumers value memories and time well spent.]  1-6-22
  54. Economy.  “The Market Is Too Serene About Inflation.”  By Thomas J. Sargent and William L. Silber.  [As in the early 1980’s, new realities test the idea that interest rates reflect ‘rational expectations.’]   1-12-22
  55. Economy.  “What Inflation Costs Workers.”  [The Biden-Powell price increases reduced real wages by 2.4% in 2021.]   1-13-22
  56. Economy.  “The Democrats’ Inflation Blame Game.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Scion.  [Everyone and everything is responsible except the government spending that’s actually fueling it.]  1-13-22
  57. Economy.  “Four Reasons to Keep Worrying About Inflation.”  By Jason Furman.  [Labor markets are tight, demand remains elevated, and the effects of Covid are highly uncertain.]   1-14-22
  58. Economy.  “Congress Treats Bitcoin Like Bricks of Cash.”  By Abraham Sutherland.  [A new federal law mandates reporting transactions of more than $10,000.  Why?]   1-18-22
  59. Economy.  “A politicized Fed Endangers the Economy.”  By Jeb Hensarling.  [The central bank can’t deliver price stability if it’s distracted by climate change and social justice.]  1-18-22
  60. Economy.  “How to Mess Up a 5G Rollout.”   1-19–22
  61. Economy.  “Hoarding Is a Bad Idea During Times of Uncertainty.”  By Phillip S. Coles.  [Hay was in short supply, so we stocked up at high prices.  It was a costly mistake – and still is.]   1-21-22
  62. Economy.  “Regulation Will Be Good For Crypto.  [Competition lawyers and economists should be part of the federal government’s policy deliberations.]   1-21-22
  63. Economy.  “The Underside of the ‘Great Resignation.’”  (The Weekend Interview with Nicholas Eberstadt by Mene Ukueruwa.)  [The trend toward idleness has been years in the making, says the author of ’Men Without Work.’  That’s an ill omen for the economy and the culture.]  1-22-22
  64. Economy.  “Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Amount to Much.”  By Steve H. Hanke and Matt Sekerke.  [Blockchain merely mirrors rudimentary parts of the regulated financial system.]  1-25-22
  65. Economy.  “The Economy That Might Have Been.”  [Growth would be healthier if Biden had done nothing in 2021.]   1-28-22
  66. Economy.  “David Weil vs. Small Business.”  [“…Mr. Weil’s history has managed the rare feat of uniting major corporations and small contractors against him…”]  1-28-22
  67. Economy.  “The Trump Boom Lifted Black Americans.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Before the pandemic, the economy grew in ways that mostly benefited low-income and middle-class households.]  1-29-22
  68. Economy.  “Inflation Drives Worker Pay Down, Not Up.”  By Judge Glock.  [The ‘wage-price spiral’ is a myth.  It’s much easier to raise prices than wages.]  2-1-22
  69. Economy.  “If the U.S. Doesn’t Set the Digital Trade Agenda, China Will.”  By Robert B. Zoellick.  [A chance for Biden to defy protectionists on the left, rally allies, create jobs and promote economic growth.]   2-2-22
  70. Economy.  “A Risky Time for Venture Funds.”  By Hunter Lewis.  [Potential conflicts of interest, ties with China, and excessive leverage are among the challenges.]   2-3-22
  71. Economy.  “The Case for Splitting Amazon in Two.”  By Joe Lonsdale. [Cloud computing subsidizes Prime, harming consumers in the long run.]  2-8-22
  72. Economy.  “The Folly of ‘Modern Supply-Side’ Economics.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [Janet Yellen tries to sell even more spending as a growth and anti-inflation policy.  It’s the opposite of what’s needed now.]  2-8-22
  73. Economy.  “See No Labor, Hear No Labor.”  By Daniel Altman.  [Hourly workers fall off the government’s radar as they shift from traditional payrolls to flexible apps.]   2-9-22
  74. Economy.  “Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh Heresy.”  [The GOP Senator won’t interfere with a business decision.  Good for him.]  2-10-22
  75. Economy.  “Inflation Haunts the Biden Economy.”  [An historic policy failure calls for a sharp turn at the Fred and White House.]   2-11-22
  76. Economy.  “Who Built That Spaceship.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Sixty years after John Glenn orbited Earth, the private sector leads in space travel.]  2-14-22
  77. Economy.  “Calling Out ‘Emperor’ Larry Fink.”  [Charlie Munger says what many CEOs think but decline to say.]   2-18-22
  78. Economy.  “How Government Spending Fuels Inflation.”  (The Weekend Interview with John B. Cochrane by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [When debt grows so much that people don’t believe the Treasury will pay it, they sell their bonds and buy other things, sending prices through the roof.]   2-19-22
  79. Economy.  “The Red State Model for a Post-Pandemic Economy.”  By Steven Malanga.  [Republican governors are drawing a contrast with the Biden agenda of high taxation and regulation.]   2-19-22
  80. Economy.  “The Inflation Mess and a Financial Refuge.”  By Joshua Bauh and Kevin Warsh.  [Biden and the Fed need a sharp policy change, and meantime Treasury can raise the cap on I-bonds.]  2-22-22
  81. Economy.  “Debt and Inflation Threaten U.S. Security.”  By Jeb Hensarling.  [Servicing costs could soon reach $1 trillion a year, which would crowd out spending on defense.]   2-23-22
  82. Economy.  “Inflation, Deficits and Paul Volcker.”  By Thomas Sargent and William Silber.  [The Fed chairman who tamed runaway prices understood Congress’s role in unleashing them.]  3-4-22
  83. Economy.  “Bad News About the Good Inflation News.”  By Jason Furman.  [“…If anything, it is likely to be an additional source of upward inflation pressure.]  3-7-22
  84. Economy.  “It’s Joe Biden’s Inflation.”  [He blames Putin, but his policies and the federal Reserve are at fault.]  3-11-22
  85. Economy.  “Is the Dollar in Danger.”  By Andy Kessler.  [China and Russia may be working to take away America’s ‘exorbitant privilege.’]   3-14-22
  86. Economy.  “Jerome Powell, Inflation Fighter?”  [Even 11 rate hikes in two years would leave real interest rates negative.]   3-17-22
  87. Economy.  “War Always Muddles Markets.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Ukraine could end soon or turn into World War III.  That weighs on stocks.]   3-21-22
  88. Economy.  “A Chinese Nickel Market Mystery.”  [Did the London Metal Exchange cancel trades to help a Chinese firm?]  3-23-22
  89. Economy.  “Washington vs. Imaginary Business Felons.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Juries aren’t impressed with federal attempts to criminalize plane crashes and chicken prices.]   4-2-22
  90. Economy. “Here Come the Price Controls.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Instead of solving inflation, the left makes a scapegoat of ‘pandemic profiteers.’]   4-4-22
  91. Economy.  “How Will Inflation End?”  by Wm. A. Galston.  [Larry Summers forecasts a major recession and high unemployment.]  4-6-22
  92. Economy.  “Gasoline Price Amnesia.”  [Only last October Democrats demanded less U.S. oil production.]   4-6-22
  93. Economy.  “Inequality and the Piketty Accounting Error.”  By Phillip W. Magnes and Vincent Geloso.  [The stock-market crash, not high FDR-era taxes, caused the ‘great leveling’ of the middle 20th century.]   4-12-22
  94. Economy.  “This Isn’t Putin’s Inflation.”   4-13-22
  95. Economy.  “Even in a Hot Economy, Wages Aren’t Keeping Up With Inflation.”  By Jason Furman.  [Tight labor markets aren’t as good for workers as D.C. economists imagine.  High demand raises prices, too.]   4-13-22
  96. Economy.  “Welcome to Indiana, a Right-To-work State.”  By Todd Nesbit and Michael LaFaive.  “Since the law was enacted in 2012, the state has gained jobs from nearby Ohio.]   4-15-22
  97. Economy.  “Inflation and the Fog of War.”  By Reuven Brenner.  [Measures of changing prices lose meaning amid economic convulsions like those of the Covid years]   4-15-22
  98. Economy.  “For FedEx’s Founder, the Sky Is Still the Limit.”  (The Weekend Interview with Fred Smith.  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [He reflects on logistics, economics and lessons from building the largest transportation system ever put on the planet.]   4-16-22
  99. Economy.  “Cut Tariffs to Help Inflation and Ukraine.”  [A modest easing of border taxes could lower inflation by 1.3 points.]   4-18-22
  100. Economy.  “The Trials of the Powell Dollar.”  [Greenback strength can fight inflation if Biden and Congress let it.]   4-19-22
  101. Economy.  “A Home Is Your Castle Against Rising Inflation.”  By Laurence Kotlikoff.  [Mortgage rates are up to 5%, and some fear a valuation bubble.  Even so, it’s a good time to buy.]   4-19-22
  102. Economy.  “Biden’s Errors Worsen Inflation. “  By Mitt Romney.  [He needs to ditch his woke advisers and make growth the overriding priority.]   4-20-22
  103. Economy.  “There’s More to Wealth Than Work.”  By Walter E. Block.  [Retirees’ re-entering the labor market isn’t good for the economy.]   4-21-22
  104. Economy.  “How to Kill Infrastructure on the Sly.”  [The White House revises NEPA rules that will scuttle new projects.]   4-21-22
  105. Economy.  “What Janet Yellen Gets Right About the World Economic Order.”  By Thomas J. Duesterberg.  [The U.S. should develop new trade agreements on terms that work better for American workers.’]  4-21-22
  106. Economy.  “Will the Mighty Dollar Prevent a Soft Landing From Inflation?”  by Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Managing U.S. demand is only part of the Fed’s challenge.  Currency swings are the other problem.]  4-22-22
  107. Economy.  “The World Is in Crisis, and That’s Good for the Economy.”  By Shirley Yu.  [The new cold war, like the original, will drive a new wave of technological innovation and growth.]   4-23-22
  108. Economy.  “Workers Are at a Marketplace Advantage, but It Won’t Last.”  By Michael R. Strain.  [As the labor force expands and consumer demand cools, the balance will shift toward employers.]   4-28-22
  109. Economy.  “Rumors of Stagflation.”  [The economy shrinks in the first quarter, which should kill a tax increase.]   4-29-22
  110. Economy.  “If We Get A Recession Soon, It’ll be a Mild One.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [In the 1970s, ‘stagflation’ caught policy makers by surprise.  Their successors have learned the lesson.]   4-29-22
  111. Economy.  “America Needs a Return to First Principles.”  (The Weekend Interview with John F. Cogan and Kevin Warsh by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [How to revive U.S. vitality and confidence?  A pair of economists offer a way to think about what made the country prosperous.  Pay attention to the ‘3 I’s’.]   4-30-22
  112. Economy.  “Indexing Unemployment Benefits Will Get Kentucky Back to Work.”  By Bryan  Sunderland.  [A new law, enacted over the governor’s veto, will reduce joblessness and avert tax increases.]    4-30-22
  113. Economy.  “Debt Can Be a Killer.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Elon Musk is leveraging his Twitter shares to buy even more shares.]   5-2-22
  114. Economy.  “Buffett on Wall Street ‘Gambling.’”  [He nails a symptom but not the underlying malady.]   5-2-22
  115. Economy.  “The Bitter Fruit of Inflation:  Dow 29,500.”  By Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore.  [The debacle of the 1970’s reveals how disastrous surging prices can be for the economy and markets.]   5-2-22
  116. Economy.  “A Market reality Check.”  [Prices are volatile as investors try to judge the risks of tighter money.]   5-6-22
  117. Economy.  “The Inflationary Jobs Report.”  [Employers added workers, but labor participation fell.]  5-7-22
  118. Economy.  “Republicans for Border Taxes.”  [Eighteen GOP Senators vote against a waiver process for tariffs.]   5-7-22Economy.  “Ukraine Crisis Reveals the Folly of Organic Farming.”  By Bjorn Lomborg.  [As food prices skyrocket, the world needs to admit it can’t live without modern, efficient agriculture .]   5-7-22
  119. Economy.  “A High-Speed Electric Vehicle Crash.”  [Rivian shares take a header as free money and subsidies ebb.]   5-10-22
  120. Economy.  “Lina Khan’s Microsoft Temptation.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Team Biden would be smart not to follow in Donald Trump’s antitrust footsteps.]  5-11-22
  121. Economy.  “President Costanza Takes on Inflation.”  [Biden lays out his plan on prices, but he should do the opposite.]   5-11-22
  122. Economy.  “Biden Casts Himself as the Inflation Hero.”  By Karl Rove.[He blamed everyone from Putin to the Fed for high prices, but voters won’t buy it.]   5-12-22
  123. Economy.  “Inflation Stays in the Heights.”  [The policy mix of blowout spending and easy money is punishing workers.]   5-12-22
  124. Economy.  “Warnings From the Crypto Crash.”  [As the liquidity tide rolls out, stable coins won’t be the last casualties.]   5-13-22
  125. Economy.  “When Will the Selling Stop?”  by Andy Kessler.  [Crypto and stocks are headed down, and some won’t survive the drop.]   5-16-22
  126. Economy.  “America Needs More Houses.”  By Suzanne P. Clark and Brian Deese.  [The shortage is caused by a combination of zoning and financing rules and supply-chain constraints.]   5-16-22
  127. Economy.  “Swooning Markets Will Crush Government Budgets.”  By Red Jahncke.  [Tax revenue from capital gains is about to dry up.  Are federal and state officials ready for it?]   5-17-22
  128. Economy.  “Bill Clinton’s Recipe for Economic Growth.”  By Wm A. Galston.  [Though some claim he bowed to pro-market ideology, the results can hardly be beat.]  5-18-22
  129. Economy.  “When Product Lines Take a Sharp Turn.”  By Gregg Opelka.  [The company that became Sunbeam started out making horsehair clippers.]   5-19-22
  130. Economy.  “The Next Emerging-Market Crisis?”  [Developing economies face a perilous return to monetary normal.]    5-19-22
  131. Economy.  “The Electric-Vehicle Unicorn Crash.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Cheap credit and political subsidies led startups to let their ambitions get ahead of market realities.]   5-20-22
  132. Economy.  “The Welcome Pushback Against Politicized Investment Managers.”  By C. Boyden Gray and Jonathan Berry.   [States, and maybe soon Congress, are resisting the ESG demands of index funds run by Blackrock.]   5-20-22
  133. Economy.  “Tariffs Throw Shade on the Solar Industry.”  By T.J. Rodgers.  [Intended to punish Chinese panel makers, the import taxes are rushing U.S. companies and consumers.]   5-25-22
  134. Economy.  “Biden’s Train-Wreck Economy.”  By Daneil Henninger.  [The White House now says the U.S. economy is ‘in transition.’  They got that part right.]  5-26-22
  135. Economy.  “Can America’s Cities Make a Comeback?”  (The Weekend Interview with Edward Glaeser by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [America’s leading economist of urban life says a return to the workplace is crucial, especially for the young.]   5-28-22
  136. Economy.  “Why Electricity Blackouts Are Coming to Michigan.”  By Jason Hayes.  [The shutdown of a nuclear power plant makes the state vulnerable to cloudy, windless days.]   5-28-22
  137. Economy.  “America’s Summer of Rolling Blackouts.”  [Green energy policies are making the grid increasingly unstable.]   5-28-22
  138. Economy.  “My Plan for Fighting Inflation.”  By Joseph R. Biden Jr.  [I won’t meddle with the Fed, but I will tackle high prices while guiding the economy’s transition to stable and steady growth.]  5-31-22
  139. Economy.  “Biden Has No Plan to Fight Inflation.”  By Karl Rove.  [American’s aren’t buying the idea that we can spend our way out of this mess.]   6-2-22
  140. Economy.  “When Progressives Fail, Inflation Edition.”  [Why the public has lost confidence in claims to authority.]   6-2-22
  141. Economy.  “Inflation Isn’t Transitory, but It Isn’t Permanent Either.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [While the Fed has interest-rate work to do, food and energy prices will level off and supply chains will heal.]   6-2-22
  142. Economy.  “Why ‘Do Something’ Won’t Work.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The U.S. system is mired in sludge after decades of trying to solve problems.]   6-2-22
  143. Economy. “The ESG Movement Is a Ripe Target for Trustbusters.”  By Wan Fieler.  [Its proponents are colluding to reduce competition and restrict the supply of oil and gas.]   6-3-22
  144. Economy.  “The Great Pandemic Wealth Migration.”  [The latest IRS data shows the exit from high-tax states is accelerating.]   6-4-22
  145. Economy.  “Communities Should Have a Say in Whether They Want Drones.”  By Jay Stanley.  [Uniform federal rules designed for the jet age may threaten the privacy of your neighborhood.]   6-4-22
  146. Economy.  “DeSantis Harpoons the Tampa Bay Rays.”  [Vetoing sports subsidies is good policy, but emulating woke cancelers is a mistake.]   6-7-22
  147. Economy.  “The Market Can Curtail Woke Fund managers.” By Vivak Ramaswamy and Riley Moore.  [Sponsors of the Index Act have identified a real problem.  Their solution won’t be effective.]  6-10-22
  148. Economy.  “A solution to the Wheat Shortage:  Genetically Modified Crops.”  By Terry Wanzek.  [The world has gotten over the ‘Frankenfood’ panic, but the industry hasn’t overcome its GMO fears.]  6-11-22
  149. Economy.  “’Peak Inflation; Keeps Peaking.”  [Progressive economic policies are crushing low-wage workers.]  6-11-22
  150. Economy.  “Who Pays for Crypto’s Collapse?  By Andy Kessler.  [The more than $500 billion in non-bitcoin investor losses will attract lawsuits.]   6-13-22
  151. Economy.  “Sick Stablecoins Can’t Infect Financial Markets.”  By Niall Ferguson and Manny Rincon-Cruz.  [Terra’s collapse worries Janet Yellen.  But as with tulip mania, a handful of investors took the losses.]   6-13-22
  152. Economy.  Inflation.  “Inflation and the Trump Factor.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Jan. 6 is one reason to doubt the Fed really will pull the trigger on a recession.]  6-15-22
  153. Economy.  “Is $6 a Gallon Gasoline Next?”  [The assault on fossil fuels has shrunk U.S. refining capacity.]  6-16-22
  154. Economy.  “Slouching Toward Inflation Reality.”  [The Fed is front-loading higher rate increases, but will that be enough?]  6-16-22
  155. Economy.  “Red Interest Hikes May End Up Having Unintended Consequences.”  By Judy Shelton.  [The economy doesn’t need artificially high or low rates.  It needs meaningful price signals – real rates.]   6-16-22
  156. Economy.  “We Need t Remember What Reagan Knew About Economics.”  By Richard Vigilante.  [John Rutledge explained it all in a 1981 Journal op-ed foretelling the long boom that was about to begin.]   6-17-22
  157. Economy. “Don’t Believe the Obits for Bitcoin.”  By Max Raskin.  [Cryptocurrencies have faced constant volatility.  It doesn’t matter for the ideologically committed.]  6-23-22
  158. Economy.  “Biden Is Practically Engineering a Recession.”  By Davi B. Henderson and Casey B. Mulligan.  [His regulatory and tax agendas seem designed to negate the good things the economy has going for it.]   6-23-22
  159. Economy.  “United Airlines Inflation Warning.”  6-27-22
  160. Economy.  Inflation.  “Biden Isn’t to Blame for Inflation.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Rather look to the Federal Reserve’s timidity and, yes, the war in Ukraine.] (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)  6-29-22
  161. Economy.  “More Supply-chain Disruptions are Coming.”  By Petr Tirschwell.  [West Coast ports are negotiating a new labor contract, and it’s likely to cause major slowdowns.]  6-30-22
  162. Economy.  “Rising Interest Rates Will Crush the Federal Budget.”  By Red Jahncke.  [The interest costs of Treasury debt are about to soar while revenue from capital gains will plunge.]   6-30-22
  163. Economy.  “Growth, Not Austerity, Is The Answer to Inflation.”  By Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore.  [Summers was right about the danger of excessive spending.  But now he wants high unemployment.]   7-1-22
  164. Economy.  “Rude Awakening Ahead for Young Employees.”  By Daniel E. Greenleaf.  [A recession will hand the bargaining power to their bosses.]   7-5-22
  165. Economy.  “Bidenomics 101.”  [The President doesn’t seem to know anything about markets.]   7-5-22
  166. Economy.  “Chick-fil-A Beats the Boycott.  [The restaurant chain remains the most popular in America.]   7-6-22
  167. Economy.  “Imports Would Give America a Boost.”  By Fred P. Hochberg.  [Start by rolling back Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods.]   7-8-22
  168. Economy.  “St. Paul’s Rent-Control Backfire.”  [Building permits fall, and so will the supply of affordable housing.]  7-12-22
  169. Economy.  “Communist Cells in Western Firms.?”  By Dennis Kwok and Sam Goodman.  [Xi Jinping has pressed for measures giving party apparatchiks more power over foreign companies.]   7-12-22
  170. Economy.  “The Incredible Falling Euro.”  [The slide to dollar parity signals higher costs and economic risks ahead.]  7-13-22
  171. Economy.  “The Inflation Tax on Workers.”  [Average real weekly earnings are down 4.4% in the last 12 months.]   7-14-22
  172. Economy.  “Welcome to the Full-Employment Recession.”  By James Piereson.  [What seems like a paradox makes sense when you look at long-term changes in the Amirian labor force.]  7-15-22
  173. Economy.  “Elon Musk’s Narrow Twitter Escape.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [His real businesses are likely to need his cash and attention in the months ahead.]   7-16-22
  174. Economy.  “The High Cost of Free Money.”  By Alysia Finley.  [Researchers gave cash to low-income people.  It led them to spend more and work less.]   7-19-22
  175. Economy.  “The Art of Business.”  (Bookshelf by Dominic Green.)  “Forms of Persuasion.” By Alex J. Taylor.  [Corporate modernism’ – what Warhol called ‘business art’ – was artistic patronage born of midcentury American commercial dominance.]   7-19-22
  176. Economy.  “Congress Goes All in for Chip Subsidies.”  [Competing with China is the new excuse for corporate welfare.]   7-19-22
  177. Economy.  “When the Chips Are Down, Congress Should Support the Industry.”  By Jim Farley and Pat Gelsinger.  [Semiconductor grants would help consumers and strengthen the economy and U.S. national security.]   7-20-22
  178. Economy.  “The Upside-Down Logic of Electric SUVs.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The auto industry gambles its finances on big EVs for the rich and second-rate cars for everybody else.]   7-23-22
  179. Economy.  “The Economic Mess We’re In.”  [Warren and Summers are half-right for the wrong reasons.]   7-26-22
  180. Economy.  “Why Inflation Is on the Way Down.” By Donald L. Luskin.  [Ask Milton Friedman.  When growth of the money supply slows, so does the increase in prices.]   7-26-22
  181. Economy.  “As Night follows Day, Stagflation Day follows the 2020-21 Stimulus.”  By Gerard Baker.  [It’ll be a dark one with interest hikes and sluggish GDP figures aligning as if to produce a solar eclipse.]   7-26-22
  182. Economy.  “Semiconductor Subsidy Strings Attached.”  [Biden makes clear he’ll be telling CEOs how to invest the federal money.] 7-27-22
  183. Economy.  “A Recession by Any Other Name.”  by Phillip w. Magness.  [A downturn is a political problem, so the White House is playing semantics by redefining the term.]   7-28-22
  184. Economy.  “Stop Panicking About the U.S. Economy.”  By Dennis Kneale.  [Among the reasons for optimism:  lots of jobs, anti-inflationary pressures and a decline in oil prices.]  7-28-22
  185. Economy.  “The Biden Stagflation Arrives.”  [Bad policies have produced slow growth and soaring prices.]   7-29-22
  186. Economy.  “The 20-Year Experiment Holding the U.S. Back.”  By John Berlau and Josh Rutzick.  [The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has only hurt entrepreneurs and investors.]   7-29-22
  187. Economy.  “The Dollar Emergency Is Worse Than You Think.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Exchange-rate chaos is becoming an economic headwind and creating a crisis for capitalism.]   7-29-22
  188. Economy.  “The Lonely Office Is Bad for America.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Employees may like remote work, but it tends to break down both organizational and national culture.]   7-30-22
  189. Economy.  “Antitrust Attacks on Private Equity Hurt Consumers.”  By Makan Deirahim.  [Regulators ignore research showing their investments promote competition and increase productivity.]   8-1-22
  190. Economy.  “Try Not to Think of a recession.”  By Merrie Spaeth.  [Biden administration denials are bound to deliver the opposite of the intended message.]  8-3-22
  191. Economy.  “Lessons From the Great Inflation of 1973 – 81.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon. [Then as now, what drove higher prices was excess demand owing to runaway government spending.]   8-3-22
  192. Economy.  “Democrats Try to Undo the Best Part of Trump’s Legacy.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Voters rejected his bad behavior.  His economic policies were largely successful pre-pandemic.]   8-3-22
  193. Economy.  “Republicans Fret Over Inflation Reduction Act’s Tiny Tax Increase.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [Damage done through higher corporate rates would be offset by job-creating provisions.]  8-5-22 (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004.)
  194. Economy.  “RIP Big Bull Market (1982-2022).”  by Andy Kessler.  [From Start to finish, the Dow rose from 776.91 to 36800, a 9.6 annual rate.]   8-8-22
  195. Economy.  “With Inflation High, Unions Suppress Wages.”  By F. Vincent Vernuccio.  [Most contracts lock in nominal raises that aren’t enough to keep up with rising prices.]  8-8-22
  196. Economy.  “How Miami ‘Caught a Wave’ and Became the Hot New Tech Hub.”  [A business -friendly mayor helped.  So did the quick Covid reopening and the loss of SALT deductions.]   8-6-22
  197. Economy.  “The Chamber’s House of Horrors.”  [The business lobby has received almost nothing for helping elect a Democratic majority.]   8-9-22
  198. Economy.  “Floating Currencies Compound Uncertainty.”  By Steve H. Hanke.  [Instability brings problems for the U.S. and Europe – and serious crises to the developing nations.]   8-9-22
  199. Economy.  “The FTC Heads for Legal Trouble.”  By Svetlana Gans and Eugene Scalia.  [Its aggressive rule-making will create opportunities for judges to rein in the commission’s authority.]  8-9-22
  200. Economy.  “Recession Frears May Not Pass GO.”  By Mark Skousen.  “GDP is slumping, but there’s a better way to gauge the economy.]   8-10-22
  201. Economy.  “GM is Government Motors Again.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Electric-car subsidies put CEO Mary Barra at odds with a business group that she also heads.]  8-10-22
  202. Economy.  “The Virtues of Stock Buybacks.”  By Jesse M. Fried and Charles C.Y. Wang. 8-10-22
  203. Economy.  “’Zero Inflation’?  Not Quite.”  [Real weekly wages are still down 3.0% over the last 12 months.]  8-11-22
  204. Economy.  “Florida Helps, then Gets Out of the Way.”  By Casey DeSantis.  [Hope Florida connects the needy with existing private and nonprofit services to achieve self-sufficiency.]  8-11-22
  205. Economy.  “One Good Inflation Report Isn’t Enough.”  By Jason Furman.  [The Fed shouldn’t back away from its plan to hike interest rates again.]   8-12-22
  206. Economy.  “How Your Retirement Account Got Politicized.”  (The Weekend Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy by James Taranto).  [BlackRock and other giant firms use your money to advance ideas you may not agree with, even if you own index funds.  An alternative has arrived on the market.]   8-13-22
  207. Economy.  “Central Planning Won’t Beat China. “ by Nikki Haley.  [Politicians seem to be forgetting that free enterprise made the U.S. economy great.]   8-16-22
  208. Economy.  “Lessons in Economic Leadership.”  By Phil Gramm.  [I saw him put the country’s interests ahead of his own more than once.  We could use a leader like that now.]   8-17-22
  209. Economy.  “Florida Toys With Housing Suicide.”  [Orlando may resort to rent control, which is deadly for new supply.] 8-20-22
  210. Economy.  “An Inflation Expansion Act.”  [“(…cancelling student debt….”…Inflation? Party on, mates.”]  8-24-22
  211. Economy.  “Why Warren and Sanders Object to Crypto Rules.”  By Brian P. Brooks and Charles W. Calomiris.  [Sensible regulation would make it harder to establish a financial system under total government control.]8-24-22
  212. Economy.  “Nobody Knows How Interest Rates Affect Inflation.”  By John H. Cochrane. [It depends on a question about which economists disagree:  Is the economy fundamentally stable?]   8-25-22
  213. Economy.  “Income Equality, Not Inequality, Is the Problem.”  By Phil Gramm and John Early.  [Hose in the middle work much harder, but don’t earn much more, than those at the bottom.]   8-30-22
  214. Economy.  “The Americans Who Never Went Back to Work After the Pandemic.”  By Nicholas Eberstadt.  [With pre-Covid rates of participation, almost three million more people would be in the labor force today.]  9-3-22
  215. Economy.  “Inflation and the Scariest Economics paper of 2022.”  By Jason Furman.  [To bring price increases down to 2%, we may need to tolerate unemployment of 6.5% for two years.]   9-8-22
  216. Economy.  “Janet Yellen’s Fantasy Economy.”   [She defends Bidenomics by ignoring inflation and falling real wages.]  9-9-22
  217. Economy.  “The Hot-and-Cold Economy.”  By Andy Kessler.  [With plenty of jobs and high inflation, the U.S. is between boom and bust.]   9-12-22
  218. Economy.  “Startups Across America.” (Bookshelf by Alison Schrager.) “The Rise of the Rest.”  by Steve Case  [An AOL co-founder travels by bus on a series of tours around the country in search of local entrepreneurship.]  9-12-22
  219. Economy.  “Amazon Discovers That Even Paranoids Have Competitors.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Its bids for iRobot and One Medical aren’t an attempt to take over the world but to keep up with Walmart..]  9-12-22
  220. Economy.  “The Global Economy Has Become a Battlefield.”  By Paul Podolsky.  [Global economic integration brought rising standards of living but also greater vulnerabilities.] 9-13-22
  221. Economy.  “Another Inflation Jolt for Markets.”  [Investors get a reality check about prices and Fed tightening.]   9-14-22
  222. Economy.  “Biden’s Make-Believe Victory Over Inflation. “  by Karl Rove.  [It’s hard to reassure voters when their rent and grocery bills won’t stop rising.]   9-15-22
  223. Economy.  “Competition Comes for the PGA Tour.”  By Greg Norman.  [The pro golf monopoly has mimicked many of LIV’s innovations.]  9-16-22
  224. Economy.  “Homeownership for All Is a Dying dream.”   (The weekend Interview with Kenneth T. Jackson by Mene Ukueberuwa.)  [The U. S. economy evolved to spread affordable homes to the masses.  A Columbia historian described how it happened, and why the trend has broken down.]  9-17-22
  225. Economy.  ‘What the child Poverty Rate Is Missing.”  By Phil Gramm and John Early.  [The Census Bureau’s tallies still don’t include $1.9 billion in government transfer payments.  9-21-22
  226. Economy.  “Don’t Give Up on the Stock Market.”  By Burton G. Malkiel.  [Though uncertainty lies ahead, the right equities investment strategy can yield portfolio stability.]   9-22-22
  227. Economy.  “A Nation of Quitters.”  By Andy Kessler.  [A new class, the Cyber Bohemians, avoid work while living off their affluent parents.]   9-26-22
  228. Economy.  “You Can’t Eat Without Natural Gas.“  by Heidi Heitkamp.  [The U.S. has the world’s largest proven reserves, but a lack of infrastructure is hindering production.]  9-29-22
  229. Economy.  “The Bad Inflation News Continues.”  [Financial markets anticipate that interest rates will keep rising.]  10-1-22
  230. Economy.  “Marxism at the Museum.”  By Andy Kessler.  [What does donor Stephen Schwarzman think of these anti-capitalist exhibits.]   10-3-22
  231. Economy.  “Capitalism Says the More the Merrier.”  By Wm. McGurn. [When Earth’s eight billionth baby is born, we should kick up our heels in celebration.]   10-4-22
  232. Economy.  “St. Paul Regrets Rent Control.”  [The City Council does damage control after builders flee.]   10-4-22
  233. Economy.  “Putin’s Best Weapon:  Bidenomics.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [In a time of economic and security peril, the U.S. has forsaken pro-growth policies.]   10-6-22
  234. Economy.  “You Can’t Build Roads Without Oil.”  By Jacob R. Borden.  [Where does the Biden administration think asphalt comes from?]  10-6-22
  235. Economy.  “Ben Bernanke Wins a Nobel, in Theory.”  [His research about financial crises didn’t help prevent one in 2008.]  10-11-22
  236. Economy.  “A Mistaken Rein on REITs.”  [A proposal would limit what investors can put into real-estate trusts.]   10-11-22
  237. Economy.  “China’s threat to Taiwan Semiconductors.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy and Mike Pompeo.  [Why aren’t American asset managers paying attention to the risks from an invasion of the island?]   10-11-22
  238. Economy.  “An Economics Nobel for and by Central Bankers.”  By David R. Henderson.  [The winners hold views on dealing with financial crises that many monetary economists find strange.]  10-11-22
  239. Economy.  “Stocks Can Always Get Cheaper.”  By Andy Kessler.  [The bottom still feels far off as bad earnings reports and defaults begin to surface.]   10-17-22
  240. Economy.  “Ohio’s Example for Liz Truss.”  By John Kasich.  [Sweeping tax cuts brought jobs and growth back to the state I governed.]   10-18-22
  241. Economy.  “The U.K. Market Meltdown Could Be Headed Your Way.”  By Joseph C Sternberg.  [The standard explanation for Truss’s bad few weeks doesn’t hold up.  The real reason is far scarier.]   10-21-22
  242. Economy.  “Wall Street and Hong Kong’s Strongman.”  [Financial CEOs will attend a ‘summit’ with Hong Kong’s strongman.]   10-22-22
  243. Economy.  “Why We’re Bullish on Energy Stocks.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy and David Sokoi.  [The ESG bubble has begun deflating, and high interest rates make technology companies less attractive.]   10-25-22
  244. Economy.  “Now They’re the Biden-Trump Tariffs.”  [U.S. beverage makers continue to pay for tariffs on aluminum.]   10-27-22
  245. Economy.  “The Deadly ‘De-Growth’ Craze.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Stagnant societies eventually slide into oppression, chaos, anarchy and ruin.]   10-31-22
  246. Economy.  “The Inflation Reduction Act Is Already Killing Potential Cures.”  By Joe Grogan.  [The law’s price controls do away with incentives for research and development of life-saving drugs. ]   11-4-22
  247. Economy.  “The Cure? Cut Taxes and Spending.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Economic growth will become from efficient supply chains and U.S productivity.]   11-7-22
  248. Economy.  “ESG Investing Is Consistent With Fiduciary Duty.”  By Al Gore and David Blood.  [It’s not an end in itself.  It’s simply an analytical tool that investors would be smart to make use of.]   11-9-22
  249. Economy.  “Another Nail in the Crypto Coffin.”  by Andy Kessler.  [FTX’s failed sale might signal the end of investment in these hot-air assets.]  11-10-22
  250. Economy.  “The FTX Crypto Fiasco. “  [Another lesson in the risks of joining a mania in speculative assets.]   11-11-22
  251. Economy. “A Tentative Inflation Break.”  [“…the data also show how much work the Fed has left to do.”]  11-11-22
  252. Economy.  “The Decline of Work.”  By Andy Kessler.  [When you slack off and withhold your human capital, you steal from everyone.]   11-14-22
  253. Economy.  “The G-20’s to-Do List for Restoring Global Economic Stability.”   By Rishi Sunak.  [We must work against economic coercion by Russia and other authoritarian states.]   11-14-22
  254. Economy.  “The Crypto Politics of Bankman-Fried.”  [The FTX mogul was the second biggest donor to Democrats this cycle.]   11-16-22
  255. Economy.  “A Plan to Save America’s Finances.”  By Paul Ryan.  [Avoiding a debt and currency crisis and its economic fallout requires ideas and political will.]   11-17-22
  256. Economy.  “Sam Bankman-Fried, ESG Truth-Teller.  [The fallen wizard of crypto confesses to phony virtue signaling.]   11-18-22
  257. Economy.  “The U.S. Needs a Better Digital Dollar.”  By Kevin Wursh.  [China’s new digital yuan could compete as a reserve currency and undermine U.S. financial dominance.]   11-21-22
  258. Economy.  “Elon Musk Can Save Twitter – and Democracy.”  By Mark Weinstein.  [The company is losing value by the day.  Here are six steps to restore user and advertiser confidence.]   11-21-22
  259. Economy.  “Disney and the Post-Pandemic Reckoning.”  [The end of easy money is making life tougher on CEOs like Bob Chapek.]   11-22-22
  260. Economy.  “Disney Needs ‘Chainsaw Bob.’   By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [The streaming wars may be about to enter their shoot-the-wounded phase.]   11-23-22
  261. Economy.  “America Can’t Depend on China for Its Cars.”  By William P. Barr.  [An Inflation Reduction Act provision promotes local production of electric-vehicle batteries.]   11-22-22
  262. Economy.  “Regulate Crypto or It’ll Take Down the Economy.”  By Elizabeth Warren.  [Financial innovators always claim they don’t need oversight.  They’re always proved wrong.]  11-23-22
  263. Economy.  “The Labor Shortage and Border Crisis Collide.”  By Carine Hajjar.  [As American businesses gasp for employees, migrants awaiting hearing can’t get work permits.]   11-25-22
  264. Economy.  “Crypto’s Final Price Could Be Zero.”  By Andy Kessler.  [No sane lender would extend credit against assets lacking any underlying collateral.]   11-28-22
  265. Economy.  “Centralization Caused the FTX Fiasco.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy and Mark Lurie.  [Automated market makers can obviate the need to hold customer money and the opportunity for fraud.”   11-28-22
  266. Economy.  “A New Federal McMansion Subsidy.”  [Biden’s regulators order taxpayers to underwrite million-dollar mortgages.]   11-30-22
  267. Economy.  “A Two-Time CEO’s Advice to Disney’s Bob Iger.  By A.G. Lafley.  [I returned to Procter & Gamble after my successor abruptly retired.  Here are five lesson I learned.]   12-1-22
  268. Economy.  “Where Did Young Male Workers Go?”  [Employers keep hiring but too many people stay on the sidelines.]   12-3-22
  269. Economy.  “Psychos in the C-Suite.:  by Peggy Noonan.  [While they don’t seem to feel shame, they are preoccupied with being thought of as highly moral.]   12-3-22
  270. Economy.  “A Hype Cycle Winds Down.”  By Andy Kessler.  [It produced some good companies –but also gave us NFTs, FTX and SPACs.]   12-5-22
  271. Economy.  “Blockchain Is Much More Than Crypto.”  By David Solomon.  [Regulated financial institutions are well positioned to harness the revolutionary technology.]   12-7-22
  272. Economy.  “Who’s to Blame for the High Cost of Living?” by Judy Shelton.  [Congress flails, the Fed professes responsibility, and taxpayers get stuck holding the bag.]   12-8-22
  273. Economy.  “Workers Need Freedom, Not More Government.”  By Scott Lincicome.  [Subsidies, tariffs, and excessive regulations inhibit living standards more than they raise them.]  12-9-22
  274. Economy.  “A New Financial Threat Emerges.”  [Forex swaps amount to unprecedented hidden debt.]   12-10-22
  275. Economy.  “The Cryptocurrency Adventures of Mark Zuckerberg and SBF.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [One sought to comply with law and regulation, the other bought off everyone in sight.]  12-10-22
  276. Economy.  “The Battle Over work and Welfare.”  [States are fighting back against the Biden drive to increase dependency.]  12-12-22
  277. Economy.  “Sam Bankman-Reid’s Crypto Crash.”  [It’s ‘old-fashioned embezzlement,’ but with new blockchain jargon.]   12-14–22
  278. Economy.  “Biden Has the Economy Back on Track.”  By Janet Yellen.  [His policies have helped the country weather a global economic storm and invest for the long term.]   12-15-22
  279. Economy.   “A World of Tighter Money.”  [Financial markets are awakening to the new central bank reality.]   12-16-22
  280. Economy.  “The Inflation Pain You Don’t See.”   By George Zuo.  [Definitions of ‘middle class’ miss one viral factor that shows how much price hikes hurt Americans.]   12-20-22
  281. Economy.  “Crypto Is Money Without a Purpose.”  By Todd H. Baker.  [It isn’t a financial service and shouldn’t be regulated as one.  Laws on gambling are more relevant.]   12-20-22
  282. Economy.  “Who Lost General Electric.?”  (Bookshelf by Charles Gasparino.)  “Power Failure.”  By William D. Cohen.  [Once a pillar of American capitalism, GE is now but a shadow of its former self.  Whose fault is that?]   12-22-23
  283. Economy.  “We Aren’t Ready for a Financial Crisis.”  By Howard B. Adler.  [With$31 trillion in debt and a Fed balance sheet of $8.6 trillion, budgetary restraint is essential.]  12-22-23
  284. Economy.  “The Great Tesla Stock Repricing.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  “It’s healthy for the electric-car-maker, but can Elon Musk’s finances handle it?}   12-28-22
  285. Economy.  “Gasoline Prices Will Rise Again.”  By Timothy Fitzgerald.  [Consumers don’t buy crude oil, and Americas is dangerously constricting its refining capacity.]   12-28-22
  286. Economy.  “The Year Markets Came Down to Earth.”   [Rising interest rates taught investors hard but eternal lessons.]  12-31-22
  287. Economy.  “New State Laws May Make 2023 a Year of Unintended Consequences.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Higher minimum wages, pot legalization and limits on school choice will harm the intended beneficiaries.]   1-4-23
  288. Economy.  “I Got 2022 Mostly Right, Now on to 2023!”  by Karl Rove.  [I missed on Roe v. Wade but correctly called the NBA and the House majority.]   1-5-23
  289. Economy.  “What if Inflation Suddenly Dropped and No One Noticed?”  by Alan S. Blinder.   [The high year-over-year rate masks progress in the past five months.  But we’re not out of the woods.]  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)   1-6-23
  290. Economy.  “Upward mobility Is Alive and Well.”  By Phil Gramm and John Early.  [Studies show the vast majority of American Adults have higher income than their parents did.]   1-7-23
  291. Economy.  “The Split-Screen Economy.”  [A shock decline in the services index, but a solid month for jobs.]   1-7-23
  292. Economy.  “How Japan Kept Inflation Rates Low.”  By John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke.  ]It’s monetary policy has long been ultra-tight, not ultra-loose.]   1-10-23
  293. Economy.  “Moving to Ohio Doesn’t Make You a Bad Plumber.”  By Haley Holik and Michael Greibrok. [A new law recognizing occupational licenses from other states removes a costly barrier to work.]   1-14-23
  294. Economy.  “Water Is a Terrible Thing to Waste.”  [California hasn’t built the storage to make use of winter rains.]   1-18-23
  295. Economy.  “Debt, Not the Debt Limit, Is the Real Fiscal Crisis.”  By Red Jahncke.  [A spending blowout and higher interest rates make spending cuts not only necessary but urgent.]   1-20-23
  296. Economy.  “Nationwide Rent Control?”  [Democrats want Biden to impose rules to limit rent increases.]   1-23-23
  297. Economy.  “Crypo’s New Bankruptcy Racket.”  By Gregg Opelka.  [Do these failed hedge-fund founders have a deal for you!]   1-24-23
  298. Economy.  “The West’s Drug Self-Sabotage.”  [A lesson from Europe on how price controls reduce access to cures.]   1-24-23
  299. Economy.  “The Economy Slows Down.”  [Fourth-quarter growth was solid, but falling investment bodes ill.]   1-27-23
  300. Economy.  “Savers Will Benefit From A Return to Sound Money.”  By Joe Davis.  [A signal in the bond market suggests the return to a more stable long-run economy may be upon us.]   1-31-23
  301. Economy.  “Why America Should Ban Crypto.”  By Charlie Munger.  [It isn’t currency.  It’s a gambling contract with a nearly 100% edge for the house.]   2-2-23
  302. Economy.  “The Looting of Johnson & Johnson.”  2-3-23
  303. Economy.  “The Incredible Expanding Job Market.”  [There’s no hint of recession in January’s employment report.]   2-4-23
  304. Economy.  “How to Prevent the Next Supply Chain Crisis.”  By Peter Tirschwell.  [Automate container handling at ports that operate 24/7 will keep vital goods moving.]  2-6-23
  305. Economy.  “The West’s ‘Anti-Groth Coalition’ Prevails.”  By Joseph c. Sternberg.  [Liz Truss’s apologia for her failure as British PM exposes a truth about parties of the right.]  2-10-23
  306. Economy.  “This Is One Puzzling Job Market.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Why has productivity lagged for so long?  Because huge sectors shunned technology.]   2-13-23
  307. Economy.  “The Junk Economics of ‘Junk-Fee’ Politics.”  [The regulatory assault on businesses will hurt low-income Americans.]  2-14-23
  308. Economy.  “High Inflation Will End Soon.” by John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke.  [But the Fed’s change in course heightens the risk of recession.]   2-15-23
  309. Economy.  “Inflation Stays Stubbornly High.”  2-15-23
  310. Economy.  “Self-Driving Cars Are Progress at a Price.”  By Gregg Opelka.  [They may be safer than getting around the old way, but we’ll miss chauffeurs and movie chase scenes.]   2-22-23
  311. Economy.  “A Bigger Subsidy for Risky Mortgages.”  [The housing lobby wins again, but taxpayers could lose in a recession.]   2-24-23
  312. Economy.   “S.O.S. for the U.S. Electric Grid.”   [PJM interconnection sounds the latest alarm.  The political class yawns.]   2-27-23
  313. Economy.  “Biden’s New Industrial social Policy.”  [Raimondo uses the Chips Act to drive progressive demands.]   3-1-23
  314. Economy.  “Unleash the Banks in Times of Crisis.”  By Justin Muzinich.  [Short-term wholesale funding is an economic strength.  But it needs a shock absorber when the economy falters.]   3-2-23
  315. Economy.  “Yes, There’s a Housing Crisis, No, You Can’t Build Here.”  By Stephen ford.  [A modest redevelopment proposal meets resistance in my ‘quirky’ suburban Virginia neighborhood.]   3-4-23
  316. Economy.  “The Rise of Kickback Capitalism.”  By Andy Kessler.  [That the government does best is throw your tax money at favored constituents.]   3-6-23
  317. Economy.  “Is the Pope Capitalist?”  by Wm. McGurn.  [The left’s push to ‘civilize capitalism’ has today found a home on the right.]   3-7-23
  318. Economy.  “Nothing Redeems Crypto.”  By Steve H. Hanke and Matt Sekerke.[Part chlorofluorocarbon, part cocaine, part bearer bond.  We need policies that will eliminate it.]   3-9-23
  319. Economy.  “And Now for a Little Bank Panic.” [After the credit mania, the monetary reckoning takes two casualties.]   3-11-23
  320. Economy.  “Is ESG Profitable?  The Numbers Don’t Lie.”  By Mike Edleson and Andy Puzder.  [Corporations that remain neutral on social and political issues outperform companies that lean left.]   3-11-23
  321. Economy.  “Who Killed Silicon Valley Bank?”  by Andy Kessler.  [Apparently no on e at the firm perceived any risk from the Fed raising interest rates.]   3-13-23
  322. Economy.  “The Silicon Valley Bank Bailout.”  [The bill for bad policy comes due, but there’s risk in a second bank rescue in 15 years.]   (“…You can’t run the most reckless monetary and fiscal experiment in history without the bill eventually coming due…”)  3-13-23
  323. Economy.  “SVB Doesn’t Deserve a Taxpayer Bailout.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy.  [Ignore Silicon Valley fearmongering about bank runs.  This is a simple case of bad risk management.]   3-13-23
  324. Economy.  “Biden’s Bank Bailout Whoppers.”  [The President offers assurances that markets don’t believe.]   3-14-23
  325. Economy.  “The Education of Barney Frank.   [The Dodd-Frank author has a Signature Bank failure moment.]   3-14-23
  326. Economy.  “Deposit Insurance Encourages Bank Failures.”  By Charles W. Calomairis.  [Informed customers used to monitor banks’ risk management.  Now they skirt the $250,000 limit.]   3-14-23
  327. Economy.  “The Tide Goes Out, and Silicon Valley Bank Already Drowned.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Imprudent bankers weren’t the only ones who believed the financial waves would never recede.]   3-14-23
  328. Economy.  “U.S. Needs Economic Regime Change.”  By Kevin Warsh.  [The cost of stopping inflation would have been lower if the Fed had faced the problem earlier.]   3-20-23
  329. Economy.  “Barney Frank Was Right.”  [The FDIC all but confirms it closed Signature over crypto.]   3-21-23
  330. Economy.  “Bernie Sanders’s Moderna Show Trial.”  [The Vermont socialist is upset the company may make a profit.]   3-21-23
  331. Economy.  “Why Ford Can Afford to Lose on EVs.”  [Federal subsidies and gas trucks make the business too big to fail.]   3-24-23
  332. Economy.  “The Economy Gets Wrung Out.”  By Andy Kessler.  [A steady drip of bad news, including missed earnings and layoff, is under way.]   3-27-23
  333. Economy.  “When Big Business Married Big Government.”  By Allysia Finley.  [From banking and chips to broadband and pharma, Biden has ushered in a new era of dependency on D.C.]  3-27-23
  334. Economy.  “How U.S. Regulators Are Choking Crypto.”  By Katie Haun.  [The effort would stifle American innovation and competition – and that seems to be the objective.]   3-28-23
  335. Economy.  “’Equal Occupational Fatality Day.’”  [Biden celebrates Equal Pay Day, but dangerous jobs earn a premium.]   4-1-23
  336. Economy.  “Monetary Mischief Here and Abroad.”   By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [When public spending fees inflation, high interest rates starve business of capital.]   4-3-23
  337. Economy.  “You Don’t Need a Banking Crisis for a Financial Meltdown.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Post-2008 regulations may save us from a bank panic.  The danger is every other financial institution.]  4-7-23
  338. Economy.  “The Man Who Saw the Economic Crises Coming.”  (The Weekend Interview with Paul Singer by James Freeman.)  [He warned about subprime mortgages before 2008, Dodd-Frank in 2010, and inflation in 2020.  What does he think is next?]   4-8-23
  339. Economy.  “Mundell Predicted Our Economic Instability.”  By Sean Rushton.  [The Nobel laureate knew that floating exchange rates would make the global economy volatile.]  4-12-23
  340. Economy.  “Biden Remakes the Auto Industry.”  [His new car rules are a de facto order to make and buy EVs.]   4-13-23
  341. Economy.  “’Ne Zero’ Will Mean a Mining Boom.”  By Daniel Yergin.  “But political instability will make it difficult to obtain all the minerals electric cars will need.]   4-13-23
  342. Economy.  “The Price Is Still Wrong.”  [Inflation has fallen from its peak, but ‘core’ price remain sticky.]  4-13-23
  343. Economy.  “Two Years of Falling Real Incomes.”  4-18-23
  344. Economy.  “SpaceX’s Latest Successful Explosion.”   [The Starship blew up in the sky, but that’s the way progress is made.]   4-21-23
  345. Economy.  “Upside Down Mortgage Policy.”  [A new rule would make reliable borrows subsidize risky loans.]   4-22-23
  346. Economy.  “The Case of the Missing Investment.:  [The supply-side of the economy is hurting from anti-growth policies.]   4-28-23
  347. Economy.  “Prosperity Requires a Stable Dollar.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy.  [By trying to do too much, the Fed has given us a volatile currency.  I’d change that as president.]   5-2-23
  348. Economy.  “Trump Picked an EV Loser.”  [Lordstown Motors won’t be the last casualty of the new industrial policy.]   5-4-23
  349. Economy.  “The Gilded Age’ Myth, then and Now.”  By Phil Gramm and Amity Shlaes.  [‘Robber barons’ of the 19th and 21st centuries enrich, not exploit, the poor and middle class.]  5-8-23
  350. Economy.  “How to Make Housing Less Affordable.”  [An energy rule for manufactured homes will hit low earners.]   5-9-23
  351. Economy.  “Venture Capitalists Should Bet on America.”  By Katharine Boyle and David Ulevitch.  [Washington can cooperate with the private sector.  Elon Musk’s SpaceX showed the way.]   5-9-23
  352. Economy.  “The Big Meat Conspiracy Theory Unravels.”  5-15-23
  353. Economy. “Elon Muck Squeezes His Electric-Vehicle Competitors.”  By Allysia Finley.  ]How can they live as Tesla cuts prices and the White House and unions demand higher output and wages.]  5-15-23
  354. Economy.  “The Right Targets Corporations.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The business of America should become business again, not politics.]   5-18-23
  355. Economy.  “For Gen. Z., Unemployment Can Be a Blast.”  By Suzy Welch.  [It struck me as bonkers.  But then I thought back on the angst of my decades of working seven days a week.]  5-18-23
  356. Economy.  “Why Cancer Drugs Are Being Rationed.”  [The government squeeze on generic profits is leading to shortages.]   5-23-23
  357. Economy.  “Get Ready for Deflation.”  By Donald L. Luskin.  [Inflation would have gone down without the Fed’s tightening, which we will soon see was overkill.]   5-24-23
  358. Economy.  “the World Economy Needs to Get Its Growth Back.”   By David Malpass.  [Without free-market policies that encourage dynamism, the current drift may persist for years.]   5-25-23
  359. Economy.  “VinFast in North Carolina Shows the Perils of Industrial Policy.”  By Scott Lincicome.  [Officials offer to bulldoze through two towns to have the Vietnamese carmaker.  But they picked a lemon.]   5-27-23
  360. Elections.  “Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis Enter the Race.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [One has the most winning personality in politics.  The other doesn’t but has a story to tell about policy.]   5-27-23
  361. Economy.  “Tesla’s Message to Biden.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A regulatory regime that rewards money-losing vehicles is a loser for America.]   5-31-23
  362. Economy.  “The Global Economic Growth Deficit.”   [China slumps and Germany is in recession, while the U.S. holds on.]   6-2-23
  363. Economy.  “China Won’t Save the U.S. From Recession this Time.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Beijing’s supply-side stimulus eased the 2009 contraction, but don’t expect another one.]   6-2-23
  364. Economy.  “How America Can Bring the Japanese Economic Miracle Stateside.”  By Daisue J Nakajima and Jeffrey D. Korzenik.  [Tokyo increased its labor force, despite a falling population, by recruiting nontraditional employees.]   6-6-23
  365. Economy.   “Welcome to Biden’s Tale of WOE.”  By Robert B. Zoelick.  [His industrial policy doesn’t serve consumers, and its rules and subsidies will be hard to undo.]   6-8-23
  366. Economy.  “Never Bet Against the American Economy.”  By Joe Biden.  [Over the past year, we helped create jobs, reduce inflation, and give working families breathing room.]    6-9-23
  367. Economy.  “A Tale of Two Economies.”  By Andy Kessler.  [For anyone working on AI, it’s the best of times, but for others, it’s the worst of times.]  6-12-23
  368. Economy.  “How to Prevent Another Financial Crisis.”  By Kevin Warsh.  [Banks that aren’t ‘too big to fail’ need injections of private capital and opportunities to merge.]   6-12-23
  369. Economy.  “How to Rebuild Fast After the Interstate 95 Collapse.”  By John Fund. [Incentives for speed are the key, California showed the way after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.]   6-13-23
  370. Economy.  “Byron Allen’s Big Mac Attack.”  [The media mogul plays the race card as a business strategy.]   6-16-23
  371. Economy.  “Adam Smith’s Solution to Poverty.”  [by Rainer Zitelmann.  [Even in the 18th century he understood that only economic growth would improve living standards.]   6-16-23
  372. Economy.  “At Ford, Government Is Now Job One.”  [The company gets a $9.2 billion loan – along with orders on how to use it.]  6-23-23
  373. Economy.  “Big Ethanol vs. Electric Vehicles.”  [It’s Godzilla vs. King Kong in the battle for subsidy primacy.]   6-24-23
  374. Economy.  “The Lordstowns of Industrial Policy.”  [The Ohio electric-truck maker Trump touted files for bankruptcy.]   6-28-23
  375. Economy.  “Bidenomics in One Lesson.”  6-29-23
  376. Economy.  “The Incredible Expanding Chips Act.”  [More companies can get grants, if they adopt progressive social policy.]   6-29-23
  377. Economy.  “Stop Homelessness Before It Starts.”  By Louis V. Gerstner Jr.  [Modes emergency grans can help people stay out of shelters.]   6-30-23
  378. Economy.  ‘Cracks Open in the LaBor Market.”  [Employers show their hiring pace in June, and Washington is no help.]   7-8-23
  379. Economy.  “A Judge-Made Right to Vagrancy.”  [The Ninth Circuit blocks cities from taking down homeless camps.]   7-8-23
  380. Economy. “The Bidenomics Blather.”  By Andy Kessler.  [His populist policies are similar to Donald Trump’s, albeit without the wall.]   7-10-23
  381. Economy.  “The States Where Incomes Grow Faster.”  7-11-23
  382. Economy.  “A Healthy Financial Industry Is Good for America.”  By Barney Frank.  [Democrats can’t be afraid to work with Republicans to prevent failures like Silicon Valley Bank.]   7-11-23
  383. Economy.  “Cracking the Proxy Advisory Duopoly.”  [Glass Lewis and ISS have a 97% market share and conflicts of interest.]   7-13-23
  384. Economy.  “Inflation Isn’t Conquered Yet.”   7-13-23
  385. Economy.  “The innovation Cage Match.”  By Andy Kessler.  [From Musk and Zuckerberg to Gates and Jobs, rivalry builds the future.]  7-17-23
  386. Economy.  “The Biden Accounting Jobs Boom.”  7-18-23
  387. Economy.  “Tin-Foil Logic for Tin-Mill Tariffs.”  [Will Gina Raimondo punish all Americans to help Sherrod Brown?]  7-18-23
  388. Economy.  “How to think About ‘Bienomics.’”  By Gerard Baker.  [Don’t ask if the economy’s stronger than it was four years ago.  Will it be stronger in 2033 than it is today?]   7-18-23
  389. Economy.  “We Will Never Run Out of Resources.”  By Marian L. Tupy and David Deutsch.  [The supply of minerals is theoretically finite, but human knowledge and creativity are limitless.]  7-21-23
  390. Economy.  “The Stealthy Economic Stimulus of the Post-Covid Spending Spree.”  By Mickey D. Levy.  [As the Fed tries to lower inflation, Biden’s industrial policies and programs pump up GDP.]  7-21-23
  391. Economy.  “We Audit the Auditors, and We Found Trouble.”  By Erica Y. Williams.  [PCAOB inspectors are turning up an increasing number of deficiencies.  That’s bad for investors.]   7-25-23
  392. Economy.  “’Lazy  Girl Jobs’ Won’t Make Gen Z Less Anxious.”  By Suzy Welch.  [Their overweening parents – baby boomers like me—failed to prepare them for adulthood’s challenges.]   7-24-23
  393. Economy.  “Why SVB Financial Is Getting Off Easy in Bankruptcy Court.”  By Todd H. Baker.  [Regulators didn’t order the holding company to help.  Now other banks are stuck with an unjust bill.]   7-26-23
  394. Economy.  “The Resilience in the GDP Data.”   [The U.S. economy almost looks normal for the first time in a while.]   7-28-23
  395. Economy.  “Inflation Slows, but Don’t Expect Political Relief.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [As Spain and other places show, the real problem is a lack of growth, causing wages to lag behind prices.]   7-28-23
  396. Economy.  “The Yellow Road to Bankruptcy.”  [High labor and debt costs bring down the venerable trucking firm.]   8-1–23
  397. Economy.  ‘I wouldn’t Bet the Farm on ‘Bidenomics.’”  By Blake Hurst.  [I’ve spent half a century in agriculture, and I’ve seen the benefits of respect for the free market.]   8-1–23
  398. Economy.  “What We’ve Learned About Inflation.” By John w. Cochrane. [With price increases easing, it’s time to take stock of how various theories have performed.]   8-2-23
  399. Economy.  “Fitch Downgrades America.”  [The rating agency may be too optimistic about the U.S. fiscal future.]   8-3-23
  400. Economy.  “BlackRock Gives Investors a Say.”   By Salim Ramji and Joud Abdel Majeid.  [BlackRock clients who represent more than $550 billion in assets joined the Voting Choice Program.]   8-4-23
  401. Economy.  “How High Mortgage Rates Fuel Inflation.”  By Tomas J. Philipson.  [It’s costlier to move, so fewer houses are on the market.  Less supply means higher prices and rents.]   8-4-23
  402. Economy.  “Stablecoins Can Keep the Dollar the World’s Reserve Currency.”  By Brian F. Brooks and Charles W. Calomiris.  [Blockchain-based assets could be to finance what Voice of America has been to U.S. diplomacy.]   8-10-23
  403. Economy.  “The Benefit of Falling Inflation.”    8-11-23
  404. Economy.  “Disney’s Mickey Mouse Mistake.”  By Andy Kessler.  [The company is raising prices as consumers choose to cut cable and skip park visits.]   8-14-23
  405. Economy.  “The Battle of Bricks and Clicks.”  (Bookshelf by Marc Levinson.)  “Winners Sells All.”  By Jason Del Rey.  [Walmart executives were initially skeptical of online retail’s future.  They were used to cutting costs, not making risky investments.]  8-16-23
  406. Economy.  “Rent Control Is Constitutionally Vulnerable.”  By alexander Talel.  [New York’s 2019 law is so onerous that the Supreme Court may revisit the issue for the first time in years].   8-16-23
  407. Economy.  “America’s Political-Subsidy Economy.”  [Government is steering investment now, at the cost of future growth.]   8-17-23
  408. Economy.  “The ‘Public Nuisance’ Menace.”  By David b. Rivkin Jr. and O.H. Skinner.  [Trial lawyers exact billions from companies that sell and distribute perfectly lawful products.]   8-17-23
  409. Economy.  “The EV Bubble Starts to Deflate.”  [Biden is imitating China just as its industrial policy starts o crack.]   8-22-23
  410. Economy.  “The Return of High Interest Rates.”  [Do investors see faster growth ahead, or more spending and inflation?]   8-23-23
  411. Economy.  “Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Heads to the Supreme Court.”   By David Skeel.  [A 40-year-old strategy for dealing with mass torts may end up needing a new look from congress.]    8-28-23
  412. Economy.  “The Political Battle for U.S Steel.”   [Unions and politicians are trying to steer the company’s sale.]   8-29-23
  413. Economy.  “Makers vs. Taylor Swift Shakers.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Buying tickets to her concerts won’t boost the economy and create societal wealth.]   9-11-23
  414. Economy.  “Free Riders on the Sidewalk.”  By Ivan Png.  [Outdoor dining helps restaurants and their landlords a everyone else’s expense.]   9-11-23
  415. Economy.  “The Student-Debt Bubble Fueled a Housing bubble.”  By Alysia Finley.  [Fannie and Freddie ignore much of what borrowers owe, allowing them to qualify for huge mortgages.]   9-11-23
  416. Economy.  “Does the UAW Want an Auto Strike?  [The union’s demands will drive more jobs to right-to-work states.]   9-12-23
  417. Economy.  “Trump’s Trade War Was a Loser.”  By Phil Gramm and Donald J. Boudreaux.  [Tariff destroyed jobs in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and made all Americans worse off.]   9-12-23Economy.  “Shawn Fain’s Economic Reality Test.”  [Non-union Tesla has a huge cost advantage over Detroit’s Big Three.]   9-19-23
  418. Economy.  “Inflation Will Continue Until Morale Improves.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Why aren’t Americans happy with the Biden economy?  The answer couldn’t be more obvious.]   9-19-23Economy.  “Bidenomics Is Unsustainable.”  By Stephen Miran.  [Subsidies for unions will drive labor costs up, making the U.S. uncompetitive.]   9-20-23Economy.  “A ‘Common Good’ That Isn’t.”  (Bookshelf by Pat Toomey.)  “No Trade Is Free.”  by Robert Lighthizer.  [Robert Lighthizer, President Trump’s trade representative, claims the trade deals of the mid-1990s led to economic ruin.  He’s wrong.]   9-21-23
  419. Economy.  “Wall Street and the Fed Are Both Wrong on Interest Rates.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The central bank shouldn’t treat growth as a problem, but there’s reason to think easing off won’t help GDP.]   9-22-23
  420. Economy.  “Bidenomics Is Keynesianism Without Constraints.”  By Richard B. McKenzie.  [Deficit spending to cure a recession is temporary.  Now it’s permanent and justified by ‘emergencies.’]   9-23-23
  421. Economy.  “Time for Zombie Reaganomics.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [Candidates should dust off his Oct. 24, 1980, speech for Wednesday’s debate.]  9-26-23
  422. Economy.  “The Rise and Fall of SBF.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Michael Lewis’s new book hits the stores Tuesday, as the FTX founder goes on trial.]   10-2–23
  423. Economy.  “Welcome Back, Bond Market.”  [Skip the shock and horror at rising rates as traders again price risk.]   10-6-23
  424. Economy.  “Labor Lessons From the Pandemic.”  10-6-23
  425. Economy.  “Beware Market complacency.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Global bond losses and the uncertainty caused by war join the roster of bad news.]   10-16-23
  426. Economy.  “Realtors Face an Antitrust Reckoning.”  [A trial starting Monday could yield benefit for home buyers.]   10-16-23
  427. Economy.  “The Economy Is Great.  Why Do Americans Blame Biden?”  by Alan C. Blinder.  [Inflation is lower, but some won’t be happy until prices come down too.  That would be a disaster.]   10-19-23  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)
  428. Economy.  “Democrats Peddle a ‘Child Labor’ Deception.”  By Tarren Bragdon.  [Parents know better than the government or the media how much work is too much for a teen.]   10-21-23
  429. Economy.  “The Auto Makers Cry for EV Mercy.”  [The Big Three tell Biden his fuel-economy rules will ‘devalue’ their EVs.]   10-23-23
  430. Economy.  “Why Bidenomics Isn’t Popular.”  [Minority families have fallen behind, a new Fed report says.]   10-23-23
  431. Economy.  “Home Sellers Take On the Realtor’s Cartel.”  By Allysia Finley.  [ An antitrust lawsuit challenges anticompetitive rules that inflate fees and drive-up housing costs.]   10-23-23
  432. Economy.  “Another Black Monday May Be Around the Corner.”  By John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke. [The Federal Reserve’s policies threaten the American economy and financial markets.]   10-23-23
  433. Economy.  “Get Ready for a Short-Lived Economic Boom.”  By Stephen Miran.  [Third quarter economic growth may run at 5%, but the bubble is sure to deflate quickly after that.]   10-24-23
  434. Economy.  “Ford Pays Dearly for Labor Peace.”  [The real test of the deal will be whether Ford can stay competitive.]   10-27-23
  435. Economy.  “The third Quarter Growth Boom.”  [Consumers keep driving GDP even as business investment lags.]   10-27-23
  436. Economy.  “America’s Business Community Is AWOL in Local Politics.”  By Eva Moskowitz.  [Unions and their left-wing allies meet little resistance as they chip away at the free-enterprise system.]   10-28-23
  437. Economy.  “Three Ideas to End Tent Cities.”  By Andy Kessler. [Changing a few laws and tightening border security could reduce urban homelessness.]   10-30-23
  438. Economy.  “A Big Legal Defeat for the Realtors.”  [A federal jury found the powerful lobby liable for conspiring to fix prices.]   11-1-23
  439. Economy.  “How WeWork Rose and Went Broke.”  [The company’s failure is a lesson in the risks of easy-money investments.]   11-8-23
  440. Economy.  “Bidenomics Gets No Respect.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Citing the president’s age lets Democrats off the hook for his economic policies.]   11-9-23
  441. Economy.  “The Final Frontier Is Getting Crowded.”  By Ed Lu.  [The number of spacecraft launches is doubling every two years, creating logistical challenges.]   11-9-23
  442. Economy.  “Luci’s $227,802 EV Loss Leader.”  [The electric-vehicle startup is struggling to find buyers for its cars.]   11-10-23
  443. Economy.  “To Save Disney, Bring Back the Takeover Market.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Even if a sale or breakup doesn’t result, a lively market for control inspires new strategic ideas.]   11-11-23
  444. Economy.  “Autonomous Cars Beat EVs.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Biden should have updated our roads, not subsidized car purchases for the rich.]   11-13-23
  445. Economy.  “Proxy Advisers and Double Standards.”   [A new study shows Glass Lewis and ISS make material errors in their recommendations.]  [“…they promote the progressive agenda against corporate America.”]   11-16-23
  446. Economy.  “Companies That Can’t Make Money.”  By Marlo Oakes.  [The SEC pushes a plan to misallocate capital by buying land and taking it out of productive use.]   11-16-23
  447. Economy.  “Capitalism Works, Says ChatGPT.”  By Holman W.  Jenkins, Jr.  [A royal governance screw-up shows what nonprofits could learn from CEO pay.]   11-22-23
  448. Economy.  “Inflation Is Still on the Menu.”  By Dave Seminara.  [Think price have gone down?  Try eating at a restaurant.]   11-24-23
  449. Economy.  “America’s Anti-Economist.”  (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.)   “Milton Friedman: The Last conservative.”  By Jennifer Jones.  [Milton Friedman’s advice on the burning economic question of the 1970s – inflation – was ignored by President Nixon and his Fed chair.]   11-28-23
  450. Economy.  “Will GM Shareholders Survive the EV Meltdown?”   by Holman W. Jenkins, Fr.  [With a big share buyback, Mary Barra reminds investors that gas-powered trucks provide the profits.]   12-2-23
  451. Economy.  “Free Trade Is Good for American Farmers Like Me.”  By Terry Wanzek.  [Trump is hopeless, but a candidate with a positive trade agenda could harvest farm-country votes.]   12-9-23
  452. Economy.  “Tariffs Are for Losers.”  By Andy Kessler.  [There is a bipartisan zeal for policies that misallocate capital and raise prices.]   12-11-23
  453. Economy.  “Biden Ambushes Pharma Patents.”  [New guidance will let the feds steal IP if drug prices are too high.]  12-11-23
  454. Economy.  “Biden to Apprentices:  You’re Fired.”  12-19-23
  455. Economy.  “Big Steel’s Industrial Policy Boomerang.”  [Protectionists paved the way for Nippon’s takeover of U.S. Steel.]   12-20-23
  456. Economy.  “Bidenomics Is Working for the Middle Class.”  By Janet L. Yellen.  [The economy defied the gloomy forecasts for 2023.  Growth is steady, inflation id sown, and wages are up.]  12-21-23
  457. Economy.  “Tariffs and the Common Man.”   1-2-24
  458. Economy.  “Xenophobia Drives Fores of Nipon Steel’s Deal.”  By Wilbur Ross.   [The acquisition of U.S. Steel poses no threat to America’s economic or national security.]  1-2-24
  459. Economy.  “James Gwartney Made Economics Accessible.”  By Richard Vedder and Robert Lawson.  [He helped popularize free-market ideas and even brought them to post-Soviet Russia.]   1-8-24
  460. Economy.  “Boeing and the Automation Standoff.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A plane maker has too many constituencies to please, and it doesn’t help safety.]   1-10-24
  461. Economy.  “Why No One Goes Out to Eat in D.C. Anymore.”  By Michael Saltsman and Rebekah Paxton.  [Misguided public policy has led to fear on the streets and surcharges on restaurant bills.]   1-13-24
  462. Economy.  “The High Cost of the Trump-Biden Tariffs.”  By Phil Gramm and Donald J. Boudreaux.  [They benefited a politically connected few, while U.S. consumers and producers paid the bill.]   1-18-24
  463. Economy.  “Biden’s Dispiriting Antitrust Cops.”  [In blocking a JetBlue-Spirit merger, they are reducing competition.]   1-19-24View Stats
  464. Economy.  “Lovable Elon Pulls a Fast One.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [He wants to be paid twice for the artificial-intelligence hopes already in Tesla’s stock price.]   1-20-24
  465. Economy.  “Our Plan to Grow U.S. Steel.”   By Eiji Hashimoto ad Takashiro Mori.  [We at Nippon Steel will strengthen the company and honor all union contracts.]   1-23-24
  466. Economy.  “The Public May Soon See the Economic Light.”  By Alan s. Blinder.  [Perceptions tend to lag behind reality.  But inflation has been going down for a while.]   1-24-24
  467. Economy.  “The Markets Party Like It’s 1939.  By Gerard Baker.  [As 2024 starts, investors seem untroubled by a series of crises, wars and political uncertainties.]   1-23-24
  468. Economy.  “Biden Has Brought Happy Days for Investors.”  By Ed Finn.  [Higher interest rates and better bank regulation stabilize the economy, fostering equity growth.]   1-25-24  (“Mr. Finn…was editor and president of Barron’s 1998-2017.”)
  469. Economy.  “America’s Resilient Economy.”   1-26-24
  470. Economy.  “The ‘Soft Landing’ Could Easily Turn Hard.”  By Robert E. Rubin.   [Dangers and risks include a government shutdown, a Trump victory and wars in Gaza, Ukraine and Yemen.]   1-26-24
  471. Economy.  Hawaii’s Electric Utility Could Soon Feel the Burn.”  By R.A. Moss.  [Even if the Lahaina wildfire is ruled an accident, the company faces liabilities on multiple fronts.]   1-27-24
  472. Economy.  “Cleveland-Cliffs, Tariffs and Buybacks.”   1-31-24
  473. Economy.  “The Intelligence Paradox:  AI May Make Markets Less Rational.”  By Alena Brynjolfsson and Erik Brynjolfsson.  [Even the smartest algorithm has to operate within its limitations on risk and capital.]   2-1-24
  474. Economy.  “Will a Delaware Judge Pop the Tesla Bubble.?”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [the company owes its stratospheric reputation to its workaholic, risk-tolerant CEO.]   2-3-24
  475. Economy.  “’Shrinkflation’ Is in the Air, Online and Everywhere Else.”  By Allysia Finley.  [You pay more for ‘extras’ tht used to be part of the base price.  The CPI doesn’t measure that.]   2-5-24
  476. Economy.  “Trading Places.”  (Bookshelf by Paul Kennedy.)    “A world Safe for Commerce.”  By Dale C. Copeland.  [For the first time in more than a century, there is a global trade war that America may not win.]   2-8-24
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  478. Economy.  “The Story Behind Biden’s Trade Failure.”  [Emails show how Lina Khan and the left co-opted Katherine Tai.]   2-13-24
  479. Economy.  “Reagan’s Free-Market Moon Shot.”  By Rainer Zitelmann.  [In 1984 he foresaw the space economy, which has overshadowed the space program.]   2-14-24
  480. Economy.  “Sticker Shock and Sticky Inflation.  2-14-24
  481. Economy.  “Slow Growth Is Ahead Unless Government Gets Out of the Way.”  By David Malpass.  [The rise of regulatory activism and the adoption of multilateral edicts may hold America back.]   2-15-24
  482. Economy.  “The Vindication of Biden’s American Rescue Plan.”   By Gene Sperling.  [He learned the lessons of past downturns.  The claim that he ‘overlearned’ them has proved to be specious.]   2-16-24
  483. Economy.  “Progressives Against Financial Competition.”  [A Capital One tie with Discover Financial would help retailers.]   2-21-24
  484. Economy.  “Nvidia, AI and U.S. Innovation.”  [The government didn’t build that $2 trillion share valuation.]   2-23-24
  485. Economy.  “Profit Can Be Your Purpose.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Why do Millennials and Gen Zers want their work to provide psychic rewards?]   3-4-24
  486. Economy.  “The Biden ‘Strike Force’ Is Coing for You.  [After causing prices to rise, the White House blames business.]   3-6-24
  487. Economy.  “The Letitia James Business Model.  [The New York AG sues a meat company because it sells too much meat.]   3-6-24
  488. Economy.  “Block Capital One’s Merger With Discover.”  By Elizabeth Warren.  [It would create America’s biggest credit-card issuer, allowing it to charge customers exorbitant fees.]   3-8-24
  489. Economy.  “Beware the Frothy AI Frenzy.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Dominant players often miss the next big market because of bloat and hubris.]   3-11-24
  490. Economy.  “As Rural America Declines, There Are Still Plenty of Farmers.”  By Blake Hurst.  [Total U.S. agricultural output increased even as acreage declined 20% between 1950 and 2017.]   3-11-24
  491. Economy.  “Hold the Inflation Champagne.”  3-13-24
  492. Economy.  “Steel-Making in the Swamp.”  [Cleveland-Cliffs’s CEO brags about his sway over Joe Biden.]  3-18-24
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  494. Economy.  “The Realtors Stage a Tactical Retreat.”  [The NAR’s ballyhooed legal settlement is less than meets the hype.]  3-20-24
  495. Economy.  “Buy American, Build Nothing.”  By Judge Glock.  [The infrastructure law of 2021 makes it hard to build anything.]   3-26-24
  496. Economy.  “The C-Suite Cleanup at Boeing.”   3-26-24
  497. Economy.  “The Muddle at Boeing as Big Choices Loom.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The company and its overseers are looking backward in a rapidly changing world.]   3-30-24
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  499. Economy.  “The Realtors Still Need Market Reform.”  (The Weekend interview with Jack Ryan by Allysia Finley.) [Despite a recent lawsuit settlement, the cartel keeps home prices high and damages the economy.  This entrepreneur wants federal antitrust action.]   4-6-24
  500. Economy.  “The Labor Market Keeps on Truckin.’”    4-6-24
  501. Economy.  FDIC.  “FDIC May Spoil Your Index Funds.”  By Burton G. Maikiel.  [A limit on bank-stock holdings could make it impossible to track the benchmarks.]    4-9-24
  502. Economy.  “The Inflation Thief Rises Again.”  [The real average hourly wage has risen seven lousy cents in a year.]   4-11-24
  503. Economy.  “What Economists Miss About Inflation.”  By Robert Pozen and S.P. Kothari.  [Prices aren’t rising as fast as they were in 2022, but consumers tend to have a longtime horizon.]   4-13-24
  504. Economy.  “Biden, Cfius and the U.S. Steel Acquisition.”  By Thomas P. Feddo.  [Are his remarks empty rhetoric or an attempt to subvert the law?]   4-16-24
  505. Economy.  “Crotonville and the Death of Fun at Work.”  By Suzy Welch.  [Young employees can’t imagine caring about a company and vice versa.]   4-17-24
  506. Economy.  “The Race to Be Protectionist in Chief.”  [Biden sees Trump’s tariffs on metals and raises to no good effect.]   4-18-24
  507. Economy.  “What Home Buyers Get for Those Agent Commissions.”  By Damian Eales.  [It’s caveat emptor in some Australian states, where agents have a fiduciary duty only to the seller.]   4-18-24
  508. Economy.  “Houston Would Welcome BP and Shell.”  By Paul M. Dabbar.  [Europe has become a hostile environment for energy companies.]   4-19-24
  509. Economy.  “Do Interest Rates Matter Anymore?”  by Andy Kessler.   [The economy may be chugging along, but usury could bring a day reckoning.]   4-22-24
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  511. Economy.  “Who Pays Corporate Taxes?  Look in the Mirror.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [Costs are passed on to consumers.  If you work for and invest in companies, you get hit three times.]   4-24-24
  512. Economy.  “Signs of Stagflation Appear. “  [Voters aren’t crazy if they feel uneasy about the economy.]   4-26-24
  513. Economy.  “Remote Work Is a Leadership Killer.”  By Louis V. Gerstner Jr.   4-26-24
  514. Economy.  “The Government-Spending Jobs Boom.”  [Most new jobs are in healthcare, government and social assistance.]    5-4-24
  515. Economy.  “Return of the Housing Godzillas.”  [Freddie Mac wants to guarantee second mortgages.  Yikes.]   5-6-24
  516. Economy.  “Public Companies Are Alive and Well.”  By Mark J. Roe and Charles C.Y. Wang.  [They’re fewer in number but bigger and more profitable than ever before.]   5-9-24
  517. Economy.  “Protectionists Go to the Mattresses.”  [Apparently everyone in the world is ‘dumping’ their beds on the U.S.]   5-11-24
  518. Economy.  “Whose Trade War Is Worse, Trump’s or Biden’s?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [It’s still true that the dumbest trade war is a green trade war.]   5-11-24
  519. Economy.  “Is a Trial Lawyer Worth 100 Elon Musks?”  by Jonathan Macey and M. Todd Henerson.  [Attorneys seek $5.6 billion for convincing a Delaware Court that the CEO is overpaid.]   5-14-24
  520. Economy.  “Yellen’s New Too-Big-To-Fail Firms.”  [Treasury says non-bank mortgage servicers are systemically important.]   5-14-24
  521. Economy.  “Preventing Bailouts Is Simple, but It Isn’t Easy.”  By John M. Cochrane and Amit Seru.  [The Fed could simply stop blocking run-proof banks from emerging.  But that would take political will.]   5-14-24


Issue Headlines

“New Global Tax Set to Raise Billions.”  “US. Won’t benefit because Congress hasn’t changed law to conform to deal.”  [15% Minimum international corporate tax rate took effect this year.]   2-2-24  (WSJ 2-2-24, p. A16)