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  71. Trump. “Trump Didn’t Oppose the Iraq War.” By Karl Rove. [There’s no record of his clear opposition before March 2003, despite his claims.   2-18-16
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  100. Trump. “The GOP’s Trump Divide.” [Two more wins for the frontrunner disliked by half of his own party.] 3-9-16
  101. Trump. “Donald Trump’s Mexican Imports.” [The businessman favors the importation of foreign-made drugs.] 3-9-16
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  107. Trump. “Suffering From Trumphobia? Get Over It.” By Edward N. Luttwak. [Before the 1980 election, Reagan’s opponents said he would ignite a nuclear holocaust. Didn’t happen.] 3-10-16
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  109. Trump. “Misreading the Trump-Evangelicals Link.” By Ralph Reed. [Ignorant of election history, the chattering class is abuzz about the supposed hypocrisy of evangelicals.] 3-11-16
  110. Trump. “Donald Trump, Meet Your Customers.” By Joseph Rago. [Trump say (sic) he’s the tribune of the common man. I read 26,000 online reviews to find out what the common man thinks of his products. 3-12-16
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  121. Trump. “A Trump Reality Check.” [He is the least commanding GOP front-runner since Ford.] 3-18-16
  122. Trump. “Trump’s Accusers May See Him in Court Soon.” By Morgan Cloud and George Shepherd. [The candidate says any trial over allegations about fraud at Trump University is years off. That’s not what the record suggests.] 3-18-16
  123. Trump. “Trumpism, the Economic Wrecking Ball.” By Alan S. Blinder. [Exploding deficits, high tariffs and the deportation of millions of workers would spark a global depression.] 3-22-16. [“Mr. Blinder, a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University and former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, is an informal policy adviser to the Hillary Clinton campaign.]
  124. Trump. “Trump’s Useless Revolution. “ by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.   [Belgian terror attacks show why the U.S. needs to be more dynamic, not less.] 3-23-16
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  127. Trump. “Trump’s Abortion Gaffe.”  3-31-16
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  129. Trump. “Trump’s Nuclear World.” [The Pax Americana has prevented a darker nuclear age.] 4-1-16
  130. Trump. “Trump’s Mess Has Become His Message.” By Peggy Noonan. [His supporters are getting embarrassed by his sheer dumb grossness.] 4-2-16
  131. Trump. “Trump vs. Scott Walker.” [Wisconsin is doing well following conservative economic reforms.] 4-4-16
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  141. Trump. “Vanity Will Be The Donald’s Undoing.” By Karl Rove. [Trump thinks he is so rich, famous and athletic that he can skip a real campaign.] 4-14-16
  142. Trump. “Let Me Ask America a Question.” By Donald J. Trump. [How has the ‘system’ been working out for you and your family? No wonder voters demand change.] 4-15-16
  143. Trump. “Trump Can’t Break the Republican Party.” By Michael Barone. [Republicans may be split temporarily, but there is no deep Trumpist movement to push permanent schism.] [Teddy Roosevelt, denied the 1912 GOP nomination, went rogue. But discord didn’t last the decade.] 4-16-16
  144. Trump. “Trump’s Bully Pulpit.” [His threats to blow up the July convention are a sign of weakness.] 4-19-16
  145. Trump. “Trump’s Emptiest Threat.” By Karl Rove. [The Donald can’t bolt the GOP to run as an independent – by June it will be too late.] 4-21-16
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  149. Trump. “Trump’s Eastern Sweep.” [His opponents are running out of states to stop him.] 4-27-16
  150. Trump. “A Trump-First Foreign Policy.” [The candidate critiques Obama but also shares some of his views.] 4-28-16
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  152. Trump. “The Agony of a Trump Delegate.” By Kimberley A. Sassel. [Rules may say they’re bound to The Donald, but many are thinking through their options.]. 4-29-16
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  154. Trump. “Trump Declares War on Mexico.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Arguably, he’s not an unsubtle politician but he would be nowhere without his wall.] 5-4-16
  155. Trump. “Indiana Trump.” [The GOP’s presumptive nominee must now unify the party.] 5-4-16
  156. Trump. “Charles Koch’s Warning.” By Daniel Henninger. [He could tell Donald Trump how to avoid being remembered as a fringe candidate.] 5-5-16
  157. Trump. “What Donald Trump Needs Now.” by Karl Rove. [To stand a chance, he must tone it down, hire a fact-checker and open his wallet.] 5-5-16
  158. Trump. “The Trump Reality.” [He may be the highest variable nominee in American history.]  5-5-16
  159. Trump. “Minimum Trump.” [The primary is over, and the Republican is changing his mind.] 5-6-16
  160. Trump. “Trump Voters: Not So Irrational.” (The Weekend Interview with Samuel L. Popkin) [The political scientist who applies the ‘rational choice” theory of economics to voters says there was a method to the GOP’s primary madness.] 5-7-16
  161. Trump. “The Ryan-Trump Divide.” [The election is about more than the GOP presidential nominee.] 5-7-16
  162. Trump. “Trump Was a Spark, Not the Fire.” By Peggy Noonan. [The establishments, both media and conservative, failed to anticipate how they’d be consumed.] 5-7-16
  163. Trump. “Trumpism Equals Arbitrary Government.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Gridlock in spades has its appeal; in the long run, however, the country needs institutional reform.] 5-7-16
  164. Trump. “Trump and the Obama Effect.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The administration’s cynical manipulations have lowered the bar for what voters expect.] 5-9-16
  165. Trump. “Could Donald Trump Implode?” [Trying to purge GOP doubters might doom his candidacy.]   5-9-16
  166. Trump. “I’m Voting Trump, Warts and All.” By Bobby Jindal. [I stand by all my criticisms of the New Yorker, but the stakes for the country are too great to elect Clinton.]  5-9-16
  167. Trump. “Trump Needs Ryan More Than He Knows.” By Fred Barnes. [To have any shot this fall, the New Yorker must pull conservatives to his camp. Speaker Ryan is the key.] 5-10-16
  168. Trump. “The Ryan – Trump Summit.” By Daniel Henninger. [This could be the beginning of a useful, if not beautiful relationship.] 5-12-16
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  170. Trump. “Trump’s Money Games.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [First he was going to self-fund. Now he isn’t. Meanwhile, Clinton raises $213 million.] 5-13-16
  171. Trump. “A Trump-Ryan Modus Vivendi.” [An armistice is in the interests of both men, and the country.] 5-13-16
  172. Trump. “…And Donald Trump’s Taxes.” [Democrats will keep pounding him until he releases his returns.] 5-14-16
  173. Trump. “Mr. Trump Goes to Washington.” By Peggy Noonan. [The voters have rebuked professional Republicans and conservatives. What’s next for the GOP? 5-14-16
  174. Trump. “Donald Trump’s Amazon Adventure.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Does he really want to be president — or is his attack on entrepreneur Jeff Bezos a cry for help?] 5-14-16
  175. Trump. “The Entrepreneur’s Case for Trump.” By Anthony Scaramucci. [What elitists misinterpret as uneven principles is really adaptability — and, by the way, he can win.] 5-16-16
  176. Trump. LTE. “The Trump-Ryan Summit: Who Needs Whom?” 5-18-16
  177. Trump. “Trump and Bernie: Less Is More.” By Daniel Henninger. [The two ‘outsiders’ are offering political minimalism because it works in our culture.]   5-19-16
  178. Trump. “Donald Trump’s Day in Court.” [He offers an impressive list of replacements for Antonin Scalia.] 5-20-16
  179. Trump. “Trump For Blow-Upper in Chief?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Obama rule-making frenzy is one reason Americans are angered by a lack of jobs and raises.] 5-21-16
  180. Trump. “Sex, Bill Clinton and Trump.” By William McGurn. [In the 1990s, Bill Clinton taught us that only bluenoses worry about a pol’s treatment of women.] 5-24-16
  181. Trump. “Trump Rakes the Clinton Muck.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [The Clintons have never run into a foe willing to go where this one goes – gleefully.] 5-27-16
  182. Trump. “Trump Makes Sense on Energy.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [From the mouth of The Donald comes wisdom on America’s climate dissonance.]  6-1-16
  183. Trump. “Trump’s Politics of Grievance.”  [When it comes to criticism, he’s more Nixon than Reagan.] 6-1-16
  184. Trump. “Trump’s MAD.” By Daniel Henninger.  [Donald Trump may be turning into a captive of his very familiar public persona.]  6-2-16
  185. Trump. “Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Test.”  [He needs more than insults to rebut Clinton on national security.]  6-4-16
  186. Trump. LTE.  “Is Romney’s Criticism of Trump on target?  6-4-16
  187. Trump. “Trump and the ‘Mexican’ Judge.”  [Why equating ethnicity with judicial bias is so offensive.]  6-6-16
  188. Trump. LTE.  “Reflections on the Revolution in Washington.” 6-7-16
  189. Trump. “Why Trump, the ‘King of Debt.,’ Hates Dodd-Frank.”  By Alan S. Binder.  6-7-16
  190. Trump. “Trump U Redefines the ‘Brand.’” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The Donald left his natural sphere and proves unable to rise to the occasion.]  6-8-16
  191. Trump. “High Trump Anxiety.”  [Republicans are worried about more than his comments on a judge.]  6-8-16
  192. Trump. “Trump Can’t Wing It Forever.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [He needs a campaign  – to raise cash, cut ads and keep him focused on Clinton.]  6-10-16
  193. Trump. LTE. “Donald Trump Exploits Progressive Morality.”  6-10-16
  194. Trump. “Trump, the Judiciary and Identity Politics.”  By Michael B. Mukasey. [Making an issue of  Judge Curiel’s ethnicity was squalid – and the other side of a coin that liberals have played for years.] 6-10-16
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  376. Trump. “Trump as Lady Gaga.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [He is a political performance artist, challenging what we think as normal.]  12-8-16
  377. Trump. “Trump’s Chinese Currency Manipulation.”  [His tweets are driving the yuan down against the dollar.]  12-8-16
  378. Trump. “What’s in a Name?  For Trump’s Businesses, Everything.”  by Edwin D. Williamson.  [Liquidating his stake in the Trump Organization through an IPO or buyout presents myriad problems.]  12-10-16
  379. Trump. “Despotism and Donald Trump.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [Decrying Trump while ignoring the tyranny of the administrative state.]  12-13-16
  380. Trump. “Trump’s Russian Reset Reset.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [This time, the aim should be to hold Putin’s hand until he gives up power.]  12-14-16
  381. Trump. “Trump’s Blank Goldman Slates.” [His top economic advisers have few known policy views.]  12-14-16
  382. Trump. “What Purple America Wants From Trump.”  By Paul c. Light.  [Swing voters would hold Washington to account but also protect programs they see as essential.]  12-14-16
  383. Trump. “The Media Still Don’t Get Trump.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The public doesn’t care about what obsesses pundits – and the president-elect knows it.]  12-14-16
  384. Trump. “The Luck of the Donald.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Ironically, Trump’s opponents have set him up for some major successes.]  1-3-17
  385. Trump. “What Does Trump Know About Russia?”  by Bret Stephens.  [The president-elect has his doubts about Russian hacking.  What are his motives?]  1-3-17
  386. Trump. “A Lincoln Lesson for Donald Trump.”  By Jay Winik.  [The president-elect will soon learn how little control he has over his agenda.]  1-3-17
  387. Trump. “Can Politicians and Singers Make Beautiful Music together?”  by Dave Shiflett.  [Recording artists shun the inauguration but hope Trump will look out for their interests.]  1-5-17
  388. Trump. “A Useful Trump Intelligence Shakeup.”  [The White House intel shop can be shrunk and its staff improved.]  1-6-17
  389. Trump. “Meryl Streep Upstages Obama.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [Her Trump-thumping will be a hard act for the departing president to follow.]  1-10-17
  390. Trump. “The Trump Russia Files.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The president-elect’s interregnum turns into a media circus damaging everyone.] 1-12-17
  391. Trump. “So, You Got a Job at the White House.”  By Karl Rove.  [Advice for Trump’s new staff from a dozen former aides, reaching back to LBJ.]  1-12-17
  392. Trump. “De-Trumping the Trump Organization.”  [He takes important steps but leaves some political vulnerability.]  1-12-17
  393. Trump. “Tillerson for State.”  [Trump and his nominee show more realism on Russia.]  1-12-17
  394. Trump. “Trump May Herald a New Political Order.”  By John Steele Gordon. [Seldom does a presidential election mark a permanent shift.  The last time it happened was 1932.]  1-14-17
  395. Trump. “If Russia Has Info on Trump Does It Make a Difference?’ by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [We live in a MAD world – mutual assured destruction – with respect to leadership secrets.]  1-14-17
  396. Trump. “Trump’s bonfire of Pieties.”  By Bret Stephens.  [Will his nasty rhetoric shake things up or crack their already shaky foundations?]  1-17-17
  397. Trump. “The ‘Blind Trust’ snake Oil.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [American voters have bigger things to worry about than Trump’s business interests.]  1-18-17
  398. Trump. “The Biggest Trump Question.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Will his presidency produce a new order or merely more disorder?]  1-19-17
  399. Trump. “A Perfect Sign-Off for @RealDonaldTrump.”  By Karl Rove.  [Now that he’s taking office, he should finally give up his twitter account.]  1-19-17
  400. Trump. “an Inaugural Speech Like No Other?”  by Thomas V. DeBacco.  1-19-17
  401. Trump. “Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves, Mr. Trump.”  By Richard Haass.  [Heedless action – tearing up the Iran deal or moving the US. Embassy in Israel – may make things worse.]  1-19-17
  402. Trump. “Coming Out – This Time for Trump.”  By Mitchell Lee Marks.  [Hiding my support for him felt the same way as keeping my sexual orientation secret.]  1-20-17
  403. Trump. “The Audacity of Trump.”  [The public dislikes his temperament but still believes he can deliver policy success.]  1-20-17
  404. Trump. “The Promise of President Trump.”  By Andrew Ferguson / Heather R. Higgins / Shelby Steele / Charles Kesler / Ben Sasse / Amity Shlaes / Jim Webb / Charles Koch.  [We asked leading thinkers this question:  ‘What is your hope and your expectation for the Trump presidency?’]  1-20-17
  405. Trump.  “Trump’s Populist Manifesto.” By Joe Connor.  [A call to reform government, but perhaps not limit it.]  1-21-17
  406. Trump. “Trump’s Good First Move.”  [The new team reverses a late Obama payoff to the housing lobby.]  1-21-17
  407. Trump. “President Trump Declares Independence.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [His message to America:  Remember those things I said in the campaign?  I meant them.  I meant it all.]  1-21-17
  408. Trump “Trump Can Correct a Bush Error.”  By fred Barnes.  [The conviction of ‘Scooter’ Libby was an injustice.  He deserves a pardon.]  1-23-17
  409. Trump. “Trump’s Intel Reform Is a Good First Step.”  By Jane Harman and Peter Hoekstra.  1-23-17
  410. Trump. “Trump at the CIA.”  [Mr. President, the election is over.]  1-23-17
  411. Trump. “Trump:  The Reader’s Guide.”  By Bret Stephens.  [To understand Kellyanne Conway’s ‘alternative facts,’ pick up Hannah Arendt.]  1-24-17
  412. Trump. “’America first’ Takes On a New Meaning.” By Wm McGurn.  [The 1941 movement vilified Churchill.  Trump restores him to a place of honor.]  1-24-17
  413. Trump. “Trump Foes Egged Me On to Support Him.”  By Barbara A. Smith.  [While walking to an inaugural ball, I heard shouts – and felt yolk run down my hair.]  1-24-17
  414. Trump. “Trump’s Pacific Trade Retreat.”  [The failure is a strategic win for China and a defeat for Japan’s Shinzo Abe.]  1-24-17
  415. Trump. “Trump, the Press and the Dictatorship of the Trolletariat.”  By Barton Swaim.  [The president pursues a canny strategy of sending journalists on wild-goose ‘fact-checks.’]  1-24-17
  416. Trump. “Corporate America Taken Hostage.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Business is charged with creating jobs to keep Donald Trump off his trade warhorse.]  1-25-17
  417. Trump. “The Emoluments Clause for Dummies.”  By Brian C. Kalt.  [Everyone’s an expert, but the truth here is that majority rules.]  1-25-17
  418. Trump. “The Trump Kaleidoscope.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [It’s time for doubtful and hopeful Trumpers to stop obsessing over Trump Himself.]  1-26-17
  419. Trump. “Trump Tries to Build a ‘Different Party.’”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The Democrats have no playbook for dealing with a Republican who’s a populist.]  1-28-17
  420. Trump. “The Wrong Kind of Crazy.”  By Bret Stephens.  [What Trump could learn from Nixon about keeping enemies off balance.]  1-31-17
  421. Trump. “Trumpian Shock and Awe.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Too many political forces are coming to life against the young presidency’]  2-2-17
  422. Trump. “Amateur Hour at the White House.”  By Karl Rove.  [Trump mismanaged the travel ban rollout.  The next crisis could be more serious.]  2-2-17
  423. Trump. “Trump and American ‘Self Confidence’.”  [Obama ignored David Petraeus’s advice.  Will the new President?] 2-2-17
  424. Trump. “Travis Kalanick Drives Away.”  [The Uber CEO drops out of a meeting with Donald Trump, alas.]  2-3-17
  425. Trump. Trump could Be the First Silicon Valley President.”  By Andy Kessler.  [He is as disruptive as Amazon, Uber and Napster – and also as risky as any high-tech startup.]  2-3-17
  426. Trump. “In Trump’s Washington, Nothing Feels Stable.” By Peggy Noonan. [He has overloaded all circuits. Everything is too charged, with sparks and small shocks all over.] 2-4-17
  427. Trump. “The Thomas Hobbes Presidency.” By Bret Stephens. [Conservatives were outraged by Obama’s apologies. What about Trump’s slander?] 2-7-17
  428. Trump. “Who’s ‘Normalizing’ Donald Trump Now?” by Wm McGurn. [The vulgarity and violence of the anti-Trump left may be helping the president.]   2-7-17
  429. Trump. “Trump, Putin and Republicans.” [The GOP will have to provide a check on the President’s bromance.] 2-7-17
  430. Trump. “Trump Gives a Boost to Putin’s Propaganda.” By David Satter. [The president’s line that the U.S. also has ‘killers’ will be used to justify still more Russian murders.] 2-7-17
  431. Trump. “At the Trump Trauma Center, Nobody Comes for Treatment.” [A sickness that makes sufferers feel terribly good about themselves.] 2-8-17
  432. Trump. “The Method in Trump’s Tumult.” By Christopher De Muth. [ A raucous cabinet can be an asset. Some fo the best presidents, including Washington, wielded disagreement as a tool.] 2-11-17
  433. Trump. “Trump’s judicial Debacle.” [The botched order has given judges a chance to restrict executive power over national security.] 2-11-17
  434. Trump. “Trump’s ‘So-Called’ Judgment.” By Sai Prakash and John Yoo. [It’s legitimate to criticize the judiciary, but unwise to do it so injudiciously.] 2-13-17
  435. Trump. “Donald Trump’s Abolitionist Cabinet.” By Wm. McGurn. [Hurrah for cabinet secretaries skeptical about the agencies they will lead.] 2-14-17
  436. Trump. “The Reality-Television President.” By Adam O’Neal. [“…If Mr. Trump wants a successful presidency…he’ll have to scrutinize the implementation of his ideas much more carefully than he crafts his tweets.] 2-14-17
  437. Trump. “Andy Puzder’s Grilling.” [Will the White House let bogus charges beat its Labor nominee?] 2-14-17
  438. Trump. “White House Disruption.” [Trump should give his chief of staff the power to act like one.] 2-14-17
  439. Trump. “Eavesdropping on Michael Flynn.” [Did U.S. spooks have a court order to listen to his conversations? Why?] 2-14-17
  440. Trump. “The Michael Flynn Fallout.” [Congress should include the leaked transcripts in its Russia probes.] 2-15-17
  441. Trump. “Is this Trump’s Watergate?” by Daniel Henninger. [Unless his team gets back to the basics of the 2016 election, 1974 could return.] 2-16-17
  442. Trump. “Don’t Believe the Progressive Hype.” By Karl Rove. [Trump’s missteps have energized the left, but tea-party comparisons are overwrought.] 2-16-17
  443. Trump. “A ‘Shadow Cabinet’ to Restrain Trump.” By David Roberts. [Sharp critiques of extreme policies from eminent ex-officials.] 2-16-17
  444. Trump. “Another Trump Casualty.” [Immigration foes and unions take down Labor nominee Andy Puzder.] 2-16-17
  445. Trump. “The Bully Trumpet.” [Some good news amid the presidential stream of consciousness.] 2-17-17
  446. Trump. “Trump’s Labor Mulligan.” [Alex Acosta is a conservative whom liberals can support.] 2-17-17
  447. Trump. “The White House Needs an Injection of Calm.” By Peggy Noonan. [Trump is an unusual character. He’d benefit if his staff included some conventional ones.] 2-18-17
  448. Trump. “Missing the Meaning of Trump.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Liberals desperately pretend his rise is a message from Russia, not voters.] 2-22-17
  449. Congress. “A Real Fix for Trump’s Conflicts of Interest.” By George M. Cohen. [Congress should establish a public trust to oversee his company.] 2-23-17
  450. Trump. “Trump vs. Trump.” By Daniel Henninger. [The dangers of a presidency that gets trapped inside the thrills of a campaign.] 2-23-17
  451. Trump. “When the President Speaks, Who’ll Listen.” By Karl Rove. [Trump’s congressional address should aim at voters who oppose him but are persuadable.] 2-23-17
  452. Trump. “Trump’s Reality Test.” [Bannonism gets the headlines but can’t deliver votes in Congress.] 2-28-17
  453. Trump. “A Surprising Show of Confidence.” By Peggy Noonan. [Trump’s speech was clear, plain, even warm at times. Could we be seeing a capacity to grow?] 3-4-17
  454. Trump. “The Vertigo Presidency.” By Bret Stephens. [A belly-flop into the cloudy pond of Mr. Trump’s psyche won’t Make America Great.] 3-7-17
  455. Trump. “Trump and Russia: A clash of Conspiracy Theories.” By Michael Doran. [Who’s telling the truth, the president or James Clapper? It’s possible both of them are.] 3-7-17
  456. Trump. “Trump’s Revealing Budget.” [So much political drama over such a small part of the federal fisc.] 3-17-17
  457. Trump. “’Clearly the President Was Wrong.’” 3-17-17  [Re: Obama and Trump Tower wiretapping during the 2016 campaign]
  458. Trump. “A President’s Credibility.” [Trump’s falsehoods are eroding public trust at home and abroad.] 3-22-17
  459. Trump. “Major Trump to Ground Control.” [The President’ good idea for improving U.S air traffic.] 3-23-17
  460. Trump. “Reach for the Stars, Mr. Trump.” By Taylor Dinerman. [The International Space Station is the ultimate real-estate deal.] 3-24-17
  461. Trump. “So Much for Donald Mussolini.” [Remember when Trump was going to roll over U.S. checks and balances?”] 3-28-17
  462. Trump. “Mistakes, He’s Made a Few Too Many.” By Peggy Noonan. [Crisis will inevitably strike, so America needs stability and strength. Will Trump be ready?] 4-1-17
  463. Trump. “Trump and the Plutocrat’s Hubris.” By Joseph Epstein. [It’s now obvious that financial success does not easily transfer into other realms.] 4-3-17
  464. Trump. “Susan Rice Unmasked.” [Obama’s security adviser sought the name of a Trump official in intelligence reports.] 4-4-17
  465. Trump. “Mr. Trump Meets Mr. Xi.” [China’s strongman will be taking the measure of the new President.] 4-5-17
  466. Trump. “The Trump Tweets.” By Daniel Henninger. [Twitter helped him win the White House. Now, Twitter may cause him to lose it.] 4-6-17
  467. Trump. “A Presidential Honeymoon From Hell.” By Karl Rove. [The should be a time to notch early wins. But, Trump is stalled and distracted.] 4-6-17
  468. Trump. “Trump’s Syria Opportunity.” [The world’s thugs are watching how the new President responds.] 4-7-17
  469. Trump. “Trump’s Putin Pushback.” [He invites Montenegro to join NATO and keeps up the Syria pressure.] 4-12-17
  470. Trump. “The Trump Presidency Begins.” By Daniel Henninger. [It was almost too much fun but has now taken a clear turn for the serious.] 4-13-17
  471. Trump. “A New Slogan for Trump: ‘You’re Hired.’” By Karl Rove. [Leaving jobs vacant only empowers career bureaucrats, without saving much money.]   4-13-17
  472. Trump. “Labor Department Mutiny. [Obama’s holdovers refuse to follow Trump’s directive.] 4-13-17
  473. Trump. President. “Did George Washington Take ‘Emoluments’? by Eugene Kontorovich. [He asked a British official to help find renters for his land.] 4-14-17
  474. Trump. “How Trump Is Like Early Giuliani.” (The Weekend Interview with Lawrence J. Mone by James Taranto.) [The Manhattan Institute’s president says the former mayor was no policy wonk either, at least at the start.] 4-15-17
  475. Trump. “Trump Is Easy to Typecast. Why Is Hollywood Having Such Trouble?” by Rod Pennington. [Villain? Diva? Bumbler? Entertainers and other Democrats can’t seem to make up their minds.] 4-18-17
  476. Trump. “Rating a Semi-Accidental President.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [If he does nothing, America will be better off. If he delivers tax reform, he’ll be great.]  4-26-17
  477. Trump. “The First Day of the Rest of the Presidency.” By Karl Rove.  [As the media obsesses over a fake milestone, Trump should take a minute to recalibrate.]  4-27-17
  478. Trump. “Trump’s Finest Moment (So Far).”  by Kimberley A. Strassel.  [His tax-reform plan is smart policy, but even better politics: It’s a challenge to Congress.]  4-28-17
  479. Trump. “Trump Has Been Lucky in His Enemies.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Cursing pols, screeching students and intolerant abortion advocates have become the face of the left.]  4-29-17
  480. Trump. “Watergate Lessons For Trump.”  By Seth Lipsky.  [If Comey was investigating the president, it would be cause for dismissal.  That’s the duty of the House.]  5-12-17
  481. Trump. “A Week in Trump’s Washington.”  [What we’ve learned in the Comey-White House maelstrom.]  5-13-17
  482. Trump. Blacks.  “The Outsiders Who Were Behind the Booing of Betsy DeVos.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Trump hosted black college presidents in the Oval Office, something Barack Obama never got around to.]  5-17-17
  483. Trump. “Loose Lips Sink Presidencies.”  [The Russian intel story shows the price of Trump’s lost credibility.]  5-17-17
  484. Trump. “Let Trump Be Trump.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The president should cut the middlemen and be his own messenger in chief. ]  5-18-17Trump. “The Trump Tumult Is Too Much.”   By Karl Rove.  [There’s no obstruction of justice here, but eh president is throwing away his agenda.]  5-18-17
  485. Trump. FBI.  “The Special Counsel Mistake.”  [Rosenstein bends to political pressure, and here we go again.] 5-18-17
  486. President. “The 25th Amendment?  Forget It.  [Impeachment would be a picnic by comparison with Trump opponents’ latest brainstorm.]  5-19-17
  487. Trump. “Democracy Is Not Your Plaything.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [When the circus comes to Washington, it consumers everything, absorbs all energy.] (“…whether Donald Trump has demonstrated in his first four months, that he is unfit for the presidency…) 5-20-17
  488. Trump. “The Trump-GOP Bargain May Be Unraveling.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [How, amid the chaos, will the House and especially the Senate find time to agree on legislation?]  5-22-17  (Mr. Blinder is a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University…)
  489. Trump. “Anti-Trump Democrats Invite Chaos.”  By Ted Van Dyk.  [If they succeed in bouncing the president from office, they may find that what comes next is even worse.]  5-22-17
  490. Trump. “The Pontiff and the President.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Donald Trump and Pope Francis may be more alike than anyone realizes.]  5-23-17
  491. Trump. “Trump’s Bob Kerrey Budget.”  [Without entitlement reform, everything else gets squeezed.]  5-24-17
  492. Trump. “Trump Is More Optimistic than Reagan, and That’s Not Good.”  By Jason Furman.  [His budget assumes 3% growth and includes a basic math error.]  5-24-17
  493. Trump. “From 9/11 to Manchester.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Trump found out something about the presidency and the world on this trip.]  5-25-2017
  494. Trump. “The President Is Home, but Not Home Free.”  By Karl Rove.  [Trump stayed on message during his trip abroad.  Now if only he can keep it up.]  6-1-17
  495. Trump. “Trump Bids Paris Adieu.”  [Growth and innovation are better forms of climate insurance.]  6-2-17
  496. Trump. Israel.  “The Trump Jerusalem Waiver.”  [The President made the embassy move a test of U.S. credibility.]  6-2-17
  497. Trump. “Can Trump Govern?”  BY Daniel Henninger.  [The White House has arrived at a binary choice:  Choose chaos or choose success.]  6-8-17
  498. Trump. “Political Death by 1,000 Tweets.”  By Karl Rove.  [Trump has mastered the medium but not the substance.  His agenda is at stake.]  6-8-17
  499. Trump. “Trump as a Democracy Promoter.”  [His responses to abuse in Syria and Venezuela suggest he cares about freedom and human rights.]  6-8-17
  500. Trump. “Why Trump Wins.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Will Robert Mueller investigate intelligence agencies for playing in domestic politics?]  6-10-17
  501. Trump. “Comey Closes the Case – Almost.”  By Peter J. Wallison.  [The president’s insistence on disputing the former director’s testimony was a needless complication.]  6-12-17
  502. Trump. “What Trump Has to Fear From Mueller.”  By Karl Rove.  [Special counsels can run amok.  One went after me once for the crime of forgetfulness.]  6-15-17
  503. Trump. “Congress Steps Up on Russia.”  [Trump will have to earn more discretion on foreign policy.”  6-16-17
  504. Trump. Special Prosecutor.  “Robert Mueller’s Mission”  [The special counsel needs to rise above his Comey loyalties.]  6-17-17
  505. Trump. “Anatomy of a Witch Hunt.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [The Trump-Russia scare comes from the same playbook as fake cancer scares.]  6-21-17
  506. Trump. “Trump’s ‘Tapes’ Trick.”  [His Twitter bluff led to the special counsel appointment.]  6-26-17
  507. Trump. “Trump, Mueller and Arthur Andersen.”  By Michael R. Mukasey.  [Did the president act ‘corruptly’?  Not from what we know  — but then neither did the accounting firm.]  6-26-17
  508. Trump. “Should Trump Abandon the GOP?”  by Daniel Henninger. [The president may separate himself from a party disabled by a blocking minority.]  6-29-17
  509. Trump. “Trump Takes Flak From a PR School.”  By Mary Beth West.  [The USC Annenberg survey uses faulty methodology.]  6-29-17
  510. Trump. “Trump’s Putin Test.” [The Russian will interpret concessions as a sign of weakness.]  7-6-17
  511. Trump. “Washington’s Leak Mob.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Trying to topple Trump, current and ex-officials damage national security.]  7-7-17
  512. Trump. “Trump’s Defining Speech.”  [In Poland, he asks the West to defend its values of faith and freedom.]  7-7-17
  513. Trump.   “Trump Must Stand Strong Against Putin.”  By David Satter.  [The president needs to show that the U.S. is prepared to deter Russian aggression.]  7-7-17
  514. Trump. “When Donald Met Vlad.”  [We’ll learn what Putin thinks of Trump by what he tries to get away with.]  7-8-17
  515. Trump. “A Pope and a President in Poland.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [In a good Warsaw speech, Trump invokes one of Pope John Paul II’s great 1979 orations.]  7-8-17
  516. Trump. “Trump Agonistes.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Surprise, he didn’t run his campaign any smarter than his government.]  7-12-17
  517. Trump. “Keystone Kops Collusion.”  [Did Don Jr., a Russian pop star and a lawyer steal the 2016 election?]  7-12-17
  518. Trump. “Trump’s Sessions Abuse.”  [His demand that his AG prosecute Clinton crosses a red line.]  7-26-17
  519. Trump. “Pardons Aren’t Only For the Guilty.”  By Brian C. Kalt.  [The Supreme Court’s 1915 ‘imputation of guilt’ doesn’t mean what Trump foes think it does.]  7-26-17
  520. Trump. “How Long Can the Trump Tumult Go On?”  by Karl Rove.  [This has been a wild week, even for him.  It also ought to be a wake-up call.]  7-27-17
  521. Trump. “Trump’s Unused Bully Pulpit.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [As Reagan proved, there’s nothing as powerful as an Oval Office address.]  8-1-17
  522. Trump. “Trump Loses Corporate America.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [There is no point in taking brickbats for a president who does no deliver.]  8-16-17
  523. Trump. “Trump and the CEOs.”  [A GOP President who loses the business class has a big problem.]  8-16-17
  524. Trump. “Trump Can’t Win the Blame Game.”  By Karl Rove.  [Like any president, he’ll be judged by results.  So far, he’s failed to deliver much.]  8-17-17
  525. Trump. “Beating His Own Head Against the Wall.”  [Trump threatens to do exactly what Chuck Schumer wants.]  8-24-17
  526. Trump. “Trump Divorces the GOP Congress.” [Republicans need to think of Trump as a political independent.] 8-25-17
  527. Trump. “When the Truth is Crazy.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Trump is diagnosed with a severe case of conformity-resistance syndrome.]  9-2-17
  528. Trump. “Trump, Taxes and the Democrats.”  [Young immigrant adults aren’t the only ‘Dreamers’ in D.C.]  9-12-17
  529. Trump. “Trump Goes Nuclear.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [ Critics of Trumpian rhetoric live outside the range of Kim’s missiles – for now.]  9-21-17
  530. Trump. “Trump Gets Blunt at the United Nations.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Will bracing clarity make things better or worse?  We’ll know soon enough.  But he said things the world needed to hear.]  9-23-17
  531. Trump. “The Never-Trump Triumvirate.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [What do Rand Paul, Susan Collins and John McCain have in common?  Very Little.]  9-29-17
  532. Trump. “Scalias All the way down.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [While the press goes wild over tweets, Trump is remaking the federal judiciary.]  10-13-17
  533. Trump. “The Power of the Presidential Tweet.”  By Scott Adams.  [Trump’s online missives make his supporters laugh and even his opponents think past the sale.]  10-23-17
  534. Trump. “Begging Your Pardon, Mr. President.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.  [How Trump can shut down the special counsel probe and leave the Russia investigations to Congress.]  10-30-17
  535. Trump. “Trump and the ‘Russia Racket.’”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How a rival power became the American political class’s land of opportunism.]  11-1-17
  536. Trump. “Tweet Less, Smile More.”  By Karl Rove.  [If President Trump could control himself, people might notice his accomplishments.]  11-2-17
  537. Trump. “Mr. Trump Trolls Mrs. May.”  [The President spreads fake news and damages an important ally.]  12-1-17
  538. Trump. “The Long War on Donald Trump.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.   12-9-17
  539. Trump. “Can a President Obstruct Justice?”  by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.  [Yes, but not by doing any of the things we know Trump to have done.]  12-11-17
  540. Trump. “A New Trumpet for Democracy.”  By Judy Shelton.  [Contrary to his isolationist reputation, the president echoes Reagan in affirming America’s founding values.]  12-21-17
  541. Trump. “The ‘Stupidity’ of Donald Trump.  By Wm. McGurn.  [He’s had far more success than Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jesse Ventura.]  12-26-17
  542. Trump. “Understanding the Trump Show.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [After tax reform, we might have to rethink how America gets things done.]  12-27-17
  543. Trump. “Two Presidencies in One Year.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [We have spent 2017 with Trump of Twitter and Trump of accomplishments.]  12-28-17
  544. Trump. “Too Many Flags in Trump’s First Quarter.”  By Ari Fleischer.  [The president advanced the ball far downfield, but thanks to penalties, he kept losing yardage.]  12-28-17
  545. Trump. “About That Trump ‘Autocracy.’”  [Remember all those progressive predictions of looming fascism?]  1-2-18
  546. Trump. “Trifling With the Nuclear Button.” [Why Trump’s approval is so low despite his first-year successes.] 1-4-18
  547. Trump. “The Hour of the Wolff.” (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.) “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff. [The author writes as if he were the omniscient narrator of a novel, offering up assertions that are provocative but often conjectural.] 1-8-18
  548. Trump. “Davos In, Bannon Out.” [Steve Bannon loses his head, while Trump goes to Switzerland.] 1-10-18
  549. Trump. “Trump Proves He’s Sane.” By Daniel Henninger. [The president may have to invite Michael Wolff to attend the second inauguration.] 1-11-18
  550. Trump. “Psychiatrists With Press Passes.” By Karl Rove. [A dubious new book starts a long national dialogue on whether Trump is crazy.] 1-11-18
  551. Trump. “Trump’s Russian Money.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The big carrot in U.S. relations has been access to Western banks and real estate.] 1-24-18
  552. Trump. “The Mystery of Trump’s Lousy Polls.” By Scott Adams. [If he’s so persuasive, why is his approval so low? Well, Michael Jordan missed a lot of baskets.] 1-31-2018
  553. Trump. “A Good Speech, but That’s Only a Start.” By Karl Rove. [Trump presents his agenda. Delivering it requires discipline he hasn’t so far shown.] 2-1-18
  554. Trump. “Trump Manages to Unify My Country.” By Rondi Adamson.   [Almost every fellow Canadian I know can’t stand the man.] 2-2-18
  555. Trump. “The Left’s Rage and Trump’s Peril.” By Peggy Noonan. [The democratic base is even worse-tempered than the president. But Mueller could still harpoon him.] 2-3-18
  556. Trump. “Trump’s Style Is His Substance.” By Bobby Jindal. [Primary voters chose him because he promised to fight. Party leaders need to learn to be less timid.] 2-15-18
  557. Trump. “Trump Wastes Another Weekend.” By Karl Rove. [The indictment was a perfect time to pivot. Instead he amplified the media noise.] 2-22-18
  558. Trump. “The Only Good Thing About Donald Trump Is All His Policies.” By Joseph Epstein. [A U.S. president who is a boor presents a problem. The presidency, after all, has a symbolic aspect.] 2-27-18
  559. Trump. “Yes, Shut Down Mueller.” By Daniel Henninger. [Donald Trump is right about the special counsel, but for the wrong reason.] 3-22-18
  560. Trump. “32 Questions for Trump and His Critics.” By Karl Rove. [Why not act innocent? Where’s the collusion? Was Hillary right? Can we go on this way?] 3-22-18
  561. Trump. “The Tale of Stormy Donald.” [His willful self-indulgence catches up to President Trump.] 3-27-18
  562. Trump. “Trump Targets Amazon.” [The President’s tweets make any regulatory action seem political.] 3-30-18
  563. Trump. “Manhood in the Age of Trump.” (The Weekend Interview with Harvey Mansfield) [The author of ‘Manliness’ suggests the president’s vulgar appeal may be the beginning of the end of the push for gender-neutrality.) 3-31-18
  564. Trump. “Trump Keeps His Predecessors’ Promises.” By Bobby Jindal. [He’s not the first to argue for tariffs, border security and an embassy move – only the first to deliver.] 4-4-18
  565. Trump. “Trump, Cohen and Attorney-Client Privilege.” By Michael B. Mukasey.  [The protection has its limits, but is it worth testing them over a possible campaign-finance offense?] 4-18-18
  566. Trump. “We’ve All Got Too Much Trump on Our Minds.” By Joseph Epstein. [The president is easily the hottest show in town. But does he have to be the only show in town?] 4-19-18
  567. Trump. “The Post Office and Trump’s Culture War.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [His attack on Amazon’s package-delivery deal is about a lot more than packages.] 4-21-18
  568. Trump. “The Elitists’ Trump Excuse.” By Wm. McGurn. [His critics may be more corrupting to democracy and decency than he is.] 4-24-18
  569. Trump. “Trump and Kim’s Low-Stakes Summit.” By Walter Russell Mead. [If the leaders meet, they’re likelier to reframe the standoff than to resolve it.] 4-24-18
  570. Trump. “Trump at the Supreme Court.” [His travel ban may be unnecessary but it is clearly constitutional.] 4-24-18
  571. Trump. “Protect Mueller, but Not Like This.” By Orrin Hatch. [I’m voting against the Senate bill to constrain the president, because it is clearly unconstitutional.] 4-25-18
  572. Trump. “How Trump Takes On Obstruction.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Focus on the threat to the powers of the presidency, not the president personally.] 4-27-18
  573. Trump. “A Vicious Wolf Gives Trump the Last Laugh.” By Peter Funt. [‘She had some great one-liners,’ Douglas Brinkley said on CNN. He changed his mind.] 4-30-18
  574. Trump. “The Wolf Who Came as a Wolf.” [The anti-Trump comic gave the media what she thought they wanted.] 4-30-18
  575. Trump.  “Trump Lets  ZTE Off the Hook.”  [An arbitrary intervention hurts U.S. sanctions policy.]  5-15-18
  576. Trump. “Kasich Could Be Trump’s Best Hope.” By Bobby Jindal. [An independent candidacy could split voters who Dislike the Democrats but can’t abide the president.] 5-17-18
  577. Trump.   “Was Trump’s Campaign ‘Set Up’? by Kimberly A. Strassel. [At some point, the Russia Investigation became political. How early was it?]    5-18-18
  578. Trump. “Impeach Trump? History Counsels Against it.” By Allen C. Guelzo. [Many members of Congress in 1868 hoped to remove a president they merely disliked. It didn’t go well.] 5-26-18
  579. Trump. “The Benefits and Risks of Trump’s Dazzle.” By Walther Russell Mead. [‘The Art of the Deal’ proves he’s far from erratic. Still, he could turn down the heat.] 5-29-18
  580. Trump. “Pardon Me, Said the president to Himself.” By Richard A. Epstein [Trump is right about what he could do – though he shouldn’t.] 6-6-18
  581. Trump. “Trump 7, Eagles 0.” By Daniel Henninger. [Voters beaten down by the politicizing of everything opted for the guy who mocks it.] 6-7-18
  582. Trump. “Disruption Isn’t Enough.” [Trump has dismantled Obama’s legacy, but can he build his own?] 6-11-18.
  583. Trump.  “When Do We Start Winning?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [Trump is in nonstop motion on North Korea, Iran and trade.  What comes Next?]  6-14-18
  584. Trump.  “The Press’s Cult of Trump.”  By Patrik Muller.  [He thrives on media obsession.  We’ve seen it in Switzerland.]  6-19-18
  585. Trump. Elections. “How to Re-Elect Trump.” [You’re so deplorable you can’t eat in their restaurants.] 6-25-18
  586. Trump. “Teeing Off on Trump.” By Daniel Henninger. [When voters have to choose between left and right incivility. Democrats will lose.] 6-28-18
  587. Trump. “An Ally Sizes Up Donald Trump.” By Tony Abbott. [When he says something consistently, it will happen. And his message is that America will remain a reliable partner, but don’t expect too much.] 7-14-18
  588. Trump. “Putin’s Aggression Is the Issue in Helsinki.” By David Satter. [Trump shouldn’t make a deal on Syria or Ukraine, or keep silent on Russia’s crimes against the West.] 7-16-18
  589. Trump. “Is Helsinki Trump’s Iran Deal?” by Walter Russell Mead. [The president may be indulging Russia as his predecessor did the Islamic Republic.] 7-17-18
  590. Trump. “The Speech Trump Should Give.” By Wm. McGurn. [‘I order declassified all FBI and Justice material Congress has subpoenaed.’] 7-17-18
  591. Trump. “The President Turns the Tables on China.” By Jeff Moon. [He imitates Beijing’s mercurial approach to negotiation.] 7-17-18
  592. Trump. “The Trump First Doctrine.” [Putin respects strength but Trump showed weakness.] 7-17-18
  593. Trump.  “Trump delivers on Russia.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [His Helsinki outing was tone-deaf but his policy is cribbed from Bush and Obama.]  7-18-18
  594. Trump.  “This is the Art of the Deal?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [Trump Tweeted, ‘Big results will come!’  Putin already has the results he wanted.] 7-19-18
  595. Trump.  “Trump Fans, Acknowledge His Failings.”  [The president has pursued bad trade policies and fouled relations with allies.  His supporters are silent.]  7-19-18
  596. Trump.  “Donald Trump, Meet Bill Browder.”  [Putin wants Trump to help silence the man who was also targeted by Fusion GPS.]  7-20-18
  597. Trump.  “Failure to Communicate.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Trump has a solid record, but he’s too busy making noise to tout it.]  8-3-18
  598. Trump. “The Empty Brennan Gesture.” [Trump would do better to declassify the info Congress is demanding.] 8-16-18
  599. Trump.  “Trump, McGahn and Iran-Contra’s Lessons.”  By Peter J. Wallison.  [I was White House counsel in 1986-87.  I cooperated with investigators because Reagan was innocent.]  8-21-18
  600. Trump.  “Manafort, Cohen and Trump.”  [A guilty plea and verdict raise the political stakes for the President.]  8-22-18
  601. Trump.  “Why Republicans Stick With Trump.”  By Bobby Jindal.   [It’s all the things he hasn’t done.  On key issues, the president has come around to conservative positions.]  8-31-18
  602. Trump.  “The Anonymous Resistance.”  [The writer who dares not speak his own name is no hero.]  9-7-18
  603. Trump.  “Trump, Mrs. Wilson and that ‘Senior Official.”  By Lance Morrow.  [An attempt via op-ed effectively to inflict a stroke and a twilight on the 45th president.]  9-7-18
  604. Trump.  “Dogs Bite Men and Trumps Duck Taxes.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Nobody hands over 55% of his life’s work to the IRS.  The real revelation is dad’s role in the Trump myth.]  10-6-18
  605. Trump.  “A Long Way From the Arsenal of Democracy.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [From Saudi arms sales to ‘Horseface,’ the weirdness of the Trump presidency never seems to let up.] (“…He’s lucky the mainstream media hate him so much, and in showing that hatred stiffen his supporters’ loyalty.)  10-20
  606. Trump.  “America Has Yet to Make Sense of Trump.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr..  [Why one liberal professor says the world needs an investigative reporter like Seymour Hersh.]  10-20-18
  607. Trump.  “The Real Reason They Hate Trump.”  By David Gelernter.  [He’s the average American in exaggerated form – blunt, simple, willing to fight, mistrustful of intellectuals.]  10-22-18
  608. Trump.  “Trump Is No ‘Isolationist.’“ by Walter Russell Mead.  [He’s overseeing a risky but ambitious effort to contain global adversaries.]  10-23-18
  609. Trump.  “The Curious Parallels Between Trump and Kaiser Wilhelm II.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [The German leader might have been ‘bombastic and impetuous,’ but at least he didn’t have Twitter.]  10-23-18
  610. Trump.  “Trump’s Republican Populism.” by Wm McGurn.  [Why he succeeds where Govs. Arnold Schwarenegger and Jesse Ventura failed.] 11-6-18
  611. Trump.  “Among Black Voters, Trump’s Popularity Inches Upward.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The president has a tin ear when it comes to race, but African-Americans are better off than before.]  11-7-18
  612. Trump.  “Trump 2.0 Begins.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [He’ll have trouble reassembling his 2016 coalition unless his behavior changes.]  11-8-18
  613. Trump.  “Trump’s Minority Coalition.”  [Unlike Nixon or Reagan, he hasn’t expanded his 2016 support.]  11-8-18
  614. Trump.  Culture War.  “Trump’s Chaos Theory.” By Lance Morrow.  [His combative style may force a truce between the country’s ‘two nations.’  But not any time soon.]  11-16-18
  615. Trump.  “Americans Turned Trump to Roll Back the Progressive Tide.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [To understand his appeal, look at the excesses of liberals in recent years.  He’s a wall against the wave.]  11-20-18
  616. Trump.  “Don’t Let Mueller’s Report Go Unanswered.”  By Alan M. Dershowitz.  [Because it is a prosecutor’s product it will inevitably be one-sided.  Trump ought to be allowed to respond.]  12-3-18
  617. Trump.  “What if Trump Really Wanted to Make America Great Again?”  by Alan s. Blinder.  [He’d strengthen labor unions, fortify pensions, raise estate taxes and reduce income equality.]  12-4-18  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)
  618. Trump.  “Thank You, John Kelly.”  [Why take a chief-of-staff job that Trump thinks he can do himself?” ]  12-11-18
  619. Trump.  “Interpreting the Trump Meteor.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [His survival fight may at least buy time for a few important lessons to sink in.]  12-19-18
  620. Trump. “The Lamest Lame Duck.”  [Trump’s shutdown folly has cost the GOP any last-ditch victories.]  12-20-18 Trump.  “The Trump Volatility Risks.”  [The President indulges his worst impulses and loses a defense chief.]  12-21-18
  621. Trump. “The Trump ‘Ethics’ Resistance.”  by Kimberley A. Strassel.  [An army of nonprofits may be a foe more formidable than the Democratic House.]  12-28-18
  622. Trump.  “Trump May Be the True Liberal.”  By F. H. Buckley.  [Today’s progressives have embraced illiberalism, from speech codes to identity politics.]  1-2-19
  623. Trump.  “Trump at the Turn.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [We have entered a Trumpian Twilight Zone and the path forward isn’t clear.]  1-3-19
  624. Trump.  “Romney’s Reproach.”  [Attacking Trump’s character is easy.  How about defending trade.?]  1-3-19
  625. Trump. “Impeachment Pretense.”  [Rep. Tlaib offends fellow Democrats by telling the truth in public.]  1-7-19
  626. Trump.  “Trump Can’t Afford to Lose.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The cost of defeat would be higher for President Trump than for Speaker Pelosi.]  1-8-19
  627. Trump.  “What Trump Means by ‘America First.’”  By Dennis Ross.  [His historical antecedent/  Not Lindbergh but the ‘belligerent isolationism’ of Sen. William Borah.]  1-9-19
  628. Trump.  “Trump’s New Shutdown World.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [In 2013, Obama tried to maximize the difficulty.  OMB is taking another tack.]  1-11-19
  629. Trump.  “Trump’s Presidential Emergency.”  [He probably has the legal authority, but it’s still a bad precedent.]  1-11-19
  630. Trump.  “End This Stupid Shutdown.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Trump is unserious, but so are Schumer and Pelosi.  Two decades of cynical game-playing are enough.]  1-12-19
  631. Trump.  “After the Shutdown Fiasco.”  [Trump lost round one, but we’ll now see if Pelosi wants any deal.]  1-26-19
  632. Trump.  “The State of the Union Is Missing.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [America loses something worthwhile as Trump and Pelosi cast aside another traditional norm.]  1-26-19
  633. Trump.  “The State of Trump’s Union.”  By Daniel Henninger. [Here’s how to make sure Nancy Pelosi rises to applaud the president’s speech.]  1-31-19
  634. Trump.  “The State of the Union Without Artificial Sweeteners.”  By Joseph E[stein.  [Trump will boast and brag.  What if a president were appropriately grumpy?]  2-1-19
  635. Trump.  “Trump’s Re-Election Challenge.”  [Down in the polls, he needs a strong economy to have any chance to win a second term.]  2-5-19
  636. Trump.  “The Longest Day for Trump’s Adversaries.”  By Lance Morrow.  [His State of the Union address dramatically advanced his case for re-election in 2020.]  2-7-19
  637. Trump.  “Trump’s ‘Endless Wars’ and Peace.’” [U.S. troops abroad are needed to deter war and bad actors.]  2-8-19
  638. Trump.  “Declaring Border Victory.”  [The bipartisan deal is his only good way out of this budget box canyon.]  2-13-19
  639. Trump.  “Trump’s Wall Crumbles Under the Law of Diminishing Returns.”  By Jason Riley.  [The president needs to avoid the sunk-cost fallacy and take what he can get on border security.]  2-13-19
  640. Trump.  “Make Trump Popular Again.”  By Karl Rove.  “While he strikes a tone of unity, his opponents seek ideological purity.]  2-14-19
  641. Trump.  “Trump’s Political Emergency.”  “This border order will divide Republicans and may be stopped in court.]  2-15-19
  642. Trump.  “Stop the Impeachment Fishing Expedition.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Elizabeth Price Foley.  [Congress has no business investigating the president for conduct that occurred before he took office.]  2-15-19
  643. Trump.  “Presidents and Guardrails.”  [Obama’s abuses are no justification for Trump’s emergency order.]  2-16-19
  644. Trump.  “A Nobel Prize for Trump.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Alas, the Norwegians don’t reward leaders who see a had deal and walk away.]   2-26-19
  645. Trump.  “Trump’s Pyongyang Pivot.”  By Michael Auslin.  [Accepting the idea of a nuclear North Korea, he seems more focused now on reducing the risk of war.]  2-27-19
  646. Trump.  Immigration.  “Trump Base Wants Immigration Compromise.”  By Tim Kane.  [His backers are the likeliest to support a wall-for-DACA deal.]  2-18-19
  647. Trump.  “Cohen in the Colosseum.”  [The legal fixer unloads on his former boss, with little new information.]  2-18-19
  648. Trump.  “Trump Walks on Kim.”  [Give him credit for refusing to accept less than denuclearization.]  3-1-19
  649. Trump.  “Declare Victory, Not Emergency.”  By Ari Fleischer.  [ Congress gave Trump $1.4 billion for his wall. He wouldn’t take yes for an answer.]  3-1-19
  650. Trump.  “Trump vs. a Republican Senate.”  [The national emergency vote could hurt GOP incumbents in 2020.]  3-2-19
  651. Trump.  “Michael Cohen Makes History.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [There’s no precedent for such an attack on the essential nature of an American president.] 3-2-19
  652. Trump.  “Mr. Chaos vs. The Swamp.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [Without Russia collusion, Democrats have only hatred of Donald Trump.]  3-6-19
  653. Trump.  “Nadler’s ‘Obstruction’ Quest.”  [The examples he cites as crimes are legal presidential actions.]  3-6-19
  654. Trump.  “Trump’s Pentagon Budget War.”  [Tax revenues are expected to rise but spending will rise faster.]  3-12-19
  655. Trump.  “Trump and Jared’s Clearance.”  By Reuel Mac Gerecht.  [Conservatives gain a healthy skepticism about intel agencies, but liberals lose it.]  3-15-19
  656. Trump.  “Trump Loses the Senate.”  [A dozen Republicans send a message about the power to spend.]  3-15-19
  657. Trump.  “Move On From Mueller, Mr. President.”  By Karl Rove.  [Obsessing over the investigation’s origins isn’t the way to win over swing voters.]  3-28-19
  658. Trump.  “Escape From Collusion Hell.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The bet that Mueller would nail Trump didn’t pay off.  We’re left with the rubble.]  4-18-19
  659. Trump.  “Trump’s Yemen Principles.”  [Congress reminds us why the War Powers Act was a bad idea.]  4-18-19
  660. Trump.  Corruption.  “Mueller’s Report Speaks Volumes.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [What’s in the special counsel’s finds is almost as revealing as what’s left out.]  4-19-19  (“…He was the wrong man to provide an honest assessment of the 2016 collusion dirty trick.  And we’ve got a report to prove it.”)
  661. Trump.  Corruption.  “Obstruction of Nothing.”  [Mueller vindicates Trump on collusion and plays Hamlet on obstruction.]  4-19-19
  662. Trump.  Corruption.  “Mueller Shouldn’t Have Taken the Job.”  By Victoria Toensing.  [Special counsels are meant to investigate particular crimes, not go fishing for counterintelligence.]  4-19-19
  663. Trump.  “Why Should Congress See Trump’s Tax Returns?”  by Jay Starkman.  [Congressional-committee disclosure goes back almost a century and was never so politicized before.]  4-22-19
  664. Trump.  “Thank You, Don McGahn.”  [Like so many others, he saved Trump from a major political blunder.] 4-24-19
  665. Trump.  “Trump Is ‘Unfit” to Govern?”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Exactly how fit to become president is Bernie Sanders of Elizabeth Warren?]  4-25-19
  666. Trump.  “Michael Cohen Was a Bluffer, Not a Fixer.”  By George Sorial.  5-6-19
  667. Trump.  “Go Ahead, Impeach Trump.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Let’s put every member of the House on record with a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ vote.]  5-14-19
  668. Trump.  “A Pardon for Conrad Black.” [Trump makes amends for an unjust fraud prosecution.]  5-17-19
  669. Trump.  “Trump’s Trouble in the Farm Belt.”  5-24-19
  670. Trump.  “Mueller’s Exit and an Impeachment Alternative.”  By Peggy Noonan. [Trying to overturn an election would be too divisive.  Congress should censure Trump instead.]  6-1-19
  671. Trump.  “What Trump Can Learn From James Carville.”  By Jason Riley.  [The Clinton adviser’s 1992 mantra, “The economy, stupid,’ nicely sums up the president’s strength.]  6-12-19
  672. Trump.  “Trump’s ‘Sleepy Joe’ Problem.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [For voters disturbed by the daily rocking of political life, Biden is offering a timeout.]  6-20-19
  673. Trump.  “A Second Term for What?”  [Trump can’t win by relitigating 2016 and playing only to his base.]  6-20-19
  674. Trump.  “With Talk of ‘Treason,’ Trump Crosses a Line.”  By A.G. Sulzberger.  [The founders considered it the gravest of crimes.  Tossing the charge around is irresponsible and wrong.]  6-20-19
  675. Trump.  “Make America Even Greater.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [To win re-election, Trump needs a bold second-term agenda.  Here are some ideas.]  6-21-19
  676. Trump.  “Trump’s Finest Hour.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Even his supporters appreciate that the he’s not a president for all seasons.]  6-26-19
  677. Trump.  “Yankee Doodle Donald.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Trump wraps himself in the flag, and his opponents are oddly eager to help.]  7-9-19
  678. Trump. “Media Should Pay Trump to Tweet.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [He delights in making us dance to tunes he wantonly types out in the wee hours.] 7-17-19
  679. Trump. “Trump Has Regrets.” [The ‘send her back’ chant at his rally was an ugly political moment.] 7-19-19
  680. Trump. “Trump’s Hesitant Embrace of Human Rights.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Highlighting China’s religious persecution is good politics, at home and abroad.] 7-23-19
  681. Trump. “Prove the Tweets Were Racist.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The media undertakes Mission Impossible in trying to categorize Trump statements.] 7-24-19
  682. Trump. “I Changed My Mind About Trump.” By Gordon G. Chang. [The president defends not only U.S. sovereignty but the entire world order.] 7-25-19
  683. Trump. “Celebrating American democracy.” [The President pays tribute to the triumph of Jamestown.] 7-31-19
  684. Trump. “The Trump-Cummings Brawl.” By Daniel Henninger. [Decades after the Civil Rights Act, racism is passing into political abstraction.] 8-1-19
  685. Trump. “California Bans Trump.” [The state passes a law to bar him from the primary ballot.] 8-1-19
  686. Trump. “On Two Wheels, the Trump Train Rolls Into the Black Hills.” By Faith Bottum. [Love for the president among the ‘patriots,’ “rebels’ and ‘crazies’ at the Sturgis motorcycle Rally.] 8-10-19
  687. Trump. “The New Birthers.” By Barton Swaim. [If Trump’s enemies can prove he’s a ‘racist,’ he has to go away and never come back. Right?] 8-13-19
  688. Trump. “Trump Obsession, North of the Border.” By Michael Taube. [Sick of hearing about the president? Don’t move to Canada.] 8-28-19
  689. Trump. “Trump’s Ukraine Call.”   [Sorting bad judgment from the histrionics and double standards.] 9-23-19
  690. Trump. “Trump Stands Up for Religious Freedom.” By Kelsey Zorzi. [He champions the issue at the U.N. more vigorously than any of his predecessors.] 9-24-18
  691. Trump. “Releasing the Ukraine Transcript.” [The call will leak eventually, so Trump might as well get it out.] 9-24-18
  692. Trump. “Trump and the ‘Globalists.’” By Daniel Henninger. [The governing crisis in many democratic nations could help authoritarian China.] 9-26-19
  693. Trump. “The Ukraine Transcript Fizzle.” [The phone call evidence isn’t enough to annul a presidential election.] 9-26-19
  694. Trump. “Trump and Ukraine: What We Know.” By Scott Adams. [As Americans watch two different movies, here’s a way to discern what’s happening off the screen.] 10-6-19
  695. Trump. “Trump’s Reckless Rush to Withdraw.” By Peggy Noonan. [The Syria pullout boosts the impression that he’s all impulse, blithely operating out of his depth.] 10-12-19
  696. Trump. “The Turk and the President.” [The Syrian retreat is all too typical of Trump’s decision-making.] 10-12-19
  697. Trump. “Trump Wins Every Democratic Debate.” By Bobby Jindal. [Lots of voters dislike the president but will be convinced to vote for him by seeing his opponents.] 10-14-19
  698. Trump. “Kurds 354, Trump 60.” [The President’s retreat takes a bipartisan drubbing in Congress..] 10-17-19
  699. Trump “Capra Could Cast Jimmy Stewart as Trump.” By Gregg Opelka. [Mr. Smith went to Washington 80 years ago and encountered familiar obstacles.] 10-18-19
  700. Trump. “The G-7 Needs a Different Hotel.” [Hosting the summit at a Trump resort is, at best, poor political judgment.] 10-19-19
  701. Trump. “Donald Trump’s ‘Lynching.’” [The President keeps asking friends to defend the indefensible.] 10-23-19
  702. Trump. “Winning Was Trump’s High Crime and Misdemeanor.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [His conflict with his staff over Ukraine was nothing compared with Obama’s decision to leave Iraq.” 11-23-19
  703. Trump. “As the Trump World Turns.” [Progress, or not, on Hong Kong, North Korea and Afghanistan] 11-30-19
  704. Trump. “Trump Wins the Populist Patriots.” By Bobby Jindal. [They see him defending their cultural beliefs from the left and their economic interests from the right.] 12-3-19
  705. Trump. “Why Trump’s Protection Leaves Jews Confused.” By Ruth R. Wisse. [He vigorously opposes anti-Semitism yet gets accused of it himself.] 12-23-19
  706. Trump. “Trump’s Legal Authority.” 1-4-20
  707. Trump. “Tuesday Night Trump.” By Wm. McGurn. [In between personal insults, a relentlessly optimistic’ State of the Union.] 2-4-20
  708. Trump. “Trump Impeachment Agonistes.” [He addresses Congress on the eve of acquittal as his approval rating rises.” 2-5-20
  709. Trump. “President Donald J. MacGuffin.” By Andy Kessler. [His wild persona is a device that baits enemies and clears space for his agenda.] 2-10-20
  710. Trump. “Donald Trump, Mastermind.” 2-15-20
  711. Trump. “The Michael Milken Pardon.” [Trump’s act of clemency recalls an era rife with the politics of envy.] 2-19-20
  712. Trump. Anti-Trump. “The Federal Judges’ Mystery Meeting.” [A judicial group should set the record straight about its emergency.”] 2-26-20
  713. Trump. “The World’s Hardest Job.” [“…Mr. Trump’s handling of his leading aides…”] 3-10-20
  714. Trump. “Trump’s Leadership.” By Daniel Henninger. [Rallying the U.S. in the coronavirus crisis can give the president a path to greatness.] 3-26-20
  715. Trump. “The Virus May Make Trump Stronger.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Gallup finds 60% of voters approve of his handling of the crisis. As usual, the establishment is clueless.] 3-26-20
  716. Trump. “Trump’s Best Re-Election Bet: Run Against Beijing.” By Walter Russell Mead. [The public increasingly sees a threat, and he can argue the establishment was wrong for decades.] 4-23-20
  717. Trump. “What Trump Has in Common With Napoleon.” By Walter Russell Mead. [A brash outsider who knew his terrain like nobody else, he succeeded until he faced a new kind of enemy.] 5-7-20
  718. Trump. “A Disruptive President in a Storm of Crisis.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Trump thrives on conflict but may pay a price for alienating America’s allies.] 5-26-20
  719. Trump. “A Presidential Smear.” [Trump imitates the Steele dossier in attacks on Joe Scarborough.] 5-27-20
  720. Trump.  “The Revenge of Jim Mattis.”  [Trump’s ill treatment of former advisers is coming back to haunt.]  6-5-20
  721. Trump.  “MAGA – for All.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Trump needs to give voters a reason to support him.  He’s working on it.]   6-19-20
  722. Trump.  “The Confessions of John Bolton.”  [It’s quaint, we know, but whatever happened to honor in public service?]   6-19-20
  723. Trump.  “The Imperial Presidency Will Outlast Trump.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The president will have to assert more control domestically to do so abroad.]   6-23-20
  724. Trump.  “The Trump Referendum.”  [He still has no second term message beyond his own grievances.]   6-26-20
  725. Trump.  “The Week It Went South for Trump.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [He hasn’t been equal to the crises.  He never makes anything better.  And everyone kind of knows.]  6-27-20
  726. Trump.  “Trump at Mount Rushmore.”  [Progressives deride his defense of America’s founding principles.]   7-6-20
  727. Trump.  “An Old-Fashioned Fourth in the Black Hills.”  By Faith Bottum.  [Most came to Mount Rushmore for picnics and fireworks, not protest.]   7-6-20
  728. Trump.  “Trump’s Executive Orders”  [He escapes Pelosi’s trap but uses Obama’s ‘pen’ and ‘phone’ method.]   8-10-20
  729. Trump.  “Will the Manhattan District Attorney Be the New Robert Mueller?”  by Ankush Khardori.  [Trump detractors are hyping Cy Vance’s investigation into the president’s finances.]  8-18-20
  730. Trump.  “The Oracle of Trump.”  [The President endorses a Tik Tok purchase by one of his corporate supporters.]   8-21-20
  731. Trump.  “All the President’s Norms.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Trump haters wage a war on standards and use his bad behavior as an excuse.]   9-8-20
  732. Trump.  “Woodward’s Non-Revelation.”  [There’s no need for the tell-all books.  Trump tells us every day.]   9-11-20
  733. Trump.  “Trump’s Unhappy Returns.”  [We advised in 2016 that he release his taxes.  Now others will do it for him.]   9-29-20
  734. Trump.  “Trump’s Misguided Swipe at Bill Barr.”  [The AG isn’t helped by public badgering from the Oval Office.]  10-12-20
  735. Trump.  “Trump’s White House at the End of the Line.”  By Lane Morrow.  [Looking out at a troubled and divided country from inside a resigned and fading administration.]   11-13-20
  736. Trump.  “Trump Remade His Party and the World.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [He transformed both the Republican coalition and the way other countries see America.  His legacy will be with us for generations.]  11-14-20
  737. Trump.  “Donald Trump, the President His Detractors Loved to Hate.”   By Joseph Epstein.  [A friend reported that I disappointed his wife with the insufficient intensity of my dislike.]  11-14-20
  738. Trump.  “Last Chance for the 2016 Truth?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Declassify the Horowitz report so history can properly judge James Comey and the Russians.]   11-14-20
  739. Trump.  “Justice for Michael Flynn.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Trump’s pardon for is onetime national security adviser rights a grievous wrong.]   11-27-20
  740. Trump.  “A Pardon for General Flynn.”  11-27-20
  741. Trump.  “How to Understand Trump’s Democrats.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [A new book examines the phenomenon that still has political pros and the press scratching their heads.]   12-2-20
  742. Trump.  “Trump’s Bad Exit.”  12-21-20
  743. Trump.  “Trump’s Trumpian Final Days.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Amid the electoral College challenge, the president is putting his legacy at risk.]   1-7-21
  744. Trump.  “The Disgrace on Capital Hill.”  [Republicans objecting to electors should stop and certify by acclamation.]  [“…As for Mr. Trump, to steal some famous words deployed in 1940 against Neville Chamberlain: ‘In the name of God, go.’ “]     1-7-21
  745. Trump.  “Trump Loses the Senate.”  [His post-election tantrums hand the government to the left.]   1-7-21
  746. Trump.  “Donald Trump Turned Georgia Blue.”  By Michael Barone.  [His relentless attacks on the state’s election apparatus likely depressed Republican turnout.]   1-7-21
  747. Trump.  “Trump Erases His Legacy.”  By Kimberley A Strassel.  [He also destroyed any chance of a political future, all on a single Wednesday afternoon.]    1-8-21
  748. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Final Days.”  [The best outcome would be for him to resign to spare the U.S. another impeachment fight.]   1-8-21
  749. Trump.  “Once Trump Leaves, Who’s Left to Blame?”  by Andy Kessler. [People of all political stripes can’t help but project every problem onto evil politicians.]   1-11-21
  750. Trump.  “Trump Has One Thing Left to Do.”  By Karl Rove.  [He’s wrong to skip the inauguration, but he can still discourage any further violence.]  1-14-21
  751. Trump. “The Seven-Day Impeachment.”  [The best outcome now is to make this the end with no Senate trail.]   1-14-21
  752. Trump.  “Thank you, Pat Cipollone.”  [The White House counsel has the hardest job in America.]  1-14-21
  753. Trump.  “Trump’s Pardons – Good, Bad, and Ugly.”    1-21-21
  754. Trump.  “No, You Can’t Try an Impeached Former President.”  By Alan M Dershowitz.  [The Senate erroneously asserted jurisdiction once, but dissenting members forced an acquittal.]   1-21-21
  755. Trump.  “Trump and the Failure of the Expert Class.”  By Barton Swaim.  [They were right about his character, but his defects were obvious to almost everyone.  They were wrong about virtually all else.]   1-23-21
  756. Trump.  “Trying Mr. Trump, Private Citizen.”  [Democrats want to punish the ex-President but may revive him.]   1-26-21
  757. Trump.  “Constitution Doesn’t Bar Trump’s Trial.”  By Chuck Cooper.  [Removal from office is best understood as akin to a ‘mandatory minimum’ sentence for a crime.]  2-8-21  (Mr. Cooper is a founding member and chairman of Cooper and Kirk PLLC.)
  758. Trump.  “The Trump Impeachment Evidence.”  [He might be acquitted, but he won’t live down his disgraceful conduct.]   2-11-21
  759. Trump.  “Trump’s Non-Vindication.”  [He may run again, but he won’t win another national election.]   2-16-21
  760. Trump.  “Acquittal Vindicated the Constitution, Not Trump.”  By Mitch McConnell.  [House managers wanted us to rush through a sham trial.  Instead we did our duty to the rule of law.]   2-16-21
  761. Trump.  “Peril and Opportunity for Trump at CPAC.”  By Karl Rove.  [Will he double down on grievance or begin the arduous process of re-creating his image?]   2-25-21
  762. Trump.  “If Nice Guys Finish Last How Could Trump Have lost?”  by Joseph Epstein.  [At the very least, outright nastiness seems to be a strike against a politician.]   2-27-21
  763. Trump.  “The Grievances of Trump Past.”  [If he was so great for the GOP, why is the party now out of power?]   3-2-21
  764. Trump.  “Trumpism According to Trump.”  by David Henninger.  [Many of the ideas described in the CPAC speech came from Ronald Reagan.]   3-4-21
  765. Trump.  “Trump’s Appeal Rings Hollow at CPAC.”   By Karl Rove.  [Only 68% of a crowd of his fervent backers want him to seek another term in 2024.]   3-4-21
  766. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Georgia Rewrite.”  [The former President is unhappy with us for recognizing reality.]   3-5-21
  767. Trump.  “All Trump’s Codependents.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Some of the former president’s biggest critics are finding it hard to quit him.”   3-30-21
  768. Trump.  “Indicting the Trump Organization.”  [Years of investigation and prosecutors come up with a small tax case.]   7-3-21
  769. Trump.  “Who Gets Prosecuted Is Always Political, in Pat.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [When settlement talks begin, you can expect Mr. Trump’s political pull to be on the table too. ]   7-3-21
  770. Trump.  “Is Trump Finished?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Admit it:  You don’t want him to run again yet his absence hasn’t solved any problem.]   9-8-21
  771. Trump.  “Trump Loses Arizona – Again.”  [He still cries ‘fraud’ even after the audit he demanded found none.]  9-27-21
  772. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Hostage Politics.”  [He says Republicans must agree the 2020 election was stolen or he’ll aid the Democrats.]   10-15-21
  773. Trump.  “Trump Is a Democrat:  How’s That for a Conspiracy Theory?”  by Gerard Baker.  [It may be insane, but it would explain why he keeps saving them from self-destruction.]   10-19-21
  774. Trump.  “Will Trump’s Startup Pay Off?”  by Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [It could if he can find a way to tap some of the wealth he creates for MSNBC.]  10-27-21
  775. Trump.  “The Facts of Trump’s Fraud Letter.”  10-29-21
  776. Trump.  “Trump’s Georgia Vendetta.  [He stokes a GOP primary fight that may elect Stacy Abrams.]  12-8-21
  777. Trump.  “Complete and Total Trump Campaign!” by Karl Rove.  [His obsession with the 2020 election may lead to GOP losses in the next two.]  12-23-21
  778. Trump.  “Donald Trump Can Never Lose.”  [But his refusal to accept defeat has cost many supporters a great deal.]   1-7-22
  779. Trump.  “Trump Really Was Spied On.”  [Durham says techies linked to the Clinton campaign had access to white House and Trump Tower internet data.]   2-15-22
  780. Trump.  “A Strange Defense of Spying on Trump.”  [A tech executive’s response to Durham raises more questions.]   2-16-22
  781. Trump.  “AG Confidential.”  (Bookshelf  by Fred Barnes.)  [“One Damn thing After Another.”  By William P. Barr.  [Attorney General Barr was Trump’s most helpful and influential ally.  The president should have listened to him more often.]   3-8-22
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  786. Trump.  “The Trump 2024 Test Runs.”  By Karl Rove.  [Can nominees who endorse his baseless claims about 2020 win in November?]   6-30-22
  787. Trump.  “Democrats for Trumpians.”  [“…while Democrats try to disqualify Donald Trump via the Jan. 6 hearings, they are helping to nominate his allies to run against in November…”]  6-30-22
  788. Trump.  “Democrats Campaign for the Trump Guy.”  [They’re still helping 2020 election challengers win GOP primaries.]  7-27-22
  789. Trump.  “Where Do Trump’s Donations Go?”  by Karl Rove.  [He can’t spend his PACs’ millions on 2024 and isn’t using much in midterms.]   7-28-22
  790. Trump.  “Trump Can’t Be ‘disqualified’ Over Documents.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.  [The law on presidential records is complicated, but the constitutional issues are simple.]  8-11-22
  791. Trump.  “Let Voters Decide Trump’s Future.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The U.S. doesn’t need a replay of the endless investigations during his presidency.]   8-18-22
  792. Trump.  “Unseal the Mar-a-Lago Affidavit.”   8-18-22
  793. Trump.  “Trump’s Supporters and Detractors Are Mirror Images.”  By Katharine C. Epstein.  [The Mar-a-Lago search reveals both camps are loath to take responsibility for the choices they made.]  8-22-22
  794. Trump.  “The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A Casey.  [A former president’s rights under the Presidential Records Act trump the statutes the FBI cited.]   8-23-22
  795. Trump.  “Washington’s Prosecution by Leaks.”  [Justice wants the search affidavit secret while details spill to the press.]  8-24-22
  796. Trump.  “Is That All There Is?”  [The Mar-a-Lago search affidavit reveals nothing new or nefarious.]   8-27-22
  797. Trump.  “Trump’s Vendetta Politics.”  [He smears elaine Chao because her family is ethic Chinese.]   9-1-22
  798. Trump.  “Letitia James vs. the Trump Family.”  [New York’s AG found her defendants first, then looked for evidence.]   9-23-22
  799. Trump.  “Trump’s ‘Death Wish’ Rhetoric.”  [His latest tirade against Mitch McConnell courts potential violence.]   10-3-22   
  800. Trump.  “Trump Rallies for … Trump.”  [Even before the midterms, he’s mocking DeSantis and Pence.]  11-7-22
  801. Trump.  “Trump Fires and Misses DeSantis.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Is the former president losing his touch for catchy nicknames for rivals?}  11-8-22
  802. Trump.  “The Trump Liability.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [If the ex-president announces he’s running again, the 2024 election is over.]   11-10-22
  803. Trump.  “Trump Is the GOP’s Biggest Loser.”   [He has now flopped in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.]  11-10-22
  804. Trump.  “My Last Days With Donald Trump.”  By Mike Pence.  [I supported legitimate challenges to the 2020 vote counts  I also recognized that the Constitution didn’t give me authority to override the voters.]   11-12-22
  805. Trump.  “A Donald Trump Preview of 2024.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The bitterest pill for him isn’t that Oz lost but that DeSantis won resoundingly.]   11-15-22
  806. Trump.  “To Beat Trump, Embrace Trumpism.”  By F.H. Buckley.  [The GOP should employ his successful 2016 playbook.]   11-15-22
  807. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Presidential Rerun.”  [Will the GOP nominate the man Democrats know they can beat?]   11-15-22     
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  809. Trump.  “Can Trump Change His Stripes?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [The ‘rigged election’ was out, replaced by an agenda of real issues.  Will it work?]   11-17-22
  810. Trump.  “Oh, Trump Believes in Yesterday.”  By Karl Rove.  [He applauds himself and promises more of the same.  But voters want something new.]   11-17-22
  811. Trump.  “Covid Lockdowns Disqualify Trump.”  By Justin Hart.  [Fifteen days to stop the spread’ turned into an eternity.]   11-17-22
  812. Trump.  “John Eastman’s Sorry Excuse for Jan. 6.”  [He claims he didn’t tell Pence to reject electors.  Here are receipts.]  11-21-22
  813. Trump.  “What Donald Trump and Sam Bankman-Fried Have in Common.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Both men cast themselves as saviors.  Yet both deceived and exploited their supporters.]  11-21-22
  814. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Bad Dinner Guests.”  [He still hasn’t apologized for hosting Nick Fuentes.]   11-28-22
  815. Trump.  “Dinner at Hate for Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Its plausible he didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was.  But he does like to test political boundaries.]   11-29-22
  816. Trump.  “Trump Strikes Out before His Judges.”  [Guess whose e appointees keep putting the law above political loyalty?   12-3-22
  817. Trump.  “Donald Trump Is…the Terminator.”  12-6-22
  818. Trump.  “Only the Voters Can Crush Donald Trump.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Party professionals and elders have a role to play in making it easier.  The first step:  Narrow the field.]   12-10-22
  819. Trump.  “How Congress Cut Trump’s Taxes.”   By Jay Starkman.  [He has benefited from every loophole that lawmakers provided to real-estate businesses.]   12-29-22
  820. Trump.  “The Trump Tax Returns Precedent.”  [Democrats shatter the privacy norm for no public benefit.]   12-31-22
  821. Trump.  “The Koch Network Dumps Trump.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [Americans for Prosperity won’t back him in 2024, ending an awkward a marriage.]   2-8-23
  822. Trump.  “The Trump Grand Jury Media Tour.”  2-23-23
  823. Trump.  “The Trump Grand Jury and the Age of Unseriousness.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Foreperson Emily Kohrs is basking in the attention and airtime, just as the former president did.]   2-28-23
  824. Trump.  “Trump, Buttigieg and East Palestine.”  [Townspeople become props for politicians fanning anxiety.]   2-23-23
  825. Trump.  “Trump’s Indictment Won’t Win Him Votes.”  By Karl Rove.  [Some Republicans may rally around him, but the appeal of his antics is wearing thin.]    3-23-23
  826. Trump.  “The Wrong Indictment Against Trump.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Stormy Daniels wasn’t an offense against America.  Focus on Georgia and the Jan. 6 riots instead.]   3-25-23
  827. Trump.  “The Case Against Trump Is Far From Open and Shut.” By Ethan Greenberg and Sam Braverman.  [But its main weaknesses are factual, not legal, and courts won’t object to it as selective prosecution.]   3-31-23
  828. Trump.  “Trump Indictment Is a Perversion of Campaign-Finance Law.”  By Bradley A. Smith.  [If a candidate has to pay for his own clothes, surely hush money is likewise a personal expense.]  4-1-23
  829. Trump.  “The Devil and Alvin Bragg.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The Trump indictment brings the country another step closer to a 2024 race it doesn’t need or want.]    4-1-23
  830. Trump.  “What’s Missing in the Trump Indictment.”  [For this to be a felony, Bragg needs a second crime.  What is it?]   4-5-23
  831. Trump.  “How Do You Plead, Mr. Trump?”  by Mene Ukueberuwa.  [Prosecutors mull a gag order, but the judge seems sympathetic to the former president’s right to speak.]   4-5-23
  832. Trump.  “Where Political Prosecution Is Routine.”  By Daniel Raisbeck.   [Those cheering the Trump indictment should look to Latin America for a cautionary example.]   4-5-23
  833. Trump.  “The Targeting of Donald Trump.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Forget the legal niceties.  The Bragg indictment makes sense for Democrats.]   4-6-23
  834. Trump.  “The Indictment Is Trouble for Both Parties.”  By Karl Rove. [And for Trump, too.  It’s unclear if it helps in the primaries but it won’t in November.]   4-6-23
  835. Trump.  “The President Can Pardon Trump.”  By Vivik Ramaswamy.  [There’s ample case law suggesting a state can’t penalize a defendant for a forgiven federal crime.]   4-6-23
  836. Trump.  “Trump Indictment Accelerates America’s Race to the Bottom.”  By Mark Penn and Andrew Stein.  [From the IRS scandal to the Jan. 6, 2021, riots, partisans on both sides tear down national norms.]   4-6-23
  837. Trump.  “Is Bragg’s Case Against Trump Constitutional?”  by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Kristin A. Shapiro.  [Biden – and all future presidents – should hope that it is judged to violate the Supremacy Clause.]   4-18-23
  838. Trump.  “Donald Trump Sides With Disney.” [The former President goes for woke to trash Ron DeSantis.]  4-19-23
  839. Trump.  “Bill Barr’s Warning on Trump.”  [The former AG says his one-time boss won’t deliver on his policies.]  5-8-23
  840. Trump.  “Law-and-Order Trump Has an Evil Twin.”  By Karl Rove.  [He once stood strong against ‘anarchy,’ then turned to praising the Jan. 6, 2021, rioters.]   5-11-23
  841. Trump.  “CNN Brings Donald Trump Back.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [What a disaster.  But maybe he can be defeated in a big, needed brawl for the GOP nomination.]   5-13-23
  842. Trump.  “Unanswered Questions About Trump and Russia.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [I have no reason to doubt the Durham report, but it’s still curious that Trump treated Putin so gently.]   5-20-23
  843. Trump.  “Somebody Needs to ‘Bug’ Donald Trump.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Lessons in the art of the insult from my high-school buddies.]   6-9-23
  844. Trump.  “A Destructive Trump Indictment.”  [Do prosecutors understand the forces they are unleashing?”]   6-10-23
  845. Trump.  “A Strong Indictment – but Is It Strong Enough?”  by Alan M. Dershowitz.  [The evidence is powerful, but the jurors aren’t the only ones who will need convincing.]   6-12-23
  846. Trump.  “Trump’s Indictment May Pull Us Back From the Brink.”  by Gerard Baker.  [But if we’re stuck with a rematch between him and Biden, the losing side is sure to call it illegitimate.]  6-13-23
  847. Trump.  “Trump Is Normal on Secrets.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [He gets no credit for originating D.C.’s cavalier stance on intelligence handling.]   6-14-23
  848. Trump.  “The Self-Destructive Donald Trump.”  [The indictment is misguided, but he made it easier for his enemies, as he always does.]   6-14-23
  849. Trump.  “Clinton’s Sock Drawer and Trump’s boxes.”  By Michael Bekesha.  [A president chooses what records to return or keep and the National Archives can’t do anything about it.]   6-14-23
  850. Trump.  “The Recuseniks Come for the Trump Judge.”  [Judge Aileen Cannon gets the document case, and why not?]   6-15-23
  851. Trump.  “Trump Invited This Indictment.”  By Karl Rove.  [His childish defiance of the law comes at a high cost to him – and to the country.]   6-15-23
  852. Trump.  “The Indictment Can Only Hurt Trump.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Even his loyal supporters will understand that his mishandling of documents endangered U.S. security.]   6-17-23
  853. Trump.  “Trump Is Only a Co-Star in America’s Unreality Show.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [His voters see no reason to disown a dishonorable champion against dishonorable opponents.]   6-17-23
  854. Trump.  “Trump Goes on Fox and Shows His Weakness.”  By Karl Rove.  “His plan for winning back the voters he lost in 2020?  Insisting that he actually won.]   6-22-23     
  855. Trump.  “May Trump Soon Reach His Waterloo.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The former president isn’t Napoleon, but there are similarities in the cults around both men.]   7-8-23
  856. Trump.  “Trump Is Charged With a Coverup.”  [The evidence, if true, undercuts his defense in the documents case.]  7-29-23
  857. Trump.  “Another Trump Indictment.”  [Jack Smith brings charges related to the 2020 election.]   8-2-23
  858. Trump.  “Trump Campaign Looks Like a Defense Fund.”  By Karl Rove.  [He says his goal is election, but his spending reports suggest it’s acquittal.]   8-3-23
  859. Trump.  “This Trump Indictment Imperils the Presidency.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.  [This conduct is hard to defend, but a conviction for fraud would set a dangerous precedent.]   8-3-23
  860. Trump.  “The Unprecedented Jack Smith.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [If lying politicians can be prosecuted for ‘fraud.’ We’ll need a lot of new prisons.]   8-4-23
  861. Trump.  “Democrats and the Trump Spectacle.”   [They want the election to be all about the former President, all the time.]   8-4-23
  862. Trump.  “Prosecuting the Political Case Against Trump.”  (The Weekend Interview with Chris Christie by Kyle Peterson.)  [He ‘can’t win,’ the former governor says.  ‘He will probably be out on bail in four different jurisdictions.’]   8-5-23
  863. Trump.  “Trump’s Jan. 6 Trial:  We Owe It to History.”   By Peggy Noonan.  [Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s legal problems become newly substantial to voters in the American idle.]   8-5-23
  864. Trump.  “What Was Donald Trump Thinking?  By Allysia Finley.  [Good luck finding out.  But psychology can help us grasp why he, like so many Democrats, cling to lies.]   8-7-23
  865. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Last Hurrah.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [James Michael Curley shows that a federal prison sentence is no bar to elective office.]   8-8-23
  866. Trump.  “Impeaching a Trump Impeachment.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [New Hunter Biden details justify the infamous 2019 Ukraine phone call.]   8-9-23
  867. Trump.  “Indictment Four:  Trump as Racketeer.”  [Alleging a RICO conspiracy makes the case less credible.]   8-16-23
  868. Trump.  “The Trump Indictments’ Price.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The prosecutions ensure bitterness for years and payback against Democrats.]   8-17-23
  869. Trump.  “Trump and Election Denial.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The collusion hoax, FBI meddling and ‘stop the steal’ are all the same sickness.]   8-23-23
  870. Trump.  “Trump the Opera – III.”   By Daniel Henninger.  [Scene I:  A bathroom inside the Indicted One’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.]   8-24-23
  871. Trump.  “Trump Looks Beatable in Early States.”  By Karl Rove.  [Majorities in Iowa and New Hampshire don’t back him.  More defections may come.]   8-24-23
  872. Trump.  “Trump Courts a Global Trade War.”  [He promises a new 10% border tax on anything made abroad.]  8-24-23
  873. Trump.   “Trump’s Super Tuesday Trial Date.”  [He might be buoyed to the GOP nomination, only to lose to Biden.]   8-29-23
  874. Trump.  “The Case for Trumpless Thursdays.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [If Americans could give up meat once a week for the soldiers, we can do this for the sake of our sanity.]   8-31-23
  875. Trump.  “The 14th Amendment Trump Panic.”  [Banning Trump from the ballot would harm U.S. law and democracy.]   9-5-23
  876. Trump.  “Trump’s Real Trade Record.”  [His tariffs haven’t cut the trade deficit; they’ve merely shifted it.] 9-7-23
  877. Trump.  “I Can’t Keep Trump Off the Ballot.” By Brad Raffensperger.  [Voters should decide elections:  that’s the simple lesson of Georgia in 2018 and 2020.]  9-7-23
  878. Trump.  “Was Trump ‘an Officer of the United States’?”  by Micharl B. Mukasey.  [A careful look at the 14th Amendment’s Insurrection Clause shows that it doesn’t apply to him.]   9-8-23
  879. Trump.  “A Reminder From Donald Trump.”  [Here’s what voters can look forward to if he’s nominated again.]   9-27-23
  880. Trump.  “Trump on Trial in New York.”  [Is this a case about inflated asset values or partisan politics?  Yes.]   10-3-23
  881. Trump.   “Donald Trump’s Israeli War Insight.”  [He attacks Netanyahu in a crisis because of old personal grudges.]   10-13-23
  882. Trump.  “Judge Chutkan Gags Donald Trump.”  [How can he be ordered not to talk about Mike Pence’s role on Jan. 6?]  10-17-23
  883. Trump.  “The Trumpian Tragedy of Jenna Ellis.”   [Trump’s stolen election claims keep hurting everyone but himself.]   10-25-23
  884. Trump.  “The First Amendment Threat in the Trump Civil Case.”  By Philip Hamburger.  [New York’s Executive Law threatens to suppress scientific and political as well as commercial speech.]   11-2-23
  885. Trump.  “Will Trump Be Indicted Into Office?”  [TV ads focused on his legal troubles backfired, so they never aired.]  11-7-23
  886. Trump.  “’Stop the Steal’ Is Working.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Trump’s votrs might not seek his return if they had been treated honestly the first time.]   11-8-23
  887. Trump.  “Trump University, Now With Tax Money.”  [He plns to launch  tuition-free online-only bachelor’s degree.]   11-13-23
  888. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Insurrection Act Gambit.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [In a second term, he could use the law’s overbroad language to curtail liberties.]   11-15-23
  889. Trump.  “’Fleece Vest’ and ‘MAGA Hat’ Discuss Trump.”  By Gerad Baker.  [Thoughtful conservatives are divided and struggling to understand each other ahead of the 2024 election.]  11-28-23
  890. Trump.  “Trump Singes the GOP as He Blazes Ahead.”  By Karl Rove. [He looks strong for the nomination but seems determined to divide his own party.]   12-14-23
  891. Trump.  “Checks and Balances Won’t Stop Trump.”  By Liz Cheney.  [The Constitution’s protections won’t be able to block his abuses of executive power.]   12-14-23
  892. Trump.  “Jack Smith and the Supreme Court.” [The special counsel drags the justices into his trial timetable.]   12-16-23
  893. Trump.  “The Tragedy of Rudy Guiliani.”  [He’s the latest to be brought low for having peddled Trump’s claims.]   12-18-23
  894. Trump.  “Trump vs. the Banana Republic of Colorado.”  By Karl Rove.  [The effort to remove him from the ballot is legally baseless and helps his campaign.]   12-21-23
  895. Trump.  “If Trump Is Disqualified, He Can Still Run.”  By John C. Harrison and Saikrishna Prakash.  [Colorado’s Supreme Court overlooks the 20th Amendment.]   12-21-23
  896. Trump.  “National Unity and the Colorado Supreme Court.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [I sympathize with the decision’s spirit, but it was a dangerous move in a deeply divided country.]   12-23-23
  897. Trump.  “Against Immunity for Trump.”  By Peter J. Wallison.  [Attempting to interfere with the vote counting was re-election activity, not part of his official duties.]   12-28-23
  898. Trump.  “Realism About a Trump Presidency.”   By Holman W. Jenkins, jr.  [He would be a lame duck and so would Biden, when the world needs real leadership.]   1-24-24
  899. Trump.  “Trump Doesn’t Threaten Democracy – He Embodies It.”  By John Hasmas.  [His danger arises from his refusal to respect the institutions that serve to constrain popular rule.]   2-5-24
  900. Trump.  “Trump’s Russia Policy Is Appeasement.”  By Casey Michel. [Like Chamberlain in the 1930s, he sees Ukraine as a faraway quarrel to avoid.  This won’t bring peace.]   2-7-24
  901. Trump.  “Can the Media Get Trump Coverage Right?”   by Peggy Noonan.  [At first they enabled him to win ratings.  Then they turned hostile.  How about being factual and fair?]   2-10-24
  902. Trump.  “Trump and NATO Deterrence.”  [His latest comments about the alliance will please Vladimir Putin.]   2-12-24
  903. Trump.  “Fani Willis Faces the Judge.”   2-15-24
  904. Trump.  “Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg and Donald Trump.”  [The weakest case gets a trial date, as the Georgia DA Takes the Stand.]   2-16-24
  905. Trump.  “Trump’s $355 Million Civil Fraud Verdict.”  [The judge found he inflated his assets, but this penalty is unreal.]   2-17-24
  906. Trump.  “Fani Willis Knows When a Trial Is a ‘Show Trial.’”   By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Credit the Georgia prosecutor with realizing no one will be hanging on fine points of the law.]   2-17-24
  907. Trump.  “Trump Owes Some Answers.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Voters deserve to know if he intends an historic redefinition of the U.S. world role.]   2-22-24
  908. Trump.  “Donald Trump’s Divided GOP.”  [He wins big in South Carolina but won’t beat Biden without Nikki Haley’s voters.]   2-26-24
  909. Trump.  “Who’s the RINO Now?”  by Wm. McGurn.  [Trump has redefined the term to mean someone who isn’t loyal enough to him.]   2-27-24
  910. Trump.  “Trump to the Rescue – of What?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [Republicans should enjoy the march to the nomination.  It could be the high point.]   2-29-24
  911. Trump.  “The supreme Court Trumps Jack Smith.”  [The Justices are right to rule on Trump’s immunity claim, even if it delays a trial.]   3-1-24
  912. Trump.  “Letitia James Sacrifices the Rule of Law to Get Trump.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Her dubious civil fraud suit is more damaging to the market’s integrity than his conduct is.]  3-4-24
  913. Trump.  “President Biden’s Fraying Coalition.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [Young, suburban and Hispanic voters are deserting him, giving Trump a lead.]   3-6-24
  914. Trump.  “Trump and Ukraine.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Ignore the press.  They don’t know what he’d do because they forget how politics works.]  3-13-24
  915. Trump.  “’An Odor of Mendacity’ in Georgia.”  [Fani Willis gets a reprieve, but her case is ethically tainted.]   3-16-24
  916. Trump.  “Trump Agonistes, ‘Bloodbath’ Edition.”   3-18-24
  917. Trump.  “Reagan Would Never Vote for Trump.”  By John Lehman.  “He also didn’t care much for Biden.  Like me he’d be looking for a strong third-party candidate to support.]   3-18-24
  918. Trump.  “Letitia James Turns the Screws on Trump.”  [The $464 million bond to appeal effectively denies him due process.]   3-19-24
  919. Trump.  “Donald Trump Should Listen to Lara.”  By John Tillman.  [“…early voting…”]   3-22-24
  920. Trump.  “Trump’s Trials Are a Political Gift to His Campaign.” By Gerard Baker.  [The Democrats’ lawfare strategy appears to be backfiring as swing voters turn against joe Biden.]   3-26-24
  921. Trump.  “Trump’s Truth Social Enablers.”  [His media company’s IPO soars on hopes he’ll retake the White House.]   3-27-24
  922. Trump.  “Donald Trump, Come on Down.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Letitia James puts him in jeopardy with a twisted game of ’The Price Is Right.’]   4-1-24
  923. Trump.  “Trump Was Good for America’s Alliances.”  By Alexander B. Gray.  [He pushed NATO to spend more on defense, expanded the Quad ad facilitated the Abraham Accords.]  4-3-24
  924. Trump.  “Trump’s Dazzling SPAC.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [His social-media site lost millions.  Then it made him $5 billion in a single day.]   4-4-24
  925. Trump.  “What Trump Did for the Faithful.”  By Mick Mulvaney.  [He allowed Mass and other services at the White House.  Biden hasn’t done the same.]   4-4-24Trump.  “Trump Blows Up Anti-Terror Surveillance.”  [Republicans defect from a key national security vote at his command.]   4-11-24
  926. Trump.  “Trump’s New Way on Abortion.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [He embraces states’ rights and aims to show that Democrats are the radical ones.]   4-12-24
  927. Trump.  “The Trump Trial Spectacle Begins.”  [The Manhattan DA’s hush-money case is a legal stretch.]   4-13-24
  928. Trump.  “Trump Has a Plan For Ukraine:  It’s Biden’s.  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Whoever wins, Europe might get ready for a period of lackluster American leadership.]   4-13-24
  929. Trump.  “The Deep State Lies in Wait for Trump.”   By Liz Truss.  [His second term will be much like my time in office if he doesn’t confront the entrenched bureaucracy.]   4-16-24  (Ms. Truss served as Britain’s prime minister in 2022.)
  930. Trump.  “Is Jan. 6 the Political Winner Democrats Think It Is?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [A Supreme Court ruling against the government could shift the focus to prosecutorial overreach.]   4-17-24
  931. Trump.  “Bad Leadership Is a National-Security Threat.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The American porn-star trial, the tawdry British memoirs – all signal weakness and decadence.]   4-20-24
  932. Trump.  “Donald Trump Tests His Gag Order.”  [There’s a reason to protect the jury, but why shield Michael Cohen?]  4-23-24
  933. Trump.  “What’s at Stake in the Trump Immunity Case.”  By  David B. Rivkin Jr. and Elizabeth Price Foley.  [Under Jack Smith’s theory, Lincoln, Truman, Clinton and Biden could all have ended up in the dock.]   4-25-24
  934. Trump.  “Jack Smith’s Bad Immunity Day.”  4-26-24
  935. Trump.  “Trump’s Best Lies Weren’t Trump’s.”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The tangled web of journalistic self-deception is making MAGA great again.]   5-8-24
  936. Trump.  “The Stormy Daniels Sex Trial.”  [Her salacious details were irrelevant to the charges against Trump.]   5-9-24

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Issue Headlines
  • Election 2016 8-28-15:


Deepening estrangement between elites, non-elites…

Trump supporters bucking party — and everything connected to it…

Trump. 8-30-15                                                                           <<<<<

MAG: Nothing more terrifying to elite than embrace of nationalism…

Trump: 9-21-15:                                                                                  <<<<

Stephanopoulos Grills Trump: Why Can’t You Say That Obama Is Not Muslim?

FLASHBACK: Obama ‘My Muslim Faith’…

Trump. 11-29-15                                                                      >>>>>

 SOLD OUT: Lines Form FIVE BLOCKS LONG to See Trump in Sarasota… 

Thousands Cheer at Raucous Rally… 

Trump. 2-24-16   >>>> 



Trump. 3-20-16                   <<<

GOODWIN: Why it’s time for Trump revolution…

Electoral vote projection for Nov. 2016. Grim Election Map for Trump? Fox Analyst vs. RCP vs. Mish

Posted by  mishgea | May 23, 2016 6:22:53 |

Trump   8-19-16               >>>

Victim’s Tearful Thank You…

Trump.                9-16-16              >>>

Trump slams Clinton gun control policies: ‘Her bodyguards should drop all weapons’… Nation’s largest police union endorses Trump…

Trump.  10-2-16

Trump Campaign: Newspaper Illegally Obtained Tax Records…

Baquet said would risk jail…

The story that started it all…

Hillary Used Same Avoidance ‘Scheme’…


Trump.  10-2-16 

Farage Tells Trump: Avoid Catfight with Hillary!

Trump. 10-8-16                                       >>>>

STAND BY ME! Supporters mob Trump Tower…

Trump. 10-13-16          >>>>

UPDATE: Women accuse Donald of groping, forcibly kissing them…

RNC TV ad spending for Trump: $0

The national party breaks with tradition of spending millions on ads supporting its nominees.

By Kenneth P. Vogel and Alex Isenstadt

10/13/16 04:59 AM EDT

Read more:

Trump.  10-25-16      >>>>>



Trump.  10-26-16      >>>>>

TRUMP’S BEST SPEECH? UNDER BUDGET, AHEAD OF SCHEDULE… Promises ‘new deal for Black America’…

Anti-Trump Violence Sweeps Country; Media Ignores… Walk Of Fame Star Destroyed By Vandals…

Trump. Drudgereport. 4-19-17

STUDY: 89% of Media Negative Towards President…

Trump. The Wall Street Journal.  4-21-17,  P. C1

“The Burden of One-Party Government.”

Trump. 5-15-17

WASH POST: Trump revealed highly classified info to Russians…




Trump. 5-16-17


Reporters excused Obama for Giving Intel to Russia…

Trump. 5-16-17


Trump. 8-23-17  

WSJ Editor Admonishes Reporters Over Trump Coverage…

Trump 12-6-17

58 House Dems Vote To Impeach Trump…


Trump. 12-27-17


Trump. 1-25-18


HERITAGE FOUNDATION Rates Trump’s First Year Better Than Reagan…
USA Heads for 3% Growth Trifecta…
Tax Cuts Roaring Through Companies…
HOME DEPOT employees to receive $1,000 bonus…
PELOSI: Crumbs…

Trump. 4-5-18



Mueller Report 3-25-19

SHAME OF THE NATION: 533,074 articles have been published about Russia and Trump…
Networks Gave Whopping 2,284 Minutes to Probe…
CNN STILL sitting outside Mueller’s office…
Treason! Impeachment! Prison!
TAIBBI: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD…
500 witnesses; 2800 subpoenas: No collusion…
GOOGLE obscures news…
WIRE: Russia savors… 
Told-You-So Moment Rattles…
New Day For White House…
Re-election weapon…

Campaign Considerations

Trump. “Blue-Collar Vote Key for Trump Win.” Wall Street Journal, 3-7-16, p. A1.

Talking Points

Trump. 4-28-17 4-28-17

LIST: Accomplishments… 

HERE IT IS=> Complete List of President Trump’s Major Accomplishments in First 100 Days
Jim Hoft Apr 27th, 2017 10:59 pm

Trump.  Blacks. 1-15-18

FLASHBACK: Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Trump for lifetime of service to African Americans…

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