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  1. Ukraine. “Helping Ukraine Is a U.S. Imperative” by Wm. Perry and Geo. Shultz    8-27-14
  2. Ukraine: Meanwhile, Back in Ukraine    6-14-14
  3. Ukraine. “Applause, but No Arms, for Ukraine.” 9-19-14
  4. Ukraine. “A Year Later, a New Ukraine.” By Petro Poroshenko, President , Ukraine. [With a new, pro-Europe Parliament in place, we are moving quickly to deliver on needed reforms.] 12-5-14.
  5. Ukraine. “Six Ways to Help Ukraine Resist Russia’s Latest Invasion.” By David J. Kramer.   [Add energy giant Gazprom and Putin to the sanctions list. Above all: Send military hardware Kiev urgently needs.] 2-2-15
  6. Ukraine. “American Arms for Ukraine.” [The arguments against aiding Kiev look increasingly naïve.] 2-4-15
  7. Ukraine. “Time to Stop Letting Putin Win the War of Words.” By John Kornblum. [Why are we so inept at setting the record straight about Ukraine? Moscow’s cracked version is going everywhere.] 2-9-15
  8. Ukraine. “Stopping Putin Without Firing a Shot.” By Roger C. Altman. [There is a point at which a currency or banking collapse will prevent any major nation from functioning.]  2-11-15
  9. Ukraine. “Putin’s Latest Victory.” [The Minsk accord ratifies a Russian satrapy in Ukraine.] 2-13-15
  10. Ukraine. Weekend Interview with Petro Poroshenko. By Bernard-Henri Levy. “On the Road to Putinlandia.” [The president of Ukraine surveys the damage done by Russia and asks for ‘a miracle’ of U.S. arms.] 2-14-15
  11. Ukraine. “The Firepower That Ukraine Needs.” By Robert Scales. [Multiple Launch Rocket Systems would get Putin’s attention.] 2-19-15
  12. Ukraine. “The Ukraine Humiliation.” [Putin marches over Merkel, Hollande and Obama.] 2-20-15
  13. Ukraine. LTE. “Sanctions Aren’t Going to Stop Putin’s Bad Behavior.” 2-19-15
  14. Ukraine. LTE. “The Eroding Ukraine May Be the New Czechoslovakia.” 3-7-15
  15. Ukraine. “Crucial Weapons in the Defense of Ukraine.” By Stephen J. Hadley and Robert B. Zoellick. [Without debt reduction and more aid, a young democracy could vanish.] 7-21-15
  16. Ukraine. “Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief.” By George Soros. [The war-torn country is working hard on the reforms that will get the economy back on its feet.] 8-13-15
  17. Ukraine. “Putin Escalates Again in Ukraine.” [Meanwhile, Obama hesitates to provide a radar to Kiev.] 8-18-15
  18. Ukraine. “Putin’s Ukrainian Hostage.” [Nadya Savchenko has been held unjustly for nearly two years.] 3-12-16
  19. Ukraine. “A Ukrainian Reformer Gets a Visit From the Police.” By Yulia Marushevska. [I had a mandate to fight corruption. Now the government is trying to make an example of me.] 3-10-17
  20. Ukraine. “A Trump Card in Ukraine.”  [Lethal aid would raise the cost of Putin’s military aggression.]  8-2-17
  21. Ukraine. “Ukraine Has Many Problems, and Only One of Them is Russia.”  By Judith Miller.  [It has overcome challenges that would have destroyed a less determined country, but there’s trouble ahead.]  9-19-17
  22. Ukraine. “Javelin Missiles for Ukraine.”  [Russia is unhappy the U.S. is selling antitank weapons to Kiev.]  12-26-17
  23. Ukraine.  “The Comedian vs. the Hero of Ukraine.” By Bernard-Henri Levy.  [Petro Porochenko, the man who stood up to Putin, deserves better than to be fired at history’s whim.]  4-9-19
  24. Ukraine.  “Ukraine’s Presidential Gamble.”   [The besieged country takes a flyer and elects a comedian.]  4-22-19
  25. Russia.  “Why Putin Still Covets Ukraine.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [A 5,000-word essay by the strongman explains his thinking.  It pays to listen.]   7-20-21
  26. Russia.  “Deterring Putin in Ukraine.”  [The Russian is probing to see if the U.S. really would push back.]  12-2-21
  27. Russia.  “Biden’s Only Honorable Course on Ukraine.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [If the U.S. wavers, Russia will benefit, and Iran and China will capitalize.] 12-7-21
  28. Russia.  “The Fight for Ukraine From Putin’s View.”  By Wm. A. Galston. [He sees Russia’s loss of the country as a historic injustice.  So how far will he go?]  12-8-21
  29. Russia.  “Deter Russia by Arming NATO Allies.”  By William Schneider Jr.  [Moscow is challenging Europe’s postwar security system, and not only by threatening Ukraine.]   12-9-21
  30. Russia.  “U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Everybody but Putin.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Western governments still shrink from telling the truth because it might destabilize his regime.]   12-11-21
  31. Russia.  “Crisis in Ukraine Is a Winner for Putin.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [He divides European and U.S. opinion, and Russians like that he’s in the world spotlight.  12-14-21
  32. Russia.  “Vladimir Putin Names His Price.”  [Maybe he won’t invade Ukraine if Biden grants his security wishes.]  12-18-21
  33. Russia. “The Strategic Case for Risking War in Ukraine.”  By John R. Deni.  [An invasion would be a diplomatic, economic and military mistake for Putin.  Let him make it if he must.]  12-23-21
  34. Ukraine.  “A Look at Putin Through the Soviet Lens.”  (The Weekend Interview with Sergey Radchenko by Adam O’Neal.)  [The Ukraine situation reminds this Cold War historian of the Berlin crisis of 1958 – 61.]   1-8-22
  35. Ukraine.  “U.S. Mistakes Fed Putin’s Ukraine Temptation.”  By Ric Grenell and Andrew I. Peek.  [At the rate he’s going, Biden will be making concessions to Russia for the rest of his term.]   1-11-22
  36. Ukraine.  “How to Halt Putin’s Ukraine Push.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The U.S. needs unity and tough diplomacy.  Economic sanctions won’t be enough.]  1-18-22
  37. Ukraine.  “Kyiv Waits for an Invasion.”  By Nolan Peterson.  [Polls find at least one-third of Ukrainians are ready to take up arms o resist the Russians.]  1-21-22
  38. Ukraine.  “Putin’s Threat to Ukraine Isn’t Limited to Invasion.”  By Jillian Lay Melchior .  [By stoking unrest and chaos, Russia could set the stage for a puppet regime without the costs of war.]  1-25-22
  39. Ukraine.  “Deterrence Message to Moscow.”  [The U.S. can’t stop a Ukraine invasion, but it can raise the cost.]   1-25-22
  40. Ukraine.  “The Russian Orthodox Church and Ukraine.”  By George Weigel.  [Putin uses the Baptism of Rus’ as a false pretext for Russian imperialism.]   1-28-22
  41. Ukraine.  “The Ukraine Crisis:  Handle With Care.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Today’s arguments sound rote and thoughtless.  For an example, look to George H.W. Bush in 1991.]  1-29-22
  42. Ukraine.  “Handling a Hybrid War in Ukraine.”  [Defense isn’t enough against Russian attacks short of an invasion.]   1-31-22
  43. Ukraine.  “Civilians Prepare to Defend Ukraine.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [‘We will never surrender,’ says a Kyiv architect at a training session.  ‘Putin should be afraid of us.’]   1-31-22
  44. Ukraine.  “Why Ukraine Matters to the U.S. [Giving Putin what he wants won’t make the China challenge easier.]  2-3-22
  45. Ukraine.  “Civil Defense Class at a Ukraine High School.”  By Jillian Kay Melchier.  [Most students aren’t alarmed, but their parents want a plan.]  2-8-22
  46. Ukraine.  “The U.K. Stands With Its Central European Allies.”  By Boris Johnson.  [Every natin has the right not to have its foreign policy and alliances dictated at gunpoint.]   2-10-22
  47. Ukraine.  “Don’t Let Putin Off the Hook.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [All deterrence, no rewards should be the West’s strategy in the Ukraine showdown.]   2-16-22
  48. Ukraine.  “How Ukraine Was Betrayed in Budapest.”  [Kyiv gave up its nuclear weapons in return for security assurances.]   2-24-22
  49. Ukraine.  “Zelensky Challenges The West.”  By Joe Lieberman. [‘Has our world completely forgotten the mistakes of the 20th century? The Ukrainian president asks.]    2-24-22
  50. Ukraine.  “Putin’s Ukraine Slaughterhouse.”  [It’s shameful the West did so little to help Kyiv defend itself.]   2-26-22
  51. Ukraine.  “Ukraine Will Never Surrender.”  By Stephen Ford.  [The freedom-loving spirit of the Orange Revolution lives on.]  2-28-22
  52. Ukraine.  “Ukraine Leads the World.”  [The brave resistance to Putin is an inspiration and lesson to the world.]   2-28-22
  53. Ukraine.  “A Global Ukraine Scorecard.”  [Sorting the stalwart from the cynical on Putin’s bloody invasion.]   3-1-22
  54. Ukraine.  “How the U.S. Can Back Its Promises to Ukraine.”  By Seth G. Jones.  [Provide weapons and intelligence – and steadfast opposition to Russian – installed puppet rulers.]   3-2-22
  55. Ukraine.  “Russia’s Assault on Ukraine’s Cities.”  [The U.S. needs to do more to prevent a humanitarian nightmare.]   3-3-22
  56. Ukraine.  “The Two Blunders That Caused the Ukraine War.”  (The Weekend Interview with Robert Service by Tunku Varadarajan.  [A leading historian of Russia says Moscow will win the war but will lose the peace and fail to subjugate Ukraine.  How Putin could be deposed.]   3-5-22
  57. Ukraine.  “Ukraine’s Peril Stirs the West’s Humanity.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The demanding challenge:  Keep cool, don’t waver, stay committed, continue to speak in one voice.]   3-5-22
  58. Ukraine.  “What the U.S. Can Do for Ukraine.”  By Natalie Jaresko.  [Stopping Putin’s slaughter will require help from federal and state officials as well as businesses.]  3-7-22
  59. Ukraine.  “Why Obama Didn’t Arm Ukraine.”  [He misunderstood Putin and the reality of military force in foreign affairs.]   3-8-22
  60. Ukraine.  “A Nickel for Your Ukraine Thoughts.”   3-9-22
  61. Ukraine.  “Memo to NATO: Secure Lviv.  By Daniel Henninger.  [The Allies saved West Berlin in 1948.  They should do the same in Ukraine in 2022.]  3-10-22
  62. Ukraine.  “Republicans Stand Up for Ukraine.”  By Karl Rove.  [Despite Trump, a new poll shows GOP voters haven’t turned isolationist.]   3-10-22
  63. Ukraine.  “The Case for a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine.”  By Joe Lieberman.  [It would be an act of defense, an exercise in the ’responsibility to protect.’]     3-10-22
  64. Ukraine.  “NATO’s Polish MIG Fiasco.”  [The White House divides the alliance and signals weakness.]  3-10-22
  65. Ukraine.  “Biden is Failing the Sanctions Test.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Officials worry too much about whether allies will follow to lead effectively.]  3-11-22
  66. Ukraine.  “The Ukraine MiG-29 Fiasco Gets Worse.”  [Biden personally vetoed the delivery of jets for fear of provoking Putin.]  3-11-22
  67. Ukraine.  “Biden Should Get Enterprising on Ukraine.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The U.S. can take the initiative, increase its touch points, prod Putin to see how he reacts.}  3-12-22
  68. Ukraine.  “We Are All Ukrainians Now.”  By Bert Stratton.  [American Jews find the present changes our view of the past.]  3-14-22
  69. Ukraine.  “Send NATO Troops to Western Ukraine.”  By Ludovic Hood.  [A show of force inside the country would save lives and deprive Putin of the ability to dictate events.]  3-14-22
  70. Ukraine.  “A Humanitarian Airlift for Ukraine.”  [A proposal to relieve trapped civilians in besieged cities.]  3-15-22
  71. Ukraine.  “An Airlift could Save Ukraine.”  by Douglas J. Feith and John Hannah.  [As the West hesitates to set up a no-fly zone, here’s an alternative that would put pressure on Russia.]   3-15-22
  72. Ukraine.  “Sympathy Isn’t Enough for Ukraine.”  By Victor Pinchuk.  [I know sending us planes and weapons is risky.  But the risks of inaction are even greater for the West..]   3-15-22
  73. Ukraine.   “Our Moral Obligation to Ukraine.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [We shouldn’t risk nuclear Armageddon, but there’s still a lot more we could do.]  3-16-22
  74. Ukraine.  “Don’t Count on China to Mediate in Ukraine.”  By Kevin Rudd.  [Russia’s aggression has caused anxiety in Beijing, but Xi has staked too much on his ‘best friend.’]   3-16-22
  75. Ukraine.  “Ukraine Is World War 2 ½.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Virtually all of the world’s democracies have committed to repelling Russia.]   3-17-22
  76. Ukraine.  “Zelensky Defines Courage in Our Time.”  By Karl Rove. [The Ukrainian president asks Biden and Congress to ‘keep justice in history.’]   3-17-22
  77. Ukraine.  “Why Not Victory in Ukraine?”  [Zelensky challenges Biden to do more to defeat Putin.]   3-17-22
  78. Ukraine.  “The West Must Risk More for Ukraine Now.”  By Zalmay Khalilzad.  [If Russia controls Kyiv, it will never tolerate support in nearby NATO countries for an insurgency.]  3-17-22
  79. Ukraine.  “Russia’s Humanitarian Corridors in Ukraine Endanger Human Life.”   By Lionel Beehner and John Spencer.  [Putin cynically promises safe passage to civilians, but it’s an excuse to intensify shelling of cities.]  3-17-22
  80. Ukraine.  “The Massacre in Mariupol.”  [Biden and Blinken raise the stakes by calling Putin a ‘war criminal.’]   3-18-22
  81. Ukraine.  “Putin’s Failure Is Biden’s Opportunity.” By Walter Russell Mead.  [Forget about ‘off-ramps.’  As Clausewitz observed, a key to success is to pursue a retreating enemy.]   3-18-22
  82. Ukraine.  “Turkey’s Russian Missiles Could Defend Ukraine.”  By Paul Kolbe.  [A way to solve the dispute between Washington and Ankara and do poetic justice in the process.]   3-18-22
  83. Ukraine. “Ukraine War Portends a Leadership Challenge for Millennials.”  By Bill Drexel.  [Young Americans learned all the wrong lessons from the difficult wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.]  3-19-22
  84. Ukraine.  “On Ukraine, History Is Listening.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [So far the West’s tale is a pretty admirable one, marked with mistakes but also discipline and spirit.]  3-19-22
  85. Ukraine.  “Don’t Go Wobbly on Ukraine Now.”  [The best route to a settlement is more NATO support for Kyiv.]   3-21-22
  86. Ukraine.  “What to Do With Those Polish MiGs.”  By Kate Bachelder Odell.  [Team Biden doesn’t want to give the Ukrainians fighter jets, but why not send them as spare parts.]   3-21-22
  87. Ukraine.  “Why Deterrence Failed in Ukraine.”  By Nadia Schadlow.  [The U.S. has a formidable military.  When Biden said he wouldn’t use it, Putin saw it as a green light.]   3-21-22
  88. Ukraine.  “There’s Still Much More Sanctions Can Do.”  By Pat Toomey.  [Putin takes in up to $7 billion a week from energy exports.  Sever this revenue stream.]   3-22-22
  89. Ukraine.  “Russian Invasion Makes a Logistical Hub of a Small Ukrainian City.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Volunteers in Vynohradiv move aid shipments from Romania to ‘places where they really need it.’]   3-22-22
  90. Ukraine.  “Putin Uses Refugees as a Weapon.”  [As the burden grows on Europe, President Biden can act boldly to help.]   3-23-22
  91. Ukraine.  “Ukraine Can Win With Enough Help.”  [Biden and NATO are still too cautious in opposing Putin’s war.]   3-24-22
  92. Ukraine.  “Boycott the G-20 if Putin Is Going.”  By David Cameron.  [Obama and I attended meetings with him in 2014 and 2015 – only to have him lie to our faces.]   3-24-22
  93. Ukraine.  “The Naval Response to Putin’s War.” By Arthur Herman.  [The U.S. and NATO could send a flotilla to the Black Sea region and also set up a humanitarian sealift.]   3-25-22
  94. Ukraine.  “A Veteran Putin Foe Sizes Up Ukraine.”  (The Weekend Interview with Bill Browder by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [The man behind the Magnitsky Act says he’s surprised and delighted with the strength of the West’s response:  ‘I was a lone voice for 10 years.’]  3-26-22
  95. Ukraine.  “More Ukrainians Welcome Here.”  [Biden takes 100,000 refugees from Ukraine.  Why not make it more?]   3-26-22
  96. Ukraine.  “Measuring Out Putin’s Defeat in Ukraine.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Russian leader has run out of escalations that wouldn’t invite greater opposition and isolation.]   3-26-22
  97. Ukraine.  “Ukraine’s Asymmetric War.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Moscow has more firepower, buy Kyiv is using digital technology better.]   3-28-22
  98. Ukraine.  “Lviv Prepares for the Worst.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [War arrived this weekend in the western city, which had seemed one of the few safe places in Ukraine.]   3-28-22
  99. Ukraine.  “Beijing Gains From the Ukraine Invasion.”  By Dan Blumenthal.  [Non-Western countries hedge their bets, giving confirmation to Chinese geopolitical assumptions.]  3-28-22
  100. Ukraine.  “Beware a Phony Peace In Ukraine.”  By Thomas D. Grant.  [Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan, which endured Russian coercion for years, are cautionary tales.]   3-28-22
  101. Ukraine. “The Hard Truth in Biden’s Gaffe.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [The U.S. can’t resume normal relations with Russia while Putin partitions Ukraine.]   3-30-22
  102. Ukraine.  “Russia Could Still Salvage Victory in Ukraine.”  By Samir Puri.  [Putin may follow a crucial tenant of war:  Modify your strategic goals:  don’t stick to unachievable ones.]   3-31-22
  103. Ukraine.  “Let Ukraine Go on Offense.”  [The U.S. is still not providing all of the weapons it needs.]  4-1-22
  104. Ukraine.  “A ‘Strategi Defeat’ for Putin?  Not Yet.  [The U.S. continues to claim premature victory in Ukraine.]   4-4-22
  105. Ukraine.  “Biden Told the truth:  Putin Has to Go.”  By Garry Kasparov.  [Ukraine’s sacrifice will be in vain if the West’s moral confusion gives Russia a chance to regroup.]   4-4-22
  106. Ukraine.  “Biden’s Ugly Options in Ukraine.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Pushing to defeat Russia has high risks and costs, but so do the alternatives.]  4-5-22
  107. Ukraine.  “The Consequences of War Crimes.”  [Russian officers should be named, starting with the general staff.]   4-5-22
  108. Ukraine.  “Civilian Volunteers Are Ukraine’s Secret Weapon.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [The strength of its civil society is disproving Putin’s claim that Ukraine isn’t a real nation.]   4-5-22
  109. Ukraine.  “Don’t Let Putin Win in Ukraine.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [After its failure to achieve a quick victory, Russia’s Plan B is scorched earth.]   4-7-22
  110. Ukraine.  “When Russia Loses the U.N…. [Evidence of Putin’s atrocities is stiffening support for Ukraine.]   4-8-22
  111. Ukraine.  “Why Arab Allies Don’t Trust the U.S. on Ukraine.”  By Robert Satloff.  [This will not stand,” the president said after Iraq invaded Kuwait.  No such fortitude is evident today.]  4-9-22
  112. Ukraine.  “Boris Johnson Tours Kiev.”  4-11-22
  113. Ukraine.  “Use Seized Russian Assets to Defend Ukraine.  By Adian Karatnycky.  [Frozen foreign-exchange reserves could help Kyiv fight the war and defray the cost of rebuilding.]   4-11-22
  114. Ukraine.  “Talking Heads Should Read Leo Tolstoy.”   By Joseph Epstein.  [No one had a better understanding of war’s unpredictability.]  4-12-22
  115. Ukraine.  “The Mercenaries Behind the Bucha Massacre.”  By Sean McFate [Professional solders like the Wagner Group let clients wage war brutally at minimal political cost.]   4-13-22
  116. Ukraine. “Putin Taps the Butcher of Syria to Subdue Ukraine.”  By Mark Kimmitt.  [Gen.  Aleksandr Dvornikov is a ruthless commander with an established record of vicious brutality.]   4-14-22
  117. Ukraine.  “Arming for the Next Fight in Ukraine.”  [As Putin plans a new offensive, Kyiv needs heavier U.S. weapons.]   4-15-22
  118. Ukraine.  “Let Ukraine or Even Russia, Not the ICC, Prosecute War Crimes.”  By John Bolton.  [The court threatens U.S. sovereignty and the political maturity of the nations now at war.]   4-15-22
  119. Ukraine.  “Helping Ukraine Win Against Russia Is a Vital NATO Interest.  By Paul Dobriansky and Richard Levine.  [Here are steps the West can take to avoid peace compromises that would legitimize Putin’s crimes.]   4-16-22
  120. Ukraine.  “Why the Ukraine War Hasn’t Crashed the Stock Market.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [All the investment signals say Vladimir Putin can’t possibly emerge victorious.]   4-16-22
  121. Ukraine.  “Why Europe Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Unlike the 2015 wave, they are mostly women and children who long to return home to their families.]   4-19-22
  122. Ukraine.  “How to Deter Nuclear War in Ukraine.”  By Robert C. O’Brien.  [It’s crucial for the U.S. to make Russia understand the consequences of an unthinkable escalation.]   4-20-22
  123. Ukraine.  “Biden’s Foggy War in Ukraine.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The world awaits one clear presidential assertion:  ‘We’re in this thing to win.’”]  4-21-22
  124. Ukraine.  “The Stakes in the Battle for the Donbas.”  [A Russian general lifts the veil on Putin’s plans to grab Ukraine ‘s south.]   4-23-22
  125. Ukraine. “Ukraine Needs Far More Firepower.”  By Bing West.  [NATO military aid is one-tenth of what Europe is paying Russia for energy.]   4-27-22
  126. Ukraine.  “Putin Really May Break the Nuclear Taboo.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [It seems unthinkable, but American leaders’ failure to think about it heightens the risk it will happen.]  4-30-22
  127. Russia.  “Russia Isn’t a Military State, It’s a Delusional One.”  By Yulia Latynina.  [For all the talk of Putin’s mistakes, he was right in guessing that NATO won’t fight for Ukraine.”   5-2-22
  128. Russia.  “Another Cuban Missile Crisis?”  by Walter Russell Mead.  [With its echoes of the Cold War, Russia’s invasion has utterly altered world politics.]   5-3-22
  129. Ukraine.  “Pope Francis Blames NATO.”   [The Catholic leader can’t seem to condemn Russia’s invasion.”]  5-4-22
  130. Ukraine.  “The Job of Rebuilding Ukraine – and Russia  — After Putin.”  By Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  [The war is the impetus to accelerate the move away from dependence on dictators’ gas and oil.]   5-6-22
  131. Ukraine.  “Treating Ukraine’s Wounded Civilians, I Saw Horror and Hope.”  By Samer Attar.  [The injuries they suffered in Kharkiv brought back memories of my experience as a volunteer in Syria.]  5-9-22
  132. Ukraine.  “Dispatches From the Mariupol Siege.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [It’s hell,” says Boldan Krotevych as his regiment makes its stand at the Azovstal steel plant.]  5-12-22
  133. Ukraine.  “A GOP Faction Votes Against Ukraine.”  [Their arguments aren’t persuasive and overlook U.S. security interests.]   5-18-22
  134. Ukraine.  “Ukraine’s Journalists Need Your Help.”  By Efim Marmer.  [Papers like mine get little aid from international organizations even as we risk it all to report the war.]   5-19-22
  135. Ukraine.  “Biden’s Ukraine Rocket Whiplash.”  6-2-22
  136. Ukraine.  “America’s ‘Midway Measures Trap’ May Doom Ukraine.”  By Richard Bernstein.  [From China and Vietnam to Afghanistan, the U.S. has intervened but failed to commit to victory.]   6-15-22
  137. Ukraine.  “Who’s Really Helping Ukraine?”  [The U.S. and frontline states are doing their part.  France?  Non.]  6-17-22
  138. Ukraine.  “Railway Workers Are Ukraine’s ‘Second Army.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Fleeing civilians, visiting dignitaries and military supplies all count on the trains continuing to run.]   6-17-22
  139. Ukraine.  “Awakened to Putin’s Threat, Biden and the West Nod Off Again.”  By Garry Kasparov.  [The president appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and didn’t mention Ukraine in a 23-minute interview.]   6-18-22
  140. Ukraine.  “Economic Strains Test Europe’s Support for Ukraine.”  By Wm. Nattrass.  [Inflation and recession will stress popular support for a hard line against Russian aggression.]   6-23-22
  141. Ukraine.  “West is Lazy on Ukraine Blockade.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Freeing up grain won’t solve all food problems but would show Putin to be a paper tiger.]   6-29-22
  142. Ukraine.   “Will Russia Pay for Ukraine’s War Damage?”  by Jillian Kay Melchior.  [The ruin is overwhelming but securing reparations will be legally and politically difficult.]   6-29-22
  143. Ukraine.  “Russia’s Snake Island Retreat.”  [Ukraine repels the invaders from a key Black Sea stronghold.  7-1-22
  144. Ukraine.  “Give Ukraine the Weapons It Needs.”  By Wm. A. Galston.   [Biden should end his caution and help Kyiv go on offense against Russia this Automn.]   7-6-22
  145. Ukraine.  “West’s Ukraine Strategy Will Mean a Prolonged, Bloody Stalemate.”  By Mark Kimmitt.  [NATO is committed to support for ‘as long as it takes’ – not to win, only to stave off Russian victory.]   7-11-22
  146. Ukraine.  “The West Leaves Ukraine Outgunned.”  By Killian Kay Melchior.  [Russia has far more and longer-range artillery.  Kyiv’s allies are helping but it isn’t nearly enough.]  7-13-22
  147. Ukraine.  “Some Risks Are Worth Taking for Ukraine.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [The West seems to be giving Kyiv enough weapons to hold off but not defeat Russia.]   7-20-22
  148. Ukraine.  “Putin’s Deterrence Succeeds as the West Holds Back in Ukraine.”  By Seth G. Jones and Philip G. Wasielewski.  [The risks of American hesitancy are growing every day – and aren’t confined to Europe.]  7-21-22
  149. Ukraine.  “Russia’s Ukraine Grain Two-Step.”  [Putin dodges a Western naval escort, but he still has designs on Odessa.]   7-25-22
  150. Ukraine.  “Germany’s Tanks Finally Reach Ukraine.”  [Three Cheetahs arrive, but three months late and at a turtle’s pace.]   7-26-22
  151. Ukraine.  “The Zelenskys’ Defiant Vogue Cover.”  By Malik Kaylan.  [Western scolds echo Putting’s scorn for Ukraine’s love of life.”   8-2-22
  152. Ukraine.  “The West Needs to Call Russia’s Bluff on Peace in Ukraine.”  By Zalmay Khalilzad.  [Moscow claims to want a political settlement.  It will get serious only if it sees a real threat of defeat.]   8-3-22
  153. Ukraine.  “U.S. Is Afraid of Losing in Ukraine – or Winning.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A cornered Putin regime increasingly is betting on red lines it can’t afford to enforce.]   8-13-22
  154. Ukraine.  “Logistic Peril For NATO in Ukraine.”  By Mark T. Kimmitt. [Dwindling stocks of leading edge weapon systems probably will mean more casualties.]   9-2-22
  155. Ukraine.  “Invest in the Future of Ukraine.”  By Volodymyr Zelensky.  [It’s a land of surprising opportunity, which aspires to become a major hub for information technology.]   9-6-22
  156. Ukraine. “Ukraine Takes the Offensive.”  [The wild card is how Putin responds.  Will he use a nuclear weapon?]   9-12-22
  157. Ukraine.  “Crowdsourcing to Find Russian War Criminals.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Ukrainians have launched a website that serves as a database and a fundraising center for bounties.]   9-19-22
  158. Ukraine.  “Putin’s Best Bet Is Negotiation.”  By Holman w. Jenkins., Jr.  [He can survive a botched war but not a rebuff or humiliation by Ukraine’s Zelinsky.]   9-21-22
  159. Ukraine.  “Putin’s Desperate Escalation.”  [His new mobilization is an admission that Russia is losing the war.]   9-22-22
  160. Ukraine.  “A Western Surge Could Counter Putin’s.”  by Adrian Karatnycky.  [His ‘mobilization’ is a sign of weakness and risks turning public opinion against the Ukraine war.]   9-28-22
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  263. Ukraine.  “It’s Time to Seize Russia’s Reserves.”  [Ukraine needs the money.  What is Biden waiting for?]   2-22-24
  264. Ukraine.  “Ditching Ukraine Would Help China and Iran.”  By Seth Jones.  [Beijing, Tehran, Moscow and Pyongyang all work closely tougher.  Appease one, and you help the rest.]   2-22-24
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  266. Ukraine.  “The ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ and His Quest for the F-16.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Ukraine needs modern jets to protect cities, soldiers and civilians.  Andrii ‘Juice’ Pilshchykov had a plan to acquire them.]   2-24-24
  267. Ukraine.  “House Backbenchers to Ukraine’s Rescue.”  [A bipartisan group offers an alternative bill to force a floor vote.]   2-27-24
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  270. Ukraine.  “Is Religious Liberty ‘Under Attack’ in Ukraine?”  by Jillian Kay Melchior.  [No, but the country faces a dilemma in how to deal with an Orthodox church controlled by Russia.]   3-23-24
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  272. Ukraine.  “Japan Knows the Ukraine Stakes.”  [Tokyo sees that a Russia victory ay encourage Chinese imperialism.”  4-9-24
  273. Ukraine.  “Congress’s Moment of Truth on Ukraine Aid.”  By Wm. A. Galston.   [Autocrats worldwide are watching to see if the U.S. and its allies let Vladimir Putin win.]   4-10-24
  274. Ukraine.  “Will America Let Ukraine Collapse?”  [Speaker Johnson is stepping up.  Failure would haunt U.S. security – and the GOP.]   4-18-24
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  277. Ukraine.  “Losing Ukraine Isn’t Necessary.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Mike Johnson has become clear on the stakes but Joe Biden’s waffle on war aims can’t continue much longer.]   4-20-24
  278. Ukraine.  “Now It’s Up to Europe to Take the Lead in Ukraine.”  By John R. Deni and Lisa A. Aronsson.  [Continental security can no longer be outsourced to the U.S., which may soon have other wars to fight.]   4-25-24
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  281. Ukraine.  “Putin thanks Pyongyang.”  [Russia rewards North Korea for sending all those weapons.]   5-3-24




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