Global Warming

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  1. Global Warming.  LTE.  “Cheeseburgers, Buffaloburgers and Melting the Ice Caps.”  8-27-14
  2. Global Warming. “ Whatever  Happened to Global Warming?” by Matt Ridley.  9-5-14
  3. Global Warming. “A Climate Crusader’s Comeuppance” by Kimberley Stassel  8-15-14
  4. Global Warming. “The Global Warming Statistical Meltdown.” By Judith Curry. [Mounting evidence suggests that basic assumptions about climate change are mistaken: The numbers don’t add up.] 10-10-14
  5. Global Warming. “The Rockefellers Reject Oil.” [When you’re already rich, you can afford self-defeating moral gestures.] 10-11-14
  6. Global Warming. “A Libel Suit Threatens Catastrophe for the Climate of Public Debate.” By Michael A. Carvin and Anthony Dick. [Michael Mann sues to silence critics, and errant courts ignore the First Amendment to help him.] 2-6-17
  7. Global Warming.  “The Climate Needs Nuclear Power.”  By James Hansen and Michael Shellenberger.  [If governors are serious about global warming, they’ll preserve this vital source of clean energy.]  4-5-19
  8. Global Warming.  “Make-Believe Meat and the Future.”  By Walter Russell Mead. [Shamburgers won’t replace steaks, but perhaps they’ll ease global warming a bit.]   4-9-19
  9. Global Warming. “What Global Warming Has in Common With Covid.”  By Tomas J. Philipson.  [Private-sector innovation overcame the virus.  Now the climate needs an Operation Warp Speed.]   4-13-22
  10. Global Warming.  “Stop the Hurricane Climate Babble.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Global warming may not influence storm severity but definitely affects grid reliability.]   10-12-22

Issue Headlines

10-10-14 headline:

September Snow Cover Highest On Record In N America…

10-14-14 headline:

Great Lakes water temps over 6 degrees colder than normal…

1-9-15 headlines: 14 STATES COLDER THAN MARS…

Record Snowfall Florida…

Teams to Fight Frigid Air in Green Bay, New England NFL Playoffs…

Indian Science Conference: ‘Fears of man-made ‘global warming’ were greatly exaggerated’…

Global Warming. 4-19-18

April in Chicago coldest in 130 years…

Detroit 143 years…

Global Warming. 7-21-18

GALLUP Poll: Americans don’t mention ‘global warming’ as problem…

Global Warming.  3-2-19

March roars with coast-to-coast snow, record cold…

For first time in 132 years, L.A. never reached 70° in February…

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Talking Points

The following are articles from credible sources and videos by highly credentialed scientists.  Each scientist is now vilified as a “denier.”

Skeptic’s summary in 12 min

Prof. Richard Lindsen  MIT  Atmospheric sciences     5min

Dr. Roy Spencer Congressional testimony    7 min

The Great Global Warming Swindle:. A broadcast quality documentary featuring some significant scientists.  1hr 15min

Dr. John Coleman:  The history of the origins of GW    36 min

The 97% consensus?  Two studies have been done, both asking if the queried believed if humans had an effect on the environment?  NOT asking:”Are humans causing catastrophic anthropogenic global warming?”   8.5 min  No warming since 1998 & more CO2 benificial.”

The ‘science’ of GW is the result of $ billions being targeted to research committed to verifying GW. The primary ‘research’ center is the IPCC out of the University of East Angela, England. No money has been allocated to contrary studies.  In a scientific process a theory is examined freely by both supporters and skeptics.

Prof Judith Curry   Funding for GW only   2017  5 mi

If the Kyoto Treaty were to be enacted there would be a disastrous effect on our economy. Few deny this, but argue it would be cheaper than “uncontrolled GW.” Control of our economy, through control of energy, would be given to an international body.


At stake are trillions of dollars.  Billions of it to be funneled through the UN to be redistributed to third world countries.  There would also surrender of substantial control of our economy to the UN.  This is not just an ivory tower scientific discussion! Under Kyoto, the “rich” nations would have to pay the carbon taxes of the developing nations, including to China.


In the US, there are vast “renewable energy” industries totally created by subsides & mandates, all driven by selling a belief in GW.  The cost goes far beyond just the direct subsidies; it ‘locks’ us into a far higher cost of energy.  The Economist


GW has been rebranded as “climate change.” This deflects attention from the lack of warming. It also allows any normal bad weather to be blamed.  The simple fact is CC theory is based upon unusual anthropogenic warming.


No GW = No CC.

  1. There has been no warming for 23 years. None since 1998.  This is in stark contradiction to the IPCC predictions, proving their computer ‘models’ are drastically wrong.                                                   ( Google “global warming pause”)         “No warming since 1998”   8.5mi”

  1. A growing number of highly credentialed scientists are speaking out in opposition. This is a list of a number of scientists that are publically outspoken skeptics. Skeptics often lose teaching positions and funding.  16 min  The Petition Project

  1. The thousands of hacked emails from the IPCC revealed scientists have been collaborating to hide and fake data. This has been dubbed as “Climategate.”  These emails show not just bad science, but a deliberate intent to deceive and defraud.

  1. With the revelations of “Climategate” several universities asked the IPCC for the raw data for their review. The response was that it is all ‘lost.’.


  1. The famous Dr..Michael Mann “Hokey Stick” graph depicts a 1000 year temp. ‘flat line’ ending in a sharp upwards rise. We are supposed to be in the sharp rise now.


The ‘flat line’ section fails to depict the “Midlevel Warming” and the “Little Ice Age”.  Both well studied and documented historical events.  This again shows intent to defraud           . 39 min    49 min

  1. It is often cited that there is a close correlation between CO2 rise and temperature rise. What is not mentioned is that temp rise occurred about 800 years before CO2 increases! This is thought to be because a great amount of CO2 is absorbed in the oceans.  It takes hundreds of years to warm the deep oceans which reduces CO2 holding ability.  Long term studies are the result of deep ice cores taken from polar areas. 49 min

  1. It was long claimed that the polar ice caps were supposed to be largely melted years ago (Al Gore predicted the North Pole would be totally ice free in the summer by 2014) Actual measurements show record amounts of ice.  Remember the flotilla of boats several summers ago that were caught in Artic ice?  Remember the ship of ‘scientists’ that became ice bound in the Antarctic ice and had to be helicoptered out?

As far as “The Green New Deal” it is a ridiculous proposal that would result in vast millions of deaths.  Imagine a world with no modern agriculture, no means of large scale harvesting. no means of transporting no refrigeration. No heat in the winter. No light at night. No processing and pumping of water. No energy to cook with.  Modern society would come to an end.  This would also result in mass deforestation as desperate people will cut anything for heat and cooking.


We have spent vast billions on green energy and it still supplies almost none of our power. Solar & wind are weak sources and are intermittent. They are also very expensive that would result in widespread energy poverty. There is no effective means of large volume storage.


The Green New Deal:    6 min


The Unreality of Green Energy  45 min

New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’ – YouTube   18 min


The percentage of CO2 in air is only .04% of that human activity is responsible

for only 3% of that.  Most CO2 that is not from the decaying of organics, comes

from volcanoes.  The reality is that the effect of human activity is extremely

minimal.  .3% of .04% =  .012% of the atmosphere!

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