Puerto Rico

1.     Opinion Headlines

  1. Puerto Rico. “Saving Puerto Rico From Itself.” [Any bankruptcy rescue needs a review board to overrule local politicians.] 12-26-15
  2. Puerto Rico. “Fixing Puerto Rico’s Debt Mess.” By David Sleel. [Bankruptcy can work, but bankruptcy laws need to be changed to ensure fair treatment of creditors.] 1-6-16
  3. Puerto Rico. “Who Says Puerto Rico Needs Bankruptcy? By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [There is no consensus on the island, despite the drumbeats in Washington.] 2-1-16
  4. Puerto Rico. “Just Say No to a Puerto Rico Bankruptcy.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [If the territory walks away from its debt, some states will want the same privilege.] 3-14-16
  5. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rican Debt Parade.” [Congress needs to impose tough love in exchange for relief.] 4-8-16
  6. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Pension Bailout.” [The island wants to shake down creditors to avoid reform.] 4-13-16
  7.  Puerto Rico. LTE. “Don’t Penalize Poor, Retired Puerto Ricans.” 4-20-16
  8. Puerto Rico. ”Puerto Rico at the Brink.” [The GOP may muff a chance to clean up the island’s debt mess.” 4-23-16
  9. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Debt Portent.” [The refugee exodus builds and will add to the U.S. dole.] 5-3-16
  10. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico Breakthrough.” [The GOP House applies market reform principles to an urgent problem.] 5-24-16
  11. Puerto Rico. “Aloha, Puerto Rico.”  By Keli’I Akina and Andy Blom.  6-6-16
  12. Puerto Rico. LTE “The Jones Act Ensures a U.S. Merchant Fleet.”  6-7-16
  13. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Inflection Point.”  [The House moves a bill that could reform the island’s welfare state.]  6-11-16
  14. Puerto Rico. LTE.  “Congress Helped to Make Puerto Rico’s Mess.”  6-20-16
  15. Puerto Rico. “The Detroit Road Map for Puerto Rico.”  By Richard Ravitch.  6-28-16
  16. Puerto Rico. “St. Augustine in Puerto Rico.”  [It looks like Congress’s control board will  have to save the island.]  10-20-16
  17. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico Doesn’t Want Bankruptcy.”  [Gov. Ricardo Rossello, sworn in Jan. 2, says he will aim to pay creditors.]  1-9-17
  18. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Broken Promise.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  “The cash-strapped debt-laden island takes one step closer to bankruptcy.”  5-1-17
  19. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Debt Lessons.”  [The island and its lenders will share the pain of bad government.]  5-16-17
  20. Puerto Rico. LTE.  “Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy Wasn’t Inevitable.” By George Pataki (former governor of New York)  5-23-17
  21. Puerto Rico. Cuba. “How Fidel Castro supported Terrorism in America.”  By Zach Dorfman.  [‘FALN was started in the mid-1960’s with a nucleus …that received advanced training in Cuba.’]  6-9-17
  22. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Broken Promises.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Dinging creditors will not restore the island’s access to capital markets.]  7-10-17
  23. Puerto Rico. LTE.  “Puerto Rico Is Likely to Keep This Promesa.”  8-16-17
  24. Puerto Rico. “Second-Class Puerto Rico.”  [Trump declines to waive the Jones Act for hurricane relief.]  9-27-17
  25. Puerto Rico. “Rebuild Strong, Not Green, in Puerto Rico.”  By Mark P. Mills.  [Sell the bankrupt power authority and harden the grid.]  10-6-17
  26. Puerto Rico. “A Jones Act Head Fake on Puerto Rico.”  [Will Trump side with the swamp to raise rebuilding costs?]  10-7-17
  27. Puerto Rico. “Forgiving Debt Would Hurt Puerto Rico.”  By John Tammy.  [Wiping out creditors would simply enable more dysfunction.]  10-11-17
  28. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico’s Backlog.”  [Much-needed supplies pile up while the Jones Act delays delivery.] 10-27-17
  29. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico Doesn’t Want Reform” by Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [The Promesa law, not Hurricane Maria, is the real culprit behind the island’s troubles.]  11-27-17
  30. Puerto Rico.  “The Protesters vs. the Bondholders.”  By David Skeel.  [The oversight board for Puerto Rico has a careful balancing act.]  9-14-18
  31. Puerto Rico.  “The Truth About Hurricane Maria.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [‘Excess deaths’ are a dubious measure, and Puerto Rican officials were unprepared.]  9-17-18
  32. Puerto Rico.  “The Commonwealth and the Constitution.”  By David Skeel.  [A court ruling could devastate Puerto Rico unless Congress Acts.]  2-25-19
  33. Puerto Rico. “Corruption in Puerto Rico – Gasp!” by Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [Federal permission to declare bankruptcy emboldens the political class.] 7-22-19
  34. Puerto Rico. [The island needs leaders who will work with the federal control board.] 7-25-19
  35. Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico at the Supreme Court.” [Congress has the power to manage territories as it wants.] 10-15-19
  36. Puerto Rico. “’America First’? Kill the Jones Act.” [Puerto Rico is importing Russian natural gas, due to this outdated law.] 11-4-19
  37. Puerto Rico. “Trump’s Pitch to Puerto Rican Voters.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [He can’t match Democrats with largess. A better offer is good governance.] 2-10-20
  38. Puerto Rico. “Bring the Drug Industry Back to Puerto Rico.” By Jose a. Cabranes. [Improve the island’s finances and reduce dependence on China.] 5-21-20

2.     Issue Headlines

Puerto Rico.      Drudgereport.com      1-15-16                                                            <<<<

Puerto Rico ‘in midst of economic collapse’…

Puerto Rico. Wall Street Journal 8-26-16, P. C1   <<<<<

“Puerto Rico Pension Mess Comes to Head.”

Puerto Rico. Drudgereport.com 6-2-17

Puerto Rican Exodus Speeding Island Economic Collapse…

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