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  1. Fracking,  Germany’s Fracking  Follies. [A proposal to ban fracking until 2021 is politically nuts.] 7-8-14
  2. Fracking.  “Colorado’s Anti-Fracking Retreat.”  [Democrats withdraw…to protect…Udall.]  8-6-14
  3. Fracking.  “The Misdeeds of a Few Companies Don’t Warrant Fracking Bans.” By Chris Faulkner  8-16-14
  4. Fracking. “Anti-fracking Laws vs. Property Rights.” By Merrill  Matthews  8-1-14
  5. Fracking. “Plotting an American-Style Fracking Revolution in Britain.” By Red Jahncke. [Oil and gas production in the U.K. is in severe decline. Incos CEO James Ratcliffe has a plan to change that.] 10-13-14
  6. Shale Oil. “The Oil Price Swoon Won’t Stop the Shale Boom.” By Mark P. Mills. [Still profitable at lower prices, fracking is ripe for technology gains that would help it weather further declines.] 10-24-14
  7. Fracking. “Quinn Stalls Drilling in Illinois.” [Another reason the state has the slowest growth in the Great Lakes region.]   11-4-14.
  8. Fracking. “The New Oil Order.” [OPEC feels the squeeze from the U.S. shale boom.] 11-29-14
  9. Fracking. “Cuomo Bans Fracking.” [Safely re-elected, New York’s Governor hides behind bad science and hurts upstate jobs.] 12-19-14
  10.  Shale oil. “Obama on Oil Markets.”   12-20-15
  11. Fracking. “How the Oil Export Ban Chokes the Fracking Boom.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The energy renaissance was fun while it lasted, but age-old laws and lobbyists may finally prove its undoing.] 3-7-15
  12. Fracking. “A World Remade by Fracking.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [“…Fracking overnight has relegated the Middle East to a sideshow, albeit a still-important sideshow, in the world economy.] 4-1-15
  13. Fracking.  Hillary. “Clinton Against American Energy.” [The Democrat says she would regulate fracking out of existence.] 3-8-16
  14. Fracking. LTE. “Clinton and Sanders Are Wrong on Fracking.” 3-16-16
  15. Fracking. “North Dakota’s Pipeline Payoff.”  [Six months later, the Dakota Access Pipeline proves its value.]  12-30-17
  16. Fracking.  “Colorado’s Fracking Fright.”  [Proposition 112 would prohibit almost all new oil and gas production.]    9-21-18
  17. Fracking.  “The Truth About Fracking?”  (Bookshelf by R. Tyler Priest.)  “Saudi America.”  By Bethany McLean.  [The author claims that an entire industry is overloaded with debt and poised for collapse.  The reality seems to be quite different.]  11-1-18

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