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  1. VA “The Second VA Scandal”   6-19-14
  2. VA. “Aid Veterans Affairs by Nixing Budget Gimmickry”   7-23-14
  3. VA. “Scandal Pays Off for the VA [Gov’t health care gets rewarded for failure and cover-ups]   8-4-14
  4. VA. LTE “More Moneyu Isn’t the Answer to the VA’s Many Problems”   7-30-14
  5. VA. LTE. “Technology Could Help VA Patients” by Newt Gingrich   8-20-14
  6. VA. “Defining Dismissal Down.” [The VA gives officials an opening to retire before they’re fired.] 10-20-2014
  7. Veterans. “Breaking Another Promise to Veterans.” By Pete Hegseth. [The Choice Program was supposed to make seeking medical care outside the VA system easier. It hasn’t.] 3-13-15
  8. Veterans. LTE. “We Are Still Keeping an Imperfect Faith With Veterans.” 3-20-15
  9. “Unfinished Repairs at Veterans Affairs.”   [The 40-mile ‘as the crow flies’ rule has been fixed, but much remains to be done.] 4-15-15
  10. “The Scandals We Don’t Know About.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [“…Department of Veteran’s Affairs… The new scandal is that we don’t know what other scandals there are…]   5-8-15
  11. LTE. “Filling Prescriptions: A VA Problem Quick and Easy to Fix.” 8-17-15
  12. Bureaucrats. “The Sweet Gig of Being a Bureaucrat.” By Mac Zimmerman. 11-20-15
  13. “Reshaping America’s Views of Veterans.” By David McCormick. 12-7-15
  14. VA “Chronic Indifference at Veterans Affairs.” By Jerry Moran and Jeff Miller. [A year and a half after vowing to ‘transform’ the agency, the VA’s leadership has shown little progress.] 1-14-16
  15. LTE. “The VA Can’t Just Fire Its Way to Excellence.” 1-21-16
  16. Veterans. “The ‘Corrosive Culture’ at Veterans Affairs.” By Kyndra Miller Rotunda. [“…Congress enacted the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 in the wake of revelations about bureaucratic dysfunction at the Veterans Affairs Department…government statistics show that hospital wait times [now] are 50% longer than two years ago…”] 4-11-16
  17. Veterans. “We’re All in Disney World,” by Daniel Henninger. [“Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald is getting a ride through the media flames this week for suggesting that waits for treatment at VA hospitals are similar to standing in a long line at Disney World…”] 5-26-16
  18. Veterans. “Money Can’t Cure What Ails Veterans Affairs.” By Anthony Principi. [The VA has ballooned to over 365,000 employees. Are vets feeling better?] 5-27-16
  19. VA.   LTE. “The Chance of Real Reform at the VA Is Low.” 6-8-16
  20. VA. “Veterans Affairs Is Off Its Leash Again.” By Luis Carlos Montalvan. 7-8-16
  21. VA.  LTE. “Dogs Are Easy, but the VA Bungles the Obvious.” 7-23-16
  22. “The VA’s Faltering Battle Against Veteran Suicide. By Robert M. Morganthau. [New York City cut its murder rate, Congress and the White House can help the VA cut the suicide rate.]  10-3-16
  23. “Helping Our Heroes Heal.” By Karl Rove. [A retreat in Virginia where traumatized vets and their families can begin to recover.]  12-22-16
  24. “Make the VA Great Again.” By Tiffany Smiley. [My husband was blinded in Iraq.  At the VA rehab center, he was given books on cassette.  Cassettes!] 12-28-16
  25. “Trump’s Promise to Veterans.” By Rebecca Burgess. [Corruption at the VA isn’t punished, while the Pentagon claws back signing bonuses.] 4-14-17
  26. Medicine. “Medicare Could Learn a Thing or Two From the VA.”  By Walid F. Gellad.  [A well-functioning formulary lets veterans get the medications they need with low copayments.]  6-15-17
  27. LTE. “Don’t Extend VA Drug Pricing, Formulary.” 6-27-17
  28. VA.  “Can the VA Fire Anyone?” [Congress wrote its recent reform for this kind of case. Try it.] 8-15-17
  29. VA. “Save the Veteran’s Choice Program.” By Rebecca Burgess and Jeff Cleland. [A worthy VA reform becomes hostage to the debate over government’s role in health care.]  12-26-17
  30. VA. “Congress’s Chance to Do Right by Veterans.” By Anthony Tersigni. [Send the VA Mission Act to the president’s desk by Memorial Day.] 5-10-18
  31. VA.  “The VA Continues a Centuries-Long History of Scandal.” [Fraud and waste plagued veteran pensions in 1820. Since then the problem has only expanded.] 6-27-18
  32. VA.  Veterans.  “A GI Bill Wrong From the Pentagon.”  By Maria Biery.  [Benefit restrictions that kick in after 16 years of service.]  7-19-18
  33. VA.  “He Has a Purple Heart, but the VA Wouldn’t Call Him a Veteran.”  By Rose Carmen Goldberg.  [Because he left the service with ‘bad paper,’ Alejandro Garcia was denied benefits for almost nine years.]  2-13-19

Issue 7-18-15

VA “Report Urges Overhaul of VA Health Care.” Wall Street Journal, 9-19-15, p. A3 [“…agency has significant flaws, including a bloated bureaucracy, problems with leadership and a potentially unsustainable budge
VA. 8-24-16            <<<<<
Veteran Kills Himself in Parking Lot of V.A. Hospital…  Denied ER Service…

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