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  1. Dodd-Frank “Four Years of Dodd-Frank Damage” by Peter Wallison 7-21-14
  2. Dodd-Frank Cure May be Worse Than the Disease LTE 7-28-14
  3. Dodd-Frank’s Collateral Damage in Africa. By Rosa Whitaker. [A rule aimed at ‘conflict minerals’ hurts economies in 10 nations – and harms U.S. public companies.] 9-16-14
  4. Dodd-Frank. “The Way is Clear for Three Easy Dodd-Frank Fixes.” By Paul Kupiec. [One simple repair: Congress can rescind the designation of any nonbank financial firms as ‘systemically important.’] 11-6-14
  5. Dodd-Frank. “Playing the Dodd-Frank Shaming Game.” By Avrohom J. Kess, [Complying with the ray-ratio rule will cost $710.9 million annually.] 12-3-14
  6. Dodd-Frank. “Let’s Pretend Dodd-Frank Works.” [Elizabeth Warren’s phony outrage over a rewrite of swaps rules.] 12-12-14.
  7. Dodd-Frank. “MetLife Takes On the Feds.” [A major challenge to the ‘risk’ bureaucracy created by Dodd-Frank.] 1-14-15
  8. Dodd-Frank. “Citi Turns Green.” [In a Dodd-Frank world, the bank commits billions to clean tech.]       2-24-15
  9. Dodd-Frank. “The Little Bank that Could.” [“…congratulations to the Bank of Bird-in-the-Hand, which…is ‘the only new bank to open in the U.S. since 2010, when the Dodd-Frank law was passed and enacted.”] 3-31-15
  10. Dodd-Frank. “The Humbling of Big Finance.” [GE balks at the costs of being too big to fail.] 4-11-15
  11. Dodd-Frank. “How the next Financial Crisis Will Happen.” By Stephen A. Schwarzman. [Dodd-Frank’s capital and liquidity rules might lead to a liquidity crunch when the economy needs it most.] 6-10-15
  12. Banks. “Bank Bashing, the Modern Nero’s Fiddle.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Dodd-Frank and a rash of bank prosecutions have done nothing to make banks safer or more productive.] 5-23-15
  13. Dodd-Frank. “MetLife Calls the Regulators’ Bluff.” By Peter J. Wallison. [Its lawsuit shows that only hollow claims justify the designation of financial firms as systemically important.] 7-8-15
  14. Dodd-Frank. “After Five Years, Dodd-Frank is a Failure. By Jeb Hensarling. [The law had crushed small banks, restricted access to credit, and planted the seeds of financial instability.] 7-20-15
  15. Dodd-Frank. “Dodd-Frank’s Nasty Double Whammy.” By Phil Gramm. [The legislation has hit the banking industry hard, hurting the recovery. Worse is its effect on the rule of law.]7-24-15
  16. Dodd-Frank. CFPB  “Dodd-Frank’s Unhappy Birthday” [A federal court okays a constitutional challenge to the CFPB.] 7-29-15
  17. Dodd-Frank. “[The Weekend Interview with Vernon Hill] by Stephen Moore: “The Demise of the Small American Bank.” [The man who put the customer first in retail banking say Dodd-Frank is crushing community banks and Britain is now a better bet.] [‘I can build 100 branch banks in Britain before I can get one built in the U.S., thanks to regulators.’] 8-1-15
  18. Dodd-Frank. “The Washington War on Car Dealers.” [Dodd-Frank’s new consumer bureau sparks a bipartisan backlash.] 8-3-15
  19. Banking. LTE. “A Reason for Free Checking’s Decline.” 8-5-15
  20. Dodd-Frank. LTE. “Don’t Lean Too Hard On Those Other Funds.” [“…This is one of the many unintended consequences of the Dodd-Frank Act.”] 8-6-15
  21. Dodd-Frank. Economy. “How Not to Prevent the Next Financial Meltdown.” By Edward P. Lazear. [Dodd-Frank’s safeguards against chaos are based on a misdiagnosis of what led to the 2008 crisis.] 10-3-15
  22. Dodd-Frank. “Depoliticizing Elizabeth Warren’s Pet Project.” By Kyrsten Sinema and Randy Neugebauer. [The agency created to protect financial consumers needs bipartisan leadership.] 10-15-15
  23. Dodd-Frank. “A New Tool for Avoiding Big-Bank Failures: ‘Chapter 14.’” By Emily C. Kapur and John B. Taylor. [Bernie Sanders is right, Dodd-Frank doesn’t work, but his solution is wrong. Here’s what would work.] 3-11-16
  24. Dodd-Frank. “MetLife’s Big Win for Taxpayers.” [A federal judge lets the insurer quit the goo-big-to-fail club.] 3-31-16
  25. Dodd-Frank “Dodd-Frank in Retreat.” [Regulators admit the law hasn’t worked while judges question abuses.] 4-14-16
  26. Dodd-Frank. “They’re Coming for Your Bonus.” By Peter J. Wallison. [New limits on incentive pay – such as a seven-year claw back – will dampen risk-taking and growth.] 5-2-16
  27. Dodd-Frank. “Notable and Quotable:  Hensarling on Dodd-Frank.” 6-8-16 [“From remarks as prepared for delivery by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R. Texas) at the Economic Club of New York on June 7 outlining a Republican plan to replace the Dodd-Frank law.”]  6-8-16
  28. Dodd-Frank. LTE.  “Dodd-Frank Hasn’t Eliminated TBTF Banks.”  6-15-16
  29. Dodd-Frank. “Deutsche Bank and the Unintended Consequence.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [How Dodd-Frank and other steps to redress the 2008 crisis are helping to foment the next panic.]  9-30-16
  30. Dodd-Frank. CFPB  LTE.  “The Powerful CFPB Is Still Largely Unaccountable.”  10-25-16
  31. Dodd-Frank. “How Dodd-Frank Led to More Mayhem in Africa.”  By Tate Watkins.  [A measure to curb violence from conflict minerals has caused militias simply to expand their looting.]  11-14-16
  32. Dodd Frank. “What Dismantling Dodd-Frank Can Do.”  By Peter J. Wallison [The market bump from Trump’s win is peanuts compared with what regulatory relief can bring.]  11-17-16
  33. Dodd -Frank. CFPB  “Consumer Financial Protection Rewrite.”  [The rogue bureau needs to be reined in if it can’t be killed.]  11-28-16
  34. Dodd Frank. “How to Fix the Volcker Rule.”  By Wm. M. Isaac and Richard M. Kovacevich.  [Regulating banks’ proprietary trading is wise.  But a simpler rule is needed.]  12-5-16
  35. Dodd-Frank. “Guess Who’s Defending Dodd-Frank.”  [George Stigler’s theory of regulatory capture is proven again.]  12-13-16
  36. Dodd-Frank. “A Checklist for Fixing Dodd-Frank.”  By Frank Keating.  [First revise the rules that have helped put nearly 2,000 community banks out of business since 2008.]  12-20-16
  37. Dodd-Frank. CFPB LTE.  “Let’s Add to Dodd-Frank Reform Checklist.”  [“…legislation that created the CFPB was to provide for the agency’s funding right off the top from the Federal Reserve, without congressional appropriation…”]  12-28-16
  38. Dodd-Frank. CFPB  “Firing Richard Cordray.”  [Trump will have ample cause to fire the rogue financial regulator.]  1-10-17
  39. Dodd-Frank. CFPB “The Fastest Way to Fire Richard Cordray.”   By Thomas M. Boyd. 2-8-17
  40. Dodd Frank. CFPB “How We’ll Stop a Rogue Federal Agency.” By Jeb Hensarling. [Congress can defund Elizabeth Warren’s unaccountable and unconstitutional CFPB.] 2-9-17
  41. Dodd Frank. “Mnuchin’s MetLife Job.” [Drop the appeal of Jack Lew’s too-big-to-fail legal defeat.] 2-22-17Dodd-Frank. “Does ‘Too Big to Fail’ Mean Too Big for the Rule of Law? By Adam J.
  42. Dodd Frank. CFPB “’You’re Fired,’ Trump should Tell Cordray.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman. [Under a dubious statute, the CFPB head can be dismissed only for cause – but there’s plenty of it.] 4-14-17
  43. Dodd-Frank. “A Plan to Give Community Banks Relief from Dodd-Frank.” By John Kennedy. [Smaller institutions didn’t cause the financial crisis, but are drowning in compliance costs.] 4-24-17
  44. Dodd Frank. “MetLife’s Systemically Important Case.”  [Trump’s failure to stop Obama’s appeal could limit his policy choices.]  4-29-17
  45. Dodd Frank. “Durbin’s Debit-Card Price Controls Hit the Poor Hardest.”  By Todd J. Zywicki and Julian  Morris.  [Limits on fees lead banks to charge the poor more for other services – or to stop offering them at all.]  5-2-17
  46. Dodd-Frank. “Four Principles for Replacing Dodd-Frank.  By Charles W. Catomiris  [First, address incentives:  banks want to avoid costs and regulators tend toward the politically expedient.]  6-16-17
  47. Dodd-Frank. CFPB.  “Trump to Cordray:  You’re Not Fired.”  [The many reasons to axe the consumer financial bureau chief.]  6-21-17
  48. Dodd Frank. CFPB.  “Richard Cordray’s Financial Damage.”  [The CFPB imposes a rule that contradicts its own factual findings.  Congress should nix it.]  7-13-17
  49. Dodd Frank. CFPB.  “Repealing the Arbitration Rule.”  [Congress can kill Cordray’s payoff to his trial-lawyer funders.]  7-26-17
  50. Dodd-Frank. CFPB.  “Congress Can Rescind the CFPB’s Gift to Trial Lawyers.”  By Ted Frank.  [The bureau’s rule against arbitration won’t help consumers, but I will lead to many more lawsuits.]  9-7-17
  51. Dodd Frank. CFPB. LTE.  “Where Was CFPB While Wells Fargo Plundered?”  9-23-17
  52. Dodd Frank. CFPB.  “President Cordray Strikes Again.”  [He bids to kill payday lending after Trump refuses to fire him.]  10-6-17
  53. Dodd Frank. CFPB.  “Richard Cordray’s Bad Numbers.  [Treasury double checks the CFPB’s faulty arbitration analysis.]  10-23-17
  54. Dodd-Frank. “The Trump Treasury’s Disturbing Regulatory Turn.”  By Peter J. Wallison.  [It would give a Dodd-Frank agency powers that even the Obama administration thought too dangerous.]  12-7-17
  55. Dodd-Frank. “The Art of a Banking Compromise.” [ On fixing Dodd-Frank, the House shouldn’t be a potted plant.] 3-17-18
  56. Dodd Frank. “The Fix for Misleading ‘CEO’ Pay Ratios.’ By Robert Posen and Kashif Qadeer. 3-20-18
  57. Dodd-Frank. Banks. “The Art of Banking Deal.” [Congress eases the Dodd-Frank pain on non-giant banks.] 5-24-18
  58. Dodd-Frank.  “Elizabeth Warren’s Bigger Banks.”  [The BB&T-Sun Trust merger is an attempt to compete with the giants.]  2-9-19
  59. Dodd-Frank.  “Limiting Too Big to Fail.”  [The feds narrow the rules for naming firms ‘systemically important.’]  3-19-19
  60. Dodd-Frank.   “Dodd-Frank Undermines the Fight Against Covid.”  By John Berlau and Seth Carter.  [The ‘conflict minerals’ provision blocks resources vital for everything from ventilators to vaccines.]   10-28-20
  61. Dodd Frank / CFPB.  “A Hostile Takeover of the FDIC.”  By Jelena McWilliams.  [Board members had always respected the agency’s independence – until now.]   12-16-21

Issue Headlines

Dodd-Frank. Headline: “Fed Regulation Has Insurers on Edge.” [“…The Fed’s foray into overseeing insurers – a power it gained in the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial law – is prompting concern among insurance companies and state regulators, who worry the central bank will enact onerous capital rules and treat insurance firms like banks…”] Wall Street Journal, 4-28-15 p. C1.

Dodd-Frank. 6-9-15: Diversity standards unveiled by U.S. regulators The Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve and other regulators have issued joint standards to gauge diversity policies and practices of industries and organizations they regulate. The standards, mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act, call for employers to consider diversity when making personnel decisions. The Hill (6/9/15)

Dodd Frank. “DOJ First Salvo at Consumer Bureau.” Wall Street Journal, 3-1-17 p. A1

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