Planned Parenthood


  1. Planned Parenthood. “The Political ‘Science’ of Planned Parenthood.” By William McGurn. [Obama, not noticeably shy about weighing in on controversial subjects, is steering clear of this one.] .] 7-28-15
  2. Planned Parenthood. LTE. “Obama, Planned Parenthood, Science and abortions.” 8-4-15
  3. Planned Parenthood. Closing the Planned Parenthood Loophole. By Scott Gottlieb. [Whatever your stance on abortion, it’s clear the laws governing fetal tissue don’t work – and should be fixed.] 8-26-15
  4. Congress. “Government Shutdown Redux.” [Obama and Clinton want a showdown over Planned Parenthood.] 9-9-15

Issue Headlines

  • Planned Parenthood. 8-21-15

Judge Lifts Ban on Planned Parenthood Videos…

New Release Shows CEO Joking About WHOLE BABIES…


Planned Parenthood: 9-2-15

Obamacare gives new grants to PLANNED PARENTHOOD…