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  1. Harry Reid  “Democrats Against Harry Reid”  6-27-14
  2. Harry Reid  “Harry Reid’s Personal Prosecutor” 6-23-14
  3. Harry Reid Gets His Man  […his new energy regulator listens]   7-16-2014
  4. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi  “All the President’s Enablers”  6-27-14
  5. Harry Reid. “Countdown to Kicking Out Harry Reid.” By Karl Rove.  8-28-14
  6. Harry Reid Rewrites the First Amendment.   By Theodore Olson. [… to protect…incumbency.] 9-8-14
  7. Harry Reid’s Desperate Measures. By Fred Barnes. [In 40 years of covering national elections, I‘ve never seen anything like this effort to keep Senate control.] 10-1-2014
  8. Harry Reid. Nuclear Energy. “The Other Senate Nuclear Option.” By Glenn McCullough Fr. [The midterms might mean finally ending Harry Reid’s blockade of Yucca Mountain. 10-27-14
  9. Harry Reid. “Closing Down the Harry Reid Circus.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. 1-9-15
  10. Harry Reid. “The Reid-Obama Bargain.” [Harry shut down the Senate because Barack shut down Yucca Mt.] 3-30-15
  11. Harry Reid. “Harry Reid’s Nuclear Taxpayer Waste.” [The legal bills for killing Yucca Mountain are billions and climbing.] 4-7-15
  12. Harry Reid. “Reid Filibusters Obama.” [On trade, Harry plays Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction.’] 5-6-15
  13. Harry Reid. “Harry Reid’s Campaign Gift to Himself.”   [“…If you want to know why Americans loathe politics, Mr. Reid’s behavior is a prime exhibit.”] 1-20-16
  14. Harry Reid. “Harry Reid’s Mayhem Project.”  [Senate Democrats try a shutdown strategy to save their campaigns.]  9-27-16
  15. Harry Reid. “Sayonara, Harry Reid.  By Fred Barnes.  [The retiring Democrat did lasting damage to the Senate by making it sharply partisan.]  10-31-16Harry Reid. “Harry Reid and the Horse He Rode In On.”  [Trump should revive the nuclear repository at Yucca Mt. in Nevada.]  11-14-16


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