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    1. GOP Has a Tough Sell to Win Over Benefit Recipients.  LTE  8-25-14
    2. GOP lawsuit.  LTE. “GOP Lawsuit Will Cause More Problems Than Solutions.”  8-5-14
    3. GOP,  minorities.  LTE. “Best GOP Policy to Attract Minorities is Opportunity.”  8-13-14
    4. GOP.  “McConnell’s Campaign Lesson for the GOP” by Karl Rove   7-24-14
    5. GOP. “A GOP Strategy Begins to Emerge.” By Kimberley Strassel. [Congressional leaders will use coalitions to achieve small wins. Conservatives may not be satisfied.] 12-19-14
    6. GOP. “The GOP Needs Family Counseling.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [“…Every minute Republicans spend fighting with each other is one less minute they spend fighting against the liberal agenda they claim to oppose…] 1-16-15
    7. GOP. “What to Watch in the GOP Jockeying for 2016.” By Karl Rove. [If a recent CBS poll is accurate, Chris Christie and Rand Paul need to rehabilitate their images. 1-29-15
    8. GOP. “Romney Bows Out.” [The 2012 GOP nominee leaves the field to ‘our next generation.] 1-31-15
    9. GOP. “Can the GOP Change?” [The immigration defeat reveals a larger problem in Congress.] 2-9-15
    10. GOP. Immigration. “A GOP Lifeline on Immigration – If They’ll Take It.” By Karl Rove. [A judge’s ruling blocking Obama’s order should upend the talk about a DHS shutdown.] 2-19-15
    11. GOP. “Improving the GOP’s Free-Market Pitch. By Douglas Coate. [Capitalism’s virtues don’t easily reduce to sound bites. But that isn’t a reason to give up.] 3-10-15
    12. OP. “The GOP’s Renewable Evangelists.” [The potential candidates bow to the wind and ethanol lobby.] 3-10-15
    13. GOP. LTE. “GOP’s P:roblem With Demographics, Electoral College.” 3-10-15
    14. GOP. “The GOP’s Political Budget Scorekeeping.” By Alan S. Blinder. [The House is using ‘dynamic’ scoring for tax cuts but not for spending. Is consistency too difficult?] 3-13-15
    15. GOP. “Behind the GOP’s Backbench Revolt.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Jim Jordan’s Freedom Caucus wants the House to go big on tax reform and corporate welfare.] 3-13-15
    16. GOP. LTE. “GOP Senators’ Letter to Iran Was an Enormous Mistake.” 3-16-15
    17. GOP. “The GOP’s Budget Test.” [If Republicans can’t agree on a spending outline, they’re cooked.] 3-18-15
    18. GOP. “The GOP’s Anti-Business Temptation.” [Warren Buffett picks a high-risk moment to become the face of corporate downsizing.] 4-18-15
    19. GOP. “The GOP Outsiders.” [Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina enrich the presidential field.] 5-5-15
    20. GOP. “Evangelical Hispanics and the 2016 Vote.”   By Russell Moore. [GOP candidates talking about immigration need to take into account this growing demographic.] 5-8-15
    21. GOP. “The GOP’s Health-Care Reckoning.” By Karl Rove. [Obama and Clinton are waiting to pounce if the Supreme Court nixes federal subsidies.].   5-7-15
    22. GOP. “The Promise and Problem of a Big GOP Field.” By Karl Rove. [Republican voters like having plenty of options but could quickly sour on negative campaigns.] 6-11-15
    23. GOP. “A GOP Budget That is Truly an ‘Ideological Document.” By Alan S. Blinder. [Sure, it balances the budget by 2014. How? With fuzzy math that hides costs and by eliminating ObamaCare.] 6-19-15
    24. GOP. “Tell Us Your Health-Care Plans, GOP Hopefuls.” By Karl Rove. [ObamaCare will irritate millions of Americans between now and 2016.] 7-2-15
    25. GOP. LTE. “What Difference Hs the GOP Made?” 7-2-15
    26. GOP. Book review by Michael Warren. “The Grand Young Party” book, “The Selfie Vote” by Kristen Soltis Anderson. [While the Democrats run ads in online videogames, the GOP continues to buy 30-second spots during ‘Jeopardy!’ ] 7-10-15
    27. GOP. LTE. “GOP Can and Should Make a Good Pitch to Minorities.” 7-14-15
    28. GOP. “Hillary’s ‘Cares About People Like You’ Problem.” By Karl Rove. [The public isn’t warming to her. But GOP hopefuls must show that they have the qualities she lacks.] 7-16-15
    29. GOP. “How the GOP Can Avoid Becoming the Pan Am Party.” By Andy Puzder. [In politics as in business, a stale, out-of-touch image can be fatal, regardless of the quality of your product.] 7-16-15
    30. GOP. “Bring Back the Jack Kemp GOP.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. 7-17-15
    31. GOP. LTE. “In ‘Rebranding’ the GOP, Don’t Abandon Principles.” 7-22-15
    32. GOP. “Who’s Winning the GOP ‘Money Primary.’” By Karl Rove. [Bush, Cruz, Rubio and Walker are in the lead. Other GOP candidates must step up their game.] 7-23-15
    33. GOP. “How We Improved the GOP Debates.” By Sean Spicer. [The frustrating approach in 2012 demanded change. This cannot come as a surprise to today’s candidates.] 7-27-15
    34. GOP. “The Real GOP Race Has Barely Started.” By Karl Rove. [At the point in 2011, Rick Perry was on top – and three others led without winning, too.] 9-17-15
    35. GOP. “The Power of the Purse.” [The GOP cut outlays as a share of GDP for three straight years.] 9-30-15
    36. GOP. “GOP Outsiders Are Likely to Stay That Way.” By David Avella. [The party has a long history of flirting with political novices before embracing solid experience.] 10-28-15
    37. GOP. “The Path to a Wild GOP Convention.” By Karl Rove. [Primary rules open the possibility that no candidate will win a majority of delegates.] 11-5-15
    38. GOP. “Sorting the GOP Candidates on Immigration.” By Mortimer Zuckerman. [Carson speaks about in moral terms, while Trump takes the low road. Bush has the most rational plan.] 11-7-15
    39. GOP. “See You In Cleveland.” By Daniel Henninger. [None of the GOP candidates is likely to win a majority of primary delegates.] 11-12-15
    40. GOP. Bookreview. “Painting America Blue.” By Michael Barone. [“America Ascendant” by Stanley B. Greenberg.] [The author says the GOP is in a ‘death spiral,’ hopelessly out of touch with blacks, Hispanics, single women and millennials. Is he right?} 11-19-15
    41. GOP. “The GOP’s Submission Hold.” By Kimberley Strassel. [Blocking Obama’s appointees is one way to counter overreach and stonewalling.] 11-27-15
    42. GOP. “The GOP Needs Presidential Coattails.” By Karl Rove. [A weak ticket could hurt the party in purple states – and lose the Senate.] 12-3-15
    43. GOP. “GOP Wars: Episode V” By Daniel Henninger. 12-17-15
    44. GOP. “The GOP’s Security Divide.” [Rubio and Cruz show the emerging foreign-policy differences.] 12-17-15
    45. GOP “The GOP’s 2016 Opportunity.” [Why Republicans have a strong chance to retake the White House.] 1-5-16
    46. GOP. “It’s the American Dream, Stupid.” By Kimberley a. Strassel. [A few candidates, at least, get it: The GOP needs Jack Kemp’s aspirational agenda.] 1-8-16
    47. GOP. “The GOP Establishment’s Civil War.” By Peggy Noonan. [A free-for-all among Christie, Rubio, Cruz and others, while Trump hovers above it all.] 1-9-16
    48. GOP. LTE. “Crossing the Aisle Hasn’t Advanced the GOP.” 1-11-16
    49. GOP. LTE. “GOP Must Explain How It will Help the Poor.” 1-16-16
    50. GOP. “Governors vs. Senators.” By William McGurn. [In the GOP war for second or third, the governors have given Donald Trump a pass.] 2-9-16
    51. GOP. “GOP Infighters Need to Focus on Trump.” By Karl Rove. [The four mainstream candidates are only wasting time if they go after each other.] 2-11-16
    52. OP. “Electability on Steroids.” By Daniel Henninger. [After Scaliia’s death, the 2016 election just got more serious or all GOP voters. 2-18-16
    53. GOP. “Attention GOP: Demography Isn’t Destiny.” By Wes Anderson and Henry Goodwin. [Population shifts are not the only, or the best, predictor of presidential election outcomes.] 2-19-16
    54. GOP. “GOP Candidates Need Better, Pro-Growth Tax Plans.” By Jeffrey H. Anderson.   [Current proposals pile on debt and don’t help the middle class enough, Here is a Main Street upgrade.] 2-29-16
    55. GOP. LTE. “Strong Demographic Headwinds and the GOP.” 3-1-16
    56. GOP. “GOP Cage fights Make Democratic Winners.” By David Brady and Douglas Rivers. [The percentage of voters who rule out supporting Republican candidates is steadily climbing.] 3-1-16
    57. GOP. LTE. “GOP: Forget the Cage Fights; Go for Congress.” 3-9-16
    58. GOP. “Keep the GOP Campaign Going.” [If Kasich or Rubio wins on Tuesday, he should stay in the race.] 3-14-16
    59. GOP. “Return to GOP Dysfunction?” [House dissenters may block a budget resolution for 2017.] 3-15-16
    60. GOP. “Kasich Into the Breach.” [The GOP race may now go all the way to the Cleveland convention.] 3-16-16
    61. GOP. “Will the GOP Break Apart or Evolve?” by Peggy Noonan. [A bigger tent, Donald Trump as ringmaster – and an animal unlike the old elephant.] 3-19-16
    62. GOP. LTE “GOP in a Fix Over Supreme Court Nomination.” 3-31-16
    63. GOP. LTE. “A GOP Predicament – With Any Candidate.” 4-1-16
    64. GOP. “The Not-Trump GOP Rises.” By Karl Rove. [The delegate math is getting hard, and New York may not be the lifeline Trump needs.] 4-7-16
    65. Republicans. “The Case for a Really Open GOP Convention.”   (‘Weekend Interview’ with Eric O’Keefe’) by Kimberley A. Strassel. [The man who defeated Wisconsin prosecutors now says party delegates have the right to choose any nominee they want, and they should use it.] 4-9-16
    66. GOP. LTE. “GOP: Bottom-Up, Root and Branch Reforms.” 4-23-16
    67. GOP. LTE. “The GOP Should Follow Its Winning Model.” 5-2-16
    68. GOP: “The GOP Gets What It Deserves.” By Bret Stephens. [‘America First’ is the inevitable outcome of the Republican descent into populism.] 5-3-16
    69. GOP. “The Senate GOP’s Trump Survival Plan” by Joseph Rago. [The challenge: Distancing themselves from Trump without alienating voters who like or despise him. One offsetting advantage: the Hillary effect.] 5-28-16
    70. GOP. “The GOP’s Mexico Derangement.”  By Bret Stephens.  [America’s neighbor isn’t a failed state or a threat – despite what Donald Trump says.]  6-7-16
    71. GOP. “Release the GOP Delegates.”  By Eric O’Keefe and David B. Rivkin Jr.  [Trump’s nomination isn’t inevitable – delegates won’t be legally ‘bound’ going into the convention.]  6-13-16
    72. GOP.  LTE.  “Release GOP Delegates, Commit Party Suicide.”  6-18-16
    73. GOP. LTE.  “GOP Delegates Should Reflect Their Voters.”  7-2-16
    74. GOP. “The Better GOP Agenda.”  [The House tax reform is nearly revenue neutral on a dynamic basis.]  7-5-16
    75. GOP. “The GOP’s Trump Power Play.”  [Squelching dissent won’t build loyalty for the fall campaign.]  7-16-16
    76. GOP. “The GOP’s Putin Confusion.”  [The party platform drops language on lethal aid for Ukraine.]  7-21-16
    77. GOP. LTE.  “Cruz, Honor, Unity and the Fragmented GOP.”  7-25-16
    78. GOP. “The Trumpkins Try to Defeat Paul Ryan.”  By Joseph Rago.  [The speaker will win Tuesday, but the outside money and rhetoric reveal an ugly GOP turn.]  8-8-16
    79. GOP. “Neither Side Will Win the GOP Civil War.”  By Karl Rove.  [Trump spent the week bashing his own party.  Paul Ryan should have simply kept mum.]  10-13-16
    80. GOP. “My Former Republican Party.”  By Bret Stephens.  [The Democrats left my parents.  Trump’s GOP has left me.]  10-25-16
    81. GOP. LTE.  “Imagine a Sane GOP United Behind Trump.”  11-1-16
    82. GOP. “The GOP’s Down Ballot Sweep.”  “The party adds to its historic dominance at the state level.]  11-11-16
    83. GOP. “The North Carolina Coup That Wasn’t.” [Democracy still lives in Raleigh, but the GOP is politically ham-handed.]  12-22-16
    84. GOP. “Fake Ethics Reform Fiasco.”  [The House GOP shows it will too easily bend to liberals – and Trump.]  “Obama’s Self-Serving Cybersecurity Spin.”  By Jeffrey A. Eisenach.   [There’s real cause for alarm, but it isn’t the recent malware.]  1-4-17
    85. GOP. “The Politics of TrumpCare.”  [Admit it or not, the GOP will soon own the health insurance market.] 1-5-17
    86. GOP. “The GOP’s ObamaCare Choke.” By Daniel Henninger. [If they blow health-care reform, why would anyone vote Republican again?] 3-16-17
    87. GOP. “The House Un-Freedom Caucus.” By Daniel Henninger. [It’s time for the GOP voters and donors to reconsider their political support.] 3-30-17
    88. GOP. “A Warning in Wichita.” [A close call in a special House election is an alarm for the GOP.] 4-13-17
    89. GOP. “A GDP Warning for the GOP.” [The worst growth in three years shows the need for tax reform.]   4-29-17
    90. GOP. “Should Trump Abandon the GOP?”  by Daniel Henninger. [The president may separate himself from a party disabled by a blocking minority.]  6-29-17
    91. GOP. “The GOP’s Fatal Infatuation.”  By Daniel Henninger. [Once the governors took expanded Medicaid payments, they were hooked.]  7-6-17
    92. GOP. LTE.  “GOP Can’t Play as a Team, but It’s No Game.” [health care]  7-24-17
    93. GOP. “Advice to GOP on Health Care:  Get a Plan.”  By Holman W. Jenkins.  Jr.  [Making their peace with the individual mandate is the way to advance market-based solutions.] 8-5-17
    94. GOP. “The GOP Loses Again – and Moore.”  By Karl Rove.  [Trump and leaders in Congress should find the latest Republican failure sobering.]  9-28-17
    95. GOP. “GOP Maps a Road To Nowhere in November.” [After a productive 2017, House leaders consider bringing back earmarks. Do they remember history?] 1-16-18
    96. GOP. “A Look Ahead at the Post-Trump GOP.” By Bobby Jindal. [It is possible that the party needed him to broaden its appeal and that he has to disappear for it to survive.] 2-1-18
    97. GOP. “The GOP Needs a Free Facebook.” By Chris Wilson. [Regulation would turn the social-media giant into just another media filter — with the usual bias.] 4-10-18
    98. GOP. “Is the GOP the Party of Trump?” by Daniel Henninger. [Voters produced a Republican rise while the president was still a private citizen.] 4-19-18
    99. GOP. “The GOP’s Welfare to Work Pitch.” [Some good ideas for getting Americans back in the labor force.] 6-6-18
    100. GOP.  “The Senate in Repose.”  [GOP spenders plan to block Trump’s $15 billion rescissions bill.]  6-16-18
    101. GOP.  “The GOP’s Immigration Meltdown.”  [Restrictionists may cost Republicans their majorities in Congress.]  6-19-18
    102. GOP. Economy. “The GOP’s Trade Abdication.” [Trump escalates his tariff war as Senators shrink from a debate.] 6-20-18
    103. GOP. “A Spending Embarrassment.” [The GOP Senate gives Democrats more to cheer about.] 6-21-18
    104. GOP.  “The GOP’s Hall of Mirrors.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [For Republicans lost inside the trump fun house, a message:  Run on his biggest victory.]  8-2-18
    105. GOP.  “An Ocasio-Cortez for the GOP?  By Wm. McGurn.  [Elizabeth Heng, 33 and Cambodian-American, is not your father’s Republican.]  9-4-18
    106. GOP.  “The GOP’s food-Stamp Failure.”  [Pat Roberts kills even modest work rules in the farm bill.]  12-10-18
    107. GOP.  “The GOP’s Duty:  Explain the Cost of ‘Free.’  By Bobby Jindal.  [Republicans can’t outbid Santa Claus, but they can make the case for liberty and aspiration.]  5-30-19
    108. GOP. “The Right’s Left Turn on Drug Prices.” [The rate of increase is falling even as the GOP embraces bad ideas.] 8-19-19
    109. GOP.  “The GOP Shouldn’t Use My Platform Again.”  By Bill Gribbin.  [I drafted it in 2016.  This election requires a different approach.]  6-17-20
    110. GOP.  “After Trump, a Different GOP.”  By Bobby Jindal.  [Win or lose, the party won’t return to the old orthodoxy.  Populist ideas have put down deep roots.]   8-24-20
    111. GOP. “The GOP Tries to Make Its Case.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The Republican National Convention was strange, sometimes compelling.]   8-29-20
    112. GOP.  “Can GOP Find Its Way on Health Care?”  by Bobby Jindal.  [Opposing the ACA is no longer enough to win elections.  The party needs its own vision of reform.]   12-3-20
    113. GOP.  “The GOP’s Tonic: Democrats.”  By Kimberley Strassel.  [Republicans have a record fundraising quarter, no thanks to corporate PACs.]   4-9-21
    114. GOP.  “The GOP’s Trump Problem.”   4-9-21
    115. GOP.  “America Need s the GOP, and It Needs Help.” By Peggy Noonan. [The Republican Party is at a low point, but the two-party system is too vital to abandon.]   4-10-21
    116. GOP.  “Time Scott’s GOP Revival Message.”  [A powerful rebuttal to Joe Biden’s big government agenda.]  4-30-21
    117. GOP.  “The BOP’s Post-Trump Trauma.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Can the party incorporate some of his political positions while moving past his poisonous style?]   5-15-21
    118. GOP.  “Why the GOP Has Gone Quiet Over Tax Hikes.”  By Rahm Emanuel.  [Biden’s plan to get corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share is popular.]   5-17-21  (Mr Emanuel was a senior adviser to president Clinton and chief of staff to President Obama.)
    119. GOP.  “Focus on Principle, Not Personality, for a Bright GOP Future.”  By James A. Baker III.  [Epitaphs for the party are exaggerated, Americans don’t want big deficits or woke domination.]   6-7-21
    120. GOP.  “Latinos bid Democrats ‘Adios.’” By Wm. McGurn.  [Election results in Texas suggest the migration to the GOP may be starting.]   6-8-21
    121. GOP.  The GOP’s Infrastructure Gamble.”  [Will a bipartisan deal slow the radical Biden agenda, or accelerate it?]   6-16-21
    122. GOP.  “Virginia GOP’s Embarrassing Inquisition.”  7-14-21
    123. GOP.  “The AJP Is a Call to Arms for the GOP.”  By Karl Rove.  [Republicans have to stop the massive spending bill from transforming the U.S.]   7-29-21
    124. GOP.  “The GOP’s Bad Infrastructure Deal.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The bill is filled with financial gimmicks, waste and expansions of Washington power.]   8-6-21
    125. GOP.  “The Democratic Norm Breakers.”  [The Jan. 6 committee wants to subpoena GOP phone records.]   9-2-21
    126. GOP.  “Harry Jaffa’s Lesson for the GOP.”  By Glenn Elimers.  [Answer the ‘extremism’ label by turning to Lincoln.]   9-17-21
    127. GOP.  “The GOP Censures Liz Cheney.”  [Why are Republicans wasting time dividing their own supporters?]   2-5-22
    128. GOP.  “Will the GOP 2023 Agenda Arrive in 2022?”  by Karl Rove.  [How cleanly the party sweeps the midterms depends on a new legislative agenda.]   2-10-22
    129. GOP.  Wisconsin GOP Suicide Watch.”  [Fantasies about undoing 2020 will help re-elect Gov. Tony Evers.]   2-22-22
    130. GOP.  “A GOP Specialty: Bad Candidates.”  [Eric Greitens may be the only Republican who could lose in Missouri.]  3-23-22
    131. GOP.  “The Tennessee GOP Empire Strikes Back.”  [“…shenanigans in Tennessee, where state legislators recently tried to disqualify some candidates…”]  4-21-22
    132. GOP.  “GOP Leaders Remain Shackled t Donald Trump.”  By Gerard Baker. [In private, they say they know the 2020 election wasn’t stolen.  But they refuse to say it in public.]   4-26-22
    133. GOP.  “Let’s Welcome the Browns Into the GOP.’”  (The Weekend Interview with Maria Elvira Salazar by James Taranto.)  [The new congresswoman from Miami explains how her party managed to gain Hispanic votes even during the trump years – and how it can continue the trend.]   6-25-22
    134. GOP.  “The GOP’s Spending Habit.”  [The party can’t run credibly against profligate Democrats if it is complicit.]   7-22-22
    135. GOP.  “The GOP’s Senate Woes.”   8-2-22
    136. GOP.  “Cheney, Trump and the GOP.”  [She lost in Wyoming, and the party divisions will haunt in 2024.]   8-18-22
    137. GOP.  “The GOP’s Abortion problem.”   8-25-22
    138. GOP.  “The GOP’s Midterm Failure.”  [The party wasted an opportunity, but at least we may get gridlock.]   11-10-22
    139. GOP.  “The GOP’s Wake-Up Election.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: Trump victories aren’t inevitable.]   11-18-22
    140. GOP.  “Nancy Pelosi’s Lesson for the GOP House.”  [Kevin McCarthy can learn from how she enforced party unity.]   11-18-22
    141. GOP.  “The GOP Needs to Embrace Early Voting.”  By Arthur Herman.  [Election Day matters less than it used to.  Unless Republicans adapt, they’re doomed to keep losing.]   12-2-22
    142. GOP.  “The GOP’s Chaos Caucus Returns.”  [A rump faction blocks McCarthy’s Speaker bid, and for what?]  1-4-23
    143. GOP.  “GOP Rebels Need to Take the Win.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.. [New rule changes will restore the House.  Further demands are a recipe for chaos.]   1-6-23
    144. GOP.  “The House GOP’s Immaturity Caucus.”  By Karl Rove.  [The rebels, those with and without a cause, acted selfishly and undemocratically.]   1-12-23
    145. GOP.   “The GOP’s Abortion Flop.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [A Wisconsin drubbing is the latest indication of the need to find the sensible middle.]   4-7-23
    146. GOP.  “The GOP’s Mickey Mouse Moment.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The Trump-DeSantis battle over Disney blurs what the party should stand for.]  4-21-23
    147. GOP.  “The GOP Is Out of Step on Abortion.”  By Wm. A. Galston.   [More restrictive bans  might play well in the primaries but are a loser in November.]   4-26-23
    148. GOP.  “House GOP’s Debt-Ceiling win.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The chamber’s bill is now the only plan in Washington for avoiding a default.]   4-28-23
    149. GOP.  “GOP Should Yield on the Debt Ceiling.” By Wm. A. Galston.  [Their demands could be met during budget talks, to which Biden said he was open.]   5-10-23
    150. GOP.  “Trump Loses a Sexual Abuse Suit.”  [A jury finds for E. Jean Carroll but will GOP voters care?]  5-10-23
    151. GOP.  “The GOP Takeover of an ‘Equity’ Office.”   5-15-23
    152. GOP.  “GOP Must Find America’s Moral Center.” By Wm. A. Galston.  [The candidate with more-moderate views will find himself at the front of the pack.]  5-17-23
    153. GOP.  “The GOP Can Win on Work and Welfare.”  [The details show how reasonable the debt-ceiling proposals are.]   5-18-23
    154. GOP.  “More Election Warnings for the GOP.”  [Republicans keep losing the suburbs, and now two more big cities.]   5-18-23
    155. GOP.  “The GOP’s Progress on Work and Welfare.”  [The debt-ceiling deal is a step forward toward restoring a culture of work.]   5-31-23
    156. GOP.  “Will Trump Duck the GOP Debates?”  [If he refuses, voters will be entitled to wonder what he’s afraid of.]   7-3-23
    157. GOP.  “Trump Turned the GOP Into the Party of Wishful thinking.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Its leaders assumed hie was a joke, tried to make peace with him, and reckoned he was finished after 2020.]   8-8-23
    158. GOP.  “GOP Candidates Need to Talk About China.”  By Mike Gallagher.  [The 2020s are now calling for a new foreign policy to deal with a cold war that’s been going on for a decade.]   8-22-23
    159. GOP.  “Expect the Absent Trump to Dominate Wednesday’s GOP Debate.”   By Gerard Baker.  [When you have a 40-point lead in the polls and 100% name recognition, why risk getting on the stage?]   8-22-23
    160. GOP.  “What Reagan would Tell the GOP Debaters.”  By Kenneth L. Khachigian.  “Hope, confidence and growth’ is as powerful a message as it was 39 years ago.]   8-23-23
    161. GOP.  “Adults on the Debate Stage.”  By Kimberley a. Strassel.  [Nikki Haley and Mike Pence gave creditable performances.  Vivek Ramasawamy didn’t.]   8-25-23
    162. GOP.  “The Ramaswamy Doctrine.  [The GOP candidate revives the old ‘spheres of influence’ illusion.]   8-25-23
    163. GOP.  “Nikki Haley’s GOP Debate Truths.”  [From abortion to spending to Trump, she leveled with the voters.]   8-25-23
    164. GOP.  “Did the Republican Debate Turn Anyone Up?”  by Lance Morrow.  [Americans keep hoping against hope that someone other than Trump and Biden will be on the ballot.]   8-25-23
    165. GOP.  “Suarez Quits While the Quitting’s Good.”  [The 2024 winnowing starts with the mayor of Miami’s fine example.]   8-30-23
    166. GOP.   “Vivek Ramaswamy, Performance Artist.”  by Karl Rove.  [He has no government experience, but plenty of conspiratorial demagoguery to sell.]   8-31-23
    167. GOP.  “Vivek Ramaswamy’s Taiwan Education.”  [The candidate walks back his initial views, albeit not enough.]   8-31-23
    168. GOP.  “Hurricane Ron DeSantis.”  [If he can do the executive job, maybe his skill a small talk is immaterial.]   9-1-23
    169. GOP.  “Glenn Youngkin’s Quest to Keep Virginia From Becoming Illinois.”   By John Tillman.  [Before he can think about running for president, the Republican governor has to rein in public unions.]   9-2-23
    170. GOP.  “Mitch McConnell Agonistes.”  [The Beltway double standard on health is something to behold.]   9-2-23
    171. GOP.  “The GOP’s ‘forever War’ Follies.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Why Republicans are having a hard time criticizing Joe Biden’s foreign-policy failures.]   9-5-23
    172. GOP.  “The GOP’s Big 2024 Problem.”  [A WSJ poll finds indictments are helping Trump in the primaries, but not with all voters.]   9-5-23
    173. GOP.  “The GOP Can’t Afford to Indulge Populism.”  By John C. Danforth.  [Conservatives want to unite the country, while politicians like Trump seek only to stoke grievance.]   9-26-23
    174. GOP.  “Tolstoy vs. Trump in 2024.”  By Kimberlie A. Strassel.  [GOP candidates need to tend to the needs of their family – the party’s voting base.]   9-29-23
    175. GOP.  “Giving Donald Trump a pass.”  [The GOP candidates largely left the front-runner off the hook.]   9-29-23
    176. GOP.  “The GOP’s Mercenary Caucus.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [A majority doesn’t count for much in a House where every man is a king.]   10-20-23
    177. GOP.  “The GOP’s Energizer Bunnies.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Lawmakers are I a hurry for victory, but the tortoises have a better approach.]   9-17-23
    178. GOP. “The Self-Sabotaging GOP.” [After killing the border bill, will Trump also kill aid to Ukraine?] 2-8-24
    179. GOP. “The GOP’s Border Self-Sabotage.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [If Trump wins, he’ll regret having urged GOP lawmakers not to enact reforms.] 2-9-24
    180. GOP.  “The Trump GOP’s Urge to Purge.”  [Trumpians try to recall a conservative state Assembly leader.]   3-14-24
    181. GOP.  “The GOP’s Senate Opportunity.”  By Brad Todd.  [The party will have a favorable map in 2024 for the last time in several voting cycles.]   3-15-24
    182. GOP.  “The GOP Isolationist Caucus.”    4-22-24
    183. GOP.  “Who Lost the House GOP Majority.”  [Marjorie Taylor Greene will fail to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.]   5-1-24





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23 million watched GOP debate, a record for CNN

“Wednesday’s (9-16-2015) prime time GOP debate averaged 22.9 million viewers, making it the most-watched program in CNN’s history.”

“The 6 p.m. “undercard” debate drew 6.3 million viewers.

For comparison’s sake, CNN’s most-watched presidential primary debate before Wednesday was a Democratic debate on January 31, 2008. It had an average of 8.3 million viewers.

CNN’s most-watched program overall was a special “Larry King Live” episode in 1993. The episode featured Al Gore and Ross Perot debating NAFTA and averaged 16.8 million viewers.”

“These are NFL-level ratings — affirming that the Donald Trump fueled Republican debate slate is one of the most popular television shows of the year.”

CNN’s debate was slightly lower-rated than Fox’s GOP face-off one month ago in Ohio.

That prime-time debate, the first of the season, averaged 24 million live viewers. Its earlier debate that day averaged 6.1 million.

“But the length probably diminished the overall ratings. That’s because the ratings are an average of minute-by-minute viewership, so if viewers didn’t stay for the whole program, the average was lower.

Hour-by-hour ratings may illuminate this viewer behavior later in the day.

But even the overnight ratings show that these GOP debates are drawing viewers who never bothered turning on a debate before. Primary debates at this point in the 2011-2012 campaign cycle averaged 4 to 5 million viewers each.”

“Wednesday’s debate also set a live-streaming record for the network.

At its online peak around 9:45 p.m., there were 921,000 concurrent users on CNN’s live stream, easily making it the most-watched web stream of a primary debate ever.”

CNNMoney (New York) September 17, 2015: 12:43 PM EDT

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GOP.     2-19-16

INGRAHAM: The GOP Establishment Suicide…The Suicide of the GOP Establishment

Despite the Trump juggernaut, they refuse to rethink Bushism in their support for Rubio

by Laura Ingraham

…What do the Rubio supporters think? …In the end, they have left the opponents of the status quo no choice — they must either defeat Rubio, and radically change the power structure of the GOP, or they must watch Obama’s immigration policy, Obama’s trade policy, Bush’s foreign policy, and Bush’s economic policy, be implemented.

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