Supreme Court

Opinion Headlines

  1. Supreme Court. “More Marriage Muddle.” [Scalia has predicted events more accurately than has Roberts.] 10-7-14
  2. Supreme Court. “Overtime for Lawyers.” [The Supreme Court takes up the latest class-action gambit.]   10-8-2014
  3. Supreme Court. “Tort Blowout Preventer.” [An opportunity for the Supreme Court to clarify class-action law.] 10-24-14
  4. Supreme Court 9, Trial Bar 0. [“…blocking another trial-lawyer abuse of the law.”] 12-10-14
  5. Supreme Court. “Justice Ginsburg’s Religious Flip.” 1-21-15
  6. Supreme Court. “Disparate Scalia.” [A better response to the Justice on housing discrimination law.] 1-23-15
  7. Supreme Court. “’Ordinary Contract Principles.” [The Supreme Court blocks a wild legal pitch on retiree benefits.] 1-27-15
  8. Supreme Court. “Surprise at the Supreme Court.” [Justice Breyer pulls a fast one to rescue the EPS’s mercury rule.] 3-26-15
  9. Supreme Court. “Scenes from Gay Marriage.” [Scalia predicted the legal mess the Court will now try to settle.” 4-28-15
  10. Supreme Court. “Gunning for Capital Punishment.” [Opponents attempt a backdoor ban at the Supreme Court.] 5-1-2015.
  11. Supreme Court. “Class Action Spring Cleaning.” [The Supreme Court has a chance to clean up a messy corner of the law.] 6-13-15
  12. Supreme Court. “Free Speech for Whom?” [The Supreme Court overturns ‘content’ speech regulation.] 6-19-15
  13. Supreme Court. “Raisin Owners in the Sun.” [The Supreme Court strikes a major blow for property rights.] 6-23-15
  14. Supreme Court. “The Political John Roberts.” [The Chief Justice again rewrites ObamaCare in order to save it.] 6-26-15
  15. Supreme Court. “Kennedy’s Racial Impact.” [The Supreme Court says Congress ratified a law with its silence.] 6-26-15
  16. Supreme Court. “Antonin Scalia Dissents.” […Obamacare…] 6-26-15
  17. Supreme Court. “A More Perfect Union.” [A triumph for gay rights but not for democracy.] [“…It is a triumph for the gay rights movement, but it would have been better for American politics and self-government had it been achieved by democratic means rather than judicial fiat…] 6-27-15
  18. Supreme Court. “Justice Kennedy’s Bitter Truth.” By William McGurn. [The same-sex marriage ruling will unleash the legal furies against those who disagree with it.] 6-30-15
  19. Supreme Court. “The Mercurial Court.” [The Supremes rebuke the EPA but decline to rein in its abuses.] 6-30-15
  20. Supreme Court. Constitutional ‘Chumps.’ [Another five Justice majority rewrites the Elections Clause.] 6-30-15
  21. Supreme Court. “The High Court’s Disunited State.” By Peggy Noonan. [As five justices declare a right to same-sex marriage, the other four dissent vigorously and ominously.] 7-3-15
  22. Supreme Court. “Better Luck Next Year.” [The Supreme Court gives itself a chance at two make-up calls.] 7-1-15
  23. Supreme Court. LTE. “Same-Sex Marriage, Democratic Laws and the Court.” 7-2-15
  24. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court in an Interdependent World.” By Stephen Breyer. [A considerable number of cases require the justices to examine the law and practices of other nations.] 9-15-15
  25. Supreme Court. LTE. “Constitution Doesn’t Depend on Foreign Law.” 9-23-15
  26. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Plaintiffs Play.” [The new term opens with a trial-lawyer bang.] 10-5-15
  27. Supreme Court. “Inventing Class Actions.” [The Supreme Court will decide if plaintiffs can sue without real injury.] 11-2-15
  28. Supreme Court. “Show Us Your Donors.” [The Supreme Court should hear a case on privacy for charities.] 11-5-15
  29. Supreme Court. “The High Court Gets Religion.” [The Obama DOJ pleaded with the court not to take the Little Sisters’ case.] 11-10-15
  30. Supreme Court. “The High Court Gets Religion.” [The Obama DOJ pleaded with the court not to take the Little Sisters’ case.] 11-10-15
  31. Supreme Court. “Breyer’s Preferences Ploy.” [The canny liberal Justice tries to save race-freighted admissions.] 12-11-2015
  32. Supreme Court. “Breyer’s Classy Decision.” [He upholds a precedent he dissented from to enforce the law.]   12-15-15
  33. Supreme Court. “The High Court Gets Religion.” [The Obama DOJ pleaded with the court not to take the Little Sisters’ case.] 11-10-15
  34. Supreme Court.   “A first Amendment Do-Over.” [The Justices can correct a 39-year –old error on unions and free speech.] 1-11-16
  35. Supreme Court. “Democracy’s Legal Champion.” By Michael W. McConnell. [Scalia changed the way judges looked at text and law, and was the Supreme Court’s best writer ever.] 2-16-16
  36. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court After Scalia.” [The stakes are do high because the left made the Court so political.] 2-16-16
  37. Supreme Court. “The Schumer Precedent.” 2-16-16
  38. Supreme Court. “Greatest Democratic Judicial Hits.” [What Republicans learned from Harry Reid and Barack Obama.] 2-20-16
  39. Supreme Court. LTE. “Because the Constitution Is What They Say.” 2-20-16
  40. Supreme Court. “The Court, Like the Country, Needs Balance.” By Peggy Noonan. [It would be wise for the president to change his mind on a nomination to replace Justice Scalia.] 2-20-16
  41. Supreme Court. “Republicans Should Want a Court Fight.” By William McGurn. [Ugly treatment of high court nominees is the fruit of a frustrated democracy.] 2-23-16
  42. Supreme Court. “Biden’s Supreme Court Advice.” [Look who said the Senate shouldn’t act on a nominee in an election year.] 2-23-16
  43. Supreme Court. LTE. “The Schumer Precedent and the Supreme Court.” 2-24-16
  44. Supreme Court. “Only Eight Justices? So What.” By Josh Blackman and Ilya Shapiro. [A Supreme Court vacancy doesn’t make the justice system grind to a halt. History shows that it merely delays rulings in a small number of cases.] 2-24-16
  45. Supreme Court. “The Scalia Seat: Let the People Speak.” By Ted Cruz. [The legal stakes are higher than ever, and historic precedent favors waiting for a new president.] 3-7-16
  46. Supreme Court.   LTE. “President and Senate Should Do Their Jobs.” 3-11-16
  47. Supreme Court. “We Oppose Judge Garland’s Confirmation.” By Juanita Duggan. [He is a friend of big labor and regulators, not small businesses.] [Ms. Duggan is president and CEO of the National Federation of independent Business.] 3-17-16
  48. Supreme Court. “Obama’s Supreme Politics.” [How GOP Senators should handle Merrick Garland’s nomination.] 3-17-16
  49. Supreme Court. “Judge Garland’s Inconsistent Deference.” [He defers to a federal labor board when it helps unions.] 3-21-16
  50. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s Eight Gun Salute.” [A unanimous rebuke to legal resistance to the right to bear arms.] 3-22-16.
  51. Supreme Court. LTE. “Obama, the Senate and the Supreme Court. 3-23-16
  52. Supreme Court. “Defusing the Supreme Court Fight.” By Michael W. McConnell. [Wait for a lame-duck vote. And get Hillary on the record now.] 3-25-16
  53. Supreme Court. “A Supreme Absence Is Felt.” [Robert’s rule of incrementalism loses a free-speech opportunity.]  3-30-16
  54. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Water Fight.” [Even the liberal Justices seem skeptical of denying judicial review.] 4-4-16
  55. Supreme Court. “Justice Ginsburg Goes Originalist.” [An 8 – 0 Court plays it safe on voting rights; Justice Thomas avers.] 4-5-16
  56. Supreme Court. LTE. “Redistricting, Originalists and Democracy.” 4-11-16
  57. Supreme Court. “Obama’s Ahistorical Scolding About the Supreme Court.” By Betsy McCaughey and Michael B. Mukasey. [The Founders deliberately gave the Senate control over judicial nominees. Read the debate from 1787.] 4-11-16
  58. Supreme Court. “A Hollywood Hit-Job on Clarence Thomas.” By Stuart Taylor Jr. [I covered the confirmation hearings in 1991. HBO’s movie heavily edits history to favor Anita Hill.] 4-18-16
  59. Supreme Court. “Politics Is Not a Crime.” [If Rob McDonnell is guilty of corruption, then so is Hillary Clinton.] 4-27-16
  60. Supreme Court. LTE “HBO Borks Supreme Court Justice Thomas.” 4-28-16
  61. Supreme Court. “ A Supreme Court Challenge for Democrats.” By Theodore B. Olson. 4-29-16
  62. Supreme Court.   LTE. “McDonnel Case Isn’t Just Politics as Usual.” 5-4-16 
  63. Supreme Court. “The Posthumous Attacks on Scalia Begin.” By Lloyd Cohen. [Naming a law school after this major Supreme Court figure is obviously justified. But many colleagues at my university are in revolt.] 5-5-16
  64. Supreme Court. LTE. “No, ‘Confirmation’ Really Gets Hill v. Thomas Wrong.” 5-7-16
  65. Supreme Court. LTE. “Truce Is Unlikely in Court Appointment Wars.” 5-10-16
  66. Supreme Court. “Class-Action Reprieve.” [The Supreme Court rebukes the Ninth Circuit on standing.] 5-17-16
  67. Supreme Court. “Donald Trump’s Day in Court.” [He offers an impressive list of replacements for Antonin Scalia.] 5-20-16
  68. Supreme Court. “Chalices, Jack-o-Lantern’s and Other State Court Tiebreakers.”  [Never mind the 4 – 4 U.S. Supreme Court.  Here’s how state high courts deal with potential stalemates.]  5-31-16
  69. Supreme Court. “Supreme RICO Rollback.”  [Sotomayor’s recusal saves the day on a plaintiff’s bar gambit.]  6-22-16
  70. Supreme Court. “Sotomayor’s Ferguson Essay.”  [She ignores the law and issues a political polemic in dissent.] 6-22-16
  71. Supreme Court. “Justice Kennedy Overturns Himself.” [He lacks the courage of his own convictions on racial preferences.]  6-24-16
  72. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s Cultural Winners.”  [The liberals outlaw nearly any state abortion regulation.]  6-28-16
  73. Supreme Court. “Decision of the Year.”  [A unanimous Court rebukes an abusive corruption prosecution.]  6-28-16
  74. Supreme Court. LTE.  “Court Opens Wide Door With ‘Undue Burden.’  7-6-16
  75. Supreme Court. “Ruth Ginsburg’s Victory Lap.”  [ The Justice dances on the conservative Court’s political grave.]  7-12-16
  76. Supreme Court. “Ginsburg’s Exit Interviews.”  [Her fellow Supreme Court Justices should stage an intervention.]  7-14-16
  77. Supreme Court. “Justice Ginsburg Regrets.”  [If she won’t resign, she will have to recuse herself from many cases.]  7-15-16
  78. Supreme Court. “A Precedent for the Politicking Judge Ginsburg.”  By Seth Lipsky.  [Formal Action was taken against a judge who in 2004 railed publicly against George W. Bush.]  7-15-16
  79. Supreme Court. LTE.  “A Justice Makes Politically Charged Remarks.”  7-18-16
  80. Supreme Court. “Merrick Garland Deserves a Vote – For Democracy’s Sake.”  By Barack Obama.  7-18-16
  81. Supreme Court. LTE.  Garland Reaps What Was Sown Long Ago.”  7-21-16
  82. Supreme Court. “Insider Trading Hits the High Court.”  [The Justices can clarify when tippees are committing a crime.]  10-5-16
  83. Supreme Court. “Rolling Justice Roberts.”  [ A Clinton ally reveals how the left played the chief on ObamaCare.]  10-15-16
  84. Supreme Court. “Kaine’s Filibuster Threat.”  [Republicans will need Senate control to block a High Court nominee.]  11-2-16
  85. Supreme Court. “Executive Power at the Supreme Court.”  [In the age of Trump, liberals may rediscover checks and balances.]  11-12-16
  86. Supreme Court. “Two Questions for Trump’s Supreme Court Nominees.”  By Randy E. Barnett.  [Will they reconsider bad precedent?  Or put the court’s ‘legitimacy’ first.?]  11-17-16
  87. Supreme Court. “Trump’s Supreme Court Priority.”  [An early nomination is important to deal with Obama’s regulations.]  11-21-16
  88. Supreme Court. “Trump’s Supreme Choices.”  [William Pryor doesn’t deserve the attacks from some on the right.]  1-28-17
  89. Supreme Court. “Trump’s Good Justice.”  [Neil Gorsuch is an originalist judge in the Scalia mold.]  2-1-17
  90. Supreme Court. “What Kind of a Judge Is Neil Gorsuch?”  by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [He carefully follows the law and writes as engagingly as Scalia, without the abrasiveness.]  2-1-17
  91. Supreme Court. “The Myth of the Stolen Seat.”  [Democrats set the standard for the GOP on judicial confirmations.]  2-2-17
  92. Supreme Court. “Trump’s Supreme Court Whisperer.” (The Weekend Interview with Leonard Leo – by Kyle Peterson.) [The man who advised the president on picking Judge Gorsuch explains what his elevation means for the law and America.] 2-4-17
  93. Supreme Court. “For Moderate Democrats, Judge Gorsuch Is as Good as It Gets.” By E. Donald Elliott. [I don’t share the nominee’s judicial views. But he is a brilliant and caring person who stands up for liberty.] 2-7-17
  94. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch in the Mainstream.” [He was upheld at the Supreme Court in seven of eight cases.] 2-8-17
  95. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Shots Fired.” [Does a foreigner on foreign soil have fourth Amendment rights?] 2-22-17
  96. Supreme Court. “A Notorious 2016 for Ginsburg and Comey.” By Laurence H. Silberman. [The justice’s politicking and the FBI director’s appropriation of prosecutorial authority likely did lasting damage.] 2-25-17
  97. Supreme Court. “Waiting for Justice Gorsuch.” [An appellate-court ruling guts the Heller gun-rights decision.] 2-24-17
  98. Supreme Court. “What Gorsuch Sees That Scalia Didn’t.” by Nathan Diament. [Courts have turned religious liberty into the First Amendment’s weakened stepchild.] 3-17-17
  99. Supreme Court. “The Gorsuch Resistance.” [Democrats haven’t come up with a single good reason to oppose him.] 3-20-17
  100. Supreme Court. “A Read on the Conscience of Neil Gorsuch.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [His 2006 book about euthanasia demonstrates a thoughtful commitment to equality and dignity.] 3-20-17
  101. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Confusion Could Cost a Family $410,000.” By Roger Pilon. [The justices have an opportunity to clarify the muddle of ‘regulatory takings’ law.] 3-20-17
  102. Supreme Court. “Neil Gorsuch and the Public Good.” By Sarah Ball Teslik. [I ran an organization to protect pensions. He helped us win at the Supreme Court.] 3-21-17
  103. Supreme Court. “Neil Gorsuch, How Would You Vote?” [Democrats demand that the nominee declare himself on cases.] 3-21-17
  104. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch’s Free-Speech Lesson.” ‘The nominee educates Sen. Whitehouse on the First Amendment.” 3-23-17
  105. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch’s Free-Speech Lesson.” ‘The nominee educates Sen. Whitehouse on the First Amendment.” 3-23-17
  106. Supreme Court. “Schumer’s Gorsuch Gambit.” [He threatens a filibuster, and Republicans should call him on it.] 3-24-17
  107. Supreme Court. “Gursuch’s Foes Embarrass the Senate.” By Orrin G. Hatch. [Democrats’ attacks on his past decisions are so formulaic that they read like a recipe.] 3-27-17
  108. Supreme Court. “Chuck Schumer’s Filibuster Lineup.” [The Democratic leader sets a new precedent for the Supreme Court.] 4-4-17
  109. Supreme Court. “Late Hit on Neil Gorsuch.” 4-6-17
  110. Supreme Court. LTE. “Scalia and the Surprise Princeton Document.” [“…Madison’s records show that the Convention contemplated allowing the Supreme Court to declare statutes unconstitutional but decided against it.] 4-8-17
  111. Supreme Court. “Trump Demotes the ABA.” [The lawyers guild doesn’t deserve special judicial vetting status.] 4-10-17
  112. Supreme Court. “Religious Liberty at the Supremes.” [A full Court of nine takes on anti-Catholic Blaine Amendments.] 4-14-17
  113. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch Lessons for Trump’s Next Nominee.” By Fred Barnes. [If another Supreme Court vacancy opens, the fight to confirm the president’s choice won’t be pretty.] 4-19-17
  114. Supreme Court. “A Blow to Blaine Amendments.” [An anti-Catholic law has a bad day at the Supreme Court.] 4-24-17
  115. Supreme Court. “Ending the Trial Bar’s Road Trips.”  [A pair of Supreme Court cases could rein in abusive forum shopping.]  4-25-17
  116. Supreme Court.   “A Case the Justices Shouldn’t Have Heard.”  By William J. Watkins Jr.  [Trinity Lutheran is a state issue – and one that’s already moot.]  5-4-17
  117. Supreme Court. Elections.  “Voting Rights Confusion.”  [The GOP can’t use race in redistricting, but it also must use race.]  5-23-17
  118. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Patent Victory.”  [Trolls who forum shop for judges will now have a harder time.]  5-23-17
  119. Supreme Court. Immigration.  “The Fourth Circuit Presidency.”  [The word ‘Trump’ isn’t an excuse for usurping core presidential power.]  5-27-17  (Re:  President Trump’s travel ban.)
  120. Supreme Court. “The Fourth Circuit Joins the ‘Resistance.’”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.  [Taking a stand against Trump, the judges are also defying Supreme Court precedent.]  5-30-17
  121. Supreme Court. “Lawyers Get Lassoed.”  [“…that forum shopping has limits and the plaintiffs’ bar has gone too far…”] 5-31-17
  122. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch Gets Comfortable in Scalia’s Chair.”  By Kenneth W. Starr. [So far he seems to be an energetic jurist in the textualist mold.]  6-15-17
  123. Supreme Court. “The Justices Act Like Grown-Ups.”  [A High Court majority keeps its principles, even in the Trump era.]  6-20-17
  124. Supreme Court. “Victory for The Slants.”  [The Supremes defend speech that offends and rein in the trial bar.]  6-20-17
  125. Supreme Court. “Free Speech for Sex Offenders.”  [A hard case that makes good First Amendment law in the internet age.]  6-21-17
  126. Supreme Court. “Saving Chief Wahoo.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The Supreme Court’s breathtaking defense of the bedrock of freedom to speak.]  6-22-17
  127. Supreme Court. “A Taking by Any Other Name.”  [The Supreme Court extends its bad record on property rights.]  6-24-17
  128. Supreme Court. “Anthony Kennedy, Culture Warrior.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Judicial decrees on difficult moral questions have made our politics bitter.]  6-27-17
  129. Supreme Court. “Religious Liberty Lives.”  [A 7-2 Supreme Court rebukes a relic of anti-Catholic bigotry.]  6-27-17
  130. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Religious Bonus.”  [The Justices extend their Blaine ruling to school vouchers.]  6-28-17
  131. Supreme Court. “The Justices Lay Down the Law.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A Casey.  [In the travel-ban case, a high-court ‘compromise’ delivers a unanimous rebuke to political judges.]  6-28-17
  132. Supreme Court. “How Long Is Three Years?”  [The Supreme Court teaches Calpers how to count.] 6-30-17
  133. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch Makes a Mark on the Court.”  By Sai Prakash and John Yoo.  [Thomas, the consistent originalist, seems to have found a fellow traveler in his new colleague.]  6-30-17
  134. Supreme Court. “The Ninth Circuit ‘Resistance.”  [“…See the Court’s pithy rebuke Monday to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which last week defied a Supreme Court decision on the Trump travel ban…”] 9-12-17
  135. Supreme Court. “The Second Circuit’s Insider-Trading Feud.”  [An appellate panel rewrites Supreme Court precedent.]  9-18-17
  136. Supreme Court. “Hazing Justice Gorsuch.”  [The left roughs him up before his first full Supreme Court term.]  9-29-17
  137. Supreme Court. “Trump’s Excellent Judges.”  [His four latest nominees highlight his biggest political success.]  10-2-17
  138. Supreme Court. “Arbitration is Back at the Supreme Court.” [Obama’s labor board ignored precedent to promote class actions.]  10-2-17
  139. Supreme Court. “A Line the High Court Shouldn’t Cross.”  By John Ryder.  [Plaintiffs ask the justices to impose proportional representation, European style across the U.S.]  10-3-17
  140. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court ‘Gobbledygook.’”  [Chief Justice Roberts lays out the peril for judges on gerrymanders.]  10-4-17
  141. Supreme Court. “Alien Torts Unlimited.”  [Another attempt to pack U.S. courts with foreign liability claims.]  10-11-17
  142. Supreme Court. “Justice Holmes’s Free-Speech Lesson.  By Richard Dooling.  [The more certain you are, the more you should resist the temptation to silence those who disagree.]  10-13-17
  143. Supreme Court. “The Justice On His Soapbox.”  (Bookshelf by John F. Duffy.)  “Scalia Speaks” by Christopher J. Scalia and Edward Whelan.   [The late Antonin Scalia venerated George Washington as his favorite founding father, a man of ‘honor’ and ‘steady determination.’]  11-2-17
  144. Supreme Court. “Patents and Property at the Supremes.”  [The Justices will decide if Congress can let the executive revoke patents.]  11-27-17
  145. Supreme Court. “Fourth Amendment Showdown.”  [The Supreme Court takes up phone searches in the digital age.]  11-29-17
  146. Supreme Court. “Is It Unreasonable to Expect Cellphone Privacy?”  by Jim Harper.  [A case before the Supreme Court could undo Justice Antonin Scalia’s Fourth amendment legacy.]  11-29-17
  147. Supreme Court. “The Law Is What It Says.”  [Supreme Court Justices are skeptical of a whistleblower rewrite.]   11-30-17
  148. Supreme Court. “Let Them Not Bake Cake.”  [Does Gay marriage trump the right to religious expression?]  12-4-17
  149. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court Takes Up Sports Betting.”  By Walter Slocombe and Fay Vincent.  [Did Washington overstep its authority by ordering New Jersey to keep a prohibition on the books?]  12-4-17
  150. Supreme Court. “Supreme Rebuke for the Judiciary.”  12-5-17  [[Re:  Trump’s third attempt at a travel ban…]]
  151. Supreme Court. “Religious Freedom Is for Christians, Too.  By Luke W. Goodrich.  [Why Hindus, Muslims, Native Americans and other minorities root for Masterpiece Cakeshop.]  12-5-17
  152. Supreme Court. “Judging the Travel Ban – and Judges.” [The Supreme Court agrees to hear the judiciary v. Trump.] 1-20-18
  153. Supreme Court. “Stop Politicizing the Courts.” By Allysia Finley. [Journalists hound an American tennis player over his tweets.] 1-25-18
  154. Supreme Court. “The Judicial ‘Resistance’ Is Futile.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey. [The Justices seem to have had enough of lower-court judges’ playing games with the Trump ‘travel ban.’ 2-7-18
  155. Supreme Court. “Thomas vs. Sotomayor.” [A Supreme Court exchange illuminates judicial differences.] 2-22-18
  156. Supreme Court.   “Compelled Political Speech Cuts Civic Friendship ‘Right in Two.’” 3-10-18
  157. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s Chance to Rebuild a ‘Constitutional Bulwark’” by James W. Ely Jr. and Nick Sibilia. [The Contract Clause has been moribund since 1934. The justices could revive it in a case from Minnesota.] 3-19-18
  158. Supreme Court. “Pro-Life Centers Have Free Speech, Too.” By James Gottry. [The Supreme Court takes up a California law that compels them to advertise for abortion providers.] 3-20-18
  159. Supreme Court. “For Some Class-Action Lawyers, Charity Begins and Ends at Home.” By Ted Frank. [They funnel millions in settlement money to select causes — including their own alma maters.] 3-23-18
  160. Supreme Court. “A Second Kick of the Ninth Circuit.” [The Supreme Court orders the plain reading of the labor law.] 4-3-18
  161. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch’s Good Opinion.” [Trump’s nominee protects liberty like Scalia would have.] 4-18-18
  162. Supreme Court. “’Prosecuting’ Trump Over a Pardon.” [The Ninth Circuit again decides it can hijack presidential power.] 4-21-18
  163. Supreme Court. “The Supremes Go 1 for 2” [A strong ruling on alien torts but a troubling one on patent rights.] 4-25-18
  164. Supreme Court.  “The Issue Is Liberty, Not Gambling.”  [The Supreme Court says Congress can’t command state legislatures.]  5-15-18
  165. Supreme Court. “Arbitration Wins at the High Court.” [Justice Gorsuch buries the NLRB’s rogue rewrite of labor law.] 5-22-18
  166. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s Half-Baked Cake.” [Kennedy saves a baker from anti-religious bias he said couldn’t happen.] 6-5-18
  167. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Gerrymander Tease.”  [Four liberals offer pro bono advice on how to win the next case.]  6-19-18
  168. Supreme Court. Gerrymandering. “The ‘Punt’ That Wasn’t.” by Katherine L. McKnight. [In a gerrymandering case, the Supreme Court holds plaintiffs to a nearly impossible standard.] 6-20-18
  169. Supreme Court. “Robbers, Cellphones and the Law.” [A 5-4 Supreme Court ruling rejects Fourth Amendment precedent.] 6-23-18
  170. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court Rises Above.” [Five Justices defend against anti-Trump passions.] (travel ban issue)  6-27-18
  171. Supreme Court. “Free Speech Wins One.” [The Court pushes back against a law targeting disfavored ideas.] (abortion free speech issue)  6-27-18
  172. Supreme Court. “The Court After Kennedy.” [The consequential jurist has done the country a favor by retiring.] 6-28-18
  173. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s Banner Year.” [The Justices protect public workers from coerced union fees.] 6-28-18
  174. Supreme Court. “The Rule of Law Prevails in the Travel-Ban Case.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey. [Dissenters cite the views of former officials, a radical departure from American constitutional norms.] 6-28-18
  175. Supreme Court. “Harry Reid, Republican Mastermind.” [Democrats can blame themselves for blowing up the judicial filibuster.] 6-29-18
  176. Supreme Court. “The First Amendment’s Undisputed Champion.” By Floyd Abrams. [On free speech, Justice Kennedy adhered to his principles even when his colleagues swung.] 6-30-18
  177. Supreme Court. “Abortion, Roe – and Trump.” By Wm. McGurn. [The Supreme Court is the democrats’ preferred legislature for social issues.] 7-3-18
  178. Supreme Court. “The Abortion Scare Campaign.” “Why Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage are likely to survive after Kennedy.” 7-3-18
  179. Supreme Court. “The Case for Brett Kavanaugh.” By J.D. Vance. [He faithfully applies the constitution, and his dissents have already influenced the high court.] 7-3-18
  180. Supreme Court. “Trump Blows Away a Penumbra.” By Daniel Henninger. [Liberals are hysterical because a long era of judge-made law may be about to end.] 7-5-18
  181. Supreme Court. “Inside Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘Cult’.” By Adam O’Neal. [If she is the nominee, get ready for a vicious smear campaign.] 7-6-18
  182. Supreme Court. “The Court Shows the System Works.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Janus decision opens political space for reforms in public finance that will have to happen.]. 7-7-18
  183. Supreme Court. “A Justice With a Record.” [Legal opinions are a better test for a nominee than personal biography.] 7-9-18
  184. Supreme Court. “Dick Durbin’s Supreme Sacrifice.” By Wm McGurn. [Trading Democratic Senate seats to block Trump’s nominee. What could go wrong?] 7-10-18
  185. Supreme Court. “Kavanaugh for the Court.” [Trump’s nominee will be an intellectual leader on the bench.] 7-10-18
  186. Supreme Court. “A Champion of Constitutional Safeguards.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman. [Kavanaugh has a fine record as a judge. Senate Democrats will give him their worst anyway.] 7-10-18
  187. Supreme Court. “Mitch McConnell Is the Master of Confirming Judges.” [He outmaneuvered Chuck Schumer last year, making the path clearer for this year’s high court nominee.] 7-10-18
  188. Supreme Court. “A Senate Deadline for Kavanaugh.” [Shumer wants to delay a confirmation vote past Election Day.] 7-11-18
  189. Supreme Court. “A Kavanaugh Court.” By Daniel Henninger. [Judicial restraint should produce a welcome pause in the culture wars.] 7-12-18
  190. Supreme Court. “The Smears Begin on Kavanaugh.” [The left tries some #MeToo guilt by association.] 7-13-18
  191. Supreme Court. “Kavanaugh Is a Mentor To Women.” By Amy Chua. [I can’t think of a better judge for my own daughter’s clerkship.] 7-13-18
  192. Supreme Court. “Kavanaugh and King Trump.” [Have you heard the nominee wants an American monarchy?] 7-16-18
  193. Supreme Court. “Kavanaugh May Restore Separation Of Powers.” by Peter J. Wallison. [He’s questioned judicial deference to regulatory agencies. So have four of his soon-to-be-colleagues.] 7-17-18
  194. Supreme Court.  “When District Judges Try to Run the country.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [By issuing a ‘nationwide injunction,’ a lone jurist can dictate federal policy far beyond his jurisdiction.]  7-18-18
  195. Supreme Court.  “Tricky Dick Schumer.”  [The latest anti-Kavanaugh claims are, well, Nixonian.]  7-25-18
  196. Supreme Court.  “Calling Judge Kavanaugh.”  [The Fifth Circuit tees up a major separation of powers case.]  7-30-18
  197. Supreme Court.  “Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Progress.”  [Rand Paul announces support while Senate Democrats punt.]  7-31-18
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  314. Supreme Court. “Gorsuch Torches ‘Cosmic’ Injunctions.” 1-28-20
  315. Supreme Court. “Religious Liberty Wins Another.” 2-27-20  (“…The 11th circuit reconsidered its decision, and in Kondratyev v. Pensacola…)
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  325. Supreme Court. “The Chief Justice Ducks on Gun Rights.” [The Court majority cowers to Senate Democratic threats.] 4-28-20
  326. Supreme Court. “The Whitehouse Effect.” [Democrats think they’ve found a way to move John Roberts to the left.] 4-30-20
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  328. Supreme Court. “Judicial Code of Misconduct.” [An ethics advisory committee is used to defeat a nominee.] 5-6-20
  329. Supreme Court. “A Bad Day for Bad Prosecutions.” [The Supreme Court strikes a blow against criminalizing politics.] 5-8-20
  330. Supreme Court. “The Chief Justice Quashes a Political Stunt.” [Roberts says there’s no basis for a liberal smear against a retiring judge.] 5-11-20
  331. Supreme Court. “The Court and Trump’s Tax Returns.” [The Stakes are bigger than the political fate of this president.] 5-12-20
  332. Supreme Court.  “The Court and the Lawyer’s Guilds.”  5-14-20
  333. Supreme Court. “Courts Aren’t Financial Clearinghouses.” [A pair of decisions prevent legal and financial mischief.] 6-2-20
  334. Supreme Court.  “Another Win for the Kagan Court.”  [She wins over Gorsuch and Roberts to rewrite the Civil Rights Act.]  6-16-20
  335. Supreme Court.  “The Lorax Loses at the Supreme Court.”  [Is the Appalachian Trail a barrier to pipelines?  No, the Justices say.]  6-16-20
  336. Supreme Court.  “Gorsuch vs. Gorsuch.”  [An alien legal being seems to have captured he justice.]  6-17-20
  337. Supreme Court.  “What Second Amendment?”  [The Justices decline to take 10 cases that might clarify gun rights.]   6-17-20
  338. Supreme Court.  “Warren Court Enabled Police Abuse.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [‘Qualified immunity’ lets cops avoid accountability.  It’s an invention of the liberal chief justice.]   6-18-20
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  340. Supreme Court.  “The Abolition of Man and Woman.”  By David Crawford and Michael Hanby.  [If each of us is defined by a ‘gender identity’ related only arbitrarily to sex, we are all transgender now.]   6-25-20
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  345. Supreme Court.  “Supreme Loser:  Pelosi’s House.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The justices make it harder for lawmakers to justify subpoenas for the president.]   7-10-20
  346. Supreme Court.  “A Bad Day for the Presidency.”  [The High Court opens the gates for Congress and prosecutors.]   7-10-20
  347. Supreme Court.  “Hating Clarence Thomas.”  [The Twitter left rolls out racist attacks.  Calling Jack Dorsey.]   7-10-20
  348. Supreme Court.  “The Tempting of Neil Gorsuch.”  [The Justice’s textualism hands half of Oklahoma to Indian tribes.]   7-11-20
  349. Supreme Court.  “The Justices’ Wakeup Call to Congress.”  By Mick Mulvaney and Eri Blankenstein.   [Allowing creation of the CFPB.] 7-15-20
  350. Supreme Court.  “Rendering Unto Caesars Palace.”  [The Supreme Court lets Nevada discriminate against churches.]   7-27-20
  351. Supreme Court.  “The Case for Justice Ted Cruz.”  By Donald B. Stenberg.     9-14-20
  352. Supreme Court.  “Equality’s Gracious Champion.”  By Kenneth W. Starr.  [Those who served with Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew her as a formidable mind and a wonderful friend.]   9-21-20
  353. Supreme Court.  “Why the ‘Biden Rule’ Doesn’t Apply in 2020.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [Voters in 2016 and 2018 showed a clear preference for Trump nominees’ originalist philosophy.]  9-21-20
  354. Supreme Court.  “Moving on a Supreme Nominee.”  [A full Court of nine Justices could settle election disputes.]   9-22-20
  355. Supreme Court.  “Ginsburg Succession Battle Shows Hypocrisy Is an Enduring Norm.”  by Gerard Baker.  [One exception is Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose position in 2020 is consistent with 2016’s.]   9-22-20
  356. Supreme Court.  “The Truth About People of Praise.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [If the nominee is Amy Comey Barrett, Democrats should resist the urge to target her for her faith.]   9-28-20
  357. Supreme Court.  “Two Catholics, a Double Standard.”  By Wm. McGurn. [Will Joe Biden be asked to repudiate the ugly attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s faith?]   9-29-20
  358. Supreme Court.  “Amy Comey Barrett Sets an Example for Working Mothers.”  [The “Handmaid’s Tale” caricature is not only unfair but wildly at odds with the reality of her life.]   9-29-20
  359. Supreme Court. “Supreme Court Switcheroo?  That’s Show Biz.”  By Barton Swaim.  [Democratic senators put on a rousing performance, but the story will end happily for Republicans.]    9-30-20
  360. Supreme Court.  “The Left’s Unhealthy Interest in Amy Coney Barrett’s Adopted Kids.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Social science finds no evidence that being raised by white parents is harmful to black children.]    9-30-20
  361. Supreme Court.  “Sex, Due Process and Amy Coney Barrett.”  By KC Johnson.  [Three other appellate courts followed her 2019 Title IX opinion – a mark of her quality as a jurist.]   10-1-20
  362. Supreme Court.  “People of Praise Deserves Ours.”  By Wm. FioRito.  [America has a lot to learn from Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘covenant community.’] 10-2-20
  363. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Hot Takes.”  [The Justices agree to hear cases on climate change and voting rights.]   10-5-20
  364. Supreme Court. “Joe Manchin’s Marshall Mistake.”  [The West Virginia Senator forgets Supreme Court history.]   10-7-20
  365. Supreme Court.  “Bigoted Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett Will Backfire.”  By Brian Hagedorn.  [When I ran for a court seat, opponents portrayed my Christian faith as hateful.  The voters didn’t buy it.]   10-8-20
  366. Supreme Court.  “The Judiciary Grabs the Census.”  [A bad John Roberts ruling is leading to more legal mischief.]   10-9-20
  367. Supreme Court.  “What RBG Admired.”   (Bookshelf by Paul Clement.]  “The Essential Scalia.”   By Jeffrey S. Sutton and Edward Whelan.   [In his dissenting opinions, Scalia played a long game.  When he failed to persuade his colleagues, he wrote – brilliantly – for future law students.]   10-12-20
  368. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court and the Election Returns.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Les A. Casey.  [In resolving legal disputes about vote-counting, the justices should err on the side of speed and clarity.]  10-12-20
  369. Supreme Court.  “Get Ready for a Flood of Falsehoods About Originalism.”  By Christopher Scalia.  [People who ought to know better misrepresent my father’s views – and judge Amy Coney Barrett’s. ]   10-12-20
  370. Supreme Court.  “Amy Coney Barrett and the Ivies.”  By Wm  McGurn.  [Harvard and Yale worry what the newest justice would mean for them.]   10-13-20
  371. Supreme  Court.  “Barrett Should Refuse to Recuse.”  [She’d have a duty to hear election cases if she’s confirmed.]  10-13-20
  372. Supreme Court.  “Sen Dumpty of Wonderland Votes Nay on Amy Coney Barrett.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Democrats threaten to pack the Supreme Court, then pretend not to know what the phrase means.]   10-13-20
  373. Supreme Court.  “Who’s Afraid of Amy Coney Barrett?”  [Democrats are treating the nominee like a prop at a campaign rally.]   10-14-20
  374. Supreme Court.  “Sheldon Whitehouse Does Glenn Beck.”   [The Rhode Island Democrat offers his theory of everything.]   10-14-20
  375. Supreme Court.  “Amy Coney Barrett’s Religiosity.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Sen. Feinstein was onto something when she said, “The dogma lives loudly within you.”]   10-15-20
  376. Supreme Court.  “A Justice Is Worth 1,000 Tweets.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Imagine if Trump were as determined and focused as Amy Coney Barrett.]   10-16-20
  377. Supreme Court.  “Justice Ginsburg and the Value of Anonymity.”  By Daniel Suhr.  [The ACLU, for which she worked decades ago, still fights to shield donors’ names.]   10-16-20
  378. Supreme Court.  “Amy Coney Barrett Opens Up.”  By Jonathan Turley.  [Her testimony was the most candid and detailed at a confirmation hearing since Robert Bork in 1987.]  10-16-20
  379. Supreme Court.  “Everyone Has Gone Crazy in Washington.”  By Peggy Noonan.   [The Pelosi interview and the interrogation of Judge Barrett, who will bring a little sanity to the capital.]   10-17-20
  380. Supreme Court.  “Amy Coney Barrett and the Dogma That didn’t Bark.”  By Gerard Baler.   [Democrats staged little moments of infamy, but it looks as if she’s headed for a smooth confirmation.]   10-20-20
  381. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Election Dodge.”  [Pennsylvania’s ballot extension could haunt the Justices on Nov. 4.]   10-21-20
  382. Supreme Court.  “The Rhetoric of Court Packing Is Here.”  [Democrats boycott the ‘sham’ and ‘illegitimate’ vote on Judge Barrett.]   10-23-20
  383. Supreme Court.  “We May Get a Conservative chief Justice.”  By James Taranto.  [If Roberts joins the liberals, Thomas gets to assign the opinion.]   10-27-20
  384. Supreme Court.  “Justice Barrett Joins the Court.”  [A landmark for the judiciary, without any guaranteed outcomes.]   10-27-20
  385. Supreme Court.  “Supreme Court Ballot Wisdom.”  [It isn’t partisan to rule that a states’ voting deadline should stand.]  10-28-20
  386. Supreme Court.  “With Justice Barrett, Is the End Near for Racial Preferences?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [A new majority may stop equivocating on affirmative action, which impedes black mobility.]   10-28-20
  387. Supreme Court.  “The Barrett Battle That Wasn’t” by Curt Levey.  [This confirmation was supposed to be especially hard.  How did it turn out to be especially easy?]   10-30-20
  388. Supreme Court.  “Voters and The Other Supreme Courts.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Justices are on the ballots in 31 states.  Most races are ‘nonpartisan’ but political.]   11-2-20
  389. Supreme Court.  “Philly, Catholics and Foster Kids.”  [The Supreme Court’s next religious liberty case could be big.]   11-4-20
  390. Supreme Court.  “ObamaCare Returns to the Supremes.”  [The mandate ‘tax’ may go down, but the law will survive.]   11-10-20
  391. Supreme Court.  “Supreme Misjudgment on ObamaCare.”  [Texas and Trump run into a skeptical majority at the High Court.]   11-11-20
  392. Supreme Court.  “Who Is an American ‘Person.’?”  [The Supreme Court considers the Census and illegal immigrants.]   11-28-20
  393. Supreme Court.  “The Court Stands on Principle.”  [The Justices toss a census case ginned up by Democratic states.]   12-19-20
  394. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Steps Up Again.”  [The Justices partially enjoin California’s limits on religious services.]   2-8-21
  395. Supreme Court.  “The Court Won’t End Election Anarchy.”  [The Justices demur on a case over Pennsylvania’s 10,000 late ballots.]   2-23-21
  396. Supreme Court.  “Sheldon Whitehouse vs. Supreme Court.”  [The Senator threatens the Justices on amicus-brief disclosure.]   3-10-21
  397. Supreme Court.  “The U.S. Needs More Federal Judges.”  By Thomas Berry.  [Neither side wants to give the other an appointment windfall, but there’s a way to break the impasse.]   3-10-21
  398. Supreme Court.  “High Court’s Unfinished School-Choice Business.”  By Michael Bindas.  [A petition from Maine parents gives the justices an opportunity to protect religious freedom fully.]  3-18-21
  399. Supreme Court.  “Property Rights at the Court.”  [Can a state order owners to let the public use land without compensation.]   3-22-21
  400. Supreme Court.  “How to Restore Balance to Libel Law.”  By Glenn Harlan Reynolds.  [The Supreme Court can curtail the worst media abuse without overturning its landmark 1964 ruling.]   3-25-21
  401. Supreme Court.  “Biden Commissions the Court.”  [His panel on court-packing tilts sharply to the legal left.]   4-10-21
  402. Supreme Court.  “Court Packing Is a Dangerous Game.”  By Phillip Hamburger.  [Even if the size of the bench remains the same, intimidation diminishes the justices’ stature.]   4-16-21
  403. Supreme Court.  “If Democrats Pack the Court.”  [After they add Justices, the GOP could strip their jurisdiction.]  4-17-21
  404. Supreme Court.  “Donor Disclosure at the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices hear a major case on the right of association.]  4-24-21
  405. Supreme Court.  “Sheldon Whitehouse Is No Friend of the Courts.”  by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [The senator declares war on amicus briefs and attacks the right to express views he disfavors.]   4-30-21
  406. Supreme Court.  “Samuel Alito’s Culture-War Warning.”  [The Justices punt on California’s sanctions against Texas.]   4-30-21
  407. Supreme Court.  “The Justices Take up Abortion.”     5-19-21
  408. Supreme Court.  “Forgetting Justice Marshall.”  [An Illinois law school drops his name as the left turns on the Court.]   5-24-21
  409. Supreme Court.  “God Save the Thomas Court.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [He’s not chief justice, but never before has he had he power and influence he has now.]   5-25-21
  410. Supreme Court.  “Justices, Please Take the Harvard Case.”  [The Court needs to affirm the principle of racial equality, or the U.S. will resegregate.]   5-25-21
  411. Supreme Court.  “One Cheer for the Roberts Court.”  [A narrow ruling on religious liberty helps Catholic foster parents.]  6-18-21
  412. Supreme Court.  “The Justices Side With Foster children.”  By Sharonell Fulton and Toni Simmons-Busch.  [Their ruling strikes a blow against religious discrimination.]   6-24-21
  413. Supreme Court.  “Big Win for Property Rights.”  [The Supreme Court puts significant limits on the government’s claims on the rights of owners.]  6-24-21
  414. Supreme Court.  “This Surprising Supreme Court.”  [A ruling on a pipeline shows the diversity of constitutional views.]   6-30-21
  415. Supreme Court.  “A Supreme Blow to Intimidation.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Sheldon Whitehouse is unhappy about Thursday’s ruling.  That’s a good sign.]   7-2-21
  416. Supreme Court.  “Donor Privacy and the First Amendment.”  [The Justices strike down a broad demand for nonprofit donor lists.]  7-2-21
  417. Supreme Court.  “A Cautiously Conservative Court.”  By David R. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [Ideological lines turn out to be more fluid than partisans had imagined when Barrett was named.]  7-2-21
  418. Supreme Court.  “The Stephen Breyer Backfire.”  By Kimberly A. Strassel.  [Efforts to bully him into retirement may end up having the opposite effect.]   7-23-21
  419. Supreme Court.  “The Temptation of the ‘Common Good.’”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M Grossman.  [Conservatives finally have a Supreme Court majority.  Some on the right want judicial activism too.]   7-24-21
  420. Supreme Court.  “Has Roe v. Wade Met Its Match?”  by David J. Garrow.  [The brief by Mississippi’s attorney general makes a surprising argument aimed at Chief Justice Roberts.]  7-30-21
  421. Supreme Court.  “Brett Kavanaugh’s Eviction Lesson.”    8-5-21
  422. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Eviction Docket.”  [The Justices block a New York ban, as the CDC gets a reprieve.]   8-14-21
  423. Supreme Court.  “Kavanaugh to the Liberal Rescue.”  [Democrats discover that a private right of action without injury is unfair.]   9-7-21
  424. Supreme Court.  “On Judicial Supremacy.”  (Bookshelf by Bryan A. Garner.)  “The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics.”  By Stephen Breyer.  [In the text of a notable lecture, Justice Breyer explores judicial power, the rule of law and the role of the judiciary in the American polity.]   9-8-21
  425. Supreme Court.  “Justice Gorsuch Tears Up Oklahoma.”  [His 5-4 McGirt opinion is causing havoc in the Sooner State.]   9-9-21
  426. Supreme Court.  “Can Even God Save the Supreme Court?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [Justices Breyer and Barrett share at least one opinion:  The Court is in trouble.]   9-16-21
  427. Supreme Court.  “’Originalist’ Judges Lose Sight of Truths That Precede Law.”  By Hadley Arkes.  [Even if the Constitution is silent on abortion, nature and science have a lot to say about it.]  9-30-21
  428. Supreme Court.  “The ‘Shadow Docket” Diversion.”  [Alito corrects liberal distortions of the Court’s unsigned orders.]   10-2-21
  429. Supreme Court. “Progressive Court-Packing Meltdown.”  [The Justices shouldn’t be intimidated by an impotent commission.]   10-19-21
  430. Supreme Court.  “Abortion Distortion at the Supreme Court.”  [Will the Justices blow up a crucial and longtime limit on judicial power.?]   11-3-21
  431. Supreme Court.  “John Roberts and the Abortion Precedents.”  By Edward Whelan.  [The chief justice can protect the court, strike a blow for democracy, and overturn bad decisions.]  12-1-21
  432. Supreme Court. “Sotomayor Gets Political.”  [The Justice loses her cool during oral argument on abortion.]   12-2-21
  433. Supreme Court.  “Justices Take Up Religious Liberty – Again.”  By Michael A. Helfand and Nathan J. Diament.  [Organizations that get state money shouldn’t have to disavow their faith.]  12-3-21
  434. Supreme Court.  “How to Get Away With Manslaughter.”  [The McGirt case opened a bizarre loophole for Oklahoma criminals.]   12-4-21
  435. Supreme Court.   “Will the Justices Let Go of Abortion?”  by Peggy Noonan.  [Overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t settle the issue, but it would create the possibility of a settlement.]  12-4-21
  436. Supreme Court.  “Biden’s Supreme Court Packers Pack Up.  [Their report on adding Justices puts the ball in the President’s court.]  12-8-21
  437. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Chance to Rein In the Regulatory State.”  By Richard A. Epstein and Mario Loyola.  [The doctrine of Chevron deference is at stake in an otherwise obscure case the justices heard last week.]  12-8-21
  438. Supreme Court.  “If the Court Overturns Roe.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [It would disrupt U.S. politics and the idea that no liberal policy can ever change.]   12-9-21
  439. Supreme Court.  “Court Packing Is Discreditable as Ever.”  By Keith E. Whittington.  [Judicial independence is too important to sacrifice for a majority’s temporary political advantage.]   12-10-21
  440. Supreme Court.  “The McGirt Ruling Breaches Its Levee.”  [Oklahoma’s civil power is at risk, as a court order showed last week.]  12-27-21
  441. Supreme Court.  “The End of the ‘Work-Around’ Era.”  By David b. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [The vaccine-mandate case gives the Supreme Court an opportunity to revive the separation of powers.]  1-7-22
  442. Supreme Court. “The Work-Around’ May Run Aground.”  [Chief Justice Roberts asks a telling question on the OSHA mandate.]  1-8-22
  443. Supreme Court.   “The Native American Victims of McGirt.”  [‘There is no protection for me – or anyone like me,’ one woman says.]  1-10-22
  444. Supreme Court.  “Two Supreme Court Cases to Watch.”  [The Justices take up the excesses of the administrative State.]   1-26-22
  445. Supreme Court.  “Stephen Breyer’s Loss to the Court.”  [The pragmatic liberal’s replacement may be from the new legal left.]   1-27-22
  446. Supreme Court.  “A College Couldn’t Get Away With Biden’s High-Court Criteria.”  By Jonathan Turley.  [His promise to appoint only a black woman is the kind of quota the justices rejected in Bakke.]   1-27-22
  447. Ukraine.  “Biden’s Berlin Gas Airlift.”  [The West’s energy disarmament is a gift to Putin on Ukraine.]  1-27-22
  448. Supreme Court.  “Biden’s Supreme Court Risk.”  By Kimberley A Strassel.  [If he chooses a radical to replace Breyer, it will stimulate GOP turnout in November.]   1-28-22
  449. Supreme Court.  “Race, Gender and the Supreme Court.”  [Criticism of Biden’s forthcoming black woman nominee isn’t ‘racially tinged.’]   1-29-22
  450. Supreme Court.  “The Court Needs Diversity In More Ways Than One.”  By Benjamin H. Barton.  [No current justice is a public-college alum, and only one was a trial judge.]   1-31-22
  451. Supreme Court.  “Vetoing a Black Woman Judge.”  [Look who’s targeting one of Biden’s possible Court nominees.  The left.]   2-5-22
  452. Supreme Court.  “Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson?”  [Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court is the top progressive choice.]   2-26-22
  453. Supreme Court.   “Climate Cleanup at the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices get a second chance to stop the EPA’s lawbreaking.]   2-28-22
  454. Supreme Court.   “A Look at Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Judicial Record.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M Grossman.  [Her opinions are generally workmanlike, making it easy to discern the cases that inspired her passion.]    2-28-22
  455. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s ‘Major Question.’”  [The Justices have an ideal chance to define this valuable doctrine.] (“Does the Environmental Protection Agency have the power to eliminate fossil fuels from the U.S. economy…”)  3-3-22
  456. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Elections Docket.”  [The Justices can’t duck forever on state courts and gerrymanders.]   3-9-22
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  458. Supreme Court.  “Will Ketanji Brown Jackson Defend the Supreme Court’s Legitimacy?  By Adam J. White.  [Senators should ask her view of court-packing, which Ginsburg and Breyer strongly opposed.]    3-19-22
  459. Supreme Court.  “The Long Arc of Ketanji Brown Jackson.”  [Justice Thomas’s hospitalization is a reminder of the stakes.]   3-22-22
  460. Supreme Court.  “Judge Jackson and ‘Dark Money.’”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Her hearings expose the hypocrisy of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s crusade against.]   3-25-22
  461. Supreme Court.  “Ketanji Brown Jackson and Antonin Scalia.”  [She Professes – at least for now – his philosophy of original meaning.]   3-25-22
  462. Supreme Court.  “Ketanji Brown Jackson and the Triumph of Originalism.”  By Randy E. Barnett.  [Biden’s nominee comes close to endorsing the philosophy that sank Robert Bork in 1987.]   3-25-22
  463. Supreme Court.  “The Ginni Thomas Texts.”  [A leak from the Jan. 6 committee aims to tarnish Justice Thomas.]   3-26-22
  464. Supreme Court.  “The Hypocritical Attack on Justice Clarence Thomas.”  By Jason L. riley.  [The left smears him for having an opinionated spouse – a standard never applied to other judges.]   3-30-22
  465. Supreme Court.    “Justice Thomas Shouldn’t Recuse.”  [His wife’s political views aren’t reason not to sit on elections cases.]   3-31-22
  466. Supreme Court.  “When Judge Jackson Ruled Against the IRS.”  By Leslie Lenkowsky.  [She sided with a pro-Israel nonprofit whose exemption was stalled.]   4-4-22
  467. Supreme  Court.  “Justice Katanji Brown Jackson.  4-8-22
  468. Supreme Court.  “Throwing ‘shadow Docket’ Shade.  [Five Justices were right to reinstate a Trump rule on an emergency basis.]   4-8-22
  469. Supreme Court.  “The Case of the White Supremacist Choctaw.”  [Which criminals, precisely, get to use the McGirt escape hatch?]   4-12-22
  470. Supreme Court.  “A G-Man’s Straight Talk on McGirt.”  [What happens to a white thief who steals a Native American’s car?  ‘well…yeah, nothing.’]   4-25-22
  471. Supreme Court.  “Abortion and the Supreme Court.”  [This is the moment for the Justices to turn the issue over to the voters.]    4-27-22
  472. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s McGirt Dilemma.”  [The Justices chew on how to fix a problem of their own making.]   4-29-22
  473. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Leak. “  [Justice Alito’s careful draft opinion grasps the constitutional nettle.]  5-4-22
  474. Supreme Court.  “Justice Alito’s Originalist Triumph.”  By David J. Garrow.  [Chief Justice Rehnquist planted the seeds for this opinion in a 1997 case involving assisted suicide.]   5-5-22
  475. Supreme Court.  “Did Supreme Nominee Lie to Congress?”  [The Justices did not promise to uphold abortion precedents.]  5-6-22
  476. Supreme Court.  “Who’s a Threat to Democracy.”  [The pro-choice left is attacking the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.]   5-7-22
  477. Supreme Court.  “The End of Roe Will Be Good for America.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [A mistaken decision, a product of vanity, rolled and distorted our politics and poisoned our culture.]   5-7-22
  478. Supreme Court.  “A Fence for the Supreme Court?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [How did America become a country always on the brink of political violence?]  5-12-22
  479. Supreme Court.  “Alito Doesn’t Want Your Contraceptives.”  [Listen to what the Justices said about Griswold and privacy.]   5-16-22
  480. Supreme Court.  “The Roe ‘Aberration’ and America’s Civic Crisis.”  (The Weekend Interview with Douglas B. Ginsberg by Tunku Varadarajan.)  [He was Reagan’s second choice after Robert Bork’s nomination failed.  He says criticism of Justice Alito’s draft opinion reflects constitutional ignorance.]   5-21-22
  481. Supreme Court.  “Roe Must Go for Precedent’s Sake.” By Adam J. White.  [Stae decisis is too important to be defined by such a poorly reasoned case.]  5-24-22
  482. Supreme Court.  “Harry Blackmun’s Other Wrong Supreme Court Decision.”  By Paul Moreno.  [The Justice who wrote for the Roe v. Wade majority also validated the Major League Baseball cartel. ]   5-28-22
  483. Supreme Court.  “Targeting the Supreme Court.”  [Pelosi has been sitting on a bill to protect the Justices’ families.]   6-9-22
  484. Supreme Court.  “The Assault on the Supreme Court.”  [The Court is especially vulnerable to acts of political violence.”  6-13-22
  485. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Reclaims its Legitimacy. “ by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Jennifer L. Mascott.  [In 1973, not this week, the justices overstepped their boundaries and made their institution political.]  6-25-22
  486. Supreme Court.  “The Justices Didn’t Lie to the Senate.”  [No one in the Dobbs majority promised to uphold Roe V. Wade.]  6-27-22
  487. Supreme Court.  “The End of Roe Brings More Cheap Shots Against Clarence Thomas.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [His concurrence in Dobbs isn’t personal.  It is a principled analysis of due-process jurisprudence.]   6-29-22
  488. Supreme Court.  “Oklahoma’s Right to Protect Native Victims.”  [A 5-4 Supreme Court begins to clean up its tribal McGirt mess.]   6-30-22
  489. Supreme Court.  “The Justices’ Message to Congress.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The EPA case doesn’t preclude climate rules. It requires lawmakers to enact them.]   7-1-22
  490. Supreme Court.  “The Conservative Court Has Arrived.”  (The Weekend interview with Paul Clement by Nicholas Tomaino..)  [From abortion and religion to guns and administrative law, ’’I don’t think Justice Thomas has ever had a better term,’ the leading appellate litigator says.]   7-2-22
  491. Supreme Court.  “A Court for the Constitution.”  [The historic Supreme Court term was a triumph for originalism.]   7-2-22
  492. Supreme Court.  “When All Nine Justices Agree.”  [The Court says prosecutors must prove criminal intent.]  7-5-22
  493. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s War on Life, the Universe and Everything.”  By Gerard Baker.  [From abortion to climate change, a wave of yellow journalism targets the men and women in black robes.]   7-5-22
  494. Supreme Court.  “Still No Peace at the Justices’ Houses.”  [The Supreme Court asks for action under laws against picketing homes.]   7-6-22
  495. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Saves Politics.”  By Danel Henninger.  [The West Virginia and Dobbs decision free American as from rule by experts and judges.]   7-7-22
  496. Supreme Court.  “The Man Who Won’t Protect the Justices.”  [“…Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich…”]   7-7-22
  497. Supreme Court.  “Kansas, Abortion and the Supreme Court.”  [The winning side still wants judges to rule as philosopher kings.]   8-5-22
  498. Supreme Court.  “Elena Kagan’s ‘Political’ Court.”  [The Justice gives an assist to those attacking the Court’s legitimacy.]  9-16-22
  499. Supreme Court.  “A Supreme Court Watershed.”  [Welcome back to the Justices, who consider a major regulatory case.]   10-1-22
  500. Supreme Court.  “John Roberts and Racial Gerrymandering.”  [The Supreme Court weighs the Voting Rights Act in 2022 Alabama.]   10-3-22
  501. Supreme Court.  “Justice Jackson’s ‘Rae Conscious’ History.”  [Is the constitution colorblind? Apparently she doesn’t think so.]  10-8-22
  502. Supreme Court.  “The Public Has a Right to Know Who Leaked the Dobbs Draft.”  By Alan M. Dershowitz.  [Alito says the breach put justices’ lives in danger.  That’s all the more reason for a serious investigation.]   10-31-22
  503. Supreme Court.  “Another Supreme Court Clean-Up Job.”  [The Justices need to clear up confusion about private lawsuits.]   11-8-22
  504. Supreme Court.  “The Court’s Other Racial Preference Case.”  [Want to adopt a Native American child?  It’s harder if you’re white.]   11-9-22
  505. Supreme Court.  “Targeting Justice Alito.”  [The latest second-hand hearsay attempt to discredit the court.]  11-23-22
  506. Supreme Court. “Democrats Hold the Senate, and Liberal Justices Suddenly Get Old.”  By James Taranto. [Sotomayor and Kagan are only in their 60s, but the actuaries at Vox say it’s time for them to go.]   12-27-22
  507. Supreme Court.  “How the Supreme Court Set the Stage for the Jan. 6 Riot.”  By Philip Hamburger.  [Expanding agencies’ regulatory power turned presidential politics into an all-or-nothing game.]  1-6-23
  508. Supreme Court.  “Racial Preferences and the Fainthearted Court.”  By John B. Daukas.  [For 45 years, the justices have tried to set strict limits and colleges have ignored them.  It’s time for a bight-line ruling that discrimination is unlawful.]  1-14-23
  509. Supreme Court.  “The House Can Help Find the Supreme Court Leaker.: by Alan M. Dershowitz.  [The marshal doesn’t have subpoena power, but the Judiciary Committee does.]   2-2-23
  510. Supreme Court.  “God Save This Honorable Court, but Not That One.”  By Ruth Wise.  [Leftist elites denounce ‘judicial supremacy’ in America while trying to preserve it in Israel.]   2-17-23
  511. Supreme Court.  “The King and the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices hear a historic case on presidential power.]   2-25-23
  512. Supreme Court.  “The Justices Take On the CFPB.”  2-28-23
  513. Supreme Court.  “The Danger of Cameras to the High Court.”  By Ryan J. Owens and Ryan Black.  [Our study showed they can diminish the perception of the judiciary’s legitimacy.]   3-22-23
  514. Supreme Court.  “A Liberal Judicial Awakening?”  [Justice Gorsuch gets new respect on the separation of powers.]   3-30-23
  515. Supreme Court.  “The Smearing of Clarence Thomas.”  [The left gives up another phony ethics assault to tarnish the Court.]   4-8-23
  516. Supreme Court.  “The Truth About Clarence Thomas’s Disclosures.”  By James Taranto.  [He reported carefully on his inherited real estate.  ProPublica’s reporting was slipshod and incurious.]   4-17-23
  517. Supreme Court.  “Can the Post Office Force a Christian to Deliver on Sunday?”  by Nathan J. Diament.  [Under existing case law, yes.  A mailman is asking the Supreme Court to revisit the question.]   4-18-23
  518. Supreme Court.  “’Collateral Damage’ of a Smear Campaign.”  (The Weekend Interview with Harlan Crow by Barton Swain.”  [In an effort to delegitimate the Supreme Court, left-leaning journalists libel a friend of Justice Thomas as a Nazi sympathizer.]   4-22-23
  519. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Takes Up ‘Home-Equity Theft.’  By Christina Martin.  [Officials sold Geraldine Tyler’s condo to settle a tax debt – then pocketed an extra $25,000.]   4-22-23
  520. Supreme Court.  “The Court’s Abortion Pill Reprieve.:  [Democrats suddenly praise a Court they claim is ‘illegitimate.’]  4-24-23
  521. Supreme Court.  “Et Tu, Jaun?  Clarence Thomas’s Fickle Friends Pile On.”  By James Taranto.  [Mitt Romney and Mona Charon go on the attack, then go silent in the face of new information.]   4-25-23
  522. Supreme Court.   “Bloomberg Flings Mud at Clarence Thomas.”  By James Taranto.  [It tries to gin up a scandal over a case the court didn’t hear.]   4-26-23
  523. Supreme Court.  “’This Made Us Targets of Assassination.’”  (Weekend Interview with Samuel Alito by Jams Taranto and David B. Rivkin Jr.)  [Legitimacy of the Dobbs ruling answers attacks on the court’s ‘legitimacy.’  He says he thinks he knows who leaked the draft and is certain about the motive.]   4-29-23
  524. Supreme Court.  “Politico Aims at Gorsuch and Misses.”  By Nicholas Tomaino.  “Another ‘ethics’ hit on a conservative justice turns to dust when you dig into the specifics.]   5-1-23
  525. Supreme Court.  “The ‘Ethics’ Assault on the Court.”  [Democrats want to gain more political control over the Justices.]   5-2-23
  526. Supreme Court.  “Sheldon Whitehouse vs. the Supreme Court.”  [One witness dismantles the senator’s plan to control the Justices.]   5-3-23
  527. Supreme Court.  “Alinskyites of the Left and Right Attack Thomas and Sotomayor.”  By James Taranto.  [ProPublica is out with another deceptive hit piece, and the Daily Wire also gets into the act.]   5-5-23
  528. Supreme Court.  “Discretionary Matters.”  (Bookshelf by Adam J. White.)  [“The Shadow Docket.”  By Stephen Vladeck.]  [How the Supreme Court has approached time-sensitive legal conflicts – sometimes at Congress’s behest, sometimes on its own.]   5-11-23
  529. Supreme Court.  “The False Abe Fortas Analogy.”  By Ilya Shapiro.  [His behavior on the Supreme Court was unlike anything the current justices are accused of.]   5-11-23
  530. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Pork chops.  [Five Justices allow California’s intrusion on interstate commerce.]   5-13-23
  531. Supreme Court.  “The Left’s War on the Rule of Law.”  By Ed Meese and Kelly Shackelford.  [There’s no greater threat to our form of government than attacks on the judiciary’s legitimacy.]   5-17-23
  532. Supreme Court.  “A Clean Water Landmark for Liberty.”  [The Justices rebuke the EPA for its land grab over ‘waters’ of the U.S.]   5-26-23
  533. Supreme Court.  “ProPublica Recycles Old Clarence Thomas News.”  [The site accuses the justice of legal violations – but he was officially cleared more than a decade ago.]   6-5-23
  534. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Racial Misfire.”  [The Justices save the Indian Child Welfare Act, for now.]   6-20-23
  535. Supreme Court.  “ProPublica Misleads Its Readers.”   By Samuel A. Alioto Jr.  [The publication levels false charges about recusal, financial disclosures and a 2008 fishing trip.]   6-21-23
  536. Supreme Court.  “’Ethics’ and Judicial Independence.”   By Helgi C. Walker.  [Law makers seek to dictate the inner workings of the Supreme Court, imperiling the constitutional order.]   6-22-23
  537. Supreme Court.  “Alito, Paul Singer and Obergefell.”  By Ira Stoll.  [If the justice really wanted to curry favor with the billionaire, he would have supported gay marriage.]   6-23-23
  538. Supreme Court.  “The ‘King’ and the Supreme Court.”  [The Justices lack consistent principles on ‘standing’ to sue.]  6-27-23
  539. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Elections Muddle.”  [The Justices invite many more legal challenges to state ballot laws.]   6-28-23
  540. Supreme Court.  “The Court Wrestles With Rights.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Americans don’t want to forfeit forever their views on abortion or other personal issues.]  6-29-23
  541. Supreme Court.  “A Resounding Reaffirmation of Times v. Sullivan.”  By Lee Levine and Matthew L. Schafer.  [Six justices reject Clarence Thomas’s view that the landmark defamation case should be overturned.]   6-29-23
  542. Supreme Court.  “A Landmark for Racial Equality.”  [The Justices revive the plain meaning of the 14th Amendment.  6-30-23
  543. Supreme Court.  “A 9-0 Victory for Religious Rights.”  6-30-23
  544. Supreme Court.  “Biden Loses Again at the High Court.”  [The Justices rap the President for trying to usurp Congress’s power.]  7-1-23
  545. Supreme Court.  “Score One for Free Speech and Pluralism.”  [The Supreme Court supports dissent from progressive coercion.]   (“In 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, the Court ruled in favor of Lorie Smith and her custom website business.”)   7-1-23
  546. Supreme Court.  “The Next Supreme Court Landmark. “  [The Justices will hear a case challenging SEC administrative judges.]   7-3-23
  547. Supreme Court.  “Who Says Justice Thomas Benefited From Affirmative Action?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [He graduated Yale Law School.  So did Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Only his credentials get questioned.  7-5-23
  548. Supreme Court.  “Scapegoating the Supreme Court.”  by David Henninger.  [Democrats said they would run policies for black Americans.  Now the blame game.]   7-6-23
  549. Supreme Court.  “Justice Jackson’s Incredible Statistic.”  By Ted Frank.  [Her claim about black newborns’ survival rates is obviously implausible.]  7-6-23
  550. Supreme Court.  “No Speed Limit for Native Americans.”  [The latest McGirt mess is a Choctaw scofflaw immune from city fines.]   7-7-23
  551. Supreme Court.  “Earl Warren and Affirmative Action.”  By Alan M. Dershowitz.  [I believe the 1960s court would have struck down college racial preferences.]  7-12-23
  552. Supreme Court.  “Judges for Legal Disobedience.”  [A Fourth Circuit panel defies Congress and Biden to stop a pipeline.]   7-12-23
  553. Supreme Court.  “The Smearing of Lorie Smith.”  By Kristen Waggoner and Erin Hawley.  [She won a landmark First Amendment victory.  The press now falsely claims she filed a ‘fake case.’”]  7-12-23
  554. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Control Act.”  [New ethics rules are a scheme to destroy the Court’s independence.]   7-17-23
  555. Supreme Court.  “The Sheldon Whitehouse Ethics Mirror.”  [Democrats push their Supreme Court bill with another spectacle.]   7-22-23
  556. Supreme Court.  “Colorblindness Is Worth a Try.”  By Charlotte Allen.  [Starting in 1883, the high court equivocated on the meaning of the Equal Protection Clause.]   7-25-23
  557. Supreme  Court.  “A Mountain Valley Pipeline Miracle.”  [The Supreme Court rebukes the Fourth Circuit on permits.]   7-28-23
  558. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Plain-Spoken Defender.”  (The Weekend Interview with Samuel Alito by David R. Rivkin Jr. and James Taranto.]  [He has emerged as an important justice with a distinctive interpretive method that is pragmatic yet rooted in originalism and textualism.]   7-29-23
  559. Supreme Court.  “Our Alito Scoop Is No Scandal.”  By James Taranto.  [Ruth Marcus thinks she smells a rat.  The truth is that partisanship has dulled her nose for news.]  8-2-23
  560. Supreme Court.  “Democrats vs. the Supreme Court.”  [They want to influence which Justices can hear certain cases.]   8-7-23
  561. Supreme Court.  “A Gambit to Duck Supreme Court Review.”  [You won’t believe this tale of ‘tester’ lawsuits and legal shenanigans.]   8-8-23
  562. Supreme Court.  “Judges Attack Judicial Independence.”  By Greg Dolin and Philip Hamburger.  [Members of the Federal Circuit sideline a venerable colleague on false charges and without due process.]  8-11-23
  563. Supreme Court.  “Thomas discloses, Media Opposes.”  By James Taranto.  [The justice’s 2022 filing confirms the Journal’s debunking of ProPublica’s botched April story.]  9-1-23
  564. Supreme Court.  “New Judicial Scandal: ‘Improper Opining.’  [Sheldon Whitehouse sees a conspiracy in a Journal interview.]   9-6-23
  565. Supreme Court.  “Samual Alito Refuses to Recuse.”  [He dismantles Democratic demands that he sit out a case.]   9-9-23
  566. Supreme Court.  “ProPublica Buries Its Clarence Thomas News.”  By Ira Stoll.  [The outlet’s latest hit piece unwittingly debunks its own political narrative.]   9-23-23
  567. Supreme Court.  “Justice Alito’s Firs Amendment.”   By James Taranto and David B. Rivkin Jr.  [He’s unusually willing to accept limits on outre speech – but on core political speech, he’s stronger than the ACLU.]   10-2-23
  568. Supreme Court.  “The ADA Lawsuit Mill at the High Court.”  [She filed ‘accessibility’ cases against hotels she never planned to visit.]   10-3-23
  569. Supreme Court.  “Justice Gorsuch on the Spending power.”  [Is there any ceiling, or floor, to what the CFPB can decide to spend?]  10-4-23
  570. Supreme Court.  “A Two-Faed Tax at the Supreme Court.”  [Washington state’s new capital-gains tax falls afoul of federal law.]   10-20-23
  571. Supreme Court.    “Domestic Abusers for Gun Rights?”  [The Supreme Court hears big new Second Amendment case.]   11-6-23
  572. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s New Ethics Code.”  [The substance is fine but the partisan critics won’t be appeased.]   11-14-23
  573. Supreme Court.  “The Justices’ Ethics Code Rebukes Their Critics.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey.   11-18-23
  574. Supreme Court.  “The Senate’s Subpoena Games.”  [Democrats bulldoze the rules in pursuit of Supreme Court Justices.]   12-1-23
  575. Supreme Court.  ‘Sand Day O’Connor, 1930-2023.”  [The Justice championed the role of the states in the Constitution.]  12-2-23
  576. Supreme Court.  “Justice O’Connor Knew the Limits of Judging – and Government.”  By Viet D. Dinh.  [A rugged individualist, she approached cases with care, humility and a regard for the facts above all else.]   12-2-23
  577. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Will finally Decide What ‘Income’ Means.”  By Hank Adler and Lacy Willis.  [The Justices hear a case asking if Congress can tax unrealized capital gains under the 1ty Amendment.]  12-5-23
  578. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court and a Wealth Tax.”  [The Justices can block an unconstitutional tax on appreciated assets.]   12-6-23
  579. Supreme Court.  “A Moot Supreme Court on ADA Lawsuits.”  [Justice Thomas warns of docket manipulation as a big case goes nowhere.]   12-7-23
  580. Supreme Court.  “Abortion Pills, Fishing Boats and the Legal War on Experts.”  By Alan s. Blinder.  [Cases before the Supreme Court could endanger regulation of banking and many other sectors.]   12-21-23  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)
  581. Supreme Court.  “Sandbagging the Supreme Court.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The left’s legal assault on Trump is a threat to the institution – and that’s by design.]   12-22-23
  582. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court Spurns Mr. Smith.”  [The Justices wisely decide not to expedite a Trump legal appeal.]   12-23-23
  583. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court’s Road to El Dorado.”  [Can governments use building permits to extort property owners?]   1-6-24
  584. Trump.  “Trump Summons the Furies in Iowa.”  By Barton Swaim.  [The former president knows his enemies’ lunacy makes his fans love him.  So he encourages those enemies, who may end up re-electing him.]   1-6-24
  585. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court to the Ballot Rescue.”  1-8-24
  586. Supreme Court.  “Will the Supreme Court Keep Trump off the Ballot?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [The justices face many questions as they review a case involving Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.]  1-10-24
  587. Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s First Trump Test.” [A 9-0 ruling against Colorado would be best for the country.] 2-8-24
  588. Supreme Court. “Supreme Doubt on Disqualifying Trump.” 2-9-24
  589. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court and the Right to Sue.”  [How long do citizens have to challenge a lawless federal agency?]   2-20-24
  590. Supreme Court.  “Why the Justices Had to Hear Trump’s Case.”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Elizabeth Price Foley.  [The D.C. Circuit’s ruling was so sweeping that it posed a danger to our constitutional democracy.]   3-1-24
  591. Supreme Court.  “The Legal Scholar Who Cried Wolf.”  By Adam J. White.  [Lawrence Tribe faults the Supreme Court for averting the ‘chaos’ of which he had warned.]   3-5-24
  592. Supreme Court.  “Supreme Court 9, Lawfare 0 )”  [A unanimous Court says Colorado can’t ban Trump from the ballot.]   3-5-24
  593. Supreme Court.  “Why Samuel Alito Shuns The State Of the Union.”  By James Taranto and David B. Rivkin Jr.  [He found the partisan spectacle distasteful even before Obama’s inaccurate declamation in 2010.]   3-7-24
  594. Supreme Court.  “No More Justices at the State of the Union.”  By Nathan Lewin.  [John Harlan thought it unconstitutional for him to attend.  Biden proved him right.]   3-11-24
  595. Supreme Court.  “Duty, Urgency and Immunity.”  By Dave Yost.  [The Supreme Court needs to set a standard that respects the presidency as well as the rule of law.]   3-21-24
  596. Supreme Court.  “The Supreme Court and Mifepristone.”  [Can judges act as a Super FDA on drug approvals?]   3-26-24
  597. Supreme Court.  “A Judge-Made Right to Vagrancy.”  [Will the Supreme Court overturn another Ninth Circuit howler?]   4-22-24


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