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  1. Anti-business environment  “With Businesses Fleeing America, Congress Must Act” [taxes] 6-25-14
  2. Anti-business. LTE. “What About the Jobs the Government Kills?” 9-24-14
  3. Anti-business. “Regulators of Prey.” [A case study in tearing a private business limb from limb.] 9-27-14
  4. Anti-business. “A Political Attack on Shareholder Value.” By David M. Primo. [Rating corporate speech may achieve the opposite of its supposed aim.] 9-30-14
  5. Anti-business. “Delaware Flirts With Encouraging Shareholder Lawsuits.” By Lisa Richard. [From the business-friendly ‘First State,’ it’s the last thing you’d expect: a move against companies’ self-protection.] 11-15-2014
  6. Anti-business.   “My Baltimore Business Problem.” By Jay Steinmetz. [What it’s like to operate a company 150 yards from the burned out liquor store – and why it’s hard to create jobs.] 5-4-15
  7. Anti-business. “My Antibusiness Business Education.” By Matthew T. Tice. [Liberal politicians might say the economy is ‘rigged.’ But a business school?] 2-19-16
  8. Anti-business. “Working Overtime to Avoid the Truth.” By Donald J. Bondreaux and Liya Palagashvili. [The Labor Department isn’t being straight about the likely effect of adding people to the overtime rolls.] 4-8-16
  9. Anti-business. “The Quicken Loans Signal.”  [Jeff Sessions can review and drop a bad anti-business prosecution.]  12-20-16
  10. Anti-Business Environment. “Tort Lawyers Take Over the American Law Institute.”  By Tiger Joyce.  [Once respected for its objectivity, it’s becoming another interest group.]  6-30-17

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