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  1. Fed   LTE  Fed’s Aggressiveness Has Saved Us  6-30-14
  2. Fed  “How to Spark Another ‘Great Moderation’ by John Taylor  7-16-2014
  3. Fed  “Investors Heed the Fed at Their Peril” by Marc Sumerlin/Phillip Swagel  7-17-2014
  4. Fed.  LTE.  “Yes, the Fed Got Some Things Right, but Look Ahead.”  8-30-14
  5. Federal  Reserve.  “An Unnecessary Fix for the Fed.” By Alan Blinder  7-18-14
  6. Federal  Reserve.  “How Would the Fed Raise Rates?” by George Melloan  8-26-14
  7. Federal  Reserve.  “The Fed’s Systemic-Risk Balancing Act.” By Martin Feldstein.  8-12-14
  8. Federal  Reserve.  LTE “Should the Federal Reserve Follow Some Policy Rule?” [by 2 U.S. Reps] 7-25-14
  9. Federal  Reserve.  LTE.  “Note:  Pride Goes Before Destruction.”  […re. Too loose, Too long] 8-5-14
  10. Federal  Reserve.  “Federal  Reserve’s Risky Reverse Repurchase Scheme,” by Sheila Bair [… exacerbate liquidity…] 7-25-14
  11. Federal Reserve.  “Downgrading Growth Again.”  6-19-14
  12. Federal Reserve.  “The Fed Needs to Return to Monetary rules.”  [vs play by ear]  6-27-14
  13. Federal Reserve.  “A Few Things the Fed Has Done Right” by John Cochrane.  8-22-14
  14. Federal Reserve. LTE. “Why Put So Much Trust in the Fed?”  8-27-14
  15. Federal Reserve:  “Paul Volker: Back to the Woods” piece by Seth Lipsky 6-12-14
  16. Federal Reserve:  LTE: “The Jobs from the Fed are Expensive.”  8-11-14
  17. Fed Is Looking Like a Sovereign Wealth Fund. By David Malpass.   9-8-14
  18. Fed. “The Federal Reserve’s Too Cozy Relations With Banks.” By Stephen Haber et. al. 9-10-14
  19. Fed. LTE. “Sovereign Wealth Fund or Not, the Fed Has Some Issues.” 9-13-14
  20. Fed. “Yellen’s Discretion.” [Soon the Bernanke autopilot expires. Then the gun begins.] 9-18-14
  21. Fed. “Behind the Fed’s Dovish Turn on Rates.” [After sending hawkish signals in July, the Federal Open Market Committee has softened its tone.] by Alan Blinder   9-23-14
  22. Fed. “The Fed’s Mortgage Favoritism.” By Jeffrey M. Lacker et. al. [When the central bank buys private assets, it distorts markets and undermines its claim t independence.]   10-8-2014
  23. Fed. LTE. “The Fed Should Think Less About Itself.” 10-13-14
  24. Fed. “Growth Management Isn’t the Fed’s Forte.” by David Malpass.   [The stock-market turmoil is fresh evidence that the central bank must return to market-based monetary policy.] 10-16-14
  25. Fed. LTE. “Despite All Its Virtues, the Fed Isn’t Promoting Growth.” 10-24-14
  26. Fed. “The Fed Rate Hike May Be a Mirage.” [Despite the central bank’s vows to increase interest rates, a variety of forces are working against the move.] 10-27-14
  27. Fed. “The QE Record.” [The end of Fed bond buying is not the end of monetary easing.] “Silicon Valley’s Reform Breakthrough.” [A pension reformer wins in San Jose against the union machine.] 10-30-14
  28. Fed. “Does the Fed Read the Election Returns?” by Holman Jenkins, Jr. [If Janet Yellen keeps talking, we may never get pro-growth reform or a real recovery.] 11-8-14
  29. Fed. LTE “Taking Another Look at the Fed’s Incomplete QE Record.” 11-11-14
  30. Fed. LTE: “Inequality Is Not the Fed’s Mission.” 11-15-2014
  31. Fed. “The Fed Needs Governors Who Aren’t Wall Street Insiders.” By Elizabeth Warren, et. al. [With two vacancies to fill, Obama should pick nominees who will look out for Main Street, not the big banks.] 11-18-14
  32. Fed. “A Central Bank for the Beltway.” [Progressives don’t like independent regional Fed presidents.] 11-19-14
  33. Fed. “Raise Interest Rates, Make Grandma Smile.” By Charles R. Schwab. [With the Red’s near-zero policy, households headed by someone 75 or older have lost $2,700 annually in interest income.] 11-20-14
  34. Fed. “The Fed Needs More Than an Audit.” By Peter J. Wallison. [The central bank’s expansive regulatory powers should be subject to congressional and executive branch oversight.] 11-28-14
  35. Fed Hawks Ignore Reality of Stagnant Wages, No Jobs. LTE. 11-28-14Fed. “A Monetary Gadfly in an Age of Fiat Money.” By Seth Lipsky. [Bernard von NotHaus may go to prison for making Liberty Dollars, but he has raised serious currency questions.] 12-2-14
  36. Fed. LTE. “The High Costs of the Fed’s War on Seniors and Savers.”   12-4-14
  37. Fed. LTE. “Auditing the Mighty Fed and Overseeing the Overseer.” 12-6-14
  38. Fed. “The Fed’s Needless Flirtation With Danger.” By Martin Feldstein. [Well-designed tax rules are a safe and effective alternative to quantitative easing.] 12-26-14
  39. Fed. “The Fed Cash Machine.” [The central bank kicked in $98.7 billion to the Treasury last year.] 1-12-15
  40. Fed. “Dear Red, Please Be Late To the Rate-Raising Party.” By Robert Greifeld. [Moving too quickly amid signs of global economic trouble could damage growth and send stock and bond markets into turmoil.] 1-12-15
  41. Fed. LTE. “Timing the Rise in Interest Rates, Getting the Rate Right.”   1-16-15
  42. Federal Reserve. “Beware of Woolly-Minded Attacks on the Fed.” By Alan S. Blinder. [The biggest threat may come from proposals to limit the central bank’s ability to act as a lender of last resort.] 1-28-15
  43. Fed. LTE. “Fed Does Help Treasury Make Money.” 1-30-15
  44. Fed. LTE. “Helicopter Money, the Red and the End of Monetarism.” 1-30-15
  45. Fed. LTE. “The Non-Woolly-Minded Fed Critics Make Some Points.” 2-5-15
  46. Fed. “Why the Alarms About a Slight Rate Hike?” by Omid Malekan. [The near-zero policy has had modest results while depriving savers of gains. A change is in order.] 2-18-15
  47. Fed. “A Muddle of Mixed Messages From the Fed.” By Charles W. Calomiris et.al. [Markets don’t seem to believe the central bank will follow through on its midyear rate hike.] 2-19-15
  48. Fed. “The Search for a Monetary-Policy Wizard and Political Moral Hazard.” By Robert Rubin. [Relying on central bankers to solve the world’s economic woes reduces public pressure on elected officials to act.] 2-24-15
  49. Fed. “A Financial System Still Dangerously Vulnerable to a Panic.” By Glenn Hubbard et.al. [The Federal Reserve’s powers to act as leader of last resort need to be restored and strengthened.] 3-2-15
  50. Fed. “No, Don’t ‘Audit the Fed.’” By Ernie Patrikis. [What backers of the plan want is influence over monetary policy.] 3-18-15
  51. Fed. “The Patience of Janet.” [A modest rate increase would not mean the return of ‘tight money.’] 3-19-15
  52. Fed. “How Foreigners Became America’s Financial Regulators.” By Peter J. Wallison et.al. [The Fed and Treasury are answering to a board of the G-20 without admitting it to the American people.] 3-20-15
  53. Fed. “It’s High Time to ‘Audit’ the Federal Reserve.” By Alex J. Pollock. [Since 2008 the Fed has run vast, and risky, economic experiments without effective congressional oversight.] 3-23-15
  54. Fed. LTE. “Congress Can Audit the Federal Reserve, but Should it?” 3-24-15
  55. Fed. LTE. “Patient Janet Outperforms the European Central Bank.” 3-26-15
  56. Fed. “The Fed Needs to Step Up Its Pace of Rate Increases.” By Martin Feldstein. [Unemployment is now 5.5%, historically the lowest rate that can be sustained without starting an inflation spiral.] 3-31-15
  57. Fed. LTE. “Should the Fed Be More Accountable or Independent? 4-1-15
  58. Fed. LTE. “Fed Must consider the World and All U.S. Employment.” 4-9-15
  59. Fed. “The Fed Can Be Patient About Raising Interest Rates.” By Alan S. Blinder. [Core inflation has been stuck between 1.3% and 1.7% since mid-2012, and isn’t forecast to reach 2% until 2017.] 4-13-15
  60. Fed. “The Fed’s Faulty 1937 Excuse.” By Christian Broda and Stanley Druckenmiller. [Central bankers aren’t likely to observe financial excesses until it’s too late.] 4-16-15
  61. Fed.   “Roadkill in the Fed’s Race to Regulate Shadow Banking.” By Peter J. Wallison. [GE Capital saw the writing on the wall: Opportunities to innovate and compete would be smothered over time.] 4-20-15
  62. Fed.   LTE   “The Fed Must Increase Rates, but There Will Be Costs.” 4-23-15
  63. Fed. “The Slow-Growth Fed.” [table: “The Fed vs. Reality.]   4-30-15
  64. Fed. “Bernanke’s Rebuttal.” [He credits the Fed for lower unemployment but not for slow growth.]   5-1-2015.
  65. Fed. “The Federal Reserve Asset Bubble Machine. “ by Ruchir Sharma. [Easy money is driving up the price of stocks, bonds, houses, and other assets in an era without historical precedent.] 5-12-15
  66. Fed. LTE. “Bernanke’s Tenure and What Government is Able to Do.” 5-11-15
  67. Fed. LTE. “The Fed, Proliferating Regulations and Slow Growth.” 5-7-15
  68. Fed. “A Liberal Speech Cop Targets Alan Greenspan.” By Seth Lipsky. [The former Fed chairman drops out of a monetary conference after he’s assailed by Paul Krugman.] 5-15-15
  69. Fed. “Janet Yellen Is No Stock Market Sage.” By Burton G. Malkiel. [If you sold your biotech stock based on the Fed chair’s assessment of the market in July, you’d be sorry now.] 6-2-15
  70. Fed. “How the Red’s East Coast Tilt Warps Monetary Policy.” By Kevin Brady. [Since 2000, real adjusted operating expenses of the New York bank and Board of Governors have climbed 61%] 6-5-15
  71. Fed. “Misreading the Fed on a Rate Increase.” By Benn Steil. [Ignore the Federal Open Market Committee. The smaller, more dovish Board of Governors will decide.] 6-9-15
  72. Fed. LTE. “East-Coast Fed Bias And a Lack of Dissent.” [“…the dramatic shift of power and resources from the Federal Reserve banks to the board of governors…”] 6-11-15
  73. Fed. “Memo to the Fed: First, Do No Harm.” By Jim Kudlinski. [Our central bankers should strive to limit or mitigate the collateral damage caused by their monetary policy.] 6-15-15
  74. Fed. LTE. “The Fed, Regulation and Preventing the Fire Next Time.” 6-15-15
  75. Fed.  “The Long Way Back from 2008.” [“…The bailout was foremostly the act of a political class saving itself…”] 6-17-15
  76. Fed. “Washington’s Illegal Bailout.” [Hank Greenberg wins an historic victory against the Fed seizure of AIG.] 6-16-15
  77. Fed. “Will Congress Now Rein in the Fed?” by Seth Lipsky. [A federal judge says the government’s AIG bailout broke the law. Time for the legislature to step in.] 6-16-15
  78. Fed. “Falling Fed Forecast.” [The central bank again revises down its growth estimate for 2015.] 6-18-15
  79. Fed. LTE. “Fed Broke the Law With AIG but May Keep the Profits.” 6-22-15
  80. Fed. “Fixing the Fed’s Liquidity Mess.” By Lawrence Goodman and Stephen Dizard. [Quantitative easing and a near-zero interest rate have produced lopsided positions that risk another crisis.] 7-21-15
  81. Fed. “Why the Fed Needs to Get Off the Dime.” By Richard W. Nelson. [“…the best course for the Fed is to begin raising rates very soon, if cautiously.”] 7-25-15
  82. Fed. LTE. “Bringing U.S. Productivity Data Out of the Shadows.” 7-25-15
  83. Fed. LTE. “The Fed’s Liquidity Mess, Part Deux.” 8-6-15
  84. Fed. “Overselling the Importance of When the Interest-Rate Rise Begins.” By Alan S. Blinder. [September? December? Next year? That doesn’t matter as much as how swiftly rates increase after the first hike.] 8-13-15
  85. Fed. “Raising Rates Now Would Be a Mistake.” By Narayana Kocherlakota. [With inflation so low, higher rates will push the economy away from the Red’s price and employment goals.] 8-19-15
  86. Fed. LTE. “’Slowly’: No Term of Policy Precision.” 8-21-15
  87. Fed. “A Fine Fed Mess.” [Are financial assets falling to match the slowing real economy? Chart: “The Fed vs. Reality:” …projections of real GDP growth by Federal Reserve governors and bank presidents compared to actual GDP…] 8-22-15
  88. Fed. “The Fed Flirts With the Right Move at the Wrong Time.” By Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. [The central bank waited too long to raise interest rates. Now, with global markets in turmoil, it should hold off.] 8-24-15
  89. Fed. LTE. “Fed Should Raise Interest Rates Now Rather Than Later.” 8-25-15
  90. Fed. “The Fed’s Stock-Price Correction.” By Martin Feldstein. [The equity-market downturn is the inevitable result of the central bank’s policies. The unwinding will likely continue for months.] 8-25-15
  91. Fed. “’Inflation Dynamics’ With Fed as Ringmaster.” By Seth Lipsky. [Watching the Jackson Hole meeting for signs of an interest-rate increase – and pressing for other changes.] 8-27-15
  92. Fed. “Emerging Market Rip Tide.” [The Fed encouraged malinvestment that is hurting global growth.] 8-28-15
  93. Fed. “‘Chimerica’ and the Rule of Central Bankers.” By Niall Ferguson. [The past week has shown us that the world economy is dominated more than ever by the symbiotic relationship of China and America .] 8-28-15
  94. Fed. LTE. “Feldstein, the Fed, the Stock Market and Interest Rates.”  8-31-15
  95. Fed. LTE. “Poor Fed Monetary Policy Led to Disappointing Results.” 9-4-15
  96. Fed. “The Fed Needn’t Rush to ‘Normalize’” By John H. Cochrane. [Unemployment is 5.1%, inflation is low, and near-zero interest rates have proved innocuous.] 9-17-15
  97. Fed. “Stuck on Zero.” [The Fed finds more reasons not to raise interest rates.] 9-18-15
  98. Fed. “The Federal Reserve Pulls Lucy.” By David Malpass. [So the economy isn’t ready to withstand a quarter-point rate hike even after seven years of stimulus?] 9-18-15
  99. Fed. “How the Fed Saved the Economy.” By Ben L. Bernanke. [Full employment without inflation is in sight. The central bank did its job. What about everyone else?] 10-5-15
  100. Fed. “Pro-Growth Tools for the Frozen Fed.” By David Malpass. [The central bank needs to try something different – and has serious options to get median income rising.] 10-7-15
  101. Fed. LTE. “Fed Policy Contributed to Recession It Ended.” 10-12-12
  102. Fed. “The Federal Reserve’s Accountability Deficit.” By Phil Gramm and Thomas R. Saving. [Every member of the Fed’s Board of Governors is an Obama appointee. That wasn’t supposed to happen.] 10-15-15
  103. Fed. LTE. “It’s Time to Address the Red’s Mission Creep.” 10-21-15
  104. Fed. “Bernanke and Lehman, Revisited.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Had the politicians wanted Lehman Brothers saved, would the Fed have refused because of a legalism?” 10-24-15
  105. Fed. “The Fed Has Hurt Business Investment.” By Michael Spence and Kevin Warsh. [QE is partly to blame for record share buybacks and meager capital spending.] 10-27-15
  106. Fed. “Much Ado About the Fed’s Nothing.” [Tune in next time for another episode of ‘As the Fed Turns,’ or not.] 10-29-15
  107. Fed. “Competition for the Red’s Money Monopoly.” By Sean Fieler. [Bitgold transactions would make the central bank defend its market share.] 11-2-15
  108. Fed. “Bernanke and the Slow-Growth Crew.” By Peter J. Wallison. [The former Fed chairman’s memoir helps explain why this economic recovery has been so disappointing.] 11-5-15
  109. Fed. LTE. “The Courage to Act, but Often Suboptimally.” [“Regarding Peter Walliston’s “Bernanke and the Slow-Growth Crew” (op-ed, Nov. 5, 2015
  110. Fed. “The Red’s Inconsistent Capital Rules.” [Regulators think long-term debt will prevent bank failures. Oh-oh.] 11-16-15
  111. Fed. “How the Fed Has Warped the 401(k).” by Michael Thompson. [Older workers seeking returns have piled into stocks. When interest rates finally rise, watch out.] 11-17-15
  112. Fed. “Reining In a Sprawling Federal Reserve.” By Jeb Hensaring. [The Fed’s greater powers increase the need for close scrutiny of its activities.] 11-20-15
  113. Fed. “Don’t Blame the Fed for Low Rates.” By William Poole. [Mr. Poole…retired as president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in March 2008] 11-25-15
  114. Fed. “The Fed Is Stressed Out.” [What if a bank had the same problem the regulators have?] 11-27-15
  115. Fed. “The Red’s Unwarranted Skittishness.” By Mickey D. Levy. [History shows that fears of slowing the economy with an interest-rate increase are overblown.] 11-30-15
  116. Fed. LTE. “Regulatory Policy and Its Inflationary Effect.” 12-1-15
  117. Fed. “The Fed’s Lift-Off: Keep Calm and Carry On.” By Alan S. Blinder. [Some bond traders were teenagers the last time the Fed increased interest rates.] 12-1-15
  118. Fed. LTE. “The Fed Will Be Prudent – If It Has a Chance.” 12-5-15
  119. Fed. “The Fed’s Faustian Bargain.” Book review by Edward Chancellor: “Between Debt and the Devil. By Adair Turner.” [Excessive credit growth and bubbles – the consequence of over-easy monetary policies – are more dangerous than the threat of deflation.] 12-7-15
  120. Fed. “The Veneer of Consensus at the Fed.” By Charles I. Plosser. [An urge to show a united front can mask wide disagreements, misleading markets and the public.] 12-10-15
  121. Fed. “The Fed at the Brink.” [After seven years of near-zero, financial markets are nervous.] 12-15-15
  122. Fed. “The Fed’s Uncertain Leap Forward.” By Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. [Using forward guidance instead of a monetary rule once again leaves financial markets unsettled.] 12-17-15
  123. Fed. “As the Fed Moves, It Needs a Road Map.” By Glenn Hubbard. [A clear strategy should include how monetary policy ideally would fit with fiscal policy.] 1-4-16
  124. Fed. “A Federal Reserve Oblivious to Its Effect on Financial Markets.” By Martin Feldstein. [The Federal Open Market Committee last month didn’t even mention risk from persistent low rates.] 1-14-16
  125. Fed. LTE. “The Fed Needs Humility About Margin Rules.”  1-19-16
  126. Fed. “The Fed’s Mismeasure of Inflation.” By Robert F. Stauffer. [The 2% target rate has been reached in services, but monetary policy will do little to raise goods prices.] 2-5-16
  127. Fed. “Don’t Blame the Fed’s Interest-Rate Baby Step.” By David Malpass. [The stage was set for the 2016 market slide well before the Fed’s long overdue rate increase.] 2-11-16
  128. Fed. “Yellen and the Markets.” [She looks at the jobless rate, investors watch everything else.] 2-12-16
  129. Fed. LTE. “Deflationary Fears, Bad Government Policy.” 3-15-16
  130. Fed. LTE. “Forget the Pictures, Think About Real Value.” 5-13-16
  131. Fed. “Ending the Fed’s Inflation Fixation.” By Martin Feldstein. [The focus is misplaced – and because ot delays an overdue interest-rate rise, it is also dangerous.]  5-18-16
  132. Fed. “The High Cost of Ultralow Interest Rates.” By Paul H. Kupiec. 5-23-16
  133. Fed. “The Fed surrenders.”  [The central bank underscores the slow-growth reality.]  6-16-16
  134. Fed. LTE   “’Natural’ Interest Rate isn’t a Great Mystery.”  7-1-16
  135. Fed. “Where the Fed Will Be When the Next Downturn Comes.”  By Martin Feldstein.  [The easy-money policy may bump inflation over 3% in the next few years, setting up interest-rate increases.]  7-6-16
  136. Fed. “Those Money-Laden Helicopters Hovering on the Horizon.” By Alan S. Blinder.  [Why is Milton Friedman’s thought experiment taking flight again?  It’s not what this economy needs.]  7-7-16
  137. Fed. LTE.  “Fed’s Easy Money Can’t Control Price Level.”  7-15-16
  138. Fed. “The Fed Missed Its Chance.  Now What?  By Edward P. Lazear.  [The business cycle is peaking, with no interest-rate increase.  The central bank has blown it.  Still, better late than never.]  7-22-16
  139. Fed. “The Dollar – and the Fed – Still Rule.”  By Ruchir Sharma.  [Americans may think the U.S. is in hock to China, but Beijing’s economic fate lies in Washington’s hands.]  7-29-16
  140. Fed. LE  “Fed’s Inability to Invoke an Ineffective Policy Is No Loss.”  8-2-16
  141. Fed. LTE.  “An Independent Fed Would Act More Independently.”  8-6-16
  142. Fed. LTE.  “Cashless Society Is a Temptation for Tyrants.”  8-11-16
  143. Fed. LTE.  “Uneasy Is the Head With the Crown of Dollars.”  8-13-16  (See #139 here.)
  144. FED. LTE.  “No Surprise:  Negative Rates Mean less Income, Spending.”  8-16-16
  145. Fed. “The Federal Reserve Needs New Thinking. “ by Kevin Warsh. [It’s models are unreliable, its policies erratic and its guidance confusing. It is also politically vulnerable.] 8-25-16
  146. Fed. “The Federal Reserve’s Politicians.” [Interest groups now lobby the central bank as if it’s a legislature.] 8-29-16
  147. Fed. LTE. “Mr. Warsh Is Right: The Fed Needs the Basics.” 8-29-16
  148. Fed. “More Fed bond Purchases Are the Wrong Answer.” By David Malpass. [The Jackson Hole meeting defended the status quo, despite slow growth and meager wage gains.] 8-30-16
  149. Fed. LTE. “Lobbyists Know the Fed Has Political Power.”   9-6-16
  150. Fed. “Hard Truths About Easy Money.” By Edmund Phelps. [The Fed’s reluctance to raise interest rates is eerily similar to its precrisis policies a decade ago.] 9-9-16
  151. Fed. LTE. “Fed is Wrong, but What Choice Does It Have?”  9-15-16
  152. Fed. “The Fed’s Stress Tests Need to Be Transparent.”  By Hal Scott and John Gulliver.  [Banks are being judged by secret models, in violation of the law that governs agency rule-making.]  9-17-16
  153. Fed. “A Legal Barrier to Higher Interest Rates.”  By George Selgin.  [“…But if the Fed chooses to tighten, it should at least do it legally.”] 9-28-16
  154. Fed. “Why the Fed Should Raise Rates Now.”  By Martin Feldstein.  [Unemployment is low, inflation is on the rise and asset prices are through the roof.]  10-7-16
  155. Fed. “The Fed, Not the Market, is Stifling Growth.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [Trump and Clinton blame economic woes on immigration and trade.  They’re wrong.]  10-24-16
  156. Fed. LTE.  “The Fed Should Be Accountable for Its Results.”  11-28-16
  157. Fed. “The Fed and Donald Trump.”  [The central bank seems to think new policies won’t affect growth.]  12-15-16
  158. Fed. “At Long Last, the Fed Faces Reality.”  By Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.  [Unconventional monetary policy – including years of ultralow interest rates – simply hasn’t delivered.]  12-15-16
  159. Fed. “A computer Can’t Do the Fed’s Job.”  By Neel Kashkari.  [Mechanically following the Taylor rule would limit the central bank’s policy tools and harm the economy.”  12-19-16
  160. Fed. “The Case for a Rules-Based Fed.”  By John B. Taylor.  [Neel Kashkari is wrong.  My proposed rules-based reform of the Fed would not be run by a computer.]  12-21-16
  161. Fed. LTE.  “Enduring Mystery of Fed-Driven Economy.”  12-29-16
  162. Fed. “American Needs a Steady, Strategic Fed.”  By Kevin Warsh.  [When central banders react to short-term data, they confuse the immediate with the important.]  1-31-17
  163. Fed. “The Most Powerful Man in Washington You’ve Never Heard of.” By Peter Conti-Brown. [The Fed’s general counsel, sometimes called the ‘eighth governor,’ should be a political appointment.] 2-16-17
  164. Fed. “Yellen gives Conservatives Something to Cheer.” By Donald Luskin. [ With Three Trump appointees, the Fed is likely to move toward rules-based policy.] 2-17-17
  165. Fed. “What Should the Fed Do Next? Follow the Leader.” By Jason Furman. [On Janet Yellen’s watch the central bank has achieved its employment and inflation goals.] 3-9-17
  166. Fed. “The Fed’s Era of Contentment.” [A dovish tone despite another interest-rate increase.] 3-16-17
  167. Fed. “A 21st-Century Federal Reserve.” By Todd G. Buchholz. [Redraw the map, measure new currencies, and pay attention to how politics distorts the economy.] 3-16-17
  168. Fed. LTE. “Fed’s Sole Policy Should Be a Stable Dollar.” 3-18-17
  169. Fed. “Yellen’s Labor Forces” [The Fed Chair elevates a good cause beyond interest rates.] 3-29-17
  170. Fed. “The Fed Could Use Less Book Learning and More Street Smarts.” By Joe Ricketts. [Academic economists are fine, but business leaders and bankers would bring an important perspective.] 4-11-17
  171. Fed. “The Fed Moves Up.”  [The central bank is taking its bond self very slowly.]  6-15-17
  172. Fed. “How to Keep the Red From Following Its Models off a Cliff.”  By Glenn Hubbard.  [For one thing, governors should have varied life experiences to broaden the perspectives in the room.]  6-15-17
  173. Fed. “Our Political Central Bankers.”  [Fed officials defend regulation that’s great for Goldman Sachs.]  8-29-17
  174. Fed. “The Fed Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Low Inflation.”  By Wm. M. Isaac and Richard M. Kovacevich.  [America’s central bankers ought to be focused on revving the economy and adding jobs – period.]  9-18-17
  175. Fed. “The Fed’s Long March to Normal.”  [Why the central bank needs to unwind its balance sheet.]  9-19-17
  176. Fed. “The Slow and Steady Fed.”  [A rate increase in December looks increasingly likely.]  9-21-17
  177. Fed. “Trump and the Fed.”  [Will he embrace the monetary policy that campaigned against?]  10-4-17
  178. Fed. “Too Many Empty Chairs at the Federal Reserve.”  By Peter Conti-Brown.  [Chronic vacancies on the Board of Governors are bad for the banking system and public accountability.]  10-5-17
  179. Fed. “Bullying the Bank.”  (Bookshelf by Roger Lowenstein)  “The Myth of Independence” by Sarah Binder and Mark Spindel. [After each financial disaster, Congress off-loads blame on the Fed, threatening stricter controls and fuller accountability.]  10-10-17
  180. Fed. “Woodpeckers for Sound Money.” By Judy Shelton.  [The fed doesn’t need a ‘hawk’ or a ‘dove,’ but someone to hammer away for the dollar’s integrity.]  10-12-17
  181. Fed. “The Fed Chief America Needs.”  By George F. Shultz and John F. Cogan.  [The president should pick someone who understands that the economy can grow more than 2% a year.]  10-19-17
  182. Fed. “A Fed for a Growth Economy.”  [Trump needs a leader at the central bank who supports faster growth.]  10-20-17
  183. Fed. “The Case for Keeping Janet Yellen.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [The Fed can’t fix every economic ailment.  But macroeconomically, the U.S. is terrific right now.]  10-26-17
  184. Fed. “Mnuchin gets His Man.”  [The Senate needs to do some vetting of Fed nominee Powell.]  11-3-17
  185. Fed. “New Priorities for a New Fed Regime.”  By Martin Feldstein.  [Incoming leadership should make maintaining financial stability one of the central bank’s goals.] 11-30-17
  186. Fed. “A Goodfriend for the Fed.”  [Trump nominates an experienced monetary hand for the central bank.]  12-1-17
  187. Fed. “Yellen’s Fed Farewell.”  12-14-17
  188. Fed. “The Return to Normal Risk.” [Equity markets welcome Jay Powell as Federal Reserve Chairman.] 2-6-18
  189. Fed. “The Fed Gets Optimistic – for the Fed.” [A bump in the growth forecast and labor market potential.] 3-22-18
  190. Fed. “What the Fed Could Learn From Bitcoin.” By Max Raskin. [The cryptocurrency is committed to passive monetary policy.] 3-30-18
  191. Fed. “The Fed’s Capital Mistake.” [Regulators give in to the bank lobby’s wish for more leverage.] 4-20-18
  192. Fed. “The Quarles Quarrel Hurts the Fed.” By Peter Conti-Brown. [Until he’s confronted, he can’t function as an independent central banker.] 4-24-18
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Traders Gird for Worst as Fed Loses Grip on Debt…

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If The Fed’s Forecasts Are Always Wrong—–How Can Its Policies Possibly Be Right?

by Cobden Center • August 31, 2015

BY RALPH BENKO at The Cobden Centre

Now comes one of the world’s top monetary reporters, Ylan Q. Mui, to make a delicate observation at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, in Why nobody believes the Federal Reserve’s forecasts.



Wonkblog Why nobody believes the Federal Reserve’s forecasts

By Ylan Q. Mui June 15, 2015


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Bank Warns Prices Most Elevated In History…

Campaign Consideration

Talking PointS

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Fed: Liquidating the financial crisis response portfolio.  Opinion piece by “Mish”

Fed Lays Out Plan to S L O W L Y Reduce Balance Sheet: How Long Will It Take?

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