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  1. Social Security “The Hard Numbers on Social Security” by Wm. Galson 7-16-2014
  2. Social Security. “Liberals for Social Security Insolvency.” By Andrew Biggs   8-19-14
  3. Social Security. LTE. “The Progressive and Regressive Future of Social Security.” 7-23-14
  4. Social Security. “The Imaginary Retirement-Income Crisis.” By Andrew Biggs, et. al. [Politicians are stirring up alarm in order to raise Social Security benefits and reduce tax incentives for saving.] 9-30-14
  5. Social Security. “Averting the Disability-Insurance Meltdown.” [The out-of-control $150 billion program is in urgent need of reform.” 2-24-15
  6. Social Security. LTE. “SSDI Is the Place to Begin Serious Entitlement Reform.” 3-10-15
  7. Social Security. “Disabling Entitlement Reform.” By Andrew G. Biggs. [The disability insurance fund is going broke, but a Democratic plan papers over the problem.] 9-8-15
  8. Social Security. “The Fake Fix for Disability Insurance.” By Andy Koenig. 11-12-15
  9. Social Security. LTE. “Disability Insurance Needs a Root and Branch Reform.” 11-25-15
  10. Social Security. “My Sorry Social Security Return.” By Jeremy J. Siegel. [My employers and I paid $329,640 in taxes. Let’s crunch some numbers.] 12-22-15
  11. Social Security. “New Evidence on the Phony ‘Retirement Crisis.’ By Andrew G. Biggs. [A CBO study shows that Social Security benefits are far from meager, despite progressive claims.] 1-5-16
  12. Social Security. “The Democrats’ Social Security Plan Means Much Higher Taxes.”  By Andrew G. Biggs.  [Absent other reform it’d raise the total top marginal rate to 59.4% — the developed world’s highest.]  5-10-17
  13. Social Security. “Give Social Security Recipients a Break.”  By Charles R. Schwab.  [Limit payroll taxes for those over 65, and stop taxing benefits.]  5-16-17
  14. Social Security. “Reagan’s Cure for America’s Debt Disease.” By Martin Feldstein. [Two programs, Medicare and Social Security, are the bulk of the problem. Here’s how to fix them.] 3-6-18
  15. Social Security. “The social Security Trust Fund Goes Bust.” By Charles Biahous. [Medicare is also about to start spending down its principal as insolvency grows ever more imminent.] 6-8-18
  16. Social Security.  “Social Security Needs Immigrants.”  By George Melloan.  [Entitlement money is running out, and Trump’s policies would keep payrolls from growing.]  6-15-18
  17. Social Security.   “The GOP’s Social Security Raid.”  [Rubio wants to use retirement benefits for family leave.  Uh oh.]  8-21-18
  18. Social Security. “Counter Inequality With Private Social Security Accounts.” By Jeff Yass and Stephen Moore. [The current program yields about 1% a year, while the market can give retirees access to true wealth.] 7-26-19
  19. Social Security.  “Social Security Needs Saving Again.”  By Rudy Boschwitz.  [“What the hell are bend points?’ a fellow senator asked me in 1983.  The answer is still crucial.”]  6-8-22
  20. Social Security.  “One Small Step for Social Security.”  By Andrew G. Biggs.  [Capping the maximum benefit is a promising step toward solvency.]   1-31-23
  21. Social Security.  “Higher Taxes Won’t Save Social Security.”  By Travis Nix.  [Lifting the payroll tax cap may extend the program’s life a little, but only at the expense of economic vitality.]  2-7-23
  22. Social Security.  “Biden’s Social Security Trap.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The president is setting himself up for a legacy different from the one he imagines.]   2-21-23
  23. Social Security.  “How Sweden Saved Social Security.” By John Norberg.  [Centrist parties of the left and right came together 30 years ago to save pensions from insolvency.]   2-23-23
  24. Social Security.  “Biden’s Assault on Social Security.”  By Casey B. Mulligan.  [Democratic degrowth policies will starve entitlement programs into insolvency.]   3-10-23
  25. Social Security.  “A Capitalist Way to Fix Social Security.”  By M. Todd Henderson.  [Investing retirement funds in the market will help low-income seniors the most.]   3-15-23
  26. Social Security.  “The Biden-Trump Plan to Cut Social Security.”  By David McIntosh.  [Doing nothing won’t protect beneficiaries.  It’ll  subject them to automatic 23% cuts in 10 years.]   4-14-23
  27. Social Security.  “The DeSantis-Trump Social Security Punt.”  [They refuse to reform programs that everyone knows are unsustainable.]   11-10-23
  28. Social Security. “Social Security Was Doomed From the Start.”  By Phil Gramm and Mike Solon.  [The fatal flaw was FDR’s decision to make it a pay-as-you-go benefit.  We should have fixed it by now.]   12-20-23

Issue Headlines

Social Security. Wall Street Journal.  4-10-17, Section R.  “Should the Social Security Trust Fund Be Allowed to Invest in Stocks?” “Yes” vs. “No” debate.


Social Security. Social Security Administration Spending Tops $1 Trillion for First Time (  10-25-17


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Social Security. Wall Street Journal.  4-10-17, Section R.  “Should the Social Security Trust Fund Be Allowed to Invest in Stocks?” “Yes” vs. “No” debate.


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