Opinion Headlines

  1. Iran Could Outsource Its Nuclear-Weapons Program to North Korea – by Claudia Rosett 6-21-14
  2. Iran nukes “Persian Nuclear Carpet Ride” [The U.S. gets four more months…concessions to Iran] 7-21-14
  3. Iran, Iraq: “Our Friends the Mullahs” [Tehran and the U.S. don’t have a shared interest…] 6-18-14
  4. Iran.  “A Doubly Dangerous Iran.” By Michael Hayden […Iraq…a better nuclear deal] 7-18-14
  5. Iran.  “London Calling  — and Tehran Is Listening”  7-1-14
  6. Iran’s War on Journalism   8-14-14
  7. Iran. “A Year of Iranian ‘Moderation.’ By Adam Ereli. [The Iranian president made many promises in his General Assembly address last year. How have they worked out?] 9-25-14
  8. Iran. “The Latest Mideast Breakdown.” [Iran’s clients defeat U.S. allies in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is the next target. ] 9-25-14
  9. Iran Makes the Rules. [Tehran holds firm while the U.S. keeps making nuclear concessions.] 9-29-14
  10. Iran. LTE. “No Wonder Iran Outfoxes the U.S.” 10-9-14
  11. Iran. “Obama, Congress and Iran.” [The White House denies the Senate a say on a Tehran arms deal.] 10-14-14
  12. Iran Gears Up to Open for Business. By Sohrab Ahmari. [Western companies are getting in line to hear about post-sanctions opportunities in the Islamic Republic.] 10-14-14
  13. Iran. “Death of a Hanging Mullah.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Loony as he might have become, for the Tehran regime’s thousands of victims, Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani’s legacy is no laughing matter.] 10-25-14
  14. Iran. “If Iran Says ‘Yes.” By Bret Stephens. […It won’t be long before a nuclear deal with Iran will join the list of Mr. Obama’s hollow Mideast achievements.] 11-11-14
  15. Iran’s Diplomatic Path to the Bomb. By Reuel Marc Gerecht et. al. [Unless the U.S. showers concessions on Iran, no nuclear deal is likely by the Nov. 24 deadline. Then what?] 11-13-14
  16. Iran Cheats, Obama Whitewashes. By Bret Stephens. [The administration thinks a nuclear Iran is inevitable – but lacks the courage to say it.] 11-25-14
  17. Iran. “More Nuclear Time in Tehran.” [Iran gets seven more months to build a bomb and erode sanctions.] 11-25-14
  18. Iran. “No Iran Deal? Better than a Bad One.” By Jose Maria Aznar. [Tehran has been cheating for years. Do we think the regime will suddenly embrace nuclear transparency?] 11-26-2014
  19. Iran. “Guest of the Moderate Ayatollah.” [A Washington Post reporter is going on his sixth month in an Iranian prison.] 12-26-14
  20. Iran. “Best Wishes From Tehran.” [As Kerry negotiates, Iran indicts a Washington Post journalist.] 1-15-15
  21. Iran. “No Confidence Votes on Iran.” [Congress is asserting itself because almost nobody trusts Obama.] 1-23-15
  22. Iran. “Who Killed Alberto Nisman?” by Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [“…If Nisman was murdered, it involved a level of sophistication not normally associated with Argentina, but not uncommon for Iran…”] 1-26-15
  23. Iran. “As the Iranian Nuclear Talks Drag On, Congress Must Act..” By Tom Cotton. [Two essential requirements: congressional approval of any deal and new sanctions if the negotiations fail.] 1-30-15
  24. Iran. “Kissinger on Iran.” [Has the U.S. already conceded a new era of nuclear proliferation?] 2-10-15
  25. Iran on the Nuclear Edge.” [Official leaks suggest the U.S. is making ever more concessions.] 2-28-15
  26. Iran. “In What Way Is Iran a Reliable Negotiating Partner? By Chris Stewart. [The record is bare of examples of Iran working with the U.S. or any U.S. ally in a productive way.] 3-3-15
  27. Iran. “Netanyahu’s Challenge.” [The Israeli Prime Minister takes apart the looming Iran deal.] 3-4-15
  28. Iran. “Obama’s Iran Entitlement” by Daniel Henninger. [“…what becomes ever more clear is that no other American president has so confused personal entitlement with political trust…”] 3-5-15
  29. Iran. “The Senate’s Iran Test.” [The Corker-Menendez bill would require a vote on the nuclear deal.] 3-6-15
  30. Iran. “The Senate’s Iran Distraction.” [Republicans should focus on persuading the American people.] 3-10-15
  31. Iraq. Iran Occupies Iraq. [As the U.S. leads from behind, Tehran creates a Shiite are of power.] 3-12-15
  32. Iran. “What Assad Knows.” By Bret Stephens. [He is a prime beneficiary of the U.S. outreach to Iran.] 3-17-15
  33. Iran. “A U.N. Vote Is Irrelevant to the Iran Deal.” By John Bolton. 3-17-15
  34. Iran. LTE. “A Clever Iran and Negotiations About Nuclear Weapons.” 3-18-15
  35. Iran. “Congress Deserves a Vote on Iran.” By Joseph I. Lieberman. [Large bipartisan majorities in the legislature created sanctions. Ending them warrants legislative review.] 3-18-15
  36. Iran. “Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [Three former Venezuelan insiders say Hugo Chavez brokered a cash-for-nuclear-technology deal.] 3-23-15
  37. Iran. “Iran’s Coming Leadership Crisis.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has cancer. After him are men even less likely to comply with a nuclear deal.] 3-23-15
  38.  Iran. “Pleading With Iran.” [Obama invokes the people he failed to speak for in 2009.] 3-21-15
  39. Iran. “The Yemen Meltdown.” [The U.S. withdrawal is a victory for Iran and al Qaeda.] 3-20-15
  40. Iran. “Obama’s Iran Policy Is Lost at Sea.” By Claudia Rosett. [How can the U.S. hope to keep tabs on Tehran’s nuclear program when we can’t even track its oil tankers?] 3-27-15
  41. Iran. “Iran Keeps Its Nuclear Secrets.” [Tehran hides its past weaponization work, despite its promises.] 3-28-15
  42. Iran. “Iran’s Negotiating Triumph Over Obama and America.” By Reuel Marc Gerecht [The U.S. is surrendering control of verification to the United Nations, where our influence is weak.] 4-4-15
  43. Iran. “Misplaying America’s Hand With Iran.” By Peggy Noonan. [The president’s desperation for a foreign-policy legacy is leading toward a bad nuclear deal – and a dangerous one.] 4-4-15
  44. Iran. “Obama’s Iran ‘Framework.’* “ [*Details to be disclosed, and even negotiated, later.] 4-3-15
  45. Iran. “The Capitulationist.” [President Obama’s Dec. 7, 2013 interview with billionaire Haim Saban.] by Bret Stephens. 3-31-15
  46. Iran. “Why the Iran Deal Is Irrelevant.” By Daniel Henninger. [“…North Korea proves, irrefutably, that the “talks” model, absent credible measures of coercion or threat, won’t work…”] 4-2-15
  47. Iran. “Obama and the ‘Inevitable Critics.” By Bret Stephens. [“…It is typically crass of Mr. Obama that he should try to justify his failed diplomacy with the false alternative of a hypothetical war….] 4-7-15
  48. Iran. “The Iran Deal and Its Consequences.” By Henry Kissinger and George P. Shultz. [Mixing shrewd diplomacy with defiance of U.N. resolutions, Iran had turned the negotiation on its head.] 4-8-15
  49. Iran. “Corker’s Fickle Friends on Iran.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Senate Democrats who once were hawkish about a nuclear deal have gone into hiding.] 4-10-15
  50. Iran. “Happy Days for Iran’s Master Diplomat.” By Homan W. Jenkins. [It’s springtime for the Islamic Republic – just ask the man who had a starring role in the nuclear talks.] 4-11-15
  51. Iran. “Russian Missiles for the Ayatollah.”   4-14-15
  52. Iran. “Obama’s One-Man Nuclear Deal.” [Congress will get a vote but the President still has a free hand.] 4-15-15
  53. Iran. LTE. “Will the Iran Deal Bring Fission or the Fusion of Peace?” 4-15-15
  54. Iran. “Iran’s Nuclear Bazaar.” [China and Russia agree to help build five new reactors.] 4-17-15
  55. Iran. “The Nuclear Deal With Iran Needs Work – Lots of It.” By James A. Baker. [If Iran demands the removal of all sanctions once a final deal is signed, there shouldn’t be a final agreement.] 4-17-15
  56. Iran. “Whatever the Ayatollah Wants.” [President Obama keeps giving and giving and giving.] 4-20-15
  57. Iran. “Chemical Assad Strikes Again.”   [Iran can see how the West fails to enforce an arms-control deal.] 4-21-15
  58. Iran. “Iran Rekindles Relations With Hamas.” By Con Coughlin. [A rift between Tehran and the terrorist group in Gaza has been repaired, and aid is flowing again.] 4-22-15
  59. Iran. “China’s Nuclear Warning.” [Twenty years after an Iran-style deal, North Korea has 20 bombs.] 4-24-15
  60. Iran. “The President Daydreams on Iran.” By Mortimer Zuckerman. [Anyone who looks at the nuclear deal and sees success is living in a world of rainbows and unicorns.] 4-25-15
  61. Iran. LTE. “Remember, the Negotiations With Iran Are Multilateral.” 5-1-15.
  62. Iran. “Corker-Cardin’s Good Compromise.” [Killing this oversight would only give Obama more Iran running room.” 5-2-15
  63. Iran. “Steering Children From Iran’s Deadly Grasp.” (The Weekend Interview with Ahmad al-Assaad, by Sohrab Ahmari). [A Shiite who dares to oppose Hezbollah in Lebanon on his camp where the young learn that Sunnis aren’t evil and Iran needn’t rule their lives.] [A lot of young Lebanese hate America, but we ask them, “Why do you hate America?” You can change a lot at a young age.] 5-9-15
  64. Iran. LTE. “Pirates Are Untrustworthy Partners.” 5-9-15
  65. Iran. “Much More Is Needed to Stop Iran From Getting the Bomb.” By Lindsey Graham. [Obama will reluctantly sign a bill giving Congress more say over a final deal. Here’s what we should be looking for.] 5-18-15
  66. Iran. “The Rational Ayatollah Hypothesis.” By Bret Stephens. [“Can there be a rational, negotiable, relatively reasonable bigot?…] 5-26-15
  67. Iran. “Iran Holds America Hostage.” [The regime puts a Washington Post reporter on trial.] 6-1-15
  68. Iran. “France, Obama and the Ayatollah.” [Fabius talks tough about inspections, but he’s fallen in line before.] Iran. “Iran Holds America Hostage.” [The regime puts a Washington Post reporter on trial.] 6-2-15
  69. Iran. “Iran Owes Millions to Victims of Its Terrorism.” By Anne Dammarell. [How survivors of a 1983 embassy bombing sued Tehran – and won.] 6-19-15
  70. Iran. “At Home With Our Iranian Nuclear Partners.” By Jared Genser and Sara Birkenthal. [Tehran has put to death more than 1,300 people since 2013. Its political prisoners exceed 900.] 6-23-15
  71. Iran. “See No Iran Evil at State.” [Here’s why Obama will ignore Tehran’s nuclear violations.] 6-23-15
  72. Iran. “Obama Ignores the Tehran-Terror Connection.” By Robert Morgenthau. [A nuclear deal will mean billions for Iran, but no means for curtailing its support for terrorism.] 6-25-15
  73. Iran. “The Iranian Diplomat Who Repudiated the Regime.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [When the Green Movement was crushed in June 2009, Hossein Alizadeh realized Iran’s leaders can’t be trusted.] 6-27-15
  74. Iran. LTE. “Iran’s Nuclear Negotiators Run Rings Around Our Own.” 6-29-15
  75. Iran. “The Iranian Nuclear Paradox.” By Reuel Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz. [Once an agreement is reached, a U.S.-Iran confrontation becomes more likely, more quickly.] 7-9-15
  76. Iran. “Tehran’s Nuclear Triumph.” [The deal leaves Tehran on the cusp of a bomb while sanctions vanish.] 7-15-15
  77. Iran. “The Best Arguments for an Iran Deal.” By Bret Stephens. [“…Or maybe we won’t be lucky. Maybe there’s no special providence for nations drunk on hope, led by fools.”] 7-14-15
  78. Iran. “Why They’re Cheering in Tehran.” By Frederick Kagan. [The nuclear deal is an opaque 159 pages, offering sanctions relief and vague promises of inspections.] 7-15-15
  79. Iran. “Obama’s False Iran Choice.” [There was a better alternative to his deal. He never pursued it.] [“…Congress shouldn’t be any more impressed by his false ultimatums than the Iranians were by his weak diplomacy.”] 7-16-15
  80. Iran. “The Iranian Nuclear-Inspection Charade.” By William Tobey. [Iran is allowed ample time, up to 24 days, to hide or destroy evidence before inspectors are given access.] 7-16-15
  81. Iran. “A Richer Iran Will Target the Americas.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [Last October police in Lima found detonators and TNT in the home of a Hezbollah operative.] 7-20-15
  82. Iran. “Iran’s Attention-span Advantage.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Tehran’s goals haven’t wavered since 1979. The U.S. couldn’t even keep track of its concessions.] 7-20-15
  83. Iran. “Obama’s U.N. First Gambit.” [He uses the Security Council to box in Congress on Iran.] 7-21-15
  84. Iran. “The Iran Deal’s Collapsing Rationale.” By Bret Stephens. [“…To adapt a phrase, the administration believes that it has to destroy a region in order to save it…] 7-21-15
  85. Iran. LTE. “Iran Will Treat Any Obama Red Lines with Contempt.” 7-21-15
  86. Iran. “The Iran Deal’s Collapsing Rationale.” By Bret Stephens. [“…To adapt a phrase, the administration believes that it has to destroy a region in order to save it…] 7-21-15
  87. Iran. LTE. “Iran’s Declared Sites Subject to Continual Inspection.” 7-22-15
  88. Iran. “Iran Inspections in 24 Days? Not Even Close.” By Hillel Fradkin and Lewis Libby. 7-22-15
  89. Iran. “Iranian Nuclear Scientist Relief.” [The deal lifts sanctions on two atomic scientists and a proliferator.] 7-22-15
  90. Iran. “The Calamity of Obama’s Iran Deal.” By Mitt Romney. [If the ayatollahs have a nuclear weapon, they will use it. Now they’re on the path to get one.] 7-23-15
  91. Iran. “The Iranian Inspections Mirage.” [Tehran will have much time and many loopholes to exploit.] 7-23-15
  92. Iran. “The Iran Deal and the ‘Problem of Conjecture.’” By Niall Ferguson. [Obama is hoping that the nuclear pact will lead to equilibrium in the Middle East. All the evidence points the other way.] 7-25-15
  93. Iran. “The Lawless Underpinnings of the Iran Nuclear Deal.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey. [The Obama end-run around the Constitution could yet be blocked if states exercise their own sanctions regimes.] 7-27-15
  94. Iran. LTE. “Iran Inspections Are a Moot Point.” 7-27-15
  95. Iran. LTE. “Where Are the Other Doomsayers. 7-27-15
  96. Iran. “The Syria Sham and the Iran Deal.” By Bret Stephens. [“…What ties the Syrian sham to the Iranian one is an American president…his weakness apparent to everyone but himself.] 7-28-15
  97. Iran. LTE.”The U.S. Gives Iran Nuclear Golden Pass.” 7-28-15
  98. Iran. LTE “Tehran’s Janus-Faced Negotiator.” 7-29-15
  99. Iran. “Iran’s Closed Covenants.” [Congress should insist on public disclosure of secret nuclear side deals.] 8-1-15
  100. Iran. LTE. “Conjectures and Refutations and the Iran Nuclear Deal.” 8-1-15
  101. Iran. “History Contradicts the Dream of Iranian Moderation. By Reuel Marc Gerecht. [Repressions lifted slightly in the 1990s but the economy did not, and state-sponsored terrorism abroad continued.] 8-1-15
  102. Iran. “Release the Secret Iran Deals.” By Tom Cotton and Mike Pompeo. [“…The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act says Congress must have full access to all nuclear-agreement documents…”] 8-3-15
  103. Iran. “No Military Site Inspections?” [A key adviser to Iran’s leader says U.N. access is ‘absolutely forbidden.’] 8-4-15
  104. Iran. “Iran and Obama vs. the States.”  By Sarah Steelman. [In the nuclear deal, the U.S. pledges to do all it can to block state sanctions of Tehran.] 8-5-15
  105. Iran. LTE. “The Iran Deal and the Likelihood of Future Nuclear War.” 8-5-15
  106. Iran. “Confrontation with Iran Is Inevitable.” By Jose Maria Aznar. [Delay only ensures that Iran will be stronger, richer and bolder when the moment comes.] 8-6-15
  107. Iran. “Cash for the Revolutionary Guards.” [The nuclear deal is a financial windfall for Iran’s military wing.] 8-6-15
  108. Iran. “Schumer’s Iran Dissent.” [The New Yorker joins a growing list of Democratic opponents.] 8-8-15
  109. Iran. LTE. “The Iran Deal Is Not a Treaty or Law, So It Can’t Bind the States.” 8-11-15
  110. Iran. “Congress Can Rewrite the Iran Deal.” By Orde Kittrie. [There is nothing unusual about doing this. The Senate has required changes in more than 200 submitted treaties before giving its consent.] 8-13-15
  111. Iran. U.S. Propaganda. “Selling Policy With the Voice of America.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [The broadcaster is giving Iranians a lopsided view of how the nuclear deal is regarded in the U.S.] 8-14-15
  112. Iran. “Debts of the Ayatollah.” [Iran gets money that should be used to pay its terror victims.] 8-17-15
  113. Iran. LTE. “Democratic Opposition to Iran Deal.” 8-17-15
  114. Iran. “Iran’s Secret Self-Inspections.” [A report says the IAEA won’t have access to the Parchin nuclear site.] 8-20-15
  115. Iran. LTE. “Sen. Schumer’s Stand on the Iran Deal Won’t Cost Much.” 8-20-15
  116. Iran. “Congress’s Rewriting the Nuclear Non-Treaty With Iran.” 8-21-15
  117. Iran / Saudi Arabia. “The Saudis Reply to Iran’s Rising Danger.” [The Weekend Interview with Anwar Eshki, by Sohrab Ahmari.] [An influential Saudi former military commander on making common cause with Israel and warming toward Russia as the U.S. backs away.] 8-22-15
  118. Iran. “The ‘Death to England’ Embassy.” [“…Iran, Europe and President Obama are trying to present Congress with a fait accompli even before it votes on the deal next month.”] 8-25-15
  119. Iran. “On the Iran Nuclear Deal: Yes, but…” by Richard Haass. [Simply approving the agreement doesn’t address its many shortcomings. Here’s what Congress should do.] 8-29-15             [[Mr. Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations.]]
  120. Iran. “Let States Do the Job Obama Won’t: Sanction Iran.” By James Inhofe and Scott Pruitt. [The Administration doesn’t want states to ‘interfere’ with its nuclear deal with Tehran.] 8-31-15
  121. Iran. LTE. “Obama Must Do More Than Engage Iran Deal’s Critics.” 9-2-15
  122. Iran. LTE. “The Saudis Are Right About Iran.” 9-3-15
  123. Iran. “Khamenei the Democrat.” [The Ayatollah issues a new demand on the nuclear deal.] 9-5-15
  124. Iran. LTE. “Foreign Policy is Not a State Responsibility.” 9-5-15
  125. Iran. “Hold Iran to the Language in the Deal.” By Alan M. Dershowitz. [The agreement says that ‘under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons..’”] 9-8-15
  126. Iran. “Is Iran Another ObamaCare?” by Daniel Henninger. 9-10-15
  127. Iran. “No Filibustering the Vote on the Iran Deal.” By Joseph I Lieberman. [Democrats want to use a procedural tactic to avoid voting on this historic agreement.] 9-10-15
  128. Iran. LTE. “It’s Folly to Think That the Iran Deal Can Be Revised.” 9-10-15
  129. Iran. “Cleaning Up After the Obama Team’s Iran Deal.” By Michael Mukasey. [Show Tehran the ways it may lose what it won at the gaming tables in Vienna.] 9-14-15
  130. Iran. “Iran’s Nuclear Selfies.” [Tehran provides its own samples from Parchin. The IAEA is pleased. 9-23-15
  131. Iran. LTE. “Iran Deal: We Have Little Credibility to Lose.” 9-23-15
  132. Iran. “The Mullahs Say Thanks.” [Iran becomes more belligerent in the wake of the nuclear deal.] 10-13-15
  133. Iran. “Iran’s Indecent Proposal.” [Khamenei haggles over the price of American Surrender.] 10-27-15
  134. Iran. “Iran’s Clenched Fist to America.” [Now Tehran is arresting U.S. citizens who support the regime.] 11-5-15
  135. Iran. “Iran’s Nuclear Nondisclosure.” [Tehran hides its past weaponization work. The U.N. gives up.] 12-5-15
  136. Iran. “The Mullahs Thank Mr. Obama.” [Iran responds to the nuclear accord with military aggression.] 1-2-16
  137. Iran. “Iran’s Congressional Veto.” [“…Time for choosing whether Iran or Congress poses the greater danger to the U.S.”] GOP “The GOP’s 2016 Opportunity.” [Why Republicans have a strong chance to retake the White House.] 1-5-16
  138. Iran. “Normalizing Iran.” By Bret Stephens. [Why are liberals campaigning to make this most illiberal regime acceptable?] 1-19-16
  139. Iran. “Iran’s Hostage Triumph.” [The U.S. pays a steep ransom for the release of four innocents.] 1-19-16
  140. Iran. “American Tax Dollars for the Mullahs.” [Tehran gets more cash while its U.S. victims get nothing.] 1-23-16
  141. Iran. “The Humbling of the West.” By Daniel Henninger. [“…new photographs in recent weeks …document the abject humiliation of the West by Iran…”] 1-28-16
  142. Iran. “A Moderate Iranian Purge.”   [“…Iranians hoping for greater freedom under a real democracy will have to wait for a more revolutionary form of change than fake elections and sweetheart nuclear deals.”] 1-28-16
  143. Iran. “Medals for U.S. Humiliation.” [Iran honors the commanders who captured U.S. sailors.] 2-1-16
  144. Iran. Bookshelf \ by Reuel Marc Gerecht. “The Revolution Devours Its Own:” “Children of Paradise,” by Laura Secor. [The longtime aspiration of Iranian leftists – that gradual, peaceful change could come from within the system – in now a pipe dream.] 2-4-16
  145. Iran. LTE. “The Humbling of America and the Rise of Iran.” 2-9-16
  146. Iran. LTE. “Iran’s Medals Show Its Communication Skills.” 2-10-16 [“…America’s strange accommodation of Iranian bellicose behavior is undermining the faith and confidence of America’s friends and allies …]
  147. Iran. “The Overlooked Iranian Missile Threat.” By Jonathan Ruhe and Blake Fleisher.  2-22-16
  148. Iran. “Where Obama Fails on Iran Sanctions, the Gulf States Can Step In.” by David Andrew Weinberg and Mark Dubowitz. [Saudi Arabia and its allies have potent financial weapons to deploy. Some are already kicking in.] 2-22-16
  149. Iran. “Moderation, Tehran-Style.” [Iranians can vote for whomever the Ayatollahs say they can vote for.] 2-29-16
  150. Iran. “Iran’s Moderates Go Ballistic.” [More missile tests in violation of their nuclear commitments.] 3-10-16
  151. Iran. “Iran’s U.N. Free Pass. “ [Russia blocks sanctions against Tehran for its ballistic-missile tests.] 3-17-16
  152. Iran. “The U.S. Senate Take on Iran.” [Republicans move to sanction Tehran for ballistic-missile tests.] 3-25-16
  153. Iran. “Dollarizing the Ayatollahs.” By Mark Dubowitz and Jonathan Schanzer. [The White House appears poised to give Iran access to the U.S. financial system. Watch out.] 3-28-16
  154. Iran. “More Dollars for the Ayatollahs.” [The U.S. capitulates to Iran’s demand to trade in greenbacks.] 4-2-16
  155. Iran. “One Year After the Iran Nuclear Deal.” By Yousef Al Otaiba. [Don’t be fooled. The Iran we have long known – hostile, expansionist, violent – is alive and well.] 4-4-16
  156. Iran. LTE. “One Year Later, It’s Still a Terrible Iran Deal. 4-9-16
  157. Iran. “Prisoner of the Ayatollahs” [A pro-democracy leader under house arrest demands justice.]. 4-15-16
  158. Iran. “Iran and the U.S. Constitution.” [A victory for terror victims — and the separation of powers.] 4-21-16
  159. Iran. “Kerry’s Peculiar Message About Iran for European Banks. “ by Stuart Levey. [Why is Washington pushing banks like mine to do what is still illegal for American banks.?] 5-13-16
  160. Iran. “Iran’s Infiltration of Latin America.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.  [With U.S. influence waning, Tehran moves in, as a new report on Argentina shows.]  6-20-16
  161. Iran. “Truth Catches the Iran Deal.”  By Bret Stephens.  [Obama trumpets an agreement that Tehran violates at every turn.]   7-12-16
  162. Iran. “The Boeing Sale to Iran Runs Into Turbulence.  By Emanuele Ottolenghi and Mark Dubowitz.  [The House is trying to stop the sale of jets to a state sponsor of terrorism – the one with a nuclear deal the White House is protecting.]  7-13-16
  163. Iran. “Obama’s Cash for Iran’s Hostages.”  [The payoffs encouraged the ayatollahs to grab more Americans.]  8-4-16
  164. Iran. Obama.  “The President’s Non-Ransom to Iran.”  [Obama chooses to believe in a world that doesn’t exist.]   8-5-16
  165. Iran. Obama.  “The $400 Million: Legal but Not Right.”  By Michael B. Mukasey.  [Obama’s money drop to Iran raises questions:  Why cash, and why in an unmarked plane?  The explanation isn’t pretty.]  8-5-16
  166. Iran. LTE.  “Money to Iran for Hostages Undermines Peace.”  8-9-16
  167. Iran. “Obama’s R-Word for Iran.”  [A spokesman calls it ‘leverage’ for prisoners, aka ransom for hostages.]  8-19-16
  168. Iran. “Loopholes for the Mullahs.” [Secret side deals allow Iran to skirt limits in the nuclear deal.] 9-2-16
  169. Iran. “Remember Iran’s Role in 9/11.” By Joseph I. Lieberman. [Forgetful officials should not be rewarding Tehran for its deadly actions with gifts like sanctions relief.] 9-8-16
  170. Iran. LTE.  “The Islamic Republic Has Long  fought Terror.”  9-14-16
  171. Iran. “Iran Can’t Whitewash Its Record of Terror.”  By Adel Al-Jubeir (foreign minister of Saudi Arabia)  [Saudi Arabia would welcome better ties with Tehran – but first it must stop supporting terrorism.]  9-19-16
  172. Iran. “Iranian Cause and Effect.”  [Tehran’s Houthi allies fire at U.S. ships after U.S. sanctions relief.]  10-12-16
  173. Iran. “Iranian Ransom consequences.”  [The mullahs hand 10-year sentences to two more U.S. hostages.]  10-22-16
  174. Iran. “Mike Pompeo’s Iran File.” [If he honors the nuclear deal, Trump needs to enforce it vigorously.]  11-22-16
  175. Iran. “Iran’s Prisoner of the Revolution.” [A beloved son of the regime goes to jail for disclosing its crimes]  12-5-16
  176. Iran. “The Mullahs’ Syrian Airlift Gets a Boost.” By Sohrab Ahmari.  [Boeing sells 80 aircraft to an Iranian regime that uses passenger jets to supply Bashar Assad.  Thank Obama’s nuclear deal.]  12-17-16
  177. Iran. “Five Ways for Trump to Put Tehran on Notice.”  By Michael Makovsky.  [The new administration can renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal from a position of strength.]  1-4-17
  178. Iran. “Rafsanjani was Iran’s Mythical ‘Moderate.’” By Sohrab Ahmari.  [Vain dreams of reform haven’t died with the Islamic Republic’s former president.]  1-9-17
  179. Iran. “Trump’s Iran Notice.”  [Tehran tests the new President with another ballistic missile launch.]  2-1-17
  180. Iran. “Trump’s Policy Turn on Iran.” [Treasury imposes new sanctions against Tehran’s ballistic missile program.] 2-4-17
  181. Iran. “The Iran Deal Can’t Be Enforced.” By John Bolton. [The agreement’s entire basis is appeasement. It merely ‘calls upon’ Tehran not to test missiles.] 2-6-17
  182. Iran. “To Break the Moscow-Tehran Alliance, Target Iran’s Regime.” By Michael Ledeen. [Putin may not like the Islamic Republic, but it serves his interests in important ways.] 2-14-17
  183. Iran. “Western Feminists Snub an Iranian Heroine.” By Darya Safai. 3-2-17
  184. Iran. “Iran’s New Crackdown.” [Christians, journalists, and opposition leaders are the latest targets.] 3-18-17
  185. Iran. “Iran Is a Bigger Threat Than Syria and North Korea combined.” By Michael Oren. [Damascus and Pyongyang violated their agreement. Tehrean can comply and still threaten millions] 4-15-17
  186. Iran. “The World Didn’t Agree to a Nuclear-Armed Iran, Even in 10 Years.”  By Max Singer.  [Obama’s deal only delayed a showdown.  America and its allies should be using the time to prepare.]  5-10-17
  187. Iran. “In Iran’s Election, Americans Should Root for the ‘Hard-Liner.”  By Reuel Marc Gerecht. [The ‘moderate’ Rouhani has made it too easy for American officials to deceive themselves.]  5-17-17
  188. Iran. “Tehran’s Own Worst Enemy.”  (Bookshelf by Reuel Marc Gerecht)..”Democracy in Iran.”  By Misagh Parsa.  [A theocratic regime has made Iranians less observant.  The number of clerics in parliament has diminished greatly since the revolution.]  6-21-17
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