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See “Ferguson” here.  8-13-14 through 8-3-16

and, see “George Floyd” here, starting 5-29-20

  1. Rioting.  “The Fires of Kenosha.”  [The mother of a black man shot by police calls for an end to the rioting.]   8-27-20
  2. Riots.  “An Evening Stroll With BLM.”  [“…Americans who see these and other scenes of BLM censure and harassment will rightly conclude that they could be the next targets…”]  8-29-20
  3. Riots.  “The Portland Clashes.”  [Trump should tell his supporters to stay away from Antifa protests.]   8-31-20
  4. Riots.  “Portland’s Half-Century of Ruinous Leadership.”  By Mark Hemingway.  [Incredibly, Ted Wheeler may not be the worst mayor Oregon’s largest city has had in recent years.]   9-1-20
  5. Riots.  “Biden Awakens to the Threat of Urban Riots.”  By Gerard Baker.  [With polls tightening, he and his media allies give up on denial and look for a way to blame Trump.]   9-1-20
  6. Riots.  “For Biden, Riots Present Only Bad Options.”  By John Carlson.  [If he promises to put them down, he risks alienating the base of his party.]  9-4-20
  7. Riots.  “Black Cops Don’t Matter.”  [Democrats are driving African-American police chiefs out of their jobs.]   9-11-20
  8. Riots.  “’We Hope They Die.’”  [Protesters cheer an ambush of sheriff’s deputies in L.A.]   9-14-20
  9. Riots.  “Homicide Stats Show ‘Minneapolis Effect.’”   By Paul Cassell.  [In cities across the U.S. the shooting started when antipolice protests led officers to pull back.]   9-17-20
  10. Riots.  “Bill Barr’s Prosecutorial Warning.”  [The left distorts his important speech on political accountability.]   9-18-20
  11. Riots.  “Justice for Breonna Taylor.”  [Kentucky’s Attorney General argues for truth over narratives.]   9-24-20
  12. Ferguson. “Amazon Uncancels Shelby Steele.”  [“…What Killed Michael Brown?” challenges the dominant narrative of systemic racism…”]   10-24-20
  13. Riots.  LTE.  “BLM and Inauthenticity in Racial Relations.”   12-2-20
  14. Riots.  “Goodbye, Summer of Love.”  [Jenny Durkan Seattle’s mayor, says she won’t run for re-election.]   12-14-20
  15. Riots.  “Better Weapons for Stopping Riots.”  By Michael O’Hanlon.  [Investment in acoustic and jamming technology would help cops deal with mobs without shooting.]   1-11-21
  16. Riots.  “Jan. 6 and D.C.’s Political Death Inquests.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Who are local police and medical examiners in the nations’ s capital taking their orders from ?]   3-6-21
  17. Riots.  “Brushback for Capitol Riot Prosecutors.”  [Judges bristle at their handling of media and pretrial detention.]   3-31-21
  18. Riots.  “The Shooting of Daunte Wright.”   4-14-21
  19. Riots.  “A Measure of Justice in the Chauvin Trial.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The jury got it right.  Now the country has to get the broader questions right.]  4-24-21
  20. Riots.  “Barr, Garland and Lafayette Park.”  6-10-21
  21. Riots.  “The Capitol riot and the Pentagon.”  [A Senate report says protests and optics weighed on the military.]   6-10-21
  22. Riots.  “The Man Who Kept the Peace in Detroit.”  (The Weekend Interview with James Craig by Jillian Kay Melchior.)  [The recently retired police chief refused to tolerate the political violence that wracked other cities last year.  He’s mulling a run for governor next year.]   7-10-21
  23. Riots.  “Minneapolis Hasn’t Recovered From George Floyd’s Death.”  By Nic Rowan.  [Crime is high, residents are leaving, and politicians are still exploiting the tragedy for their own ends.]   5-21-22