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  1. Regulation. “A Clintonian Misdirection on Drug Prices.” By Scott Gottlieb. [Turing was able to raise the price of a single pill to $750 by exploiting misbegotten regulation.] 9-30-15
  2. Regulation. “Weighing Google’s Antitrust Defenses.” By Hillary Greene. [Regulators must balance free expression, innovation and the law – without leaning one way too far.] 10-2-15
  3. Regulation. “Regulatory Hardball About Software.” By Ron Wyden. [The government wants to block access to gadgets with copyrighted code. Will that include toasters?] 10-14-15
  4. Regulators. “A Supermarket Chain Shelved by Regulators.” By Allysia Finley. [A grocer’s Southern California venture is spoiled when the feds show up with a carful of trouble.] 11-19-15
  5. Regulators. “Hounded Out of Business by Regulators.” By Dan Epstein. [The company LabMD finally won its six-year battle with the FTC, but vindication came too late.] 11-20-15
  6. Regulation, Govt. LTE. “Tiversa Was a Good Samaritan, Not a bully.” 12-10-15 (see “Hounded Out of Business…Nov. 20, here) 12-10-15
  7. Regulation. “Fishermen on the Hook to Pay for Their Own Regulators.” By David Goethel. [My daily catch brings about $1,500.00 I take home $300.00. The feds want me to pay $710 for ‘monitored’ trips.] 12-28-15
  8. Regulation. “Happy New Regulatory Year.” [Obama plans to make his final year another record for rule-by-decree.] 1-2-16
  9. Regulation. Economy. “Ackman and the Politics of Rail Mergers.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Consolidation would bring useful efficiencies, but the industry dreads opening a door to re-regulation.] 1-2-16
  10. Regulation. LTE. “Overfishing, Overregulation Both Kill Jobs.” 1-7-16
  11. Regulation. “Stranded at the Airport.” [A rule to stop tarmac delays leads to more flight cancellations.] 1-7-16
  12. Regulation. LTE. “’Pinned Down on the Tarmac’ and Regulation.” 1-12-16
  13. Regulation. Economy. “GM Speaks Untruth to Power.” By Homan W. Jenkins. [Forget the technobabble. Detroit needs to engage in straight talk about regulation.] 1-13-16
  14. Regulation. “Guilty for Obeying the Feds.” [J&J is punished in state court for following federal labeling rules.] 1-15-16
  15. Regulation. “Trying to Build a Catskills Resort Despite Mountains of Regulation.” By Cori O’Connor. [The plan: Bring visitors and jobs to an area that needs them.   That was 16 years ago. But good news is afoot.] 1-16-16
  16. Regulation. “The Craft Beer Cops.” [GOP candidates in New Hampshire discover more Washington hassle.] 1-22-16
  17. Regulation. LTE. “Taking Time to Get the Wrong Project Right.” (cf. Jan. 16 “Regulation. “Trying to Build a Catskills Resort… #15, here) 1-27-16
  18. Regulation. LTE. “Sixteen Years of Review, XL and Unsafe Water in Flint.” 2-4-16
  19. Regulation.   “Regulating Education for Profit.” [Tony Miller helped trash for-profit colleges. Now he hopes to cash in.] 2-17-16
  20. Regulation. “Why Americans Hate Government.” [The regulators who destroyed Decker College have never been held accountable.] 3-28-16
  21. Regulation. “Why Upgrading Air-Traffic Control Is Stuck in a Holding Pattern.” [The Federal Aviation Administration needs an overhaul. Cur the unions, airlines and lobbyists.] (“…larger points of contention: how to revamp a flight map based on the Transcontinental Railroad…) 3-28-16
  22. Regulation. “Take Cover Against This Drone Attack.” By Troy A. Rule. [If Congress lets the FAA override state or local laws, get ready to lose privacy and property rights.] 3-30-16
  23. Regulation. LTE. “Gaming the System With Former Regulators.”  3-31-16
  24. Regulation. California. “Trying to Get Water to California But Torpedoed by Regulators.” By Allysia Finley. [The Obama administration and Dianne Feinstein keep blocking a private project to aid the still-parched state.] 4-9-16
  25. Regulation. “The Pay-Equity Police Get new Ammunition.” By Diana Furchtgott-Roth. [Be prepared to report on employees by 14 gender, race or ethnicity groups, within 12 pay bands.] 4-12-16
  26. Regulation. “Why the MetLife Case Bears Watching Well Beyond Wall Street.” By Peter J. Wallison. [A ruling against federal regulators could mean a brake on the wild growth of the administrative state.] 4-14-16
  27. Regulation.   Medicine. LTE. “Difficult Patients and Overregulated Doctors.” 4-20-16
  28. Regulation. LTE. “It Pays to Attend to the MetLife SIFI Case.” 4-23-16
  29. Regulation. LTE. “Insurance Regulation Belongs to the 50 States.” 4-29-16
  30. Regulation. “Ending America’s Slow-Growth Tailspin.” By John H. Cochrane. [The U.S. economy needs a dramatic legal and regulatory simplification.] 5-3-16
  31. Regulation. “So Many Rules, So Few Opportunities.” [A wave of regulation coincides with weak hiring and growth.] 5-7-16
  32. Regulation. “The Great Train Robbery.” [An appeals court says Amtrak’s rate-setting is unconstitutional.] 5-9-16
  33. Regulation. LTE. “U.S. Freight Railroads Pay Their Own Way.” 5-17-16
  34. Regulation. “Google’s Payday Lending Ban.”  [Is the tech giant aiding a regulatory assault on lenders?]  5-31-16
  35. Regulation. “A Political Assault on Paydays.”  [Obama’s regulators target another industry for extinction.]  6-3-16
  36. Regulation. “The Lumbering Regulatory State.”  [“…a check-off order:  All businesses are compelled to pay a tax that funds a marketing program …”]  6-10-16
  37. Regulation. “Drop the Supersonic Aircraft Ban, Watch business Boom.”  By Eli Dourado and Samuel Hammond.  [The technology is vastly improved since the Concorde was regulated out of existence.] 6-13-16
  38. Regulations. “Freight Railroads Are Braking for Regulatory Creep.”  By Edward R. Hamberger.  [The paperwork for safety compliance alone costs about $1.5 billion a year.  And more rules are coming.]  6-15-16
  39. Regulation. LTE.  “Economics Has Defeated Supersonic Airliners.”  6-18-16
  40. Regulation. LTE.  “Time to Let the Rail Carrier Competition Roll.”  6-25-16  (See # 38 here, 6-15-16)
  41. Regulation. “While Amazon Waits, Drones Fly.”  By L. Grodon Crovitz.  [Airborne deliveries to retail customers are happening – in China.  Thanks, regulators.]  6-27-16
  42. FAA. LTE.  “U.S., Canadian Air-Traffic Control Compared.”  6-30-16
  43. Regulation. “’Defective to its Core’”  [Another judge enjoins another Obama rule, this one from Labor.]  6-29-16
  44. Regulation. LTE.  “National Airspace Is Threatened by Drones.”  7-19-16
  45. Regulation. “Markets Run Into skepticism – and Regulators.”  [Faith in economic freedom used to be a given in the West.  Now a misguided trust in government control is growing.]  7-19-16
  46. Regulation. LTE.  “Market-Limiting State in Lean and Fat Times.”  7-27-16  (See 7-19-16 here.)
  47. Regulation. “Glass-Steagall-Trump-Clinton Act.”  [The GOP joins Sanders and Warren in pointless re-regulation.] 7-29-16
  48. Regulation. “Bill De Blasio’s Progressive War on Uber.”  By Benjamin Parker.  [Archaic government regulation is the reason ride-hailing companies are flourishing in New York.]  8-4-16
  49. Regulation. “The All-time Regulation Record.”  [Team Obama has hit 600 major rules, and 50 more may follow.]  8-6-16
  50. Regulation. LTE.  “The Moral Hazards of Glass-Steagall Repeal.”  8-15-16
  51. Regulation. “Regulation vs. The American People.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The public rejected his agenda – so President Obama opted for ‘bureaucratic bulldozing.’] 8-20-16
  52. Regulation. “How Detroit Can Liberate Its ‘Extreme Rebels.” By Jarrett Skorup and Jacob Weaver. [Boost job growth in the Motor City by rolling back occupational licensing laws.] 8-27-16
  53. Regulation. “Regulation Even a Regulator Doesn’t Like.” [Jack Lew’s business tax rule is whacking innocent bystanders.] 8-30-16
  54. Regulation. “The Feds Could Block the Road to the Driverless Car.” By Gary Shapiro. [States are taking the lead on regulation in ways that could help build consumer confidence.] 9-6-16
  55. Regulation. LTE.  “Regulators, Execs Do Well. Stockholders Lose.”  9-17-16
  56. Regulation. “Who’s the Systemic Risk Now?”  [Washington’s assault on Deutsche Bank imperils Europe’s economy.]  9-29-16
  57. Regulation. “The Regulatory Tide Recedes.”  By Peter J. Wallison.  [After years of slow growth, global leaders worry about excessive rules and regulations.]  10-10-15
  58. Regulation. “The Unconstitutional Mr. Cordray.”  [A federal appeals court overturns one-man regulatory rule.]  10-12-16
  59. Regulation. “Lights Out or the Second-Most-Powerful Man in D.C.”  by Thomas M. Boyd.  [An appeals court rules that future presidents can say ‘you’re fired’ to the government’s top regulator of consumer finance.] 10-12-16
  60. Regulation. “The Regulatory State May Have Met Its Match in Idaho.”  By Wayne Hoffman.  [If only Washington D.C., would learn from Boise, where lawmakers can veto onerous new regulations.]  10-15-16
  61. Regulations. “LTE.  Regulations Help ‘Haves,’ Hurt ‘Have-Nots.’  10-21-16
  62. Regulation. “The Big Media Bogeyman.”  By Holman W. Jenkins Jr.  [AT&T’s deal will be a test of Silicon Valley’s strategic silence on Obama regulation.]  10-26-16
  63. Regulation. “Speech Regulators on Retainer.”  [Washington State wants to give campaign cops a cut of their fines.]  10-28-16
  64. Regulation. “Another Last-Minute Regulation.”  [The feds want to seize trade secrets without due process.]  11-8-16
  65. Regulation. “Washington’s Not So Big Short.”  [In the MetLife case, regulators admit they can’t predict the future.]  11-9-16
  66. Regulation. “Ride Sharing for Pilots Is No Flight of Fancy.”  By Jonathan Riches and Thomas P. Gross.  [“…In late 2014 the Federal Aviation Administration banned private pilots from communicating travel plans and sharing flight expenses over the internet.]  11-16-16
  67. Regulation. “Reversing Rule by Regulation.”  [Trump can dismantle much of Obama’s legacy with a pen and phone.]  11-17-16
  68. Regulation. “Stoner City, USA.”  [In Denver it’s now easier to get high in public than to smoke cigarettes.]  11-17-16
  69. Regulation. “A Trump SWAT Team for Regulation.”  [A Reagan idea to block and repeal Obama’s rules binge.]  12-5-16
  70. Regulation. Dodd-Frank.  “Guess Who’s Defending Dodd-Frank.”  [George Stigler’s theory of regulatory capture is proven again.]  12-13-16
  71. Regulation. “The Rust Belt Is Right to Blame Obama.”  By Clark S. Judge.  [The risk that regulators pose to business is up 79% from 2010 – a burden that falls heavy on industry.]  12-19-16
  72. Regulation. “Government Payday Choke Hold.” [A lawsuit could expose Obama’s abuse of a law-abiding business.]  12-29-16
  73. Regulations. “Obama’s Regulations Aren’t the Only Target.”  By John Berlau and Daniel Cody.  [The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has multiplied audit costs for small firms and slowed IPOs – for what benefit??]  12-30-16
  74. Regulation. Dodd-Frank.  “Firing Richard Cordray.”  [Trump will have ample cause to fire the rogue financial regulator.]  1-10-17
  75. Regulation. “A GOP Regulatory Game Changer.”  By Kimberley Strassel.  [Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009.]   1-27-17
  76. Regulations. “Trump Dams the regulatory flood.”  [His executive order should change the bureaucratic incentives.]  1-31-17
  77. Regulation. “How We’ll Stop a Rogue Federal Agency.” By Jeb Hensarling. [Congress can defund Elizabeth Warren’s unaccountable and unconstitutional CFPB.] 2-9-17
  78. Regulators. “You May Be in a Risky Business if Regulators Find It Distasteful.” By Charles W. Calomiris. [Obama’s FDIC targeted payday lenders, among others, due to ‘personal moral judgments.’] 2-10-17
  79. Regulation. “Wisconsin Has a Cow.” [State regulators get their Irish up over imported butter.] 2-25-17
  80. Regulations. “Draining the Regulatory Swamp.” [The congressional Review Act is even better than we thought.] 3-1-17
  81. Regulations. “How a Michigan County Road Got Stuck in regulation Purgatory.” By Mark Miller and Mike Pattwell.. [Building a direct path to a new mine makes perfect environmental sense, but the EPA hasn’t budged.] 3-4-17
  82. Regulations. “A Right-Left Cure for Disabilities Torts.” [ADA lawsuits have doubled in five years, and six firms file 81%.] 3-31-17
  83. Regulation. “A Trump Nomination shows He’s Serious About Deregulation.” [The president picks a law professor to lead the most important office you’ve never heard of.] 4-10-2017
  84. Regulation. “Godzilla (the Fiduciary Rule) Ate the Rule of Law.”  By Eugene Scaltia.  [In its zeal to regulate IRAs, Obama’s Labor Department creatively disregarded legal limits.]  6-1-17
  85. Regulations. “Only Congress Can Undo Its Regulatory Mess.”  By David Schoenbrod. [Lawmakers seek credit for benefits while evading blame for burdens.  Change will require them to act.]  6-19-17
  86. Regulation. “Rule Reversal:  How the Feds Can Challenge State Regulation.”  By Matthew Mitchell and Ryan Nunn.  [The FTS.s Economic Liberty Task Force targets state and local licensing laws for antitrust scrutiny.]  7-7-17
  87. Regulation. “New Bailouts Prove ‘Too Big to Fail’ Is Alive and Well.”  By Neel Kashkari.  [Regulators keep insisting bondholders will take losses, but then they’re reluctant to impose them.]  7-10-17
  88. Regulation. “Has Trump flipped on Financial Regulations?”  by Peter J. Wallison.  [Let’s hope that G-20 communique he signed was a mistake.]  7-14-17
  89. Regulation. “Unlocking the Airwaves.”  (Bookshelf by Gregory L. Rosston.)  [“The Political Spectrum.” by Thomas Winslow Hazlett.]  [In regulating radio, the FCC enacted rules nominally in the public interest, but which actually enriched specific interest groups.]  7-17-17
  90. Republicans.  “Republicans Aren’t Team Players.”  By Fred Barnes.  [GOP Senators who defect from ObamaCare repeal will hurt themselves, their party and the country.]  7-17-17
  91. Regulation. “Westchester Beats Obama.”  [The feds concede that the suburb’s zoning laws aren’t discriminatory.]  7-24-17
  92. Regulations. “A Fiduciary Rule Reckoning.”  [An opportunity for the Fifth Circuit to roll back regulatory overreach.]  7-31-17
  93. Regulation. “Washington’s Wild Grouse Chase.”  [Interior moves to case land-use limits that are needlessly punitive.]  8-12-17
  94. Regulations. “In Utah, the Federal Government Puts Prairie Dogs Over People.”  By Mike Lee and Jonathan Wood.  [The question for the U.S. Supreme Court is whether protecting rodents counts as ‘interstate commerce.’]  11-4-17
  95. Regulation. “Trump vs. the Deep Regulatory State.”  By Christopher DeMuth.  [The tempestuous president is overseeing a principled, far-reaching reform of agencies that had exceeded their constitutional writ.]  11-18-17
  96. Regulation. CFPB.  “What Went Wrong With the CFPB?”  by Dennis Shaul.  [I was an aide to Barney Frank.  I’ve learned it’s a mistake to create an unaccountable agency.]  11-20-17
  97. Regulation. “Licenses to Kill Opportunity.”  [A new study shows how state licensing rules block upward mobility.]  11-25-17
  98. Regulation. “The Great Rules Rollback.”  [Reining in regulation is a major success of Trump’s first year.]  12-26-17
  99. Regulation. “Make It Easier to Work Without a License.” By Alexander Acosta and Dennis Daugard. [A multistate compact would lighten the regulatory burden.] 1-9-18
  100. Regulation. “The MetLife Saga’s Mostly Happy Ending.” [The government drops its appeal but with an od and unhelpful demand.] 1-20-18
  101. Regulation. “A Corporate Fighter Rewarded.”  [MetLife fought and won, Prudential should help with the litigation costs.] 1-23-18
  102. Regulation. “Why Do You Need a College Degree to Give Diet Advice?” by Shoshana Weissmann and C. Jarrett Dieterle. [State licensing laws overly burden military spouses, who move frequently only to find they can’t work.] 2-1-18
  103. Regulation. “A Pox on SOX, It’s Bad for Stocks.” By Scott S. Powell. [Sarbanes-Oxley promotes inequality by discouraging companies from going or remaining public.] 2-14-18
  104. Regulation. “Trump Targets Amazon.” [The President’s tweets make any regulatory action seem political.] 3-30-18
  105. Regulations. “Coffee Won’t Kill You, But CAFE Might.” By Sam Kazman. [“The federal government’s auto fuel economy standards have for decades posed a simple problem: They kill people…] 4-5-18
  106. Regulation. “Is It Wrong to Cut a Homeless Man’s Hair Without a License?” by Shoshana Weissman and C. Jarrett Dieterle.’’[Kudos to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for taking on the guild that wants to shut down a barber.] 4-9-18
  107. Regulations.  Bureaucracy. “The ‘Swamp’ Needs a Justinian.”   By F.H. Buckley. [Judges lack the expertise to review regulations. The sixth-century Roman emperor had a better idea.] 4-20-18
  108. Regulation. “Operation Muppet Freedom.” [The TV habits of children have changed. Regulators haven’t.] 4-26-18
  109. Regulation. “Cost-Benefit Reform at the EPA.” [Under Obama, the EPA juked the numbers to justify costly regulation.] 6-7-18
  110. Regulations. “Regulatory State Has a Bad Day In Court.” By Adam J. White. [Opinions from Justices Kagan and Kennedy speak to the need to restore constitutional constraints.] 6-25-18
  111. Regulation. “To Restore U.S. Competitiveness, Pass the JOBS Act 3.0.” by Jeb Hensarling. [Excessive regulation has stalled startups and IPO. The Senate should now act to get out of the way.] 7-16-18
  112. Regulation.  “The Volcker Rule Needs Transparency More Than ‘simplification.’  By Sheila C. Bair and Gaurav Vasisht. [Five different agencies collect data in various forms.  Regulators should standardize them.]  9-10-18
  113. Regulation.  “A New Cost-Benefit Regulation Test.”  [The Trump EPA wants to stop the agency’s longtime ‘co-benefits’ trick.]  10-2-18
  114. Regulation.  “Follow the FDA’s Self-Interest.”  By Henry I. Miller.  [While approving a new form of insulin, I saw how regulators protect themselves.]  10-29-18
  115. Regulation.  “A Regulatory Vendetta Exposed.”  [A lawsuit shows how the feds tried to destroy a legal industry.]  11-6-18  (“…the Obama Administration’s vendetta against payday lenders…)
  116. Regulation.  “The Auer of Legal Reckoning.”  12-11-18  (“…Good news for critics of the willy-nilly expansion of the administrative state…”)
  117. Regulation.  “Trump’s Regulatory Dredging.”  [A new EPA rule would limit regulation to ‘navigable’ waters.]  12-12-18
  118. Regulations.  “The NLRB May Reverse a Job-Killing Regulation.”  By Neil Bradley and Robert Cresanti.  [The Obama-era rule costs the average franchisee $142,000 in revenue and $21,000 in profit a year.]  1-14-19
  119. Regulation.  “This May Be the Worst Regulation Ever.”  By Henry J. Miller and Drew L. Kershen.  [A USDA rule aout labels on ‘bioengineered” food costs hundreds of millions and has no benefits.]  1-31-19
  120. Regulation.  “A Regulatory ‘Guidance’ Upgrade.”  [Neomi Rao’s last unsung good deed at the White House.]  4-17-19
  121. Regulation.  “Crossing the Aisle to Streamline Regulation.”  By Susan E. Dudley and Sally Katzen.  [Lankford and Sinema aim at improvements in the process that have eluded presidents of both parties.]  5-14-19
  122. Regulation.  “The FDIC’s Mini Mea Culpa.”  [Being a federal regulator means never having to say you’re sorry.]  5-30-19
  123. Regulation.  “Empower Regulators to Stop risky Financial business.”  By Alan S. Blinder.  [The FSOC, created by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, doesn’t have enough power to do the job right.]  6-20-19  (Blinder was an adviser to Al Gore and John Kerry during their respective presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004)
  124. Regulations.  “Idaho Quits Worrying About Snails.”  [A spring cleaning of the state regulatory code has killed 900 pages.]  6-29-19
  125. Regulations.  “Is that Bacon Merely Fakin’?” [As veggie alternatives gain ground, farmers try to seize the language.]  7-1-19
  126. Regulation.  “Justice’s Antitrust Confusion.”  [The regulators protect web giants by blocking local TV mergers.]  7-9-19
  127. Regulations. “A Dark Day for Red Tape in the Buckeye State.” By James Broughel. [Ohio’s government will start cataloging — and cutting – its hundreds of thousands of regulations.] 8-3-19
  128. Regulation. “Regulatory Mop Up at the Court.” [The justices consider an illegal expansion of the Clean Water Act.] 11-6-19
  129. Regulation. “Who’s Afraid of Political Ads?” [With it new restrictions, Google targets a red herring.] 12-2-19
  130. Regulation. “The Housing Shortage in Profile.” [Construction in Oregon dropped to the lowest level since World War II.] 1-6-20
  131. Regulation. “An Antitrust Attack on Coal.” [“…the FTC sued to block the Arch-Peabody joint venture…”] 3-10-20
  132. Regulation. “Mississippi’s Biggest Loser.” [“…the state’s occupational licensing regime is truly corpulent…] 3-16-20
  133. Regulation.  “Trump’s New Chant:  Build the Road.”  [Fixing environmental reviews will pay real dividends for years.]   7-17-20
  134. Regulation.  “Florida’s Licensing Breakthrough.”  [The State slashes barriers that hurt small-business entrepreneurs.]   7-17-20
  135. Regulation.  “Mike O’Reilly’s Free Speech Fall.”  [The FCC deregulator runs afoul of the new regulators on the right.]   8-5-20
  136. Regulation.  “A Rule for Cleaner Dishes.”  [“…The revised DOE rule…is an example of how common-sense deregulation can deliver real benefits for the public…”   10-28-20
  137. Regulation.  “One Agency for Antitrust.”  By Mike Lee.  [Encourage competition, but regulatory turf wars are the wrong kind.]   11-18-20
  138. Regulation.  “One Trump-Era Notion Biden May Want to Embrace.”  By Susan Dudley and Sally Katzen.  [Independent regulators should analyze the costs and benefits of new rules, like executive agencies do.]   1-4-21
  139. Regulation.  “Biden’s Keystone Pipeline Kill.”  [On his first day he insults Canada and ends thousands of jobs.]  1-21-21  (“…Mr. Biden is sending an early signal that the climate panic will trump nearly everything else in his Administration.  The unstated but operative message from the Keystone kill is that he will use regulation and permitting to do the dirty work.”)
  140. Regulation.  “Who Gets to Make the Rules?  Washington May Finally Get It Right.”  By Todd Gaziano and Angela C. Erickson.  [Biden should keep Trump’s last-minute executive order making regulation more accountable.]   1-25-21
  141. Regulation.  “Biden Gives Regulators A Free and Heavy Hand.”  By Mick Mulvaney and Joe Grogan.  [His idea of ‘modernizing’ rules is to assert they have benefits that are ‘impossible to quantify.’]   1-27-21
  142. Regulation.  “A 9 – 0 Defeat for the FTC.”  [The Supreme Court crushes the agency for abusing the law.]  4-26-21
  143. Regulation.  “End Comment Fraud at the Cost of a Stamp.”  By Kirk R. Arner and Harold Furchtgott-Roth.  [A modest plan would restore integrity to federal regulation.]   5-14-21
  144. Regulation.  “Progressives for Justice Kavanaugh.”  [Democrats embrace his views so they can control financial agencies.]   6-7-21
  145. Regulation.  “Lina Khan’s Power Grab at the FTC.”  [The new Chair snatches unilateral authority and drops Obama standards.]   7-6-21
  146. Regulation.  “President Warren’s Government.”  [Her proteges are filling out Biden’s business regulatory team.]  7-17-21
  147. Regulation.  “The Senate’s Lhamon Test.”  [A Title IX enforcer returns to gut due process protections.]  7-21-21
  148. Regulation.  “How to Block Mergers the Easy Way.”  [The FTC takes less than a week to drop a rule on vertical acquisitions.]   9-16-21Republicans.  “Purging Anthony Gonzalez.”  [The Congressman’s retirement is a bad omen for Republicans.]  9-20-21   
  149. Regulation.  “Rewriting Labor Law by Fiat.”  [NLRB counsel Abruzzo strips companies of free-speech rights in a memo.]   4-12-22
  150. Regulation.  “Walmart Takes On Lina Khan.”  [A dubious FTC lawsuit tees up the agency for a constitutional challenge.]   9-7-22
  151. Regulation.  “Antitrust’s Unholy Grail.”  [Europe blocks Illumina’s takeover deal that could save lives.]  9-7-22
  152. Regulation.  “No Guardrails for Regulators.”  [The Supreme Court hears challenges to FTC and SEC abuses.]  11-7-22
  153. Regulation.  “Miles of Mandates.”  (Bookshelf by Marc Levinson.)  “Data Driven.”  By Karen Levy. [On the failures of a well-intentioned regulation of the trucking industry that has not made the roads any safer.]   1-4-23
  154. Regulation.  “How the Supreme Court Set the Stage for the Jan. 6 Riot.”  By Philip Hamburger.  [Expanding agencies’ regulatory power turned presidential politics into an all-or-nothing game.]  1-6-23
  155. Regulation.  “Judicial Thunder Out of Ohio.”  [The state Supreme Court shreds Chevron-style deference to regulators.]   1-9-23
  156. Regulation.  “The Junk Economics of ‘Junk-Fee’ Politics.”  [The regulatory assault on businesses will hurt low-income Americans.]  2-14-23
  157. Regulation.  “The Infant-Formula Market Is Still Bottled Up.” By Scott Lincicome and Gabriella Beaumont-Smith.  [The culprit isn’t the free market but a combination of protectionism and excessive regulation.]  2-17-23
  158. Regulation.  “Biden’s Regulatory Deluge.”  [Gridlock in D.C.?  Nope, the administrative state is a full throttle.]   2-28-23
  159. Regulation. “Skullduggery at the FCC.”  [Gigi Sohn withdraws, but Rosenworcel tries to kill a merger on her own.]   3-9-23
  160. Regulation.  “The Financial Risks of Regulatory Panic.”  [Ad hoc rescues like the Credit Suisse deal store up new risks for later.]    3-21-23
  161. Regulation.  “How U.S. Regulators Are Choking Crypto.”  By Katie Haun.  [The effort would stifle American innovation and competition – and that seems to be the objective.]   3-28-23
  162. Regulation.  “Spinning Federal Mortgage Fees.”  [Fannie Mae’s regulator defends subsidies for risky home buyers.]   4-29-23
  163. Regulation.  “The New Federal Dirty Dish Rule.”   5-13-23
  164. Regulation.  “The Costs of Political Regulating.”  By Lawrence B. Lindsey.  [From climate to the EU’s protectionism, many rules promote something other than financial safety.]   6-5-23
  165. Regulation.  “Biden’s High-Speed Car Crash Is Waiting to Happen.”  By Allysia Finley.  [The NHTSA wants to force new braking technology on automakers before it’s safe and reliable.]  6-12-23
  166. Regulation. “America Has too Many Rules.”  By Jimmy Sexton.  [Even after Trump’s cuts, overregulation plagues the country.]   7-10-23
  167. Regulation.  “Antitrust Regulation by Intimidation.”  By Gus Hurwitz and Geoffrey Manne.  “Lina Khan’s new merger guidelines won’t convince judges, but they may scare companies into inaction.]   7-25-23
  168. Regulation.  “Warren and Graham Emulate History’s Failed Regulators.”  By Richard N. Langlois.   [The ICC and FCC stifled innovation in railroads and radio, respectively.  Why do the same to Big Tech now?]   8-5-23
  169. Regulation.  “Biden Knocks Opportunity Cost.”  By James Broughei.  [“…The Biden OMB is making a big change…]   8-11-23
  170. Regulation.  “Regulators Gone Wild.”  [The White House is rewriting the rules for cost-benefit analysis to unleash it regulators.]   8-15-23
  171. Regulation.  “Predict It Triumphs Over Regulatory Arrogance.”  By Donald L. Luskin.  [An appeals court rejects the CFTC’s arbitrary order to shut down the political futures market.]   8-22-23
  172. Regulation.  “AI May Soon Weigh In on Regulation.”  By Scott Wallsten.  [How will agencies like the FCC deal with computer-generated public comments?]   10-25-23
  173. Regulation.  “The Coming Deluge for Small Business.”  [The feds and business aren’t ready for new reporting rules on Jan. 1.]   11-20-23
  174. Regulation.  “An Administrative State Watershed.”  [Can the SEC deny George Jarkesy the right to a trial by jury?]   11-27-23
  175. Regulation.  “Biden Tries to Pull Regulation From Thin Air.”  By Kevin Cramer.  [Congress expressly rejected the new rule on tailpipe emissions.]   12-5-23
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