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  1. NLRB vs. franchising. “Why Do the Feds Want to Dismantle the Golden Arches?” 8-1-14
  2. NLRB Overarching Claims Are Bad. LTE. 8-8-14
  3. NLRB. “Obama’s Big Mac Attack” [The NLRB decides to rewrite the franchise business model….]8-1-14
  4. NLRB. “Leftovers at the NLRB” [The President junks a deal not to reappoint an illegal nominee] 9-17-14
  5. NLRB. “The Hooters Precedent.” [The NLRB says you can tell your boss to @$%#! And still keep your job.] 9-23-14
  6. NLRB. “Obama’s Union McDouble.” [The NLRB tees up a radical rewrite of franchise law.” 12-22-14
  7. NLRB. “Obama’s Lawless Labor Board.” [A court says Lafe Solomon should not have had the job.] 8-12-15
  8. NLRB. “The NLRB’s Joint Employer Attack.” [The Obama labor board attacks the franchise business model.” 8-29-15
  9. NLRB. LTE. “NLRB Aggression Supports Democratic Constituencies.” 9-3-15
  10. NLRB. “The Shop Steward in the Oval Office.” By Ronald Meisburg. [Labor Day takes on a sobering meaning with NLRB regulators eager to do a president’s bidding.] 9-4-15
  11. NLRB. LTE. “The NLRB’s Job Is to Help Our American Workers.” 9-17-15
  12. NLRB. LTE. “They May Wear McDonald’s Hats, but They Work for Bob.” 9-24-15
  13. NLRB. “A Joint-Employer McDouble”  [A dangerous new class-action opening against franchise businesses.]  8-9-16
  14. NLRB. “Don’t Ignore the Labor Board.”  [An overlooked agency needs some prompt Trump attention.]  1-25-17
  15. NLRB. “Trump’s Appointees Are Restoring Reason to the NLRB.” By Michael J. Lotito. [In the Obama era, the board’s interpretation of labor law was sharply biased in union’s favor.] 2-1-18
  16. NLRB. “A Shady Joint-Employer Ambush.” [A bureaucratic inside job reverses a key labor law decision.] 3-2-18
  17. NLRB. “A Bad Obama Labor Rule, Resurrected.”   By Andy Puzder. 3-2-18
  18. NLRB. How the NLRB Evades the Law – and Can Bring Itself Into Line.” By Peter Schaumber. [When an employer wins a case in court, the board’s policy is to ignore the precedent.] 4-2-18
  19. NLRB. “Funny Business at the Labor Board.” [How dubious backstage politics saved a pro-union Obama ruling.] 5-17-18
  20. NLRB. “Arbitration Wins at the High Court.” [Justice Gorsuch buries the NLRB’s rogue rewrite of labor law.] 5-22-18
  21. NLRB. LTE. “NLRB Acting Like It Has Something to Hide.” 5-31-18
  22. NLRB.  “Big Labor’s Deep State.”  [Republicans on the NLRB give in to Democratic bullying.]  9-17-18
  23. NLRB.  “The NLRB May Reverse a Job-Killing Regulation.”  By Neil Bradley and Robert Cresanti.  [The Obama-era rule costs the average franchisee $142,000 in revenue and $21,000 in profit a year.]  1-14-19
  24. NLRB. “Union Labor’s Profanity Protection.” [Should picketing workers be able to shout racist remarks with impunity?] 11-21-19
  25. NLRB. “Trapped by the Teamsters.” By Mark Mix. [Why it can take 7,000 signatures to decertify a union with nine members.] 12-9-19
  26. NLRB. “Making Labor Rules Rational Again.” By Mark Mulvaney and Eugene Scalia. [A new regulation will undo Obama’s aggressive ‘joint employer’ definition.] 1-11-20
  27. NLRB. “How My Joke o Twitter Became a Federal Case.” By Ben Domenech. [The NLRB is investigating me for a humorous tweet about Vox’s labor dispute.] 4-29-20
  28. NLRB.  “NLRB Stops Excusing Workplace Harassment.”  By John F. Ring.  [We reverse Obama-era decisions that forced employers to reinstate abusive employees.]   7-22-20
  29. NLRB.  “Joe Biden’s Inaugural Purge.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The firing of Peter Robb belies all the happy talk about unifying the country.]   1-22-21
  30. NLRB.  “Rewriting Labor Law by Fiat.”  [NLRB counsel Abruzzo strips companies of free-speech rights in a memo.]   4-12-22
  31. NLRB.  “Amazon Takes On the Labor Board.”  By Sean Higgins. [After losing a union vote in New York, the company accuses the NLRB of bias.]   4-26-22
  32. NLRB.  “Starbucks Sees Bias at the NLRB.”  [A complaint details labor board favoritism in organizing elections.]  8-17-22
  33. NLRB.  “…And ‘Card Check’ by the Back Door.”    9-2-23
  34. NLRB.  “Elon Musk vs. the Administrative State.”  [SpaceX fights an NLRB attack on the company’s employment practices.]   1-9-24
  35. NLRB.  “Black Lives Matter, Now at Home Depot.”  2-23-24
  36. NLRB.  “The NLRB Gets Supreme Court Review.”  [Starbucks wants the Justices to rein in labor board injunctions.]   4-23-24

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