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  1. Japan – U.S. Military Ties.  “The Time is Ripe for Stronger U.S.-Japan Military Ties.”   7-8-14
  2. Japan “Japanese Watchdog Clears Two Reactors.”  7-17-2014
  3. Japan Takes A Consumption Tax Dive.  […Abe needs to break from Finance Ministry orthodoxy.] 8-14-14
  4. Japan:  Tokyo Tax Cutters [Japanese leaders agree that lowering rates will boost growth 6-14-14
  5. Japan’s Corporate Tax Cut Opportunity.  [Tax reform would boost growth and reform Japan Inc.] 7-7-14
  6. Japan. “The Next Stage of Abenomics Is Coming.” [Make no mistake, Japan will emerge from economic contraction and carry out structural reforms.] by Shinzo Abe. 9-19-14
  7. Japan’s Wizards of Ease. [More QE can’t make up for fiscal and regulatory blunders.] 11-1-14
  8. Japan’s Keynesian Recession. [The familiar advice to spend more and raise taxes fails again.] 11-18-14
  9. Japan at the Brink. By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Japan’s multinationals adapt even as Abenomics falters.] 11-19-14
  10. Japan’s Gamble of ‘Womenomics.’” by Michael Auslin. [Abe’s drive to increase women in the workforce runs up against the need for higher birthrates.] 2-27-15
  11. Japan. “Abe Topples Japan Inc.” [A new consensus for corporate governance reform.] 6-3-15
  12. Japan. “Japan’s Peaceful Self-defense.” [A constitutional rewrite will advance security in the Pacific.] 7-18-15
  13. Japan. LTE. “Abe’s Prickly Nationalist World View.” 7-31-15
  14. Japan. “Abe’s Mixed Apology.” [Why it still matters if Japan whitewashes its war crimes.] 8-17-15
  15. Japan. LTE. “Different Countries, Different Views of Their Histories.” 8-24-15
  16. Japan. “Abenomics Sputters in Japan.” 11-17-15
  17. Japan. “The Bank of Japan Lays an Egg.” [Japan’s central bank loses credibility as it tries to crate inflation.] 12-21-15
  18. Japan. “A Japan-South Korea Breakthrough.” [An agreement on ‘comfort women’ will improve Asian security.] 12-30-15
  19. Japan. “Japan Goes Negative.” [A tacit admission that QE failed to spur the real economy.] 1-30-16
  20. Japan. “Japan’s Sharp Turn.” [The Foxconn takeover is a breakthrough for shareholder capitalism.] 3-31-16
  21. Japan. “The Yen Flashes Danger.” [Negative Interest rates appear to have backfired on Japan.] 4-15-16
  22. Japan. LTE. “Japan’s War Guilt, Atomic Bombs and Pearl Harbor.” 5-23-16
  23. Japan. LTE.  “Shed No Tears for Aggressive, Bloody Japan.”  6-3-16
  24. Japan. “Abe Gets a Third Chance.”  [His election victory offers another opening for labor-market reform.] 7-11-16
  25. Japan. “The Future of the Chrysanthemum Throne.”  By Michael Auslin.  8-9-16
  26. Japan. “The Smart Politics Behind Abe’s Visit to Pearl Harbor.”  By Michael Auslin.  [The Japanese leader knows he will need the U.S. to help restrain China, as other traditional allies go wobbly.]  12-27-16
  27. Japan. “A Friend for Trump in Asia.”  [Shinzo Abe’s Japan is America’s most vital security partner.]  12-28-16
  28. Japan. “Obsessing Over the Yen.” [Currencies are the wrong focus for the Trump-Abe talks.] 2-9-17
  29. Japan. “The U.S. – Japan Alliance of Hope.” By David Feith. [Shinzo Abe has cause for optimism as he joins Donald Trump for a round of golf at Mar-a-Lago.] 2-10-17
  30. Japan. “Nuclear Missiles Over Tokyo.”  [Accepting a nuclear North Korea probably means a nuclear Japan.]  8-30-17
  31. Japan. “Japan’s Electoral Drama Belies Its Stability.”  By Walther Russell Mead.  [Prime Minister Abe and his most serious rivals are in agreement on many key issues.]  10-3-17
  32. Japan. “Abe’s Big Win.”  [Japan’s prime minister now needs to pursue long-overdue reforms.]  10-23-17
  33. Japan. “Abe’s Trump Trade Pitch.” [Japan’s PM needs a reform victory that the U.S. can provide.] 4-17-18
  34. Japan. “Japan Wants Guest Workers.” [The aging nation is embracing foreigners out of economic need.] 6-21-18
  35. Japan.  “The Ghosn Inquisition.”  [The troubling arrest and firing of Nissan’s long-time executive.]  11-27-18
  36. Japan.  “Japan’s Immigration Harbinger.”  [The famously insular nation is admitting more foreign workers.]  12-6-18
  37. Japan.  “Japan Grows Nervous About the U.S.”  by Robert D. Kaplan.  [It fears China’s advance, America’s retreat and South Korea and Taiwan becoming compromised.]  3-1-19
  38. Japan.  “Land of the Rising Unease.”  “Japan’s economy shows signs of sputtering on the eve of a tax hike.]  4-5-19
  39. Japan.  “Japan Welcomes you With a Smile.”  By Jonathan Kolatch.  [Small, thoughtful conveniences make visiting a delight.]  4-12-19
  40. Japan. “China and Trump Are Making Japan Nervous.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Tokyo is committed to the Pacific alliance. Can Washington get its act together?] 9-17-19
  41. Japan. “Ghosn and Japan Inc. Can Make Up.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [There is plenty of disgrace to go around, which points to a possible plea deal.] 1-8-20
  42. Japan. “Japan’s VAT Blunder.” [A consumption-tax increase hits growth as coronavirus looms.] 2-18-20
  43. Japan. “The Central Bank That Ate Japan.” [The Bank of Japan buys the entire economy to fight Covid-19.] 4-28-20
  44. Japan.  “Shinzo Abe’s Legacy.”  [Japan’s longest-serving leader tried to make this country more normal.]   8-29-20
  45. Japan.  “Japan’s Biden Jitters.”  [From Tokyo, a pointed Taiwan question for the President-elect.]  12-29-20
  46. Japan.  “Japan Can Lift the Covid Cloud From the (Delayed) 2020 Olympics.”  By Jonathan Kolatch.  [Participants will be subject to strict controls – most of which vaccination has rendered unnecessary.]   3-9-21
  47. Japan.  “Japan’s Path to Growth And Stability In the Pacific.”  By Yoshihide Suga.  [We’re tackling problems caused by climate change and an aging population.]   4-15-21  (Mr. Suga is Japan’s Prime Minister.)
  48. Japan.  “More Hurdles Than People at Tokyo’s Dystopian Olympics.”  By Jonathan Kolatch.  [Japan builds a massive, confusing bureaucracy to make up for failing to vaccinate its population.]   7-23-21
  49. Japan.  “Tokyo Lobs the Ball Back at Beijing.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Japanese words and military spending issue a blunt reminder to China on Taiwan.]  7-27-21Japan.  “Aukus Is the Indo-Pacific Pact of the Future.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Imagine if Japan, India, Taiwan and the bloc swap tech and coordinate defense.]   9-28-21
  50. Japan.  “Japan’s Coming Defense Buildup.”  [With China in mind, Tokyo vows to double military spending.]   10-16-21
  51. Japan.  “The Toshiba Split:  A Farewell to Poor Japanese Management?”  by Joseph C. Sternberg. [Having shed inefficiencies since the 1990s, the corporate environment may be ready for reform.]   11-19-21
  52. Japan.  “Shinzo Abe and Japan’s Revival.”  [A U.S. ally, he tried to revitalize his country at home and abroad.]   7-9-22
  53. Japan.  “Shinzo Abe Cast Japan in a Leading Role on the Global Stage.”  By Michael Auslin.  [A product of the staid political elite, he used Western-style politicking to advance his country.]   7-9-22
  54. Japan.  Shinzo Abe Invented the ‘Indo-Pacific.’  By Matt Pottinger.  [He broadened the world’s view of Asia, much to the consternation of the Chinese Communist Party.]   7-11-22
  55. Japan.  “Japan Revives Nuclear Power.”   8-26-22
  56. Japan.  “Global Tensions Spur a Sea Change in Japan.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Public opinion polls show more than 60% support for higher military spending.]   11-29-22
  57. Japan.  “The Sleeping Japanese Giant Awakes.”  [Tokyo rolls out the most important shift in defense since WWII.]   12-17-22
  58. Japan.  “The U.S. Navy’s Stranded Lieutenant.”  [Harsh punishment after a tragic accident needs a bilateral solution.]   1-9-23
  59. Japan.  “Cementing the U.S.-Japan alliance.”  [Kishida visits the While House as both look to deter Xi Jinping.]   1-12-23
  60. Japan.  “Incredible Shrinking Japan.”  [The great country’s population has fallen for 12 years in a row.]   4-17-23
  61. Japan.  “As G-7 Host, Japan Schools the World.”  By Walter Russell Mead.   [The Indo-Pacific has replaced Europe as the central theater of global politics.]   5-23-23
  62. Japan.  “A New Era of U.S.-Japan Relations.”  By Rahm Emmanuel.  [Tokyo is revamping its defense, placing itself at the center of Washington’s regional alliance strategy.]   4-4-24
  63. Japan.  “Japan Knows the Ukraine Stakes.”  [Tokyo sees that a Russia victory may encourage Chinese imperialism.]  4-9-24


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