Biden, Joe (& Hunter)


  1. Biden.  “How Will Biden Govern?”  [By his own instincts, or the desires of his party’s progressives?]   1-20-21
  2. Biden.  “Can the New President Avoid Obama’s First-Term Mistake?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [The left will try to convince Biden he has a mandate for progressive change.  He doesn’t.]   1-20-21
  3. Biden.  “Joe Biden’s Inaugural Purge.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The firing of Peter Robb belies all the happy talk about unifying the country.]   1-22-21
  4. Biden.  “Biden’s First Week Was a Race to the Left.”  By Karl Rove.  [The new president’s actions don’t suggest he’s interested in bipartisan progress.]   1-28-21
  5. Biden.  “Biden, Claiming ‘Systemic Racism’ in Policing, Defies Science.”  By Jeffrey H. Anderson.  [A detailed new report shows no racial disparities in crimes committed versus arrests made.]   3-6-21
  6. Biden.  “The Immigration Unpresident.”  By Holman W.  Jenkins, Jr.  [If Joe Biden held a press conference, he could explain why there’s a border crisis.]  3-17-21
  7. Biden.  “Biden Abandons Normalcy.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Social media is about emotions, so politics now is about stopping the apocalypse.]   3-18-21
  8. Biden.  “Biden Lifts the Curtain.”  [He tees up an end to the Senate filibuster he supported for 50 years.]   3-26-21
  9. Biden.  “Joe Biden, Which Side Are You On?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [In Progressive World, everyone becomes a de facto member of the teachers union.] 4-1-21
  10. Biden. “Biden’s Election-Reform Deception.”  By Karl Rove.  [He has his facts wrong on Iowa and Georgia and applies standards inconsistently.]  4-1-21
  11. Biden.  “Biden, Georgia and the Beijing Olympics.”  [The President puts himself in a bind over athletic boycotts.]  4-5-21
  12. Biden.  “Joe Biden’s American Grandstand.”  By Lance Morrow.  [The president panders to the young, like the Dick Clark of 21st century statesmen.]  4-5-21
  13. Biden.  “Joe Biden at His Worst.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A combination of flattery and racial bullying convinces him he has a mandate.]  4-7-21
  14. Biden.  “Can Biden’s Resolve Weather Putin and Xi?”  by Walter Russell Mead.  [He needs to rally not only allies but dovish Democrats against Beijing and Moscow.]   4-13-21
  15. Biden.  “Why Biden Won’t Build Bridges to the GOP.”  By Karl Rove.  [A compromise on the American Jobs Plan would put Democrats in a dangerous spot.]   4-15-21
  16. Biden.  “Biden’s Strange New ‘Bipartisanship.’”  [In the new White House definition, no GOP votes in Congress are required.]   4-15-21
  17. Biden.  “The Joe Biden Mystery Dance.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [If there’s a strategy, it’s to inherit a boom and survive the left.]   4-28-21
  18. Biden.  “Biden’s Post-Trump Honeymoon.”  [He’s riding the end of the pandemic to pass a radical agenda.]   4-28-21
  19. Biden.  “The President’s Speech.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Stutterers are on stage every day, Joe Biden shows it is possible to persevere.]   5-3-21
  20. Biden.  “President Joe Sanders.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The vaccine patent decision is the latest example of Biden’s far-left governance.]  5-7-21
  21. Biden.  “Did Biden Peak on Inauguration Day?”  by Gerard Baker.  [Covid confusion, Mideast chaos and the threat of inflation – he doesn’t have many victories to point to.}   5-18-21
  22. Biden.  “Mr. President, Meet the Law.”  [Courts start to tell Biden he can’t rewrite federal law through executive action.]   6-18-21
  23. Biden.  “Biden’s Personal Touch Doesn’t Amount to a Foreign Policy.”  By Mike Watson.  [We no longer live in a world of monarchs who forge political alliances through marriage.]  6-18-21
  24. Biden Joe.  “Hunter Biden’s Secret Art Sale.”  [“…The art sale is a bad idea, full stop…”]   7-10-21
  25. Biden, Joe.  “The Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real.”  By Holman W. Jenkins.  [Our ‘newspapers of record’ become something else when they conspire to deny facts and hide truth.]   7-10-21
  26. Biden.  “Is Joe Biden Sinking?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [How long will he president’s old pals, moderate Democrats, hang on for the fall?”   7-29-21
  27. Biden.  “What Are Joe Biden’s Fixed Principles?”  by Joseph Epstein.  [A crisis reveals a president with little introspection and even less penetration into the world’s problems.]  8-26-21
  28. Biden.  “Joe Biden Bets on Cynicism.” By Wm. McGurn.  [Great presidents appeal to the better angels of our nature.  Not this one.]   8-31-21
  29. Biden. “Does Joe Biden Have Any Core Principles?”  by Gerard Baker.  [Leadership hasn’t been a hallmark of his long political career.  His real talent is following the herd.]  9-7-21
  30. Biden.  “Joe Biden (D., Socialist)”  by Daneil Henninger.  [He has said, ‘I am a capitalist’ and ‘ I am not a socialist.’  Both statements are false.]   9-23-21
  31. Biden.  “Who Wants to Buy Hunter Biden’s Art?”  [The congressman asking that question isn’t getting a response.]   9-23-21
  32. Biden.  “Vindication Over Hunter’s Emails.”  [Politico confirms the new York Post story the Bidens never denied.]   9-25-21
  33. Biden.  “Why Has Biden Surrendered to the Left?  By Karl Rove.  [There are three possible explanations, and they won’t help Democrats in 2022.]  10-7-21
  34. Biden.  “The Confusing Mr. Biden.”  [The President’s town hall performance is cause for concern.]   10-23-21
  35. Biden.  “How to Read Biden’s Plummeting Polls.”  By Wm. A. Galston.  [Independent voters wanted the president to unite the nation, not merely his party.]   10-27-21
  36. Biden.  “Prof. Biden and His Ambassadors.”  By Pau S. Levy.  [The University of Pennsylvania paid the future president more than $900,000.]   10-28-21
  37. Biden.  “How Adversaries Size Up Biden’s Worldview.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [He slaps vanity sanctions on would-be friends, playing into China’s hands.]   1-11-22
  38. Biden.  “Biden Follows the Trump Playbook.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [His Georgia speech’s demagoguery echoes his predecessor’s from just over a year ago.]   1-14-22
  39. Biden.  “Biden Goes for Broke.  He’s Broke.  Now What?”  by Gerard Baker.  [He could still push for bipartisan solutions, but his divisive first year makes it much harder.]   1-18-22
  40. Biden.  “No Course Correction for Joe Biden.”    1-20-22
  41. Biden.  “Biden Flails, Literally and Figuratively.”  By Kenneth L. Khachigian. [The opposite, in both style and substance, of Reagan’s calmly and confidently delivered message of unity.]  1-20-22
  42. Biden.  “How Kyiv Feels About a ‘Minor Incursion.’”  [Did Biden commit a blunder like Dean Acheson’s on Korea?]   1-21-22
  43. Biden.  “Biden’s Woes Seem Like Old Times.”   By Peggy Noonan.  [In 1972, he sized up his 63 year-old Senate opponent: ‘He’s tired.’  What goes around, comes around.]   1-22-22
  44. Biden.  “The New World Disorder.”  [Biden needs to unify the country in response to the growing threats.]  2-14-22
  45. Biden.  “The Unbearable Lightness of Biden.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [The man has no firm principles, which makes the country feel sadly leaderless.]   2-15-22
  46. Biden.  “Joe Biden Tells a Budget Whopper.”  [The President claims to be the greatest deficit cutter in history.]   3-3-22
  47. Biden.  “All the News That’s Finally Fit to Print.”  [Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, says the press that ignored the story in 2020.]   3-19-22
  48. Biden.  “Why the Biden Laptop Matters Now.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [A ‘newspaper of record’ rediscovers its seriousness in a serious time.]  3-23-22
  49. Biden.  “The President We Have.”  [Biden needs new advisers and help from congress versus Putin.]   3-28-22
  50. Biden.  “Biden’s Gaffes Grate on Voters.”  By Karl Rove.  [It’s unlikely he stops altogether, but he could at least quit his angry denial act.]   3-31-22
  51. Biden.  “Apologies for Hunter Biden.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Smeared in 2020, Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley can claim vindication in 2022.]   4-8-22
  52. Biden.  “Joe Biden Has a Presentation Problem.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Voters would be grateful if he stopped talking down to them and learned to be straightforward.]  4-23-22
  53. Biden.  “Biden’s Choice:  Carter or Truman.”  By Robert B. Zoellick.  [His presidency is going off the rails.  He needs to engineer a turnaround to get America out of its funk.]   5-23-22
  54. Biden.  “Breaking the Biden Age Taboo.”  [Democrats and the media suddenly discover the President is old.]  6-21-22
  55. Biden.  “The Beltway’s Case of Biden Remorse.”  [The folks who pushed his agenda now blame the President for failure.]   7-7-22
  56. Biden.  “Biden’s Problem Is Deeper Than Pessimism.”  By Ted Rall  [Like Jimmy Carter but unlike Barack Obama, he exudes a sense of hopelessness.]   7-15-22
  57. Biden.  “The 80s Called, They’re on Their Way for You, Mr. President.”  By Lance Morrow.  [I’m 82, Bob Dylan, who sang ‘Forever Young,’ is 81.  At our age, can Biden be serious about re-election.?]  7-16-22
  58. Biden.  “Has Biden Lost It?”  He Never Had It.”  By Gerard Maker.  [His presidency’s failure rests on a longstanding character flaw:  He follows the party wherever it goes.] 7-19-22
  59. Biden.  “President Biden Gets Covid.”  7-22-22
  60. Biden.  “Biden’s Dithering Irks White House Staff.”  By Tevi Troy.  [Aides are complaining that he lets decisions on big issues linger for a year or longer.]  7-26-22
  61. Biden.  “Biden Is Angry but Not Serious.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A president needs to rise to the occasion.  Yelling at opponents isn’t how to do it.]  9-6-22
  62. Biden.  “Biden Casts Himself as Maxwell Smart.”  By Gregg Opelka.  [Trump stars as Mr. Big, bringing KAOS to America.  Sorry about that, Chief.]   9-7-22
  63. Biden.  “Less ‘Joe,’ More ‘Mr. President.’”  By Fay Vincent.  [Because of his office, he has a duty to rise above vulgarity.]   10-19-22
  64. Biden.  “Biden’s Missing Democracy Pages.”  [The President left out a few things in his speech.  Here are suggestions.]  11-4-22
  65. Biden.  “Biden Turns 80, Eyeing Six More Years.”  [What’s the age limit for tussling with Xi Jinping?  Democrats owe the country a 2024 debate.]   11-19-22
  66. Biden.  “Hunter Biden and News Suppression.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Only America has its hands over its eyes concerning certain actions of the FBI.]   1-11-23
  67. Biden.  “Biden’s Classified Document Stash.”  [A sauce for the gander moment that makes charging Trump harder.]   1-11-23
  68. Biden.  “The Biden Document Payback.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Democrats stoked the Trump bonfire for years. Now it’s put them in political hell.]   1-19-23
  69. Biden.  “Biden Bets It All on Republican Failure.”  By Karl Rove.  [His overconfidence hides a weak hand.  His only hope is that the GOP’s is weaker.]   1-19-23
  70. Biden.  “The ‘No Regrets’ Presidency.”  [Justice finally does a search and finds more classified material.]   1-23-23
  71. Biden.  “Hunter Claims His Laptop.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [And asks his dad’s government to target his critics.]   2-3-23
  72. Biden.  “Don’t Blame Karine Jean-Pierre.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [She didn’t give us the documents scandal.  Joe Biden and Merrick Garland did.]  2-7-23
  73. Biden.  “Joe Biden Is Bernie Sanders.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Democrats thought a socialist couldn’t win in 2020. Well, they’ve got one for 2024.]   2-9-23
  74. Biden.  “President Biden and the Science of Aging.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Why are some 90-year-olds sharp while those 10 years their junior aren’t?  Look to the telomeres.]   3-13-23
  75. Biden.  “Biden Meddles in Israeli Politics.”  [He lectures Netanyahu on judicial reform while staying silent on Iran.]   3-30-23
  76. Biden.  “Frail or Forceful, Biden Keeps Stumbling.”  By Karl Rove.  [His refusal to bend on the debt doesn’t make his deterioration look better – maybe worse.]   4-20-23
  77. Biden.  “Biden’s Second-Term Mistake.”  [Age is only one of he reasons the President shouldn’t run again.]   4-22-23
  78. Biden.  “Joe Biden and the 51 spies of 2020.”  [His campaign helped gin up the disinformation about Hunter’s laptop.]   4-24-23
  79. Biden.  “Bien’s ‘Four More Years’ Sounds Like a Prison Term.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Only 1 in 4 Americans want him to run again.  Even among Democrats less than half do.]   4-25-23
  80. Biden.  “Joe Biden Plays Dice With the U.S.”  by Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Then again, if you crave a second Trump term, the president is working hard for you.]   4-26-23
  81. Biden.  “Biden’s Early Announcement Isn’t a Sign of Confidence.”  By Jason L.  Riley.  [If he were sure of his prospects, he’d hold off while Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are fighting.]   4-26-23
  82. Biden.  “Biden Once Endorsed ‘Wacko’ Ideas About Spending.”  By Chris  Jacobs.  [During the 1984-85 debt-ceiling debate, he backed an overall freeze and a suspension of tax indexing.]   4-26-23
  83. Biden.  “’My son Has Done Nothing Wrong.’”  [The President sends an in appropriate signal to the Justice department.]   5-8-23
  84. Biden.  “It’s Long Past Morning In Biden’s America.”  By Kenneth L. Khachigian.  [The president tries to mimic Reagan’s re-election campaign but produces something old and dark.]   5-8-23
  85. Biden.  “The Biden Family Business.”  [A House report shows how Hunter and relatives profited while Joe was Vice President.]   5-11-23
  86. Biden.  “Biden’s 2020 CIA Assist.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The agency, not only retirees turns out to have worked on the Hunter excuse letter.]   5-12-23
  87. Biden.  “Biden’s Bleak Story About Race in America Is False.” By Gerard Baker.  [His warnings of ‘white supremacy’ would suit 1960 Alabama.  In 2023 they’re merely demagogic.]  5-16-23
  88. Biden.  “The Hunter Biden Business.”  [Joe’s son cuts a plea deal for minor offenses that will keep him out of jail.]   6-21-23
  89. Biden.  “Biden’s Spy Balloon Brouhaha.”  [He turns an apologia for Xi Jinping into a diplomatic gaffe.]   6-22-23
  90. Biden.  “The Hunter Biden Whistle Blowers.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [IRS agents say the Justice Department hindered their probe of the president’s son.]   6-23-23
  91. Biden.  “The Whistleblower’s Biden Tune.  [Gary Shapley’s testimony will be hard for Democrats to ignore.]   6-23-23
  92. Biden.  “Joe Biden’s ‘Malarkey’ Defense.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Amid new evidence, the president simply reprises his Hunter strategy from 2020.]   6-27-23
  93. Biden.  “Throw Hunter’s Plea in the Trash.”  By Eileen J. O’Connor.  [The IRS whistleblowers say Justice sabotaged the investigation, so how can the agreement stand?]   6-28-23
  94. Biden.  “Biden II:  Hollywood Searches for the Plot.”  By Karl Rove.  [A legendary producer says age can be a strength.  But politics doesn’t allow retakes.]  6-29-23
  95. Biden.  “Trump Is Saving Joe From Huntergate.”   By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [With these two front-runners, the 2024 debates could be hosted by codependents anonymous.]  7-1-23
  96. Biden.  “Calling Hunter Prosecutor David Weiss.”  [House investigators have some questions for the U.S Attorney.]   7-3-23
  97. Biden.  “Hunter Biden’s Smear Strategy.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The president’s son launches an attack against the IRS whistleblowers.]   7-7-23
  98. Biden.  “The ‘Ongoing Investigation’ Dodge.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [In the handling of the Hunter Biden case, all we know for sure is that someone is lying.]   7-11-23
  99. Biden.  “Hunter’s Prosecutor Keeps Dodging.”  7-11-23
  100. Biden.  “Joe From Scranton Loses His Authenticity.”  By Karl Rove.  [The kind, folksy everyman he ran as in 2020 wouldn’t shun his granddaughter.]   7-13-23Biden.  “The Hunter Biden Whistleblowers.”  [The IRS agents are under oath in public.  Will Garland respond?]   7-20-23
  101. Biden.  “The Tragedy of Hunter Biden and the Daughter He’s Never Met.”  By Lance Morrow.  [The first family’s travails could be the plot of an ancient Greek myth about power and patrimony.]   7-24-23
  102. Biden.  “Hunter Biden’s Bargain Plea.” By Wm. McGurn.  [Does anyone still believe Joe’s claim he never discussed his son’s business?]  7-25-23
  103. Biden.  “You’d Go to Prison for What Hunter Biden Did.”  By Eileen J. O’Connor.  [In reaching his plea deal, the Justice Department violated every norm in the tax-enforcement book.]   7-26-23
  104. Biden.  “Hunter Biden’s Pleas Deal Implodes.”  [A wrist slap that was supposed to end the scandal backfires.]  7-27-23
  105. Biden.  “Hunter’s Sweetheart Plea Deal.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Justice Department officials didn’t count on IRS whistleblowers or a skeptical judge.]   7-28-23
  106. Biden.  “A Special Counsel For Hunter Biden.”  By Joseph Ziegler.  [The Justice Department obstructed the IRS probe of the president’s son.]   7-28-23
  107. Biden.  “Hunter Biden Is a Geopolitical Disaster.”  By Holman Wo. Jenkins, Jr.  [His Ukraine dealings corrupted our government, impeached a president, and may have prefigured a war.]   7-29-23
  108. Biden.  “Hunter, FARA and Unequal Justice.  [A bad law used against Trump associates now haunts Joe Biden’s son.]  7-31—23
  109. Biden.  “Devon Archer Throws a Curve.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Joe Biden’s denials about Hunter are now disproven.  What will he say in the debates?”]  8-1–23
  110. Biden.  “Hunter Was Selling the Biden ‘Brand.’”  [Devon Archer confirms that the President’s son was influence-peddling.]   8-1–23
  111. Biden.  “Devon Archer’s Full Biden Story.”  [VP Biden mixed the family business with his Ukraine diplomacy.]   8-4-23
  112. Biden.  “A Not-So-Special Counsel for Hunter.”  [Merrick Garland belly flops again into the 2020 election campaign.]   8-12-23
  113. Biden.  “David Weiss Should Resign.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The Delaware U.S. attorney should never have been named special counsel.]]   8-22-23
  114. Biden. “The Threat to Make Joe Biden Testify.”  [Hunter’s attorney said he’d turn any trial into a constitutional crisis.]   8-22-23
  115. Biden.  “Call Sign: President robinware456.”  8-31-23
  116. Biden.  “Biden Plays Disaster Politics.”  By Kimberley A. Strassell.  [If he succeeds, the result would be truly catastrophic for the Republican Party.]    9-8-23
  117. Biden.  “Biden’s Fibs Are a 20th-Century Throwback.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [They’re cinematic, as befits a politician who came of age during Hollywood’s golden era.]  9-9-23
  118. Biden.  “Questions About Biden Are Real Even if Trump Asks Them.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The Washington Post engages in weak jiu-jitsu in change the subject from Hunter’s influence racket.]  9-9-23
  119. Biden.  “Impeaching Joe Biden.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A proper inquiry is a road back from Nancy Pelosi’s cutting every corner to get Trump.]   9-12-23
  120. Biden.  Hunter.  “Hunter Biden May Face a Big Tax Bill.”  By Eileen J O’Connor.  [If he willfully filed a false return, the statute of limitations isn’t enough] to get him off the hook.]    9-28-23
  121. Biden, Hunter.  “Moving the Hunter Goal Posts.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The president’s defense keeps changing as new evidence emerges.]   11-3-23
  122. Biden.  “Kamala Harris Is Biden’s No. 2 Problem.”  By Peggy Noonan. [Meanwhile, Republicans need to winnow the field to Donald Trump, Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.]  11-11-23
  123. Biden.  “Joe Biden Turns 81 Years Old.”  [Running for re-election in his condition is an act of profound selfishness.]   11-18-23
  124. Biden.  “Joe Biden’s Unpopularity Isn’t a Misunderstanding.”  By Jason L. Riley.  “The White House tries to spin voters into thinking they’re better off than they were under Trump.]   11-22-23
  125. Biden.  “Hunter Biden’s Missing ‘Services.’”  By Kimbrley A. Strassel.  [A bank examiner raised concerns about the president’s son’s account in 2018.]  12-1-23
  126. Biden.  “The Hunter Biden Saga continues.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [The Souse will vote on whether to open an impeachment inquiry into the president.]   12-5-23
  127. Biden.  “Hunter Biden’s Taxes and the Law.”  [The nine charges are substantial with much supporting evidence.]   12-9-23
  128. Biden.  “Victory Seems Not to Be an Option for Biden.”  By Garry Kasparov. [The Afghan pullout set a precedent for weakness in Ukraine and the Middle East.]   12-11-23
  129. Biden.  “Joe, We Knew Ye.”  By Olman W Jenkins, Jr.  [If Biden hands the presidency to Trump, Buchanan will rise one notch in the rankings.]   12-13-23
  130. Biden.  “The Path to Biden Impeachment.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [A formal inquiry is under way.  Whether it’s well-advised remains to be seen.]  12-15-23
  131. Biden.  “The Optimist’s Case for Biden Falters.”  By Wm. A. Galston. [His disapproval rating has risen to over 55%, and he’s losing to Trump in most polls.]   12-20-23
  132. Biden.  “The Democrat Who Says Biden Can’t Win.”  (The Weekend Interview with Dean Phillips by Kyle Peterson.)  [The president’s primary challenger believes the 81 year-old incumbent is a sure loser in a rematch against Donald Trump.]  12-23-23
  133. Biden.  “Hunter Comes Home to Roost.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Joe Biden managed to escape scrutiny for his son’s business in 2020.  Not this time.]   12-29-23
  134. Biden.  “The Contempt of Hunter Biden.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Why not the same standard for the president’s son we had for Steve Bannon.]   1-9-24
  135. Biden, Hunter.  “Unter Biden, Kevin Morris and Layers’ Ethics.”  By Darin R. Bartram.  [The attorney’s ‘loans’ to the president’s son raise questions the California Bar should take seriously.]   1-30-24
  136. Biden.  “Why Is Biden Running?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Too late, the media begins asking whether Joe is throwing the country under a bus.]   1-31-24
  137. Biden.  “Biden’s Doddering Document Defense.”  [The special counsel says a jury might not convict the elderly president.]   2-9-24
  138. Biden.  “A Tipping Point on Biden’s Decline.” [Will Democrats ignore the growing risks of his mental frailties?]   2-10-24
  139. Biden.  “Robert Hur and Double Standards.”  [This is nothing like James Comey’s clearing of Hillary Clinton.]   2-10-24
  140. Biden.  “Joe Biden’s Smartest Decision.”   By Wm McGurn.  [So long as Kamala Harris keeps her job, the president will be on the 2024 ticket.]   2-13-24
  141. Biden.  “’My Memory Is Fine’:  Another Unforgettable Denial of Reality.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Biden aides’ fury with special counsel Robert Hur proves that they know his observations hit the mark.]    2-13-24
  142. Biden.  “Robert Hur’s Report Is the Work of a Consummate Professional.”  By John Sciortino.  [Justice Department rules require prosecutors to take stock of whether they can convince a jury of guilt.]   2-13-24
  143. Biden.  “Let’s See the Biden-Hur Transcript.”  2-14-24
  144. Biden.  “The Real Reason Biden Won’t Quit.”  By Kenneth L. Khachigian.  [If you enjoyed the perks and trappings of he presidency, would you drop out?]   2-15-24
  145. Biden.  “Biden’s Memory Problems, and Mine.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Anyone over 80 knows the feeling of reaching for a fact or a name and coming up with nothing.   2-14-24
  146. Biden.  “Tony Bobulinski and the Biden Business.”  [Hunter’s former partner tells Congress how Joe & Co. sold influence.]   2-20-24
  147. Biden.  “Biden Rewrites ‘An American Tragedy.’”  By Arthur Herman.  [He pledged to unify the nation but squandered his opportunity, dividing and weaking the country.]   2-21-24
  148. Biden.  “Hunter Shows Joe Is No Longer in Control of the Plot.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [The antics of the first son and his Hollywood bankroller aren’t helping public confidence.]  2-24-24
  149. Biden.  “The Biden Family Depositions.”  [What we learned from the 450 pages of testimony with Hunter and James.]   3-4-24
  150. Biden.  “Thee’s Life in the Old Boy Yet.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Biden’s State of the Union showed energy and focus, though he blurred some words and thoughts.]   3-10-24
  151. Biden.  “Joe Biden, Old Yeller.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [He now has two faces he shows in public:  diminished old man and angry president.]   3-12-24
  152. Biden.  “Robert Hur and the Hacks.”  [“…Mr. Biden denounced the idea that he had trouble recollecting past events…”]  3-13-24
  153. Biden.  “Tony Bobulinski:  Joe Biden Was ‘the Brand.’”  [Excerpts from the written testimony of Hunter Biden’s business partner.]  3-20-24
  154. Biden.  “Unflattering FDR Analogies for Biden.”  By Fay Vincent.  [Why did Roosevelt refuse to sign a law against lynching.]   4-1-24
  155. Biden.  “Hunter Biden’s Legal Collapse.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Donald Trump likely won’ be the only one in court in the next couple of months.]   4-5-24
  156. Biden.  “Joe Biden’s Long Career of Conformity.”  By Barton Swaim.  [All politicians adjust their views, but the president’s malleability is the most notable thing ab out him.]   4-9-24
  157. Biden.  “Biden Has a ‘Very Fine People’ moment.”  By Alan M, Dershowitz and Andrew Stein.  [He condemns ‘the antisemitic protests,’ then mumbles words of equivocation.]   4-24-24
  158. Biden.  “The George Costanza Presidency.”  By Allysia Finley.  [With each expedient act, from climate policy to the Mideast, Joe Biden digs a deeper hole for himself.]   5-13-24

Jimmy Carter Is Redeemed

  1. Emmett Tyrrell | Aug 21, 2021| Commentary|

Looking back on the contradictory pronunciamentos uttered by President Joe Biden so solemnly over the last few months on the subject of Afghanistan, what has struck me is how inane they show him to be. When he was affirming that everything in Kabul, Afghanistan, was hunky-dory or when he was sounding the alarm, he was inane. His statements were vacuous. How did this man become president of the United States?

Oh, I know he was up against an amazingly weak field of candidates. For a period of time some of the candidates even competed with each other in using the F-word. They used it for emphasis and to convey sincerity, while campaigning for the highest office in the land. Actually, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand won that competition, relying on variations of the F-word on at least four occasions along with lesser gutter terms. Poor Beto O’Rourke could not compete with her in gutter lingo, but he did come in second in the competition with the F-word. He summoned the courage to use it twice, once on national television. Bravo, Beto! Biden never used the word, my research staff tells me, though his wife used it. Jill Biden was defending her husband against Kamala Harris, who was then a candidate for president. Biden reportedly told candidate Harris “Go f—- yourself.” Jill is really sincere.

In reviewing Biden’s recent statements, I see that he has apparently given up plagiarism, at least for a while. Though at a moment like this in Afghanistan, it might help if he filched a line or two from Winston Churchill or Charles de Gaulle. As president, Biden has failed at everything he has tried except sartorially. He looks like a statesman. Unfortunately, he is a dud. The former CIA head and former President Barack Obama’s secretary of Defense, Bob Gates, took Biden’s measure years ago when he wrote in his memoirs that “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades.” Ever since Bill Casey headed CIA, I have kept an eye on Gates. Casey told me he was going to be a prodigy, and he has not let us down. While he was at the CIA, I visited with him regularly. He is incapable of coming to an unintelligent conclusion. Why is Bob in retirement and 78-year-old Biden still holding forth, this time from the White House?

When Biden came into the White House a few months ago, the country was struggling with the pandemic, but otherwise it was in pretty good shape. In fact, it seemed we even had the pandemic about under control. Former President Donald Trump handled Warp Speed quite well. The economy was humming along, and unemployment was under control. In fact, Black unemployment was at record lows, and it looked like Blacks might be facing a new reality, not Black unemployment but Black prosperity brought on by the bountifulness of capitalism.

Yet suburban women had decided that they did not like the former president’s manners. His language appalled them. What they thought of Gillibrand’s and O’Rourke’s language I do not know, but they were appalled by Trump. Well, the suburban women and the never-Trumpers were successful at the ballot box. Trump is gone. What do the ladies and the never-Trumpers think of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens sauntering across our southern border, often with COVID-19? How do they like the news from the Democratic-controlled cities? What do they think about higher prices in the stores and the news of inflation? And what about Afghanistan? On all these matters Biden has no solution. He even pretends they are not his problem. What he really wants to do is outspend the New Deal. That will be his achievement in history. He outspent Franklin Delano Roosevelt while Afghanistan fell and our alliances unraveled.

Biden was elected with a very small majority. He has no mandate. You would think he was elected by a Rooseveltian landslide. He promises an expanded government that would make the old New Dealers jealous. His every move is a prelude to disaster. He is the most ineffectual president in my lifetime. Carter is redeemed. Obama is forgiven. And here is how he exonerated himself Saturday as the Taliban roared into Kabul, “One more year, or five more years, of U.S. military presence would not have made a difference if the Afghan military cannot or will not hold its own country.” At the time, the Afghans were still fighting.

  1. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator. He is a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and the author most recently of “The Death of Liberalism,” published by Thomas Nelson Inc.