Keystone Pipeline

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  1. Hillary:  “Clinton on Keystone”  6-17-14
  2. Keystone . “Alaska’s Lessons for the Keystone XL Pipeline.” By Stephen Moore [Environmentalists say the new pipeline will be a disaster. We lived through these scare tactics before.]   9-24-14
  3. Keystone Pipline. “Home-Team Advantage.” [Canada replies to Obama’s Keystone XL pipeline snub.] 10-10-14
  4. Keystone. “Mary Landrieu’s Keystone Lifeline.” [Harry Reid’s gambit to deny Republicans a 54th Senate seat. ] 11-14-14
  5. Keystone.   Obama. “President Congeniality.” 1-7-15
  6. Keystone. “The Last Keystone Excuse.” [A Nebraska court decision means Obama is out of fig leaves.] 1-10-15
  7. Keystone.   “The Keystone Contribution.”  [The Senate has an open debate and, lo, it gets something done.] 2-2-15
  8. Keystone. “President Veto.” [The Keystone veto is not a governing strategy but an act of isolation.] 2-25-15
  9. Keystone. “The Keystone Copout.” [Nothing Obama says to justify his pipeline veto is true.] 3-7-15
  10. Keystone. “Clinton’s Keystone Kill.” [Hillary wants to limit Biden’s running room on the left.] 9-24-15
  11. Keystone Pipeline. “A Keystone Resurrection.”  [Trump should drop his royalties demand and revive this job creator.]  11-12-16
  12. Keystone Pipeline. “Keystone XL on the Cusp.”  [“Unfounded pipeline alarmism has stymied this project for years, and it would be a pity if …dishonest tacti succeeded again.”]  11-22-17
  13. Keystone Pipeline.   “North Dakota’s Pipeline Payoff.”  [Six months later, the Dakota Access Pipeline proves its value.]  12-30-17
  14. Keystone Pipeline. “A Judicial Keystone Kop.”  [The anti-Trump legal resistance expands to the oil pipeline.]  11-14-18
  15. Keystone Pipeline.   “Biden’s Keystone Pipeline Kill.”  [On his first day he insults Canada and ends thousands of jobs.]  1-21-21


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