Opinion Headlines

  1. Conservatives. “Mugged in Milwaukee.” [Misguided federalism perpetuates civil-rights violations in Wisconsin.] 9-27-14
  2. Conservatives. “How Wisconsin Prosecutors Became Campaign Partisans.” [Their raids on conservatives have chilled political speech and amount to a huge donation to Democrats.] 9-20-14
  3. Conservatives. “A Nobel Economist’s Caution About Government.” By Donald J. Boudreaux et. al. [Friedrich Hayek warned that intervening can make things worse. ObamaCare, and Dodd-Frank, anyone?] 10-13-14
  4. Conservatives.  “A GOP Strategy Begins to Emerge.” By Kimberley Strassel. [Congressional leaders will use coalitions to achieve small wins. Conservatives may not be satisfied.] 12-19-14
  5. Conservatives. “Jeb Bush and the Right.” [His ideas aren’t a problem, but is he ready to fight for the job?] 12-17-14
  6. Conservatives.   “Wisconsin Targets the Media.” [A secret political speech probe looked into radio talk-show hosts.] 12-22-14
  7. Conservatives. “Online Political Opinions Don’t Need Regulating.” By Lee E. Goodman. [YouTube videos expressing conservative views are an exercise of free speech, not a reason to rein in the Internet.] 1-2-15
  8. Conservatives. LTE. “ ‘Culture Wars’ Are Over and the Secular Left Has Won.” 1-6-15
  9. Conservatives. “A Reaganaut Who Made a Difference.” By Edwin J. Feulner. [Economist and political scientist Martin Anderson helped define modern conservatism.] 1-7-15
  10. Conservatives. “Huckabee’s Revival Meeting.” [The social conservative needs a broader message than he had in 2008.] 1-7-15
  11. Conservatives. “Indiana’s Libertarian Moment.” By William McGurn. [Christian conservatives aren’t the only defenders of religious free-association law.] 4-7-15
  12. Conservatives. “The ‘Conservative PACs Trolling for Your Money.” By Matt Lewis. [Draft Allen West! Get Condi into the game! They’re not on board with these efforts, but fundraisers don’t care.] 5-8-15
  13. Conservatives. “The Tory Lesson for America.” [British voters choose growth over income redistribution.] 5-9-15
  14. Conservatives. “Triumph, Despair and Revenge at the British Ballot Box.” By Ian Birrell. [Conservatives pull off a stunning victory as pollsters underestimate voter fears of an ultra-liberal alliance.] 5-9-15
  15. Conservatives. “The Liberals Won the War.” Bookshelf by Tod Lindberg. Book review of “A War for the Soul of America.” By Andrew Hartman, Chicago, 274 pages, $30.00. [Conservatives were correct in perceiving a broad attack on traditional values – but their defense of those values has been a failure.] 6-5-15
  16. Conservatives. “The Capitalist as the Ultimate Philanthropist.” By Andy Kessler. [The Ford Foundation vows to fight inequality but will have a hard time beating Henry’ example.] 6-25-15
  17. Conservatives. [The Weekend Interview with Arthur Brooks] “Playing the Music of Capitalism.” by William McGurn. [The leader of Washington’s hottest think tank says that to become a majority again conservatives need to reassert the moral case for free markets.] 7-11-15
  18. Conservatives. Bookreview by Walter Russell Mead. “Calling All Happy Warriors.” “The Conservative Heart. By Arthur C. Brooks.”   [Liberal victories make conservatives cranky. That makes them less persuasive – and that leads to liberal victories. It’s a vicious circle. 7-17-15
  19. Conservatives. “Free Speech Liberation Day.” [Wisconsin’s Supreme Court shuts down an illegal campaign against conservatives.” 7-17-15
  20. Conservatives. “The Wisconsin Targets Tell Their Story.” By Colin Levy. [After victory in court, conservative activists talk on the record for the first time about their 21-month ordeal.] 7-23-15
  21. Conservatives. LTE. [Wisconsin Conservatives] “Events that Might Have Taken Place in East Germany.” 7-29-15
  22. Conservatives. “A Trump Education for the Right.” [Conservatives who indulged him now claim to be embarrassed.] 8-10-15
  23. Conservatives. “Zombie Prosecutors.” [Wisconsin’s John Doe harassers try to rise from the legal dead.] 8-19-15
  24. Conservatives. “Hey, Conservatives, You Won.” By Daniel Henninger. [“…The College Board’s rewritten 2015 teaching guidelines are almost a model of political fair-mindedness. This isn’t just an about-face. It is an important political event…”] 8-27-15
  25. Conservatives. “We ‘the Sheeple.’” [New evidence that partisanship drove Wisconsin’s John Doe.] 8-28-15
  26. Conservatives. “The March of Foolish Things.” (The Weekend Interview with Thomas Sowell) by Kyle Peterson. [The conservative sage on the decline of intellectual debate, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and what the welfare state has done to black America.] 9-5-15
  27. Conservatives. “More Secret Wisconsin Emails.” [How investigators targeted conservative Supreme Court Justices.] 9-17-15
  28. Conservatives. “Boehner’s Conservative Legacy.” By Karl Rove. [The speaker achieved far more than his GOP critics have with their shutdown strategy.] 10-1-15
  29. Conservatives. LTE. “Conservative Voters Seek a Trustworthy Party.” 10-24-15
  30. Conservatives. “John Doe Goes to Washington.” [Wisconsin’s illegal probe went after national conservative figures.] 10-27-15
  31. Conservatives. “Ryan’s House Revival Project.” [To restrain government, conservatives need to restore Congress.] 10-29-15
  32. Conservatives. LTE. “The Illusion of Being Too Conservative to Win.” 11-18-15
  33. Conservatives. “Mr. Schmitz Is Terminated.” [Many people may soon find they were targets of the secret probe.] [Wisconsin] 12-3-15
  34. Conservatives. “Vast Right – Wing Conspiracy 2.0” (“Bookshelf” by George Melloan: “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer) [The Kochs host public-policy seminars, fund political groups and back candidates. Are they really such a danger to the republic?] 1-19-16
  35. Conservatives. LTE. “Conservatives Must Show Moral Imagination.” 1-22-16
  36. Conservatives. “Bill Buckley’s Lesson for Today’s Conservatives.” By Neal B. Freeman. [Fifty years ago with the debut of ‘Firing Line,’ the nation discovered a new brand of conservatism that was intellectually rigorous, positive and…fun.] 2-27-16.
  37. Conservatives. Bookshelf by Jonathan Marks. “Elephants on the Quad.” “Passing on the Right” by Jon A. Shields and Joshua M. Dunn Sr. [“Conservatives have good reason to view American universities as hostile territory…”] 4-4-16
  38. Conservatives. Economy. “Bernie’s Spinal Surgery on CEOs.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [A few firms are finally standing up to defend themselves from the left’s nonstop attacks.] 4-15-16
  39. Conservatives.   Education. LTE. “Promoting Intellectual Diversity on Campus.” 4-29-16
  40. Conservatives. LTE. “Reaganism Will Endure Because of Its Sound Values.” 5-9-16
  41. Conservatives. “Hillary: The conservative Hope.” By Bret Stephens. [The right can survive liberal presidents. Trump will kill its best ideas for a generation.] 5-10-16
  42. Conservatives. “The IRS’s Ugly Business as Usual.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [How much has really changed, a judge asks. Answer: not much. The scandal goes on] 5-20-16
  43. Conservatives. “Saving Speaker Ryan.”  [His conservative critics don’t seem to mind if Republicans lose the House majority.]  6-8-16
  44. Conservatives. “Exxon’s Inquisitors Feel the Heat.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Court filings reveal the true aim of this ‘fraud’ case;  silencing conservatives.]  6-17-16
  45. Conservatives. “Another Attorney General for the conservative Legal Army.”  By Fred Barnes.  [The Missouri GOP primary could determine whether the fight against federal overreach gains strength.]  7-16-16
  46. Conservatives.  Economy. “Indiana Growth Model.”  [The Daniels-Pence record is a lesson in conservative reform.]  7-21-16
  47. Conservatives. “The Closing of the American Mind.”  By Charles Koch.  [There are dangerous signs that the U.S. is turning its back on the principles of a free and open society that fostered the nation’s rise.]  7-22-16
  48. Conservatives. LTE.  “Koch, Closing Minds and the Bank Bailouts.”  7-29-16
  49. Conservatives. “The Heulskamp Mistake.”  [Why did a conservative lose in one of the most conservative districts??]  8-4-16
  50. Conservatives. LTE.  “Mr. Koch Should Practice What He Preaches on Speech.”  8-5-16
  51. Conservatives. “Hannity’s Veneration of Ignorance.”  By Bret Stephens.  [The right’s political huckster gives Al Sharpton a run for his money.]  8-9-16
  52. Conservatives. Crime. “Why Koch Industries ‘Banned the Box’.”  By Mark V. Holden.  [Rejecting job applicants with criminal records is bad for America and those in need of a second chance.]  8-18-16
  53. Conservatives. “Phyllis Schlafly.” [She did liberals a favor by defeating the Equal Rights Amendment.] 9-7-16
  54. Conservatives. “Notable & Quotable:  Whither Conservatism”  [“Historian George H. Nash, author of “The conservative Intellectual Movement in America since 1945,” in the September issue of the New Criterion:”] 9-15-16
  55. Conservatives. “Warning:  This Article Is Educational.”  [You Tube thinks Dennis Prager’s videos may be dangerous.”  10-20-16
  56. Conservatives. “Conservatism’s Last Line of Defense.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [Dozens of Republican attorneys general may prove a powerful check on the next president.]  11-8-16
  57. Conservatives. “What Trump Got That Romney didn’t.”  by Peggy Noonan.  [Ideology isn’t enough to provide the unity America needs.]  12-10-16Conservatives. “Tom Sowell, a Fearless Contrarian, Puts Down the Pen.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The 86-year-old economist asked questions others didn’t and wrote the answers in plain English.]  1-4-17
  58. Conservatives. “Washington Still Reels From the Quake of 2016.” By Peggy Noonan. [From the White House’s empty offices to overly giddy CPAC, everyone seems a little lost.] 2-25-17
  59. Conservatives. “Sweden Blacklists an Antiabortion Midwife.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Ellinor Grimmark found the ‘opinion corridor’ was too narrow to make room for her Christian faith.] 4-10-2017
  60. Conservatives. “In Praise of the Establishment.” [Justice Gorsuch was vetted and confirmed by a political elite.] 4-11-17
  61. Conservatives. “How Heritage Went Wrong.”  [The think tank abandoned ideas for political muscle.]  5-3-17
  62. Conservatives. “Are you Sitting Down?  [John Manning, the new dean of Harvard Law, is a conservative.]  6-7-17
  63. Conservatives. “The Conservative ‘Resistance’ Is Futile.”  By David Gelernter.  [The right has never made one significant move against the liberal culture machine.]  7-6-17
  64. Conservatives. “Conservatives For Criminal Justice Reform.”  By Grover Norquist.  [You don’t hear about it much, but 31 mostly red states have reduced crime and imprisonment.]  9-27-17
  65. Conservatives. “Is ‘Classical Liberalism’ Conservative?  By Yoram Hazony.  [Trump didn’t divide the right.  Centuries-old philosophical divisions have re-emerged.]  10-14-17
  66. Conservatives. “Heritage at True North.”  [Change of leadership to Kay Coles James.]  12-22-17.
  67. Conservatives. “Was William F. Buckley a Populist?” by Alvin S. Felzenberg. [Not quite. He disliked the liberal elite mostly because it was liberal.] 2-27-18
  68. Conservatives. “That Trump CPAC Speech.” By Daniel Henninger. [This is conservatism that is radical, private sector and obsessed with creating work.] 3-1-18
  69. Conservatives. Libertarians. “No, Libertarians Don’t All Have Autism.” By Mathieu Vaillancourt. [A Duke historian resorts to ignorant, ugly stereotyping.] 3-1-18
  70. Conservatives. “A Hillary Staffer Goes to CPAC.” By Annafi Wahed. [‘Try not to get killed,’ a friend warned. But OI was greeted with open arms.] 3-2-18
  71. Conservatives.   “The Dark Side of the Enlightenment.” By Yoram Hazony. [Today’s advocates oversell the benefits of unfettered reason. They dismiss the contributions of tradition, religion and nationalism to human progress.] 4-7-18
  72. Conservatives. “When Governments Refuse to Choose.” By Joseph C. Sternberg. [The U.K. attempted the ‘conservative’  alternative to Paul Ryan. The results haven’t been pretty.] 4-13-18
  73. Conservatives.  “The Trashing of George Mason U.”  [The left gangs up on the school for having conservative professors.]  5-12-18
  74. Conservatives.  “Jordan Peterson and Conservatism’s Rebirth.”  By Yoram Hazony.  [The psychologist and YouTube star has brought the concepts of order and tradition back to our intellectual discourse.]  6-16-18
  75. Conservatives.  “How Conservatives Won the Law.”  (The Weekend Interview with Steven Teles  by Jason Willick)  [A liberal political scientist recounts the rise of the Federalist Society – and explains his sympathy for some of its ideas.]  7-21-18
  76. Conservatives.  “The Never Conservatives.”  [The Kavanaugh fight isn’t about Trump.  We’re all deplorables now.]  10-4-18
  77. Conservatives.  “Conservatism and Populism Go Back Centuries.”  By Peter Berkowitz.  [Since Burke took on the French Revolution, they’ve been united in distrust of liberalism’s elites.]  11-7-18
  78. Conservatives.  “Conservatives and the Politics of Work.”  (The Weekend Interview with Oren Cass by Jason Willick.)  [Mitt Romney’s former domestic policy director says wage subsidies are an alternative to the current welfare state and the left’s basic income.]  11-24-18
  79. Conservatives.  “America Was always an Exceptional nation, but Is It Still?”  by Allen C. Guelzo.  [Its robust civil society and lack of hierarchy are cherished by Americans and curious to foreigners.]  11-24-18
  80. Conservatives.  “Conservatism Isn’t Dead Yet.”  By Bobby Jindal. [The great contradiction is between what liberals claim to believe and way they live their lives.]  11-26-18
  81. Conservatives.  “The Right’s Resistance.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [They are inalterably supportive of Donald Trump’s presidency, flawed vessel or not.]  1-10-19
  82. Conservatives.  “Abortion’s Dred Scott Moment.”  By Timothy Dolan.  [Overreach in New York and Virginia has inspired a backlash across the country.]  2-8-19
  83. Conservatives.  “The Right Hurts Its Own.”  [Here’s the back story on Sen. Josh Hawley and nominee Neomi Rao.] 2-18-19
  84. Conservatives.  “Conservatives, Resist the Tribal Temptation.”  By Bobby Jindal.  [American ideals are open to all.  Embracing the left’s racial essentialism is a serious mistake.]  4-9-19
  85. Conservatives.  “Josh Hawley’s Legal Principles.”  [Conservatives will suffer under his standard for judicial nominees.]  5-31-19
  86. Conservatives. “America’s Nationalist Awakening.” By Christopher DeMuth. [Why has such an old idea suddenly become new again? Because progressive government has failed to keep its promises and broken the people’s trust.] 7-20-19
  87. Conservatives. “John Locke Breaks His Silence.” By Jason Willick. [A new manuscript is located in Maryland. But do Americans care what the philosopher has to say?] 8-31-19
  88. Conservatives. “America’s Conservative Plurality.” [“…Gallup reports that its comprehensive 2019 survey found…”] 1-11-20
  89. Conservatives. “The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Isn’t Going Away.” By Salena Zito. [The media smears them as ‘white supremacists,” but thousands showed up in Richmond, Va, Monday.” 1-22-20
  90. Conservatives.  “On Being Black and Conservative.”  (The Weekend Interview with Kay Coles James. By Nicole Ault)  [The Heritage Foundation’s president on the racial progress she’s experienced, the problems that remain, and becoming a target of Fox host Tucker Carlson.]   9-28-20
  91. Conservatives.  “Walter Williams, R.I.P.”  by Donald J. Boudreaux.  [His research was rigorous, and he was one of the few economists who know how to engage with the public.]   12-3-20
  92. Conservatives.  ‘A Message to the Haters From ‘Florida Man.’” By Dave Seminara.  [Go ahead and laugh.  But if we’re such a joke state, why are all of your neighbors moving here?]   1-9-21
  93. Conservatives.  “All Donald Trump’s Deplorables.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Even Hillary Clinton consigned only half of Trump supporters to her infamous ‘basket.’]   1-12-21
  94. Conservatives.  “No Excuses for Trump and the Capitol riot.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Yes, the left does bad things too.  Conservatives are supposed to believe in objective moral truth.]   1-12-21
  95. Conservatives.  “Religious Liberty Isn’t Enough.”  By Ryan T. Anderson.  [Cultural conservatives also need to defend our views, which are scientifically sound and popular.]  2-1-21
  96. Conservatives.  “Rush Limbaugh.”  [The talk-radio host popularized conservative ideas and policies.]   2-18-21
  97. Conservatives.  “The Left Hated Rush Limbaugh Because He Had Their Number.”  By Dennis Prager.  [Even in death they called him ‘divisive,’ as if their attacks on America aren’t intended to sow division.]   2-19-21
  98. Conservatives.  “Rush Limbaugh’s Complicated Legacy.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [He was a gifted entertainer and advocate, but in his later years certain flaws became more evident.]   2-20-21
  99. Conservatives.   “No Speech Coddling in Chicago.”  [A new journal from students who refuse to be cancelled.]   2-24-21
  100. Conservatives.  “Why Rush Limbaugh Never Got Canceled.”  By Brian Glicklich.  [He refused to apologize for fake transgressions and never lost his humor.  More could follow his example.]  2-25-21
  101. Conservatives.  “’Common Good’ Conservatism’s Catholic Roots.”  By Alexander William Salter.  [The  antimarket right should remember that political liberty proceeds from economic freedom.]  5-21-21
  102. Conservatives.  “The Soul of Black Conservatism.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [Thomas Sowell has spent a lifetime challenging the orthodoxy on race – and has produced an impressive body of work along the way.]   5-29-21
  103. Conservatives.  “Conservatives Should Oppose the Filibuster.”  By F. H. Buckley.  [Too many bad laws are already on the books, and procedural roadblocks make them hard to repeal.]   6-28-21
  104. Conservatives.  “The Cost of Bipartisanship.  By Mick Mulvaney.  [It’d be better if more politicians disagreed with deficit spending.]  6-28-21
  105. Conservatives.  “The Temptation of the ‘Common Good.’”  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M Grossman.  [Conservatives finally have a Supreme Court majority.  Some on the right want judicial activism too.]   7-24-21
  106. Conservatives.  “Why America Needs National Conservatism.”  By Christopher DeMuth.  [Today’s central challenge is an aggressive, ascendant radical left.  Incremental reform won’t counter it.]   11-14-21
  107. Conservatives.  “War Is Interested in You, Even if You’re an Isolationist Conservative.”  By Gerard Baker.  [An old tendency on the right sees a resurgence even as Russian and Chinese threats rise.]   2-15-22
  108. Conservatives.  “Churchill, Zelensky and the American Right.”  By Andrew Roberts.  [The British leader would have appreciated the Ukrainian president, and national conservatives should offer their full-throated support.]   4-2-22
  109. Conservatives.  “Hungary Is No Model for Conservatives.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Viktor Orban is lauded for fighting liberal ‘tyranny,’ but he always takes money from Brussels in the end.]   4-8-22
  110. Conservatives.  “The Right’s Russia Temptation.”  By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro.  [Some in the America-First movement mistake Putin for a strong nationalist leader like Donald Trump.]  4-11-22
  111. Conservatives.  “America’s Right Confronts the 21st Century.”  By Christopher DeMuth.  [We respect tradition but aren’t in thrall to the status quo – especially now that the status quo is woke progressive domination.]   11-19-22
  112. Conservatives.  “A Conservative Magazine Returns to Harvard.”  By Ruth R. Wisse.  [The Salient’s new issue on motherhood and feminism is reflective, confident and affirmative.]   11-19-22
  113. Conservatives.  “The World According to Tom Cotton.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The senator argues for U.S. foreign engagement while critiquing the left.]   1-3-23
  114. Conservatives.  “Why the Right Turned Left.”  (The Weekend Interview with George Will.)  [They bought into the progressive idea of History with a capital H, says George F. Will, but couldn’t stand to see the other side having all the fun.]  2-4-23
  115. Conservatives.  “Right’s Wrong Attack on DirectV.”  [A commercial dispute with Newsmax isn’t about censoring conservatives.]   2-16-23
  116. Conservatives.  “The Philosophy of Freedom.”  (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim)  “The Individualists.”  By Matt Zwolinsky and John Tomasi.  [Libertarians seek to limit state coercion and maximize individual liberty.  They also tend to avoid life’s biggest questions.]   6-29-23
  117. Conservatives.  “What Time Is It at the Heritage Foundation.”  By Kate Bachelder  Odell.  [‘Reagan’s think tank’ sees America ‘on the brink’ of decline and incapable of helping in Ukraine.].  10-6-23
  118. Conservatives.  “Th Left’s Anti-Semitism Crisis Is the Right’s Opportunity.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Frances’ Marine Le Pen and Germany’s Aft) are embracing Israel while socialists equivocate.   10-20-23






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Conservatives. Drudgereport.  4-19-17

Berkeley Cancels Coulter Appearance Over Security Concerns… She vows to speak!

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BERKELEY BUILDS A WALL…  Unprecedented measures for conservative writer’s speech…

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Have Republicans already handed Congress to Dems?

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