Opinion Headlines

  1. Unions “A Modern Opera: Fat Unions May Kill the Fat Lady.”  6-28-14
  2. Unions SEIU “A Union Ruse to Organize Mom-and-Pop Stores” [and minimum wage issue]    6-25-14
  3. Unions “The Chattanooga… Payoff” [Volkswagen … $900 mill. in Tennessee after UAW loss] 7-15-2014
  4. Unions. “Electrical Workers vs. the EPA” by Edwin Hill. 7-15-14
  5. Unions. “France’s Punch Drunk Unions.” [Drinking liquor while directing rail traffic is now a human right.]  9-30-14
  6. Unions. “’Living Wage’ Laws Are Union Lifesavers.” By Maxford Nelsen.   10-3-14 [[Re: Unionized employers’ exemptions from new higher minimum wage laws…]] 10-3-14
  7. Unions. LTE. “Hard to Check Out of the Union Hotel.”  10-13-14
  8. Education. “Philadelphia School Failure.” [Tom Corbett tried to accommodate unions. Here’s his reward.]  10-17-14
  9. Unions. “The Emerging Political Divide Between Public and Private Unions.” By Steven Malanga. [Clashes between government employees and blue-collar organizations are roiling Democratic campaigns.]   10-25-14
  10. Unions. “Tax Hike Election Reckoning.” [The liberal, public union political model is on the ballot Tuesday.]   11-3-14
  11. Unions. “How to Free U.S. Ports From Chronic Union Problems.” By Douglas Holtz-Eakin. [A labor dispute on the West Coast is already slowing commerce, but a work stoppage would be disastrous.]  12-6-14
  12. Unions. Quickie Gifts to Big Labor. [Congress will have to use its power of the purse to rein in the NLRB.] “The Motor City’s Regulators are Hitting the Brakes on Regrowth.” By Scott Beyer. [Nascent small businesses sprout up in Detroit only to find that the struggling city’s rules trump all. 12-13-14
  13. Unions. “Labor’s Wage Smackdown.” [A federal judge rebukes another regulatory overreach.]  1-9-15
  14. Unions. “Parent-Trigger Bullies.” [A union tries to block parents from taking over a failing school.]  1-17-15
  15. Unions. Book review, “Government Against Itself, by Daniel DiSalvo.” by Amity Shales: “Public Unions vs. the Public.” [Pension and benefit obligations weigh down our cities. Trash disposal in Chicago costs $231 per ton, versus $74 in non-union Dallas. 1-16-15
  16. Unions. ‘When Workers Choose.” [Given the choice, fewer workers opt for union membership in 2014.]  1-24-15
  17. Unions. “Rauner’s Illinois Revival Project.” [The new Governor targets the corrupt union-political bargain.]  2-11-15
  18. Unions. “The Next Right to Work State.” [Wisconsin may soon become the 25th voluntary union state.]  2-21-15
  19. Unions. “The Right-to-Work Advantage.” By Luke Hilgemann et.al. [In states where unions can’t choke economic growth, jobs and incomes are growing. No wonder Wisconsin wants in.  3-5-15
  20. Unions. “The Right-to-Work Advantage.” By Luke Hilgemann et.al. [In states where unions can’t choke economic growth, jobs and incomes are growing. No wonder Wisconsin wants in.  3-5-15
  21. Unions. LTE. “Minnesota, Wisconsin and Right-To-Work Legislation.” 3-12-15
  22. Unions. “A Bad Report Card for This Teachers Union.” By Gregory McGinity. [The union tried to run a charter school – and failed. We saw it coming.]  3-12-15
  23. Unions. “How ‘Right to Work” Became Politically Possible. By Paul Moreno. 3-16-15
  24. Unions. “How ‘Right to Work’ Became Politically Possible.” By Paul Moreno. [The AFL-CIO’s failure to get Taft-Hartley repealed in the 1960s was a turning point for organized labor.]  3-16-15
  25. Unions. “Obama’s ‘Quickie’ Union Favor.” [Congress voted to kill an anti-business rule. The President preserved it.] 4-1-15
  26. Unions. “Obama’s Visa Double Game.” [Siding with unions instead of workers trying to follow the law.] 4-8-15
  27. Unions. “Ambushing Employers’ Speech Rights.” By Thomas M. Johnson Jr. [The federal government is redoubling efforts to promote unions and keep companies quiet.] 4-17-15
  28. Unions. “Harvard’s Les Miserables.” [Labor exploitation becomes a rallying cry in the academic Third World.] 4-18-15
  29. Unions. “Labor’s Dirty Tricks.” [Tom Perez is trying to regulate a worker visa program to death.] 4-22-15
  30. Unions. “Teachers vs. Union Dues.” [A creative legal challenge to union power over employee benefits.] 5-5-15
  31. Unions. “Texas Union Showdown.” [Joe Straus will decide the fate of a bill on coerced dues payments.] 5-9-15
  32. Unions. “At Last, Scrutiny for Public-Union Deals.” [A growing movement is opening labor negotiations so taxpayers can see how their money is being spent.] 5-22-15
  33. Unions. LTE. “Let the Sun Shine There, Not Here.” [Re: “At Last, Scrutiny for Public-Union Deals” 5-22-15] 6-3-15
  34. Wisconsin. “Wisconsin’s Wage Retreat.” [Republicans bow to the contractor-union political cartel.] 5-27-15
  35. Unions. “Bargaining Away your Security.” [How a federal union made it harder to protect employee files.] 6-10-15
  36. Unions. “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Costly.” [A New York scheme to force small business to unionize.] 6-20-15
  37. Unions. LTE. “AFT Chief Weingarten Spells It Out.” 7-17-15 [viz. Teachers union supports Hillary] 7-17-15
  38. Unions. Economy. “Shackling the Sharing Economy.” [Big Labor and the Plaintiffs bar gang up on Internet startups.] 8-3-15
  39. Unions. “Labor Smothers Labor.” [The feds try to strangle a program for seasonal guest workers.] 8-7-15
  40. Unions. “Northwestern Union Reverse.” [The Obama labor board nixes a college football players union.] Immigration. “The Deportation Party.” [Trump proposes to stop even most legal immigration.] 8-18-15
  41. Unions. “Right to Work Buffs Up The Rust Belt.” By F. Vincent Vernuccio and Terry Bowman. [With the end of the Big Three union contract, right-to-work laws are kicking in for auto workers.] 9-17-15
  42. Unions.   Minimum Wage. LTE. “$15 Wage Helps Unions, Not Unskilled Workers.” 9-24-15
  43. Unions. “A Disgraceful Labor Law Ripe for Repeal.” By Andy Koenig. [The ‘prevailing wage’ rule for federal projects is rooted in bigotry and still hurts minorities today.] 9-25-15
  44. Unions   LTE. “Davis-Bacon: Union Workers vs. All the Rest.” 10-2-15
  45. Unions. Calif. “Planting a Pro-Union Ruling Down on the Farm.” By Allysia Finley. [Employees keep trying to boot the United Farm Workers, but California’s labor board won’t allow it.] 10-3-15
  46. Unions. “Dumping the Union Label.” [In Washington state, workers drop out when told that they can.] 11-4-15
  47. Unions. LTE. “This Worker of the World Wanted to Disunite, and Did” 11-12-15. (Re: 11-4-15 “Dumping the Union Label.)
  48. Unions. “The Legal Case Unions Fear They Cannot Win.” By Steve Malanga. [Can government workers be forces to pay fees to unions? The Supreme Court seems inclined to say no.] 11-14-15
  49. Unions. “Unions See Indian Casinos and Think: Jackpot.” By Robert Odawi Porter. [Congress can act to let tribes determine their own labor policies.] 12-7-15
  50. Unions. Education. “Cuomo’s Education Retreat.” [A case study in how unions undermine teacher accountability.] 12-28-15
  51. Unions. “Why I’m Fighting My Teachers Union.” By Harlan Elrich. [I don’t want to be forced to pay for a political agenda I don’t support. Now the Supreme Court will rule.] 1-4-16
  52. Unions. “’Compelled Riders’ for the Union.” [The Supreme Court is skeptical of coerced government union fees.] 1-12-16
  53. Unions. LTE. “Union Dues Are Worth the Many Benefits.” 1-12-16
  54. Unions. “Illinois Union Showdown.” [Afseme is trying to break Gov. Rauner, who isn’t bending.] 1-21-16
  55. Unions. “West Virginia’s Right to Work.” [The struggling state may allow more worker freedom.] 1-25-16
  56. Unions. LTE. “Gov. Rauner Is Not Negotiating in Good Faith.” 1-27-16
  57. Unions. Education. “Unions Take on Catholic Schools.” by Nicholas G. Hahn III. [The First Amendment can’t protect schools that lose sight of their religious mission.] 3-11-16
  58. Unions. “An Uber Bad Idea.” [A law to organize drivers has implications for all independent contractors.] 3-12-16
  59. Unions. “A Union Card Shouldn’t Be an Heirloom.” By Akash Chougule. [Millions of workers have inherited unions from their grandparents’ generation – with no say of their own.] 3-18-16
  60. Unions. “A Stiff Jab at Flexible Work Schedules.” By Michael Saltsman. [After the California minimum-wage increase, next up is dictating when employees do their jobs.] 3-30-16
  61. Unions. LTE. “ Flexible Schedules vs. Workers’ Burdened Life.” 4-11-16
  62. Unions. “Verizon’s Political Strike.” [Sanders and Clinton join picket lines on behalf of the rotary-phone era.] 4-14-16
  63. Unions. LTE. “See the Verizon Strike From the Worker’s Side.” 5-2-16
  64. Unions. “The Union War on Charter-School Philanthropists.” By Nina Rees. [The wealthy are giving millions to fix education, but their gifts draw fire from a predictable source.] 5-2-16
  65. Unions. “Tom Perez’s Clinton Bait.” [The Labor Secretary rewrites another law to beat up business.] 5-10-16
  66. Unions. “The Union Minimum Wage Windfall.” [California’s $15 hourly rate will put money in labor’s pockets, no collective bargaining required.] 5-20-16
  67. Unions. “ Labor Takings Game.” [Unions say they have a constitutional right to workers’ money.]  6-3-16
  68. Unions. “The Latest Labor Gambit Is a Piece of Work.  By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Jay P. Krupin.  [The NLRB’s lawyer wants to punish employers who, following workers’ wishes, try to end unionization.]  7-6-16
  69. Unions. “A Brave New Workplace.”  [The national labor board hands unions another big victory.]  7-13-16
  70. Unions. “On the New Jersey Waterfront.”  [A private union leader dares to buck government unions.]  8-10-16
  71. Unions. “Teamsters on the Quad.” [Obama’s labor board addresses inequality in the faculty lounge.] 8-24-16
  72. Unions. “The NAACP vs. Minority Children.” [The outfit takes orders from its union backers to oppose charter schools.] 8-27-16
  73. Unions. “Big Labor’s McDonald’s Defense.” [The SEIU tries a novel idea to oppose unions for its own workers.] 9-3-16
  74. Unions. “Texas Janitors Mop the Floor With a Bullying Union.” By Jon Cassidy and Charles Blain. [A jury awards a cleaning firm $5.3 million, holding the SEIU accountable for its intimidation campaign.] 9-10-16
  75. Unions “Nevada’s School Choice Victory.”  [Unions lose their attempt to kill education saving accounts.]  9-30-16
  76. Unions. “The SEIU’s Ballot Fraud.  [The union tries to hoodwink voters into protecting its dues.]  10-26-16
  77. Unions. Taxes.  “The State Taxathon.”  [Public unions are behind tax increase initiatives from coast to coast.]  10-27-16
  78. Unions. “Right to Work on the Ballot.”  [Unions want judges to overturn voluntary union membership.]  11-8-16
  79. Unions. “Tuesday’s Election Will Set Unhappy Union Workers Free.” By Chantal Lovell and F. Vincent Vernuccio.  [Voters ousted the party that blocks right-to-work laws – and Trump will fill the Supreme Court.]  11-12-16
  80. Unions. “Another Judge is Unpersuaded.”  [Obama’s latest rewrite of labor law gets tossed out in court.]  11-19-16
  81. Unions. “Wisconsin’s Reform Lesson.”  [Scott Walker’s union reform has yielded huge political benefits.]  11-30-16
  82. Unions. “Why Trump’s Education Pick Scares Unions.”  By Jason J. Riley.  [Betsy DeVos favors school choice and helped pass Michigan’s first charter-school bill.]  11-30-16
  83. Unions. “Right-to-Work Zones in Deep-Blue Illinois.”  By David From and Akash Chouguie.  [A court ruling points the way for countless and cities to enact their own protections for workers.]  12-6-16
  84. Unions. “Andy Puzder’s Labor To-Do List.”  [Trump nominates a CEO who puts workers before unions.]
  85. 12-9-16Unions. “Right to Work on the March.” [three more states are poised to make union membership a choice.] 12-20-16
  86. Unions. “Kentucky Goes right to Work.”  1-11-17
  87. Unions. “Chuck Schumer Goes Wild.”  [The Democratic Senate leader loses his cool over Betsy DeVos.]  1-27-17
  88. Unions. “Big Labor’s Membership Pains.”  1-30-17
  89. Unions. Education. “Betsy DeVos’s School Frenemies.”  [Eli Broad and some charter advocates sell her out to the unions.]  2-3-17
  90. Unions. Democrats. “The Real Democratic Party.” [Why not a single Senate Democrat voted for Betsy DeVos.] Democrats. “The Real Democratic Party.” [Why not a single Senate Democrat voted for Betsy DeVos.] 2-8-17
  91. Unions. “These Minnesota Workers Want Nothing to Do With the SEIU.” By Matt Patterson. [Medical dollars as union ‘dues’? Sure, now that home caregivers can collectively bargain.] 2-11-17
  92. Unions. “The Drive to Unionize Charter Schools.” By Peter Schaumber. [Trump’s nominees can help reverse a harmful new labor ruling.] 2-22-17
  93. Unions. “Will Unions Cripple Kentucky’s Belated Charter-School Effort?” by Allysia Finley. [Opponents of reform are pushing a weak bill that maintains the local school boards’ monopoly.) 3-2-17
  94. Unions. “Alex Acosta’s Labor Agenda.” [Why are unions so happy about Trump’s Labor nominee?] 3-20-17
  95. Unions. “Honey, I Shrunk the Union.” By Richard Berman. [The ‘Fight for $15’ has failed as a source of new dues-payers.] 4-12-17
  96. Unions. “Connecticut Liberation Day.” [Gov. Dannel Malloy says he won’t seek re-election, crushing Rhode Island hopes.] 4-15-17
  97. Unions. Economy. “A Wisconsin Lesson for Trump the Builder.” By Ben Brubeck. [“…On Monday, Gov. Walker is expected to sign a law prohibiting state agencies and local governments from mandating “project labor agreements” on public works…”] 4-17-17
  98. Unions. “Not Lawless in Seattle.” [A judge stops the city’s bid to unionize Uber and Lyft drivers.] 4-17-17
  99. Unions. “’Emotional Labor’ Gets Organized at California’s Scripps College.” [Resident advisers at the women’s school call a strike, and campus tour guides join the action.] 4-24-17
  100. Unions. “Big Labor Looks at California’s Marijuana Market and Sees Green.”  By Allysia Finley.  [‘This is a growing industry,’ says a Teamsters lobbyist, ‘and we’d like it to grow unionized.’]  5-6-17
  101. Union.  New York. “New York city Wants to Supersize the ‘Fight for $15’” by Michael Saltsman.  [Even if fast-food workers haven’t voted to unionize, a new proposal would let them pay pseudo-dues.]  5-20-17
  102. Unions. “The Mill That Right-to-Work built.”  By Allysia Finley.  [An entrepreneur is bringing manufacturing jobs back to Kentucky – without protectionism.]  5-20-17
  103. Unions. Education.  “Los Angeles Charter Uprising.”  [Voters elect a pro-reform majority on the local school board.]  5-22-17
  104. Unions. “Why Do Taxpayers Get the Bill for a Union President’s Pension?”  by Alex Cortes and Jarrett Skorup.  [The Michigan Education Association keeps its employees technically ‘on loan’ from school districts.]  5-31-17
  105. Unions. LTE.  “Union ‘Release-Time’ Pay is Worse than Advertised.”  6-13-17
  106. Unions. “Blue State Budget Breakdowns.”  [Public union politics hits the wall in New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut.]  7-5-17
  107. Unions. “If you’re Riding Through Hell…”  [Public works rot as politicians pay off unions and buy votes.]  7-15-17
  108. Trump Administration. “Sessions Hangs In There.  [Trump needs the Attorney General more than he realizes.]  7-21-17
  109. Unions. “The GOP’s Labor Project.”  [How Congress can protect worker rights from union coercion.]  7-22-17
  110. Unions. “Randi Weingarten’s ‘Racism’ Rant.”  [Betsy DeVos is inside the head of the teachers union chief.]  7-24-17
  111. Unions. “Michigan Union to Animal Crew:  Hoof It.”  [Four-footed competition puts the fear of goat into organized labor.]  7-27-17
  112. Unions. “’Fat, Dumb and Happy’ at the UAW.”  [An indictment details a multimillion-dollar corruption scheme.]  8-4-17
  113. Unions. “The United Auto Workers Lose Again.”  [Nissan workers in Mississippi reject the union nearly 2 to 1.]  8-7-17
  114. Unions. “An Obama Labor Ruling That Threatens Small Businesses.”  By Peter Schaumber.   [The case rewrote decades-old law.  It involved a contractor, but franchises may be even harder hit.]  8-7-17
  115. Unions. “The Teamsters’ Impunity.”  [A legal loophole gives organized labor a license to threaten.]  8-21-17
  116. Unions. “Right-to-Work sore Losers.”  [Unions push a ballot initiative to overturn a new Missouri law.]  8-23-17
  117. Unions. “New York Attacks Success.” [Now the unions want to run Dan Loeb off the charter network’s board.] 8-23-17
  118. Unions. “How the Post Office Delivered for Hillary.” [Charges of a ‘systematic’ effort to violate the Hatch Act in 2016] 8-26-17
  119. Unions. “American Workers Need a New Kind of Labor Union.”  By Oren Cass.  [Laws dating to 1935 pit employees against their bosses, a zero-sum game that hurts everyone.]  9-1-17
  120. Unions. “The Teachers Union’s Public Enemy No. 1” (The Weekend Interview with Betsy DeVos by James Taranto)  [She is Trump’s stylistic opposite, but she stirs more antagonism than any other cabinet member.]  9-2-17
  121. Unions. “California Democrats Target Tesla.”  [In the Sunshine State, the left loves unions even more than electric cars.]  9-18-17
  122. Unions. “Right to Work Isn’t Theft.”  [Courts shoot down the union legal campaign to save coerced dues.]  9-22-17
  123. Unions. “Unions Act as if They’ve Already Lost.”  By Kim Crockett.  [The Supreme Court may soon ban so-called fair-share fees.]  10-3-17
  124. Unions.  Illinois.  “Illinois’s Latest Criminals.”  [Springfield now tries to make opting out of a union a crime.]  10-25-17
  125. Unions. “A Joint-Employer Redo.”  (“…The Obama NLRB … established a new “indirect control” standard for determining joint-employment…”)  [The House passes a fix for Obama’s Browning-Ferris power play.]  12-18-17
  126. Unions. “Unions Won’t solve Higher Education’s Problems.” By Paul H. Tice. [I know nothing about cars. As an adjunct professor of finance, I have to join the United Auto Workers.] 1-4-18
  127. Unions. “Organized Labor’s Lawbreakers.” [At least 143 union leaders have admitted to crimes since 2016.] 1-16-18
  128. Unions. “A Very Bad Bargain.” [A Cornell study says students suffer from collective bargaining.] 1-17-18
  129. Unions. “Connecticut’s S.O.S.” [Mayors ask Hartford to save them from collective bargaining.] 1-27-18
  130. Unions. “Columbia vs. United Auto Workers.” [Graduate assistants of the Ivy League. Unite!] 2-2-18
  131. Unions. “Public Unions vs. the First Amendment.” [The Supreme Court has a chance to correct a 40-year-old mistake.] 2-23-18
  132. Unions. “Who’s the Boss in New Jersey? [Here’s a hint: It isn’t Phil Murphy, the new Governor.] 2-24-18
  133. Unions. “Charlie Baker and the Boston Teamsters.” [The Massachusetts Governor embraces a pariah union.] 2-26-18
  134. Unions. “The Supreme Court May Rescue Blue-State Finances. “ by Daniel DiSalvo and Stephen Eide. [A ruling against the unions in Janus could break their exorbitant grip on Illinois, California and New York.] 2-26-18
  135. Unions. “Big Labor’s Back Door Into Boeing.” [Rejected last year, the machinists now have a ‘micro’ strategy with wide implications.] 5-31-18
  136. Unions. “A Machinist Break-in at Boeing.” [A mere 104 of the plant’s 3,000 workers voted to let the union in.] 6-4-18
  137. Unions. “New Bang for a Michigan Buck.” [The state will save $400 million a year with its prevailing-wage reform.] 6-11-18.
  138. Unions. “The Supreme Court’s Banner Year.” [The Justices protect public workers from coerced union fees.] 6-28-18
  139. Unions. “The Lawyers Who Beat the Unions.” (The Weekend Interview with William Messenger and Jacob Huebert by James Taranto.) [Vindication for the First Amendment rights of public employees was a long time in coming, and states are still trying to rig their laws against workers who don’t want to join.]. 6-30-18
  140. Unions. “The Court Tosses Blue States a Life Jacket.” By Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore. [By limiting the power of public unions, Janus may help them avert fiscal disaster.] 7-11-18
  141. Unions. “A Union Scam Could Be About to End.” By Red Jahncke. [Home health workers get ‘organized’ without their knowledge or consent. Janus makes that harder.] 7-17-18
  142. Unions.  “No More Union Skimming.”  [“HHS announced a proposed rule…would end dues skimming for good, and caregivers would have to opt in to union membership…”]  7-18-18
  143. Unions.  “New York’s Charter Mugging.”  [A union intimidation campaign gets help from Gov. Cuomo.]  8-3-18
  144. Unions.  “Unions Triumph at the Ballot Box.”  By Richard Trumka.  [Missouri voters reject ‘right to work,’ and there’s more to come.] 8-9-18
  145. Unions.  “The Right-to-Work Rout.”  [Unions spend big to repeal a worker freedom law in Missouri.]  8-9-18
  146. Unions.  “Big Labor’s Obama Holdover.”  [Trump is being lobbied to reappoint a union obstructionist at the labor relations board.]  8-17-18
  147. Unions.  “Unions Have Stakeholders, Too.”  by Richard Epstein.  [Elizabeth Warren wants to make companies give board seats to employees.  Where does her logic lead?”]  9-13-18
  148. Unions.  “Grapes of Union Wrath.”  [The saga of workers at Gerawan Framing finally has a happy ending.]  (…decertifying the United Farm Workers union.)  9-22-18
  149. Unions.  “A Vote on Judicial Independence.”  [Unions in Arizona are trying to boot two state Supreme Court Justices.]  10-3-18
  150. Unions.  “Unions Get an Economics Lesson.”  [“The Supreme Court last summer broke a public-union monopoly, and what do you know?…]  10-27-18
  151. Unions.  “United Auto Worker vs. Workers.”  [Look who used non-union contractors to save money.]   11-3-18
  152. Unions.  “Is Big Labor Anti-Worker?”  [Office workers say the AFL-CIO and SEIU treat them poorly.]  11-9-18
  153. Unions.  “Google Confronts Its Bolsheviks.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Political activists inside the company take aim at the white males at the top.]  11-14-18
  154. Unions. “Unions in La-La Land.”  [The Los Angeles teachers strike is a flight from reality.]  1-15-19
  155. Unions.  “L.A. Schools Have a Math Problem.” By Austin Beutner.  [By going on strike, the teacher’s union makes it even harder to increase wages and staffing.]  1-15-19
  156. Unions.  ‘Philadelphia’s Union Indictments.”  [Even by Big Labor standards, the charges are startling.  1-31-19
  157. Unions.  “Philly Union Boss ‘Johnny doc’ Has an Appointment With Justice.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [He allegedly embezzled more than $600,000 to buy Q-tips, romance novels and politicians.]  2-9-19
  158. Unions.  “Janus Barely Dents Public-Sector Union Membership.”  By Daniel DiSalvo.  [Blue-State officials make legal moves to shore up an important source of political support.]  2-14-19
  159. Unions.  “William Neely Escaped His Union, But It Wasn’t Easy.”     By Charles Mitchell.  [The Janus ruling was supposed to liberate government employees.  Check the fine print.]  3-2-19
  160. Unions.  “Are Unions Exploiting Their Employees?”  [Workers have authorized strikes against both SEIU and AFL-CIO.]  3-19-19
  161. Unions.  “Scott Walker’s Gift to His Democratic Successor.”  [Unions called his labor reforms the end of the world.  Now Wisconsin can’t live without them.]  4-6-19
  162. Unions.  “The New York Union That Says Ni.”  By Robert J. Bellafiore.  [If you want a refund of dues spent o politics, get ready to chop down a tree with a herring.]  4-8-19
  163. Unions.  “After Janus, Free the Lawyers.” [Re: “agency” fees.] 4-26-19
  164. Unions.  “Big Labor’s Big Shrink.”  [Union membership continues to decline – thanks to unions.]  4-30-19
  165. Unions.  “Franchisees Like Me Are in Union Crosshairs.”  [In Alabama, the SEIU and its trial-lawyer allies are pushing a bill that would upend our businesses.]  5-25-19
  166. Unions.  “Why Unions Keep Losing.”  [The UAW isn’t offering workers a better deal, and there’s corruption.]  6-17-19
  167. Unions.  “Nevada Embraces Public Unions.”  [Democrats let state employees collectively bargain.  Watch out.]  6-21-19
  168. Unions. “The Teachers Union Secession Crisis.” By Keith J. Williams. [An exodus of NEA locals prompts new, restrictive bylaws.] 7-23-19
  169. Unions. “Governments Must Secure Employees’ Janus Rights.” By Mark Mix and Wm. Messenger. [The feds, and many states and localities, still deduct union dues from paychecks without consent.] 8-30-19
  170. Unions. “More Trouble at the UAW.” [A federal corruption probe of the union appears to be expanding.] 9-4-19
  171. Unions. “Behind the Auto Workers Strike.” [Is the union trying to distract from a federal corruption probe?] 9-18-19
  172. Unions. “Auto Workers Are Free From UAW.” By Jarrett Skorup and James M. Hohman. [“…Workers have options these days. The UAW can no longer rely on their compelled support…”] 9-20-19
  173. Unions. “Endangered Green Auto Workers.” [The striking union figures out that electric cars will cost jobs.] 9-24-18
  174. Unions. “The Battle Over Union Dues.” [“…many states and unions have devised new traps…”] 10-11-19
  175. Unions. “The UAW’s Long Endgame.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [No, management and stockholders are not ‘grateful’ for the union’s sacrifices.] 10-16-19
  176. Unions. “Chicago Teachers Strike Again.” [The union dictates terms of surrender to new Mayor Lightfoot.] 10-18-19
  177. Unions. “The Price of the Union at GM.” [The UAW made itself look relevant, but workers get little.] 10-19-19
  178. Unions. “The Picket Line Makes a Comeback.” By Jason L. Riley. [Enraged by Trump and energized by the Janus ruling, unions turn to an old familiar tactic.] 10-23-19
  179. Unions. “Virginia May Kill Right to Work.” [The new Democratic majority moves to force union dues on workers.] 1-29-20
  180. Unions. “Big Labor’s Payoff Day.” [The House passes the most sweeping pro-union bill since the Wagner Act.] 2-10-20
  181. Unions. “The Virus Response Spurs Hong Kong’s Labor Movement.” By Jillian Kay Melchior. [Hospital workers staged a five-day strike demanding a total shutdown of the border with the mainland.] 2-26-20
  182. Unions. “Will Public Unions Take Virginia?” [Democrats are close to letting them collectively bargain in some form.] 2-29-20
  183. Unions. “Big Labor’s Big Crooks.” [A former UAW boss is charged with stealing $1 million in worker dues.] 3-6-20
  184. Unions. “Chicago’s Union Pickpockets.” 5-12-20
  185. Unions.  “Unions Seek to ‘Liberate’ Gig Workers From Flexibility.”  By Michael Saltzman.  [Many freelancers who get jobs from apps would rather quit than become regular employees.]  9-5-20
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