DeSantis, Ron


  1. DeSantis.  “DeSantis’s Victory Chant:  ‘Two More years!’”  by Dave Seminara.  [Re-elected in a landslide, the Florida governor looks like something Trump no longer is – a winner.]   11-10-22
  2. DeSantis.  “How DeSantis Helped Turn the House Republican.”  By Wm. Mattox.  [The Legislature tried racial gerrymandering.  He vetoed it out of principle, and it ended up paying off.]   11-17-22
  3. DeSantis.  “Ron DeSantis, Black History and CRT.”  [Florida has a point in rejecting AP African-American Studies.]   1-28-23
  4. DeSantis.  “Ron DeSantis Schools the College Board.”  [The new AP course in African-American Studies cuts the CRT.]   2-2-23
  5. DeSantis.  “Biden Takes Aim at DeSantis.”  By Kimberley a Strassel.  [His entitlement scrap with Republicans was a warning – to the one he fears the most.]   2-10-23
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  11. DeSantis.  “Don’t count Ron DeSantis Out.”  By Mark Penn.  [If he wants to win, he has the ease up on the culture war and start appealing to moderate primary voters.]   5-1-23
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