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  1. Germans Learn Why Friends Spy on Friends. By Josef Joffe.   8-20-14
  2. Germany U.S. relations.  “Behind the Fraying U.S. – Germany Bonds”   7-31-14
  3. Germany.  “Spies Like Us.” [Reports say Germany eavesdropped on two Secretaries of State.] 8-18-14
  4. Germany. “Merkel Confronts Anti-Semitism.” [The Chancellor affirms Germany’s best liberal traditions.] 9-16-14
  5. Germany. “Angela Merkel’s Putin Problem.” [Hoping a shaky cease-fire holds in Ukraine, because backup plans are scarce.] by Matthew Kaminski.   10-3-14
  6. Europe. “Merkel on the Ropes.” [She could lose, but Germany needs a competitive election.] 2-10-17
  7. Germany. “Merkel’s Election Rally.”  [She still lacks a platform, but a free-market party could help.]  5-16-17
  8. Germany. “What Germany Owes Its Neighbors.”  By Taylor Dinerman.  [Why should the U.S. bear a greater burden in Eastern Europe?]  5-24-17
  9. Germany. “Angela Merkel’s Lament.”  [A difference on climate doesn’t mean a U.S. retreat from Europe.]  5-30-17
  10. Germany. “Buying More Chevys Won’t Fix Germany’s Imbalance.”  By Jason Furman.  [Berlin has a huge surplus in its current account, but the bilateral deals Trump has in mind won’t help.”  6-8-17
  11. Germany. “Germany’s Boring Election Is Nothing to Snore At.”  By Josef Joffe. [A bland and predictable campaign should be admired in the midst of a chaotic Continent.]  9-11-17
  12. Germany. “Winning Again Is Merkel’s Easiest Task.”   [The world may be expecting more than Germany is able to deliver.]  9-19-17
  13. Germany. “Afternoon in Germany.” [Merkel’s campaign coasts on a mood of public complacency.] 9-21-17
  14. Germany. “Merkeldammerung.”  [Merkel wins again but Germans show a desire for more choices.]  9-25-17
  15. Germany. “Angela Merkel’s Failing Center.”  [Pragmatism isn’t practical when it fails to inspire voters.]  11-21-17
  16. Germany. “Merkel’s Not-So-Grand Coalition.”  [To duck a new election, she may move further left on policy.]  12-8-17
  17. Germany.  “Is Germany Slouching Toward Weimar Again?”  by Josef Joffe.  [No.  Today’s immigration problem is much more limited than the social ills of the postwar period.]  9-24-18
  18. Germany.  “Germany’s Green Party Emerges as the Center-Left Opposition.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Its impressive showings int state elections suggest reports of the far right’s rise were exaggerated.]  10-26-18
  19. Germany.  “The Merkel Extension.”  [Germany’s largest party gives the Chancellor a little more time.]  12-8-18
  20. Germany.  “Germany’s Coalition of the Dwindling.”  [Realignment is reshaping politics even in staid Berlin.]  6-4-19
  21. Germany. “The Ghost of Weimar Germany Is Only a Ghost.” By Josef Joffe. [A political assassination renews fears, but the far right remains weak, disorganized and isolated.] 7-22-19
  22. Germany. “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Germany?” [Berlin prepares to cave to the Keynesians but could do so much better.] 8-20-19
  23. Germany. “Everyone Loses in Germany.” [Voters in state elections effectively choose ‘none of the above.’” 9-3-19
  24. Germany. “I Found Intolerance in Germany, and Not on the Right.” By Bruce Gilley. [The organizer of the conference in Heidelberg reproached me for briefing the main opposition party.] 1-9-20
  25. Germany.  “Post-Merkel Germany’s Race for the Center.”  By Josef Joffe.   [Regardless of who wins, Sunday’s election will deliver a coalition that governs by consensus.]   9-24-21
  26. Germany.  “Will Germany’s Turnabout Last?”  by Josef Joffe.  [The shift is dramatic and important.  It’s perilous as well, especially if Putin suppresses Ukraine.]  3-3-22
  27. Germany.  “Germany Finally Say the F-Word: ‘Fracking.’”  By Joseph C. Sterberg.  [A country used to buying gas elsewhere suddenly remembers there’s a lot in the ground at home.]  10-7-22
  28. Germany.  “Germany Debates How Much to Rely on China.”   By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Commercial independence is difficult for businesses that face a hostile climate in their home country.]   11-4-22
  29. Germany.  “Germany Shirks Its Defense Pledge, Imperiling the Asia ‘Pivot.’” by Mike Watson.  [Japan, by contrast, is rearming, alarmed by China’s aggression and America’s distraction.]  12-16-22

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