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  1. North Korea. “Turning the Screws on North Korea.”  [New sanctions and a turn by China may finally isolate the Kim regime.]  9-23-17
  2. North Korea. “China and Russia’s Dangerous Entente.”  By Alexander Gabuev. [They have developed a good-cop/bad-cop routine that will frustrate efforts against North Korea.]  10-5-17
  3. North Korea.   “South Korea’s Bow to Beijing.”  [Seoul caves on Thaad missile defenses and a democratic alliance.] 11-8-17
  4. North Korea. “North Korea, Terror Sponsor.”  [Trump corrects a Bush mistake and calls the North what it is.]  11-21-17
  5. North Korea. “Give Bad Faith a Chance in North Korea.”  By Peter Harrell.  [Fruitless, drawn-out high-level negotiations could buy time for other, less diplomatic efforts to work.]  12-15-17
  6. Korea. “It’s Official: North Korea Is Behind WannaCry.” By Thomas P. Bossert.  [The massive cyberattack cost billions and put lives at risk.  Pyongyang will be held accountable.]  12-19-17
  7. North Korea. “Closing the Sanctions Net on North Korea.”  12-20-17
  8. North Korea. “North Korea’s Peace Games.” [Kim Jon Un tries to drive a wedge between the South and the U.S.] 1-10-18
  9. North Korea. “Behind the Pomp, Hunger Games.” (Bookshelf by Melanie Kirkpatrick) “A River in Darkness by Masaji Ishikawa.” [As North Koreans take their place among the Olympic athletes, a memoir reminds us that they represent nothing like a normal country.] 2-7-18
  10. North Korea. “The Pyongyang Olympics.” [The Western media discover the hidden charms of North Korea.] 2-12-18
  11. North Korea. “Kim Yo Jong’s Shattered Olympic Dream.” By Walter Russell Mead.   [The sister of North Korea’s dictator was a media sensation – but a diplomatic failure. ] 2-13-18
  12. North Korea. “Kim Yo Jong Is a Twisted Sister. “ by Claudia Rosett. [She holds a key post in Pyongyang’s fearsome and brutal Propaganda and Agitation Department.] 2-14-18
  13. North Korea. “When ‘The Art of the Deal’ Doesn’t Apply.” By Michael Allen. [A hard trade line on Seoul would wreck unity against Kim.] 2-15-18
  14. North Korea. “North Korea’s Negotiation Play.” [Maybe this means pressure is working, or maybe it’s another con.] 3-7-18
  15. North Korea. “The Trump-Kim Summit.” [The president is giving recognition before any nuclear concessions.] 3-10-18
  16. North Korea. “10 Tips for Negotiating With Kim Jong Un.” By Robert B. Zoelick . [Trump needs to do his homework before sitting down with North Korea. Here’s how to get started.] 3-28-18
  17. North Korea. “Talks With the U.S. Are Not a Reward.” By Ted Rall. [How would a meeting with Kim Jong Un confer ‘validation’?] 4-6-18
  18. North Korea. Foreign Affairs. “A Crisis on Each End of Asia.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Modest success on North Korea is giving the U.S. breathing room to focus on Iran.] 5-1-18
  19. North Korea. “Summitry Can Be Risky Business.” By Jay Winik. [When Trump meets Kim Jong Un, will he bungle it like FDR and JFK? Or triumph like Reagan] 5-4-18
  20. North Korea. “Korean Summit Maneuvers.” [Kim Jong Un thinks he can resist immediate denuclearization.] 5-17-18
  21. North Korea. “Remember the Pueblo, Mr. President” by Richard Miniter. [More than 50 years later, North Korea should return the ship.] 5-23-18
  22. North Korea. “Before Meeting Kim, Trump Had to Repudiate the Iran Deal.” By Tod Lindberg. [Otherwise, North Korea could have demanded the same lenient terms, and negotiations would fail.] 5-23-18
  23. North Korea. “With Kim Jong Un, There’s No ‘Win-Win.’” By Nicholas Eberstadt. [If U.S. diplomats treat North Korea like a normal state, negotiations will be as futile as in the past.] 5-24-18
  24. North Korea. “Dodging a Korean Summit Failure.” [Trump was right to call off a meeting that could have been a debacle.] 5-25-18
  25. North Korea. “Moon Over Singapore.” [South Korea’s President doesn’t share U.S. goals on North Korea.] 5-29-18
  26. North Korea. “Only Freedom Can Disarm Kim.” By Claudia Rosett. [Domestic accountability is a necessary condition for making any agreement with the U.S. stick.] 6-1-18
  27. North Korea. “Singapore or Bust.” [Trump gets the summit he wants with Kim Jong Un.] 6-2-18
  28. North Korea. “Don’t Negotiate With Kim, Mr. President.” By Wm. Lloyd Stearman. [A summit isn’t the place for that kind of diplomacy.] 6-4-18
  29. North Korea. “Is the U.S.-South Korea Alliance Worth It?” by Michael O’Hanlon. [Kim Jong Un wants all U.S. troops gone. That would be a mistake, but scaling back may make sense.] 6-5-18
  30. North Korea. “With North Korea, What’s in It for Donald?” [The art of a bad deal with North Korea would remove only America from harm’s way.] 6-9-18
  31. North Korea. “Promises, Nuclear Promises.” [Trump says he can tell Kim has changed, but the evidence is scant.] 6-13-18
  32. North Korea. “Kim Jong Un and the Art of the Asian Deal.” By I. William Zartman. [The Singapore summit was likely more successful than it looked. Relationships are paramount in the East.] 6-25-18
  33. North Korea. “North Korea Keeps Enriching Uranium.” [Troubling new evidence that Kim Jon Un isn’t honoring his promises.] 7-2-18
  34. North  Korea.  “Moon shot in Korea.”  [Kim still hasn’t provided a list of his nuclear facilities.]  9-20-18
  35. North Korea.  “How Seoul Tacitly Endorses Pyongyang’s Brutality.”  By Greg Scarlatoin.  [Moon Je-in’s English statements sound nice, but his Korean speeches are akin to surrender.]  10-2-18
  36. North Korea.  “North Korea’s Baby Steps.”  [Kim still hasn’t turned over a list of his nuclear facilities.]  10-9-18
  37. North Korea.  “Otto Warmbier’s Reminder.”  [ A blistering judicial opinion on the North Korean regime.]  1-2-19
  38. North Korea.  “Trump Is Serious About Diplomacy With North Korea.”  By Tod Lindberg.  [His special envoy makes clear the administration’s priority is depriving the regime of nuclear weapons.]  2-7-19
  39. North Korea.  “How to Negotiate With Kim Jong Un.” By Robert B. Zoelick.  [No more generalities and sweet talk.  It’s time to hold the North Korean leader to specific promises.]  2-25-19
  40. North Korea.  “High Nuclear Stakes in Hanoi.”  [Anything can happen when Trump and Kim get together again.]  2-26-19
  41. North Korea.  “About Trump’s ‘Failure’ in Hanoi.”  By Wm McGurn.  [The president has left his negotiators better positioned for a good deal with Pyonyang.] 3-5-19
  42. North Korea.  “The Logic of Trump’s North Korea Approach.”  By Michael O’Hanlon.  [He’s wisely stuck with sanctions, and it isn’t as if his predecessors ever had much success.]  3-6-19
  43. North Korea.  “Trump Gets Exercised Over Exercises.”  [War simulations with allies are crucial to military deterrence.]  3-7-19
  44. North Korea.  ‘Kim’s Trump Strategy.”  [North Korea wants the President to throw his hawks overboard.]  4-24-19
  45. North Korea.  “Seizing North Korea Where it Hurts.”  [As Kim Jong Un acts up, the U.S. enforces international sanctions.]  5-10-19
  46. North Korea.  “Pyongyang Confidential.”  (Bookshelf by Geoffrey Cain.)  “The Great Successor.”  By Anna Fifield. [In Kim Jon Un’s North Korea everyone seems to live in fear, even as living standards rise slightly thanks to minor reforms.]  6-12-19
  47. North Korea. “How to Defeat Kim Jong Un.” By Nicholas Eberstadt. [Double down on sanctions, punish the regime’s criminal activities and provide ‘intrusive aid.’] 12-11-19
  48. North Korea.  “Remember  Megumi Yokota, the Girl North Korea Snatched in 1977.”  By Melanie Kirkpatrick.  [She was 13 and from Japan, but Pyongyang has kidnapped citizens of at least 14 countries.]  6-10-20
  49. North Korea.  “70 Years After the War, No Resolution in Korea.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The dynamics driving conflict remain strong.  Full reconciliation is as likely as open conflict.]   6-25-20
  50. North Korea.  “Détente May Be an Option With North Korea.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Sanctions won’t break Pyongyang, but it does want some distance from China.]   4-6-21
  51. North Korea.  “The U.S. Needs to Bankrupt North Korea’s War Machine.”  By Nicholas Eberstadt.  [Diplomacy doesn’t move Pyongyang.  It stops testing weapons only when the money runs out.]  3-29-22
  52. North Korea.  “Kim Jong Un Drops the Mask.”  By John Bolton.  [North Korea officially repudiates ‘peaceful reunification’ in favor of total domination.]  1-25-24

Issue Headlines

North Korea. “…take hydrogen bomb threat seriously.”  10-25-17

N. Korea. 11-27-17

Russia warns of ‘apocalyptic scenario’ on Korean Peninsula