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  1. Arabs – Fouad Ajami, Great American by Bret Stephens column 6-24-14
  2. Arabs – U.S. relations:  Fouad Ajami on America and the Arabs, opinion excerpts over 30 years,  6-23-14
  3. Arabs. “Uncertain of Obama, Arab States Gear Up for War.” By David Schenker [A pan-Arab coalition with a patchy record steps up as Yemen fall apart and U.S. policy remains unclear.] 3-30-15
  4. Arabs. LTE. “Arab States Defend Themselves in America’s Absence.” 4-3-15
  5. Arabs. “A Road Map to Chaos in Yemen.” By Asher Orkaby. [A coalition fighting for an exiled president against a tribal revolt – sound familiar? Meet the 1960’s civil war.] 4-10-15
  6. Arabs. “Shadow Plays in Yemen.” [Obama tries to back Saudi Arabia – but not enough to rile Iran.] 4-22-15
  7. Arabs. “Behind the Saudi Royal Shake-Up. By Karen Elliott House. [King Salman is sending a message to the U.S. and to restive young Saudis flirting with joining Islamic State.] 5-2-15
  8. Arabs. “Obama Loses the Sunni Arabs.” [They reject his attempts to reassure them over the Iran nuclear deal.] 5-12-15
  9. Arabs. “What Will the Arabs Do Now?” [Iran’s neighbors must decide whether to get a bomb themselves.] 7-15-15
  10. Arabs. “A Nobel for Arab Democracy.” [A worthy prize for voices of secular-Muslim compromise.] 10-10-12
  11. Arabs. LTE. “Some of the Arab States Have Admitted Many From Syria.” 12-9-15
  12. Arabs. “Saudi Arabia’s Suffragettes.” [An electoral breakthrough for women in the Kingdom.] 12-14-15
  13. Arabs. “The End of the Arab Spring Dream.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [Disorganized urban liberalism couldn’t compete with the politics of tribe – or Islamism.] 12-19-15
  14. Arabs. “Syria’s Yellow Brick Road.”   [The U.S. gives up toppling Assad to win Russia’s U.N. support.] 12-21-15
  15. Arabs. LTE. “Political Must: Assad Will Leave Eventually.” 12-26-15
  16. Arabs. “Sunni Arab Solidarity.” [“…A Middle East dividing into Sunni and Shiite blocs is the predictable consequence of Mr. Obama’s strategy of retreat from the region…”] 1-5-16
  17. Syria. “Syria’s Phony Peace Talks.” [Assad bombs with impunity while Islamic State gains ground.] 2-1-16
  18. Arabs. “Putin’s Syria Victory.” [John Kerry’s cease-fire lets Assad consolidate his strategic gains.] 2-13-16
  19. Arabs/Syria. Russia. “How to Bog Down Putin in Syria.” By Seth G. Jones. [Moscow’s aid has helped Assad, but the history of insurgencies shows that this fight is far from over.] 2-25-16
  20. Arabs. “America’s New Libyan War.” [Obama orders a tepid fight against Islamic State in North Africa.] 2-26-16
  21. Arabs. “So Much for Putin’s Syria ‘Quagmire.’ “ [The Kremlin has achieved its goal of propping up Assad.] 3-15-16
  22. Arabs. LTE. “Tunisia Needs Progress and Jobs to Beat ISIS.” 3-17-16
  23. Arabs. “One Year Later: Why We Saudis Went to War in Yemen.” By Abdullah Al-Saud. [My nation cherishes peace and stability. The anarchy backed by Iran on our doorstep was intolerable.] 3-26-16
  24. Arabs. [Bookshelf by Bartle Bull] “The Agony of the Arab Spring.” (“A Rage for Order.” By Robert F Worth.) [Of the five countries where citizens rose up in 2011, only Tunisia is relatively stable and free. It also produces the most Islamic State recruits.] 4-28-16
  25. Arabs. “The Syrian Catastrophe.”  [A diplomatic revolt against Obama’s determined inaction.]  6-18-16
  26. Arabs. “An Arab Spring Success.”  [Tunisia’s parliament votes to oust a premier.  No bloodbath follows.]  8-3-16
  27. Arabs. “The Meaning of an Olympic Snub.”  By Bret Stephens.  [The Arab world has a problem of the mind, and its name is anti-Semitism.]  8-16-16
  28. Arabs. Mideast. “There’s No Such Thing as the ‘Arab Street.’  By Jonathan Schanzer.  [Suddenly, Middle Eastern intellectuals are coming to me for ‘ground truth.’]  5-16-17


Issue Headlines

Arabs. “The Fractured Legacy of The Mapmakers.” [After the First World War, the great powers carved new, often arbitrary states from the remains of the Ottoman Empire. Would more ‘natural’ borders make today’s Middle East more peaceful?] P. C1, WSJ 4-11-15


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