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  1. Internet. LTE. “Net-Neutrality Politics: Solution Looking for a Problem.” 11-18-14
  2. Internet. “We’re All Pirates Now.” Book review of “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free” by Cory Doctorow.   By Edward Kosner. [Doctorow says computer technology has rendered the concept of copyright obsolete. The Internet itself ‘is a copying machine.’] 11-19-14
  3. Internet. LTE. “Internet Sales Tax Would Overwhelm Small Business.” 11-21-14
  4. Internet. “Facebook, Please Don’t Let the Mullahs Troll Us.” By Mariam Memarsadeghi et. al. [The Iranian regime seems to have figured out how to exploit the social-media website to silence critics.] 11-25-14
  5. Internet. “The Many Wars of Tom Wheeler.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [ …how to appease, quiet or otherwise corral the president’s net-neutral constituents without doing damage to broadband investment.] 11-26-2014
  6. Internet. “Halfway to Wrecking Internet Freedom.” By L. Grodon Crovitz. [“The U.S. should retain stewardship over the Internet and postpone any fixing of the Internet until there is a problem to fix.”] 12-1-2014
  7. Internet. “Obama’s New Web Tax.” [A Democratic think tank pegs the consumer hit at $17 billion.] 12-5-14.
  8. Internet. “No Deadline for the Open Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. 12-8-14
  9. Internet. LTE. “No Cause for Alarm on Internet DNS.” By Lawrence Strickling: Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. 12-8-14
  10. Internet. “The U.S. Leads the World in Broadband.” By Bret Swanson. [The ‘slow and expensive’ reputation is undeserved, as analyses of Internet traffic and network speed indicate.] 12-8-14
  11. Internet. “Wednesday Is Tax-the-Internet Day.” [As if D.C. has too few politicians, hundreds more arrive to demand higher taxes..] 12-9-14
  12. Internet. “Sony vs. North Korea.” By Homan W. Jenkins. Jr. [Companies need not just defenses but business models that are robust against hacking.] 12-10-14
  13. Internet. “Wanted: An International Rule of Law to Govern the Cloud.”  [Without an agreement, one country might prohibit the disclosure of information another country requires.] 12-19-14
  14. Internet. “Congress Steps In to Protect the Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The budget bill requires the administration to maintain U.S. oversight of the Web.] 12-22-14
  15. Internet. “Sony Is Not a Hero for Getting Hacked.” By Holman Jenkins, Jr. 12-24-14
  16. Internet. “Stopping the Next Cyberassault.” By Mike Rogers. […North Korea’s attack on Sony and the FIN4 group’s hacks are warnings about what is to come…] 12-26-14
  17. Internet. “A Faster Internet in 2015.” By Holman W. Jenkins Jr. 12-31-14
  18. Defense. “Cyberdefense Is a Government Responsibility.” By Alan Charles Raul. [The Navy fought Barbary pirates to protect U.S. commerce. Digital pirates have much less to fear.] 1-6-15
  19. Internet. “Dish Takes Aim at the Cable Bundle.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., [The convergence of wireless and fixed broadband will blow up cable TV and overturn FCC regulatory assumptions.] 1-17-15
  20. Internet. “The Turning Point for Internet Freedom.” By Robert M. McDowell.   [As regulators weigh imposing net neutrality on the Web, Congress tries to pre-empt government overreach.] 1-20-15
  21. Internet. “How to Avoid Spectrum Crunch.” By Jason Furman [The FCC’s $44 billion auction is just one step in a program to facilitate mobile broadband use.” 1-23-15
  22. Internet. “Reactionary Regulators vs. the Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Why impose antiquated rules on the Web? Limited broadband competition is a more important issue.] 1-26-15
  23. Internet. LTE. “Spectrum Crunch, Regulators, Revenue and Consumers.” 1-29-15
  24. Internet. “American” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [With Internet freedom safe for now, let’s embrace the values that make the Web work so well.] 2-2-15
  25. Internet. LTE. “A Lot Better Solution Than Net Neutrality.” 1-30-15
  26. Internet. “Washington Conquers the Internet.” [Tom Wheeler bids to become the Frank Underwood of the Web.] 2-5-15
  27. Internet. “Obama’s Favorite Internet Company.” [The President’s model utility knocks his plan to regulate the net.] 2-6-15
  28. Internet. “The Great Internet Power Grab.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. 2-9-15
  29. Internet. “This is Your FCC on Drugs.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Tom Wheeler retreats into la-la land about his surrender to the Obama political agenda.]  2-7-15
  30. Internet. “A Disconnect on Municipal Broadband.” By Lindsay M. Lewis. [Obama’s promises about government-provided Internet service aren’t borne out by the facts.] 2-10-15
  31. Internet. LTE. “Federal Preferences for the Little Guy Benefit the Giants.” 2-11-15
  32. Internet. “Why Download Europe’s Lousy Broadband Policy?” by Rick Boucher [Treating the Internet like a utility has been tried, with deleterious effects on innovation and costs.] 2-12-15
  33. Internet. “The Wireless Kingpin of Deadwood.” [Charlie Ergen keeps us waiting for a new kind of competitor to Big Cable.] 2-14-15
  34. Internet. “Dictators Love the FCC’s Plan to Regulate the Internet.” By Robert M. McDowell [The Obama administration’s efforts to treat the Web like a utility has fans from Saudi Arabia to Putin’s Kremlin.] 2-18-15
  35. Internet. “From Internet to Obamanet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [BlackBerry and AT&T are already making moves that could exploit new ‘utility’ regulations.] 2-23-15
  36. Internet. “The Gigabit Distraction.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Google is bringing Americans what they need – not superfast speeds, but a choice of providers.] 2-21-15
  37. FCC. “Tom Wheeler’s Other Web Takeover.” [The FCC boss plans to usurp state power over municipal broadband.] 2-25-15
  38. FCC. “Welcome to the Obamanet.” [The FCC snatches political control over more of the economy.] 2-27-15
  39. Internet. “Liberals Mugged by Obamanet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for Google and other ‘net neutrality’ proponents.] 3-2-15
  40. Internet. “The Net Neutrality Crack-Up.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. 2-28-15
  41. Internet. “The CEOs Behind the Obamanet.” [A key backer of the FCC plan admits he doesn’t understand the issue.] 3-5-15
  42. Internet. “Netflix Recants on Obamanet.” L. Gordon Crovitz. 3-9-15
  43. Internet. LTE. “FCC’s Power Grab and 1934 Act’s Anticompetitive Past.” 3-9-15
  44. Internet. “Tom Wheeler’s Apology Tour.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The FCC chief travels the world to offer himself as the Internet’s Munchausen mommy.] 3-11-15
  45. Internet. “Net Neutrality’s Babes in Toyland.” By Daniel Henninger. 3-12-15
  46. Internet. “Obamanet’s Regulatory Farrago.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Asked what the Internet ‘general conduct rule’ means, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, ‘ We don’t really know.”] 3-16-15
  47. Internet. LTE. “Net Neutrality: Not a Partisan Issue.”  3-17-15
  48. Internet. “Netflix Is the Culprit.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [In January 2014, CEO Reed Hastings insisted a net-neutral rule wasn’t urgently needed.] 3-18-15
  49. Internet. “The Obamanet Crack-Up.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [“President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet went on tour in Washington last week. If politics worked like Broadway, the show would have closed on opening night…”] 3-23-15
  50. Internet. LTE. “Net Neutrality and the FCC’s Overreach Are Political.” 3-23-15
  51. Internet. LTE. “Wheeler’s Slyly Subtle Subterfuge.” 3-23-15
  52. Internet. “Size Matters on the Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Eurocrats are going after Google just as the short-lived monopoly is giving way to new competitors.] 4-20-15
  53. Internet. “Government’s Internet Monopoly.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Regulatory control, not mergers in a declining cable industry, is what limits consumer choice.] 4-27-15
  54.  Internet. “Why AOL Matters Again.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Either Verizon is crazy or a new era of broadband competition is beginning.] 5-13-15
  55. Internet. “The AOL Telltale.” [Verizon’s offer shows the competitiveness of the broadband market.] 5-13-15
  56. Internet. “Why AOL Matters Again.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Either Verizon is crazy or a new era of broadband competition is beginning.] 5-13-15
  57. Internet. “Obama’s Bungled Internet Surrender.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The group the White House favors for online oversight is turning into an abusive monopolist.] 5-18-15
  58. Internet.  “How the FCC  Will Wreck the Internet.”  By Hal Singer.  [The agency’s new rules are already slowing investment.  They also threaten ‘real time’ apps like telemedicine.]  5-29-15
  59. Internet.  “Internet Governance Follies.”  By L. Gordon Crovitz.  [A domain-name debacle shows how harebrained the Obama idea was.  Just ask Taylor Swift.  6-1-15
  60. Internet.  “Washington Makes a Broadband Hash.”  By Holman W.  Jenkins, Jr.  [If Obama is saving us from an Internet monopoly, why are cable stocks going up?]  5-27-15
  61. Internet. “Exaggerating Liberty’s Death.” [A Supreme Court rebuttal to Rand Paul and Edward Snowden.] 6-2-2015
  62. Internet. “America’s Online Sales Opportunity in China.” By Jack Ma. [The Middle Kingdom’s middle class is as large as the entire U.S. population and may double in seven years.] 6-9-15
  63. Internet. “A Victory for Internet Freedom.” [A bipartisan House votes for a permanent ban on email taxes.] 6-11-15
  64. Internet. “Obamanet Shows Its Fangs.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The FCC levies a $100 million retroactive fine, and the political favor-seeking is under way.] 6-22-15
  65. Internet. “Cleaning Up the Federal Cyber Debacle.” By Will Hurd. [Prevarication and hypocrisy are the federal government’s modus operandi when it comes to data breaches.] 6-26-15
  66. Internet. LTE. “No Wonder We Are Losing the Cyber War.” 7-9-15
  67. Internet. “To Prevent Cyber attacks, Share the Threat Data.” By Andrew Tannenbaum. [The threats keep coming and thefts occur by the millions. Government and business need to coordinate better.] 7-10-15
  68. Internet. “Portents of World Cyberwar.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. 7-13-15
  69. Internet. “Unmasking Shady, Anonymous E-Commerce.” By John Horton. [Letting dubious online businesses hide their ‘Whois’ information is a bad idea.] 7-16-15
  70. Internet. “How to Feed a Data-Hungry Public.” By Julius Genachowski and Rob’t M. McDowell. [U.S. mobile data traffic will grow sevenfold between 2014 and 2019. Time for Congress to plan more spectrum sales.] 7-28-15
  71. Internet. “Ted Cruz’s Fight to Protect the Open Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The Texas senator blocks legislation that could lead to world-wide censorship of the Web.] 8-3-15
  72. Internet. Economy. “Shackling the Sharing Economy.” [Big Labor and the Plaintiffs bar gang up on Internet startups.] 8-3-15
  73. Internet. “The Consequences of a Washington Internet Power Grab.” By Micael O’Reilly and Maureen K. Ohlhausen. [Our two agencies, the FCC and FTC, are on a collision course that could severely hamper how the Web works.] 8-7-15
  74. Internet. “Dissembling About Hacking.” [The feds appear to be blocking a probe of the Chinese superhack.] 8-8-15
  75. Internet. “Permission Slips for Internet Innovation.” By Bret Swanson. [The FCC’s new web rules are already as onerous as feared and favor some business models over others.] 8-15-15
  76. Internet. “Obamanet Heads to Court.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The FCC keeps losing its legal arguments to regulate the Internet. Now comes a third try.] 8-17-15
  77. Internet. “Plotting Against the Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The U.S. delays giving up Web oversight, but other nations are already planning a power grab.] 8-24-15
  78. Internet. “Hiding on the Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [“…the Obama administration should step up and fight against European demands that Google also censor the accurate search results that should always be available to Americans.”] 8-31-15
  79. Internet. “The FCC Imposes Netflix’s Broadband Policy.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [And the winner is Big Cable, not consumers seeking faster speeds.] 9-2-15
  80. Internet. “Obamanet Is Hurting Broadband.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The predictable effect of more regulation has arrived: Investment is plummeting.] 9-14-15
  81. Internet. “Obama’s Cable Monopoly Boom.” 9-19-15
  82. Internet. “Not Obama’s to Give Away.” By L. Fordon Crovitz. [Lawmakers told the administration it will need Congress’s OK to surrender Web control.] 9-28-15
  83. Internet. “Notified About a Data Breach? Too Late.” By Jeff Kosseff. [“WE need to modernize our cybersecurity laws to minimize the frequency and harm of breaches.”] 10-9-15
  84. Internet. “Europe Needlessly Endangers Its U.S. Digital Links.” By Alan Charles Raul. [Worries about privacy protections have roiled international commerce. The EU needs reassuring.] 10-26-15
  85. Internet. “A Cyber Defense Bill, At Last.” [Data sharing can improve security and consumer privacy.] 10-27-15
  86. Internet. LTE. “Even a Net-Neutral Internet Isn’t a Title II Public Utility.” 10-27-15
  87. Internet.   “China Censors Your Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Beijing thinks Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ is code for Tiananmen Square and must be blocked.]   11-2-15
  88. Internet. “The Broadband Future and Its Enemies.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [T-Mobile’s uncapped video experiment heralds a wireless alternative to cable.] 11-18-15
  89. Internet. “Radical Parents, Despotic Children.” By Bret Stephens. [Sooner of later, Orwellian methods on campus will lead to Orwellian outcomes.] 11-24-15
  90. Internet. “Privatizing the Superhighway.” Book review by Marc Levinson. “How the Internet Became Commercial,” by Shane Greenstein.” [In most countries, control over the Internet was handed to the state telephone monopoly. In the U.S., with AT&T gone, the market took over.] 11-24-15
  91. Internet. “Obamanet Goes to Court.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [A federal appeals court can restore Internet freedom by holding the FCC to the law.] 11-30-2015
  92. Internet. “Judging Obamanet’s Power Grab.” [The FCC’s Internet rule gets what should be a rocky day in court.] 12-4-15
  93. Internet. “A Permanent Internet Tax Ban.” [Who says this Congress is doing nothing for economic growth.] 12-10-15
  94. Internet. “The Debate Over Encryption.” By Cindy Cohn. “The Backdoor Is a Trapdoor.” [Giving the government keys to encrypted software will make Americans less safe.] 12-24-15.
  95. Internet. “The Debate Over Encryption.” By Richard Burr. “Stopping Terrorists From ‘Going Dark’.” [Encrypted devices block law enforcement from collecting evidence. Period.] 12-24-15.
  96. Internet. LTE. “Penetrating Social Media to Access Terrorists.” 12-26-15
  97. Internet. “The Obamanet Overreach.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Judges weigh a make-or-break case against heavy Web regulation.] 12-28-15
  98. Internet. “The Internet Tax Hostage.” [Alexander intervenes to stop a Senate vote on a permanent ban.] 12-28-15
  99. Internet. LTE. “How to Chill Government Corrupt Influences.” 12-28-15 [re: private email accounts.]
  100. Internet. LTE. “Tax Internet Sales for Fairness, Federalism.” Banks. LTE. “Watching Whales at World’s Central Banks.” 1-8-16
  101. Internet. “The Data Breach You Haven’t Heard About.” By Will Hurd. (Sits on the House Homeland Security Committee and is chairman of the IT Subcommittee on Oversight and Government Reform.) [“ … Encryption is essential to our national security and economy; we should be focused on strengthening it not weakening it.”] 1-27-16
  102. Internet. “The Secret Behind the “Backdoor” Debate.” By Holman W. Jenkins. Jr. [The U.S. government and Silicon Valley are engaged in shadow play for the benefit of both.] 1-30-16
  103. Internet. “’Economics-Free’ Obamanet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The White House and FCC acted on pure ideology. Cost-benefit analysis? What’s that?] 2-1-16
  104. Internet. “Protecting U.S. Innovation From Cyberthreats.” By Barack Obama. [Our new national action plan includes $3 billion to kick-start an overhaul of federal computer systems.] 2-9-16
  105. Internet. LTE. “The 1934 Act Regulates Telecommunications.”   2-10-16
  106. Internet. “Internet Tax Freedom – at Last.” [Congress sends a permanent ban on email taxes to the President.] 2-12-16
  107. Internet. LTE. “FCC’s Internet Power Grab enables Destructive Abuse.”   2-17-16
  108. Internet. “The Big-Data Future Has Arrived.” By Michael S. Malone. [It is now possible to measure everything, from the movement of billions of stars to each heartbeat. 2-23-16
  109. Internet. “Net Neutrality vs. Net Reality.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Watch the Super Bowl on your iPad without hearing every score first from Twitter.]   2-24-16
  110. Internet. “Tom Wheeler’s Internet Debacle.” [In the first year of new FCC rules, broadband spending declines.] 3-3-16.
  111. Internet. LTE. “The Internet and a Level Playing Field.” 3-5-16
  112. Internet. “Emails Expose Obamanet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [‘Obama says make it Title II’ – then panic set in at a supposedly independent agency.] 3-7-16
  113. Internet. “How State Revenuers Are Going After E-Commerce.”   By Hamilton Davison. [Alabama and other states are trying to impose sales taxes on retailers far beyond their own borders.] 3-12-16
  114. Internet. LTE. “The Roots of the Case to Tax Internet Retailers.” 3-18-16
  115. Internet. “Stop Obama’s Internet Giveaway.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [It’s up to Congress to block a surrender that could give control to authoritarian rulers.] 3-21-16
  116. Internet. “Internet Censorship a la Mode.” [France tries to block Web searches on computers in San Diego and Seoul.] 4-2-16
  117. Internet. “Netflix’s Lesson in Net Neutrality Karma.” By Homan W. Jankins, Jr. [Why the Internet video kingpin’s fast-and-loose political rhetoric is starting to blow back.] 4-2-16
  118. Internet. LTE. “The Icann 55 Internet Proposal Is A Good One.” 4-4-16
  119. Internet. “The Next Wave in the Internet’s Evolution.” By Steve Case. [First came getting people online. Then the apps era took over. Now a fresh reimagining is taking off.] 4-5-16
  120. Internet. “A Phishy Plan to Protect Privacy.” [The FCC regulates private data use – except by Google or Amazon.] 4-12-16
  121. Internet. “The Algorithm Is an Editor.” By Jeffrey Herbst. [Google, Facebook and other tech companies say they aren’t news organizations, but the claim is becoming increasingly implausible.) 4-14-16
  122. Internet. “Broadening the Oversight of a Free and Open Internet.” By Stephen D. Crocker. [Stewardship by the global community will guard against ‘capture’ by one group or government.] 4-20-16
  123. Internet. “How the FCC’s ‘Set-Top Box’ Rule Hurts Consumers.” By Anthony Wood. [Cable already has steady competition. Opening the box will only raise costs and reduce innovation.] 4-22-16
  124. Internet. LTE. “Why Change an Internet Regime That Works?”    4-29-16
  125. Internet. “How Tom Wheeler Made Cable King.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Netflix and Charter’s gaming of a cable merger shows how net neutrality puts lobbyists in charge.] 5-1-16
  126. Internet. “How to Kill the Internet.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Steve Case reminds us that AOL flourished with Web freedom – the sort now in danger. 5-2-16
  127. Internet. “Defining a Cyber Act of War.” By Mike Rounds. [“…a new type of warfare – in cyberspace – is emerging as a top threat to America…”] 5-9-16
  128. Internet. LTE. “Want to Risk a Big Failure In the ‘Internet of Things.’”? 5-9-16
  129. Internet. “The Cable Bundle Will Be Reborn.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Live TV is the biggest challenge for the internet – so, yes, ESPN has a future.] 5-11-16
  130. Internet. “Share This on Facebook.” [How the company can answer charges that it censors conservatives.] 5-11-16
  131. Internet. “The Lending Club Distraction.” By Robert J. Jackson Jr. [Online platforms matching lenders and borrowers have big benefits that lawmakers should consider before rushing in with regulations.] 5-19-16
  132. Internet. “A Job for Rubio-Cruz: Save the Web.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Off the campaign trial, the senators now turn to protecting the Internet from Obama. ] 5-23-16
  133. Internet. “Peak TV in the FCC Valley of Darkness.” By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [Tom Wheeler is not the first whose life in politics left him unfit for responsibility.] 5-25-16
  134. Internet.  “Smart Devices undone by Dumb Security.”  By Babak D. Beheshti.  [If hackers can commandeer a baby monitor, you know the Internet of Things needs to wake up to threats.]  6-2-16
  135. Internet. “The Battle Over Obama’s Internet Surrender.”  By L. Gordon Crovitz.  [Congress must act this summer to keep U.S. oversight and protection intact.]  6-13-16
  136. Internet. “LinkedIn and the Tech Valuation Boom.”  [Microsoft is paying $26 billion for a money-losing social-media site.]  6-14-16
  137. Internet. “Now Can Big Data Fight Terror?” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Why don’t officials know when an Omar Mateen buys a mass-murder weapon?]  6-15-16
  138. Internet. “The King and His Court.”  [The D.C. Circuit bows to government by executive decree.] (net-neutrality)  6-15-16
  139. Internet. “Shadow Falls Over Silicon Valley.”  By L. Gordon Crovitz.  [The FCC’s rules will stifle the internet and discourage investing in broadband.]  6-20-16
  140. Internet. LTE.  “We Support FCC’s Transfer of Internet Power.”  (“Internet Association”)  6-22-16
  141. Internet. LTE.  “Icann and the Overrepresentation of the U.S”  6-27-16  [See 6-20-16 here]
  142. Internet. LTE.  “What About the Little Guys and the Internet?”  6-30-16
  143. Internet. “Yahoo Can Still Be Broadband’s Future.”  By Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. [The social payoff will come from Verizon’s incentive to keep investing in a faster internet.]  7-30-16
  144. Internet. “The FCC Gets Throttled.”  [The Sixth Circuit Shuts down a power play over municipal broadband.]  8-11-16
  145. Internet. “Last Call for the Open Internet.”  By L. Gordon Crovitz.  [A two-year effort to find an alternative to U.S. oversight of Icann has produced only uncertainty.]  8-15-16
  146. Internet. “An Internet Giveaway to the U.N.” by L. Gordon Crovitz. [If the U.S. abdicates internet stewardship, the United Nations might take control.] 8-29-16
  147. Internet. “Congress Can Save the Internet.”   By L. Gordon Crovitz. [The White House will end U.S. oversight at month’s end, unless lawmakers step in.]
  148. Internet. LTE. “The ICANN Move Has Long Been U.S. Policy.” 9-12-16
  149. Internet. “A Privacy Lesson Courtesy of Zuckerberg.”  By Andy Kessler.  {…”hackers are virtually everywhere…”]  9-14-16
  150. Internet. LTE.  “No Wonder Connecticut Needs an Internet Tax.”  10-4-16
  151. Internet. “Why the Market Yawned When Yahoo Was Hacked.”  By Shiva Rajgopal and Suraj Srinivasan.  [The low cost of remedying data breaches contributes to their frequency.  Time for a stronger approach.]  10-4-16
  152. Internet. “Still Paying the ‘Wheeler Tax’”  [The Obama FCC reduces investment and jobs in broadband internet.]  10-6-16
  153. Internet. LTE.  “Who Should Pay for Cybersecurity Breaches?  10-11-16
  154. Internet. “AT&T’s Wireless Leap Over Obama.” [Technology is driving ubiquitous broadband despite the FCC.]  10-24-16
  155. Internet. “The Authoritarian Internet Power Grab.”  By Robert M. McDowell and Gordon M. Goldstein.  [The Internet of Things will be worth trillions by 2025.  China wants centralized control.] 10-26-16
  156. Internet. “YouTube and Prager U.”  [The video site restricts a lecture on free speech by our Kim Strassel.]  10-31-16
  157. Internet. “A Copyright Coup in Washington.”  [The new Librarian of Congress ousts a federal patent defender.]  11-3-16
  158. Internet. “Senate Confirmation Confidential.”  [A mooted nominee pairing for the FCC is a bad idea.]  12-6-16
  159. Internet. “How to Beat the Scourge of Fake News.”  By Jeffrey Herbst.  [Facebook and Google can’t do it alone,.  Better educating consumers is crucial.]  12-12-16
  160. Internet. “Tom Wheeler Has Left the Group Chat.” [Republicans can now reshape the FCC and roll back his agenda.]  12-16-16
  161. Internet. “Tom Wheeler Teaches How Not to Be FCC Chief.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr. [He wanted to fix net neutrality without hurting the internet but then caved to Obama politics.]  12-17-16
  162. Internet. “Obama’s Late Cyber Defense.”  [He finally sanctions Russia, and Trump should get the message.]  12-30-16
  163. Internet. “Obama’s Self-Serving Cybersecurity Spin.”  By Jeffrey A. Eisenach.   [There’s real cause for alarm, but it isn’t the recent malware.]  1-4-17
  164. Internet. (Bookshelf by Frank Rose.)  “Confronting the End of Privacy.”  (“Data for the People” by Andreas Weigend & also, “The Aisles Have Eyes.”  By Joseph Turow.  [We don’t want companies knowing too much about us, but we kind of like the personalization.  In any case, we don’t know what to do about it.]  2-1-17
  165. Internet. “The FCC’s New Life of Pai.” [“…Less noticed is that Mr Pai is restoring bipartisanship and political accountability to an agency that desperately needs it.] 2-10-17
  166. Internet. “A Trumpian green Shoot Is Broadband.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Wireless carriers just zero-rated the internet. Get ready for a revolution in cheap, ubiquitous data.] 2-25-17
  167. Internet. “Settling a Bureaucratic Turf War in Online Privacy Rules.” By Jeff Flake. [An FCC power grab results in varying regulations for different parts of the Internet.] 3-2-17
  168. Internet. “WikiLeaks’s New Damage.” [Its latest leaks expose U.S. cyber tools against terror networks.] 3-8-17
  169. Internet. “Google’s Too-Darn-Bad Scandal.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Hey, advertisers, some of us supply content that’s tasteful and family-friendly.] 3-29-17
  170. Internet. “The Phony Internet Privacy Panic.” [The GOP reverses a rule intended to help Google and Amazon, not you.] 4-1-17
  171. Internet. “Fake News and the Digital Duopoly.” By Robert Thomson. [Google and Facebook have created a dysfunctional and socially destructive information ecosystem.] 4-5-17
  172. Internet. “Whose Song Is It, Anyway?” (Bookshelf by Matthew Rees.) “Move Fast and Break Things.” By Jonathan Taplin. Behind the success of YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and other digital giants is a creative class whose work is being rewarded less and less.] 4-20-17
  173. Internet. “Make the Net Neutral Again.”  [Ajit Pai’s FCC moves to roll back political control of the web.]  4-28-17
  174. Internet. “The ‘WannaCry’  Cyber Warning.”  [The NSA followed protocol but it still wasn’t enough.]  5-16-17
  175. Internet. “The FCC Gets Set to Free Wireless.” By Robert M. McDowell.  [Since 2009, the commission has refused to declare the market competitive.]  5-17-17
  176. Internet. “Why ‘Net Neutrality’ Drives the Left Crazy.” (The Weekend Interview with Ajit Pai by Tunku Varadarajan)  [The FCC’s new chairman on his plan to reopen the internet to competition – and the agitators picketing his family home.]  5-20-17
  177. Internet. “Ending North Korea’s Cyber Impunity.” 5-24-17
  178. Internet. “Social Media CEOs in the Dock.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Ask Edison:  Life-altering technologies come with a big dose of fear.] 5-31-17
  179. Internet. “Zuckerberg’s Opiate for the Masses.”  By Andy Kessler.  [If we get ‘universal basic income,’ the millennials will never leave our basements.]  6-19-17
  180. Internet. “In Defense of Net Neutrality.”  By Tim Berners-Lee.  [It’s how I could invent the World Wide Web without permission.]  6-23-17
  181. Internet. “Nevada’s Solar Subsidy Resurrection.”  [Gov. Sandoval restores the net-metering regulatory scheme.]  6-26-17
  182. Internet. “Comcast vs. the 5G Frenzy.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Ignore the sausage-making as the industry adapts to a new broadband revolution.]  7-5-17
  183. Internet. “’Neutrality’ for Thee, but Not for Google, Facebook and Amazon.” By Ev Ehrlich. [The internet giants driving net neutrality are happy to skew your web experience to goose their profits.]  7-21-17
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  284. Internet.  “Taming the Digital Wild West.”  By Robert Thomson.  [‘Dog Bites Man’ isn’t a story.  ‘Man Bites Dog’ is a story.  ‘Bytes Dog Man’ – that is the story.]  3-13-19
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  289. Internet.  “Facebook’s Scandal of Fake Celebrity Ads.”  By Mehmet Oz and Kai Falkenberg.  [Friends want to know:  Is ‘Dr. Oz’s Diabetes Breakthrough’ legit?  The answer is no.]  4-15-19 
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  293. Internet.  “Our Brush With Google Censorship.”  By Ryan P Williams.  [The Claremont Institute criticized the orthodoxies of multiculturalism.  The company banned our ads.]  5-8-19
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  304. Internet.  “Don’t Forget the ‘Ne Neutrality’ Panic.”  [ A year ago, the FCC killed the Internet. Or so we were told.]  6-15-19
  305. Internet.  “Sprint Deal Now a Regulatory Joke.”  [dish’s Charlie Ergen has turned federal approval into a rent-seeking circus.]  6-19-19
  306. Internet.  “Hawley’s Bad idea to Protect Speech.”  By Chris Cox.  [I helped write Section 230.  It remains vital to a free and open internet.]  6-24-19
  307. Internet.  “I Compete With Facebook, and It’s No Monopoly.”  By Art Weinstein.  [Ignore the misguided calls for antitrust enforcement.  Net neutrality is the way to keep social media free.]  6-28-19
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  309. Internet. “Facebook’s Privacy Penalty.” [The punishment is about as stiff as current law allows.] 7-25-19
  310. Internet. “Facebook Settlement Vindicates Consumer Privacy. By Noah Joshua Phillips. [The FTC imposes a historic fine and creates a strong ;protocol to prevent further abuses of data.] 7-25-19
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  314. Internet. “Mitch McConnell’s Twitter Jailbreak.” [Social sites may not want speech regulation, but this is how to get it.] 8-13-19
  315. Internet. “An ‘Old-School Hacker’ fights Cybercrime.” (The Weekend Interview with Kevin Mitnick by Randy Maniloff.) [After five years in prison, he put on a ‘white hat.’ Now he has advice for companies – and for you — about staying safe online.] 8-17-19
  316. Internet. “Protecting The Providers.” (Bookshelf by Barton Swaim.) “The Twenty-Six Words That Crated the Internet.” By Jeff Kosseff. [Section 230 protects websites and online service providers from liability for what their users post. Has the time come to rethink it?] 8-20-19
  317. Internet. “Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Facebook.” By Jon Kyl. [My independent team of investigators looked into the complaints, and the company has taken action.] 8-21-19
  318. Internet.   “Is Hacking an ‘Act of War’?” by Elizabeth Braw. [Billions rest on that question for insurance companies and their policyholders.] 8-22-19
  319. Internet. “A ‘Fact Checker’ Declares War on Satire.” By Kyle Mann. [When we make fun of liberals, Snopes pretends to take us seriously and labels our jokes ‘false.’] 8-22-19
  320. Internet. “Qualcomm Gets a Reprieve.” [“…the FTC is stretching antitrust law…”] 8-26-19
  321. Big Tech. “Big Tech’s ‘Innovations’ That Aren’t.” by Josh Hawley. [Silicon Valley’s giants are no longer producing better products and services. They’re exploiting people.] 8-29-19
  322. Internet. “Alternatives to Google? Your Search Returned No Results.” By Ken Paxton. [Our investigation will find out whether the internet’s gate keeper is, in fact, blocking the entrance.] 9-11-19
  323. Big Tech. “Antitrust Can’t Catch Big Tech.” by Andy Kessler. [Facebook, Google and the rest will change their ways before the feds can make a case.] 9-16-19
  324. Internet / Big Tech. “The Political Attack on Big Tech.” by Kevin O’Connor. [These companies won in the free market, and they can use their property as they choose.] 9-24-18
  325. Internet/ Big Tech. “Silicon Valley Goes Soft.” By Andy Kessler. [Attacks from media and government have cowed tech firms from making bold moves.] 9-30-19
  326. Internet/ Big Tech. “Privacy vs. Security: It’s a False Dilemma.” By Dave Weinstein. [Barr is right – encryption makes police work harder. But it also frustrates hakers and foreign spies.] 10-6-19
  327. Internet. “What if You Couldn’t Subscribe to Netflix?” by Robert M. McDowell. [ An obsolete law stops broadcaster’s from making their services available to everyone.] 10-14-19
  328. Internet. “Facebook Stands for Free Expression.” By Mark Zuckerberg. [In a democracy, a private company shouldn’t have the power to sensor politicians or the news.] 10-18-19
  329. Internet. “Tech Treadmill Wears Firms Out.” By Andy Kessler. [Once a company jumps on a new trend like streaming, it has to stay ahead.] 10-21-19
  330. Internet. “Facebook and Free Speech.” [Zuckerberg says progressives shouldn’t abandon liberal values. Progressives object.] 10-21-19
  331. Internet / Big Tech. “The Antitrust Threat to National Security.” By Jon Bateman. [Americans love to hate companies like Google and Amazon, but Big Tech serves strategic interests.] 10-23-19
  332. Internet/ Big Tech. “Zuckerberg vs. the Permissioncrats.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [In attacking Facebook’s proposed Libra currency, Washington only sees the downsides of social media.] 10-26-19
  333. Internet/ Big Tech.   “FCC Answers The Threat From Huawei.” [The commission plans a vote on new restrictions of its 5G equipment.] 10-29-19
  334. Internet/ Big Tech. “The Facebook Pressure Campaign.” [Zuckerberg faces criticism for remaining politically neutral.] 10-30-19
  335. Internet/ Big Tech. “Not Everything Is Facebook’s Fault.” By Jason L. Riley. [Congress wants to hold Zuckerberg accountable for sex trafficking, white supremacy and more.] 10-30-19
  336. Internet/ Big Tech. “Boeing vs. Technological Chaos.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Human beings and their machines find it hard to understand each other.] 11-6-19
  337. Internet/ High Tech. “Targeting Mark Zuckerberg.” [The avalanche of attacks against Facebook’s speech policy continues.] 11-8-19
  338. Internet / Big Tech. “Speech and Sanctimony at Twitter.” [Banning ‘political’ ads, Dorsey throws himself into a political thicket.] 11-18-19
  339. Internet / big Tech. “How to Pre-Empt the Huawei Threat.” By Thomas Ayers. [Its control of 5G networks would threaten American national security and put the economy at risk.] 11-18-19
  340. Internet / Big Tech. “How 5G Was Lost.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The FCC becomes less ‘independent’ at the wrong time for the wireless revolution.] 11-20-19
  341. Internet / Big Tech. “A Government 5G Coup.” [Pai’s FCC gets rolled by Trump and Congress on wireless spectrum.] 11-20-19
  342. Internet/Big Tech. “Don’t Panic Over Facebook and Twitter.” (The Weekend Interview with Antonio Garcia Martinez by Jason Willick.)  [The internet turned out not to be an unmixed blessing, but the author of ‘Chaos Monkeys’ seeks to calm your fears about privacy and ‘fake news.’] 11-23-19
  343. Internet/big Tech. “Qualcomm’s Monopoly Imperils National Security.” By Michael Chertoff. [The U.S. shouldn’t rely on one company for vital technologies lie wireless silicon microchips.] 11-25-19
  344. Internet/Big Tech. “Big Tech’s Unfair Immigration Advantage.’ By Michael Roach and John Skrentny. [Reform the system to help startups get visas for recent graduates.] 12-11-19
  345. Internet / Big Tech. “A Lesson for Today’s Tech Trustbusters.” By Thomas W. Hazlett. [AOL-Time Warner was going to dominate the internet. Today both companies barely exist.] 1-10-20
  346. High Tech. “Let’s Make a Deal on Tech Taxes.” By Bruno Le Maire. [The U.S. can work with Europe to treat digital giants fairly.] 1-14-20
  347. High Tech. “The Case of Bill Barr vs. Apple.” [The AG is ignoring the important benefits to society of encryption.] 1-15-20
  348. Internet. “Keep 5G Safe From Chinese Domination.” By Daniel Goldin. [The FCC has a draft plan that would cut through bureaucratic obstacles to allocating new spectrum.] 1-30-20
  349. Internet. “Trudeau and Trump Team Up on China.” By Michael Taube. [They’re united on extraditing Meng Wanzhou to the U.S.] 1-31-20
  350. Internet/High Tech. “There Is a Better Alternative to Huawei.” By Thomas J. Duesterberg. [‘Network virtualization’ can help the U.S. and its allies resist Chinese telecom domination.] 2-6-20
  351. Internet. “Ajit Pai’s Satellite Mission.” [A breakthrough on spectrum that should accelerate 5G rollout.] 2-7-20
  352. Internet. “Winning a 5G Battle but Not the War.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr [An FCC chief outsmarts the swamp but the U.S. has not solved the puzzle of competing with China.] 2-8-20
  353. Internet. “Market Phobia Comes to Cyberspace.” [What’s behind the campaign to block the sale of ab registry.] 2-10-20
  354. Internet. “Sprinting to Faster 5G.” [ A judge resists political pressure and approves the T-Mobile merger.] 2-12-20
  355. Internet. “Trump Outswamps the 5G Swamp.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [A judge’s ruling clears the way for Sprint and T-Mobile after years of rigmarole.] 2-19-20
  356. Internet/High Tech. “Don’t Buy Into Big-Tech Hysteria.” By Andy Kessler. [An industry of alarmists exaggerates social media’s risks and ignores its value.] 2-24-20
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  358. Internet/High Tech. “Twitter Suppresses Speech by Calling It ‘Manipulated Media.’” By Brendan Carr. [Imagine going after LBJ’s ‘Daisy Girl’ ad lest viewers think the girl actually died in a nuclear strike.] 3-18-20
  359. Internet. “Faster Internet Is on the Way.” [Americans working at home should thank Ajit Pai and Trump’s FCC.] 4-3-20
  360. Internet. “Coronavirus Crisis Vindicates the FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’ Rollback.” [In Europe, meanwhile, heavy-handed regulation is forcing internet providers to throttle video speeds] 4-15-20
  361. Internet. “California’s Internet Coup.” [AG Beccerra coerces ICANN to block a sale to private investors.] 5-4-20
  362. Internet. “The FCC’s Decision Puts GPS at Risk.” By Mark Esper. [Its effect will be to undermine U.S. national security and disrupt commerce and daily life.] 5-6-20
  363. Internet / High Tech.  “The Pentagon Is a 900-Pound Crybaby.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [In a fight over 5G wireless spectrum, the military worries it won’t be able to bomb America.] 5-16-20
  364. Internet / High Tech. “Picture Perfect.” (Bookshelf by Taylor Cromwell.) “No Filter.” By Sarah Frier. [A decade after its founding, Instagram, with a little help from Facebook, has more than a billion users, many of them ‘influencers.’”] 5-18-20
  365. Internet / Big Tech. “Google’s Diversity Inquisition.” 5-21-20
  366. Internet. “Imported Chips Make America’s Security Vulnerable.” By Adam A Scher and Peter L Levin. [In response, the U.S. needs better engineering to detect sabotage and a move to more domestic production. 5-26-20
  367. Internet. “Twitter Plays Into Trump’s Hands.” [‘Fact-checking’ tweets will encourage political regulation of speech.] 5-28-20
  368. Internet. “The Twitter Fairness Doctrine.” [Trying to enforce online ‘neutrality” is a fool’s errand. Users can make up their own minds.] 5-29-20
  369. Internet. “Trump Echoes Nixon in Targeting Twitter.” By Preston Padden. [Last week’s order is reminiscent of efforts against broadcasters.] 6-1-20
  370. Internet / Big Tech.  “Zuckerberg’s Credibility Test.”   6-5-20
  371. Internet / Big Tech.  “Amazon Enforces ‘Trans’ Orthodoxy.”  By Abigail Shrier.  [The company won’t allow a publisher’s ads for my skeptical book.]   6-23-20
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  374. Internet / Big Tech.  “Big Tech’s Antitrust Paradox.”  [The legal test for antitrust is consumer benefit, not size.]   7-30-20
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  376. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Geopolitics of TikTok.”  [A Microsoft deal makes sense, but Trump’s finder’s fee is wrong.]   8-5-20
  377. Internet / Big Tech.  “Will Facebook Ban Hate Speech From India’s Ruling Party?” by Sadanand Dhume.  [A dilemma for Zuckerberg: His company’s standards may be unpopular among its largest user base.]  9-4-20
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  379. Internet / Big Tech.  “Fintech Can Come Out of the Shadows.”  By Brian P. Brooks and Charles W. Calomiris.  [Firms that make loans and process payments should be chartered and regulated as national banks.]   9-10-20
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  381. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Misguided Antitrust Attack on Big Tech.”  by Phil Gramm and Jerry Ellig.  [Antitrust action would sap the benefits top companies have brought to consumers and ordinary investors.]   9-15-20
  382. Internet / Big Tech.  “Trumps U.S. WeChat Ban.”  [Beijing uses the all-purpose app to censor and eavesdrop.]   9-19-20
  383. Internet / Big Tech.  LTE.  “Breaking Up or Better Regulating Big Tech?”   9-21-20
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  387. Internet / Big Tech.  “WeChat Threatens Free Speech.”  By Jason Leftus.  [The defense of the Chinese social-media app gets it precisely backward.]   10-15-20
  388. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter’s Partisan Censors.”  [Senators have a chance to explain why an open society matters.]   10-16-20
  389. Internet / Big Tech.  “No Quick Fix for Social Media Bias.”   By Andy Kessler.  [Stripping sites of their liability protection might spur more unfair censorship.]   10-19-20
  390. Internet / Big Tech.  “Google in the Antitrust Dock.”  [Justice will need more proof of consumer harm to win its lawsuit.]   10-21-20
  391. Internet / Big Tech.  “Suing Google Won’t Help Consumers.”  By George L. Priest.  [Unlike Standard Oil and U.S. Steel, its market share is beneficial to sellers and customers.]   10-21-20
  392. Internet / Big Tech.  “Amazon Uncancels Shelby Steele.”  [“…”What Killed Michael Brown?” challenges the dominant narrative of systemic racism…”]   10-24-20
  393. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter’s Censorship Method.”  [Dorsey doesn’t seem to regret his company’s partisan favoritism.]   10-29-20
  394. Internet / Big Tech.  “If You Play Videogames, China May Be Spying on You.”  By Dave Aitel and Jordan Schneider.”   10-29-20
  395. Internet / High Tech.  “Software Ate the World, and Soon It Will Write Itself.”  By Daniel Kroening.  [Developers are in short supply, but their products may acquire the capacity to replace them.]   12-4-20
  396. Internet / Big Tech.   “Covid and The New Age of Censorship.”  By Alex Berenson.  [It doesn’t promote public health when media and tech companies stifle scientific debate.]   12-8-20
  397. Internet / Big Tech.  “Tech Giants and Social media Need Smart Regulation.”  By Jason Furman.  [The digital economy should have a code of conduct that enhances competition and encourages innovation.]   12-10-20
  398. Internet / Big Tech.  “Breaking Up Facebook.”  [The feds want a do-over for acquisitions they previously approved.)  12-11-20
  399. Internet / Big Tech.  “Europe’s Digital Power Play.  [Tying down U.S. behemoths won’t boost European competitors.]   12-16-20
  400. Internet / Big Tech.  “Secrets of the Oracle Prosecution.”  [A letter reveals the animus behind a dubious labor lawsuit.]   12-16-20
  401. Internet / Big Tech.  “Angus King’s Gambit.”  [Maine’s Senator wants free entertainment streaming for all.]   12-17-20
  402. Internet.  LTE.  “Slow Down the Campaign Against Facebook.”   12-19-20
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  405. Internet / Big Tech.  “Laws Governing Online Speech Need Reform, Not Repeal.”  By Rick White.  [Section 230 has its flaws, but those are nothing compared with what Big Brother would bring.]   12-23-20
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  409. Internet / Big The.  “Jack Dorsey Has Second Thoughts.”  [The politicization of technology jeopardizes the ‘open internet’ itself.]   1-15-21
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  413. Internet / Big Tech.  “Money Mules in Sheep’s Clothing.”  By Gary M. Shiffman.  [Cybercriminals recruit unwitting accomplices to lauder cash via electronic transfer.]   1-22-21
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  416. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Big Tech Crackdown Is a Gift to Parler.”  By Thomas j. Philipson.  [The losses from finding new servers will be dwarfed by the gains from all the free publicity.]   1-28-21
  417. Internet / Hi Tech.  “The Constitution Can Crack Section 230.”  By Phillip Hamburger.  [Tech companies think the statute allows them to censor with impunity.  The law is seldom so simple.]   1-30-21
  418. Internet / Big Tech.  “YouTube Cancels the U.S. Senate.”  By Ron Johnson.  [It censors testimony from physicians on early treatments for Covid-19 patients.]   2-3-21
  419. Internet / Big Tech.  “Tech Censorship Is Accelerating.”  [Amazon bans a book as Democrats demand a wider media crackdown.]  2-23-21
  420. Internet.  “Hackers May Be Coming for Your City’s Water Supply.”  By Dave Weinstein.  [More digitized and connected than ever, the nation’s infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattack.]   2-27-21
  421. Internet / Big tech.  “Fact-Checking Facebook’s Fact Checkers.”  [The media giant is employing left-wing vetters to limit scientific debate.]   3-6-21
  422. Internet / Big Tech.  “Those One-Click Woes.”  (Bookshelf by Marc Levinson.)  “Fulfillment.”  By Alex MacGillis.  [Amazon’s breakneck expansion has left much social wreckage in its wake.  But it wasn’t the first retailer to do so, and it won’t be the last.]   3-8-21
  423. Internet / Big Tech.  “Effective Cybersecurity Needs Quantum Communication.”  By David C. Gompert.  [Without it, hacking is faster and cheaper than protecting networks or patching them afterward.]   3-8-21
  424. Internet / Big Tech.  “Amazon Won’t Let You Read My Book.”  By Ryan T. Anderson.  [An enterprising state attorney general might want to look into why it was withdrawn from sale now.] (“…When Harry Became Sally” addresses the scientific, medical, political and philosophical issues at the heart of our national debate on transgender issues…”)  3-17-21
  425. Internet / Big Tech.  “Congress Summons Its Speech Regulators.”  [A hearing shows how Big Tech is becoming a government enforcer.]   3-26-21
  426. Internet / Big Tech.  “Beijing’s Global Cancel Culture.”  [China punishes H&M for criticizing forced labor in Xinjiang.]   3-26-21                                           
  427. Internet / Big Tech.  “Big Tech Censors Religion, too.”  by Josh Holdenried.  [There’s no rest for the faithful when it comes to the woke orthodoxy.]  3-29-21
  428. Internet.  “Cybersecurity Needs a New Alert System.”  By V.S. Subrahmanian.  [While America slowly addresses vulnerabilities in software and hardware, enemies strike.]   3-30-21
  429. Internet / Big Tech.  “Don’t Think, Just Bleep.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Intel shows off new technology to filter out hate, aggression and name-calling.]  4-12-21
  430. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Big Tech Oligarchy Calls Out for Trustbusters.”  By Josh Hawley.  [Concentrations of power in business or government endanger the popular rule envisioned by the founders.]   5-1-21
  431. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook Keeps Banning Trump.”  [But its oversight board offers Zuckerberg an opening to fix it.]  5-6-21
  432. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook’s Book-Banning Blueprint.”  [The company throttles a Journal review on climate science.]   5-8-21
  433. Internet / Big Tech.  “The No-Ownership Society.”  By Andy Kesler.  [If you buy an iPhone, why shouldn’t you be able to do whatever you want with it?]   5-10-21
  434. Internet /Big Tech.  “The Real Infrastructure Problem.”  [The Colonial Pipeline shutdown is a warning of worse to come.]   5-11-21
  435. Internet/Big Tech.  “A Maritime Solution for Cyber Piracy.”  By Thomas Ayers.  [Congress should revive the ‘letter of marque’ and authorize companies to defend against hackers.]  5-14-21
  436. Internet.  “The Great Firewall of …Canada?” by Ian Cooper.  [Trudeau’s government has a sweeping plan to control the internet.]   5-19-21
  437. Internet / Big Tech.  “Worried About Cyberhacks?  Say Now You’ll Never Pay Ransom.”  By Elisabeth Braw.  [Lesson from kidnapping:  Meeting criminals’ demands only encourages more criminal behavior.]   5-21-21
  438. Internet.  “Ban Cryptocurrency to Fight Ransomware.”  By Lee Reiners.  [The existence of bitcoin and the rest benefits nobody except criminals and speculators.]    5-26-21
  439. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook’s Lab-Leak About-Face.”  [The company acts in tandem with government on speech control.]   5-28-21
  440. Internet / Big Tech.  “Congress Fights Back Against Cyberattacks.”  By Angus King and Mike Gallagher.  [Washington needs better coordination with the private sector to prevent and respond to hacking.]  5-28-21
  441. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook’s New Trump Rules.”   6-5-21
  442. Internet / Big Tech.  “American Political Twitter Is a Sandbox Compared With India.” [Modi used the site to rise to power but now threatens to curb it.  His opponents have grievances too.]   6-11-21
  443. Internet / Big Tech.  “The FTC’s Facebook Face Plant.”  [A judge tells the agency to come back when it has proof of monopoly.]   6-29-21
  444. Internet / Big Tech.  “Big Tech and Big Finance Breed Hubris.”  By Bret Swanson.  [With their ‘pretense of knowledge,’ BlackRock and Facebook make it harder to find the truth.]   7-6-21
  445. Internet / Big Tech.  “Why I’m Suing Big Tech.”  by Donald J. Trump.  [If Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can censor me, they can censor you – and believe me they are.]  7-9-21
  446. Internet / Big Tech.  “Trump Can Win His Case Against Tech Giants.”  By Vivek Ramaswamy.  [The companies censor on the government’s behalf.  There’s ample precedent for calling it state action.]   7-12-21
  447. Internet Big / Tech.  “Censorship Coordination Deepens.”  [The White House says it is ‘flagging’ Facebook posts on Covid.]   7-17-21
  448. Internet / Big Tech.  “Does Section 230 Have Limits?”  by Allysia Finley.  [An appeals court takes a second look at whether the law protects Big Tech from discrimination claims.]  7-22-21
  449. Internet / big Tech.  “The Revolution May Come for Mark Zuckerberg.”  By Gerard Baker.  [As Robespierre and Trotsky discovered, allies are always expendable in the larger struggle.]  7-27-21
  450. Internet / Big Tech.  “On Censorship, Big Tech Has It Both Ways.”  By Philip Hamburger and Clare Morell.  [The companies enjoy the privileges of common carriers without the responsibilities.  State antidiscrimination laws are one promising remedy.]  7-31-21
  451. Internet / Big Tech.  “Free Speech and Corporate Responsibility Can Coexist Online.”  [YouTube is working to balance competing interests.  Government can set clear but flexible rules.]  8-2-2
  452. Internet / Big Tech.  “Zuckerberg Defeated Biles.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [What we have done with modern social-media platforms is democratize neurosis.]  8-5-21
  453. Internet / Big Tech.  “Social Media’s Threat to Religious Freedom.”  By Salvatore J. Cordileone and Jim Daly.  [A theologian’s talk on the Christian view of sex was deemed a ‘content violation.’]  8-13-21
  454. Internet / Big Tech.  “A Chinese Warning for U.S. Tech.”  by Andy Kessler.  [Washington may follow Beijing’s crackdown, and CEOs need to act now to slow the rush.]   8-16-21
  455. Internet / Big Tech.  “Big Tech Acts Like Big Brother.”  By Nicole Malliotakis.  [YouTube censored my news conference as ‘misinformation.’]   8-16-21
  456. Internet / Big Tech.  “Reclaiming Our Independence From Big Tech.”  by Blake Masters.  9-7-21
  457. Internet / Big Tech.  “’Success Is Not Illegal.’”  [“Maybe the antitrust case against Big Tech isn’t as easy as the media suggest…”]   9-13-21
  458. Internet / Big Tech.  “I Changed My Mind – Facebook Is a Monopoly.”  By Mark Weinstein.  [I thought it was possible to compete fairly against the world’s largest social media company.  It isn’t.]   10-2-21
  459. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook in the Dock.”  [The company needs to empower parents, not censor political speech.]   10-6-21
  460. Internet / Big Tech.  “China and the U.S. Sabotage Their Own Tech Companies.”  [Xi Jinping and Joe Biden wage their version of Maoist reification drives against successful firms.]   10-15-21
  461. Internet / Big Tech.  “Netflix Isn’t Brave, and That’s Fine.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [In sticking up for Dave Chappelle, it’s really defending its own leadership.]   10-20-21
  462. Internet.  “National Cyber Policy Will Disrupt Crime and Instill Hope.”  By Chris Inglis.  [A phishing scam can take down critical services on which millions depend.  We are organizing a defense.]  10-28-21
  463. Internet /  Big Tech.  “’Monopoly’ Facebook Is Losing Ground.”  By Robert H. Bork Jr.  [Teens are shifting from Instagram to TikTok even as critics say the company has few competitors.]  11-1-21
  464. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Challenge of Being Human in the Age of AI.”  By Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher.  [Reason is our primary means of understanding the world.  How does that change if machines think?]  11-2-21
  465. Internet / Big Tech.  “Go’s Universe Beats Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.”  By Jim Towey: Houses of Worship.   [The Facebook chief’s loveless high-tech fantasy world is a curse, not a blessing.]   11-5-21
  466. Internet / Big Tech.  “China Will Soon Lead the U.S. in Tech.”  by Graham Allison and Eric Schmidt.  [Beijing pulls ahead in 5G and artificial intelligence, while catching up in semiconductors.]  12-8-21
  467. Internet.  “Let’s Pump the Brakes on Big Tech.”  by Mike Juran.  [Smartphones exist to distract us.  Cars require the opposite.]   12-10-21
  468. Internet.  “’West Side Story’ and the Decline of the Bijou.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [The remake is wonderful.  Its poor performance at the box office suggests streaming is here to stay.]  12-18-21
  469. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Metaverse Is Already here.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Mark Zuckerberg’s new platform builds on the success of popular videogames.]  12-27-21
  470. Internet / Big Tech.  “Breaking Up Tech Is a Gift to China.”  By Robert C. O’Brien.  [Populist proposals would punish the companies competing with Beijing on AI and quantum.]  12-27-21
  471. Internet.  “Can Social Media Alter a War?” by Andy Kessler.  [A 2019 experiment exploited Facebook and Instagram to manipulate soldiers.]  1-3-22
  472. Internet.  “Protect Open-Source Software.”  By Eric Schmidt and Frank Long.  [Programs anyone can use or modify have been a boon, but there’s a need to address security issues.]  1-28-22
  473. Internet / High Tech.  “The Coming Remedy for Ransomware.”  By Shlomo Kramer.  [A promising effort to deal with the cybersecurity need of hospitals and smaller companies.]  2-5-22
  474. Internet.  “How Congress Can Protect Our Data.”  By Jon Leibowitz.  [Democrats and Republicans largely agree, so legislators need to do their job.]   2-15-22
  475. Internet.  “China’s 5G Soars Over America’s.”  by Graham Allison and Eric Schmidt.  [In some U.S. cities, it’s slower than the old 4G system.  Washington should make it a priority.]  2-17-22
  476. Internet.  “The Cyberspace Front in the Attacks on Ukraine.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [A full Russian military assault on the country would likely involve debilitating digital strikes.]   2-19-22
  477. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elon Musk’s Hopeful Twitter Feed.”  [Could he show there’s a market solution to Big Tech censorship?]   4-6-22
  478. Internet/ Big Tech.  “10 Things for Elon Musk to Do at Twitter.”  By Bradley A. Smith.  [The social-media giant has a free-speech problem.  It’s newest board member can help fix it.]  4-8-22
  479. Internet/ Big Tech.  “Can Anyone Tame Big Tech?”  by Peggy Noonan.  [Lawmakers are way out of their depth, but a good place to start would be a simple age limit.]   4-9-22
  480. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter and the Ghosts of 2016-20.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Elon Musk’s bid is apocalyptic if you believe that tweets decide elections.]   4-20-22
  481. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elon Musk, Twitter and Free Speech.”  [A $44 billion gamble that could break Silicon Valley’s monolith.]   4-26-22
  482. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elon Musk Can Fix Twitter culture.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Its new owner might tap Google for ideas on detoxifying a politicized workplace.]   4-27-22
  483. Internet / Big Tech. “More Hilarious Wailing at Elon Musk.”   4-27-22
  484. Internet / Big Tech.  “How Elon Musk Can Liberate Twitter.  By Vivek Ramaswamy and Jed Rubenfeld.  [The site needs moderation, but there are ways to do that while abolishing viewpoint discrimination.]   4-27-22
  485. Internet / Big Tech,  “Twitter’s Board Handled Elon Musk Well.”  By Daniel P. Lefler. [The poison pill forced him to negotiate, ensuring a good deal.]   4-28-22
  486. Internet / Big Tech. “As We speak, Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The furor on the left is helping the company undo the damage of its partisan actions in 2020]   4-30-22
  487. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elon Musk Tweeted My Cartoon.”  By colin Wright.  [Commentators on the left set about debunking my ‘lived experience’ with charts and abstractions.]   5-3-22
  488. Internet / Big Tech.  “Musk Tempts trump on Twitter.”  [Has the social-media site’s ban helped the former President?]  5-11-22
  489. Internet / Big Tech.  “How Elon Musk Can Unlock Twitter’s Full Potential.”  By David Gelernter.  [There’s so much more the social network could be doing to organize and enhance your digital life.]   5-12-22
  490. Internet / Big Tech.  “The U.S. May Repeat Mexico’s Wireless Spectrum Mistake.”  By Thomas W. Hazlett.  [The race to 5G tempts regulators to bestow more frequencies upon favored service providers.]  5-13-22
  491. Internet / Big Tech.  “My Lawsuit Will Shine a Light on Twitter Censorship.”  By  Alex Berenson.  [I got booted for dissent over the Covid vaccines – after Biden said critics were ‘killing people.’]   5-16-22
  492. Internet.  “U.S. and Japan Embrace the Open Internet.”  By Mickey Mikitrani.  [The two countries need a deep digital partnership to reduce dependence on China.]   5-18-22
  493. Internet / Big Tech.  “Breaking Big Tech Bad.”  [A Senate antitrust bill would harm consumers and U.S. Innovation.]   6-6-22
  494. Internet / Big Tech.  “Semiconductor Dependency Imperils American Security.”  By Graham Allison and Eric Schimidt.  [The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act is only the first step in preventing Chinese dominance.]   6-21-22
  495. Internet High/Tech.  “Twitter Is the Biggst Musk Loser.”  [The soial-media platform needs a reboot without the Tesla CEO.]  7-11-22
  496. Internet / High Tech.  “Twitters’ Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Looks Like a Loser.”  By J.B. Heaton and M. Todd Henderson.  [The company probably can’t prove damages, and its shareholders weren’t a party to the agreement.]   7-14-22
  497. Internet / Big Tech.  “’Effective Altruism’ Is Neither.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Silicon Valley’s latest craze:  Raise taxes to support billionaires’ favored causes.]   7-25-22
  498. Internet / Big Tech.  “How Miami ‘Caught a Wave’ and Became the Hot New Tech Hub.”  [A business -friendly mayor helped.  So did the quick Covid reopening and the loss of SALT deductions.]   8-6-22
  499. Internet/ Big Tech..  “Twitter Becomes a Tool of Government Censors.” By Vivek Ramaswamy and Jed Rubenfeld.  [Alex Berenson was kicked off at the White House’s urging.  That’s a violation of the First Amendment.]  8-18-22
  500. Internet / Big Tch.  “Linda Khan’s Merger Metaverse.”  [The FTC Chair is using a discredited theory to block a Meta acquisition.]   8-30-22
  501. Internet / Big Tech.  “Netflix Doesn’t Work.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Pure-play streaming is a great business model for viewers, but it doesn’t pay.]   9-7-22
  502. Internet / Big Tech.  “How the Feds Coordinate With Facebook.”  [Newly released emails show tech sites and public officials at work.]   9-10-22
  503. Internet / Big Tech.  “China Hit Some Bumps on Its Road to Semiconductor Dominance.” By Rick Switzer and David Feith.  [But the history of solar power and shipbuilding shows why the U.S. can’t afford to be complacent.]   9-21-22
  504. Internet / Big Tech.  “Big Tech Has No Constitutional Right to Censor.”  By Allysia Finley.  [That’s the upshot of recent court cases in Texas and Florida, testing state bills that curb such activity.]   9-26-22
  505. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter’s Odd Victory.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The company succeeds in forcing itself into the hands of an unwilling owner.]   10-5-22
  506. Internet / Big Tech.  “Censorship Is a Consumer Harm.”  By Michael Faulkender and Stephen Miran.  [It reduces the quality of tech companies’ services – effectively increasing prices.]  10-12-22
  507. Internet / Big Tech.  [A Plan X for Elon Musk’s Twitter.”  By Dennis Kneale.  [Before creating the ‘everything app,’ he needs to solve the company’s problems.]   10-17-22
  508. Internet / Big Tech.  “Make the Metaverse a Sandbox.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Let tech firms acquire all they want, but on the condition of open platform standards.]   10-24-22
  509. Internet / Big Tech.  “Welcome to Elon Musk’s Free Speech Zone.”  [He might save Twitter, or he might not, but the reaction has been wild.]  10-29-22
  510. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook Does a Faceplant.”  [Memo to Lina Khan:  After losing 70% of its market cap, Meta hardly looks like a monopoly.]   10-29-22
  511. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elon Musk Makes an Offer You Can Refuse.”  By Matthew Hennessey.  [Eight bucks a month? Be smart: Go from Twitter to quitter.]   11-4-22
  512. Internet / Big Tech.  “Tweets Will Be a Twitter Sideshow.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Musk’s ownership might not survive unless he invents a whole new business.]  11-9-22
  513. Internet / Big Tech.  “Suddenly, Twitter Has an Existential Crisis.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Mr. Musk’s readiness to invest more money is laudable but he might tame his mouth too.]   11-12-22
  514. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Twitter Censorship Files.”  [The claims in 2020 by former spooks framed the platform’s decisions.]   12-5-22
  515. Internet / Big Tech.  “Tim Cook’s Bad Day on China.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Apple speaks out boldly at home but is silent about Beijing’s growing oppression.]   12-6-22
  516. Internet / Big Tech.  “South Dakota Bans TikToc.”  By Kristi Noem.  12-6-22
  517. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter’s Duty to Protect Free Speech.” By Ro Khanna.  [Censorship of the Hunter Biden story might have helped my party, but it was bad for our democracy.]   12-6-22
  518. Internet / Big Tech.  “Microsoft’s Acquisition Good for Gamers.”  By Brad Smith.  [Our proposed merger with Activision Blizzard will encourage competition.]   12-6-22
  519. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter and Disinformation Wars.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.   [Intelligence-agency meddling in elections is no Trump-era aberration.]  12-7-22
  520. Internet Big/Tech.  “Elon Musk Slashes Bureaucracy, Giving Twitter a Chance to Soar.”  By Rob Wiesenthal.  [Success isn’t guaranteed, but he has saved the company from systemic and degenerative paralysis.]   12-9-22
  521. Internet /  Big Tech.  “The Tech Censors Return.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Twitter blocked the Hunter Biden story,=.  Now Apple coerces with its App Store.]   12-12-22
  522. Internet / Big Tech.  “Twitter Files Revelations Are Instructive but Not Surprising.”  By Gerard Baker.  [They tell us what we already knew but bring into focus the mindset of the professional left.]   12-13-22
  523. Internet / Big Tech.  “Is social-Media Censorship a Crime?”  by Philip Hamburger.  [If tech execs cooperated with government officials, it might be a conspiracy against civil rights.]   12-14–22
  524. Internet / Big Tech.  “Tech and the Wisdom of Crowds.”  By Andy Kessler.  [A new app linked to Elizabeth Smart uses volunteers to help find missing children.]  12-19-22
  525. Internet / Big Tech.  “How to Take the Twitter Files to Court.”  By Jed Rubenfeld.  [File a class actin against federal agents seeking an injunction against social-media censorship efforts.]   1-5-23
  526. Internet / High Tech.  “Keep ISIS off Twitter.”  By Steven Stalinsky.  [While Elon Musk is restoring banned users, he should take care to keep jihadists off the platform.]  1-11-23
  527. Internet / High Tech.  “Unite Against Big Tech Abuses.”  By Joe Biden.  [Congress can find common ground on the protection of privacy, competition and American children.]  1-12-23
  528. Internet / Big Tech.  “Can ChatGPT Write This Column?”  by Andy Kessler.  [Not yet, which points to the big question about any technology:  Can it scale?]       1-23-23
  529. Internet / Big Tech.  “Congress Must Halt Big Tech’s Power Grab.”  By Wm. P. Barr.  [Lawmakers don’t have to rewrite the antitrust laws;  instead, these three steps could make a difference.]  1-23-23
  530. Internet / Big Tech.  “TikTok Is Bad, but WeChat Is Worse.”  By Seth B. Kaplan.  [Beijing uses the popular app to steal data, censor, propagandize and spread disinformation in the UY.S.]   1-25-23
  531. Internet / Big Tech.  “Facebook’s Gift to Democrats.”  [Biden couldn’t be happier as the site lifts its ban on Trump.]   1-27-23
  532. Internet / Big Tech.  “Biden Can Stand for the Little guy Against Apple.”  by David Albert.  [He shouldn’t overrule an official finding that the giant infringed the patent of my company, AliveCor.]   1-28-23
  533. Internet / Big Tech.  “Biden Can Stand for the Little Guy Against Apple.:  by David Albert.  [He shouldn’t overrule an official finding that the giant infringed the patent of my company, AliveCor.]   1-28-23
  534. Internet / Big Tech.  “Only Bad Writers Should Fear ChatGPT.”  By Noam Neusner.  [A lot of what we read is terrible.  How could the robots do worse?]   2-1-23
  535. Internet Big/Tech.   “The Bill for CHIPS Subsidies Comes Due.”  [Senators want Commerce to ban chip stock buybacks.]   2-14-23
  536. Internet Big/Tech.  “ISIS, YouTube and Section 230.”  [The Supreme Court takes up a case about Google’s immunity.]   2-14-23
  537. Internet Big/Tech.   “Is There Anything ChatGPT ‘Kant’ Do?”  by Gerard Baker.  [Asked a moral question, it either deflects by saying opinions vary or retreats into foolish absolutism.]  2-14-23
  538. Internet / Big Tech.  “Who’s Afraid of ChatGPT?”  by Matthew Hennessey.  [Artificial intelligence is no more fearsome than false eyelashes.]   2-24-23
  539. Internet / Big Tech.  “ChatGpT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution.”  By Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher.  [Generative artificial intelligence presents a philosophical and practical challenge on a scale not experienced since the start of the Enlightenment.]   [Can we learn, quickly enough, to challenge rather than obey?  Or will we be obliged to submit?]   2-25-23
  540. Internet / Big Tech.  “How ChatGpT Will Become Useful.”  By Andy Kessler.  [It still needs to go through new versions and have  its flaws exposed to be good.]  2-27-23
  541. Internet / Big Tech.  “A Six-Month AI Pause?  No, Longer is Needed.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [It’s crucial that we understand the dangers of this technology before it advances any further.]   4-1-23
  542. Internet / Big Tech.  “Sweet Dreams, ChatGPT.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Artificial intelligence may offer clues about what our own brains do when we sleep.]   4-3-23
  543. Internet / Big Tech.  “The TikTok Bill Is a Sneak Attack on Free Speech.”   By Philip Hamburger.  [It would grant sweeping authority to the commerce secretary under the guise of ‘security’ and ‘safety.’]   4-5-23
  544. Internet / Big Tech.  “Our Bill Is the Best Way to Counter the TikTok Threat.”  By John Thune and Mark Warner.  [The Chinese company is spreading false claims in an effort to continue operating with impunity.]   4-6-23
  545. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elon Muck Is Transforming Twitter, Nott Killing It.” By Dennis Kneale.  [Thanks to innovative new features and a trimmed-down staff, ads and money are coming back in droves.]  4-20-23
  546. Internet / Big Tech.  “AI in the Garden of Eden.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [People in the tech world want, unconsciously, to be God and on some level think they are God.’]  4-22-23
  547. Internet / Big Tech.  “AI Simply needs a Kill Switch.”  By Andy Kessler.  ‘the calls for stopping development are driven by baseless fear and hyperbole.]   4-24-23
  548. Media.  “Take the Money and Run From Twitter.” By Michael Taube.  [“…PBS, BBC, CBC…”]    4-24-23
  549. Internet / Big Tech.  “Forget AI:  The Administrative State Is a Bad Algorithm.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Microsoft trustbusters and EPA regulators show chatbots aren’t the only ones who ‘hallucinate.’]   4-29-23
  550. Internet / Big Tech.  “Sherlock Diverts the Fire Hose.”  By Andy Kessler.  [The detective’s advice for those who feel bombarded by information:  Forget.]  5-1-23
  551. Internet / Big Tech.  “Ignore the Hysteria on AI and Jobs.”  By Andy Kessler.   [A study found that 60% of employment in 2018 was in roles that didn’t exist in 1940.]   5-8-23
  552. Internet / Big Tech.  “Chatbots Will Help Our Species Endure.  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Elon Musk, AI critic, wants to be ready for the death of the sun in five billion years.]  5-20-23
  553. Internet / Big Tech.  “IAEA for AI?  That Model Has Already Failed.”  By Mike Watson.  [Since the International Atomic Energy’s founding in 1957, the number of nuclear states has tripled.]   6-2-23
  554. Internet / Big Tech.  “AI Is the Technocratic Elite’s New Excuse for a Power Grab.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Funny how the ‘existential’ threats always justify the same solutions: more control and bureaucracy.]   6-6-23
  555. Internet / Big Tech.  “Apple Reveals the Metaverse.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [When it arrives, you will be interacting with AIs rather than with real people.]   6-7-23
  556. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Biden-Big Tech Collusion Case.”  [A judge rules that illegal White House pressure led to censorship.]   7-6-23
  557. Internet / Big Tech.  “The Musk-Zuckerberg Cage Match Has Begun.”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The secret target of Facebook’s Twitter clone may well be Elon’s personal finances.]  7-15-23
  558. Internet.  “AI’s Growing Legal Troubles.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Without Section 230 protection, copyright issues and defamation suits are cropping up.]   7-31–23
  559. Internet.  “The Graham-Warren Plan to Kill Innovation.”  By Joe Lonsdale.  [Their proposed federal agency would entrench Big Tech and imperil the right to freedom off speech.]   7-31–23
  560. Internet.  “Artificial Intelligence Has Finally Become Transformative.”  By Martin Casado.  [After a decade’s worth of innovation, new models can change the world the way the internet did.]   8-3-23
  561. Big Tech.  “The Musk vs. Zuck Cage Fight.”  By Daniel Henninger. [Two of America’s most prominent CEOs may roll on the ground fighting.  Classy.]   8-10-23
  562. Internet / Big Tech.  “Move Fast, Blow Things Up.”  (Bookshelf by Arthur Herman.)  “Elon Musk.”  By Walter Isaacson.”  [At a certain point hie realized that technological progress was not inevitable.  It could stop.  It could backslide.]   9-12-23
  563. Big Tech.  “The Harassment of Elon Musk.”  [The Tesla CEO faces a remarkable number of government probes.]   9-23-23
  564. FCC.  “The Biden FCC’s Plan to Brake 5G.”  [Rosenworcel wants to reimpose rules that are illegal and unnecessary.]   9-27-23
  565. Internet/High Tech.  “The Antitrust Case Against Google Was A Republican Project.”  By Wm. P. Barr.  [Biden regulators have gone overboard, but this lawsuit isn’t a good example.]   10-25-23
  566. Internet / Big Tech.  “A supreme Court Social-Media Test.”  10-30-23
  567. Internet.  “AI Won’t Stop People From Playing Games.”  By Bruce Pandolfini and Max Raskin.  [Maybe a computer can beat a human at chess, but where’s the fun in that?]   11-2-23
  568. Internet / Big Tech.  “Is AI a Painkiller or a Vitamin?”  by Andy Kessler.  [Some companies will use it to reduce expenses, others to create new markets.]   11-6-23
  569. Internet / High Tech.  “Wonders Ahead, Trouble too.”  (Bookshelf by David A. Shaywitz.  “The Coming Wave.” By Mustafa Suleyman.  [Artificial intelligence and other tech advances promise great things – a new dawn for humanity.  But will they fall into the strong hands?]  11-7-23
  570. Internet / High tech.  “AI Is Now Cooking, but It Shouldn’t Be Overdone.”  By Mustafa Suleyman.  [It’s advanced at a fast clip and will take more time still.  Yet overselling it will damage public confidence.]   11-8-23
  571. Internet.  “TikTok’s Osama bin Laden Fiasco.”  [Many young Americans regularly get news on the Chinese-owned app.]   9-17-23
  572. Internet /Big Tech.  “Ineffective Altruists vs. Sam Altman.”  [OpenAI’s board of directors may have blown up the company.]   11-21-23
  573. Internet/Big Tech.  “How Elon Became an ‘Antisemite.’   By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [‘Tristram Shandy’ is the press’s handbook for whipping words to obey a narrative.]   11-29-23
  574. Internet/Big Tech.  “AI Needs Open-Source Models to Reach Its Potential.”  By Kai-Fu Lee.  [without a commitment to openness, a privileged elite will enjoy the lion’s share of the benefits.]  11-30-23
  575. Internet / Big Tech.  “AI Is the Y2K Crissis, Only This Time It’s Real.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Computers didn’t cause the expected havoc as we rang 2000in.  They’ve been doing so slowly ever since.]   12-2-23
  576. Internet.  “The FCC Ambushes Musk’s Starlink.”  [The agency revokes funds for the company’s rural broadband rollout.]  12-15-23
  577. Internet / Big Tech.  “Artificial Intelligence and the Law of the Horse.”  By Yuval Levin.  [As with the internet in the 1990s, we don’t need a new agency.  The existing ones should be up to the task.]   12-22-23
  578. Internet / Big Tech.  “Don’t Let AI Fears Ruin Christmas.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Before it can launch nuclear missiles, AI will have to prove it can find a TV show worth watching.]   12-23-23Internet.  “AI Is a Healer, Not a Killer.”  By Vijay Pande.  [it will find new drugs.  We already have dangerous chemicals.]   12-28-23
  579. Internet.  “How to Save a Billion Hours.”  By Mark Penn.  [Accepting cookies, two-factor authentication, four-digit years – all these time-wasters add up.  12-28-23
  580. Internet / Big Tech.  “AI and Journalism Need Each Other.”  By Francesco Marconi.  [Without the information news organizations gather, artificial intelligence is garbage in, garbage out.]   12-29-23
  581. Big Tech.  “2024 May Not Be a Year of Media Deals After All.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Solutions are needed for streaming and cable losses, but Team Biden stands in the way.]   12-30-23
  582. Internet / Big Tech  “No, AI Machines Can’t Think.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Computers win in realms with define rules but we have free will and make choices.]   1-8-24Internet / Big Tech.  “Elizabeth Warren’s Robot Gift to China.” [Antitrust regulators kill the iRobot-Amazon tie, and job losses ensue.]  1-30-24
  583. Internet / Big Tech.  “Elizabeth Warren’s Robot Gift to China.  [Antitrust regulators kill the iRobot-Amazon tie, and job losses ensue.]  1-30-24
  584. Internet / Big Tech.  “Tech CEOs Face Another Ritual Denunciation.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [But will senator’s show of outrage bring any real action to protect children?]   2-3-24
  585. Internet / Big Tech.  “Big Tech Censorship Goes to Court.”  [Floria and Texas want government to police free speech.  Bad idea.]   2-26-24
  586. Internet / Big Tech.. “Siri, Does Apple Violate Antitrust Law?”  by Wm. P. Barr.  [The Justice Department reportedly plans a major lawsuit against the firm – with good reason.]   2-27-24
  587. Internet / Big Tech.  “Google’s Artificial Intelligence.”  [The search giant’s woke chatbot fiasco shows the company’s vulnerability to AI competitors.]   3-1-24
  588. Internet.  “Do-It-Yourself Social-Media Moderation.” By Philip Hamberger.   [Anticensorship laws won’t stop users from forming and policing their own groups.]   3-7-24
  589. Internet/  Big Tech.  “Tackling the Tik Tok Threat.”  [A House bill to force the site from Beijing’s control deserves support.]   3-12-24
  590. Internet/Big Tech.  “See You on Zoom – or Not.”  By Andy Kessler.  [What if an AI avatar could speak for you at meetings so you don’t have to attend?”   3-18-24
  591. Internet/Big Tech.  “Big Tech and Free Speech, Round Two.”  [The Justices consider government-coerced private censorship.]   3-18-24
  592. Internet/Big Tech.  “Viagra Could Be Good for Your Brain.”  By Allysia Finley.  [Artificial intelligence is allowing scientists to discover new uses for old medications.]   3-18-24
  593. Internet/Big Tech.  “Government’s ‘Thinly Veiled’ Censorship.”  [Biden officials weren’t merely trying to persuade social-media platforms.]   3-20-24
  594. Internet / Big Tech.  “TikTok’s Conduct Isn’t Free Speech”  by Brendan Carr.  [The bill the House passed last week is clearly constitutional.]  3-22-24
  595. Internet / Big Tech.  “Biden Fires an Antitrust Shot at Apple.”  [Justice wants the iPhone to be open-source like Android.  Cui bono?]   3-22-24
  596. Internet / Big Tech.  “Biden Wants to Put AI on a Leash.”   By Ted Cruz and Phil Gramm.  [Bill Clinton’s regulators, by contrast, produced prosperity by encouraging freedom on the internet.]   3-26-24Internet.  “How Green Energy Makes Us Vulnerable to Cyberattack.”  By Allysia Finley.  [EVs and other digital-controlled products open extra access to the grid, which enemies can exploit.]   4-1-24
  597. Internet Big/Tech.  “It’s Time to Turn Cybersecurity Over to the Computers.”  By Larry Ellison and Serena Verma.  [A healthcare-industry hack shows the need for autonomous databases and operating systems.]   4-2-24
  598. Internet / Big Tech.  “Intel and Industrial Policy in Action.”  [The U.S. chip maker now says it will need even more subsidies.]  4-4-24
  599. Internet.  “The Biden FCC Brakes the Internet.”  [The agency revives net neutrality to reassert political control.]   4-24-24
  600. Internet.  “’Net Neutrality’ Faces a Stiff Judicial Test.”  By Brian A. Rankin.  [The revived rule likely violates the major questions doctrine.]   4-26-24
  601. Internet / Big Tech.  “Sunset of Section 230 Would Force Big Tech’s Hand.”  By Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Fran Pallone Jr.  [The law has outlived its usefulness and made the internet a dangerous place for America’s children.]   5-13-24





Issue Headlines Headlines 2-10-15:


Commissioner: ‘It is worse than I had imagined’… 

Republicans probe White House role in FCC ‘net-neutrality’ proposal…

‘Saddles small, independent businesses and entrepreneurs with heavy-handed regulations’… 

‘Monumental shift’…

Media ignore…



Internet. The Dinosaurs Of Cybersecurity Are Planes, Power Grids And Hospitals

by Wesley Wineberg   7-10-15

Internet.  Defense. [News story] “Cyberwar Ignites New Arms Race.” Wall Street Journal, 10-12-15, pg. A1 [Countries amass digital weapons, reconfigure militaries to meet threat.]

Defense. 10-13-15:  Navy returns to celestial navigation amid fears of computer hack…

Internet. “Cyberwar’s Hottest Front” Wall Street Journal 11-10-15 p. A1. Subhead: Ukraine gives glimpse of future conflicts where attackers combine computer and traditional assaults.

Internet.               2-8-16.                                                >>>>

USA Internet control ‘will expire September 30’…

Internet. 8-29-16                                      <<<<<


Leaked Soros Doc Calls For Regulating Web…

Internet.    9-28-16                                             >>>>

FCC Commissioner: This Is Irreversible…

Internet.  10-2-16                                       >>>>>

USA cuts cord on internet oversight…

Internet. 1-3-17

 PAPER: Hack Attack on DRUDGE REPORT Sign of Chaos to Come…

Immigration 1-27-17

YOUTUBE Disables Milo Live stream Before Immigration Speech…

Internet. “Internet Privacy for Sale.”  Wall Street Journal.  3-31-17 p. B1

Internet.  5-12-17

Internet. 5-13-17


Internet. Wall Street Journal.  10-6-17  “Russian Hackers Stole NSA Spy Secrets.”

“Washington – Hackers working for the Russian government stole details of how the U.S. penetrates foreign computer networks and defends against cyberattacks after a National Security Agency contractor removed the highly classified material and put it on his home computer, according to multiple people with knowledge of the matter…one of the most significant security breaches in recent years…The incident occurred in 2015…”

Internet. “ Equifax Probes Possible New Breach.” Wall Street Journal 10-13-17, p .B1

Internet. 11-21-17


Hacker Erases 30 Million Files From CA Transit System…

Internet. 1-29-18 Wall Street Journal p.A1

“Intel Told China of Flaw Before U.S.”

Internet. Wall Street Journal. “Tone-Deaf: Facebook’s Russia Bungle.” 3-3-18 P. A1.

Internet. 8-7-18

INSTAGRAM bans Tommy Robinson…
FACEBOOK Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad…
Asked to Change Rules for Journalists…
TWITTER Suspends Libertarian Accounts…
Senate Dems Circulating Plans for Govt Takeover of Internet…
‘Survival of our democracy’ depends on banning sites… 

Internet. 8-24-18 

Tech Companies Gather For Secret Meeting To Prepare Election Strategy…

FACEBOOK Censors More Stories…

SNEAK PEAK: Documentary to reveal how they manipulate your searches; power to control info…

Internet. 8-29-18


How Media Companies Are Suppressing Speech…

PAPER: We should all be worried…

Employees warn of political monoculture at FACEBOOK…

Internet. 9-9-18

Republicans ramping up scrutiny of GOOGLE…  


Wild West of Internet Laws…

YOUTUBE pulls ads by Putin critic Navalny…

APPLE bans Alex Jones app for ‘objectionable content’…


TWITTER SUSPENDS BENGHAZI HERO After Criticism of President Obama!

Internet… 10-4-18

Chinese spy chips said to be found in hardware used by APPLE, AMAZON…
Stealing secrets…

Internet. 10-9-18

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom…

Internet.  12-30-18

UPDATE: Franklin Graham says FACEBOOK ban was ‘personal attack toward me’…

12-31-18 Wash. Times: “The Rev. Franklin Graham was kicked off Facebook for defending North Carolina’s “bathroom bill,” which the social-media giant’s review team decided was hate speech…”


“Biden Tax Plan Would Hit Tech.”  [BofA study cites increase in corporate rate, higher levy on foreign income.]  Wall Street Journal, 10-5-20 p. B1


Twitter still holding The Post’s account hostage over Hunter Biden links.  10-16-20.  N.Y. Post


8-31-21  Big Tech.    Bongino Report

Mother of slain Marine suspended from Instagram after posts critical of Biden


2-28-22  “Journal Report:  Technology.”  The Wall Street Journal.  Section R

“What Should We Do About the Big Tech Companies?”  Three experts debate the issue.


Google Gave FBI Location Data for Thousands of Cell Phones Near Jan. 6 Riots, Court Records Show (



PURE EVIL: Apple Helps Chinese Communists Suppress Protests – Removes Crucial Tool of Dissent on iPhones and Does Not Tell Mainland Users (


January 2023:  Imprimis:  [] 

“The Twitter Files Reveal an Existential Threat.”  by John Daniel Davidson. (The Federalist)

“…Put simply, the Twitter files reveal an unholy alliance between Big Tech and the deep state designed to throttle free speech and maintain an official narrative through censorship and propaganda.”…]


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