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  1. NATO. “A NATO for a Dangerous World.” By Anders Fogh Rasmussen. 8-18-14
  2. NATO. “Maybe NATO’s Policies Are Part of the Security Problem” LTE 8-25-14
  3. Putin. “Putin Begins to Crack the Atlantic Alliance.” By John Vinocur. [The British are on the outs, and German elites float a European Treaty Organization to replace NATO.] 2-17-15
  4. NATO. “France Leads From the Front.” [The U..S. should support Hollande if he triggers NATO Article 5.] 11-19-15
  5. NATO. “First Skripal,  Then NATO.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Security at home for Putin means showing that the West lacks the will to act.] 3-14-18
  6. NATO.  “Trump, Putin and the Montenegro Question.”  By Michael B. Mukasey.  [NATO’s newest member vexes Russia and occasions unsettling comments from the U.S. president.]  7-31-18
  7. NATO.  “NATO Should Give Turkey the Boot.”  By Bernard-Henri Levy.  [Ankara, helped by China and Russia, is vandalizing Western interests.]  8-14-18


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