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  1. Liberals, Progressives Are Two Sides of the Same Coin  LTE  7-12-14
  2. Liberals.  “The Neo-Neocons.” [ “So now liberals want the U.S. to bomb Iraq…] by Bret Stephens 8-26-14
  3. Liberals. “Why Liberals Hate Kansas” [Sam Brownback’s tax cuts must be discredited…] 7-30-14
  4. Courts. “Why They Packed the Court.” [… liberal D.C. Circuit intervenes … ObamaCare case]. 9-8-14
  5. ObamaCare Shunts My Patients Into Medicaid. By Jeffrey A. Singer. [Knocked out of private insurance, they are forced to settle for longer waits and worse care.
  6. 10-21-14 Obamacare. Carvin’s ObamaCare Tour de Force. 10-21-14
  7. Liberals. “Why Kansas Drives Liberals Crazy.” By Allysia Finley. [Sam Brownback cut taxes to stop the state’s economic decline. Big spenders in both parties won’t forgive him.] 10-27-14
  8. Liberals. “Why Kansas Drives Liberals Crazy.” By Allysia Finley. [Sam Brownback cut taxes to stop the state’s economic decline. Big spenders in both parties won’t forgive him.] 10-27-14
  9. Liberals. “The Top 10 Liberal Superstitions” by Kate Bachelder. [The 2014 campaign brings a fresh focus on candidates with fervently held, evidence-free beliefs.] 10-31-14
  10. Liberals. “Tax Hike Election Reckoning.” [The liberal, public union political model is on the ballot Tuesday.]   11-3-14
  11. Liberals Are Killing the Liberal Arts. By Harvey Silverglate. [This is how bad censorship is getting: Discussions of what can’t be said come with a ‘trigger warning.’] 11-10-14
  12. Liberals. LTE. “ Government Regulation Run Amok”   11-22-14
  13. Liberals. “Progressives and the Police.” [Politicians who campaign against cops are inviting mayhem.] 12-22-14
  14. Liberals. Notable and Quotable: “ ‘Peak Left’ for Democrats “ Walter Russell Mead … […the Obama administration may represent “Peak Left” in American politics…] 12-27-14
  15. Liberals. “The Progressive Case for Fracking.” By James Bloodworth. [Tumbling oil prices have sent repressive regimes reeling. Liberals should rejoice. 12-30-14
  16. Liberals. “The Elizabeth Warren Veto.” [Progressives want no financial experience at Treasury.] 1-5-15
  17. Liberals. “Warren Doesn’t Get Her Man.”   [“Elizabeth Warren bagged her first big political pelt on the weekend, as Antonio Weiss withdrew his nomination…] 1-14-15
  18. Liberals. “An Opening for Elizabeth Warren If She Wants It.” By Douglas E. Schoen. [Hillary Clinton’s daunting lead in national polls masks much closer results in Iowa and New Hampshire.] 1-26-15
  19. Liberals. “The United States of ‘American Sniper.’” By Rorke Denver. [Liberals’ criticism of my SEAL teammate Chres Kyle has had the ironic effect of honoring him.] 1-27-15
  20. Liberals. “Green Love is Blind.” [Liberal influence-peddling topples Oregon’s Governor.] 2-14-15
  21. Liberals. “Oregon Is Greener Than Thou.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Environmentalist self-righteousness is so unaware of itself as to be entertaining.] 2-18-15
  22. Liberals. “A French Lesson for American Liberals.” By Kenneth R. Weinstein. [France’s Socialists see the radical Islamist threat and are stoutly defending freedom.] 2-25-15
  23. Liberals. LTE. “As Our Families Decline, the Role of Government Grows.” 2-27-15
  24. Liberals. “Businessmen as Hollywood Bogeymen.” By Doug Haugh. 2-28-15
  25. Liberals Mugged by Obamanet. By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for Google and other ‘net neutrality’ proponents.] 3-2-15
  26. Liberals. “Rahm Emanuel and the Trials of Progressive Payback.” By Emily Zanotti. [Disappointed liberals in Chicago may make him a one-term mayor. They expected a better deal from Obama’s former chief of staff.] 3-7-15
  27. Liberals. “Ensuring Religious Freedom in Indiana.” By Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana. [Our new law has been grossly misconstrued as a ‘license to discriminate.’ That isn’t true, and here’s why.] 3-31-15
  28. Liberals. “Liberal Intolerance, Round II” [To stamp out cultural dissent, the left is willing to stomp on religious liberty.] 4-4-15
  29. Liberals. “The New Intolerance.” [Indiana isn’t targeting gays. Liberals are targeting religion.] 3-31-15
  30. Liberals. “The Blue-City Model.” [Baltimore shows how progressivism has failed urban America.] 4-29-15
  31. Liberals. “An Honest Socialist.” [Could Berne Sanders show Elizabeth Warren how to beat Hillary?] 5-2-15
  32. Liberals. “Baltimore Is Not About Race.” By William McGurn. [“…another view, the disaster of inner cities isn’t primarily about race at all. It’s about the consequences of 50 years of progressive misrule –which on race has proved an equal-opportunity failure…] 5-5-15
  33. Liberals. “Sorry, Charlie Hebdo.” [Western writers abandon their support for free speech.] 5-5-15
  34. Liberals. LTE. “Triumph of Progressivism, Failure to Employ the Poor.”   5-14-15
  35. Liberals. “A Liberal Speech Cop Targets Alan Greenspan.” By Seth Lipsky. [The former Fed chairman drops out of a monetary conference after he’s assailed by Paul Krugman.] 5-15-15
  36. Liberals. “The Iraq Diversion.” [Liberals want to talk about anything but the current world disorder.] 5-19-15
  37. Liberals. “The Political Assault on California’s Saint.” By Allysia Finley. [The pope will canonize Junipero Serra this year, but liberals want him purged from the Capitol.] 6-5-15
  38. Liberals. “Liberals Flip for the Executive.” [Strange new respect for Presidential power in foreign policy.] 6-10-15
  39. Liberals. “The New Liberal Know Nothings.” By Bret Stephens.   [“…if the Know Nothings have a 21st century heir, it is Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Party…] 6-16-15
  40. Liberals. “Love Among the Ruins.” By Bari Weiss. [Hurrah for gay marriage. But why do supporters save their vitriol for its foes instead of the barbarians at our gates?] 6-27-15
  41. Liberals. LTE. “Progressive Judges for Big Business.” 6-30-15
  42. Liberals. “Why Uber Drives the Left Crazy.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. 7-27-15
  43. Liberals. “The Triumph of Robert Conquest.” [He chronicled the Soviet terror that so many in the West refused to see.] 8-6-15
  44. Liberals. Democrats. “The Democrats’ Socialist Surge.” By Jason L. Riley. [Bernie Sanders drew a crowd of 27,500 in Los Angeles on Monday. In the age of Obama, a liberal with a statist agenda fits right in.] 8-12-15
  45. Liberals. “The Green Scare Problem.” By Matt Ridley. [Raising constant alarms – about fracking, pesticides, GMO food – in the name of safety is a dangerous game.] 8-14-15
  46. Liberals. “The Progressive Principal.” [First you encourage student debt, then you write it off on taxpayers.] 8-22-15
  47. Liberals. “Elizabeth Warren’s Intellectual Purge.” [A Brooking scholar is found guilty of reporting inconvenient facts.] 10-1-15
  48. Liberals. “An Undue Honor for Ethel Rosenberg.” By Ronald Radosh. 10-1-15
  49. Liberals. “Don’t Cross Elizabeth Warren.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [A left-leaning think tank gets a visit from the thought police for heresy on regulation.] 10-5-15
  50. Liberals. LTE. “Warren Had Nothing to Do With LItan’s Exit.” 10-8-15
  51. Liberals. “Shut Up – Or We’ll Shut You Down.” [Elizabeth Warren isn’t the only one trying to silence her opponents.] 10-10-12
  52. Liberals. “In the Tank for Elizabeth Warren.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Brookings has been mugged by the reality of progressive animus for dissenting views.] 10-12-15
  53. Liberals. “The Latest Progressive Attack on Speech.” By Dan Epstein. [Still infuriated by the Citizens United ruling, the left keeps trying to undo that blow for freedom.] 10-20-15
  54. Liberals. “The Tyranny of a Big Idea.” By Bet Stephens. [Modern liberals are best understood as would-be believers in search of true faith.] 11-3-15
  55. Liberals. “From Missouri to Paris.” By Daniel Henninger. [The left should be held accountable for the alternative moral orders it creates.] 11-19-15
  56. Liberals. “Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Warning.” [She orders Democrats not to make the U.S. tax code more competitive.] 11-21-15
  57. Liberals. LTE. “Sen. Warren’s Tax War on U.S. Consumers.” 11-28-15
  58. Liberals. “Liberalism’s Imaginary Enemies.” By Bret Stephens. [In Paris, it’s easier to battle a climate crisis than confront jihadists on the streets.] 12-1-15
  59. Liberals. “A Liberal’s Truth-Telling on Terror.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Hearing ISIS declared fascist was refreshing. Too bad the speaker wasn’t a Democrat.] 12-7-15.
  60. Liberals. Crime / gun control. “The Liberal Theology of Gun Control.” By William McGurn. [Guns are what you talk about to avoid having to talk about Islamist terrorism.] 12-8-15
  61. Liberals. LTE. “Progressives and the TPP’s Social Benefits.” 12-9-15
  62. Liberals. LTE. “Moral Standards Identify The Significant Threats.” 12-14-15
  63. Liberals. LTE. “The New Left Is Transforming Our Culture.” 12-21-15
  64. Liberals. “When Progressives Overrule Voters.” [California annuls an initiative that reformed public pensions.] 1-4-16
  65. Liberals. New York. “Cain and Abel, Michael and Fredo, Cuomo and de Blasio.” By Kyle Smith. [They were once brothers in liberalism, but now the governor regularly yanks the mayor’s chain, especially about homelessness.] 1-9-16
  66. Liberals. “Normalizing Iran.” By Bret Stephens. [Why are liberals campaigning to make this most illiberal regime acceptable?] 1-19-16
  67. Liberals. “Socialism Gets a Second Life.” By Peggy Noonan. [Why do the young love Bernie Sanders? Because their experience of capitalism is different.] 1-30-16
  68. Liberals. LTE. “Socialism Returns as Immunity to It Fades.” 2-6-16
  69. Liberals. “Explaining Bernie’s ‘Socialism’. “ by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [He perfects the strategy of denying the funding dilemma of the welfare state.] 2-10-16
  70. Liberals. LTE. “Liberal Candidates No Help to Middle Class.” 2-10-16
  71. Liberals. LTE. “Socialism’s Second Life Will Crush the Young.” 2-13-16
  72. Liberals. “How Progressives Drive Income Inequality.” By Lawrence B. Lindsey. [The Obama years proved that transfer payments reduce incentives to work and lower incomes. Yet Clinton and Sanders are eager to go the same route.] 3-5-16
  73. Liberals. “Pushing Back Against Progressive Bullies.” [A company takes Greenpeace to court for defamation.] 3-19-16
  74. Liberals. “The Wall Street I Have Known.” By Joe Rosenberg. [Bernie Sanders should ask people like me – refugees from collectivist paradises – about income inequality.] 4-15-16
  75. Liberals. “In Defense of Federal Food Aid.” By Robert Rubin and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach. 4-28-16
  76. Liberals. “The GOP Convention Blockers.” [A Campaign to stop business funding for the Cleveland conclave.] 5-1-16
  77. Liberals. “Progressives Against Lunch.” [Bill deBlasio urges a boycott of Chick-fil-A in the Big Apple.] 5-9-16
  78. Liberals. LTE. “The Chick-fil-A Boycott and Human Rights.” 5-13-16
  79. Liberals. “What’s Socialism, Dad?” By Bret Stephens. 5-17-16
  80. Liberals. “Progressivism’s Macroaggressions.” [Bookshelf by Michael Warren] “The Closing of the Liberal Mind” by Kim R. Holmes. [The goal of postmodern progressives isn’t universal truth, but power, which is presented in the guise of equality and social justice.] 5-23-16
  81. Liberals. “Connecticut’s Hedge-Fund Bribe.”  [First soak the rich.  Then subsidize the richest.  Meet the progressive state business model.]  6-2-16
  82. Liberals. LTE. “Even College Students Can Understand Socialism Now.”  6-3-16  (See 5-17-16 here.)
  83. Liberals. “Angela Davis and Radical Chic 2016.”  By Roger Kimball.  [Acquitted of murder, tenured in academia, feted by the mayor’s wife in a ritzy setting made possible by the system she loathes.]  6-7-16
  84. Liberals. “Liberals and Equal Protection.” [Will California judges hear a case challenging teacher tenure?}  6-10-16
  85. Liberals. “Trump, the Judiciary and Identity Politics.”  By Michael B. Mukasey.  [Making an issue of Judge Curiel’s ethnicity was squalid – and the other side of a coin that liberals have player for years.] 6-10-16
  86. Liberals. LTE.  “Connecticut Favors the 1%, Stiffs the Others.”  6-11-16  (See June 2, here)
  87. Liberals. “The Speech Intimidation Game.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [The left plays rough to shut down conservative ideas – as Visa and Coke learned the hard way.]  6-20-16
  88. Liberals. “Homeless Next to Whole Foods:  San Fran’s Progressive Predicament.” By Andy Kessler.  [Transients and tech CEOs, living side by side.  The city knows it has a problem, but nothing seems to work.]  6-25-16
  89. Liberals. “Government Hits the Wall.”  By Daniel Henningr.  [The first Brexit vote actually took place in 1980 when the U.S. elected Reagan.]  6-30-16
  90. Liberals. LTE.  “The Liberal Order Shrinks As It Fails to Perform Well.”  6-30-16
  91. Liberals. “Progressives Target the Press.”  [The FEC’s Democrats would punish Fox News for holding a debate.]  7-1-16
  92. Liberals. “Bribes Are Still Illegal.”  [Why the left hates the Supreme Court’s McDonnell decision.]  7-2-16
  93. Liberals. LTE. “Joseph Stiglitz Blames the Euro for Progressive Failure.” 8-22-16
  94. Liberals. “Look Who’s Getting That Bank Settlement Cash.” By Andy Koenig. [Tens of millions of dollars disguised as ‘consumer relief” are going to liberal political groups.] 8-29-16
  95. Liberals. LTE. “Progressives Finally Embrace States’ Rights.” 9-1-16
  96. Liberals. “Liberal Censors Lose Again.”  [The Supreme Court lets the Wisconsin free-speech ruling stand.]  10-4-16
  97. Liberals. LTE.  “WikiLeaks:  Former Darling Of the Progressives Rejected.”  10-26-16
  98. Liberals. “Speech Regulators on Retainer.”  [Washington State wants to give campaign cops a cut of their fines.]  10-28-16
  99. Liberals. “The Progressive Mind and Poverty:  A Wisconsin Case.”  By Joseph Rago.  [Political careers like Russ Feingold’s depend on keeping people dependent on government.]  10-29-16
  100. Liberals. “Liberals Look to Lawless FCC to Stop a Media deal.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Opponents of AT&T and Time Warner gaze toward the agency that did their bidding on net neutrality.].  10-29-16
  101. Liberals. “Progressive Values on the Ballot.” [Tax hikes go down but Liz Warren triumphs over poor kids.]  11-10-16
  102. Liberals. “The Racist Smear Against Jeff Sessions.”  By Quin Hillyer.  [Trump’s pick for attorney general spent a decade trying to fix disparities in drug sentencing.]  11-30-16
  103. Liberals. “Let Liberals Be Liberals.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [The Democrats, says Al From need to modernize liberalism, not abandon it.]  12-6-16
  104. Liberals. “The System Didn’t Work.”  By Bret Stephens.  [From Italy to the U.K. to Ohio, the populist complaint is about justice, not economics.]  [ “…But liberalism’s champions will continue to lose the argument until we learn to make our case not in the language of what works, but of what’s right.’]  12-6-16
  105. Liberals. “Why Liberals Oppose Ben Carson.” By Jason L. Riley.  [Trump’s HUD nominee grew up in public housing, and he knows it’s not how the poor prefer to live.]  12-21-16
  106. Liberals. “The Circus Leaves Town.”  [The Feld family follows its elephants into Big top Reitrement.]  1-17-17
  107. Liberals. “Women March for Everything Under the Progressive Sun.”  by Cori O’Connor.  [Millions find solidarity in protesting Trump, but no single cause unites them.]  1-23-17
  108. Liberals. “Bend It, Don’t End it:  Resistance to Anti-Trump Cliches Is Futile.”  By Christopher J. Scalia.  [in the face of an atavistic opponent, can the left make the moral universe great again?]  1-26-17
  109. Liberals. “The Left Helped Build the Wall.”  By Sohrab Ahmari.  [The consequences of suppressing debate about Islam, terror and nationalism.]  1-30-17
  110. Liberals. “The Political War on Sandwiches.”  [Progressives harass a hoagie shop owner for visiting the White House.]  2-2-17
  111. Liberals. “Liberals Matriculate at Calhourn College.” [In the Trump era, progressives are now most likely to secede.] 2-16-17
  112. Liberals. “Dean Calhoun of Yale Law School.” [More evidence that the left is rediscovering federalism.] 2-23-17
  113. Liberals. “Liberal Officials Commit Wrongs in the Name of States’ Rights.” By James R. Copland. [New York’s attorney general may disagree with federal policy. He should not be able to override it.] 2-28-17
  114. Liberals. “The Left Learns to Love Dubya.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Liberals call Bush a hero now that there’s a new Republican Hitler in town.] 3-3-2017
  115. Liberals. “The Exhaustion of American Liberalism.” By Shelby Steele. [White guilt gave us a mock politics based on the pretense of moral authority.] 3-6-17
  116. Liberals. “A Census That Divides and ‘Nudges.” By Mike Gonzalez. [“.In its waning days the Obama administration proposed two new wrinkles for the 2020 census: creating a brand new pan-ethnic category for people of Middle Eastern Heritage and classifying Hispanics a race.] 3-10-17
  117. Liberals. “Make Blue States Great Again.” By Wm. McGurn. [How a Trump presidency may help progressives embrace federalism.] 3-14-17
  118. Liberals. “Where’s the ACLU When You Need It?”  by Wendy Kaminer and Alan Dershowitz.  [Its new guard reflects the left’s turn against liberal values and toward progressive politics.]  5-10-17
  119. Liberals. Internet. “Why ‘Net Neutrality’ Drives the Left Crazy.” (The Weekend Interview with Ajit Pai by Tunku Varadarajan)  [The FCC’s new chairman on his plan to reopen the internet to competition – and the agitators picketing his family home.]  5-20-17
  120. Liberals. “Why Elites Hate.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [The liberal contempt for middle America is baked into the idea of identity politics.]  6-6-2017
  121. Liberals. “The Left Celebrates a Terrorist – Again.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [It took a backlash for Oscar Lopez Rivera to lose his ‘hero’ status.]  6-7-17
  122. Liberals. “The Insidious Influence of the SPLC.” By Jeryl Bier.  [Its branding of ‘hate groups’ and individuals is biased, sometimes false – and feeds polarization.]  6-22-17
  123. Liberals. LTE.  “Progressives Are the New Puritan Busybodies.”  6-24-17
  124. Liberals. “La Raza Finally Loses ‘the Race.’”  By Mike Gonzalez.  [The leftist Chicano outfit rebrands itself as UnidosUS.]  7-17-17
  125. Liberals. “The Danger of Progressives’ Inhumanity to the Humanities.”  By Paul Marantz Cohen.  [Science moves forward;  literature doesn’t – and when it tires, the results can be monstrous.]  7-29-17
  126. Liberals. “Liberalism’s Summer of ’17.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Progressives whine about being governed by Trump.  Pity those governed by them.]  8-10-17
  127. Liberals. “Why Not Put Truth on a Pedestal? By Dave Shiflett.  [Richmond’s mayor has a solution for Confederate monuments:  Leave them up but provide context.]  8-18-17
  128. Liberals. “Trump’s Tangle of Rhetorical Inadequacy.”  By Peggy Noonan. [A gifted leader might make the case for building more statures rather than tearing down the ones we have.]  8-19-17
  129. Liberals. LTE.  “Liberalism’s Failure and Internecine Conflict.”  8-19-17
  130. Liberals. “Reconstruction Ended in 1877, but It Isn’t Finished.”  By Allen Guelzo.  [It took almost a century to end segregation, and Charlottesville shoed the division that remain.]  8-19-17
  131. Liberals. “The Extremist Show Is Just Starting.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [“…peaceful protesters in Charlottesville, but it was not their show.  It was a show by and for provocateurs…”]  8-19-17
  132. Liberals. LTE.  “Charlottesville Riot: E Pluribus Unum or Not?”  8-21-17
  133. Liberals. “J.P. Morgan’s Hate List.” By Kimberley a. Strassel. [What is its gift to the Southern Poverty Law Center telling bank customers?] 8-25-17
  134. Liberals. “Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Racism.”  By Shelby Steele.  [Liberals sell innocence from America’s past.  If bigotry is pronounced dead, the racket is over.]  8-28-17
  135. Liberals. “Powerball:  The Lottery Loves Poverty.”  By Arthur C. Brooks.  [It’s bizarre: States push lotto tickets on the poor, earn $70 billion, and then put the buyers on welfare.]  8-28-17
  136. Liberals. “Modern Liberalism’s False Obsession With Civil War Monuments.”  By Jason I. Riley.  [Black accomplishments in the ‘40s and ‘50s prove that today’s setbacks are not due to slavery.]  8-30-17
  137. Liberals. “Texas, Thou Hast Sinned.”  [Progressives blame Houston’s success for the hurricane disaster.]  9-1-17
  138. Liberals. LTE.  “Journal Was Too Polite in Describing Antifa.”  9-6-17
  139. Liberals. “What It’s Like to Be Smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”  By Carol M. Swain.  [I paid a professional price when the group attacked me in 2009.  Now I wear its mud as a badge of honor.]  9-12-17
  140. Liberals. LTE.  “Radical Left a Greater Threat Than the Right.”  9-18-17
  141. Liberals. “The Deal With Antifa, Designate It a Street Gang.”  By David Pyrooz and James Densley.  [Some have suggested calling it a ‘domestic terrorist’ group.  But there’s no such category.]  9-18-17
  142. Liberals. “California Democrats Target Tesla.”  [In the Sunshine State, the left loves unions even more than electric cars.]  9-18-17
  143. Liberals. “Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Politics of Contempt.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [The polemicist attributes Trump’s election to ‘white supremacy,’ and liberals can’t get enough.] 9-20-17
  144. Liberals. “Paying for Standing Rock.”  [Dakota Access Pipeline protesters cost taxpayers $43 million.]  9-30-17
  145. Liberals. “A Yankee Visis Charlottesville, Where Gen. Lee Is Under Cover.”  By Allen C. Guelzo.  [Image-smashing undoubtedly has its satisfactions, but they tend to be short-lived.]  9-30-17
  146. Liberals. “Weinstein’s Progressive Absolution.”  [The Hollywood boss has a defense against sexual harassment claims.]  10-7-17
  147. Liberals. “The Nobel Alternate-Reality Prize.”  [The Oslo committee again indulges arms-control fantasies.]  10-7-17
  148. Liberals. “Ken Burns’s ‘Vietnam’ Is Fair to the Troops, but Not the Cause.”  By Mark Moyar.  [The antiwar narrative could have been lifted from PBS’s last effort, which aired in 1983.]  10-7-17
  149. Liberals. “Christopher Columbus, Great American.” By Angela Rocco DeCarlo.  [Attacks on the explorer are aimed at Western civilization.]  10-9-17
  150. Liberals. “When Life Imitates ‘The Sopranos.’”  By Wm McGurn.  [Columbus has become another excuse to ruin a celebration of America.]  10-10-17
  151. Liberals. “Ireland Falls for a Lousy T-shirt.  [The Irish commemorate Che Guevara on a special stamp.]  10-10-17
  152. Liberals. “Sanctimony Bites Weinstein Dems.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [Maybe Hollywood progressives will tone down their self-righteousness.]  10-11-17
  153. Liberals. “Fake News From the SPLC.”  By Jeryl Bier.  [A church fire started by a congregant isn’t an example of ‘hate.’]  10-13-17
  154. Liberals. “Liberals Embrace ‘Dark Money.’  [Fusion GPS rolls out a novel excuse to block a House subpoena.]  10-17-17
  155. Liberals.  “The ACLU Yields to the Heckler’s Veto.”  By Walter Olson.  [After ‘internal feedback,’ the group’s Virginia chapter backs off from defending its own rights.] 10-25-17
  156. Liberals. “The Latin Left Hijacks Human Rights.”  By Mary Anastasia O’Grady. [The Inter-American commission meeting was about revenge, not reconciliation.]  11-6-17
  157. Liberals. “100 Years of Communism – and 100 Million Dead.”  By David Satter.  [The Bolshevik plague that began in Russia was the greatest catastrophe in human history.]  11-7-17
  158. Liberals. “The ABA Jumps the Shark.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Why did the group ask where a judicial nominee’s children went to school?]  11-14-17
  159. Liberals. “Impeach Tom Steyer.”  By Holman W. Jenkins. Jr.  [The ultraliberal billionaire is the enemy of every cause he promotes.]  11-15-17
  160. Liberals. “Ruling Out the ABA on Judges.”  [“…Republicans …will have to rid themselves of the fiction of a politically neutral American Bar Association.]  11-15-17
  161. Liberals. “No Republicans Need Apply.”  [Congressional Hispanic Caucus rejects Cuban-American legislator.]  11-17-17
  162. Liberals. “Let Them Not Bake Cake.”  [Does Gay marriage trump the right to religious expression?]  12-4-17
  163. Liberals. “Guess Who’s Following Trump’s Twitter Lead.”  By Cori O’Connor.  [A liberal newspaper’s editorial board sets aside journalism to engage in grass-roots lobbying.]  12-4-17
  164. Liberals. “The Death of Self-Restraint.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Unless the culture’s critics get a hearing, the forces that led to Weinstein will win.]  12-7-17
  165. Liberals. “New Jersey’s Liberal New Governor Faces a Fiscal Nightmare.” By Steve Malanga. [Raising taxes will be even harder now that Congress has limited the state and local tax deduction.] 1-6-18
  166. Liberals. “A Jesuit School Gets Dogmatic.” [Is Marquette’s promise of academic freedom worth anything?} 1-8-18
  167. Liberals. “Book Banning Bunkum.” [Trump’s feckless bluster isn’t a threat to the First Amendment.] 1-8-18
  168. Liberals. “Playing For Keeps.” (Bookshelf by Jason Willick.) “How Democracies Die.” By Steven Leftisky and Daniel Ziblatt. [Two liberal political scientists offer an unintentionally clarifying lesson in how democratic politics unravels.] 1-25-18
  169. Liberals. “Why the Center-Left Became Immoderate.” By Shadi Hamid. [In polarized times, those without a clear guiding ideology become the most vicious partisans.] 2-13-18
  170. Liberals. “Better Call Saul: The U.S. Needs Radicalism, Not Extremism.” By Mike Gecan. [Alinsky is one of the most misunderstood figures of the 20th century. Let’s set the record straight.] 2-17-18
  171. Liberals. “A Warning To My Fellow Liberals.” By Annafi Wahed. [Burying our heads in the sand and hoping everyone we disagree with goes away is not an effective solution.] 4-23-18
  172. Liberals. “The Population Bomb Was a Dud.” By Wm. McGurn. [Paul Ehrlich got it wrong because he never understood human potential.] 5-1-18
  173. Liberals. “’Starbucks’ Homeless Problem.” By Daniel Henninger. [No matter what you do to try to appease unhappy progressives, you will be wrong.] 5-24-18
  174. Liberals. “The Left Waits for Godot – Er, Mueller.” By Ted Rall. [‘Resistance’ types crave impeachment desperately, but can’t be bothered to do much of anything about it.] 5-24-18
  175. Liberals. “A Tale of Two Indecencies.” By Andrew Klavan. [The Barr-Bee double standard demonstrates how we got Trump.] 6-5-18
  176. Liberals. Socialists. “Venezuela’s Long Road to Ruin.” By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.   [Few countries have been such a perfect example of socialist policies in practice.] 6-11-18.
  177. Liberals.  “America’s Progressive Slumlord.”  [New York City’s mayor presides over a public housing disaster.]  6-15-18
  178. Liberals. “The ACLU Retreats From Free Expression.” By Wendy Kaminer. [The organization declares that speech it doesn’t like can ‘inflict serious harms’ and ‘impede progress.’] 6-21-18
  179. Liberals. “Democratic Socialists Used to Be Decent.” By Michael S. Bernick.   [Michael Harrington would be appalled at the boorish tactics of today’s DSA.] 7-12-18
  180. Liberals. “The Progressives Who Don’t Hate Trump.” By Ted Rall. [Even Bernie Sanders has said not-unkind things about the president.] 7-3-18
  181. Liberals.  “Is Liberal Racism a Horse of a Different Color?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [Bigotry is bigotry, whether systemic, as at Harvard, or idiosyncratic, like Sarah Jeong’s Twitter feed.]  8-8-18
  182. Liberals. “Listen to the Democratic Left.” By Karl Rove. [The justice system is ‘racist.’ ICE is guilty of ‘human rights abuses.’ And more.] 8-16-18
  183. Liberals. “The New Censors.” [“America’s progressive censors have claimed another victim:…”]  9-22-18
  184. Liberals.  “The Presumption of Guilt.”  [Supreme Court fight] [The new liberal standard turns American due process upside down.]  9-22-18
  185. Liberals.  “Why the Left is Consumed With Hate.”  By Shelby Steele.  [Lacking worthy menaces to fight, it is driven to find a replacement for racism.  Failing this, what is left?]  9-24-18
  186. Liberals.  “Pot-smoking Agitators Burst Into My Office.”  By Andy Harris.  [We all must stand against political violence.  But some in Congress are egging it on instead.]  10-4-18
  187. Liberals.  “Antifa Appropriates a Creepy Mascot.”  By Jillian Kay Melchior.  [Keep your Marxist hands off Gritty.  He belongs in Philly.]  10-8-18
  188. Liberals.  “The Political Distortion of Language.”  [The left turns a headline about the Constitution into a ‘rape joke.’]  10-8-18
  189. Liberals.  “George Soros’s March on Washington.”  By Asra Q. Nomani.  [Saturday’s protests and unlawful disruptions were brought to us by a well-funded network.]  10-8-18
  190. Liberals.  “Tom Steyer’s Energy Orders.”  [The Californian seeks to raise costs for the hoi polloi in other states.]  10-20-18
  191. Liberals.  “The Left Is Lukewarm on Elizabeth Warren.”  By Ted Rall.  [Her self-description as ‘capitalist to my bones’ doesn’t warm progressive hearts.] 11-7-18  Liberals.  “A Check on Trump?  Good Luck.”  [What liberals really mean is put Democrats in charge of policy.]  11-6-18
  192. Progressives.  “Austin Votes to Keep the Books Closed.”  By John Daniel Davidson.  [The Texas capital is rapidly becoming an expensive playground for wealthy progressives.]  12-1-18
  193. Liberals.  “Macron’s Warning to America’s Ascendant Left.”  By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [The French president thought he could steamroll the rural minority on fuel taxes.  Riots ensued.]  12-7-18
  194. Progressives.  “Progressives Won’t Be Happy With Pelosi.”  By Ted Rall.  [The Democratic caucus’s unity masks a division evident in the race between Reps. Lee and Jeffries.]  12-11-18
  195. Progressives.  “Housing Deregulation in Progressive Clothes.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [Facing an affordability crisis, Minneapolis plans to encourage denser development citywide.]  12-22-18
  196. Liberals.  “2018’s Biggest Loser Was the Liberal International Order.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [The runners-up are China, the U.K., France’s Macron and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed.] 12-31-18
  197. Liberals.  “Masculinity Isn’t a Sickness.”  By Erica Komisar.  [A denial of biology in the American Psychological Association’s new report on men and boys.]  1-17-19
  198. Liberals.  “The Shaming of Karen Pence.”  By Wm. McGurn. [A mob of secular Puritans targets her for teaching at a Christian school.]  1-22-19
  199. Liberals. “’The Ravages of Capitalism.’”  By Stephen Miller.  [The New Yorker’s ads for the rich support writers who hate the hands that feed them.]  1-22-19
  200. Liberals.  “The Crippling Cost of 70% Tax Rates.”  By Edward Conard.  [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal would smother investment and innovation, leaving America poorer.] 1-22-19
  201. Liberals.  “Kamala Harris for the Prosecution.”  By Jason Willick.  [Liberals used to champion due process and the rights of the accused.  These days they’re more selective.]  1-22-19
  202. Liberals.  “The Women’s March Follows Farrakhan off a cliff.”  By Elliot Kaufman.  [It’s leaders’ anti-Semitism drives off the Democratic Party and the  Southern Poverty Law Center.]  1-22-19
  203. Liberals.  “The High School Deplorables.”  [MAGA hats, the March for Life, Covington Catholic – and the mob.]  1-23-19
  204. Liberals.  “The Downside of Anti-Trump Rage.”  By Fred Barnes.  [Older Democrats are so busy ‘resisting,’ they’ve let fiery young progressives shape the party’s future.]  1-23-19
  205. Liberals.  “Oregon’s Progressive Politicians Want Rent Control for All.”  By Mark Hemingway.  [Development restrictions make housing expensive, but lawmakers blame landlords instead.]  1-26-19
  206. Liberals.  “Left-Wing Politics and the Decline of Sociology.”  By Jackson Toby.  [Nathan Glazer came from an era when the field cared about describing the world, not changing it.]  1-26-19
  207. Liberals.  “Naomi Rao gets Kavanaughed.”  [The left dredges up college writing to defeat a judicial nominee.]  1-29-19
  208. Liberals.   “How a Billionaire Spends His Money Is His Own Business.”  By Jason I. Riley.  [Progressives are more interested in scapegoating the wealthy than they are in relieving poverty.]  1-30-19
  209. Liberals.  “The Left’s Idea of Generosity.” By Bobby Jindal.  [Progressives across the West are eager to spend other people’s money on moral vanity projects.]  2-4-19
  210. Liberals.  “A Green New Deal in Profile.”  [Falmouth spent $10 million on wind turbines.  Now it’s losing money.]  2-5-19
  211. Liberals.  “Green New Deal:  A Cautionary tale.”  By Tim Blair.  [Australia’s costly and fatal 2009 effort to upgrade houses for energy efficiency.]  2-12-19
  212. Liberals.  “Vote on the Green New Deal.”  [Every Member of Congress should step up and be counted.]  2-12-19
  213. Liberals.  “Gas shortages Five New York an Early Taste of the Green New Deal.”  By Robert Bryce.  [The state is dependent on imports even though it sits atop the abundant Marellus Shale.]  2-16-19
  214. Liberals.  “$1,973 LEDs and the Green New Deal.”  [How many union workers does it take to screw in a light bulb?]  2-16-19
  215. Liberals.  “America Is Torn Between Trump’s Fibs and Progressives’ Fantasies.”  By Lance Morrow.  [The president is a master of little lies, but the left rejects the big truths that sustain politics and culture.]  2-16-19
  216. Liberals.  “Amazon Fiasco Splits New York’s Left.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Not every city Democrat is an antibusiness progressive like Bill de Blasio and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.] 2-16-19
  217. Liberals.  “The Green New Deal’s Impossible Electric Grid.”  By Robert Blohm.  [Renewable energy can’t consistently balance power supply with demand.]  2-21-19
  218. Liberals.  “Welcome to New York, Amazon – Now Go Home.”  By Peggy Noonan. [Progressives put out the unwelcome mat, and city dwellers will pay the price for years to come.]  2-23-19
  219. Liberals.  “Italy Institutes a Universal Basic Income.  Is the U.S. Next?”  by Adam O’Neal.  [Conservatives who hope the democratic nominee is ‘unelectable’ should be careful what they wish for.]  2-18-19
  220. Liberals.  “Even the Fiercest Social-Justice Warrior Should Learn Mercy.” By Robert L. Woodson Sr. [Modern activists’ focus on group identities and past wrongs deepens divides rather than erasing them.]  2-18-19
  221. Liberals.  “Boomtown for Hoaxers.”  [“…Thanks to modern progressivism’s obsession with victimization, however, America today is a boomtown for hoaxers.”]  3-1-19
  222. Liberals.  “Taking Back Some Other Guy’s Control.” By Joseph C. Sternberg.  [Political insurgencies have yet to show a willingness to take responsibility for any tough decisions.]  3-1-19
  223. Liberals.  “Oregon, the Rent Control State.”  [Salem enacts a housing policy that is sure to limit new housing.]  3-4-19
  224. Liberals.  “Get Ready for the Struggle Session.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [In America, and even more so on Twitter, there’s a whiff of china’s Cultural Revolution in the air.]  3-9-19
  225. Liberals.  “Elizabeth Warren Gets Her Man.”  [Wells Fargo’s Sloan won’t be the last CEO casualty before 2020]  3-30-19
  226. Liberals.  “If You Like Socialism, You’ll Love the VA.”  By Karl Zinsmeister.  [Cradle-to-grave care for American veterans and their families.  How’s it working out?]  4-3-19
  227. Liberals.  “Progressives Threaten to Destroy School Reform.”  By Jason L. Riley.  [They talk about equality, then fiercely oppose measures that stand a chance of achieving it.]  4-3-19
  228. Liberals.  “Liberals Are Eating Their Own.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Joe Biden got trapped in the spider web of identity politics.  He won’t be the last.]  4-4-19
  229. Liberals.  “A Liberal Defeat in Wisconsin.”  [A surprising Supreme Court result stops a Democratic streak.]  4-4-19
  230. Liberals.  “We Were Smeared by the SPLC.”  By Kristen Waggoner.  [Our work for religious liberty got us branded a ‘hate group.’  Such lies have real consequences.]  4-4-19
  231. Progressives.  “Socialism Fails Every Time.”  By Joshua Mjuravchik.  [The best outcome is a reversion to capitalism.  The worst?  Hundreds of millions dead.]  4-10-19
  232. Liberals.  “Targeting Bill Barr.”  [Unlike Lorettal Lynch, the AG does his duty on ‘prosecutorial judgment.’ ]  4-20-19
  233. Liberals.  “Jamie Dimon’s Timely Warning.”  By Andy Kessler.  [A CEO finally speaks up to tell the truth about the shared misery of socialism.]  4-22-19
  234. Liberals.  “Liberals Who Cry Roe.”  [A case over state sovereignty triggers an exchange over precedent.]  5-15-19
  235. Liberals.  “The Reopening of the liberal Mind.”  (The Weekend Interview with Leon Botstein by Daniel Akst.)  [Bard College’s president explains how his school remains free of the student outbursts that afflict similar institutions.]  5-25-19
  236. Liberals.  “Socialists Don’t Know History.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Young people don’t remember the Soviet nightmare.  But what’s Sander’s excuse?] 5-30-19
  237. Liberals.  “Democrats and the Border Children.”  [Why won’t liberals help even with the humanitarian mess?]  6-6-19
  238. Progressives. “Progressives Who prefer Trump to Biden.”  By Ted Rall.  [Winning the party is more important than winning in 2020.]  6-5-19
  239. Liberals.  “State AGs’ Climate Cover-up.”  [What’s behind third-party funding of liberal state attorneys general?]  6-8-19
  240. Liberals.  “’The American People’ Have Been Spoken To.”  By Joseph Epstein.  [Politicians lecture us about what we want, need, deserve and are really interested in.]  6-10-19
  241. Liberals.  “Liberalism Isn’t What It Used to Be.” By Michael Blechman.  [The values that made me a supporter of RFK in 1968 put me at odds with today’s progressives.]  6-21-19
  242. Radicals. “Kavanaugh Fight Was No ‘Win.’” By Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino. [The left savaged man’s reputation and America’s institutions – and paid no price for its indecency.] 7-15-19
  243. Progressives. “A Coup at Planned Parenthood.” 7-18-19
  244. Liberals. “Berkeley Bans Natural Gas.” [Poor and minority families will pay more for utilities.] 7-22-19
  245. Liberals.  “Mariano Rivera Gets Beaned.” [“If modern leftism has an operating principle, it is that no aspect of life – no business, not religion, not even baseball – an be allowed to escape the orthodoxy police…”] 7-26-19
  246. Liberals. “Portland’s Antifa Impunity.” [No one has been charged in the assault on journalist Andy Ngo.] 7-29-19
  247. Liberals. “The Psychology of the Leftward March.” By Barton Swaim. [As with Nixon, Democrats mistake Trump for an extremist. That in turn drives them to extremes.] 7-29-19
  248. Progressives. “Where Amy Wax and Her Critics Agree.” By Mark Bauerlein. [Progressives denounce a conservative for respecting the power of culture.] 7-29-19
  249. Liberals. “Smearing Mitch McDonnell.” [Democrats and the media distort his record on Russia.] 7-30-19
  250. Liberals. “The Left vs. the Crazy Left.” By Kimberley A Strassel. [If you’re looking for a moderate president, you won’t find one in the Democratic field.] 8-2-19
  251. Liberals. “Newark’s Cry for Trump.” [The city ignores its lead-tainted water problem and now pleads for help.] 8-17-19
  252. Liberals. “We Liberals Need Self-Criticism.” By Ioannis Gatsiounis. [We won’t beat Trump by blaming others and boasting about our own supposed virtue.] 8-22-19
  253. Liberals. “’New Left Urbanists’ Want to Remake Your City.” By Christopher F. Rufo. [It’s about control – using infrastructure to make the masses conform to one vision of how to live.] 8-23-19
  254. Liberals. “The Weaponization of History.” By Wilfred M. McClay. [Ignorantly invoking slavery or the Holocaust is an affront to those who seriously study the past.] 8-26-19
  255. Liberals. “The Left’s Lucrative Nonprofits.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [‘Powerful interests’ and ‘dark money’ are mostly on the Democratic side.] 9-6-19
  256. Progressives. “Progressives Keep Calm in the Trump Era.” By Ted Rall. [The unhinged hatred comes mostly from centrist Democrats.] 9-6-19
  257. Liberals. “Death of a Dictator.” [Admired on the left, Robert Mugabe led a thriving country to ruin.] 9-7-19
  258. Liberals. “Liberal city Tags Speech As Terrorism.” By Walter Olson. [San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors plays language games to smear the National Rifle Association.] 9-9-19
  259. Progressives. “Will Trump Sell Out U.S. on Huawei?” by George Soros. [His china policy is a great achievement. He may undermine it in pursuit of a deal with Xi Jinping.] 9-10-19
  260. Liberals. “A Too-Comfortable End for Robert Mugabe.” By Jason L. Riley. [Zimbabwe’s brutal dictator impoverished millions but died in a hospital bed surrounded by family.] 9-11-19
  261. Liberals. “’Big Bad Trusts’ Are a Progressive Myth.” By Phil Gramm and Jerry Ellig. [Today’s tach titans, like yesterday’s industrial giants, will diminish in time thanks to competition.] 10-3-19
  262. Liberals. “’’California and New York Show the Ugly Face of ‘Progress.’” By Jason L. Riley. [Voters may not like Trump, but they can see what the Democrats’ ideas look like when put into action.] 10-16-19
  263. Liberals/Progressives. “Elijah Cummings and the Little Sisters.” By Peggy Noonan. [A poignant Capital Hill memorial reminds us of what holds us together and what tears us apart.] 10-26-19
  264. Liberals. “The Left Targets One of Its Own.” By Michael Taube. [A dissent against transgenderism leads to an effort to cancel a Toronto library talk.] 10-28-19
  265. Liberals. “The ABA Strikes Again.” [The lawyers’ guild tries to defeat another conservative nominee.] 10-31-19
  266. Liberals. “Another Smear Campaign From the American Bar Association.” By Adam J. White. [The lawyers group declares Lawrence VanDyke ‘not qualified’ based on claims from anonymous critics.] 10-31-19
  267. Liberals. “Has Warren Wrecked the Left?” by Daniel Henninger. [Her health-care details show that progressivism is pie in the key.] 11-7-19
  268. Progressives. “Progressives Ambush the Salvation Army.” By Nicole Ault. [The group touts its efforts to help sexual minorities, but the Left isn’t satisfied.] 11-21-19
  269. Liberals. “Liberal Teardrops on Taylor Swift’s Guitar.” By Allysia Finley. [She’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Why would Elizabeth Warren declare her a martyr?] 11-22-19
  270. Liberals. “Where’s the Liberal Outrage.” By Daniel Henninger. [Will a President Biden let the FBI’s discredited behavior become the norm?] 12-19-19
  271. Liberals. “The War on Philanthropy.” By Karl Zinsmeister. [Private giving achieves what government can’t – which is why authoritarians hate it.] 1-9-20
  272. Liberals. “Philadelphia’s Top Prosecutor Pursues ‘Social,’ Not Actual, Justice.” By Jennifer Stefano. [Larry Krasner said he wouldn’t prosecute certain offenses and the bad guys got the message.] 1-11-20
  273. Liberals. “A Bailout for Criminals.” [New York’s reform is freeing violent offenders who will harm again.] 1-13-20
  274. Liberals. “The Trumped-Up Case of Bar v. Barr.” [“…the mainstream legal establishment has consistently abused its professional credibility, and it shows no sign of stopping.”] 1-11-20
  275. Liberals. “All Aboard the Crazy Train.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Or, at least that’s how populism’s rise feels to those at the World Economic Forum.} 1-21-20
  276. Liberals. “Seattle and the State Supreme Court Wage War on Property Rights.” By Ethan Blevins. [Landlords are forced to rent to the first person who walks in – even if he has a criminal record.] 2-1-20
  277. Liberals. “The ‘Stakeholders’ vs. the People. By Vivek Ramaswamy. [Liberals claim they’re troubled by corporate power. So why are they working to expand it?”] 2-13-20
  278. Liberals. “Plastic Bag Bans: The Sequel.” [San Francisco now bans reusable bags as a health risk.] 4-9-20
  279. Liberals. “Progressive Genius Dept.”  [“…The … pandemic is demonstrating…that today’s progressives lack even a minimal understanding of how business and an economy work.”] 4-23-20
  280. Liberals. “Battering Norman Borlaug.” [PBS rewrites the history of the father of the Green Revolution.] 4-25-20
  281. Liberals. “Mindless in Seattle.” [“…The Seattle City Council…trying to soak employers with a new tax on hiring.] 5-1-20
  282. Liberals. “Joe Biden and the Moralizers.” By Daniel Henninger. [Progressives invented moral trumping as a political weapon. Now they’ve exhausted it.] 5-7-20
  283. Liberals. “Should Florida Bail Out New York?” [A comparative look at population growth and spending over 10 years.] 5-18-20
  284. Liberals/Progressives. “How Biden Can Win Over Progressives.” By Cenk Uygur. [He’ll need to take a stand against corporate money in politics—and corruption – and prove that he means it.] 5-18-20
  285. Liberals. “Larry Fink’s Political Purgatory.” [The BlackRock CEO can’t seem to buy progressive absolution.] 5-23-20
  286. Liberals/ Progressives.  “The Coming Urban Exodus.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Progressive failure is making daily life too chaotic and stressful in many U.S. cities.] (“…In just three months it has become clear that modern urban progressivism is politically incompetent and intellectually incoherent…”)  6-18-20
  287. Liberals.  “Smiley Face Liberalism.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The collapse of liberal elites under a leftist offensive has been in the making for years.]  6-25-20
  288. Liberals. “Bonfire of the Liberals.”  [A defense of free speech leads to recriminations on the left.]   7-9-20
  289. Radicals.  “AOC’s Hill of Beans.” By WM. McGurn.  [The #BoycottGoya radicals lack even the good sense to follow Saul Alinsky’s advice.]   7-14-20
  290. Liberals/Radicals.  “Goya’s CEO Softly Stands His Ground.”  (The Weekend Interview with Robert Unanue by Tunku Varadarajan.) [‘You always respect the president of the United States,’ he says, even when that require ‘a little bit of Spaniard stubbornness.’]    7-18-20
  291. Liberals.  “The Left’s Rights Distortions.”  [The press and activists scorn Pompeo’s defense of ‘unalienable rights.’]   7-20-20
  292. Progressives.  “The Vindictive Spirit of St. Louis.”  [A progressive prosecutor targets a couple defending themselves.]   7-22-20
  293. Progressives.   “Progressives to Cities:  Drop Dead.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The policy ruin of the nation’s major liberal cities is a significant political event.]   7-23-20
  294. Progressives.  “You’re More Likely to Catch Covid at Home Than in Jail.”  By Sean Kennedy.  [Early release policies have had no effect on transmission behind bars.  But they have contributed to a crime wave.]   7-25-20
  295. Liberals.  “Margaret Sanger Gets Canceled.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [Planned Parenthood disavows her ‘racial legacy’ but continues carrying it out.]   7-28-20
  296. Liberals.  “Judicial Political Mischief Averted.”   [A Codes of Conduct committee withdraws its ban on judges joining the Federalist Society.]   8-3-20
  297. Liberals / Progressives.  “Gunning for the NRA.”  [Her death-penalty remedy gives the political game away.]   8-7-20
  298. Liberals / Progressives.  “Who Needs Billionaires?”  by Wm.  McGurn.  [AOC demands even more onerous taxes.  Not so fast, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo.]   8-11-20
  299. Liberals / Progressives.  “Mayhem Continues, Narrative Crumbles.”  [Looters rampage in Chicago and arson returns in Portland.]    8-11-20
  300. Liberals.  “The Left Still Blames America First.”  By Mary Eberstadt.  [But they’ve broadened the target.  In 1984 it was U.S. foreign policy.  Today it’s the country itself.]   8-20-20
  301. Liberals, etc.  “New York Has Witnessed a Mortgage Strike Before.”  By Jeffrey a. Kroessler.  [In 1929, when some Queens residents stopped paying leaders didn’t share AOC’s view of government power.]   8-28-20
  302. Liberals, etc.  “The Smearing of Nikki Haley.”  By Tunku Varadarajan.  [Liberal Indian-Americans accuse her of denying her heritage.]   8-28-20
  303. Liberals.  “Where Have the Honest Liberals Gone?”  by Jason L. Riley.  [‘Critical race theory’ is a dangerous folly, but these days only conservatives are willing to criticize it.]   10-7-20
  304. Liberals.  “Inside the Left’s Web of ‘Dark Money.’”  By Scott Walter.  [Sheldon Whitehouse won’t tell you about the Arabella Advisors empire that skirts disclosure requirements.]   10-23-20
  305. Liberals, Progressives.  “The Most Expensive Election.”  [But do you hear many progressives complain, as they trounce the GOP?]   10-26-20
  306. Liberals/Progressives.  “Handcuffing the Police.”  [Cities like Philadelphia deprive the cops of crowd-control tools.]   11-2-20
  307. Liberals/Progressives.  “Twitter’s ‘Living’ Censorship.”  [The social-media firm unfreezes the New York Post on Hunter Biden.]   11-2-20
  308. Liberals.  “Philadelphia’s Antireligious Cruelty.’  By Thomas Paul.  [City officials pushed Catholics out of foster parenting to punish them for their faith.]  11-6-20
  309. Liberals.  “The ACLU’s Betrayal of Athletic Girls.”  By Sandra Bucha.    11-7-20
  310. Liberals / Progressives.  “Alito Defends the Courts.”  [The Justice calls out progressive attacks on judicial independence.]  11-14-20
  311. Liberals.  “Thank You for Voting and Get Out.”  By Ted Rall.  [Progressives help Democrats and get only ingratitude.]   11-19-20
  312. Liberals / Progressives.  “AOC’s Latest Achievement.” [Re: boycotting Goya] 12-11-20
  313. Liberals.  “The Left Wants a Philanthropy of the Few.”  By Elise Westhoff.  [Major foundations back a proposal that would force smaller donors to spend down their funds.]   12-15-20
  314. Liberals.  ‘A Message to the Haters From ‘Florida Man.’” By Dave Seminara.  [Go ahead and laugh.  But if we’re such a joke state, why are all of your neighbors moving here?]   1-9-21
  315. Liberals / Progressives.  “The Progressive Purge Begins.”   [Tech’s stampede against the right will lead to more populist anger.]   1-11-21
  316. Liberals.  “When Mob Inciters Become Lions of the Left.”  By Helen Andrews.  [An Aaron Sorkin film celebrates the Chicago Seven for plotting an attack on a party convention.]   1-14-21
  317. Liberals.  “How the left Hijacked Civil Rights.”  By Robert L. Woodson Sr. and Joshua Mitchell.  [For centuries black Americans debated how to overcome racism – but they always emphasized human agency and individual responsibility.]  1-16-21
  318. Liberals.  “The Left and the Working Class.”  (Bookshelf by Jonathan Rose.)  “Despised.” By Paul Embery.  [A British firefighter seeks to revive an ‘early Labour tradition that spoke to the patriotic and communitarian instincts’ of blue-collar families.]   1-27-21
  319. Progressives.  “Progressives Put the Racial ‘Equity’ Squeeze on Biden.” By Jason L. Riley.  [The left wants a spoils system on steroids.  If the president gives it to them, heaven help us.]   2-3-21
  320. Liberals.  “Liberalism’s Ministry of Truth.”  [Academics and the press mull state media controls.]   2-4-21
  321. Liberals.  “We Don’t Need Another Patriot Act.”  By Russ Feingold.  [New law-enforcement powers would inevitably be turned against minorities and progressive dissenters.]   2-8-21
  322. Progressives.  “Talk About Putting Politics in the Bedroom.”  by Gerard Baker.  [Activist David Hogg says he’ll start a pillow maker to compete with Mike Lindell.  Where does it end?]   2-9-21
  323. Liberals.  “What Threatens ‘Our Democracy’?”  by Daniel Henninger.  [The left means their democracy, and you’re not included unless you share their beliefs.]  2-11-21
  324. Progressives.  “Science Needs Criticism, Not Cheerleading.”  (The Weekend Interview with John Staddon by J. Peder Zane.)  [‘When we lower our standards to pretend we know what we don’t know, we diminish the work and misinform society.’]   2-20-21
  325. Liberals Progressives.  “The Progressive Steamroller.”  [The $1.9 trillion spending bill is only a taste of what’s coming.]   3-11-21
  326. Liberals/Progressives.  “Progressives Would Miss the filibuster.”  By Carl Levin and Richard A. Arenberg.  [Abolishing it would be shortsighted, but current rules allow obstructionists too much leeway.]    3-30-21
  327. Progressives.  “Targeting the U.S. Senate.”  [The progressive goal is a House-like body run by big-state majorities.]   4-12-21
  328. Progressives.  “The Chauvin Trial and the Chelsea Handler Standard of Justice.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Today’s progressives prefer summary trial convictions based on popular sentiment.]  4-20-21
  329. Liberals.  “A Liberalish New World Order.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Where do rights fit into international solutions with nations like China or Russia?]   4-27-21
  330. Liberals/Progressives.  “The Attack on an Alzheimer’s Drug.”  [Progressives suddenly discover federal spending they don’t like.]   6-22-21
  331. Liberals.  “’Free ‘ Money Can Make Life Worse.”  By Robert Doar.  [Social workers, no check writer, address problems like substance abuse and domestic violence.]  6-22-21
  332. Liberals / Progressives.  “Progressives Disdain America but Love Being Free to Do So.”  By Gerald Baker.  [ If a Chinese athlete made a show of discomfort at her national anthem, she’d be persecuted, not celebrated.]   6-29-21
  333. Liberals / Progressives.  “Progressives Punish ‘Honorary Whites’ but Aren’t Helping Blacks.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The bizarre antiwhite racism of the president’s pandemic programs is just part of the show.]  7-17-21
  334. Liberals / Progressives.  “How to Be an Anticapitalist.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Progressive policy makers won’t learn that parasites should never kill their host.]   7-19-21
  335. Liberals / Progressives.  “Biden’s Self-Refuting Progressivism.”  By Barton Swaim.  [If the president thinks pre-pandemic voting laws are racist, why didn’t he object to them before now?]   7-19-21
  336. Liberals / Progressives.  “Progressive Gun-Control Crackup.”  [Defense lawyers ask the Supreme Court to affirm gun rights.]   7-26-21
  337. Liberals / Progressives.  “What if We’re Reliving the ‘70s With No Reagan to Save the Day?”  by Gerard Baker.  [Today almost the entire establishment is steeped in the orthodoxy that has produced the malaise.]   8-3-21
  338. Liberals.  “Hope for the Lost Souls of Liberalism.”  (The Weekend Interview with Benjamin and Jenna Silber Storey by Barton Swaim.)  [The Western model of individual liberty and religious neutrality is in trouble.  A return to the big questions is in order.]   9-18-21
  339. Liberals / Progressives.  “Ilhan Omar’s Idea of Progress.”  By Andy Kessler.  [She would replace GDP with a measure that includes time spent fishing.]  9-27-21
  340. Liberals / Progressives.  “Not That Long Ago, ‘Evil’ Really Meant Something.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Progressives now see no difference between history’s monsters and people they don’t like on TV.]   9-27-21
  341. Liberals.  “Rest in Peace for a Nobel Prize.”  By Adam O’Neal.  [The award should be given posthumously, since many laureates go on to do great evil.]   10-5-21
  342. Liberals / Progressives.  “The Next Progressive Budget Trick.”   [AOC and friends say keep the entitlements but shrink the years.]  10-5-21
  343. Liberals / Progressives.  “Progressives Hold the Capital Captive.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [Biden turns out to be far less moderate than advertised, and voter aren’t liking what they see.]   10-9-21
  344. Liberals / Progressives.  “Celebrate Columbus’s Achievements.”  By Garry Kasparov.  [We should acknowledge his flaws, but his treatment by the left is reminiscent of communist propaganda.]   10-11-21
  345. Liberals / Progressives.  “Nine Theories of Progressive Power.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Leftists want to stay on top, but they also want to profit and seem intelligent.]  11-1-21
  346. Liberals / Progressives.  “The progressive Hostage Strategy.”  [The left is trying to blackmail the centrists, as Manchin makes clear.]  11-2-21
  347. Liberals / Progressives.  “For Privileged Progressives, ‘We’ Means  ‘You.’”  By Gerard Baker.  ‘From Climate motorcades to maskless public parties, they don’t follow the rules they impose on all of us.]  11-2-21
  348. Liberals / Progressives.  “Censoring the Pilgrims.”  [The left wants to cancel our annual Thanksgiving editorials.]   11-23-21
  349. Liberals / Progressives.  “Kyle Rittenhouse and the Left’s Terrifying Assault on Due Process.  By Gerard Baker.  [They want revolutionary justice.  The legal system’s verdict will be supplanted by the people’s judgment.]   11-23-21
  350. Liberals.  “No Climate Warriors in Frozen Foxholes.”  [Forty-one Democrats urge federal regulators to lower heating prices.]   1-10-22
  351. Liberals / Progressives.  “Progressives vs. the Metaverse.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [Today’s left is invested in an identity politics that virtual reality will make obsolete.]  1-19–22
  352. Liberals / Progressives.  “Progressive to Uyghurs:  Drop Dead.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The left’s isolationism is about protecting domestic spending, not U.S. security.]  1-20-22
  353. Liberals.  “Eri Holder’s ‘Democracy’ Con.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.   [He campaigns against gerrymandering, then says not a word about New York’s map.]   2-4-22
  354. Liberals / Progressives.  “The New Progressive’s Fight Against Consumer Welfare.” By Phil Gramm and Christine Wilson.  [The Biden administration wants to undo years of bipartisan consensus about antitrust regulation.]   4-4-22
  355. Progressives.  “The $280 Million Attorneys General Fund.”  [A group of state AGs shouldn’t be a litigation finance shop.]   8-27-22
  356. Liberals.  “The Left Gets Fascism Backward.”  By Lance Morrow.  [Biden’s Democrats seek a one-party state.  Trump’s followers want freedom from government power.]   9-6-22
  357. Liberals / Progressives.  “The Progressive Paradox on Marijuana.”  [Tobacco, bad.  Vaping, bad.  Marijuana, good, for some strange reason.]   11-22-22
  358. Liberals / Progressives.  LTE.  “The Left Marches Ahead on Too Many Fronts.”   11-29-22
  359. Liberals / Progressives.  “Twitter Files Revelations Are Instructive but Not Surprising.”  By Gerard Baker.  [They tell us what we already knew but bring into focus the mindset of the professional left.]   12-13-22
  360. Liberals.  “’Inconvenient Anti-Semites’ in New York’s War on Hate.”   By Elliot Kaufman.  [Three blind spots render incoherent the promises of liberal politicians to protect Jews from attack.]   12-17-22
  361. Liberals.  “The NRA vs. the Censorship ‘Mob.’  By  David Rivkin Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.  [New York state financial regulators make the gun-rights group’s insurers an offer they can’t refuse.]  12-28-22
  362. Liberals.  “The Paul Ehrlich Apocalypse Is Back.”  [His predictions have been famously wrong, but doom springs eternal.]   1-4-23
  363. Liberals.  “Byron Donalds Schools Joy Reid on Social Security.”  [Liberals who resist reform of entitlements are paving the way for social unrest like we’ve seen in Europe.”   1-25-23
  364. Liberals.  “The World Rejects the Wilsonian Order.”  By Walter Russell Mead.  [Global liberals cling to the internationalist vision, but its appeal is fading everywhere.]   2-7-23
  365. Liberals.  “A Shakeup for Unaccountable AGs.”  [Montana’s Attorney General calls foul on a supra-state nonprofit.]  2-9-23
  366. Progressives.  “Is It Too Late to Save Chicago From Progressive Misrule?”  by Collin Levy.  [The city has gone downhill fast, but it isn’t clear voters are ready to turn the page on Lori Lightfoot.]  2-11-23
  367. Progressives.  “Overruling the District of Crazy.”  [Bipartisan House majorities overturn a pair of daft D.C. laws.]   2-13-23
  368. Liberals.  “The Tennessee Bullhorn Isn’t Democracy.”  4-20-23
  369. Liberals / Progressives.   “’Progressives’ Want to Go Back to the 1950s.”  by Walter Russell Mead.  [Biden envisions a restoration of the era’s strongly regulated national economics.]   5-2-23
  370. Liberals / Progressives.  “The Blue State Budget Blues.”  [The fiscal crash arrives following years of profligate spending.]   6-21-23
  371. Liberals/Progressives.  “The American Left’s Fantastic Threats.” By Barton Swaim.  [Book bans?  Jim Crow redux?  A crackdown on gay vacationers?  Joe Biden and his party are seeing things.]   6-24-23
  372. Liberals.  “Don’t Blame Liberalism for Illiberal Progressives.”  By Gerard Baker.  [What ails society isn’t too much liberty but deceptive packaging of familiar old authoritarian ideas.]   7-11-23
  373. Liberals.  “Why the Left Hates Horatio Alger.:  by Ira Stoll.   [It isn’t just about Clarence Thomas.  Their ideology requires them to think the American dream is a lie.]   8-12-23
  374. Progressives.  “Progressives for Speech Discrimination.”   8-17-23
  375. Progressives.  “Progressive Prejudice and the Courts.”  [Now the left goes after judicial conferences – and our Kim Strassel.]   8-28-23
  376. Liberals.  “Liberals Need a Reckoning With Anti-Semitism.”  By Gerard Baker.  [Ideas like ‘decolonization’ and ‘intersectionality’ turn out to justify mass murder.]   10-17-23
  377. Liberals.  “War Destroys Leftist Orthodoxies.”  By Andy Kessler.  [Those defending Hamas in the name of anticolonialism are being discredited.]   10-23-23
  378. Liberals.  “Friendship Is Precious, ‘Allyship’ Is Treacherous.”  By Tevi Troy.  [Jews on the left find their woke comrades regard them as ‘oppressors,’ to be discarded or far worse.]   10-27-23
  379. Liberals.  “How Hamas Won Hearts and Minds on the American Left.”  By Lorenzo Vidino.  [For 30 years, the terror organization has made concerted effort to appeal to Western intellectuals.]   11-3-23
  380. Liberals.  “Partisan Rancor t Midcentury.”  (Bookshelf by Mike Watson.)  “In the Shadow of Fear.” By Nick bunker.  [In 1949, the Truman administration lurched toward socialism.  Opponents in both parties stood in the way.  Were they reacting in ‘fear’?]   11-6-23

Issue Headlines

Liberals. CNN 6-14-15:

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield got into hot water with Texas police organizations Saturday for saying would-be Texas cop killer James Boulware was “courageous and brave” in his attack on police headquarters.

Read more:

Liberals. ISIS Paris atrocity.   >>>

Bill Maher: Bombing ISIS provoked the attack. 11-13-15 10:44 PM. By Marlow Stern.

Billionaire Funds Overthrow of Capitalism

Cliff Kincaid April 27, 2017 at 11:45 am

““System Change, Not Climate Change” is the demand being made by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in regard to Saturday’s Peoples Climate March. “Only socialism can solve the climate crisis,” they say. It appears that the organizers of the march agree, since the old Moscow-funded Communist Party is listed as one of the official “partners” of the group sponsoring the April 29th demonstration in the nation’s capital…”

Democrats. Bernie Sanders. 5-3-17 Moore said the focus of the feds’ questions was clear: Did [Jane O’Meara Sanders] falsify records in order to get the loan from the bank?
Liberals. 5-18-17
George Soros Quietly Buying District Attorneys’ Seats…

Liberals. 6-14-17




Will Need Additional Operations… 

Suspect trolled near ballfield leading up to attack… 

Distraught over election… 

‘It’s Time To Destroy Trump & Co’… 


Trend of violence towards Republicans… 



Trump faces first big domestic moment; Praise from both sides.


Liberals. 6-15-17

Shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag…

STARBUCKS staff harasses Trump supporting customer…

TIME WARNER CEO Defends Funding ‘Assasination’ Play…

PAGLIA: Nationwide orgy of spite… 

NOONAN: Rage All the Rage — and It’s Dangerous… 

Focus on left-wing anger… 

Liberals. “The Liberal Crack-Up.” Wall Street Journal.  8-12-17.  Section C1.  “Liberals have lost the public’s confidence by embracing the divisive, zero-sum world of identity politics.  They need to find their way back to a unifying vision of the common good.”  8-12-17

Liberals.  8-30-17

After ‘antifa’ violence, Berkeley debates whether Milo, conservatives welcome…

Liberals.  9-11-17

Black conservative describes being smeared by SOUTHERN POVERTY…

Liberals. Wall Street Journal.  9-20-17

“Antifa Violence Splits the Left.” [Liberals’ bind: whether to denounce radicals whose aims they often share.]

Liberals. Weinstein. 10-9-17 WAXMAN: NYT Killed Story In ’04…

Liberals. Weinstein. 10-9-17 Experts: Career Not Over…

Liberals.   Weinstein. 10-10-17 As Democrats denounce Weinstein, Clintons and Obama stay mum

Liberals. Weinstein. 10-10-17 (New Yorker mag bombshell) “Three Women Accuse Weinstein of Rape.”

Liberals. Weinstein. 10-11-17

Blame Game: Manhattan DA, NYPD Point Fingers… 

Liberals. 11-17-17


Liberals. 6-29-18


OBAMA: ‘You are right to be concerned’…


MICHAEL MOORE: We Have to ‘Put Our Bodies on the Line’…

Liberals –socialists. Where Socialism doesn’t work. 8-1-18

Venezuela’s president admits economy has failed…
Socialist nation where nothing works anymore…

Liberals / Progressives.  Anti-Catholic?  12-31-18   Washington Times

Senate Democrats are facing renewed charges of anti-Catholic discrimination after quizzing a federal judicial nominee about his membership in the Knights of Columbus.  Democratic Sens. Kamala D. Harris and Mazie Hirono were accused of “religious profiling” after they zeroed in on judicial nominee Brian Buescher’s membership in the 137-year-old fraternal Catholic charitable organization earlier this month in written questions. “The Knights of Columbus has taken a number of extreme positions,” said Ms. Hirono, Hawaii Democrat, citing the group’s opposition to same-sex marriage…”



Liberals/Radicals.  3-14-19

TROUBLES: ‘SOUTHERN POVERTY’ fires founder, scrubs from website…


Baltimore Sun Attacks Trump Supporter Who Organized Massive City Clean Up

“…More than 170 people came from all over the country and cleaned up nearly 12 tons of trash, according to Mr. Presler’s Twitter feed.” the paper claimed…

Posted: Aug 07, 2019 10:25 AM


Mural of George Washington seen as racist and set to be destroyed draws a crowd

The San Francisco mural, which includes images of Washington, slaves and a dead Native American, is seen as racist by some, but defended as social criticism by others.     8-2-19





Campaign Consideration

Talking Points

THE CIVIL WAR IS HERE:  The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.


Organizers Cancel Portland Rose Parade Following Threats by Anarchists

The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.) April 27, 2017 at 11:55 am 75


Billionaire Funds Overthrow of Capitalism
Cliff Kincaid April 27, 2017 at 11:45 am

““System Change, Not Climate Change” is the demand being made by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in regard to Saturday’s Peoples Climate March. “Only socialism can solve the climate crisis,” they say. It appears that the organizers of the march agree, since the old Moscow-funded Communist Party is listed as one of the official “partners” of the group sponsoring the April 29th demonstration in the nation’s capital…”

Liberals. “The Liberal Crack-Up.” Wall Street Journal.  8-12-17.  Section C1.

Liberals. ‘Antifa’ violence becomes problem for left-wing activists…  8-29-17

Liberals.  The ‘Resistance,’ Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics

By KENNETH P. VOGEL   OCT. 7, 2017


7-7-20   Checking The Power Of Progressive Big Philanthropy

America’s biggest foundations are getting more liberal, increasingly activist, and very aggressive.


10-7-29 Drudgereport.   Tides Center Funnels $170 Million in Taxpayer Money to Left-Wing Groups

Tides Center Funnels $170 Million in Taxpayer Money to Left-Wing Groups

The Washington Free Beacon

Nearly $170 million in government grants has passed through a liberal dark money behemoth that houses numerous left-wing groups, including the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, tax forms show.


Related Topics

The Wall Street Journal, Friday, Jan. 15, 2021, P. A15

Big Business’s Sharp Left Turn

Corporations’ new political role carries serious political and legal consequences.

By Kimberley A. Strassel

Jan. 14, 2021 6:11 pm ET

Corporate America took a big step this week, moving from captives of wokeness to active accomplices. The legal and political consequences may prove profound.

Big Business over the past four years has increasingly signed up for leftist politics. Some of this was “wokewashing,” peddling causes or figures for brand benefit—think Nike’s Colin Kaepernick commercial or Lacoste’s replacement of its crocodile logo with endangered species. Some was spinelessness, caving in to the liberal mob—think Goldman Sachs’s refusal to finance fossil-fuel projects. Some was strategic— Twitter and Facebook attempting to ward off regulation with ever-changing policies on “misinformation.”

But the events of last week—the assault on the Capitol and the Democratic Senate takeover—inspired corporate America to take on a new role. Business titans are positioning themselves as arbiters of political speech and activity—by withholding essential services to conservative individuals, companies and groups. They’ve turned themselves into political entities, raising constitutional and antitrust questions.

This goes way beyond Big Tech’s censoring of Donald Trump and Parler. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon entered the fray by deploying a bogus rationale for banning the president from the biggest social-media sites, then dismantling the only effective conservative alternative. This alone raises free-speech concerns.

The bum’s rush that followed put in bright focus the extraordinary power corporate America holds to shut down a political figure, even a party, completely. SnapChat, Twitch and YouTube also disabled Trump accounts, creating a near-total media silencing. Campaign Monitor, an email service provider, confirmed it had suspended Trump campaign emails. Stripe Inc., one of the largest processors of online financial transactions, said it won’t process contributions to the Trump campaign. Shopify took offline stores run by Trump entities. In a week, the nation’s C-suites disabled the president’s ability to speak to the nation and communicate with donors.

The media has lumped these actions along with the decision by dozens of other companies to halt political-action committee donations to Republicans who objected to state election results. But companies have no obligation to make contributions, and pulling money is a longtime corporate response to controversial figures. The “deplatforming” of Mr. Trump is something new and menacing. Companies are refusing to provide the services that, in our online, interconnected world, are the backbone of all political campaigning and speech.

And they highlight the power corporate America has to do this to any conservative for any reason. Today it is Mr. Trump, and the corporations claim it’s necessary to prevent more violence. But how long before an online processor refuses to facilitate the credit-card transaction of any American with a Parler account, or an online provider announces it will no longer transmit emails that question climate change? When does Apple start scouring and shutting down iMessages that fit its definition of “insurrectionist” talk?

The corporate chieftans’ response: Private companies get to choose whom to serve and whom to ban. Until a week ago, many conservatives would have agreed. But these actions, coming on the back of Democratic control in Washington and targeting only the Democrats’ opponents, change the legal picture. They raise the specter of corporations that have been coerced or co-opted by government itself, making them effective arms of the state—serving the interest of one-party control. Entities that take on the conduct of government are subject to a different rule book.

This past week also highlighted how nonexistent is the usual remedy to corporate excess: competition. The liberal response for years to any conservative griping about Twitter censorship: Don’t like it? Start an alternative. Conservatives did, only to watch the tech giants shut down Parler. We live increasingly in an online world, which a few powerful gatekeepers control.

Corporations may feel emboldened because Washington Republicans are helpless to impose a legislative or regulatory response; companies likely took these steps in part to curry favor with Democrats. The political fallout will nonetheless be seismic. The GOP may be fractured on discrete policy issues like Section 230, but this week unified them on a far more consequential point: Their reflexive support of Big Business is at an end. This will have far-reaching consequences for upcoming policy battles.

Companies have set the stage for a slew of lawsuits on constitutional and antitrust grounds, which could end up reshaping the business landscape. Businesses’ actions on the left’s behalf open the way for courts to establish new constitutional limitations on conduct. They are also at risk of antitrust and unfair-trade actions by state attorneys general and private parties.

Corporate America stepped up as a political enforcer this week. Serious legal and political consequences come with that role.

Write to


Liberal/Progressive/Marxist Leitmotif:

Elections.  LTE. “The Ruse of Third-World U.S.A.:  An Immigrant’s View.”  If America has gone from the “land of opportunity” to the “land of possibilities,”  it is because under President Biden America is beginning to look and act like the kind of third-world country from which many of us fled (“Biden Demotes America to the ‘Land of Possibilities” by Mtthew Hennessey, op-ed) We immigrants notice this.    This demotion of America doesn’t happen all at once.  Like the frog slowly boiled in water, we mistake the new conditions as tolerable.  Creeping socialist policies in economics that fuel inflation, increase government control and misallocation of capital, the weaponizing of the justice system against political opponents; the decline of law and order, from the border to our cities; the lowering of standards and enabling of bad behavior – it all looks too familiar to a third-world nation.  It’s tragic because, after America, there is nowhere else to go.” Karl Miller, White Plains, N.Y.  [Wall Street Journal, 4-1-2024, p. A16]