Opinion Headlines

  1. War on Women. “America Is ‘War on Women’ Weary.” By Kimberley Strassel. 10-10-14
  2. War on Women. “The Mythical ‘Pay Equity” Crisis.” By Gerald Skoning. [Democrats won’t tell you, but equal pay for women is already the law.] 10-14-14
  3. War on Women. “For Gender Equality, You Can‘t Beat Capitalism.” By Antony Davies et.al. [International Women’s Day has Communist roots, but the facts show freer nations do better by women.] 3-7-15
  4. War on Women. “The Quandary of a Stay-at-Home Feminist.” By Lauren Apfel. [Helen Mirren says that financial independence is ‘most important.’ Really.] 5-1-2015.
  5. Women. LTE. “Men and Women Lean In, Often Not at the Same Angle.” 5-5-15 [re: inequality at top corporate executive levels] 5-5-15
  6. War on Women. LTE. “The Anguish and Value of the Stay-at-Home Feminists.” 5-9-15
  7. Women. LTE. “It’s Not a Level Field For Women Executives.” 5-13-15
  8. War on Women. “Carly Fiorina’s Case for Merit.” By Daniel Henninger. [It galls critics that she says feminism is about achievement rather than entitlement.] 6-18-15
  9. Women. “Women in the Infantry? No Thanks.” By Julie Pulley. [As a former captain and airborne soldier in the U.S. Army, I say be careful what you wish for.] 9-15-15
  10. Women. California. “The ‘Wage Gap’ Myth that Won’t Die.” By Sarah Ketterer. [You have to ignore many variables to think women are paid less than men. California is happy to try.] 10-1-15
  11. Women. LTE. “Gender and Compensation Situation Is Far From Clear.” 10-5-15
  12. Women. Taxes. “A Tax Boon for Working Women.” By Martin Feldstein. [Jeb Bush’s tax-reform proposal ends the ‘marriage penalty” by allowing spouses to file separately.] 10-6-15
  13. Women. “The Clinton War on Women.” [If Hillary plays the sexism card, then Bill’s behavior is fair game.] 12-30-15
  14. Women. LTE. “Objectification Is but One Issue in Ads With Women.”   2-5-16
  15. Women. LTE. “Feminist Glaciers: Your Tax Dollars at Work.” 3-15-16
  16. War on Women. “A Modified ‘Pence Rule’ Would Be Good for Working Women.” [If bosses and workers socialize after hours, why not do it in groups of at least three?] 4-4-17
  17. War on Women. “Witness to the Star Chamber.” (Bookshelf by Cathy Young.) “Unwanted Advances” by Laura Kipnis.” [A disturbing glimpse into the process of campus investigations and a scathing indictment of current American feminism.] 4-11-17
  18. War on Women. “Looking for a Few Good Men.”  By Angela Rocco DeCarlo.  [A society that won’t let boys be boys will pay a price in the end.]  1-3-18
  19. Women. “If You Want Women to Move Up, You Have to Accommodate Mothers.” By Rebecca Johnson. [Working moms need more flexibility, and they want recognition of their commitment and abilities.] 1-5-18
  20. Women. “Don’t Avoid Women, Mentor Them.” By Rachel Thomas and Stacy Brown-Philpot. [Worried by #MeToo? Here’s how to become part of the solution.] 2-5-18
  21. Women. “The Women’s March Holds A One-Way ‘Discussion.’] by Kassy Dillon. [When its leaders came to my campus, photos and recording were barred, and questions were screened.] 4-13-18
  22. Women. “When Barbara Bush Visited Wellesley.” [She was chosen as the commencement speaker, and 150 students declared themselves ‘outraged.’] 4-20-18
  23. Women. “The #MosqueMeToo Movement.” By Daisy Khan. [Muslim women stop rationalizing or tolerating abuse.] 6-29-18
  24. Women. “Why do Women Shun STEM? It’s Complicated.” By Barbara Oakley. [My humanities colleagues unthinkingly malign math and science as the province of uncreative drones.] 7-14-18
  25. Women.  “Washington Is Biased Against Babies.”  By Leonard M. Lopoo and Kerri Raissian.  [Policies encouraging underpopulation pose a long-term threat to America’s vitality.]  7-20-18
  26. Women.  “NDAs Can Help Harassment Victims.”  By Stanley B. Bernstein and Stephanie M. Belge.  [Those who speak up can suffer reputational harm.  They don’t want others discussing what happened.]  8-13-18
  27. Women.  “Hillary Clinton Is Right – Her Husband’s Affair Was No ‘Abuse.’”  By Abigail Shrier.  [Monica Lewinsky was a consenting adult, and the harassment-industrial complex is out of control.]  10-20-18
  28. Women.  “Check Your Progressive Privilege.”  By Carrie Lukas.  [Conservative women have been left out and stigmatized too long.]  12-13-18
  29. Women.  “The Jihad Against ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’”  By Michael B. Mukasey.  [Contemporary feminists aren’t the first to find the 1940s fugue an occasion for moral outrage.]  12-18-18
  30. Women.  “Women Who Love Trump.”  By Daniel Henninger. [His approval among female Republicans is 93% –higher than among GOP men.]  12-20-18
  31. Women.  “My Alma Stops Identifying as a Mater.”  By Kassy Dillon.  [All-female Mount Holyoke now equates womanhood with a ‘history of exclusion.’]  12-27-18
  32. Women.  “Martina Navratilova’s Girl Power.”  By Wm.  McGurn.  [The tennis legend says allowing transgender women in women’s sports is ‘cheating.’]  2-19-19
  33. Women.  “The Transgender War on Women.”  By Abigail Shrier.  [The Equality Act sacrifices female safety in restrooms, locker rooms and even domestic-violence shelters.]  3-27-19
  34. Women.  “Apple Joins the Streaming Melange.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [Profitable days are ahead for Hollywood types who can survive the #MeToo purge.]  4-3-19
  35. Women.  “Equal Death Day’:  May 3, 2030.”  [“…Millions of men and women make their own choices about which careers, jobs, and family structures will work best for them…]  4-9-19
  36. Women.  “Why U.S. Women Rule The World.”  By Allysia Finley.  [America’s democratic ideals deserve the credit for its soccer superiority.]  7-9-19
  37. Women. “A Woman Doesn’t Need an Office to Be Empowered.” By Erica Komisar. [A patient told me: ‘I feel pressured to leave my children and return to meaningful work.’] 9-21-19
  38. Women. “The Christian Roots of #MeToo.” (The Weekend Interview with Tom Holland by Tunku Varadarajan.) [The historian argues both sides of the culture wars share similar theological assumptions – including the dignity of women, which he traces to St. Paul.] 10-19-19
  39. Women. “Blind Spots in the ‘Blind Audition’ Study.” By Christina Hoff Sommers. [A lauded 2000 article claiming to find sexism in American orchestras looks increasingly spurious.] 10-21-19
  40. Women. “Uncertain At a Certain Age.” (Bookshelf by Emily Bobrow.) “Why We Can’t Sleep.” By Ada Calhoun. [Women may have once felt a shiver of mortality at 40, but rarely were they also anguished by that unwritten novel or unstarted business.] 1-7-20
  41. Women.  “Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports.”  By Abigail Shrier.  [An executive order rigs competition by requiring that biological boys be allowed to compete.]   1-23-21
  42. Women.  LTE.  “When Biological Boys Compete With Girls.”   1-28-21
  43. Women.  “The Equality Act Makes Women Unequal.”  By Inez F. Stepman.  [H.R. 5 erases ‘sex’ as a legal category, with dire consequences.]   2-24-21
  44. Women.  “Opening Doors For Women.”  (Bookshelf by Ellen Wayland Smith.)  “Ding dong! Avon Calling!”  by Katina Manko.  [To find and train local sales agents, Avon established a national network of recruiters, creating a unique, female managerial class.]   6-30-21
  45. Women.  “The Zoom Revolution Empowers Women to Speak Up.”  By Jennifer Nason.  [When you talk, it’s hard for anyone to interrupt.  And a face staring back on screen is hard to ignore.]   7-3-21
  46. Women.  “Make Way for the Queens of Chess.” By Jennifer Shahade.  [Bobby Fischer called women ‘terrible chess players,’ but 16 American girls are now masters.]  7-17-21
  47. Women.  “Biden, the U.N. and Afghan Women.”  [The president’s gender appeals continue to diverge from reality.]   9-22-21
  48. Women.  “Does Abortion Promote Equality for Women?”  by Nicole Ault.  [No, says Mississippi’s Attorney General Lynn Fitch, as her office defends the state’s restrictions.]   11-29-21
  49. Women. “What Pro-Lifers Want.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [It’s the job of the American people, not the supreme Court, to decide abortion.]   11-30-21
  50. Women.  “This Abortion Case ‘Feels Different.”  By Andy Puzder.  [The law before the high court this week focuses on protecting the unborn, not restricting women.]   11-30-21
  51. Women.  “An Abortion Crossroads.”  [The Court must consider the Constitution and long-time precedent.]   12-1-21
  52. Women.  “Advantage, Women’s Tennis Association.”   [“…that if foreign businesses don’t hold China to internationally accepted rules, China will impose its own rules on them.”]   12-2-21  
  53. Women.  “Good Reasons to Go Slow on Abortion Precedents.”  By Richard M. Re.  [Overturning them all at once poses risks to legal and political stability.  Gradualism is a better way.]  12-3-21
  54. Women.  “Will the Justices Let Go of Abortion?”  by Peggy Noonan.  [Overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t settle the issue, but it would create the possibility of a settlement.]  12-4-21
  55. Women.  “What It Means to Be Pro-Life.”  By Patrick E. Kelly. [Faith-driven pregnancy resource centers are becoming more prominent.]  1-21-22
  56. Women.  Abortion.  “An Abortion Provider and a pro-Life Lawyer Found Common Ground.”  By Andy Puzder.  [We were on opposite sides of a Supreme Court case, but we found there was a lot on which we agreed.]   5-4-22
  57. Women.  Abortion.  “The Abortion Disinformation Campaign.”  [Don’t believe the claims that other rights are in jeopardy if row falls.]   5-5-22
  58. Women.  Abortion.  “Europe’s Abortion Lesson.”  [How democracies settled the issue with debate, not judicial fiat.]   5-9-22
  59. Women.  “When Did ‘Woman’ Become a Dirty Word.?”  By Patricia Posner.  [The movement to ‘degender’ medicine amounts to erasure of the female sex.]   5-10-22
  60. Women.  Abortion.  “Shumer’s Radical Abortion Bill.”  [The new Democratic policy:  Safe, legal and don’t tell your parents.]   5-10-22
  61. Women. Abortion.  “Democrats:  When Do You Think Life Begins?”  by Rick Scott.  [Politicians dodge the question, but the scientific answer is clear:  At the moment of conception.]   5-10-22
  62. Women.  Abortion. “Why Won’t the Left Talk About Racial Disparities in Abortion.”  [Scholarly studies show that black women are far likelier to terminate their pregnancies than whites.]    5-11-22
  63. Women.  Abortion.  “Janet Yellen on Abortion and the Economy.”  [The Treasury Secretary ignores the value of lost human capital.]   5-12-22
  64. Women.  Abortion.  “New York Promises Your Employees Freedom.”  By Kathy Hochul (Governor of New York).   5-13-22
  65. Women.  “Post-Roe Babies Will Need Support.”  By Jedd Mederfind.  [Government can’t do it alone.  Fortunately, there’s a wide network of private charities.]   5-17-22
  66. Women.  “Biden’s Title IX Rewrite Is an Assault on Women’s Rights.”  By Jennifer C. Braceras and Inez Feltscher Stepman.  [The administration’s new draft rules redefine the word ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender’ and ‘gender identity.’]   6-2-22
  67. Woman.  Abortion.  “How the Pro-Life Democrat Went Extinct.”  By Jayd Kenricks.  [The party, once a natural home for millions of Catholics, is now utterly hostile.]   6-3-22
  68. Women.  Abortion. “The Contradictions of Abortion Polling.”  [More Americans say they’re ‘pro-choice,’ but read past the headline]  6-10-22   
  69. Women.  Abortion.  “A Night of Rage’ on Abortion.”  [A shadowy group issues a call to ‘riot’ against the Supreme Court.]  6-21-22
  70. Women.  Abortion.  “Abortion Goes Back to the People.”  [The Supreme Court finally corrects its historic mistake.]   6-25-22
  71. Women. Abortion.  “On Abortion, John Roberts Stands Alone.”  By David J. Barrow.  [Justice Kavanaugh makes clear in a concurrence that the court would like to avoid future litigation. ]  6-27-22
  72. Women.  Abortion.  “My Mind Isn’t Made Up About Abortion.”  by Rebecca Sugar.  [I’ll listen to reason from both sides, but it’s been in short supply for decades.]   6-28-22
  73. Women.  Abortion.  “The Urge to Overreach Outlives Roe v. Wade.”   By Gerard Baker.  [Critics of the court take to the streets in rage, while abortion opponents push draconian restrictions.]  6-28-22
  74. Women.  Abortion.  “The Bullhorn Politics of Abortion.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [Democrats always seem on the edge of pushing politics into ta state of civil unrest.]   6-30-22
  75. Women.  Abortion.  “Congress Can’t ‘Codify Roe v. Wade.’”  By Thomas J. Molony.  [The Constitution gives it no authority to overrule state abortion restrictions.]  7-5-22
  76. Women.  Abortion.  “Eizabeth Warren Smears Pro-Life charities.”  By Chrisopher Bell.  [We tell women the truth: Abortion isn’t their only option.]   7-6-22
  77. Women.  Abortion.  “We Owe the Unborn Their Burials.”  By Mark Naida.  7-7-22
  78. Women.  Abortion.  “A Catholic’s Duty in Post-Roe America.”  By Paul S. Coakley.  [Restricting abortion isn’t enough.  We need to open our doors to vulnerable mothers and children.]   7-12-22
  79. Women.  Abortion.  “An Abortion Story Too Food to Confirm.”  [Biden told a tale of a 10-year -old rape victim no one can identify.]   7-13-22
  80. Women. Abortion.  “Correcting the Record on a Rape Case.”  [A man has confessed to a crime that got the President’s attention.]   7-14-22
  81. Women.  Abortion.  [The Human Cost of Restricting Abortion.”  By Erica Komisar.  [Growing up unwanted can leave scars that last into adulthood.]   7-29-22
  82. Women.  Abortion.  [Planned Parenthood’s Politicized Diagnosis.”  By Erin Morrow Hawley.  [The group’s website used to tell the truth about treatment for ectopic pregnancies.]  8-2-22
  83. Women.  Abortion.  “The Kansas Abortion Message.”  [Democracy is working its will on the issue, as the Supreme Court said.]  8-4-22
  84. Women.  Abortion.  “What Por-Lifers Should Learn From Kansas.”  By Peggy Noonan.  [They asked for too much because they failed to prepare for the debate after Foe v. Wade.]   8-6-22
  85. Women.  Abortion.  “Abortion Laws Demand Fair Enforcement.”  By John Tinder and Susan Brooks.  [Indiana’s Todd Rokita baselessly attacks the physician who treated an Ohio 10-year-old.]   8-11-22
  86. Women.  Abortion.  “Schumer Shrugs as Roe Falls.”  By Chris Jacobs.  [The budget reconciliation bill gave Democrats a chance to fund abortion.  They didn’t even try.]  8-17-22
  87. Women.  Abortion. “The Political Case for Federal Abortion limits.”  By Marjorie Danmenfelser.  [Only 10% of voters support the Democrats’ extreme position, while 72% back restrictions at 15 weeks.]   10-7-22
  88. Women. Abortion.  “Michigan Republicans Show How o Lose on Abortion.”  By Nicholas Tomaino.  [Their unwillingness to compromise may lead voters to approve a law more permissive than Roe.]   10-29-22
  89. Women. Abortion. “No Dissent Allowed at Hogan Lovells.”  By Robin Keller.  [The global law firm fired me for defending the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.]   11-30-22
  90. Women.  Abortion.  “Justice for Mark Houck.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [A pro-life father is acquitted on charges that he interfered with abortion access.]   1-31-23
  91. Women.  Abortion.  “The GOP’s Abortion Flop.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [A Wisconsin drubbing is the latest indication of the need to find the sensible middle.]   4-7-23
  92. Women.  Abortion.  “A Legal Clash Over the Abortion Pill.”  [Many on the right and left want courts to set abortion policy again.]  4-10-23
  93. Women.  Abortion.  “The Law and the Abortion Pill Case.”  [Critics on the left are confusing the legal issues at stake.]  4-11-23
  94. Women. Abortion. “A Split Decision on the Abortion Pill.”  4-14-23
  95. Women.  “Women in Science Are Doing All Right.”   [A new study challenges the notion that sexism is rampant in the sciences.]  5-1-23
  96. Women.  Abortion.  “Who’s Extreme on Abortion?”  by Wm  McGurn.  [Republicans need to make the point that Democrats favor no restrictions whatever.]   5-23-23
  97. Women.  Abortion.  “Democracy Vindicates Alito on Abortion.”  [The issue is helping Democrats now, as the people decide.]   6-24-23
  98. Women.  Abortion.  “Ohio Is Another GOP Abortion Warning.”  [Democrats keep winning referendums, by a lot, even in red states.]   8-10-23
  99. Women.  Abortion.  “A Free-Speech Lesson for J.B. Pritzker.”  [A federal judge scolds Democrats for trying to silence abortion foes.]   8-14-23
  100. Women.  Abortion.  “The EEOC’s Abortion Stretch.”  [Congress passed a law to protect pregnant women, not underwrite abortion.]   8-22-23
  101. Women.  Abortion.  “Donald Trump Owes Pro-Lifers.”  By Wm McGurn.  [Trump made Dobbs Possible – but foes of abortion made his presidency possible.]  9-19-23
  102. Women.  Abortion “Tuberville’s Hard Beltway Education.”  [The Senator gives up an abortion fight he was always going to lose.]   12-6-23
  103. Women. Abortion.  “Who’s Radical on Abortion Now?”   1-27-24
  104. Women.  “A Catholic College Defines ‘Woman.’”  By Nicole Ault.  [St. Mary’s in Indiana backtracks from a decision to admit transgender males.]   2-23-24
  105. Women.  Abortion.  ‘IVF, Alabama, and the Dobbs Ruling.”  [The pausing of fertility procedures looks like it won’t last long.]  2-24-24
  106. Women.  Abortion.  “Gavin Newsom’s Abortion Flimflam.”  By Nicholas Tomaine.  [The governor sets himself up for 2028 by falsely attacking re-state restrictions.]   3-6-24
  107. Women.  “The ‘Gender Pay Gap’ Is a Myth That Won’t Go Away.”  By Philo Gramm and John Early.  [The difference in wages is the natural consequence of choices that men and women freely make.]   3-10-24
  108. Women.  Abortion. “Joe Biden’s ‘Unease’ on Abortion.”  By Wm. McGurn.  [He has abandoned the limits he supported as a senator —  and it isn’t enough for advocates.]   3-19-24
  109. Women.  Abortion.  “Abortion an America’s Phony ‘Pregnancy Crisis.’”  By Allysia Finley.  [contrary to the CDC’s claims, maternal mortality rates haven’t changed much since 1999.]   3-25-24
  110. Women.  Abortion.  “The Medical Basis of the Mifepristone Ruling.”  By Christina Francis.  [Under the FDA’s relaxed protocols, women are at gar greater risk of a deadly ectopic pregnancy.]   3-26-24
  111. Women.  Abortion. “Will Abortion Make Florida a Swing State?”  [Overruling DeSantis’s six-week restriction is coming to the ballot.]   4-3-24
  112. Women.  IVF.  “IVF in Alabama:  The Real Story.”  By Mike Pence and John Mize.  [The state Supreme Court case exposed a culture of negligence, and clinics should be accountable.]   4-5-24
  113. Women.  Abortion.  “Trump’s New Way on Abortion.”  By Kimberley A. Strassel.  [He embraces states’ rights and aims to show that Democrats are the radical ones.]   4-12-24
  114. Women.  Abortion.  “Kari Lake’s Baby Bonus Bust.”  [New entitlements won’t work as political cover for an abortion ban.]   4-15-24Women.  Abortion. “Leaving Abortion to the States Requires Federal Action.”  By Rachel N. Morrison and Eric Kniffin.  [Trump would have to undo a series of ‘workaround’ regulations Biden imposed to evade the law.]   4-24-24


Issue Headlines

“Gender Gap Shrinks, Republicans Gain.” Subhead: Democrats Failing to Attract Enough Support From Women in Three Key Senate Races, Polls Show. Wall Street Journal. 10-24-14, p. A4

War on Women. Drudgereport.com 8-3-15: Muslim immigration puts half a million girls at risk of genital mutilation…

War on Women. Drudgereport.com.   8-5-15   Record 93,770,000 Americans Not in Labor Force…

Participation Rate 38-Year Low…

Record 56,209,000 Women Not Working…

JOB SHOCK: 100% of female employment gains taken by foreigners since 2007…

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Talking Points

“When I think of the war on women, this is the real war on women—births to single mothers. Where did we go wrong? We went wrong when we made the government the husband.”—Maura Corrigan, director, Michigan Department of Human Services.

As quoted in: http://www.academia.org/philadelphia-society-memories-from-grand-rapids/?utm_source=AIA+Email+List&utm_campaign=152efdb2d5-AIA_Email_10_23_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8cc359f241-152efdb2d5-224242189

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