Opinion Headlines

  1. ISIS  “Countering the ISIS Threat to Jordan” by David Schenker  7-14-2014
  2. ISIS terrorists – LTE “A Pan-Arab/U.S. Coalition could Resist ISIS Threat”  6-24-14
  3. ISIS.  “An American-Led Coalition Can Defeat ISIS.” By Jack Keane.  […give Qatar an ultimatum.] 8-25-14
  4. ISIS.  “Obama Is Free to Hit the Islamic State Terrorists.” By Joseph Lieberman  9-5-14
  5. ISIS.  “So What Will You Do, Mr. President?” [Denunciations won’t stop … who killed…Foley.] 8-21-14
  6. ISIS. LTE. “U.S. and Its Friends Need a Better  Strategy About ISIS”  9-4-14
  7. ISIS. LTE. “What Will Pres. Obama Do About the ISIS Thugs?”  8-28-14
  8. ISIS. “Islamic State Is Only the Most Successful Radical Group.” LTE . 9-15-14
  9.  ISIS. “Obama Needs the Free Syrian Army to Defeat the Islamic State.” By Oubal Shahbandar et acl 9-13-14
  10. ISIS. “The ISIS Way of War is One We Know Well.” By Maj. Gen. Robert Scales. [Like Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and Mao in Korea, the enemy is brutal, elusive and armed with good-enough weapons.] 9-15-14
  11. ISIS. “The World Needs a Clarion.” By Peggy Noonan. [Obama can’t lead a coalition…] 9-6-14
  12. ISIS. “Islamic State Is Recruiting America’s ‘ Jihadi Cool’ Crowd. By Michael McCord 9-12-14
  13. ISIS. “The Syria Campaign.” [A good place to start would be lifting the siege of Aleppo.] 9-17-14
  14. Turkey. “Our Non-Ally in Ankara”   [Turkey bugs out of the anti-ISIS coalition. Why not a base in Kurdistan?] 9-13-14
  15. ISIS. Honesty and Ground Troops. [When fighting a war, one of the worst sins is gradualism.] 9-18-14
  16. ISIS. American Bombs in Syria. [Obama can’t let down the allies he’s signed up to destroy ISIS.] 9-24-14
  17. ISIS. “Obama on Faulty Intelligence.” [The President blames the spooks for his own policy failure on ISIS.] 9-30-14
  18. ISIS. “The Next Front Line in the Islamic State Onslaught.” By David Schenker. [Lebanon’s precarious state has worsened as ISIS beheads citizens and holds hostage Lebanese troops and police.] 10-6-14
  19. ISIS. “To Defeat Islamic State, Remove Assad.” By John McCain and Lindsey Graham. 10-7-14
  20. ISIS Marches to a Massacre. [The siege of Kobani shows the holes in Obama’s strategy.]   10-8-2014
  21. ISIS. “The Challenge of Urban Warfare With ISIS.” By Michael Soussan. [ Trying to retake Mosul from Islamic State’s killers will be like going after Hamas in Gaza.]   10-9-14
  22. ISIS. “Why Turkey Shrugs as ISIS Closes In on Kobani.” By Luqman Barwri et. al. [Shades of the Soviets standing by as the Germans attacked Warsaw in World War II.] 10-10-14
  23. ISIS. LTE. “Let’s Carefully Think Through Our ISIS-Syria Policy.” 10-11-14
  24. ISIS. “The Unserious Air War Against ISIS.” By Mark Gunzinger et. al. [The campaign against Serbia in 1999 averaged 138 strike sorties daily. Against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria: seven.]   10-15-14
  25. ISIS. “What Turkey Wants in the War on ISIS.” By Ibrahim Kalin. [Why are we alone being asked to commit troops? Why isn’t removing Assad part of the plan?]   10-20-2014
  26. ISIS. “Kobani’s Unavoidable Reality.” [A White House policy of keeping its distance only keeps ISIS strong. ] 10-21-14
  27. ISIS. “The War on ISIS: More Than One Battle.” By Max Boot. [In the Vietnam War, saving Khe Sanh seemed essential. Turned out it wasn’t.] 10-23-14
  28. ISIS. LTE. “Turkey, Syria: Complexity Increases.” 10-27-14
  29. ISIS.  LTE. “Terrorists Believe They Are Islamic.” 11-29-14
  30. ISIS.   “Why America Won’t Pay Ransom to Islamic State.” By Max Boot. [France, Germany and others shell out millions to terrorists, ensuring more kidnappings and bankrolling violence.] 11-29-14
  31. ISIS. “Terror in Sydney.” [ISIS has called for ‘lone-wolf” attacks around the world.] 12-16-14
  32. ISIS. “ Inside the War Against Islamic State. “ [Weekend interview with John Allen. By Joseph Rago.] [A retired four-star Marine Corps general, now the U.S. ‘special envoy’ in the war against the terrorist army, on reasons for optimisim even as a long fight looms.]   12-27-14
  33. ISIS. “#BokoHaram Is Winning.” [Africa’s version of Islamic State is Gaining ground in Nigeria.] 1-5-15
  34. ISIS. LTE. “We Can and Should Do More to Obliterate Islamic State.” 1-7-15
  35. ISIS. “Vindicating Chris Kyle.” [Islamic State proves the late sniper was right about the ‘savage’ enemy.] 2-5-15
  36. ISIS. “Recrimination Is Not a Plan.” By Peggy Noonan. [Islamic State has Washington paralyzed. Here’s a way forward.] 2-7-15
  37. ISIS. “The War Irresolution.” [Obama wants Congress to endorse his hesitant anti-ISIS strategy.] 2-12-15
  38. ISIS. “ISIS and Obama’s Summit.” [The Copts and Kurds know the threat is more than ‘violent extremism.’] 2-17-15
  39. ISIS. “Islamic State’s Global Ambitions.” [ISIS – no longer a regional problem – is executing a complex strategy across three geographical rings.] 2-23-15
  40. ISIS. LTE. “Dealing with ISIS Via a New War Posers Resolution.” 2-20-15
  41. ISIS. “When Islamic State Starts Hitting Ships.” [Radical Islamists may soon gain a foothold on the Mediterranean. The U.S. Navy must be ready.] 2-24-15
  42. ISIS. “Fighting Islamic State in Brooklyn.” By Mitchell D. Silber. [‘Threat intelligence’ from the Internet was crucial to arresting three men planning terrorist strikes.] 2-27-15
  43.  ISIS. “The Trials of Jihadi John.” [Apologists say the Islamic State killer is misunderstood.] 3-2-15
  44. ISIS. “War on Civilization.” [Islamic State seeks to obliterate humanity’s legacies.] 3-7-15
  45. ISIS. “Guarding Against a ‘Cyber 9/11’” by Mitchell D. Silber and Daniel Garrie. [ISIS and other terrorists are more technologically sophisticated than ever.] 4-16-15
  46. ISIS. “I Don’t Think We’re Losing.” […“I Don’t Think We’re Losing,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with the Atlantic…] 5-22-15
  47. ISIS. “Islamic State Is Winning in Iraq.” By Norman Ricklefs [U.S.-led airstrikes are failing to deter the Islamist militants. Here’s what must be done to defeat them.]   5-19-15
  48. ISIS. “Islamic State’s Global Expansion.” By Seth G. Jones. [After years of denial, the U.S. response must now go beyond countering ISIS in Iraq and Syria.] 6-5-15ISIS. ‘It Requires Commitments.’ [President Obabma admits his anti-ISIS strategy isn’t ‘complete.’]6-9-15
  49. ISIS. “More Lone Terrorist Wolves.” [A near-miss in Boston shows the reach of Islamic State in the U.S.] 6-13-15
  50. ISIS. “Wins in the War on Terror.” [The Kurdish advance in Syria is more important than drone kills.] 6-17-15
  51. ISIS. “Terror on Three Continents.” [ISIS and other jihadis show their global reach on a single day.] 6-27-15
  52. IRS. LTE “The IRS is Underperforming at Protecting Taxpayers.” 6-19-15
  53. ISIS. “Terror on Three Continents.” [ISIS and other jihadis show their global reach on a single day.] 6-27-15
  54. ISIS. “The Phony War Against Islamic State.” By Hillel Fradkin and Lewis Liggy. [The U.S. and its allies mostly harass, unwilling to strike decisively.] 7-2-15
  55. ISIS. “Why Terrorists Love Silicon Valley.” By L. Gordon Corvitz. 7-6-15
  56. ISIS. “Islamic State on the Run?” [Obama’s upbeat progress report overlooks a few details.] 7-8-15
  57. ISIS. “The French Collection.” [A new surveillance law will enhance France’s antiterror defenses.] 7-27-15
  58. ISIS. “Islamic State Gets Mustard Gas.” [Assad’s stockpiles weren’t destroyed, and the jihadists have them.] 8-14-15
  59. ISIS. “Exterminating Christians in the Middle East.” By Robert R. Reilly. [Islamic State marks the houses of Christians with the Arabic letter ‘N’ for Nazarene.] 8-21-15
  60. ISIS. “Islamic State Will Be Defeated.” By Bernard-Henri Levy. [The black-flagged barbarians scatter like rabbits when the Kurdish Peshmerga attack.] 9-3-15
  61. ISIS. LTE. “The Terrorists Have No Gun Problem.” 9-8-15
  62. ISIS. “Centcom’s Intel Massage.” [The problem is the failing strategy against ISIS, not lying spooks.] 9-19-15
  63. ISIS. “Saving Antiquities From Islamic State.” By James Cuno. [“…What can the world do to stop ISIS from its destruction of ancient art and architecture…] 9-22-15
  64. ISIS. “Saving Christians From ISIS Persecution.” By Chloe Valdary. [A 1975 U.S. precedent: The rescue of South Vietnamese from Communist rule.] 10-2-15
  65. ISIS. “A Terror Warning in Sinai.” [The ISIS threat will become global unless it is defeated soon.] 11-7-15
  66. ISIS. “The War on Terror Escalates.” [A murder spree in Paris shows the West needs a new anti-terror offensive.] 11-14-15
  67. ISIS. “Wake Up, Mr. President.” [The Paris attacks signal a new Islamist terror strategy.] 11-16-15
  68. ISIS. “A France-U.S. Anti-Islamist Alliance.” By Reuel Marc Gerecht. [The massacres of Nov. 13 may prove as momentous as 9-11, waking up Western elites to the true threat.] 11-16-15
  69. ISIS. “A Syrian Refugee Lesson for Liberals.” [By failing against Jihad, Obama has produced an illiberal backlash.] 11-17-15
  70. ISIS. “Dancing With Dictators Against Islamic State.” By Garry Kasparov. [The U.S. and its allies can defeat ISIS. Joining with Putin, Assad and Iran’s regime would be immoral.] 11-18-15
  71. ISIS. “Islamic State Understands One Thing: Force.” By Naftali Bennett. [Europe and the U.S. can follow the Israeli playbook to defeat Islamist terror. Here’s how we did it.] 11-19-15
  72. ISIS. “The Mali Murders. [Another Friday, another jihadist killing spree.] 11-21-15
  73. ISIS. “Why Paris Could Happen Here.” By Mitchell D. Silber. [The elements of an attack are available, including the weapons, manpower and a ‘permissive environment.’] 11-23-15
  74. ISIS. “Helping the Escaped Slaves of ISIS.” By Sohrab Ahmari. [At this clinic in Iraq’s Kurdish north, women who have suffered unspeakable cruelty come for help.] 11-24-15
  75. ISIS. “Syria and Islamic State Are in Business.” [Treasury sanctions an Assad ally who buys oil from the caliphate.] 11-27-15
  76. ISIS. LTE. “First, the West Must Understand Its Enemy.” 11-28-15
  77. ISIS. The Weekend Interview with Masrour Barzani by Sohrab Ahmari. “On The Front Line Against Islamic State.” [The Kurdish intelligence chief in Iraq says Islamic State can be beaten, but U.S. troops and more weapons will be necessary.]   12-5-15
  78. ISIS. Liberals. “A Liberal’s Truth-Telling on Terror.” By L. Gordon Crovitz. [Hearing ISIS declared fascist was refreshing. Too bad the speaker wasn’t a Democrat.] 12-7-15.
  79. ISIS. LTE.   “ISIS’s Slaves, Canaanites and Sex Trafficking.” 12-8-15
  80. ISIS. “How to Defeat ISIS Now — Not ‘Ultimately.” By John McCain and Lindsey Graham. [President Obama claims he has a strategy, but we don’t see it. Here’s what America should do.] 12-8-15
  81. ISIS. “Why Air Power Alone Won’t Beat ISIS.” By Max Boot. [Wars aren’t won simply by bombing the enemy, yet this delusion has bipartisan, multinational support.] 12-9-15
  82. ISIS. “Aiding Christians Targeted by ISIS for Extermination.” By Jessica Kasmer-Jacobs. [We know Washington is aware for the realities, says John Eibner, asking why the West is so slow to help.” 12-12-15
  83. ISIS. LTE. “We Need a Clear Strategy and Air Power, Too.´ 12-14-15
  84. ISIS. LTE. “Use Social Media to Send ISIS Terrorists to Osiris.” 1-8-16
  85. ISIS. “Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror.” By Dorothy Rabinowitz. [After another ISIS-inspired shooting, Philadelphia’s mayor joins the chorus: It’s not about religion, no sir.] 1-12-16
  86. ISIS. Bookshelf by Walter Russell Mead. “The Threats From Within.” [“…But as Americans observe events like the Paris attacks, as they read about women and children being openly sold in Syrian slave markets and Islamic State gleefully burning prisoners alive, they wonder whether the Obama administration really understands the convulsions sweeping throughout he Islamic world…”] 2-2-16
  87. ISIS. “ISIS Is Guilty of Anti-Christian Genocide.” By Demetrias Mokissos. [As we remember the murder of the Copts, the world needs to call this crime what it is.] 2-12-16
  88. ISIS. LTE. “The U.S. Is Repeating the U.S.S.R.’s Mistakes.” 3-3-16.
  89. ISIS. “The Long Reach of Islamic State.” [From California to Belgium to Turkey in a mere four days.] 3-21-16
  90. ISIS. “Calling It Genocide Won’t Stop It.” By Wm. McGurn. [Now that it’s been labeled, how about a strategy to end the ISIS slaughter?] 3-22-16.
  91. ISIS. “From Syria to Brussels.” [Terrorism spreads from the failure to destroy Islamic State.] 3-23-16
  92. ISIS. “An Inordinate Fear of Terrorism?” [Obama wants you to keep cool about jihadist mass murder.] 3-23-16
  93. ISIS. “A Genocide Conviction.” [A lesson from the Balkan wars for the fight against Islamic State.] 3-26-16
  94. ISIS. “Struggling to fight Islamic State in a Fractured Libya.” By Frederic Wehrey. [As rival militias from east and west converge on a terrorist stronghold, factional tensions bubble.] 5-13-16
  95. ISIS. “Brennan’s ISIS Warning.”  [The CIA chief gives the Senate the bad news that Obama won’t.]  6-17-16
  96. ISIS. “Defeating ISIS on the Digital Battlefield.”  By R. James Woolsey and Chip Register.  6-2-16
  97. ISIS. “ISIS and the Culture of Narcissism.”  By Robert Pape and Walker Gunning. [Using Hollywood’s methods to make young Westerners think they’re starring in a ‘Hero’s Journey.’”  6-28-16
  98. ISIS. “Islamic State’s Global Reach.”  [The caliphate spreads among South Asia’s huge Muslim population.]  7-5-16
  99. ISIS.  LTE.  “Typical Vulnerable Youth – ISIS Wants You.”  7-9-16
  100. ISIS. “Terror in France, Again.”  [A truck mows down innocents in Nice on Bastille Day.]  7-15-16
  101. ISIS. “After Nice, fight Back With Better Spying.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The electronic deluge since Sept. 11 must have security gurus drooling.  Let’s finally  make use of it.]  7-16-16
  102. ISIS. “NATO Muscles Up to Fight ISIS.” [It will begin with AWACS aircraft, more maritime security, and more support for regional partners.]  7-20-16
  103. ISIS. LTE.  “Cutting the Heart From the Many-Headed Hydra of ISIS.”  8-11-16
  104. ISIS. “NATO Can Do More to Destroy Islamic State – If We Ask.”  By Dianne Feinstein.  [Only a quarter of the alliance is attacking ISIS.  Invoke the treaty’s defense clause to expand the effort.]  8-17-16
  105. ISIS. “Turkey Moves on Syria.” [Islamic State is a bigger threat to Ankara than is a Kurdish autonomous zone.] 8-25-16
  106. ISIS. “How Algorithms Can Help Beat Islamic State.” (The Weekend Interview with Hany Farid by Joseph Rago.) [He ‘changed the world’ by combating child porn. Now his software could suppress terrorists online.] 3-11-17
  107. ISIS. “A New Strategy Against ISIS and al Qaeda.” By Frederick Kagan and Kimberly Kagan. [The U.S. has been relying too heavily on Shiites and Kurds. It needs to cultivate Sunni Arab partners.] 3-15-17
  108. ISIS. “America Needs a Post-ISIS Strategy.”  By John Bolton.  [The U.S. should recognize Iran and Russia as adversaries – and that Iraq isn’t a friend.]  6-29-17
  109. ISIS. Iraq.  “After Victory in Mosul.”   [How the U.S. and Iraq can prevent ISIS from rising again.]  7-12-17
  110. ISIS. Iraq.  “Iraq Declares Victory in Mosul, but the War Is Far From Over.”  By Seth G. Jones.  [ISIS emerged in the vacuum the U.S. created by withdrawing in 2011.  Don’t repeat that mistake.]  7-12-17
  111. ISIS. “ISIS Airmail:  The Bomb Shipped From Turkey to Australia.”  By Ahmet s. Yayla.  [ In the end, the plot failed.  But it leaves plenty of questions – and shows where to tighten security.]  8-10-17
  112. ISIS. “An Aussie Terror Warning.”  [Islamic State came close to taking down a passenger plane.]  8-11-2017
  113. ISIS. “Victory Against ISIS – in the Philippines.”  By Ian J. Storey.  [America’s alliance with Manila is strong despite Duterte.]  11-9-17
  114. ISIS.  “ISIS finds a Niche in Northern Iraq.”  By Jonathan Spyer.  [In a remote, mountainous buffer zone between Iraqi troops and Kurdish ones, the terror group dig in.]  12-6-18
  115. ISIS.  “A Bloody Month of Jihad.”  [Politicians may want to look away, but al Qaeda and ISIS aren’t done.”]  1-18-19
  116. ISIS.  “Lesson of the Caliphate.”  [It took five years to clear ISIS from its Middle East strongholds.]  3-25-19
  117. ISIS.  “A Massacre of Christians.”  [Terror bombings kill hundreds on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.]  4-22-19
  118. ISIS.  “Behind the Easter Sunday Attacks in Sri Lanka.”  By Tunku Varadarajan. [The island is no stranger to terrorism, but the violence has usually been between Buddhists and Hindus.]  4-23-19
  119. ISIS.  “South Asia Is Islamic State’s New Target.”  By Sadanand Dhume.  [Local religious fissures and imported Wahhabism make countries like India and Sri Lank vulnerable.]  5-3-19
  120. ISIS.  “Europe’s ISIS Abdication.”  [An international tribunal is the  wrong way to punish terrorists.]  6-15-19
  121. ISIS. “The Lessons of Baghdadi.” [Interrogation, help from allies, and forward-deployed U.S. forces.] 10-28-19
  122. ISIS. “A Battle Won in the War on Terror.” By Walter Russell Mead. [Killing Baghdadi won’t ‘fix’ the Middle East, but ISIS’ failure is a crucial victory.] 10-29-19

Issue Headlines

ISIS 5-23-15

Isis claims it could buy its first nuclear weapon from Pakistan within a year

ISIS. (News) Enriching the Enemy? Administration under fire for opening door to terror ransoms Published June 24, 2015

“The Obama administration is being accused of giving terrorists an incentive to kidnap with its soon-to-be-announced hostage policy overhaul that is expected to allow families of U.S. hostages to pay ransom — and even allow the U.S. government to play a facilitating role…”

ISIS. 9-28-15:


“…The Obama administration and the Kremlin do not appear to agree even on the main reason for the conflict.

American officials, who have long cast Mr. Assad as the primary source of instability in Syria, assert that the Syrian leader’s brutal crackdown provided an opening for jihadist groups and that the crisis cannot be resolved until a political transition is negotiated that requires him to leave power. But Russian officials see the Syrian government as a bulwark against further gains by groups like Islamic State and Nusra Front and sometimes suggest that the defeat of the Islamic State should come before a negotiated solution for the Syrian conflict…”

ISIS. Obama: President Obama sat down for an interview with George Stephanopolous on ABC’s Good Morning America this past Thursday [11-12-15] and told America that ISIS had been “contained.” Sadly, this interview came just a few hours before a Muslim extremist attack on the City of Lights.

ISIS. Paris atrocity. 11-14-15   >>>>

…In addition, a Syrian passport found near the body of another attacker was linked to a man who entered the European Union through a Greek island last month.

…Officials in Greece said the Syrian passport found in Paris had shown its owner entering in October through Leros, one of the islands that tens of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty in Syria and elsewhere have been using as a gateway into the European Union.

If the attack does involve militants who traveled to Europe amid millions of refugees from the Middle East, the implications could be profound.

ISIS List of current terror acts.

“…Western leaders stepped up the rhetoric against the Islamic State group, which has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more; the suicide bombings in Beirut that killed 43 people and injured more than 200; and the downing of the Russian jetliner carrying 224 people in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. All happened within the past month….”

ISIS. 12-5-15




Linked to Pakistan’s most notorious radical cleric and mosque… 

Easy passage through U.S. visa process… 

Obama still not releasing immigration records…

  Shooter To Jewish Victim: ‘You Will Never See Israel’… 


ISIS   12-6-15                                                                                                                     <<<<

California Attack Has U.S. Rethinking Strategy on Homegrown Terror


“WASHINGTON — The day before Thanksgiving, President Obama reassured Americans there was “no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland.” Seven days later came an explosion of gunfire and the deadliest terrorist attack in America since Sept. 11, 2001…”

ISIS    12-7-15                                                                                        <<<<

Document reveals ISIS plot for world domination in chilling detail…   

ISIS.  6-12-16                                     >>>>
Born To Afghan Parents…
Had Been Investigated by FBI…
Imam speaking in Orlando said gays must be killed out of ‘compassion’…
FLASH: Man with Guns and Explosives Arrested on Way to LA Pride Parade…

ISIS.      6-16-16                                                 >>>>

Countries in visa-free travel program not sharing terror info…
Algorithm aims to predict attacks…

ISIS 7-14-16           >>>



80+ DEAD…


Tactic jihadist suggested for years… 

Soldiers deployed to streets of Nice…



REPORT: Killer was 31-year-old resident born in Tunisia…


ISIS. 7-26-16                                         <<<<

ISIS warn London and Washington ‘next to be attacked’… 

British churches on alert… 



Sermon in Arabic at alter… 

They recorded themselves!  Attacks Now ‘Daily Occurrence’ in Europe…

ISIS. 8-23-16               <<<<<

‘ISIS knifeman’ tries to behead man in Virginia…

‘Allah Akbar’…

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