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  1. Inversions. “Ignoring the Facts on Corporate Inversions” by Miles White. 7-18-14
  2. Inversions. “Medtronic’s Tax Lesson” […inversions let businesses invest more in the U.S.] 8-13-14
  3. Inversions. LTE. “The Inversions Are a Symptom of Congress’s Failures.” 8-5-14
  4. Inversions. LTE. Stop Inversions, Help the Economcy With Better Tax Law. 7-26-14
  5. Investors. “Wreck of Cards,” [A dubious plan to collect data on 110 million investor accounts] 8-4-14
  6. Inversion. LTE. “Whoppers, Inversions, Bringing Home Canadian Bacon.” 9-5-14
  7. Inversion. “The Move-to-Ireland Tax Reform.” [The G-20’s revenue police will drive more companies to low-tax countries.]  9-22-14
  8. Taxes. “The Bipartisan ‘Inversion’ Evasion.” By Michael Graetz. [Neither the White House nor Congress seems interested in tax reform tht would make companies want to stay here.] 9-26-14

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