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Opinion Headlines

  1. Terror. “Life During Wartime.”  By Bret Stephens.  [As attacks become more common, public tolerance for liberal pieties will wane.]  9-20-16
  2. Terror. “The Terror Debate Returns.”  [Good work by the FBI and NYPD.  The candidates?  Less so.]  9-20-16
  3. Terror. “A Debate About Terror.”  By Daniel Henninger.  [The election is about the entire Democratic Party’s mind-set on fighting terrorism.]  9-22-16
  4. Terror. “The Rahami Problem.”  [It’s time to reopen the interrogation and surveillance debates.]  9-22-16
  5. Terrorists. “Ending Aid to Terrorists.”  [Palestinian law rewards those who kill Jews, including Americans.]  11-14-16
  6. Terrorists. “The Muslim Brotherhood: Terrorists or Not?” by Mokhtar Awad and Samuel Tadros. [It’s complicated. The Islamist group splintered after 2013, and some of its spinoffs are vilent.] 3-1-17
  7. Terrorism. “How Nationalism Can Solve the Crisis of Islam.”  (The Weekend Interview with Pierre Manent by Sohrab Ahmari.)  [Transnational liberalism breeds resentments and anxieties that are only beginning to surface across the developed world.]  5-27-17
  8. Terror. “Terror and the Teddy Bear Society.”  By Theodore Dalrymple.  [Even the arrests after each attach give comfort to the enemy, which can act with impunity even if known.]  6-6-2017
  9. Terrorists. “Hezbollah in the Bronx.”  [The feds say the Iran-backed militia recruited agents in the U.S.]  6-12-17
  10. Terrorists. “A Terrorist’s Guide to New York City.”  [The left would show jihadists how the cops prevent attacks.]  6-19-17
  11. Terror. “The Terror Problem From Pakistan.” By Rahmatullah Nabil and Melissa Skorka.  [Islamabad has shown no sign it is genuinely willing to end support for proxies like the Haqqani network.]  7-10-17
  12. Terrorists. Canada. “A Terrorist’s Big Payday Courtesy of Trudeau.”  By Peter Kent.  [Canada’s prime minister hands millions to Omar Khadr, whose victims may not be able to collect.]  7-17-17
  13. Terror. “How Jerusalem’s Top Cop Keeps the Peace.”  (The Weekend Interview with Yoram Halevy by Judith Miller.)  [Terrorism is way down in Israel’s capital, thanks in part to better relations between police and the Palestinian community.]  7-22-17
  14. Terror. “Connect the Dots to Stop Terror Plots.”  By Adam Klein.  [Congressional barriers to information-sharing would heighten the risk of another 9/11.  7-27-17
  15. Terror. “This Time, Terror Hits Spain.”  8-18-17
  16. Terrorism. “’An Act of Pure Evil’.” [Amid the Las Vegas horror, don’t forget Steve Scalise’s recovery.]  10-3-17
  17. Terrorism. “What if Paddock Were al Qaeda?”  by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [He likely would have been stopped, because surveillance fins only what it’s looking for.]  10-4-17
  18. Terrorists.  “Terrorists and Travel”  [An anti-terrorist initiative morphs into a broad refugee ban.]  10-25-17
  19. Terror. “Trump’s Immigration Scapegoat.”  [The diversity visa program is far from the main terror threat.]  11-2-17
  20. Terrorists. “Trump’s Antiterror Omission.”  [Where’s the new policy for handling captured terrorists?] 11-8-17
  21. Terrorists. “Terrorism Takes No Holiday.”  [The deadliest attack in Egypt shows a growing jihadist threat.]  11-25-17
  22. Terror. “Anti-Terror Victory in Congress.” [Section 402 debate, FISA, and Congress passage] 1-12-18
  23. Terrorists. “Responding to Parkland.” [The one solution that works is shooting back at shooters.] 2-16-18
  24. Terrorists. “Technology Can Redefine the Mass-Shooter Problem.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [We don’t have the votes to control guns, but we have the votes to control our public spaces.] 2-17-18
  25. Terrorism . “The Public Has a Right to Know, but There Are Limits.” By Michael Richter. [New York’s highest court affirms the police’s need for secrecy in terrorism investigations.] 4-6-18
  26. Terror. “”Terror Plot? There’s an App for That.” By Steven Stalinsky. [Encrypted messaging systems pose a real threat, and Western leaders need to engage their creators.] 4-13-18
  27. Terror. “A Terrible Day for ‘Toronto the Good’.” By Michael Taube. [Even, perhaps especially, an open and tolerant city can’t take safety and security for granted.] 4-25-18
  28. Terrorists.  “Get Serious About Human Shields.”  By Mark Dubowitz and Orde Kittrie.  [Congress considers a special sanctions regime for terror groups that use them.]  8-23-18
  29. Terrorism.  “The Politics of Pipe Bombs.”  [All those who choose violence need to be held accountable.]  10-25-18
  30. Terror.  “Bombs in the Mail Bring echoes of Anarchism.”  By David Pietrusza. [A century ago, a wave of attacks aimed at prominent officials set the country on edge.]  11-3-18
  31. Terrorists.  “Rampage in New Zealand.”  [Racists target Muslims at two mosques during Friday services.]  3-16-19
  32. Terror.  “The West’s Foreign Fighter Problem.”  [Some in Europe won’t take them back, endangering the world.]  4-13-19
  33. Terrorists. “Yes, Mass Shootings Are Terrorism.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [But focusing on white nationalism or even politics would miss most of them.] 8-7-19
  34. Terror. “After Baghdadi, Terrorism Without Ideology.” By Raffaelio Pantucci. [ISIS provided a template for attacks. Now isolated people reproduce them as meaningless spectacle.] 10-31-19
  35. Terrorists. “The Terrorist Horn of Africa.” [How were Kenyan and U.S. troops surprised by al-Shabaab?] 1-7-20
  36. Terrorism.  “Where’s Biden’s Plan to Stop Terrorism?”  by Seth G. Jones.  [He acknowledges the national interest, but his administration has failed to develop a strategy.]  8-20-21
  37. Terrorists.  “The War on Terror Shifts to ‘Brainistan.’”  By Tawfik Hamid.  [The West needs a better system for identifying radical Islamists and cutting out the religious underpinnings of jihad.]   9-11-21
  38. Terrorists.  “A War on Terror Accounting.”  [The fall of Kabul shouldn’t obscure the successes over 20 years.]   9-11-21 
  39. Terrorists.  “The Haqqanis Are the New Global Terror Threat.”  By Melissa Skorka.  [The terrorist syndicate’s influence and network are likely to grow within Afghanistan and beyond.] 9-27-21



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