1. FTC.  “The FTC’s Breathtaking Power Grab.”  By Eugene Scalia.   [Its proposed prohibition of noncompete agreements would quash 47 state laws and 30 million contracts.]  1-13-23
  2. FTC.  “’Hipster’ Antitrust Foes Beltway.”  By Holman w. Jenkins, Jr.  [The FTC’s Lina Khan goes along to get along with her Microsoft lawsuit.]  1-18-23
  3. FTC.  “Chamber of Commerce Will fight FTC.”  By Suzanne P. Clark.  [We’ll go to court if necessary to stop the legally baseless ban on noncompete clauses.]   1-23-23
  4. FTC.  “Lina Khan Goes Back to the Antitrust future.”  By Timothy J. Muris.  [Biden’s reactionary FTC head seeks to resurrect precedents that were out of date 40 years ago.]   1-31-23
  5. FTC.  “The FTC Can’t See the Future.”  By Andy Kessler.  [The agency litigates videogame consoles, which will be irrelevant in 10 years.]  2-6-23
  6. FTC.  “Lina Khan Chalks Up Another Defeat.”  [A federal judge tosses the FTC’s Meta suit as lacking enough evidence.]   2-7-23
  7. FTC.  “The Many Abuses of Lina Khan’s FTC.”  [Christine Wilson’s resignation highlights the agency’s bad turn.]   2-15-23
  8. FTC.  “Why I’m Resigning From the FTC.”  By Christine Wilson.  [Lina Khan’s disregard for the rule of law and due process make it impossible for me to continue serving.]  2-15-23
  9. FTC.  “The FTC’s Antiturst Collusion.”  [Emails suggest the agency is working with foreign regulators to scuttle U.S. mergers.]  2-24-23
  10. FTC.  “Congress Can Investigate Lina Khan.”  By Robert H. Bork Jr. [There’s a precedent:  The House looked into FCC Chairman Kevin Martin on similar grounds.]   3-3-23
  11. FTC.   “Josh Hawley, Meet Lina Khan.”  [The FTC ells Twitter to turn over its media contracts and access.]   3-9-23
  12. FTC.  “The FTC’s Unholy Antitrust Grail.”  [The agency overrules its own law judges to block Illumina’s acquisition.]   4-4-23
  13. FTC.  “How to Hamstring U.S. Companies.”  [FTC Chair Lina Khan wants the EU to do what Congress won’t let her.]   4-20-23
  14. FTC.  “Lina Khan Blocks Cancer Cures.”  By John Tamny.  [Illumina’s acquisition of Grail would save lives, and it’s crazy to call it a monopoly.]  4-28-23
  15. FTC.  “Antitrust Gone Wild Against Amgen.”  [No theory is too strange for Lina Khan’s FTC to block a merger.]   5-19-23
  16. FTC.  “Car Sopping ain’t Broke, so the FTC Will Fix It.”  By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.  [The internet vastly improved theprocess but Lina Khan can still make the bad parts worse.]   6-3-23
  17. FTC.  “Antitrust Officials Pile on the Paperwork.”   By Christopher Williams and Henry Hauser.  [The FTC and Justice Department would make merger filings $350 million costlier.]   7-5-23
  18. FTC.  “Lina Khan Whiffs Again.”  [A judge tosses the FTC’s case against Microsoft’s Activision purchase.]   7-12-23
  19. FTC.  “Lina Khan’s Artificial Intelligence.”  7-14-23
  20. FTC.  “Lina Khan Needs to See ‘Shark Tank.’”  By Richard B. McKenzie.  [Kevin O’Leary would never invest in a business that had to face conditions of ‘perfect competition.’]  7-27-23
  21. FTC.  “Khan’s Weak Case Against Amazon.”  [The FTC Chair defines monopoly down to harpoon the retailer.]  9-28-23
  22. FTC.  “Brain Death at the FTC and FCC.”  By Holman W Jenkins, Jr.  [Net neutrality and Amazon show why Congress needs to kill agencies as well as crating new ones.]  10-7-23
  23. FTC.  “The FTC’s Gift to Walmart.”  [Lina Khan won’t let two grocery chains merge to get more competitive.]   2-27-24
  24. FTC.  “Lina Khan Wears Prada.”  [The FTC hits comedic heights in fighting a luxury goods merger.]   4-29-24
  25. FTC.  “Lina Khan’s Failed FT Experiment.”  By J. Howard Beales III and Timothy J. Muris.  [Bad management, poor strategy and disregard for norms have foiled her plan to refashion antitrust law..] 5-7-24