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  1. Impeachment  “The Impeachment Delusion” [… when Sarah Palin and MSNBC agree] 7-10-14
  2. Impeachment.  “Democrats Try the Impeachment Ploy” by Karl Rove 7-31-14
  3. Impeachment. “The ‘Resistance’ vs. George Washington.”  By Josh Blackman and Seth Barrett Tillman.  [If a president can’t take emoluments, the founders were crooks.]  10-16-17
  4. Economy. “Impeachment and Your Investments.” By Andy Kessler. [How will the markets react as Democrats push to remove President Trump.?] 3-11-19
  5. Democrats. “The Unimpeachable Pelosi.” [The Speaker wants to protect her majority, if they’ll let her.] 3-13-19
  6. Democrats. “Can Dems Resist the Urge to Impeach?’ by Karl Rove. [That would be wise, but Trump-hating House members may lack the self-restraint.] 5-2-19
  7. Democrats. “The Pseudo-Impeachment.” [Democrats hold show trials rather than vote to oust the President.] 5-8-19
  8. Democrats. “A ‘Constitutional Crisis.’ [Nancy Pelosi stages a phony impeachment war.] 5-10-19
  9. Trump. “Go Ahead, Impeach Trump.” By Wm. McGurn. [Let’s put every member of the House on record with a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ vote.] 5-14-19
  10. Presidency. “Back to the Impeachment Future.” By Kenneth W. Starr. [The expiration in 1999 of the independent counsel law was supposed to avoid situations like this.] 5-16-19
  11. Democrats. “The impeachment Democrats.” 5-23-19
  12. Democrats. “Pelosi’s Impeachment Dilemma.” by Kimberley A. Strassel. [Will she follow her Trump-loathing base or the centrists who won her the gavel?] 5-24-19
  13. Corruption. “Robert Mueller’s Parting Shot.” [The special counsel gave House Democrats an impeachment nod.] 5-30-19
  14. Democrats. “Congress Can’t Outsource Impeachment.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Elizabeth Price Foley. [Democrats want to use Mueller’s probe as cover to oust Trump. They need to bring their own facts and charges so the public can hold them accountable.] 6-1-19
  15. Trump. “Mueller’s Exit and an Impeachment Alternative.” By Peggy Noonan. [Trying to overturn an election would be too divisive. Congress should censure Trump instead.] 6-1-19
  16. Democrats. “A Hawaii Democrat’s Surprising Views.” By Michael Tracey. [Tulsi Gabbard opposes impeachment and dislikes identity politics. And she’s running for president.] 6-17-19
  17. Democrats. “Impeachment Phonies.” [Democrats get a moment of truth on Trump and they blink.] 7-19-19
  18. Democrats. “Democrats Should Unify Behind AOC, Not Pelosi.” By Cenk Uygur. [Voters want impeachment and a progressive policy agenda. House leaders have another idea.] 7-22-19 (Mr. Uygur is creator and a co-host of “The Young Turks” and a co-founder of the Justice Democrats..]
  19. Corruption. “Robert Mueller’s Summer Re-Run.” [Democrats hope the special counsel will revive impeachment.] 7-24-19
  20. Democrats. “Impeachment Limps On.” By Karl Rove. [The Mueller hearing was a dud, but House Democrats probably won’t be deterred.] 7-25-19
  21. Democrats. “Impeachment Bumbles On.” By Karl Rove. [Somebody tell Jerry Nadler he’s setting up his fellow Democrats for disappointment.] 8-22-19
  22. Democrats. “The Impeachment Charade.” [Democrats claim to want Trump gone but refuse to vote on it.] 8-22-19
  23. Corruption. “Mr. Horowitz Speaks.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Never mind Nadler’s impeachment circus. The real action was at a Wednesday hearing.] 9-20-19
  24. Democrats. “Pelosi’s Circular Firing Squad.” By Karl Rove. [Impeachment won’t get rid of Trump, and it will cost some Democratic seats.] 9-26-19
  25. Democrats. “Impeachment Is What Vladimir Putin Wants.” By House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans. [Support for Ukraine has always been bipartisan. Russia seeks to undermine it and to divide Americans.] 9-26-19
  26. Democrats. “Taking Out Joe Biden.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [The left can impeach Trump and destroy an insufficiently liberal front-runner.] 9-27-19
  27. Democrats. “Pelosi Ducks an Impeachment Vote.” [The full House authorized inquiries for Nixon and Clinton. Why not for Trump?] 9-27-19
  28. Democrats. “Pelosi’s Permanent Impeachment.” By Wm McGurn. [By proceeding by fiat instead of a full House vote, the speaker sets a terrible precedent.] 10-1-2019
  29. Corruption. “All Roads Lead to Mueller.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The Russia collusion morass threatens to spoil the Democrats’ impeachment drama.] 10-2-19
  30. Democrats. [Ringmaster Rashida Tlaib Introduces the Impeachment Circus.” By Jason L. Riley. [Big fun under the big top as Democrats walk a tightrope. But will there be enough elephants?] 10-2-19
  31. Elections. “Liberal Meltdown at the FEC.” [The chair politicizes campaign-finance law to support impeachment.] 10-2-19
  32. Corruption. “Watergate, Vito Corleone and Trump’s Impeachment.” By Lance Morrow. [The president’s foes say he’s abused the public trust. But there’s little public trust to abuse.] 10-4-19
  33. Democrats. “Democrats Lost in Ukrainia.” By Daniel Henninger. [The impeachment case was supposed to be ‘understandable.’ It’s incomprehensible.] 10-3-19
  34. Democrats. “Hurry Up and Impeach.” By Karl Rove. [With a presidential election coming up, the Democrats can’t afford to be judicious.] 10-3-19
  35. Culture War. “Norm Violations Are Now the Norm.” by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [President Trump impeaches himself second, Washington’s extant political culture first.] 10-5-19
  36. Democrats. “Can Democrats Take Impeachment Seriously?” by Peggy Noonan. [If it’s a straight party-line vote, they’ll win in the House, fail in the Senate, and lose in America.] 10-5-19
  37. Democrats. “Impeaching Trump voters.” By Wm. McGurn. [It’s revenge for 2016, and nervousness about Democratic prospects for 2020] 10-8-19
  38. Impeachment. “Impeachment in Secret.” [Closed hearings and selective leaks won’t persuade the public.] 10-9-19
  39. Impeachment. “World War Trump.” By Daniel Henninger. [Nancy Pelosi is the supreme commander of the Democrats’ impeachment army.] 10-10-19
  40. Impeachment. “The Right Way to Impeach a President.” By Karl Rove. [Richard Nixon’s inquisitors knew that a strictly partisan inquiry would fail.] 10-10-19
  41. Impeachment. “Back to you, Nancy.” [Trump calls the Speaker’s bluff on her impeachment tactics.] 10-10-19
  42. Impeachment. “Hamilton Wouldn’t Impeach Trump.” By Alan M. Dershowitz. [He didn’t say the process of impeachment is entirely political. He said the offense has to be political.] 10-10-19
  43. Impeachment. “Ukraine Smoke and Mirrors.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [There’s no substance behind the accusation Democrats claim is impeachable.] 10-11-19
  44. Impeachment. “Ukraine Will Get the Truth on Corruption.” By Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. [Our alliance with the U.S. depends on answering questions about the Bidens and election interference.] 10-11-19
  45. Impeachment. “Whistleblowers and the Real Deep State.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Civil servants too often forget they work for the people and seek to impose their own policy agendas.] 10-12-19
  46. Impeachment. “Adam Schiff’s ‘Grand Jury.’ 10-14-19
  47. Impeachment. “The Impeachment Needle May Soon Move.” By Peggy Noonan. [The mood has shifted against Trump, but the House has to show good faith and seriousness.] 10-19-19
  48. Impeachment. “Pelosi’s Impeachment Blunder.” By Daniel Henninger. [The interests of the Democratic Party and the anti-Trump left are not aligned.] 10-24-19
  49. Impeachment. “Impeachment Needs a Replay Booth.” By Wm. Mattox. [An acquittal should allow a president to run for a third term.] 10-24-19
  50. Impeachment. “Schiff’s Secret Bombshells.” [If the testimony is so damning for Trump, why not make it public?] 10-24-19
  51. Impeachment. “Behold the Lord High Impeacher.” By Kimberley a. Strassel. [The failure to vote on an inquiry allows Schiff to make up the rules as he goes along.] 10-25-19
  52. Impeachment. “Blowing the Whistle About a Quid and a Quo.” By Barton Swaim. [Exchanging one thing for another must be really, really bad.] 10-25-19
  53. Impeachment. “This Impeachment Subverts the Constitution.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Elizabeth Price Foley. [It’s nakedly political and procedurally defective, and so far there’s no public evidence of high crimes.] 10-26-19
  54. Impeachment. “Trump’s Unfairness Advantage.” By Wm. McGurn. [Pelosi realizes Democrat’s trampling of impeachment norms helps Trump.] 10-29-19
  55. Impeachment. “Pelosi Concedes on Inquiry Vote.” [A House impeachment resolution is the start of political accountability.] 10-29-19
  56. Impeachment. “A Partisan Impeachment Vote.” By Kimberley a. Strassel. [Senators demanded a fair inquiry. That isn’t what the House delivered Thursday.] 11-1-19
  57. Impeachment. “Defining Impeachment Down.” [The House resolution and vote reveal a partisan inquiry.] 11-1-19
  58. Impeachment. “Impeachment Is Getting Real.” By Peggy Noonan. [Democrats could advance their cause by showing respect to Republicans including John Bolton.] 11-2-19
  59. Impeachment. “The Wrong Impeachers.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [A large swath of Trump-skeptical votes haven’t forgotten the Democrats’ Russia Collusion hoax.] 11-2-19
  60. Impeachment. “The Clinton Impeachment Was Fair.” [We were on the House prosecution team. Unlike Pelosi and Schiff, we safeguarded due process.] 11-4-19
  61. Impeachment. “When I Faced Adam Schiff.” By Karl Rove [A 2008 Judiciary Committee hearing was heavy on drama, short on substance.] 11-7-19
  62. Impeachment. “Why Impeachment Will Stay Partisan.” By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. [The arc of events has been determined by Trump’s opponents, who refuse to recognize his legitimacy.] 11-9-19
  63. Impeachment. ‘Nonwitnesses for Impeachment.” [Democrats now don’t care to hear from Bolton or Kupperman.] 11-11-19
  64. Impeachment. “Lindsey Graham to the Rescue.” By Wm. McGurn. [The senator says impeachment is ‘dead on arrival’ unless the whistleblower testifies.] 11-12-19
  65. Impeachment. “The Case for the Impeachment Defense.” By Rudy Giulani. [My client’s call with the Ukrainian president was innocent, and the House inquiry is a travesty.] 11-13-19
  66. Impeachment. “The Take Down Trump Project.” By Daniel Henninger. [Once the Adam Schiff show closes, voters will decide if it was worth the trouble.] 11-14-19
  67. Impeachment. “Impeachment Becomes a Pratfall Comedy.” By Karl Rove. [Democrats didn’t care when Obama opposed military aid to Ukraine. Now it’s impeachable.] 11-14-19
  68. Impeachment. “The Banality of Impeachment.” [The hearings are a pro-forma march to a foregone conclusion. ] 11-14-19
  69. Impeachment. “Impeachment as Usual.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [Democrats have managed to turn a grave process into a dully partisan one.] 11-15-19
  70. Impeachment. “Schiff’s ‘Obstruction’ Theory.” By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey. [If he were confident in his legal position, he’d want to put the case to a a judge. Yet he seems desperate not to.]  11-15-19
  71. Impeachment. “Impeachment and Public Opinion.” By Whit Ayres. [Hamilton knew the process would often be partisan, divisive. 2020 is close; why drag voters through it?] 11-18-19
  72. Impeachment. “The Impeachment Kangaroo.” By Daniel Henninger. [We need a debate over foreign policy. Pelosi and Schiff give us a blood feud instead.] 11-21-19
  73. Impeachment. “Unimpeachable Offenses.” [Witnesses are providing more detail about what we already know.] 11-21-19
  74. Impeachment. “Trump’s Defenders Have No Defense.” By Peggy Noonan. [Witnesses were uneven, but even his closest allies don’t try to deny he did what he’s accused of doing.] 11-23-19
  75. Impeachment. “The Left shrugs at Impeachment.” By Ted Rall. [Over the past month, the socialist magazine Jacobin hasn’t run an article about Trump.] 11-25-19
  76. Impeachment. “Adam Schiff’s Capacious Definition of Bribery Was Tried in 1787.” By Jonathan Turley. [Democrats finally try to follow Edmund Burke, but they are emulating his most spectacular failure.] 11-29-19
  77. Impeachment. “Mr. Schiff’s Impeachment Opus.” [His overstatements reveal the weakness of the Democratic case.] 12-4-19
  78. Impeachment. “Iran-Contra Was a Better Class of Scandal.” By Peggy Noonan. [It arose out of serious aims, not tawdry ones, and holds lessons in resilience and perseverance.] 12-7-19
  79. Impeachment. “Trump vs. Schiff Is a Clash of One Titan.” By Holman W. Jenkins., Jr. [His committee’s report on impeachment is weak propaganda that doesn’t even try to change minds.] 12-7-19
  80. Impeachment. “Schiff’s Snooping Standard.” 12-9-19
  81. Impeachment. “The ‘Vindication’ of James Comey.” By Wm. McGurn. [The former FBI director should be apologizing to Carter Page.] 12-10-19
  82. Impeachment. “’Ukrainegate’ – Treason or Common Sense.” [Beneath the circus lies a real conflict of foreign-policy visions.] 12-10-19
  83. Impeachment. “A Trail of FBI Abuse.” [The Horowitz report confirms that the bureau deceived FISA judges with the Steele dossier.] 12-10-19
  84. Impeachment. “Schiff Threatens Press Freedom.” By John Solomon. [When the surveillance state exposes a journalist and his sources, there’s an instant chilling effect.” 12-10-19
  85. Impeachment. “Independents Are Impeachment Skeptics.” By Karl Rove. [They see partisan bickering, hypocrisy and a waste of time.] 12-12-19
  86. Impeachment. “The Incredible Shrinking Impeachment.” [The Democratic grounds for ousting Trump are weak – and damaging to constitutional norms.] 12-12-19
  87. Impeachment. “How Trump Can Rise Above Impeachment.” By Karl Rove. [Acquittal and even an economic boom won’t be enough to win the president re-election.] 12-19-19
  88. Impeachment. “This Impeachment Folly.” [The Resistance win in the House, but will it now lose in 2020?] 12-19-19
  89. Impeachment. “What if Monica Had Taken the Stand?” by Jonathan Turley. [Had the Senate called witnesses to testify in 1999, it might have convicted Bill Clinton.] 12-19-19
  90. Impeachment. “Pelosi Has Second Thoughts.” [McConnell should hold a trial with or without House managers.] 12-20-19
  91. Impeachment. “Impeachment and the Renaissance.” By James Hankins. [The ‘virtue politics’ of the Italian humanists point the way out of America’s current discontent.] 12-23-19
  92. Impeachment. “President Trump Is Impeached. Or Is He?” By Alan M. Dershowitz. 12-23-19
  93. Impeachment. “The Senate Has a Duty.” The House impeached Trump. The other house needs to hold a trial.] 12-24-19
  94. Impeachment. “Pelosi’s Potemkin Impeachment.” By Daniel Henninger. [The speaker has built a grand façade to hide the weaknesses inside the Democratic Party.” 12-26-19
  95. Impeachment. “Clinton’s Impeachment was Dignified.” By Karl Rove. [The Democrat’s base demanded a circus this time, and Pelosi is giving it to them.] 12-26-19
  96. Impeachment. “This isn’t Your Father’s Impeachment.” By Ed Cox and Geoff Shepard. [In 1974 the president faced recession, inflation, monolithic media and conservative dissension] 12-30-19
  97. Impeachment. “The Senate Knows Enough to Acquit Trump.” By David B. Rivkin Jr., and Elizabeth Price Foley. [This trial doesn’t require witnesses. The Articles of impeachment should fall on legal grounds alone.] 1-6-20
  98. Impeachment. “Will the Gentleman From the Underworld Yield?” by Joseph Epstein. [Trump’s impeachment is the devil’s work – and event in which everyone involved comes out looking bad.] 1-7-20
  99. Impeachment. “Impeachment Without End.” [Nancy Pelosi will let you know when she’ll deign to allow a Senate trial.] 1-9-20
  100. Impeachment. “Pelosi’s Impeachment Offenses.” [The Senate should vote to acquit or convict on the evidence at hand.] 1-16-20
  101. Impeachment. “A Partisan Impeachment, a Profile in Courage.” By Mike Pence. [JFK lauded the senator who bucked his party and voted to acquit Andrew Johnson.] 1-17-20
  102. Impeachment. “Trump, Obama and the Spending Power.” [“…GAO…will undermine its credibility if it joins the anti-Trump resistance.”] 1-18-20
  103. Impeachment. “Impeachment Moves Forward to Nowhere.” By Peggy Noonan. [Meanwhile, a debate showcases the Democrats’ detachment from life on the ground in America.] 1-18-20
  104. Impeachment. “The State of Trump’s Union.” By Wm. McGurn. [Will the post-impeachment president steal from Bill Clinton?] 1-21-20
  105. Impeachment. “Pelosi Knows Impeachment Is Weak.” By Doug Collins. [Follow the speaker’s own advice: reject a partisan and unconvincing case against the president.”] 1-21-20
  106. Impeachment. “Calling All Trial Witnesses.” 1-22-20
  107. Impeachment. “A Most Progressive Impeachment.” By Daniel Henninger. [The left-wing posse’s three-year chase after Trump isn’t just about a call to Ukraine.] 1-23-20.
  108. Impeachment. “Would Democrats Impeach Obama?” by Karl Rove. [His dealings with foreign officials and Congress look as suspect as Trump’s] 1-23-20
  109. Impeachment. “The ‘Corrupt Purposes’ Impeachment.” [Why the House logic is a danger to all future Presidents.] 1-23-20
  110. Impeachment. “Schumer Whiffs Impeachment.” [The Democratic leader succeeds only in unifying the Republican caucus.] 1-24-20
  111. Impeachment. “And Congress Shall Be King,” [The House claims it, and only it, can define executive privilege.] 1-25-20
  112. Impeachment. “Impeachment Needs Witnesses on Both Sides.” By Peggy Noonan. [Forget Democrats and Republicans. The interests of a third party, History, are more important.] 1-25-20
  113. Impeachment. “’He Is a Dictator.’” [Nadler sums up the case for impeachment.] 1-27-20
  114. Impeachment. “Mitch Derangement Syndrome.” By Wm. McGurn. [Pelosi gets the favorable press, yet McConnell always seems to outfox her.] 1-28-20
  115. Impeachment. “The John Bolton Report.” [The former NSC advisor should tell the public what he knows.] 1-28-20
  116. Impeachment. “The ‘Corrupt Motives’ Doctrine.” 1-30-20
  117. Impeachment. “Crying Wolf on Impeachment.” By Kimberley A. Strassel. [The whole affair was a series of major fouls. The best outcome is a speedy acquittal.] 1-31-20
  118. Impeachment. “Wrapping Up Impeachment.” [House answers to Senate questions show why it’s time to end this trial.” 1-31-20
  119. Impeachment. “Lamar Alexander’s Finest Hour.” [His vote against witnesses was rooted in constitutional wisdom.] 2-3-20
  120. Impeachment. “Democrats Are Lying About My Argument.” By Alan M. Dershowitz. [Their false narrative of impeachment could set a dangerous precedent’] 2-4-20
  121. Impeachment. “Trump Impeachment Agonistes.” [He addresses Congress on the eve of acquittal as his approval rating rises.” 2-5-20
  122. Impeachment. “James Madison 1, Nancy Pelosi 0.” [Impeachment achieved nothing but more bitter political division.] 2-6-20
  123. Impeachment. “Adam Schiff’s Surveillance State.” By Kimberley Strassel. [An FCC official calls him out for obtaining call records without judicial review.] 3-13-20

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